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  1. Madamme is the heroine of my sixth chapter: Madamme!. I've released her because we reached 50 blog followers. I invite you to follow my main blog: The Journey and be part of the members that will unlock the future releases. You can also follow this blog to get the most recent updates from my followers. Basics: A compatible skeleton is required for the HDT physics to work (for example XP32 Maximum Skeleton). ENB - Old World (Snapdragon Prime) Skin - Leyenda Skin Body - UUNP from BodySlide Hair - KS Hairdo's Eyes - Mikan Eyes Brows - Eyebrows from Fair Skin Poses - Halo's Poser Mod, GPoses Outfits - Luxury Collection
  2. Lord Harkon's personal slave got tired of being tortured. Veris ran away from the castle and ended up in Morthal. A woman named Alva rescued her in exchange of favors, but Veris doesn't want to serve her anymore. Has been released because we've reached 100 followers on !! Thank you for all the support! Read Veris' story here. Name: Veris Hair: White Level: 5 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Veris' class is sorcerer. She uses vampire skills. She carries an elven dagger and wears a vampire outfit. She doesn't have fangs. Lord Harkon wanted her to be forever-hungry. Poor girl. Veris has been exclusively made for LE and SE. Without ports of any type. I've personally tested Veris in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Outfits that match this story (source) : Blood Mage [DEM] Ritual Outfit Lady Bat Armor by Nausicaa Op Qinglang Outfit Mai Shiranui Goddess C5Kev's Black Bandit Armor [DEM] Dark Embrace Outfit Lich King and Queen Armor Vindictus Succubus Queen Veris can be found inside Alva's Basement (Morthal), waiting for someone to rescue her. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio - SE / LE Skin - Bijin Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  4. Previous Entry: Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed! Aerina
  5. Long ago, there was a curious mermaid (Aqua) willing to explore the dry ground. She left the sea and met a man. Eighteen years later, her daughter (Bella) did the same. Then, Aqua went after her daughter. Now both have arrived to Solitude, waiting for an adventurer to take them on a journey full of mysteries. They have been released because we reached 105 followers on !! Thank you for all the support! Read Aqua's story here and Bella's story here. Names: Aqua (mother) and Bella (daughter). Hair: Aqua's hair is dark blue, while Bella's hair is black. Level: 5 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Aqua is Bella's mother. They have an exclusive relationship made in CK, in addition of the unique relationship they both have with the Dragonborn. Aqua and Bella's are destruction/elemental sorcerers. Aqua uses frost skills, while Bella uses conjuration and summoning skills. Aqua carries two glass daggers while Bella carries a summoning staff and they both wear farmer outfits. Aqua and Bella have been exclusively made for LE and SE. Without ports of any type. I've personally tested Aqua and Bella in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Outfits that match this story : [COCO] Mermaid Aqua and Bella can be found inside The Temple of The Divines of Solitude. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio - SE / LE Skin - Bijin Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  6. First of all, I would like to open my heart a little and wish you a Happy New Year. If you just came to see the dates for the incoming next releases, don't open the Spoiler. NEXT RELEASE DATES Statuses: ▬ Finished and ready to publish ▬ Working on it ▬ Not finished ▬ Cancelled Chapters: Dark Brotherhood - January 10 Egypt - February 12 Angel - February 15 Bathroom - February/March ? Demon Girl - Won't be a chapter Followers: Seranya [Northwatch Keep] - 95 blog followers Veris [Vampire Slave] - 100 blog followers Aqua & Bella [Curious Mermaids] - 105 blog followers Juliet [Marriage Agreements] - 110 blog followers
  7. Hi everyone ! During their travels, the Marsorics came across great amounts of strange things and unknown objects... including dwemer lights ! Malicia grew quite fond of those, so when her sisters provide her with one, she fancies placing it on the bookshelves of the Small Library, giving more shine to some spots. Today's spotlight will go to a real gem of humor, though "it was very hard to open, uh" : TAMMIE'S (AND OTHER PEOPLE'S) ADVENTURES I - SYNOPSIS II - DESCRIPTION III - SHOWCASE 2017-08-18 IV - QUICK ACCESS *: Imgur locked entries (cf. II)
  8. Hi everyone ! During their travels, the Marsorics came across great amounts of strange things and unknown objects... including dwemer lights ! Malicia grew quite fond of those, so when her sisters provide her with one, she fancies placing it on the bookshelves of the small library, giving more light to some spots. And today's spotlight has been put in a place "which was very dusty, yes", but who still had the scent and feel of the foreign lands of Morrowind : THE BLOG NOONE WANTED I - SYNOPSIS II - DESCRIPTION III - SHOWCASE IV - QUICK ACCESS
  10. before i even say anything, yes, comments are appreciated even if its just saying hi tl;dr life is crazy but i love life and im trying my best, i hope your all okay and staying positive out there. skyrim se is hard to use but im working on it, doing my bodyslide request on the side and that seems quite successful. also released my all in one preset collection over on nexus and that got a couple downloads. below are pictures from my experiments and how my enb looks right now. also working on my next body preset release, it'll be a smaller thing *not my 4000 usual presets lol* so it'll have more support for the base body, like cleavage and nude variants, but i'll include one for all purpose as well. below is weight 100 but its a bit big for the "slim" body i was trying to go for, expect smaller boobs. i like the current look but exteriors dont look very good at all, it will require a lot of tweaking to get even close to what i had before. orange room? non orange character ideas cleavage blond welp, thats more or less all i got have a nice day, thanks for reading.
  11. Long time ago, there was a curious mermaid willing to explore the dry ground. She came out the sea and watched the land from a distant view. She was mesmerized with the beautiful land and couldn't resist the temptation. She sat in a rock and began to change herself. She never used a pair of legs before, so at first, she didn't know how to properly walk. It was a strange sensation. After a few minutes she could stand up and walk slowly. While climbing the stairs, she spotted someone. She wanted to act nicely towards the human. She greeted the man as good as she knew, but the man didn't answer to any of her words or gestures. She kept talking, but the human didn't understand what she was saying. What the mermaid didn't know is that the human was a pirate and he was waiting for a cargo of slaves. She was entering the wolf's mouth. After inspecting carefully the woman, the bandit turned his back and began to walk. The human assumed she was a slave, so he ordered her to follow him with gestures. They arrived to the top of the building, where there only was a expensive bed. He dragged the mermaid into the bed. The sight of that fragile woman was such a turn on for the bandit. He began to undress and the mermaid didn't know what to do. She kept staring at his member. It was the first time she saw such an impressive thing. The human pushed aside her legs one from another. The poor girl was about to get fucked and she wasn't expecting it. He began to pound her hard. She realized that she didn't have escape. Her body became hotter and hotter and at the same time, she was more and more wet. The bandit came a ton inside her, leaving no space for more cum. After finishing, the human went to sleep, leaving the mermaid on the ground. When he woke up next morning, she was already gone.... . . . NAME: Curious Mermaids STATUS: Finished. RATING: NSFW. PLOT: Mermaids want to explore the dry ground, but things didn't tourn out as expected...
  12. It's been some years since the first part of Arielle's story ended, sadly the first part of the story is no longer available on this blog, due to image provider blocking LL and pretty much messing up the whole thing and I had to set that as hidden from public, however for those that want to read/see the working version of the first part you can download it here (unpack and open html links, password: ArielleStory) But it's time to continue it and have a proper ending, Chapter 18 is set 81 years after the events in the first part, so expect some things to be changed. With Alduin revived and the Dragonborn disappearance there was no one to stop him from causing destruction, he along with the dragons brought the mortal world to its knees, heroes and other powerful races have been fighting with the dragons for all those years, but with no luck, the dragons are winning. You are not required to know what happened in part 1 of the story as this chapter is the start of a new one, there will be some flashbacks from the past to give people a rough idea to what happened in the first part or who is X character. 81 Years later, somewhere in Tamriel... (images resized, look at the end for full res. If subtitles are too small, click on image and read that way or hold ctrl + mousewheel to zoom) - -
  13. HEY every one just wanna post some pics of SWEET mods on fallout 4 =] feel free to ask what i have il comment as soon as i can OH if theres a better way to post pics here? just let me know and il post them to be easy for everyone =]
  14. I recently learned how ruffled some feathers can get when one posts a link to YouTube from this site. I learned so well that I decided to close down my YouTube Channel - I'd rather lose my left testicle than my membership here, and I was being told that I was in violation of the rules for linking to my "Adult-themed" channel. During this time I was told that it was possible to host video content here, within the community. It is regarding this topic that I am approaching everyone to learn the best way to do this. Should I start a club, or a blog? Where do I upload the videos to, what is the maximum size and resolution (these two will be a major downfall if they're not 4K and huge limits)? Most importantly, my main question is "Was I in violation of the Lover's Lab Law when I linked to my YouTube channel (which was 100% non-profit and not monetized, nor was there an option to donate anywhere to be seen)?" I believe that I have weeded out any links I had posted to my old channel, lost in the mists of time now. No matter. If I was not in violation of the rules, I will re-launch the channel with a vengeance. If I was, in fact, in violation of any rules here, please accept my sincere and heartfelt apology to the community as a whole. Please help me to learn where I should go to host HD adult content if you are reading this and know. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, StackEmHigh Chief Videographer Misty City Productions
  15. Kpnut


    Just testing out the blogs on the new site, no I haven't taken any new images I'm just using a selection of old ones.
  16. Langwen the Wood Elf couldn't even believe that it was less than a day after she had accepted her Nord lover Darena's marriage proposal. But it was and the two of them had been married. Anyone with eyes to see, a nd a heart and soul to feel could tell how happy they ere and how much they actually loved and adored one another. Now that they were married it was time for the wedding feast, and what a wedding feast it was. It began with seemingly endless cauldrons of fresh steaming soups: potato soups, tomato soups, vegetable soups and for the main course it was just meat, meat and more meat. A massive roast boar stuffed with venison, plums, apples and snowberries and then followed by rabbit, pheasant, chicken, roast pork and sucking piglets. For drinks to wash down all that rich food there was Colovian Brandy, Surilie Brothers wines, Tamika wine, ales, beers and the finest meads and strongest spirits that the Nords could produce. With their stomachs full and the guests singing happily in song...if slurring a little bit, Darena's father Herleif decided now was the perfect time to unveil the gifts that he had made for his daughter and new daughter-in-law. First off there were the weapons themselves: a massive steel battle-axe for Langwen and steel claymore or greatsword for his daughter Darena. Not just any weapons gentle readers...but weapons made from Skyforge steel at the Skyforge in Whiterun...and of course massively enchanted by the mages here at the Arcane University. Like all things made by the Nords, no detail was left out. The battle-axe had Langwen's name carved with Nordic runes into the haft and the blades themselves had the finely-detailed carving of a wolf, a symbol of power and unity to the Nord people. Darena's greatsword had her name engraved on it and also had the faces of wolves in the handle guards and the intricate symbol of a roaring bear's head where the pommel should be. Say what you will about the Nords, their weapons leave nothing to the imagination...and they leave no surface bland or uncarved. The weapons were heavily enchanted the battle-axe with the power to cause horrible lightning burns, electrocuting and Magicka damage and the greatsword could burn with divine fire anything it sliced. And Skyforge steel, as the Nords knew could slice open anything they hit, even severely damage Daedric armor. Langwen's father Archanar gave his daughter and new daughter in-law a set of matching novice robes and hood and a set of blue mage robes, the kind worn by mages at the court of the local city nobility and when they needed to travel without attracting attention to their high rank. The newlyweds also got steel plated and Nordic steel cuffed boots and gauntlets, which were enchanted to enhance their combat and magical prowess, making Langwen and Darena a lethal couple indeed, a perfect combination of arcane scholar and warriors. The rich food and strong drink really did take a toll and so Langwen and Darena excused themselves from the table and decided to retire early, before too much food...and too much drink made them incapable of consummating their wedding. Once back in the Archmage's chamber, Langwen was pleased to see the beautiful High Elf/Altmer Carahil, her golden skin and fierce reddish hair glowing. "-Arch-mage Langwen, my Lady Darena, congratulations to the both of you. you told me to come by as soon as I have prepared the Edict against Necromancy for your signature and it is ready now." Carahil said as she handed Langwen the scroll to read. Langwen sat down at the table as Darena went to the armoire and started taking off her wedding dress before heading down to the baths and steam rooms to sober up. Her Elven eyes scanned the document carefully making sure that all the punishments were laid out clearly, simply, precisely and concisely so that everyone would understand necromancy would not be tolerated any longer. The Knights of the Lamp, the Fighters Guild and the Battle-Mages of the Imperial Legion were already hard at work, placing the severed heads of necromancers on spikes as a warning to all others. Taking a quill and dipping it in crimson ink, Langwen signed the decree with a righteous satisfaction. "-Carahil, make sure the decree is distributed to all guild halls and that all executions of necromancers are public events. EVERYONE must attend, from the Counts, Jarls on down. Make sure the wedding guests have accommodations at the Tiber Septim and other suitable inns and hotels...and Darena and myself are not bothered further. I'm glad to have someone on my side who is a sworn enemy of necromancy like I am. Thank you for everything." Langwen said as Carahil bowed her head and rushed off to comply with her Arch-mage's orders. She had recently been promoted as one of Langwen's most trusted advisors on the Council of Mages, the ruling body of the Mages Guild and since that time, the heads of necromancers...who were now desperately trying to leave Cyrodiil were being seen placed on spikes atop city gates and at the sides of the roads outside the cities and every village and settlement. Langwen made it clear no mercy would be shown and this increased the people love and respect of the new Arch-Mage. With that, Langwen herself started to undress and went to follow Darena to the baths and steams rooms...which were located below the Arch-Mage's tower and used Ayleid magic and Dwemer/Dwarven technology to soak herself inn before going to make love for the first time to her new bride. Darena was waiting for her and they embraced, kissing passionately as their hands ran all over their bodies, but preferring most of all to settle on their perfectly rounded breasts and their full, curvaceous and voluptuous butt-cheeks. Yet despite all of this, the obvious happiness, Langwen could still see a glimpse in Darena's beautiful brown eyes. A glimpse of curiosity and desire for knowledge which she knew well, since she herself had it. As they settled into the waters neck deep and inhaled the scented steam, they felt the powers of Restoration magic...cleansing and healing them. Langwen reached closer and then gave her wife a kiss on the neck and two more behind the ear lobes, playfully nibbling on the earlobes before making her way down to kiss and play with her aroused nipples and full breasts, causing Darena to moan and throw her head back. "-Darena, my love, will you tell me what is bothering you? I can see that glimmer in your eyes. You read and found out something...and now it's constantly on your mind." Langwen asked as Darena looked ready to orgasm just from that. Langwen was experienced in pleasing a woman and her right hand reached down between Darena's legs...sure enough she was white-hot and wet...and not just from the steam and water. The expert touch had the desired effect as Darena retuned her wife's...loving touch and each of them admired the other's thick bushy mound of golden-honey blond hair. Darena finally managed to speak as her moaning and panting subsided, clearly thinking that if this is what her wife's idea of foreplay is, then her wedding night will make her the happiest woman in all of Tamriel. "-Langwen, immortal beloved, I was looking through the possessions of our late Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven, of beloved memory, and I noticed a letter which mentioned an obscure cult of Dibella called the Order of Immaculate Chastity and a series of books written by an Imperial man named Numen or Nomen Nescio. He also mentions the name of two fellow Bretons, Rhienne and Relyssa, who are living somewhere near Bruma. The scroll also make a vague reference to something called a chastity belt or chastity device. If I'm reading this right, Langwen, it could be the greatest thing to women. A world without rape and sexual violence." Darena said as she jumped up and down her discipline no longer being able to control her giddiness and excitement at this thought. Langwen thought about it as well and she promised her wife Darena that they would look at the scroll together.
  17. So here are some pics and gifs of my Three new animobject animations. They are missionary, drunk doggy, and rough doggy where the aggressor is raping the victim on a table there a five animations for each scene for each one. HUGE thanks to Leito and Rydin for helping me out with animobjects. I hope everyone likes them. Stay brutal!
  18. So doing the Diplomatic Immunity Quest didn't go as planned.... Rather than a long synopsis of the "event" I'll let this SS paint the picture. Even though I completed the mission and got the info I still got punished, which I feel was totally unfair! Side note: During the epic fight outside the Embassy when I returned from Dragon bridge, my follower (at the time Sofia) had been knocked down and I went to get her back up when the pop up telling me that I had been Kidnapped happened. (LL Mod Deviously Kidnapped - Vinfamy) This mod wins the Captain Obvious Award for the best No Shit pop up of the night. ____________________________________________________________ Only For those who want more detail (also there might be a bonus troll related picture)
  19. Well my PC just had a poop. After some digging, it is either the GPU or the motherboard causing the issue but either way I'm not starting Skyrim,or any game, anytime soon till I get this sorted out. Thankfully, hard drive stuff is all not affected. Lord knows what I'd do if I lost my Skyrim Girls.
  20. http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/ Hey, after giving up on Enhanced Konan ENB (Have the original ENB files but I don't have Data files, weathers, lighting and updates that come with it = it's basically useless) I found this guy's blog with outfits and tried to ask/message him on twitter. It looks like way better version of RealVision and I am really into it. Any help appreciated.
  21. Langwen had as a gift from Goddess Dibella a large number of rings and jewelry on her body. Their are first and foremost neck, ankle, wrist and upper arm bracers made out of solid gold and each about three fingers in height and about a thumb in width. None of them have any locking mechanism or clasp of any kind and therefore they cannot be removed...except by amputating the limb. Neck Collar/Torc Necklace: It has been compared to a very expensive slave collar by the thick, dull and ignorant but that is not so. The neck collar is perfectly forged thick gold band capped at the top and bottom with a flared design resembling an exquisitely braided ponytail. In the actual gold band itself, there are embedded 9 elliptical shaped blood-red diamonds, one for each of the nine Divines at a perfect 40 degree angle until they complete the loop. The flared braided Torc designs at the top and bottom have what looks like 4 very small coins placed on them which when hit by a breeze of wind produce a melodious, heart-warming sound. The neck collar allows Langwen to breathe underwater, and enhances her already powerful enchanting and alchemy skills. Leg Bracers: The leg bracers themselves have absolutely no jewelry whatsoever but are instead ornately and massively carved with the symbols for Athletics and Acrobatics, giving Langwen 2.55 the speed and leaping ability of even the best in Tamriel, a skill needed when facing a battle against long odds and retreat becomes necessary. It has been observed it takes Langwen less than an hour to swim from the Ayleid ruin Vilverin to the Ayleid ruin Culotte, both located on the eastern coast of the massive body of water known respectively Lake Rumare and the Upper Niben Bay. Wrist Bracers/Cuffs: The wrist bracers are the thickness of a large thumb and shaped in the unmistakable patters of a crenellated fort battlements. Both have a bas-relief carving of a snake and a massive snow-capped mountain with are the symbols of Endurance and Agility. They give Langwen the ability to persevere where others would drop exhausted. These bracers also have the Reflect Spell and Reflect Damage Enchantment, causing half the spells cast against Langwen to return against those who cast it in the first place, especially conjurers and necromancers. Shoulder Bracers: These are shaped with the Symbols of Personality, intelligence and willpower and enhance these attributes greatly. In addition they absorb damaging spells cast against Langwen. Rings: Langwen wears the following rings on her fingers and toes, all of which are heavily enchanted to enhance her already potent and lethal skills. Let us start with the finger rings: Ring of Treachery: Also known as the ring of Traitors this allows Langwen an increase of 10 points in her Speech craft, Mercantile, light armor, Sneak and Security Skills. Worn on her left hand index-finger and appears as a solid black ebony band without any markings or carvings. Ring of Wizardry: This ring gives Langwen a 10 point boost in her arcane skills of: Alchemy, Illusion, Restoration, Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism and Alteration. Appears as a jade band with a blood red ruby rhomboid in the center and is worn on her left hand ring-finger. Sorcerer's Ring: This ring gives Langwen edge is a battle between sorcerers as it gives Langwen a 25 point boost in her reserves of mystical energy know as Magicka and absorb 25% of the impact of negative spells cast against her. Worn on the ring finger of her right hand it appears as a simple jade band with a red ruby gemstone rhomboid. Ring of War: Worn on her left pinkie, this simple brass ring allows Langwen a 10 point increase in armory skills, heavy armor skills with bladed and blunt weapons, athletics and acrobatics and is a definite must when outnumbered by vicious bandits. Ring of the Iron Fist: Another seemingly cheap brass ring worn on her right pinkie, this one Reflects Damage by one third back at her attackers and gives her 25 points of extra Hand to Hand combat skills. Ring of Thieves: worn on her left middle finger, the Ring of Thieves is must for stealthy situation as it allows Langwen to see the very life essence of foes up to 25 feet, even through the thickest walls plus an additional 10 points to Security and 15 pts to Sneaking skills. Appears as a simple silver band. Elemental Ring: Another silver band worn on her right middle finger this seemingly simple ring gives Langwen a 20% increase in resistance to Destruction magic, specifically Frost, Shock/lightning and Fire spells. Ring of Vitality: A simple gold band which Langwen wears on her right index finger, this ring gives her 100% Immunity against Disease, Paralysis and Poison which is a must when fighting vampires, necromancers and foes with poisoned blades or arrows. Ring of Skimming: Worn on her left thumb, this ring gives Langwen the ability to...literally...walk on water and an additional 20 points increase each to speed and to athletics. Appears as a simple gold band. Ring of Perfection: A simple gold band worn on her right thumb, this ring fortifies ALL ATTRIBUTES by 10 points in addition to all other enchantments. Now let us conclude with the toe rings: Mundane Ring: A simple gold band worn on Langwen's left big toe, this ring has the enchantments of 50percent increase in magic Resistance and 33% in Reflecting Spells back on her attackers. Ring of Stamina: A simple gold band worn on her right big toe, this ring fortifies Langwen's Fatigue limits and health by 25 points and is very useful in the bedroom as well as on the battlefield. Ring of Sun Fire: this golden ring is worn by Langwen on her left index toe and was given to her as a gift by the Order of Virtuous Blood, a society of Vampire hunters. as its name implies, when Langwen is attacked by a vampire...or any other undead, the ring will cause a sunburst flash which is extremely lethal in addition to 35 Disease Resistance and 25 % Spell Reflection. Appears as a gold ring with a flaming sun in the center emanating rays. Weatherward Circlet: An ornate gold ring worn by Langwen on her right index toe as a gift from a fellow Bosmer named Thoronir. This ring gives 35% increased resistance to Fire and Frost. Ring of Eidolon's Edge: A gift to Langwen form an Imperial woman named Rosentia Gallenus as a reward for ridding her of an unwanted Daedric staff. The ring is worn on the left middle toe and appears as an antique copper ring with a fanged mouth holding in place the gemstone in the center. Ring of the Viper Eye: A silver emerald ring worn by Langwen on her left fourth toe, this ring gives her an added strength against magic attacks and fortifies agility and reflexes. Circlet of Omnipotence: Won on the right middle toe, this gold emerald ring was an added bonus that Langwen found in a forgotten valley near Pale Pass when she discovered the long forgotten ruins of Fort Pale Pass. This ring give a 3 point boost to Speed, Strength, Agility, Endurance and Willpower.
  22. Brief History of Fawn Fawn is ¾ Bosmer (Wood Elf) and ¼ Nord. Her Grandmother on her mother’s side had come to Valenwood with her Grandfather in defiance of her family’s desire for her to fulfill a marriage pact made when she was a child. Fawn always had a special connection with her Grandmother, and as she grew up she began studying the teachings of Stendarr who was her Grandmothers patron deity. Eventually becoming a cleric and devote of the teaching of Stendarr. When her Grandmother passed she left Fawn two gifts. The deed to a family farm in Skyrim (just outside of Rorikstead) ,and an artifact. The Holy Halo of the Great Cleric Emfy (Nexus Mod: 61013). Armed with little more than those two things she set off to make her new life in Skyrim. (Nexus Mod: 9557 live another life, you own a farm!) Unknown to Fawn the Matron of the family that her Grandmother had spurned by not marrying her son those many long years ago still lived, and still held a grudge. She called on the Dark Daedra Molag Bol to cast great suffering on the grand child of the woman who had hurt her son! Fortunately for Fawn Molag Bol was a little busy that day and not checking his astral messages, unfortunately someone else was…. It is not known which of the Daedra decided to answer this particular request (maybe Sheogorath? Sanguine? Mephala?? Or perhaps a drink fueled combination of 2 or more of these just having “some fun”) but Fawn was duly cursed to be manipulated and humiliated throughout her travels. Cursed items would spring from nowhere to trap her, and people of ill repute would be drawn to her (ok mostly men) with less than wholesome intent. Even righteous and wholesome folks would on occasion have mischievous ideas when seeing or speaking with Fawn. (Sexlab, Devious Kidnappings, DCL, DD, SL Defeat, Simple Slavery, S.L.U.T.S., and more) And thus begins the adventures of Fawn Cleric of Stendarr…. As a Cleric Fawn Specializes in Restoration and Destruction Magic (Only Lightning Spells in Destruction aka Smiting) She wears heavy armor and uses Mace Shield in melee which she avoids at all cost because she is bad at it, and tends to lose if it comes to that (Legendary Difficulty Settings, Genesis Nexus Mod 67811, Revenge of the Enemies Nexus Mod 40491 contribute to making combat very difficult). Her Primary Magical Artifact, the Halo of Emfy provides 20% reduction in Restoration magic and 150% magic regeneration. But it doesn't work if she is locked in wrist restraints. Boring technical Gameplay stuff
  23. Hi there, I'm looking for these (deleted) presets: http://skyrimghost.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-391.html http://skyrimghost.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-399.html Is there anyone who can provide a download link? Thank you in advance!
  24. Good News! Hi there everyone! :) Good news, I can go back to my blog and continue my stories and stuff. Gwynolda's story will get its next part soon and other characters of my will get things too. I also working on a new character.
  25. Congratulations to Ashal for finishing the new site! I think it looks great! Much more modern! Some things might take some getting used to, but that usually is par for the course with change. This blog post is mostly to serve as a test of the new site's blog system, as well as update you guys on what I'm up to. So first things first, test image! Please let me know if anything's wrong with it, and if imgur's still blocking their images from LL. (If you can't see it without the domain exception chrome extension thingy, it probably is ) Right now the update part. I'm done with the shots for the second scene in Winter's Night chapter 8, left with one more scene. I get the feeling I'm taking more shots than I used to when conveying dialogue, probably because I always didn't like overcrowding pictures with dialogue. The situation now is that now the stories have more pictures, BUT I overcrowd them with more dialogue anyway lol. The new site is now in the main domain, so I'm looking forward to publishing more on my blog once it's guaranteed the new site is stable and here to stay. At the moment, I pretty much have two adventures already good to go. One's like 60 pictures long, and the other's near 100 pictures that's going to be split into two posts. So in total, three posts all ready to go that I might release at like weekly intervals maybe? Likelihood is I'll be done making Chapter 8 by the time all three posts have been published, so that makes four posts in total planned. Well that's the plan, I just wanted to update you guys in case anyone thought Tammie's on vacation! Have a good day ya'll!
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