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  1. Rengor: "Admit defeat outlander...and I'll release ya." Dragonborn: "Pfft!...Go fuck yerself."
  2. Dragonborn: "That's the last time I do a "critter removal" quest...."
  3. Dumb question. BUT. Which mod allowed me to scale limbs in the racemenu? Such as neck, legs, torso, hands etc...? I installed xpmse for LE and latest racemenu but those sliders are gone =( thanks for your time. Cheers. EDIT: Nevermind lol. Turns out I forgot to install the MCM menu plugins. Derp. Stay brutal! \m/
  4. How do I view your videos? I like the Wonder Woman and the one in the boxing ring and wanted to know if you did a part 2 to the latter. You're no longer on patreon so I can't see any of your work. 

  5. I've been looking for you. Where am I able to view your work? New and definitely the old?

  6. Vesmyr: "Collecting this bounty WON'T be so easy." Dragonborn: "Pfft! What? You think I haven't faced a Mage before?" (GURO WARNING) hehe
  7. Hey man the Neck suit works really well with the Dwarven bikini mod. One of the cyborg outfits gets rid of the limbs so If I switch the Slot to 32 (For main body) and replace the dwarven cyborg...BAM....it works perfectly lol thank you again!
  8. It has been a while. I hope everyone is doing well!
  9. Nazeem: "Help! My dog ran into that abandoned shack!" Dragonborn: "Awww...don't worry. I'll get him for ya. " (WARNING GURO, VORE, NECRO) >=]
  10. Ugor: "We warned you outlander. Your kind do NOT belong here." Dovahkiin: "FINE...just hand her over and we'll be on our way." (Ryona Warning!)
  11. Hey Everyone! Discord got nuked AGAIN. So I'll share my safe content here.

    Okay since this vid is going to be reallyyyy long...like over 30 mins I'll share an update lol here's the intro. I made it at 720p just to show everyone LOL BUT FULL VID WILL be 1080p  with new animations woot woot!

  12. No worries! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383
  13. "WAKE UP HORKER BRAIN! We need to hurry before the Tribe gets back!"
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