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    Cover Foto stolen from: Grieche's The Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD Improvement (tried but not happy with it, windows in Whiterun walls? Never!)

    Main LL interests:
    > Skyrim LE
    > Creating devious Sandbox Setups for my Skyrim LE
    > Trying out ALL the (for me) new Perversions Loverslab has to offer for Skyrim LE
    > Praise the Mod Authors (especially those that introduce a save function to their MCMs ^^)

    Stuck with NMM + Wyre Bash
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    Hobby: Skyrim & Loverslab ;D
    (this realy eats time like a langolier)

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  1. 🥳 Grabbed already! I also often wonder what I am actually talking about. 😁
  2. What is the problem here? ZAP animations don't work? Confusing 🤷‍♂️ Give a FNIS output (copy&paste), says maybe more than 1000 words!
  3. I get some FNIS warnings with SLS 0.594 Duplicate AnimEvent SLS_BendOver_Twerk for character, mods SL_Survival and SL_Survival Missing AnimFile SLS_BendOver.hkx for character, mod SL_Survival Missing AnimFile SLS_TestAnim.hkx for character, mod SL_Survival 4 possible consistence issues Is it like: "It's a beta DTMT, ignore!"? (...*CTD*)
  4. I'm just trying to understand kadsend's confusion
  5. Yes they are if they stay in their folders 🤷‍♂️
  6. I still think you confuse something here! You keep talking about SUM, but you want to load a POP MCM json. SUM has it's own MCM json unrelated to POP's MCM json. Loading and saving the MCM settings from POP and SUM are unrelated to each other. Both mods come with a nova.json that are different to each other (and now that I write it... naming all json "nova" seems not like a great idea) Nova.json that comes with SUM: Nova.json that comes with POP:
  7. UH! 😯 I can only see on my Setup POP 450 loads the MCM setting. Isn't there now a MCM option to load all available json in POP MCM and shows them in a list? Okay, if it's not a MO problem hopefully Inte has an idea. 😬
  8. You still could create a new json with POP 450. If POP 450 fails to load this file, then you know there is an issue with POP 450 creating MCM json files. Last settings I loaded to POP 450 where from POP 446 after moving the 446 json into the new folder structure of POP 450.
  9. POP doesn't need a UIE patch, means you try to load a SUM json into POP? Be advised that SUM, DDe, POP all create their own json on MCM settings saving. Means you have now multiple json files for: SUM: MCM and actor lists and more DDE: MCM and Custom outfits POP: MCM SUM, DDe, POP respectively have 3 subfolders now: Global Stuff => your MCM json here System
  10. Arghs, was typing in the wrong topic >.< GZ again to the beta! 🍻 If we are drinking already: "I've including an optional mod of my own for this effect. " What does it do? Makes the owner drunk? Like iNeed or NFF, they cause followers (or HSG sometimes if an idle gets stuck on them 😄) to walk around like drunktards 🤪
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