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  1. DD5 would need a new game. If you have a working LO with DD4 I recommend to keep it. For DD5 I would create a DD5 specialized LO and add only mods that are updated for it. Also I wouldn't add NPC-NPC/NPC-Creature action mods - if those NPC are bound with DDs - to keep DD5 filter created SL scene oddities to a minimum.
  2. Thanks, yes, that's exactly what I meant. Will try that ASAP =D
  3. If I have purchased perpetual licenses, does this prevent the guards from approaching the PC? Normally if the PC is wearing weapons or armor the guards would intervene. This is no longer the case, so I am looking for possible reasons. SLS/Enforcer approaches worked for over 400 hours, but now the PC is only addressed for curfew (because no perpetual license for that).
  4. Actual running longtime stability test: The idea is to show an example of a devious Sandbox setup that works... mostly. Sandbox style means for me, that you can have lots of different devious outcomes anytime anywhere. Also I hope my example gives an idea what mods are compatible in one LO, without too much clusterfuck. If nothing else the setup should be taken as inspiration. Just to copy all mods that throw it into a LO might not work, especially if MCM settings are ignored. MCM settings with so many mods that effect the player everytime eve
  5. It's the SCB trap (silver chain beasts) on the bridge to the "Left hand mine" settlement. If you have a bounty you would see golden chain beasts spawning. You can prevent the trap triggered chain beasts to constantly getting spawned if you change the settings in MCM who can trigger traps. (now if I could remember the correct name for the trap trigger option in the MCM πŸ€”)
  6. Update: @llloyd4 thanks for pointing out an error in the Enblocal.ini for ENBoost on my blog: Corrected to [ENGINE] MaxAnisotropy=16 (took me long enough to fix that, right?^^)
  7. Conglomerate 01 Well, here I go again, made my Skyrim install a bloody mess and now I have to clean up. It happens once or twice a year and for some "unknown" reason I always forget what to do πŸ€”. Maybe this blog entry will help me remember? (It really helps not to throw mindlessly single files into skyrim>data and forget about those later 😬) Last Update: 29.07.2020 Blogs I find useful in combination with my own blog: I would like to post more here, so I'm open for suggestions! @Psalam's blog Lots of infor
  8. NECRO! πŸ˜„ If you use already any version of MO, by all means, stick with it. I still use NMM, but only to install and store mods. Everything else is done with tools outside of NMM. From my perspective NMM is good just to install stuff and that's it. MO is much more helpful to install and create LOs, especially huge setups with over 500 mods. I'm just so used to the "NMM (+BS)+Wrye Bash+TesVedit+Smash Patch+Merge Plugins" combo and know how to install most mods (and NMM's shortcomings) that I never came around to change to MO.
  9. and... Thanks for the Update. I think I played now thru the SCB main quest and it's side quests. Good time to uninstall -> clean save -> install new SCB version, to do it all over again.
  10. oops, I used it with DD 4.3 It worked correctly with reapplying DD idles on NPC with DD 4.3 devices. I have some instabilities to fight with atm, maybe it's because I use the 0.3 version. Guess I should fall back to 0.2 then?
  11. "Pretty Lady!!!" πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  12. I just saw some oddities in your LO: On my game it's like that: after being attacked by Estrus+ and the PC gets impregnated you get the invulnerability effect that prevents you to cast any spells (and also makes you friendly to any Estrus related attackers). The effect wears off after a while (a few ingame hours?). If it doesn't it might be stuck. Thanks for posting a possible solution =D
  13. It's more like this: "DDkimy will never support DDinte"
  14. I'm still shocked too, even after hours and hours of gameplay 😁
  15. Yes yes! That was the idea =D MM1's SLS does that already for DD if frostfall is installed. But if you can detect that the PC is swimming you could integrate that into Toys Now I get another crazy idea. What if toys transform into a mermaid tail in water ^^ of course they don't turn back eminently after leaving the water 😈 RL busy, I will be back for more madness 😡
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