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A dish served cold



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Aerina (Thinking): Urgh... If I'm hanging upside down any longer I think I'm gonna throw up!

*Yelling* Hello... can you let me down now please!


1115239468_enb2020_06_1300_23_37_99_result.thumb.jpg.d07f37c63b1a67ad8a6e9d26a899559a.jpg Aerina: Ahh someones coming... about time...



Hern: Well Well... Aerina is finally awake!

Aerina: Who in Oblivion are you?

Hern: Hert's Husband... Hern 

Aerina: Well... Hern... Can you fucking let me down now?

Hern: *Sigh* well... seeing as you're still alive....



He cuts her down from the ceiling but blocks her from exiting the shack.

Aerina: Are you going to untie my hands and feet too?

Hern: Not so fast.. I need to know you're not going to go ratting us out as Vampires

Aerina: That's what you're concerned about! That's Why you had me tied up!

Hern: That... Plus I wasn't sure if you was going to make it... So I was going to take your blood if you did die...

Aerina: Oh wonderful! I get fucked by a giant for 3 weeks and you want to take my blood as thanks

Hern: I didn't know my idiot wife was going to offer you to giants! But I still can't have you risking our lives



Aerina: *Sigh* Everybody already knows you two are Vampires... It's pretty much common knowledge

Hern: Wait... what?

Aerina: Nobody really cares... You sell the best lumber around here... so everyone just kinda accepts it...

Hern: Well great... *Sigh* Well I suppose you want paying

Aerina: Yes! I wan't 2000 more on top... 3 weeks of that is not worth 8000! Plus you're going to show me this camp.

Hern: You see... I'm not giving you 8000. I'll show you this camp, and give you 1000 for your trouble.



Aerina: 1000! No way! That's not what was agreed.

Hern: You're in no position to make demands...

Aerina: *Sigh* Okay... 1000, and the camp... and my clothes would be nice

Hern: Okay... I'll go grab your stuff and then cut you loose...







Aerina is cut loose and gets redressed.

Aerina: I must admit... I'm surprised you haven't tried to fuck me while I was out cold.

Hern: *Chuckle*... As pretty as you are... I'm loyal to my wife... 

Aerina: If I hadn't been hanging upside down for who knows how long... I would say that is pretty cute...

Hern: And it would've been rude considering all the giant cock you've taken over the last couple weeks!

Aerina: Charming...



Hern: Well... Here's your 1000... and I'm ready to show you this camp if you're ready?

Aerina: Yeah lets go...



The two head to a camp near Helgen where Hern saw the bandits

Hern: Are these the guys you were looking for?

Aerina: Hmm... it's quieter than I thought it'd be

Hern: There has been a lot of movement in an out of this place... I think they have a bigger group elsewhere.

Aerina: Hmm that would make sense.



As Aerina is talking. She spots the Orc leader that killed her

Aerina: *Shivers* Yes... the one I want is here...



Aerina: That's the fucker I'm here for...



Hern: Hey... You all okay... you look like you've seen a ghost

Aerina: Im fine... Lets just say I have some business with that Orc down there?



Hern: What'd he do?

Aerina: It's a long story...

Hern: He raped you didn't he?

Aerina: *Pause*... And worse...



Hern: I'd offer to help... But I can see the look in your eyes that you need to do this by yourself...

Aerina: Why the change of heart?

Hern: Hert had a similar experience a couple years back... Lets just say... I took my revenge too...

Hern: I know how you feel...

Aerina: *Sigh* Well then you understand that I need to be alone

Hern: Of course... Just... don't let your guard down...

Hern walks off... Leaving Aerina to work out a plan of Attack





Aerina: I count three... Hmm, why is he so poorly guarded...



Aerina: I'll wait a couple hours... I'll strike when it's darker...


3 Hours Later



Orc: Here's to our resurgence boys!

Argonian: *Cheer*




1633679435_enb2020_06_1302_03_01_93_result.thumb.jpg.57b7555e1434db2ffd4998e57859e7ed.jpg Aerina slices through the Argonian that fucked her and then throws an Ice bolt at the Redguardian, Leaving just the orc.



Aerina: I've been looking for you... motherfucker!

Orc: What in Oblivion... How... How are you still alive

Aerina: Surprised to see me?



Orc: I watched you die!

Aerina: You did more than just watch you bastard!

Orc: So what... you come back to die on my cock a second time slut?!



Aerina: No... I'm going to cut off your head.. and make you eat your own dick

Aerina: You fucking degenerate scumbag!








The Orc throws the first swing clashing with Aerina's enchanted sword with a crackle of fire.



Aerina responds quickly with a swing hitting the Orcs shoulder causing him to fall off balance.



Not wasting the opportunity, Aerina pirouettes slicing the orcs head off with a fiery explosion erupting from his head. And within 3 strikes... Aerina had her revenge



Aerina: Shame your head went flying... Now I can't do what I promised...

She turns round and walks down the path out of the camp



Aerina: Not to matter... Knowing scum like you don't walk Nirn anymore gives me pleasure...

Aerina: See you in Oblivion... Cunt...






Aerina: But I wonder why he was here with almost no protection

Aerina: There has to be more of them out there...



Thanks for reading guys!


Hope you enjoyed!







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Really looks good! theonly thing that a bit off is the hair going up, when she's hanging :D 
But still its good ^_^

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On 6/14/2020 at 3:12 PM, Crw said:

Really looks good! theonly thing that a bit off is the hair going up, when she's hanging :D 
But still its good ^_^

Thanks man, yep... pretend you didn't see that ?Could've used HDT hairs, but they were glitching out upside down too. just decided to biff off the idea completely and use a non-hdt hair


On 6/14/2020 at 5:28 PM, Agent Tex said:

Aria: I am lost for words, Girl you fine as hell! Uh, wow what was that? :D


 Great Entry!

Aerina: Thanks Aria! Well you know... I kind of lost my temper on them a little... 


Thanks man!

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