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  1. "You've got 20 minutes Sherry...make'em count." "No problem Officer Garrett...I'll only need 10 to enjoy the fresh meat."
  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for these extraordinarily smoothhhh beastly animations 😃
  3. Thanks guys! I'll check those out. I didn't know if they allowed you to drug npcs to the point of them passing out on the floor. 😃
  4. I was just wondering if there's a mod that allows you to drug npcs. Like you offer a drink...they drink it...and loopy loop...bam. They're passed out. Hehe! >=]
  5. Zaz is the Grandmaster lol but I really appreciate the compliment! You too are a grandmaster my friend. \m/ 😃
  6. I actually have to alter yours lol the neck mesh was too far up in my characters neck but if I do alter it I'll upload the mesh right here 😃
  7. I thank you for that suit! I'm gonna give it a shot tonight lol
  8. You would need 3dsmax or blender to place it under the head. Unfortunately I lost all my programs recently and am trying to get them all again. =(
  9. It's Legendary Skyrim. Konan enb, Qworld mod 😃
  10. It's called QWorld I found it here on LL under the "modern locations " thread 😃
  11. Thank you! Definitely switching to this 😃
  12. Ava: "DAMN IT! WHERE THE HELL IS MY BACK UP!?" *Warning Ryona r@pe*
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