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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hai kitties! New picture collection published. From artist Aztodio. It includes: - 51 pictures with nudity, sex - 24 pictures with clothes Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  2. Sorry, im new here and im try some mods but, is not perfect after all. When i see some characters created by the community i see that my mods don´t have more types of breast like the characters. So i want to know what mod or mods are the most perfect. Sorry for my english :3. Thanks
  3. Aztodio picture collection (16/10/20) View File Hai kitties! New picture collection published. From artist Aztodio. It includes: - 51 pictures with nudity, sex - 24 pictures with clothes Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 10/16/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    New picture collection. Artist is Ottomarr. Most of pictures are from World of Warcraft. It includes: - 76 pictures with nudity, sex - 41 pictures with clothes Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  5. Hello everyone! In this topic i will post all my mods and info about updating. Follow this top if you like my mods! You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: My adult TV channels replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels (23/10/20) My easel paintings replacer (include pictures from these collections): [BigZhbr] Adult easel paintings (26/09/20) All pictures costs 250 simoleons. 1. Kittew picture collection (29/09/20) It includes: - 62 pictures in clothes - 83 pictures with nudity and sex 2. Sciamano picture collection (04/09/20) It includes: - 98 pictures in clothes - 83 pictures with nudity and sex 3. Fainxel picture collection (03/10/20) It includes: - 28 pictures in clothes - 23 pictures with nudity and sex 4. NeoArtCore picture collection (09/10/20) It includes: - 85 pictures in clothes - 60 pictures with nudity and sex 5. Wickellia picture collection (26/09/20) It includes: - 33 pictures in clothes - 17 pictures with nudity and sex Read below
  6. Ottomarr picture collection (10/10/20) View File New picture collection. Artist is Ottomarr. Most of pictures are from World of Warcraft. It includes: - 76 pictures with nudity, sex - 41 pictures with clothes Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 10/10/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  7. Version 1.1.0


    New collection of paintings. From the artist NeoArtCore. It includes: - 85 pictures in clothes - 60 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  8. Aerith Gainsborough & Tifa Lockhart View File Hai everyone! It sims from Final Fantasy - Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart. It not my mod! I just found these sims at сhinese or japanese site few month ago. So i share cuties with you. Aerith Gainsborough Tifa Lockhart Requries: A lot of Dlcs using in mod, but most of them only for outfits - University, island living, seasons, City living, At work, Realm of magic, Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party, Perfect Patio, Vampires. So you can try install it if you have not all Dlc. Installing: Copy files from "Mod" folder to your Mods folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods Copy other Files to Tray folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray If you wanna check my mods: My mods You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 10/01/2020 Category Sims Requires Most of them for outfits - University, island living, seasons, City living, At work, Realm of magic, Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party, Perfect Patio
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hai everyone! It sims from Final Fantasy - Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart. It not my mod! I just found these sims at сhinese or japanese site few month ago. So i share cuties with you. Aerith Gainsborough Tifa Lockhart Requries: A lot of Dlcs using in mod, but most of them only for outfits - University, island living, seasons, City living, At work, Realm of magic, Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party, Perfect Patio, Vampires. So you can try install it if you have not all Dlc. Installing: Copy files from "Mod" folder to your Mods folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods Copy other Files to Tray folder: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray If you wanna check my mods: My mods You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  10. Version 1.3.0 (29/09/20)


    Hi, everyone! It was my first mod. It is a picture collection from the artist Kittew. It includes: - 62 pictures in clothes (if it can be called clothing :3 ) - 83 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating! You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    New sfm collection of paintings. From the artist Wickellia. It includes: - 33 pictures in clothes - 17 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  12. Version 1.1.0


    New collection of paintings! From the artist Sciamano240 (Mirco Cabbia). I hope you like it and everyone will find the best picture for you. It includes: - 98 pictures in clothes - 83 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. Warning! Repacked few packages in 2. So better delate old version before install. It shouldn't remove old pictures in game. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:
  13. Wickellia picture collection (26/09/20) View File New sfm collection of paintings. From the artist Wickellia. It includes: - 33 pictures in clothes - 17 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 09/26/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  14. Kittew picture collection (29/09/20) View File Hi, everyone! It was my first mod. It is a picture collection from the artist Kittew. It includes: - 62 pictures in clothes (if it can be called clothing :3 ) - 83 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating! You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 08/21/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  15. NeoArtCore picture collection (09/10/20) View File New collection of paintings. From the artist NeoArtCore. It includes: - 85 pictures in clothes - 60 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 09/17/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  16. Sciamano picture collection (04/09/20) View File New collection of paintings! From the artist Sciamano240 (Mirco Cabbia). I hope you like it and everyone will find the best picture for you. It includes: - 98 pictures in clothes - 83 pictures with nudity and sex Enjoy! Updating. You can check my other creations too. Warning! Repacked few packages in 2. So better delate old version before install. It shouldn't remove old pictures in game. My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans: Submitter Big Zhbr Submitted 08/25/2020 Category Objects Requires  
  17. ORIGIN: (Finally its time for My Main Character - THE LIFE KING: ZASELIM) - Everything about Him is pure FICTION mixed with real elements and doesn't exist in reality. I pose no disrespect or ill will towards any religion, Myth or Culture and If someone feels that I'm doing it then I apologize in advance as it is not my intent as I mentioned above that its pure fiction mixed with a bit of reality of our world. Thanks . When there was nothing but Almighty GOD, no Space, No Air, No UNIVERSE. Just The GOD and NOTHINGNESS. The GOD made a plan to create, so The GOD created a FORCE, an Energy of sorts (like Himself). From which everything was gonna be created to erase nothingness to begin LIFE. The GOD named IT LIFE/CREATION. WHITE(EXISTENCE) on the inside and BLACK (NOTHINGNESS/VOID) surrounding it with a touch of BLUE(SELF-NESS/MIND) at the center. Continuation P1: Continuation P2: Continuation P3: The Spirits/Angels & Immortals [The Tree Of Life or The Life Tree and its Eggs] Continuation P4: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zi'Ayt Cronus [The first Incarnation of the LIFE KING] ORIGIN / INTRODUCTION PART 1: PART 2: Part 3 Introduction: Zi'Ayt Cronus is a hermaphrodite by nature and the first incarnation of the Life King (Creation), He/She has the power of strongest men and the body/nature of Strong willed woman. Once a week S-He needs to be in her chamber/pod (S-He doesn't know the details of her birth) for transfusion to stop the deterioration of her body), S-He she is sick since birth and eagerly waiting to be 21 so S-he gets rid of this sickness by becoming immortal. Though he/she is strong and won all the fights S-He was in since the age of 10 but she couldn't get her Dragos, when ever went to the mirror (where you can see the tree and eggs) non were hatched and therefore no Dragos passed over. She was 14 when she joined one of Zeus's special squad, when suddenly a little island like thing appeared in the Sky with a temple/small palace on top of it, to go and inquire what is it and why is it appeared and remove the threat if it poses any. When fighting with some unknown people (from 4th world "TIAN") S-He discovered a giant Egg (none one ever seen one this up close but only from the mirror) by accident at the top of the structure when fighting with a warrior stronger than Her/Him, S-He was overpowered and thought this will be His/Her first defeat and to stand still took the support of something S-He didn't notice what it was and then His/Her right hand started to glow more than it usually do all the time and that thing started to shake and S-He looked at it then She discovered that it was actually an egg from the tree of life and there a beautiful woman like being(huge/a little giant in size) inside it and S-He saw that the being has the same mark as Him/her on her chest which was glowing in red. The Being opened her eyes, broke out of the egg and defeated all the unknown warrior and then turned back at Zi'Ayt and said "We finally meet my Master, I am Frelena Gabija Dragos The Queen of all the red (redish/yellowish)-there is (stars/suns/fire etc)" [Author: Don't wanna go into more detail] She dies in her Chamber/Pod due to some failure which stops the transfusion and locks the chamber at the age of 20 a year after meeting Gaya. RENDERS ------------------------- Zi' Ayt Body Model ------------------------- Updated: 12 August, 2019 -------------------------- Zi' Ayt Posing Nude -------------------------- Updated: 26 January, 2020 --------------------------- Zi' Ayt NO-BG POSES --------------------------- Updated: 12 August, 2019 When Zi'Ayt cover His/Her right hand, His/her hairs turns black and the glow of her eyes goes down by hiding the Seal of LIFE/Creation. S-He does it to hide His/Her identity. ------------------------------------------------------ POWER IS EVERYTHING - Possession Form ------------------------------------------------------ [When Frelena merges (possession form) with Zi'Ayt, She turned into this armor/suit and Giant Raging Sword and what ever Zi'Ayt is wearing at the goes away.] --------------------------- TRANSFUSION TIME --------------------------- Updated: 13 August, 2019 Because of Zi'Ayt's un-natural/incomplete birth His/her body is deteriorating continuously but at a steady pace and needs a Transfusion of the special fluid/Serum (used in the experiment) once a week. ----------------------------------------------- The FIRST CONTACT & AWAKENING ----------------------------------------------- Updated: 2nd September, 2019 [3rd Render] When Zi'Ayt was 14, S-He joined His brother Lord/King Zeus Cronus's newly formed special squad of gifted Women called the Amazons (as the youngest amongst them) and at the same day some island with a little castle/temple like structure on top of it appeared in the Sky out of no where. Zeus then ordered them to check it out and see if its hostile or not and if there are people on it or not. There Zi'Ayt accidentally found an EGG (from the tree of LIFE) when fighting some unknown enemies, where S-He saw a Humanoid-Female Dragos with same seal as on His/her right hand but on the being's chest. -------------- In STUDIO -------------- Updated: 20th August, 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------ In STUDIO Apartment (With Gaya and Frelena) ------------------------------------------------------------ Updated: 28th August, 2019 -------------------------------------------- Zi' Ayt Main Armor - Both 14 & 19 -------------------------------------------- Updated: 05 September, 2019 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zi' Ayt Fighting a Giant Warrior " Alexi Silverante' " In the Arena ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: 10th September, 2019 When Zi'Ayt cover His/Her right hand, His/her hairs turns black and the glow of her eyes goes down by hiding the Seal of LIFE/Creation. S-He does it to hide His/Her identity. ---------------------------------------------------------------- EARLY MORNING ON THE TERRACE (WITH GAYA) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: 26th JANuary, 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------- THE FIRST MEETING (WITH GAYA) + NUDE VER. -------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: 26th January, 2020 ------------------ IN SOLITUDE ------------------ Updated: 26th January, 2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zi'Ayt & Gaya Titania Gei - CowGirl - In the Bedroom V1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th July, 2020. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zi'Ayt & Gaya Titania Gei - CowGirl - In the Bedroom V2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th July, 2020. I rendered two version (normal and the wet one) and then made 4 combinations out of them so i am posting all of them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prince Zaselim Raz [The 2nd Incarnation of LIFE KING] SOON ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zesiro Zuka [The 3rd Incarnation of LIFE KING] SOON ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALEX (Alexander) KING [The 4th/True Incarnation of LIFE KING] & XAL [The ANOMALY] "The Life King will emerge from the 8th World and then so He will arrive to YOURS, The SEVENS, to be United and to RULE" The 7th/lowest Sky/plane of the Universe, Milky Way Galaxy, Earth aka The 8th World. -------------------------------- ALEX - Alexander - KING ----------------------------- Origin/Introduction: ------ XAL ------ Origin/Introduction: The First Lecture: RENDERS ------------------------- BG-Less Renders ------------------------- 28th March, 2020 ------------------------------ Xal, Deep In The Sea ------------------------------ 28th March, 2020 ---------------------------- Xal, Playing Guitar ---------------------------- 28th March, 2020 ------------------ Xal, Chilling ------------------ 30th March, 2020 ------------------------------------------------ Xal, In the RING - Including Dark ------------------------------------------------ 30th March, 2020. This scene takes place where World Fighting League Tournament is happening and Xal was taken out by Terry Bogard (K.O.F/Fatal Fury-SNK) before the match because of the event takes place between Xal and Rock Howard (K.O.F/Fatal Fury-SNK) and then Alex, Rock and Vanessa (usually a helper) has to fight against their opponent team (Kazuya Mishima(Tekken-Namco), Geese Howard (KOF-Fatal Fury-SNK), M.Bison (Street Fighter-Capcom) and Helena (D.O.A-Tecmo) as a Helper. Rock (a bit injured) and Geese's match ends in a draw by both taking down each other. Vanessa loses the 2nd match against Bison which puts everything on Alex's shoulders, he defeats M.Bison and wins the match but worn out himself in the process. In the 3rd match Kazuya easily put Alex down and as when he (Kazuya) tries to land the final blow a huge burst of black energy appears out of no where and throws Kazuya out of the ring up in the wall towards/behind the upper middle row of spectators. And the energy clears up and reveals Xal (as a helper) with his right eye glowing red-ish (orange) and markings on his right side of the face with dark energy's coming out of his right hand (from fingers/thumb actually when he removes the fingers part of his Glove (which goes into the glove) and then Dark Energy oozes out of of them) which also leads to the crowd cheering out of their mind. Xal then covers his fingers again and turns back to normal, smiling and looking at Alex (sitting on the ground). ------------------------------------------------- Alex & Xal, In the RING - Winners ------------------------------------------------- 30th March, 2020. (I changed Xal's pant in the render, to match Alex's (matching team outfit thing) and also because the first one didn't seem right after) After, Kazuya gets down again and says "you were lucky kid! you think you can defeat..... I have the Devil Gene, i am the Devil!!! No one can defeat me.." To which Xal replies, "You think the Devil you have is the strongest? You are just merely borrowing the power of some higher ranking devil at best. Lucifer (Satan-Biblical/Islamic/DC) is the most power Devil and the King of Devils. And I'm his SON!(This shocks everyone in the arena including Alex, Rock, Vanessa, Jin Kazama(Tekken-Namco) and specially Terry because this means Xal can fight and wasn't helpless against him) If you think i won because of some luck and surprise attack (which is helper's job actually) then you can challenge me anytime." "Stand up Alex" and then Alex stands up and says and I am the King of everything.... Xal: Yeah, King of everything loser. Alex: You were hiding this Evil power all along from everyone, so when you first said that you are Devil's son I though you were just being sad and pathetic but you meant literally. And on top of that you are incredibly physically strong, its like you are using cheats and I am suppose to be the one with cheats. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Xal, Overcoming the Inner-self - In Novenary ------------------------------------------------------------------- 30th March, 2020. ----------------------------------------------- Xal & Titania - In The Classroom ----------------------------------------------- 15th June, 2020. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE LIFE KING ZASELIM Origin/Introduction: RENDERS ----------------------------------------------------------- The LIFE KING & Gaya - A Happy Couple ----------------------------------------------------------- 12th July, 2020. -------------------------------------------------------------- The LIFE KING & Gaya - A Happy Couple 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- 12th July, 2020. ----------------------------------------------------------------- LKZ with Gaya & Moirah - A Happy Throuple ----------------------------------------------------------------- 23rd August, 2020. Its on 1440p resolution, the size of 4k image was too big to upload for the image share website i use. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. THE ORACLE OF LIFE ORIGINS INTRODUCTION Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Earth(7th Sky/Plane - Milky way Galaxy) Past (about 13 years ago): Present: PROLOGUE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENDERS ------------------------------------------------------------ The Oracle Of Life Chained - THE CHAINED ANGEL ------------------------------------------------------------ Updated: 10th August, 2020. This scene is taken from Prince Zaselim Raz's perspective when he sees her for the first time at the flying mountain, in the introduction part 2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moirah Present Body Type- Main Casual Outfit - POSING SEXY ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: 10th August, 2020. ----------------------------------- Hot Lady Moirah - Sexy Dress (Both Past and Present Body Types) ----------------------------------- Updated: 14th August, 2020. -------------------------------- Hot Lady Moirah with XAL (Both Past and Present Body Types) "4K" -------------------------------- Updated: 16th August, 2020. ------------------------------------------------- Moirah Main Casual Outfit - Posing Sexy (Past Body Types) "4K" ------------------------------------------------- Updated: 16th August, 2020. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STAY TUNNED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for requests: you can give me the reference photos and info about the character, i can't make any promises but I'll see what i can do. I love making characters but managing too many characters is too much as my system is not that strong and it takes 10+(13+ with proper scene like Saph's first render in the cave) hours for one render. You or anyone can post their character's reference images and details/info in this thread and then I'll see what i can do when ever i get the time for it. It also depends on the character, if its interesting and different (not generic) like Deso's Saph then sooner or later I will do it. Requested Characters
  20. ZEENAMAYA Z'FINITE DRAGOS [The Tree Of Life or The Life Tree and its Eggs] When the 7 Worlds were created from LIFE (by the GOD) and the Life Tree grew, it had eggs only in pairs for all living beings except for the Dragos, It had 4 which still remained unhatched when all the other first eggs (humans) were hatched then Life Tree only grew spirit eggs. Thousands of years have passed and all the new eggs hatch but the original 4 eggs still remained unhatched [The Spirits/Angels - Dragos] They are one of the spirits/angels/supernatural being, born from an egg which grows on the Tree of Life (grew from the grave of LIFE) which is located on the First World "Genesis" where no one can go except Gaya, when an immortal soul is born and live as long as the immortal does. The Legend of (all supernatural beings) Dragons/Faries, DJins/Demons, Spirits/Angels, Shape Shifters (like Vampires/Werewolves) and Magicians/Witches comes from them. Spirits provide their masters/hosts the power they posses by fusing with them in the form possession and by materializing into weapons. The hosts/masters also get some form(wearables) of trait from their spirit and also has the same birth seal which shows which spirit belongs to which Immortal. An immortal (can only have one) meets his/her spirit when they both turn 21 as the person gets his/her immortality at the age of 21 (when his/her birth seal starts to glow which stops the time of life) because only then the portal from the 1st World opens and a spirit passes through and before that they provide some of their power to their master by the age of 5, Only the Queen of Spirit (Zeenamaya Z'finite Dragos) has the ability to pass through from world to world at will as she is the key of the King. A spirit can be killed by another spirit or an Immortal when fused with his/her spirit, If an Immortal dies his/her spirit dies as well but when a spirit dies then its Immortal becomes mortal and his/her time of life starts again. The kind Dragos among the Spirits/Angels/Supernatural beings is of the highest order, like immortals the Spirit also has ranks/leaders and the Dragos (females only) are the ruler of all the spirits/angels/supernatural beings and Zeenamaya is the Queen of all of them including the dragos - her sisters (Frelena, Azurine and Frelena. The spirit race Dragos were born only for the Life King and they are his spirits and only he has the power to have more than one (there are 4 dragos in total or are they?) [Original Story] Zeenamaya Z'Finite Dragos (Xeena) is the first and only supernatural being created by/from the entity called LIFE instead from the Life Egg. She was created as a representative/messenger (a voice for) the entity LIFE so it (Life) can communicate with Gaya Titania Gei. She's also called as The Life King's Key, Power of the KING, The Z Blades and the Key to the 8th World (Earth). Later when the life began her and her kind came to be known as the Dragos and She as the Queen/Ruler of Dragos/Spirits, She went into her dormant/sealed form when the first civilization began. Zeenamaya has direct 4 sisters (Frelena Gabija - The queen of red stars), Azurine Url - the queen of blue stars, Zephyr Gale - the queen of nature and Anahita Neva - the queen of waters, basically everything liquid). Her powers "ZiFinite or Z'Finite" directly came from the LIFE, the power of Void and Space (Nothingness and Existence), a Black and White Energy. She is the only one who can open the portal to other worlds specially the First World where no one from the other worlds can go. It is prophesied that the life on 7 worlds will end with the power she posses as it began from it in the beginning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENDERS --------------------- POWER STANCES --------------------- Updated - 29th March, 2019 ---------------------- CASUAL - POSING ---------------------- Updated - 29th March, 2019 ---------------------------- The DARK AWAKENING ---------------------------- Updated - 31st March, 2019 The Dark Awakening happens when Zeenamaya possess/fuses with the dying/unconscious Xal to save him but/then instead His defense mechanism takes control and he becomes The VOID/EMPTINESS. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. GAYA TITANIA GEI TITANIA - GAYA's Human/Mortal Version (Original Story) Gaya TITANIA Gei is the immortal Queen of all seven worlds and first person ever born/created by/from the entity called LIFE. She is searching the worlds for her love/King, who was lost when the worlds were born/created. God promised her that HE will arrive from the 8th world so they can finally be united and specially for the worlds because they need HIM as he is the true KING but there is no 8th World as there are only 7. She is sealed herself after then death of Zesiro Zuka (by Zeus Cronus) in the giant icy pillar on her world (2nd) Empyrean. (Side Arc) At some point in her life she traveled/teleported to Tamriel through some weird hole in search for her King. TITANIA is the Human/Mortal version of Gaya, She was born from a single string of Gaya's hairs. She came into the 8th World (Real World/Earth) with the Immortals to train/guide Alex King, on his path to become the true Life King, as his mortal partner until he becomes immortal and comes back to his worlds to free and to be with Gaya. One day she meets Xal and then her life starts to get confusing (with a love triangle twist) as she slowly starts to have feeling for Xal (The Anomaly). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENDERS ------------------------- MAIN ARMOR SUIT ------------------------- Her Main Armor Suit i though of when i was modding Skyrim, as you can see the title skyrim image above. The middle one is her main armor suit in skyrim. For the Sword i made in skyrim i just imported it from skyrim and tweaked a bit. --------------------------------- WOMAN OF STEEL SUIT V1 --------------------------------- Since Superman is my favorite superhero and the only one at that so i always wanted to make one for Gaya since i started modding skyrim and i made like 3 or 4 of them and one of them is in the title picture above. So i made 3 of them for my CG version of Gaya, the first one was the prototype and i made the 2nd one out of it so technically there are only two of them and below the first one. Updated : 22nd June, 2020. --------------------------------- WOMAN OF STEEL SUIT V2 - --------------------------------- Updated: 25 June, 2020. --------------------------------------- In Norse, Searching For the Gods --------------------------------------- The Background is taken from one of the God Of War PS4 wallpapers then i edited Gaya's render in it and added some effect including the snow. For the Original Wallpaper CLICK HERE ------------------------------------------ Gaya - Posing in the Studio - Naked ------------------------------------------ ------------------------- Gaya - Posing Naked ------------------------- -------------------------------- Gaya - DragonBorn Queen -------------------------------- Rendered a similar shot/scene i did in Skyrim, Rendered version of Dragonborn Queen skimpy armor i made in skyrim. Didn't forget to make Gaya's hair white, I just wanted her to have her original hair color in the render which is blue. Updated : 22nd June, 2020. Skyrim Version Rendered Version ----------------------------- Gaya - Sex in the Studio ----------------------------- There are two versions of it (lighting shader wise), i couldn't select one of them so posting both. ----------------------------- Gaya - The Awakenning ----------------------------- Updated - 3rd January, 2019 ------------------ Teenage Gaya ------------------ Updated - 12 June, 2019. ---------------------------------------------- Teenage Gaya - Getting Into The Baths ---------------------------------------------- She's taking her cloths off to get into the baths area and thinks someone is watching her. Updated - 12 June, 2019. ---------------------------------------------------------------- GAYA (Normal) To GAYA (Awakened) Body RENDERS ---------------------------------------------------------------- These renders are for side by side comparison for Gaya's normal and awakened state body, with sexy poses ofcourse lol Updated - 13 June, 2019. ----------------------------------------------------- GAYA (Main Armor Updated) Into The Wilds ----------------------------------------------------- With New Skin Textures' Version Updated - 9th June, 2020. --------------------------------------------------------- GAYA - Titania - GEI (New Skin tone) Sexy Poses --------------------------------------------------------- Casual Outfit 1 & 2 (Both Immortal and Mortal Versions) Updated: 11th June, 2020. ----------------------------------------------------- GAYA - Titania - GEI (New Skin) V Pose ----------------------------------------------------- Casual Outfit 3 (Mortal Versions) Updated: 12th July, 2020. -------------------------------------------------------- LIFE KING & Gaya (New Skin) - A Happy Couple -------------------------------------------------------- Casual Outfit 1 (Immortal Version) Updated: 12th July, 2020. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The LIFE KING & Gaya (New Skin) - A Happy Couple 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual Outfit 3 (Immortal Version) 12th July, 2020. ----------------------------------------------- Xal & Titania - In The Classroom ----------------------------------------------- 15th June, 2020. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gaya Titania Gei - Pregnant - In the Bedroom ------------------------------------------------------------------ 20th July, 2020. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gaya Titania Gei & Zi'Ayt - CowGirl - In the Bedroom V1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th July, 2020. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zi'Ayt & Gaya Titania Gei - CowGirl - In the Bedroom V2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th July, 2020. I rendered two version (normal and the wet one) and then made 4 combinations out of them so i am posting all of them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. So, i am looking to get some sweet Horns on my Character, but i dont want them to take up a Head slot, for.. well, Gameplay reasons. i have the Dont Show Headgears mod installed, so i am always suspicious about that aswell as not having the Armor Rating of the Helm slot that'd be missing. So i dont know if thats even possible in Racemenu, but if it is, and there is a mod for it, i'd love to know which. If there isnt a Mod, then i guess i'll have to stick to Crafted/Obtainable headgear Horns.
  23. Trying to round out my kinky roster with a few interesting characters and stages I've seen but cannot find them for the life of me. Some were supposedly on barachan which won't load. Some were on another site that was shut down by a provider. And some are supposedly on the Mugen Archive site, but for some reason any links leading to them tell me my account doesn't have enough privilege to access the page. If anyone can tell me where to find the pictured characters and stages, I'd be forever grateful! I've noted next to the pictures what exactly is shown in each that I'm requesting. I also have a bunch of relatively difficult to get ones too. (And some AMAZING safe for work ones for the non adult build) The ape guy please Delga, definitely want him Level and fighters The pictured fighter (Othello) is like my holy grail of the roster lol NEED him Leo and the level (I've located Beerus) Level please The level please. I have both versions of Talbain already (vore and non vore) Looking for Fox Mcloud and the panther guy Level and this wolf version of Kuro. (Also looking for the horse version of him) Level and Pokemon Pokemon please
  24. NOTE: Spoilers are likely in this entry, and due to their nature, some of them may be unmarked as such. Mizuno, Destruction Mage - North of Sky Temple Ruins A member of the College of Winterhold, who sought education in magic at a time when there were few places in Tamriel to go. Told the College of Winterhold was the only option, he traveled to Skyrim in order to join. Once there, he becomes a fairly proficient mage, but also finds himself going through various events which sees him broken emotionally, eventually leaving him a single friend to comfort him, which helps, but soon he leaves the College, preferring the solace of the Ice Fields north of Winterhold. Though he still visits the College occasionally, if only due to that friend, having become something more. Current Content Mizuno's Journal - Link - Can be partially viewed in game(not finished yet) at Mizuno's camp! QUEST- "To Remember Me..." - An avid swimmer like most of his race, Mizuno spends a lot of time swimming in the freezing Sea of Ghosts. When recently exploring near the sunken ships in Pligrim's Trench, it seems Mizuno lost something very important to him. Dialog - OVERHAULED: Link Planned Content - Finishing his journal - Working on a scene between Mizuno and Loki... Related Characters Deekus - He has some added dialog in this mod, Link. Ko'Maru, Alteration/Illusion Mage, Khajiit, College Of Winterhold Joining the College the same time as Mizuno, Ko'Maru is a rather unusual Khajiit, for a few reasons. It seems he has adapted better to Skyrim's cold climate, and his appearance has a feminine edge to it. In contrast to most Khajiit, his fur has a pattern similar to that of a snow leopard, that cause of this being known to all but a few. Planned Content Ko'Maru/Mirabelle Letter - Link Lana, Planned Character, Restoration Mage, Nord, Palace Of the Kings One of the first in Winterhold to take an interest in Mizuno, she became intimate with him over the few years they both attended the College. However, events in Skyrim soon took her attention - the growing strains of the Stormcloak Rebellion - and sometime before the beginning of the Civil War, she left the College for Windhelm. However, she is does not subscribe to the same ideal that most Stormcloaks do. She believes that Ulfric is a highly flawed individual, and has perhaps lead those who follow him, down a path that will be difficult to turn from. Since while perhaps her own lineage means that she faces no problems in Windhelm, she looks at the city's Dunmer and Argonian residents, and considers what perhaps Skyrim as a whole would become, if a man like Ulfric would become High King. Her idea has always been that, Skyrim belongs to it's people, not just to the Nords. In-Game Planned Content Loki, Mage, Nord, College Of Winterhold He grew up in Windhelm, his parents being prideful Nords, and they fully support the Stormcloak rebellion. Having an interest in magic from a young age, he learned it from various places, from Windhelm's Court Mage, traveling mages visiting the city, and even alchemy from the owner of the White Vial. Over a year ago, his brother was stabbed in a bar fight, and Loki was quite to use magic to heal the wound. His parents were furious, giving no praise for his actions. Instead, they had nothing but shame to give him, since they believed that true strength was not in magic, but something you had to earn over the course of years, not study from books. It was a downpour of rain in which he left Windhelm, heading into the even colder Winterhold. On the verge of collapse as he entered the hold capital, he was helped by Mizuno - who took him to see Colette, in the College. Even with only a year at the College, he has become a well-studied mage, though not all his time has been focused on academics. Due to his connection with Mizuno, he has certainly taken an interest, and seems to have the same in Ko'Maru as well. Notes -This character currently will only appear in the Yiffy Age version of the Follower plugin. This means that in the vanilla version, all of the content referencing him will not appear - this includes Mizuno's journal entries being different in that version(this has not been changed yet). In the future, this may change. Planned Content Dialog - Link Rasha, Shock Mage, Argonian, Purewater Run(possible) - Planned - (W.I.P) Planned Content Dialog - (W.I.P) In-Game Details Fume(Yumika), Selachii Mercenary - Reachwind Eyrie Born to a pair of well known sailors, she dreamed of becoming one herself. However, a year before she was to join and begin training, she received news that her parents had been lost on a mission whose details she felt were not important. She then spent that year doing odd jobs to support herself, before she begun her training. Quickly taking to the use of a single blade, a slightly curved long sword known as a Katana, she was assigned to a ship after only five years had passed. Spending the next ten years on and off ships, she eventually made a fairly high rank, and it was during a month long shore leave that she met Reiko, who had only recently became a sailor. On that particular night, Reiko was being punished for something she had done earlier that day - the punishment being going without dinner for the evening. Fume knew who had given the punishment to her - a rather strict instructor who was known for doling out punishments for even minor mistakes, where other instructors would merely request be corrected, and only give out some kind of punishment if the mistake was repeated at least more than three times. It was during this time the two got to know each other very well, and it was their assignment to different ships that separated them, a month before the Great War. Planned Content QUEST Backstory Dialog Related Characters Khad, Khajiit, NPC Only - Implemented - A Khajiit who grew up in Skyrim, and has a few friends in the Caravans, but does not work directly for them. In-Game Information Renee, Imperial, Mage - Planned - Plucked from the slums of the Imperial city by a kind mage, she invested herself in learning magic. Soran, Necromancer, Imperial, [LocationToBeDecided] - Planned - The origins of this man are a mystery. Moku, 1H Warrior, Riverwood Her family lived in a small, but prosperous village in Cyrodiil, south of the Imperial City, very close to the bridge that spanned the entrance to Lake Rumare. By choice, many in her family had joined the Imperial Legion, and she was the only one in her family to see a conflict unlike any other - the event in recent memory known as the "Great War". Like other Selachii who served in the Legion, she was noted to be a savage among the Legion, her rage being something that the Thalmor are cautious to admit, is a danger to them, as it was for the Elven soldiers sent against her. For this rage, her eyes eventually echoed it, bleeding from their original soft blue, into a bright, vivid red, which became a piercing stare the day she had to watch the Empire sign away the last of it's soul to an enemy that, seemed never truly satisfied. Planned Content - Introduction Dialog, which opens her up to be a follower. Heavy Spoilers below. Related Characters Kori, (NPC Only) - Lovers Tent in the Pale/Works the Docks or Quicksilver Mines in Dawnstar Growing up in Skyrim, she faced the usual treatment that most non-Nords would, however, due to the skill she was able to gain, she was able to work various jobs, from mining, to Blacksmithing, and working for Dock managers. Three years ago, she traveled to Dawnstar, where she gained work as one of the Miners, and also helps with docking ships. She has some lofty goals, some of them seemingly out of reach, due to the Jarl's stance on the conflict in Skyrim. Some time ago, she was swimming around one of the old Nordic ruins, where she surfaced, and witnessed what seemed to be two mages practicing fire magic on a nearby shoreline. She watched them for some time, before seeing one of them leave, waving to the other. Following this red-eyed mage, she watched as the woman ran into a frost troll, and was forced onto a nearby ice flow. Just as the woman fell backwards into the water, it was not a difficult choice for her to dive to save the fallen mage. Planned Content - N/A at this time? Related Characters Vaynelle, Destruction Mage, Master Destruction Trainer, Dunmer, Lovers Tent in the Pale/Outside Dawnstar's Inn - A former member Morrowind's Great House Telvanni, she was fortunate to leave Morrowind before the eruption of Red Mountain. Her destination unclear, she is asked about heading to Skyrim. Perhaps left with little choice, she agreed. Arriving in Windhelm within the weeks following, she started to see more and more of her race take refuge in Skyrim, only to be met with some degree of hostility by the local Nords, especially in Windhelm. Traveling north to Winterhold, she joins the College there, quickly becoming a much more knowledgeable mage, and eventually considered the best Destruction mage, eventually being asked to begin teaching students. But she would face first hand both the sight of the event known as the "Great Collapse", where the Sea of Ghosts swallowed half of Winterhold's capital, and the blame levied at mages, and the College, afterward. The sight of such a thing was nearly unimaginable, but this was not the first cataclysm she was privy to. Facing what followed, seemed an even greater feat. Of those that survived, few stayed, many believing that Winterhold had lost all of it's worth, not even considering the fact that the College survived. Winterhold's Glory Days, to them, was long past, and it dwindled into a small village. But the College itself lingered on, seemingly unchanging. But her resolve to learn and teach would not change. Within the past years, she welcomed new students to the College, one of them being a species which she had never encountered before - a Selachii, a Shark race hailing from the south of Black Marsh. This one, Mizuno, took quite the interest in her teaching, becoming a fine example of a mage. But his presence lead her to research more of the race, though the College's material on the Selachii was not entirely as informative as she would have expected. Regardless of what she knew, it would not exactly prepare her for an encounter with one after visiting one of the College's students, Yisra, who was practicing her fire magic on the shores of Winterhold. In an encounter with a particularly nasty Frost troll, she was forced out into a nearby ice flow, and into the water. Her next sight was two-fold - a face that looked like Mizuno's, but was more feminine, and the hair she could see was blonde, not Mizuno's unusual shade of blue. The other thing she caught later than she should, but perhaps it was more out of shyness, would be a pair of breasts on the person holding her, and they were just as wet as she likely was, perhaps even in more ways than one. Current Content - Vaynelle's Journal - Link - Can be viewed in game at the Lover's Tent! Haru & Izumi, (NPC Only) - Eastmarch Hot Springs Camp(Unmarked Vanilla Location, close to Darkwater Crossing) - A pair of Selachii from Cryodiil, both of them growing up in the heart of the Empire. Current Content - Izumi's Journal - Link Planned Content - Journal for Haru[InProgress] - Link Related Characters The three NPCs at the Hot Springs have been edited, giving specific names and such, and they also are a part of the recent history of the two aforementioned Selachii characters. All three are only NPCs as in the vanilla game, but Kanet can is available as a follower, and Fenran can be...em, persuaded with a strong drink. Jena is rather stubborn about it, and may require other means if one desires(i.e other mods or console commands to increase her relationship with the player). Kanet, Alik'r Warrior, Redguard, Hot Springs Camp - A member of the Alik'r, who was dissatisfied with the constant conflict with the Thalmor. A fairly promiscuous woman, she is known to be quite friendly around most. Iszara, Alik'r Warrior, Redguard, ???? - (W.I.P) NOTE: The exact portrayal of this character in-game, depends on the version of the follower plugin used. For the Yiffy Age version, she will be a Female Redguard/Tiger(or Redguard/Hyena with Yiffy Age's upcoming version 3.0), and will use that mod's Bad Dog Female Schlong SOS addon. For the Vanilla version, she is female only at this point - however, a version may be made that would require the SOS UNP addon. In all cases, she will be refereed to correctly by Izumi and Haru's journals. Jena, Ranger, Imperial, Hot Springs Camp - A prideful and idealistic woman, who was traveling to Solitude to join the Imperial Legion, being urged by her brother to join. However, when she arrived, things took a turn for the worse. Two days before, her brother had been wounded in the escape of a man guilty of murdering the High King of Skyrim - UIfric Stormcloak. Only lasting a day more before succumbing to his injuries, she found herself with no want to involve herself with the oncoming conflict, so instead she ran as far as possible, somewhere that she hopes, she can forget it all. Fenran, Barbarian, Nord, Hot Springs Camp - A former Guard in Winterhold, he left due to his commitment issues, and his obsession with mead, and other such spirits. Reesa, Warrior(CombatWarrior2H), Argonian, Hot Springs Camp, F - (possible W.I.P) Hiyasu, Frost Mage, The Chill(Winterhold Prison), M His mother was a Healer in the Iyashino-ka, which served as an inspiration for him to learn magic. While little of his focus was on healing arts, he still learned them, as he respected the sentiment of his mother - her telling him that they were important for any mage, and those around them. When he left Same-Shuto years later, it was in the effort to learn more of magic, and the Synod provided little, though still significant information. Like so many others, however, it was soon related that the only magical institution of learning in Tamriel that was worthwhile, was the College of Winterhold, in Skyrim. So he traveled there, joined, and learned much of magic, as was his want. Planned Content Related Characters Khrista, 1H Warrior, Nord, Winterhold Guard Captain, Jarl's Longhouse(Winterhold) (NPC Only) - Ten years ago, she left Skyrim, joining the Imperial Legion. Dar'Zen, Khajiit Merchant, Small Camp outside Winterhold's Capital), (NPC Only) - Planned -A part of the Khajiit Caravan in Skyrim, he has deviated from the main routes that the Caravan usually takes, a fact which made some call him a fool. However, it is true that his presence is certainly another source of income for Winterhold, as he seems to have entered into an agreement with Birna, where she gets about 30 percent of his profits. Some have noted that he has some relationship with Winterhold's Guard Captain, but no one knows what that is, or why. Planned Content Dialog - Link - Other than some voice-set based dialog for buying/selling, he will have a few questions that he can be asked. Akairo, 1H Warrior , Solitude (NPC Only), M - Implemented - A Selachii diplomat sent to Skyrim. The Selachii have almost always had ties with the Septim Empire(even with the current shell that exists), one of their diplomats being present among the Argonian leadership that accepted Black Marsh's entry into the Empire at the close of the Second Era. Although, the Selachii are somewhat loathe to throw themselves in with either the Empire or the Stormcloaks in Skyrim's conflict, as their own ideas on Religion make them something of a rouge state, as far as the Thalmor are concerned - with the Empire itself aware of how much support that has been offered by the Selachii, they are turning a bit of a blind eye to the situation. With the past few years, the Thalmor sent a ship with one of their own diplomats, in an effort to make peace between the two factions - which was not achieved, as the Selachii had seen past the deception that was the White Gold Concordat, a document that bore close resemblance to the originally proposed treaty. In that instance, the Thalmor had won, but the Selachii were not going to let such a victory pass so easily. The Selachii Council in Same-Shuto rejected the terms, and when the Thalmor Justicar threatened violence against the Selachii people, he was summarily executed by this very esteemed Selachii. One of the two Thalmor ships was confiscated by the Selachii, while the other was forced to take the Justiciar's body back to Alinor at sword-point - a message to the Thalmor, which was not the first time this race had denied the Dominion - the Selachii sent a similar message to the Dominion during the Interregnum between Tamriel's Empires, during the latter part of the Second Era. In-Game Information Gaku, Scholar, Apocrypha, (NPC Only), M - Implemented - Perhaps both famous and infamous among Selachii, he worked with Marin Kai for some time. Known for a unique ability to shapeshift, this trait became something that garnered him both fear and respect among Selachii. In addition, he studied magic like most Selachii Scholars, being one of few to have a innate proficiency, the source of which is unknown. Planned Content Seika, Blacksmith(VendorBlacksmith), Dragon Bridge, (NPC Only), F - Implemented - She grew up in a prosperous family in Same-Shuto, her father, grandfather and so on, being not only famous Swordsmiths, but known for the best crafts of swords, armor etc, among the Selachii. Her family is known to stretch as far back as the late Second Era of Tamriel, and it seems to have some ties to the Kai family. Like others in her family, she learned the same craft as her father, becoming an impressive blacksmith, only when her father passed, she had no wish to take over the family business, which her one-year older brother did instead. She chose to travel Tamriel, learning more of the Blacksmithing craft, and when she came to Skyrim, her visit to Haafingar's small village of Dragon Bridge lead her to learn of the Nordic craft, becoming an apprentice of sorts to a man who was impressed with her skills. After ten years, the man took ill, and in one of the final conversations her had with her, he made the choice to leave her his shop, and within the next year, she took over as the owner of the business. Planned Content Dialog - Link(W.I.P) In-Game Details Related Characters Kiraya, Khajiit (NPC Only) - Implemented - Once an orphan growing up in Honorhall, she left when she became of age, traveling the province in search of work. Once she saved up enough, she traveled to Solitude, where she wanted to find some more long term employment. In-Game Details Eris, Four Shields Tavern(Dragon Bridge), Nord (NPC Only), M - Planned - Due to his lineage, this man is a noble. However, there are many reasons why they are not well liked among Solitude's upper class, for his family are the kind of proud Nords that are obsessive with their beliefs, which includes supporting the recent Stormcloak rebellion, even if nearly all the rest of Solitude is opposed to it. This fact has led them to be all but chased out of the hold, and few have any care for where they may have gone. However, this youngest son has remained, if only for the fact that he seems to not have caught on so strongly to the beliefs of his family, but those who have met him, may consider things otherwise. He fancies himself a Solider of sorts, in spite of the fact that he has had no training, never joined the Legion, or even trained to be a Guard in Solitude. Location In-Game Details Nicholas, Blue Palace(Solitude), Breton(NPC Only), M - Planned - (W.I.P) Enkai, Scholar, Near Steed Stone, (NPC, Possible Follower), M - Implemented - A scholar with a very particular line of study, he was born to parents separated by conflict, his father serving the Imperial Legion, and his mother, Hino, being little more than a strong Selachii who had to deal with events as they came. She had known his father for quite some time, though not well known, the man was understood to be a strong soldier, and he had not yet settled down at all, if only because he felt that he still had a duty to the Legion, even if he had served it faithfully for half a century already - having joined shortly after coming of age. However, soon after he and Hino fell in love, and held each other on a cool night of passion, he was called away to serve the Legion once again, only days later - to fight in the Great War. By spring, she was eagerly awaiting his return, and when a ship from the Imperial City was rumored to have docked in the capital, she was hoping that she would see him soon. However, instead she was given a letter from an Argonian Legionnaire, who expressed his condolences. Her husband had fallen during the last push of the conflict, days before the White-Gold Concordat was signed. Nami, Wreck Of the Winter War, F - (W.I.P) In-Game Information Related Characters Rozette, Breton, Healer/Mage, F - Planned - A girl from Dawnstar, who seems less than pleased with the life of banditry she has chosen. Vis-Mar, Argonian, (NPC Only), F - Planned - A very pale scaled woman, her scales being near white, and to most, it seems as if she is blind, her eyes very dark. Her arrival on Solsthiem is a mystery, but most heard her mention that she had been running from her past for a long time, but has recently decided to face it. She soon seems to have disappeared, not having been seen for a few days. Izma, Camp South of Nilheim, TSF - Implemented - (W.I.P) Planned Content Notes -This character is a reference to the COC(Corruption Of Champions) character of the same name. However, the story of this character will be different, and her appearance, while as similar as possible, will differ as well(namely in that she will not have four balls). NOTES -Images of characters that are vanilla races, other than Khajiit and Argonians, may show their appearance in the Yiffy Age version of the Follower plugin. Images of Selachii will be the same no matter the version, and for Khajiit's and Argonians, the only difference between versions will be their skin textures, and using a digitigrade/plantigrade stance. However, for Ko'Maru, his skin textures should remain the same between versions. Characters in this mod may have their images updated due to changes in the Shark Race, and/or in the Yiffy Age of Skyrim mods. -Some characters may be listed as Planned, and thus are not in-game just yet, but are listed here due to being related to another character who is. If a character is listed as Implemented, this means they have an in-game NPC, but have not yet been added to the game world(i.e no cell or world edits referencing them, and they would require console commands to spawn the NPC - though they may be unlikely to have their dialog, schedules, etc, if this is the case). -Some descriptions of characters may or may not be final, and as such, may end up being different in-game - but likely at that point, the description of a character should match, or be close to how they are described in-game.
  25. This entry provides short summaries and a character index of previous chapters of my Skyrim story blog "Of Blood and Pleasure". Blog Overview This is a chronological ordering of parts of Nora's story. All entries linked below are part of the chapters linked above. It's just a handy way to access the flashbacks in chronological order, that typically form individual stories and can be read independently of the main story. Summaries Characters Baroness Nora Karlov Race: Nord Vampire Age: 407 Dialogue Color: White Short description: She is a nord vampire and the Baroness of a smaller vampire realm in Skyrim. Nora is about 400 years old and the main character of this blog. She embraces and enjoys being the vampire she is and is mostly driven by her own selfish motives and cares little about others, except for those who mean a lot to her. Since she doesn't believe in the very concept of (human) morality as we know it she has no problems to do things considered evil by others. She will manipulate, lie, kill and betray people and do whatever is needed to get what she wants. Long description: Parts of her biography and origin story are shown in section 1 & 2 of chapter 2 and the following lines are a short summery of the events. She was born in Skyrim in a small village near Falkreath more than 400 years ago as the daughter of the village chief. As a young woman she agreed to an arranged marriage negotiated by her father to a man she didn't love in order to advance her family's politics. During the wedding night she realizes the impact of this decision on herself and her future. Her doubts turn into an argument with her finance which lead to a fight during which she kills her finance in an affect. She flees from her village and seeks shelter in a nearby cave which is home to an ancient and powerful vampire. Instead of killing her the vampire offers her to turn her into a vampire which she accepted. All of this means of course that she is not a pureblood vampire and she has no special relation to Molag Bal. Like most vampires she believes in Molag Bal as the father of vampires and the only true god without being deeply religious. She draws strength out of her believe in order to wield her blood magic that she uses in combat in addition to one or two one handed sword. Nora is well aware of her influence on others and uses it to seduce and manipulate others. Even for a vampire her senses are very sharp which lets her be aware of the current emotions of others and she knows very well how to take advantage of this. She cares little about rules herself but recognizes them as a powerful tool to control others. During the events of chapter 4 Nora was named Baroness by the will Queen Isabella. After killing the former Baron Eric Beauvais she now is the Baroness of Blackrock. Amelie of Clan Cruel-Sea Race: Nord Human Age: 21 Dialogue Color: Light Green Introduced: Chapter 2 Short Description: Born as Amelie of Clan Cruel-Sea in Windhelm she was kidnapped by some of Vasil's man as lust object for their master. When she meets Nora the two start a BDSM relation and Amelie falls for the vampire and her new Mistress. Since than she works for Nora as a maid. Long description: Amelie was born as a daughter of Clan Cruel Sea, one of the noble families in Windhelm. Unlike most sons of Skyrim she was taught reading and writing in a young age and was raised to represent her clan and her future husband's one. Thus, she is very well-mannered. At the time she meets Nora she is relatively sexually inexperienced and under the influence of the vampire her captivity turns into an erotic advantage. She develops strong feelings for her Mistress and is willing to do everything to please Nora to gain the sexual attention she desires. While knowing that Nora is a vampire she is to this point unable to see more than her erotic side of her. Partially so because Nora carefully chooses the information given to Amelie and the behavior shown to her submissive. While not having really strong feelings for Amelie, she is more than a servant or toy for Nora and she early recognizes the usefulness of the human girl which lets her stress her relationship to Vasil and some of his friends at the end of chapter 2 to save Amelie's life. After Nora killed Baron Eric Beauvais and claimed his castle for herself, Amelie moved to her Mistress' new castle and continues to serve her there. Besides taking care of Nora's private rooms she is also responsible for her wardrobe, hair and body hygiene. Thomas Valec Age: ~400 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Green-Blue Introduced: Chapter 6 Short Description After the events of Chapter 7 Thomas becomes Nora's boyfriend. He's an agent of Queen Isabella, taking care of business the official governmental body has no legitimization dealing with. Long Description Thomas was born about 400 years ago in Morrowind (mainland) and became orphan at a very young age living alone in the streets of his home town. A smaller branch of the Camonna Tong (Vvardenfell's organized crime syndicate) on the main land eventually took care of the boy and other orphans and started using them for their criminal activities. Thomas proved to be very talented and loyal and with coming to age he raised in the ranks of the local syndicate which became his second family. Eventually he became the right hand of the leader and being charged with the most challenging and important tasks. This leader turned out to be a vampire that eventually offered Thomas another way to further increase his skills and abilities in exchange for his life. Thomas accepted and got turned into a vampire, running the guild as right hand of his father. After centuries and an escalating fight between him, his younger (vampire) sister and his father he found his way towards the realm of vampire Queen Isabella where he now serves in a similar position. Count Vasil Vondrack Race: Nord Vampire Age: 1216 Dialogue Color: Orange Introduced: Chapter 2 Short Description: Vasil Vondrack is an old friend of Nora and is one of the Vampire counts in Skyrim and so he rules over castle Stensia in the east of Skyrim and is Lord of a couple of human servants as well as other vampires in his service. Long(er) Description: Being one of the vampire counts of Skyrim, he is well aware of the responsibilities that come with his position for both humans and vampires. Holding this countship for several centuries led to him being less impulsive than most other vampires and more calculated. Nora and Vasil have met a couple of times within their lifetime without ever developing more than a lose friendship. Partially because Nora is constantly signalizing for more in order to take advantage of a friend who is looking for more. With the vampire community he is most known for the Treva slaughter that caused a big diplomatic crisis with the High King of Skyrim. Queen Isabella Age: ~2500 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Pink Introduced: Chapter 4 Short Description: The Queen of the vampire realm Nora is living in. She is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in Tamriel. Long(er) Description: Queen Isabella is one of three vampiric Rulers of Tamriel. Her realm consists of the provinces of High Rock, Hammerfell and Skyrim. While being Queen of the realm she is Duchess of her allod High Rock. She is one of the oldest living vampires in Tamriel and got turned by Molag Bal himself which makes her a pure blood vampire. She excels at diplomacy, manipulation and plotting. Unlike other rulers she is not trying to promote members of her own, royal bloodline to position of power, but instead she excels at recognizing promising vampires in her realm and promoting them into positions of power. This way most rulers in her realm own their title in one way or the other to her. She has thus created a uniquely stable realm with loyal vessels that strive to impress her instead of plotting against her. She is also known for never showing her face in public and instead hides it behind a veil. Viscountess Lenora Cheyne Age: ~650 Race: Breton Vampire Dialogue Color: Grey-Blue Introduced: Chapter 4 Short Description: The Viscountess in the realm of Queen Isabella and friend of Nora. Long(er) Description: Lenora Cheyne holds the rank of a Viscountess which makes her first in the order of succession in case one of the Counts of the realm fells into disfavour. She is kept closely to the Queen in order to get to know the realm, it's politics and members. On one hand the position of a Viscountess prevents the plotting of less powerful members of the realm such as Barons from plotting against their respective Counts and members of the High Council. On the other hand it promotes plotting of the Viscountess herself as she is next in the order of succession. To that end she looking for allies in all ranks of the realm that are willing to support her. Nora met her during one of the meetings of the small council and it didn't take long until Lenora recognized the aspiring Baroness as a potential ally and friend. Hannah Age: 23 Race: Nord Vampire Dialogue Color: Dark-Green Introduced: Chapter 6 Short Description: Hannah is a young vampire living at Nora's court, recently turned against her will by Kristoff, Nora's thrallmaster. Long Description: Before Hannah got turned into a vampire, she was a 23 year old human girl and huntress. She grew up around Falkreath in humble homes. Her extraordinary beauty attracted many admirers from a young age on, only to turn them all down and instead got togaether with Jasper, a boy she still knew from her childhood days. During the beginnings of chapter 6 of this story she and Jasper end up as guests in Nora's castle anaware of the Baroness' true nature. Nora makes her watch how she seduces Jasper with her vampiric powers and decides to have them both served as food at an upcoming dinner party. Dring that time she's taken care of by Kristoff, Nora's thrallmaster. In an attempt to escape this situation she starts to give herselves and her body to Kristoff. During the party Jasper ends up as food on the dinner table whereas Hannah's blood is served during the rest of the evening where she gets killed by Thomas and Nora. Later, Kristoff, Nora's thrallmaster finds her dead body and decides on turning Hannah mislead by her phony actions earlier. After turning her, he realizes that her actions weren't truthful and fearing Nora's wrath of turning a thrall into a vampire he keeps hiding/imprisoning his new daughter. Nora eventually finds out after a hint from Fina and despite being mad at Kristoff's actions she welcomes Hannah as a member of her household. Nora seperates her from Kristoff, asks Valentina, her stuart, to educate Hannah and makes her participate in an religious ritual to make her a full vampire. However Hannah is still struggling with her new undead life, her spite against vampirism and her father, the loss of Jasper, the wish to return back to her old life and undo things, but also her desire to live on and fit into the new vampire world, that is calling for her with blood, pleasure, luxury and freedom to live life on her own terms. Duchess Maerwynn Age: ~2400 Race: Breton Vampire Dialogue Color: Light-Green Introduced: Chapter 7 Short Description Duchess Maerwynn is the ruler of the vampires Hammerfell and one of the most important political figures of the realm. She holds the position of a judicator which makes her responsible for judging and enforcing the laws on a higher level. The local figures (Barons and Counts) enforce it locally and she is responsible for everything beyond that, such as fights, crimes or disputes within the nobility. Lady Yvonne Age: ~350 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Light-Green Introduced: Chapter 6 Short Description Yvonne is a good friend of Nora, whose origin story is told in Chapter 6. As a vampire she partially owns and runs the Euphoria, one of the finest noble brothels of the Imperial City and is the main reason for Nora's wealth. Long Description (Spoiler of Chapter 6) Yvonne used to be a prostitute in the Euphoria, one of the finest noble brothels of the Imperial City. She was lured into the brothel as a young girl living in the harbor for non-sexual services such as cleaning and ended up as a prostitute when she came of age. To bear the side effects of her job she started to take the Felldew drug and became strongly addicted. After meeting and falling in love with Nora she tries to convince Nora to turn her into a vampire and escape her live that way. One night she commits suicide in the believe Nora would turn her. Instead, Nora gives up on Yvonne as she is not willing to give up on huge parts of her own power to turn Yvonne. Instead, Ethan, another vampire living together with Nora turns the human. Decades after a conciliation with Nora she agrees to run the Euphoria that is now owned by Nora, where she was previously employed and exploited in exchange for parts of the ownership and the profits of the Euphoria. She marries her vampire father Ethan and lives a fairly calm live in the Imperial City, enjoying art and culture of the vampire society of the Imperial City. Baron Eric Beauvais Age: 813 Race: Nord Vampire Dialogue Color: Grey-Blue Introduced: Chapter 5 Short Description: The former Baron of Nora's realm as well as a former friend and lover of Nora. She killed him during the events of Chapter 5 in order to rule his realm. Long Description: Eric Beauvais is the former Baron of Nora's Castle Blackrock. Nora met him a couple of years after she was turned into a vampire. Eric found her as a roaming vampire in his realm, killing humans and causing chaos. Instead of exiling her from his realm, he took her into his mentorship. During that time the baron introduced her to the high society of vampires and the world of luxury that was previously unknown to her (Chapter 5 Section 1-3). Shortly after getting to know Nora Eric falls for the young vampire, starting an affair with her despite being married to an aged human wife. Despite already having the attention she desired, Nora forces Eric's human servant to kill his human wife in order to live her relationship with Eric openly. Despite their contradicting attitudes towards humans and drinking their blood, Nora and Eric spend more then twenty years together. During this time Eric turns the young, outcast vampire into a part of the vampire society and the person she is today. Eric himself was raised as the youngest son in a small village near Dawnstar in Skyrim and is destined to become a fishermen like his family. A couple of month after his marriage his wife started to become absent during night and shortly after he discovered that she was got turned. Against Erics will she forces her vampirism upon him. Despite being terrified by his new existents he understood that accepting his new form is the only way to stay together with his undead wife that turned him into a vampire. Centuries later and despite opposing a lot of the vampire ideals, vampire Queen Isabella made him one of the Barons of Skyrim. His discipline and unwillingness to drink blood and to give in to the lust and hedonism of other vampires made him the perfect candidate for a realm that desperately needed a strong ruler to restore law and order. This quality of his became more and more problematic for the realm, as he was barely supportive of the Queen's rule and he withdrew more and more from all vampire affairs not directly concerning him. Nora's successful ritual of rebirth of Chapter 2, and the implied favor by the vampire god Molag Bal, brings Nora to the Queen's attention and she decides to give her a chance to claim one of the realms for herself. She allows her to challenge Eric in a fight for Eric's realm, testing both Nora's loyalty and her strength. Despite her pain to kill her old lover, friend and Mentor she stabs him after a lost sword fight (Chapter 5 Section 4). Count Ahtar Sertki Age: ~500 Race: Redguard Vampire Dialogue Color: Green-Blue Introduced: Chapter 4 Short Description: Ahtar Sertki is one of the realms Counts and just recently Isabella bestowed the title upon him. Long(er) Description: Ahtar and Nora shared a long lasting love for each other, when Nora was in service of the Queen and spend time at the court of the human King of Hammerfell. Together the two vampires controlled and influenced the politics of the human Hammerfell in the will of the vampire Queen and took action wherever they saw need. Llaila and Amir Sehat Age: ~1800 Race: Redguard Vampire Dialogue Color: Light Green/Dark Brown Introduced: Chapter 8 Short Description: Llaila and Amir Sehat own the largest trading and caravan business in Hammerfell and are an important political force within Hammerfell. Long(er) Description: Llaila and Amir Sehat own the largest trading and caravan business in Hammerfell. The city of Al-Mahan serves as central trading hub of the province and is center of the web of trade routes that span the whole continent. Despite trading with all sorts of goods, they specialize on slaves and blood for the noble vampire families all over Tamriel and it is said that at least half the noble families are owning money to the Sehats, but especially Isabella's realm. They are deeply entwinded with many of the local rulers of Hammerfell and posses substantial political power despite lacking any direct polical power themselves, just by means of a web of underlings, favors and connections. They oppose the Duchess' rule over Hamerfell and are an important ally of Count Azarik Sertki (the father of Ahatar) and together they pose a serious threat to the Duchess rule. Damon Maerwynn Age: ~700 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Blue-Grey Introduced: Chapter 8 Short Description: Damon is one of the (vampire) sons of Duchess Maerwynn, ruler of Hammerfell. Long(er) Description: Damon is one of the (vampire) sons of the Duchess of Hammerfell. He's typically not getting involved in the politics of the realm and his mothers ruling. Instead he found found renown in battle and as a beastslayer. One of his most famours accomplishments is striking down... that even for old vampires pose a serious threat. Damon meets Nora the first time she visits Al Mahan, a hidden Oasis City in Hammerfell that is the political center of vampire Hammerfell. Kristoff Enor Age: 58 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Orange Introduced: Chapter 5 Short Description: Kristoff is an employed vampire of Nora and serves her as a thrallmaster. He is thus responsible for the human thralls and feeding the vampires of Nora's castle. Long Description: Kristoff is the Thrallmaster at Nora's Court, which makes him responsible for Thrall management. A thrallmaster takes care of the needs of the human thralls (= humans to be fed on (typically similar to slaves), unlike servants, which are just humans that work in a vampire castle). This task also includes managing the blood pool of each thrall, to ensure no thralls are overfeed (to soon). In larger vampire castles the thrallmaster has thus to be able to stand up against the majority of nobles and deny them their wishes for a specific thrall or race if necessary. Sometimes thralls are used for more than just their blood, which makes the thrallmaster is responsible for their well being and hygiene. Those thralls are typically kept separated from the rest. Moreover it is the task of the thrallmaster to find replacement for killed and overfeed thralls. Despite the somewhat low reputation as somone who takes care of the daily needs of the thralls all of these responsibilities make the thrallmaster one of the most important position in a vampire castle as he or she is responsible for blood of all vampires. As a human Kristoff used to be a soldier in the imperial army and got turned about twenty years before Nora took realm in Blackrock. Valentina Verro Age: 34 Race: Imperial Vampire Dialogue Color: Light Orange Introduced: Chapter 5 Short Description: Valentina is an employed vampire of Nora and serves her as a stuart of her castle and property. Long Description: Valentian Verro is the stuart of Nora's castle, she is thus responsible for the castle property and takes care of some of Nora's finances. She is also the person to turn to for the humans in the surrounding villages in case they want to address the Baroness. She also negotiates and organizes the dues of the humans. For most of her life Valentina lived in Anvil in Cyrodiil. She stared working the local office of the East empire Trading Company and learned about finances, bookkeeping and management. Eager to rise in the company she put in the extra hours in order to rise in the ranks of the company and often times worked hard until late at night. One night a dark clothed women entered her already closed office and asked Valentina to arrange the shipment of a large wooden crate to the Summerset Islands for the next morning. After explaining numerous times that she was not allowed to do such a transaction. The women approached her quietly, looking deep into her mortal eyes. Minutes later Valentina found herself signing the necessary papers and instructions. There was just no possibility for her to withstand the wishes of the strange women with the magical glare in her eyes and for the first time during her work she had disobeyed a rule during work. The women was about to leave her office, when Valentina asked her out to one of taverns in town. With a secretive smile the dark women accepted. This night Valentina understood why she was never felt attracted to men and the vampire and Valentina started met every night. One morning Valentina awoke after a night with the vampire, but instead of finding her lying next to her she found two new long teeth in her mouth. It was the last time Valentina had seen her. Since then she went looking for her a traveled throughout Tamriel in search for her. After many years of search without results she met Baron Eric Beauvais in Solitude who offered her a place to stay in his castle, as he realized that she was lost and wearily from her long search and in need for rest a comfort. Stan Age: 23 Race: Nord Human Dialogue Color: Grey-Blue Introduced: Chapter 5 Short Description: One of Nora's servants, responsible for the stables and her household. Long Description: Stan is one of Nora's servants and takes care of the stables and the horses. Shortly after Nora became Baroness she went to one of the nearby villages looking for possible servants. For the lack of choice she decided to give Stan a chance, despite not being fully convinced of the young nord. Stan lived his whole live in the small village Nora found him in and one of the reasons to ask Nora for the job was his fear of being forced to become a soldier in the civil war, pressed by the Stormcloaks. Fina Age: 24 Race: Imperial Human Dialogue Color: Light Pink Introduced: Chapter 5 Short Description: One of Nora's servants, responsible for cooking and household. Long Description: Fina is one of Nora's servants and takes care of the household of Castle Blackrock. Her tasks range from cooking for the human servants to cleaning the castles rooms and hallways, with the exception of Nora's room which is handled by Amelie only. Fina served at the human court of Bruma in Cyrodiil when she had to flee due to coup during which the human countess she was serving was killed. She went north to Skyrim where she was captured by a group of bandits. Weeks later she was freed by Nora while the Baroness was helping the humans in the villages around her castle (Chapter 5 Section 7). Fina asked her for a place to stay and some work. As she was already serving in a human court Nora accepted. During this Fina also learned about her pregnancy from one of the bandits as Nora's vampire senses let her hear another, second weaker heart inside Fina. Midnight Race: Panther Introduced: Chapter 4 Midnight is Nora's panther, that was a gift from the vampire Queen Isabella after killing Eric and becoming Baroness in Blackrock. Nora's Father Age: Unkown Race: Vampire Dialogue Color: Red Introduced: Chapter 2 Nora knows very little of her (vampire) father. She only lived a couple of months with him before he sent her away. During that time she learned very little about this old being and she never dared to return to her father. She later learned about the ancient and once powerful Karlov bloodline who is rumored to be still alive and scattered across Tamriel. She happily adopted the meaningful and powerful family name assuming her father was one of them. Background Informations Vampires in this story The vampire pictures is a mixture of the vampires in Skyrim and a lot of the classic traits you'd expect from vampires. There are some noteworthy differences to the skyrim lore. For example vampires actually burn in sunlight and die once exposed to too much sunlight. Besides that vampirism is not curable and they are actually died a real death before they could become a vampire. Vampires consider themselves superior to the humans race which draws them to excessive luxury and decadence. On top of that they conclude the right to hold human thralls as a food and entertainment. They drink blood not just for the need of survival but mostly just for the pleasure and out of appetite. By drinking blood all physical wounds are healed and they enter a state of wild abandon. In combination with the sexual arousal that comes with drinking blood a lot of vampires loose themselves and so parties mostly end in debauchery decadent excesses as well as sexual orgies. These blood rushes are not just accepted as part of their nature but actively sought out and to find some change from the boring daily life that comes after a couple of centuries. All this led to a culture with very little restraints concerning sexual practices so that homosexuality and ever-changing sexual partners are both common and promoted. Human Vampire Relationship It is an open secret to most people in Skyrim that not just vampires exist but they also span a web of vampire realms of counties across the provinces of Tamriel. There are countless contracts that secure the vampires influence on the human governments without actually ruling them, even though they were capable of doing so if they wanted to. They mostly keep out of human affairs simply for a lack of interest and the problems that come with such a step. Nevertheless, they influence human politics whenever they see need and their own interests are threatened. Besides captured humans as thralls there are many humans who willingly work for vampires. Some do it for money and the social status that come with working for an important person, while others do it mostly for the pure thrill of erotic and danger. A vampire has very little interest to kill or lose a loyal human servant that fulfills important roles in their everyday life or their castle. Even vampires have clean, wash or govern their property. The Realm The realm is ruled by Queen Isabella and the small Council which is an assembly of all Dukes and Counts of the realm and assembles once a year. The vampire kingdom is characterized by a strict hierarchies of Dukes, Counts and Barons. When necessary the monarch is able to call for the large Council which includes the members of the small council and the aristocracy of the kingdom. Equally to the mortal counterpart Orsinium is not recognized as an own province, but instead a part of High Rock. Nevertheless orcish vampires have a special position within the realm as only they can become members of the royal guard. Updates Coming Soon Credits Here's a list of mods that played a key role in the creation of this story and this blog as a whole. This list is far from complete as technically every mod in my load order deserves credit. I also started working on this blog over four years ago and lots and mods in my mod list came and went. However this an attempt at giving most of them the credit they deserve. The mods are sorted by categories and not ordered. All mods are for Oldrim Characters: (Some of these followers are heavily edited by me and/or turned into vampries) Chapter 1-3 Jonas - Skjarn, Cuyima Int. NPCs by Cuyima https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92893 Amelie - Vivace by rxkx22 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68976/ Vasil - The Karlov Brood by kavula https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66095/ Chapter 4 Queen Isabella - Zoya by VRDaphni https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58759 Duchess Marewynn- Dina (2017 Version) by Marmotte https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71844 Shila - Legend of 1001 Nights by Marmotte https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75626 Lenora Cheyne - Miria the Seeker by Wanako http://mod.dysintropi.me/wanako-works/ Harkon - Pandorable NPC Dawnguard by Pandorable https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94863 Serana - Seranaholic by rxkx22 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38326/ Ahtar - Ahtar - The Executioner by highonsunday https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33173 Vlad - Vlad by scotaiel https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29019 Chapter 5 Eric - HolsterFollower Axcel https://hookersgreen.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-178.html Kristoff - Nord Brothers by VRDaphni https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70593/ Valentina - Varros Siblings by JetRock https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70595/ Fina - Siobhan by Plooshy https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75538/ Stan - Goldir, Males of Skyrim by Aberin https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61937 Chapter 6 Hannah - Giselle by Noirslate https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82119/? Jasper - Cosnach, Males of Skyrim by Aberin https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61937 Yvonne - Vex, Bijin NPCs by rxkx22 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71054/ Thomas - Vero Darke by Guilaster https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83443 William - Vilkas, Males of Skyrim by Aberin https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61937 Chapter 7 Eran - Nelthas Dareathys by Liadys https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65830/ Chapter 8 Master Jaten - Shandar by Oaristys https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42714/ Llaila Sehat - Seren, Pandorable NPCs by Pandorable https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92527?tab=files Amir Sehat - Sayid by DeltaWulf https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53530/ Damon - Vaughn, Cuyima Int. NPCs by Cuyima https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92893 Locations Chapter 1 Nora's House - Hill House (Edited) Removed from Nexusmods Ritual Place - Weathertop (Edited) by Argon098 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65274 Chapter 2 Cavern - Beastess Lairs (Edited) by Vivi https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1503-beastess-lairs/ Guest Room - Hassildor by Elianora https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52057 Vasil's Room - Ravenholm by Elianora https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65528 Stensia Room - Raven Castle (Edited) by Cirena https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59231 Chapter 3 Stemsia Castle - Raven Castle (Edited) by Cirena https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59231 Chapter 4 Castle Ely - Raven Castle (Edited) by Cirena https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59231 Nora's House - Esterah (Edited) by morganmarz https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63595 Nora's House - Khun (Edited) by Elianora https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59227 Chapter 6 Euphoria - White River Cottage (E.) by gentester https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54479 Vampire Lair - The Lucky Skeever (Edited) by sa547 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52254 Outfits Coming soon Utility Coming soon
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