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It... it just happened 🤷‍♂️

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Conglomerate 01 - Installing Skyrim, Stability Fixes, Tools

Conglomerate 01   Well, here I go again, made my Skyrim install a bloody mess and now I have to clean up. It happens once or twice a year and for some "unknown" reason I always forget what to do 🤔. Maybe this blog entry will help me remember? (It really helps not to throw mindlessly single files into skyrim>data and forget about those later 😬)     Last Update: 29.07.2020     Blogs I find useful in combination with my own blog: I woul

Conglomerate 02 - ​Basic Setup: Installation of SLF, DD, ZAZ, MNC and their Patches (+Optional)

Conglomerate 02   Basic creation of a devious Setup: Installation of SLF, DD, ZAZ, MNC SLAL and their Requirements and Patches, and Optionals-a-lot.   Last Updated: 29.07.2020   An Overview how to create a Basic Setup before adding more mods to a Load Order. I just copied step by step what mods I install first before even thinking about adding anything else from LL, especially if it's devious. This was created with NMM in mind (that's why I talk about "Ove

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