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  1. Trying to find that out myself too. Basically it adds as many requirements to using a crafting station/enchantment/alchemy/praying at altar as possible. If the requirements are meet you can use additional equipment to get also buffs while using the stations/altar (that's how I explain it to me). Books needed => search them via quest Specific Outfits needed Tools needed Consumables needed Skills needed Devious Devices needed Licenses needed Everything is toggle able and adds up. Means for highest difficulty activate them all and you will never be able to craft anything ^^
  2. What would be the optimal setting for just books and devious devices (yes, yes me devious)? Also what does the setting "devious gloves" "devious boots" do? Just adding more requirements to be able to use any type of crafting station?
  3. Maybe this helps? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2409-psq-transformpackage-fomod/
  4. Sexlife rocks! also check for a patch in the support topic. SLEN might be something for you for Follower on Follower petcollar if you want specific NPCs to suffer: maybe some vinfamy debauchery? This looks like something for you:
  5. Whiterun Brothel Revamped or Revisited! By Huge Recktum (but he changed his name back to...) It was removed from LL downloads a long time ago : (
  6. working on it! Adhesives for light armor: Adhesives for heavy armor: Now all the skimpy armor makes sense! (and I thought it's magic 🤷‍♂️)
  7. thx! that will come in handy. I'm sure it's crafting requires more... super skimpy clothes! (I hope I don't need to come back to strikethrough that skimpy claim)
  8. good thing: seems you don't need a perk for skimpy clothes 🤭 only super skimpy needs talent 😁
  9. We are talking about that one right? Will try and trigger this again to get a screenshot of the dialogue. That's my setting that worked so far. Need to check if the dialogue doesn't show up sometimes.
  10. The "helpful" dialogue can be found on any NPC not only merchants. (on my Setup Danica gave me a key via that DCL Loot dialogue, also I got some failed rapes via the same dialogue) Need to make a screenshot by now, tons of possible helpful dialogues on my setup by now. Maybe rise all escape dialogue chances to 100% for a try (but not the "ignore" option)
  11. Also found the first book Quests! They seem to be randomly distributed between various NPC. Even an Immersive Wenche provided a cooking book quest. Still, it's hard without additional info to understand what all the MCM settings actually do, to find out what a good combination would be 🤷‍♂️
  12. I'm lost in mods. 😨 Searching for the mod that does this to my game: (admit it! this perk is from CRME and I have no clue how to skill me beloved and not skimpy yet armor 😞, does that mean light armor is blocked until lvl 14 too?) Seems there are a few stages and light armor perks can only be chosen at certain unknown lvls? My first impression: AAAHHHH! BUG! Need find broken mod quick!
  13. I'm lost in mods. 😨 Searching for the mod that does this to my game:
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