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  1. Hi, you are right. The MNC version > 12.* got the included creature framework (CF) removed and you will have to install a version of the creature framework yourself again. Need to update my blog in that regard. Thanks for pointing that out. Short: yes you need to manually install a CF version in addition to MNC v12.+
  2. Awesome! 🥳 @Grey Cloud pointed me at this limit a while ago. Rescued my Setup a while ago 😄 Good to know.
  3. The right music while consuming fresh baked Nerd Cookies
  4. Oops, sehe ich ja jetzt erst, das MCM Menu ist auf Deutsch. Noch ein Ansatz der vielleicht hift bezogen auf: War da möglicherweise ein MS Windows update dazwischen? Möglicherweise hilft das (zumindest hilft mit das mit Skyrim LE, passiert höchstens einmal alle 12 Monate): Entweder MS Windows update hat Admin Rechte entfernt (lese/schreibe Rechte für NMM, FNIS usw...) oder Steam meckert das du solange schon nicht mehr online warst. (ich hoffe du hast Steam und Skyrim NICHT im Standard Programmdateien Verzeichnis installiert) geh online mit Steam und such das Menü für deine Skyrim Installation und suche nach "reparieren", einmal Reparatur durchlaufen reicht, das Ding repariert immer wieder die gleichen Dateien starte einmal den vanilla Skyrim Launcher Vorsicht das erzeugt eine neue skyrim.ini und skyrimpref.ini, also mach ein Backup falls du da viel drin rumgespielt hast Check deine LO danach ob die Reihenfolge noch stimmt Beth.ini laufen zu lassen danach kann auch hilfreich sein starte Skyrim und hoffe das alles wieder funzt! 😬 => Ich vermute das deine Skyrim Installation die 3 DLC nicht mehr findet und deswegen alle Mods die die DLC als Master haben ebenfalls nicht mehr geladen werden.
  5. Best way to find out if you like what you have mixed is ingame. Play for at least: 20h (if you crash here it's probably bad setup already)-> 40h (game should be stable enough for the first few quests and no clusterfuck if you try out some LL mods)-> 100h (game still works but you don't like what you see, restart^^, repeat that for a few years); and trigger some of the mods you are not sure about. 😇
  6. Was just the first I found with the Duck 🦆 I must admit I never ever saw that message, even while I played around with ENB 🤷‍♂️ (also I still find it odd that there are so few esm, maybe it's SE? If all my esm would fail to load the list would be (much) longer and at the end would be something like "more..." because the message box is too small ^^. Maybe something DLC specific is failing. ) The more I think about it.... maybe .... 🤔 ...maybe something overwrote the skyrim.ini and the following lines are missing: And maybe like phillout said: something with the gears: if the HDD is nearly full and virtual memory can't be written anymore?
  7. For a moment I really thought that would work 😁
  8. oha, that seems to be from your ENB and is normal? https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1116190-need-help-just-what-new-version-avaliable-for-download/ The list of your deactivated esm is very small, are those all esm you have installed?
  9. There is another limit: about 500 deactivated esm/esp Usually if you are over that limit your game wouldn't load any mods anymore and would start with the vanilla intro scene, instead of only failing to load only esm. Still you could check how many mods with deactivated esp/esm are installed. Your game says "New Version available for download" Never saw something like that. I would guess your issues start there. Are you on LE or SE? => okay that's a message from your ENB I guess Did you mix Steam workshop mods with LL/Nexus mods? Maybe Steam tries to update something. If you accidentally started Skyrim via the Skyrim Launcher it can mess up your LO, check if the LO is still sorted in an useful way or just alphabetical (also all deactivated plugins might end at the end of your LO, sometimes they even get reactivated/deactivated (if you are below 255 plugins))
  10. Lurking: No picture for how to use the "follow content" button? 🥺
  11. The quote was from "Kharmic Rebound" and just a lucky google hit fitting to your topic/poll: looks a bit like my Skyrim party too 🤔 (I fell for the "Gerald" too lol, I didn't know he needed to marry 6 times to save the Witcher dimension)
  12. Marriage 'em, Marriage 'em all muahahahahahaha 🥴 "In Aaron Lee Yeager's Kharmic Rebound we end with Gerald being forced to marry all six dangerous and violent girls in order to preserve galactic peace. "
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