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  1. Now that you say it: okay, okay I over-read that 2 times now. I think it's enough if you just highlight it. Guess I was stunned by "LCHARs", at least I have an acronym why I do all that smashingbashingpatching
  2. Damn you! You made me actually read the whole mod description page 😄
  3. I researched "companion warmth when sleeping beside them among other options" and this came up 😨 (makes sense tho)
  4. Since Saturday Ashal reactivated it as experiment. I think last time he did that was 2017. So it's not really a conflict if there is an easy solution for it. Now I need to change my review, because I already use a smashed patch for that reason. Maybe write the solution next to the conflict? "Conflict" on it's own sounds like moddergeddon 😄
  5. I love AIO-EBT-S! 🤤 So rare here, I wonder why. But now I remember what EBT is and it might be the reason for the SOS problem?
  6. Was it a good trip? 🏕️ AT THE SAME TIME 😱 I know that feeling 🙄 Yes, yes it is. Might want to try again?
  7. Damn you EBT! (what is that again?) well at least you fixed the CTD after LAL right? ^^ I will, I will 😄🤞
  8. DD 5.1 has it's own download page and comes with more plugins as I see in your LO, that's why I ask. If you use you will need to update to
  9. NMM doesn't have an effect on user error. Are you using an ENB or ENBoost? Are you using that with DD4.3? It needs DD5.1, if it's the mod version I think it is.
  10. How exactly does this conflict effect DC and SIC? KNOWN CONFLICTING MODS All mods that edits Animal Leveled character (not a total list): - Skyrim Immersive Creatures Does a Smash/Bashed/Tes5edit patch solve that conflict?
  11. Let's hope you don't have more LE mods installed! SKSE: Current SE build 2.0.20 (runtime 1.5.97)
  12. You installed the LE Sexlab version. You need: Oops you found that out already 👍
  13. Not sure what that means. Are you starting your game in LAL? Do you use any male texture replacer that is incompatible with SOS? Just in case: don't overwrite XPMSE with SOS, even better: don't install the SOS skeleton. Did you choose the non naked version in SOS FOMOD (not sure if that option even exists ^^)
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