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  1. Is there a mod similar to BodyChange for SSE? I've been looking around but I haven't seen anything like it so far.
  2. Although Body Change has been around for a very long time, I hardly ever see it being mentioned or referred to anywhere. It let's you switch up to 9 different bodies of your choice, along with textures and whatnot. I've personally stopped using custom races once this came out as the only reason I used them in the first place was to have a unique body. The best part of it all is that you can do it on the fly. Might be what you're looking for.
  3. Played through what's available as of now and I've got to say it is by far the best story-driven sex quest mod I've had the chance to try. Ever. I thoroughly enjoyed the minigames, and it's something I haven't seen in a sex-themed quest mod before. The scenes were thought through with great depth; the creator knew exactly how they wanted the end product to look like. Although the translation to English was crude at best on some lines of dialogue, the rest of it was translated well enough to be enjoyable. What stood out to me the most is that I wound up replaying the entire mod just
  4. A little update: So I practiced my google-fu a bit and ran into several possible solutions but one in particular stood out for me. A TES forum I stumbled across in a language I didn't recognize (but google translate did!) mentioned that this has happened before in the past with other Win 10 updates. Anyway, it also explained that it has something to do with video drivers and that it can be resolved by running the game in windowed mode. Surely enough, after switching to windowed mode it runs just fine aside from the fact that the window border is an incredible eyesore and you can't align the da
  5. Just wanted to say that I'm also having this same issue ever since the last Windows 10 update. I can pretty much narrow it down to that since I don't play Skyrim as much anymore, so there hasn't been any mods installed/removed in a long time. However, once that update for windows came around I was no longer able to play it at all. I've been wrestling with it the whole day and haven't found a solution yet. It was working perfectly fine until then.
  6. Also, what other plugins compliment PSQ? Besides walking around naked or spamming NPCs with Hand of Desire, what else helps raise their arousal? Turning off the arousal affecting drain feels way too easy, but getting a bandit attacking you very horny quickly is difficult. The curse spell included isn't really worth it at lower levels due to its high energy cost. I almost feel I'm doing something wrong.
  7. A little PSA to anyone still struggling with this: If you're having a massive slow down after sex when becoming a succubus, turn off cum inflation. I'm not sure what is wrong, but in the end I managed to trace it back to this. Can't remember how many hours I spent trying to figure out which mods conflicted with PSQ that might cause the slow down, but after doing a seperate fresh install with only the bare minimum requirements to test PSQ I came to the conclusion that it's the cum inflation feature that's doing it for me. No idea what that feature really does, but if it gets the res
  8. Been looking for something like this for a very long time. Thank you for finally making it happen.
  9. Did anyone happen to snag this outfit before it was taken down?
  10. He mentions in another uploaded pic that it's part of a "knight" armor? I wasn't really paying attention but it seems like it's also on the Nexus somewhere. I can't find the exact comment he made on it, but feel free to poke around the rest of his uploaded pics for it. The chest piece is part of the tribal cloth armor. I think the cape is either part of the armor from the Bless set or from frostfall (although unlikely). Now, he does post another image that did catch my eye. Does anyone know what remodel mod used for the mage clothes on this pic? Here is another one with a better angle.
  11. Wow.. just wow. This is everything I've been looking for! Yes, yes, and more yes! You and your team, sir, have redefined sex mods for Skyrim imho. Also, fellow Anarchy Online player here.. Omni-Tek ftw! Lexis <3
  12. The lighting is pretty damn good! What lighting mods and enb are you using in this set?
  13. Post a screenshot of the problem. I've looked through the files of both versions and can't find a difference.
  14. When the player is the slave, I'd like to see a story-driven enslavement experience. This eliminates the problem with enslavement being boring or redundant after a while. There will be a start and an end to it. Just make sure we can repeat it again later! One of the more important things left out by player slave mods is the psychological torture portion of being a slave. Sexual abuse is only half of it. It can range from the obvious things like being denied clothing or a warm bed to sleep in, to being thrown into complete isolation for days. Of course, while the character is suffering, the pla
  15. That foot fetish animation is amazing. Would love to see more of them! Any chance you can do one like this?
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