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  1. there isn't even a bigger ass option 😔 the humanity
  2. furthermore, a lot of armors are additemmenu or console exclusive, i'd like to find some that are integrated into gameplay somehow
  3. every time i've tried an NSFW playthrough i get bored of sitting through sex scenes, 10,000 crashes, trapped in 4000 gags for eternity and whatnot. does anyone have suggestions or a load order i can try?
  4. we've been asking for it for a couple pages but it never popped up, theres so much individual custon stuff in this thread it'll be nearly impossible to get it all from scratch. just be patient though i think someone will post it eventually. I'll be waiting as well and try to notify you
  5. im also looking for this, i remember a huge archive being posted a couple other times in this thread but deleted afterwards.
  6. do all xelsword skins have the exact same figure? it looks great yeah but a character or two that had bigger or smaller t&a than others would go a long way
  7. anything missing from this that i should install? i'm also looking for the file that includes every single nsfw mod, remember it being posted around here
  8. glad to hear from you after so long ❤️ no, thank you thank you sir, i uninstalled oldrim after this (For the usual reasons) but i did upload the face presets of the two in this entry on my discord ty ty
  9. every picture in this entry will be cropped lol ..and some bonus unused mod thumbnails: thanks for reading, sorry i dont post as much anymore. life is crazy and my focus when taking screens is just my presets nowadays. thanks for all the good times truly yours dae
  10. thanks, i got a ton now couldnt tell you, thats just where i last saw it
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