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About this blog

This is my blog and not the blog of my creator ChooseChaos, because he is A: too stupid and B: faaaaaaaaaar too lazy to do it himself.


Yours sincerely, Lilith



Entries in this blog

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 6: The big Escape

I'm just asking out of curiosity: Is it another setback or a first step in the right direction to be   released from the cage in which you were held captive by slave traders and then auctioned off   by them to the highest bidder?         A hike through the beautiful Skyrim is on the agenda! So it would be appropriate to sing a   hiking song... Oh yes, I forgot...     So Lilith and Chloe went on...  

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 5: A heroine who does heroic things! Or something like that.

To pick up the thread and leave out of the plot a Wet Nightmare encounter with a certain   legendary figure from a highly recommended blog, we head back to Lilith and   Dragonsreach.     But since even an old hag has enough fun at some point and a Jarl was waiting ...       Small Sequel   Lilith still isn't sure what kind of mess she's in this time, but trusts in Skyrim's ludicrous   punishment syst

Lilith & the stolen letter 'E'

How to communicate with other blogs, interaction with other bloggers and more.       Starting point! 😁   Lilith, my blue-haired, thieving elf, has stolen a single letter E from Vargr's blog       99.9% of the props for GUKAHN! I mean it. 👍


chooseChaos in Skyrim

Lilith Interlude

Lilith Interlude: Probably every blogger knows the problem, you blog away, look back much later and ask   yourself, WTF?     Problem: there are things in the blog that you don't really want to have there and trust Lilith, if   they're not things at all, but people, things don't get any better!       Problem solution: Instead of breaking down sobbing, getting drunk to the point of   senselessness or beyond, excessive drug


chooseChaos in Skyrim

The Master Plan

The Master Plan   The question asked in the forum:   Wireless Minion Routers, why is this a thing? Who wants that?   Well, there is a story behind it that goes far beyond your imagination. A story about a perfect crime, the minions and a supervillain mastermind who isn't Gru!   Interested? You'll find everything else behind some pay free spoilers.   Not my decision ... Can you believe it? If it wasn't Ashal but Chaos calling the shots here, it wo

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 4: What could possibly go wrong?

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 4: What could possibly go wrong?   Lilith investigates Helgen:     I see dead people. In your dreams? Lilith shakes her head no. While you're awake? Lilith nods Dead people, like, in graves? In coffins? Sometimes they walk around like normal people. They don't attack each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead. But damn it, they're trying to make me dead! How often do you see them?

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 3: Lilith explores Helgen and discovers a …

Lilith didn't really care what the people of Riverwood usually talked about, but when she heard words like 'many' and 'patrols', she got a little curious. A gathering of Imperial soldiers could mean many things, trouble, loot, chaos or whatever. For an elven artist interested in finding things and making sure their so-called 'owners' lost sight of them soon afterwards, it seemed advisable to take a look around Helgen.     The walk wasn't long, but mostly boring.  

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 2: Lilith starts to settle in.

To answer one question:   Could Lilith collect Meridia's beacon or ignore it? Well, let's just say shiny things have always had a magical attraction for Lilith.   In this case, the sound of a demanding voice was a clear malus, but an elf had learned early on to ignore the voice of her conscience, so how hard could it be to ignore the voice of a daedra?   Speaking of voices:  


chooseChaos in Skyrim

Lilith's Skyrim Adventure Chapter 1 The Dragon's Claw or Never Trust a Thief

After a short delay, our brave heroine reaches an imperial border post. Theoretically, you could now kindly ask for the gate to be opened to allow you to continue your journey. Or else ...     A little tip on the side, if you ever want to/must/can't avoid a dialog with a soldier of the imperial army on a stolen horse, try to remain polite ...         What, did they let me through or did I not get to Skyrim? And as for the four-hoofed beast, i


chooseChaos in Skyrim

Teaser before the journey begins

To say that negotiations between a stubborn and a person dubbed stupid were easy would probably be the understatement of the era ... Here are some pictures to prove it: But thanks to the promised adventures, suitors, and cleverly mentioned riches to be won along the way ... here are some initial results:    


chooseChaos in Skyrim

Lilith's Adventures

Lilith loves to talk about her youth. In her own description, she was born and raised in a town built in the branches of a giant walking tree in Valenwood, the densely forested, subtropical region that encompasses the southwestern coastal plain of Tamriel. In the words of A Pocket Guide to the Empire, Valenwood is "a sea of endless green, a maze of foliage with half-hidden cities growing like blooms from a flower, the home of the Bosmer is Tamriel's garden."   Sounds wonderful, doesn't


chooseChaos in Skyrim

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