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  1. Naked and tied, the perfect setup for history lessons. Regardless, didn't know you had a snow elf (she's got your personal touch on her face ^^) and the atmosphere feels immersive, as usual. Malicia : « That thing might have a big pee-pee, it's still very ugly. I hope she escapes quickly, uh. »
  2. Tirloque

    U got that. Music Video

    How did you create the black background btw ? Modded room + brightness levels edit ?
  3. Tirloque

    The Whims 4: Poolside Paradise

    Maybe, yes ? It's a powerful too to inspire mood, depending on how it's done. In that case it could be related to FPS drops when there are too much things to display onscreen. Lowering capture settings (to 720P or below for example) may help. You're welcome ; yet you're the one to be thanked for his work.
  4. Tirloque

    Chapter Four Act Four: Untold Truths

    That final part was unexpectedly rich in twists, stakes and action ; and I must say you emphasized quite well Erynie's power. I like the whole chapter a lot from my part, with Davey's misadventure being hilariously funny, and the whole thing (Sheogorath and Talen potentially conflicting with Taevya, Olivia and Gerruck potentially creating some binds, two prophets about to fight...) full of promises. And with quite the effects (Elyvaea, Alduin), plus awesome screens as always, that chapter was a great moment. Excellent job, Colly ! Oh oh, we've been taken in account ! I agree with the Sheogorath part though : he's quite rational, though his fast changes of poses do make him a bit hectic. IMO he feels more like the Prince of Chaos than of madness, but each one has his own interpretation of him. If I could, I also found Elyvaea's presence in null quite lessening to her death. Bringing one people from death do create the surprise, but if you bring too much then it looks like DBZ, Bleach or Fairy tale : you know the author isn't serious about deaths, so you stop taking them seriously. Your dialogues aren't bad. Bad dialogues would be ones failing to describe their character's personality, motives and emotions adequately. Excellent ones can add some levels of fun/depth to that layer, but as long as that first level is good, dialogues are fine. Interesting. I couldn't even imagine dialogues which wouldn't have made the way people talk for my part, so having it as a step is something new to me. Haha, Alter is gonna have a stroke. ^^ Though the lack of pacing of silent scenes is a thing. I'm not against inserting one or two silent images from time to time, when it serves some purpose, but dialogues and sounds do add temporality to it indeed. Oh ? And what exactly does prevent us from using music ? (last spoiler before the notes )
  5. Tirloque

    The Whims 4: Poolside Paradise

    I must say it looks convincing enough, specially the interactions of some poses. The facial expressions are good most of the time and transitions ok. I like the eye contact and expression in this one for example, combined with the pose it's quite sensual : As for ingame voices, sometimes they fit unexpectedly well, sometimes they don't. The animations, though well aligned, feel a bit shaky however ; but I wonder it it's not more due to video's capture than animation. Regardless, nice share.
  6. Tirloque

    Shae Dancing

    Not bad, with a pleasant model, and a pleasant music. However, it's a bit still. If you can pan the camera while capturing, that'll give a much more dynamic feel IMO (Just like in M4rth's for example.
  7. Tirloque

    U got that. Music Video

    Well once the dynamics are destroyed, they are lost. There are some tools in Audacity that can emulate them, but it doesn't compare with the originals. At least (still in Audacity) you can lower the gain so that it doesn't sounds louder than an average youtube video ; but finding a good source is indeed always the way to go.
  8. Tirloque

    Cass Player Two Skin, ENB tweaks.

    It's indeed the pointy look of the hood. Combined to the more complete dress, he makes me think more of hybrid a Nathanael red version and an exccentric priest than a warrior. The first take however had a more square hood, whose color didn't matched with the rest, with a robe not outcovering the armor, resulting in a more warriorish and virile look IMO. He looked like a wandering warrior-mage, while the other versions, more singular and homogeneous do make him look more like a Mankar Camoran cultist. A mix of the first reddish armor with another helmet. I like it.
  9. Tirloque

    Motion Blur Tutorial

    Well it's good at file formats handling, and it has quite a few brushes. That put aside, it can handle layers as well, but Photoshop is more powerful in that regard, and possibly easier to use. In the end, we do with what we've got !
  10. Tirloque

    Motion Blur Tutorial

    I'm used to my Photoshop Elements version, so that might bias my vision. But... jeez, Gimp isn't an intuitive one. Yep. Tools have improved since then. ^^
  11. Tirloque

    U got that. Music Video

    Excellent video ! I most particularly like the sync between the beats of the sound and image, and the combined effect of characters' motion with your pans in/out on the body and eyes. But contrasts/lighting, the quality of the music, the perfect aspect of the body and muscle definitely do play a role in it. The loudness/dynamic range compression however seems a bit too much, so it'll feel as much impressive at low gain, than it'll be underwhelming at higher volumes. Regardless, IMO what you're doing now is already significantly better than what you did with your previous character. Amazing job ! Malicia : « Maybe she's got a very perfect body, but that's 'cause she's got boobies surgery. So she cheated, uh. »
  12. Tirloque

    Motion Blur Tutorial

    Fifth version is probably evolved enough. I have Elements first of his name, and there are extremely few layer styles, you can't customize them, you can't add custom brushes, the semi-automated detouring tools are unstable and imprecise... So I have trouble for tears and blood for example, as most tutorials do feature "Hey it's easy" tools that aren't in my version. However I believe nearly anything could be done with it, it's just harder/longer the older the version is.
  13. Tirloque

    Half Moon Mill Endgame

    Can't believe I almost missed it, it was excellent ! Gifs, Photoshopping and even photoshopped gifs ! The one with the skull hit was particularly impressive, I can only imagine the amount of work it took (detour the body, add the face, make the hole, paste on the background, add the blood frame by frame. The teeth on the male vampire did look added somehow (you know there are vampire teeth mods that coudl easen the process), but the blood works is really really excellent. Not to mention the multiple scenario twists, image quality, comic layout... Fantastic work Wanobi, I'm glad we had you back here after all ! Malicia : « This was very scary, yes ! But now Acacia has got a new friend to protect her and honey-honey, so everything is fine. »
  14. Tirloque

    Motion Blur Tutorial

    Interesting tutorial indeed. I do use a very similar technique for some of my effects, so I can confirm this is appliable even to prehistoric versions of photoshop. And this would fit perfectly into the club's tutorials, nice share !
  15. Tirloque

    New booty, lingerie, legally mandated Gunslicer gifs.

    The service is provided as is, and the enterprise Tirloque.com® cannot be held responsible for any damage related to the use of service. And.. This was hilarious. ^^ Can't believe I missed this (thanks to @Resdayn for pointing it out). Now we do know what Cassidey does read to pass time. Malicia : « That's not me, Cass, that's a freckled actress, you see ? You need to stop touching your pee-pee, and read the truth here -> (THE TRUTH). » I don't think her popularity is linked to that, as many blogs do feature bestiality. The key might be precisely in the fact she didn't, and that as a consequence it makes her react a lot more to it. It's a revolving joke, so to speak. Malicia : « You Mr Prince, need to concern yourself about your own poo-poo, yes ! »