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  1. The settings look right. You could also try to deactivate all exceptions if Civil rape mechanics are connected with Guard punishment. It's a while that I used NDUN for Guard punishments (worked too good for me lol). My guess might be: Using SLAX instead or SLA? Try without wearing a collar (I know your settings should only prevent civil rape, but NDUN is oddly interconnected) Is the tail your wearing an outfit or via RM? (might only be an issue with SLAX if NDUN can't recognize the tail/outfit as being naked) Lower the civil rape chance, not sure if Guard punishment shares the chances. Yeah, maybe SLS makes it harder for Guard punishment to trigger, would need to check in my game if that still works.
  2. Threw that once into a running game at the end of LO and that worked already. Careful those guards are persistent ^^ Or if you have Naked Dungeons installed already, just activate Guard punishment and run around naked in cities.
  3. OKAY OKAY convinced already 😄 I mean, what can go wrong with only 11 HP right?! 😨
  4. [PLX] Punishing Lashes (LE+SE) 0.7.0 ALPHA What?! Down to an ALpha now? ^^ 0.6.2 20-10-2020 That's what I tested so far during SD+ enslavement and SD whipping. I set PLX not to lower HP below 50, because SLS orgasm fatigue reduces HP too already and SLS reduces base HP to 50 on gamestart (oh man, so many debuffs, poor PC) Not sure I run around with 11 HP atm and so far the whipping doesn't lower it below that. I guess I wait with the update until SD enslavement is over right? 😬
  5. You mean they don't find all animations? So far I mainly used it with Armbinders or Yokes and it showed successfully only animations for those. But I only tested for 2 hours and I think it never choose billy animations for example that would also fit. Is that what you meant by "failing"? That's a big improvement. Seems also to win over "player head tracking and voice type" during a SL scene. I will try the Fetish filter next. I have feedback from @Corsec that the Fetish filter can be grayed out in SL MCM. What could be a possible reason for that? (Fetish Filter is not grayed out for me with newest SL Utility version)
  6. It's not as bad as it appears to you. Filters on, DD only = only DD animation get played => limited animation choices from the DD system Filters on, SL = DD animations play, but also any bondage animations of SLAL packs that would fit the situation if they have the right tag => more variation, flexible system for upcoming SLAL pack bondage animations Filters off = player decides what gets played => animations that would fit the situation can be chosen that might not fit the DD filter systematic I understand that this is bad for DD beta testing tho, there the priority lies on testing the DDi systems and not compatibility or alternatives.
  7. SexLab Utility Plus v20200920.7z ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ > It remembers everything I changed on my last game (undress settings for single outfit parts) > It worked right away, even me couldn't mess it up on first contact ^^ > I don't need to care anymore if I'm over the SL animation limit if I register SLAL files > saves so much time on a new game and after LAL!!! ⌛ > makes lewd games awesome right after leaving LAL > DD/ZAP animations and filter support is just... perfect. > doesn't crash trying to compensate actor heights 🧝‍♀️ > feels like a new SL version 😊 > so much less pain on a new game, all SL MCM settings got remembered and applied correctly > did you do something with the expressions too or did I not mess up this time? They seem to fit better. 🤪 > I don't know who that guy is, but he is right 👍:
  8. I just started a game with DD5 beta6 and somehow everything works better than ever. Mainly the gag mouth animations work well now and for some reason I have no conflict with Kziit gag face expression and mouth nifs anymore. So far I only saw DDa leather thigh high slave boots clipping, but that might be either that I have to rebuild DD bodyslides after beta patch update or install issue. It's a bit odd that only those clip so far with UUNP special: This one rocks too if more effects are needed for DD5. I used it constantly with DD4.
  9. uiuiui, what if your whipping NPC try to backstab you with that whip and can't? xD (because they are stuck in a whipping scene)
  10. That will make any bug hunting very hard o.o I guess you are not using the various SRR patches either from the SRR topic? I would say: throw everything out you don't remember. Some mods in your LO don't go well together, at least not if you trigger them all at once lol
  11. Does it work? If it's an EFF plugin you might get issues without EFF (you're using AFT atm for followers) If it works I wanna have it too lol EDIT: found it https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93112?tab=posts does it work for you? That's the wrong mind setting. The base setup should be stable and work for hours without CTD or glitches. If you have regularly glitches and CTD than your Setup is just bad and it's the user that is unstable and not Skyrim ^^ I talk from experience! 😇
  12. I will follow that tradition then 😊 Thanks, I will install it right away! 🥳
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