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  1. Hmmm, impressive play from Kristoff here ; he managed to stay on the edge long enough to turn the tables on Nora. His being smart makes him valuable as a subordinate, if he managed to maintain the right distance from now on. I also agree with Collygon, the perspective on some sex shots is amazing. And the two humans are still alive, despite us being kept wondering about it until the end. What more could we ask for ? Malicia : « If you continue asking silly things, you're gonna finish with a glass on your wrist, yes ! »
  2. Tirloque

    C.O.D: Episode 1: Darkness Returns (Part 5 - 6 )

    Coming soon or not, what I'm hoping for is you to get to the decisive chapters you've been teasing us with for quite a moment : Aria's showdown against the allied foes conspiracy ; and the next part of the 2nd great war. Now that I've been hyped for them, I'm kinda un-hyped for secondary stories.
  3. Tirloque

    Skyrim lesson number 59.

    I know it's a guy, you depicted him only as a friend. But I found it more funny to let Malicia make the confusion.
  4. Tirloque

    Skyrim lesson number 60.

    It's not among the most worked-upon of your Skyrim Lessons, but heck, it's still nice to laugh upon the fates of your poor elf. Malicia : « That happens 'cause you're going honey-honey with strangers, you see ? You shouldn't do that, no. At least it's what Tabi says. »
  5. Tirloque

    Skyrim lesson number 59.

    Malicia : « You forced him to be done in the poo-poo while he didn't want, then you're joking about the prettiest girls around being hargravens. That's very meany, yes ! You're being completely jealous of that Nenad girl, that's all. »
  6. Tirloque

    There is always god above god

    That's a sad state of things. However, I've heard it's even worse in Africa (where you have to bribe the staff to even see a doctor in a hospital). So I guess there's always worse ; and it's up to each one not to fuel the system.
  7. Tirloque

    Adrea & the Cursed Oktoberfest: Part 3: Amongst the Dead

    Malicia : « It means she talks like an expert, yes. »
  8. Tirloque

    No Hero 6

    Malicia : « He's very right, we need to get very educated, Noobshi sama !
  9. Drem yol lok, Papa Patrick ! His secret is safe indeed. ^^
  10. Tirloque

    There is always god above god

    Well, we know he's the kind of man who always "reacts". It's a bit eerie though that solving problems in your country seems to revolve about who knows who, and who has contacts or not, rather than on law application. But there's no ideal society I guess.
  11. Tirloque

    Adrea & the Cursed Oktoberfest: Part 3: Amongst the Dead

    Strong and handsome are the keys to Malicia's heart, and so it is that most of them are silent, yet not all. Ergon or Hitomaru would be first class candidates for sure. Speaking of Malicia, I've see some evolution in Adrea's vocabulary in this one, just like in Cassidey's. It seems my breton's constant blabbering is getting to their subconscious. ^^
  12. Tirloque

    Adrea & the Cursed Oktoberfest: Part 3: Amongst the Dead

    Well, another entertaining chapter. With still quite some mystery within. Liked the ambiance with the out-worldly familiar soul gem and the Puller's pursuits. Nice one ! Malicia : « I knew she was very alive, yes ! Keep-up Adrea ! Go find you soul gem guy, it's a good looking Prince ! » The thought of if wouldn't be unpleasant. The point is you might have trouble inciting Malicia to have sex with women, yet alone with her friends.
  13. Tirloque

    ONE TIME OFFER - don't miss it!

    We'll have to replace Frea by Arilith then. Malicia : « Nazeem isn't pretty, nor intelligent, no ! But I'll tell him you found him good looking, so he'll kiss you on the cheek. »
  14. Tirloque

    ONE TIME OFFER - don't miss it!

    That goes without saying. Well if Frea is on my side, Alyssa is in the sun, and Driada only seen from afar, then things should be mostly ok. Malicia : « Someone very pretty, very intelligent, and very good at making advices, yes. »
  15. Tirloque

    ONE TIME OFFER - don't miss it!

    Malicia : « No ! » You didn't pay enough attention to the lyrics : " A little bit of Svenja in my life A little bit of Frea by my side A little bit of Earana is all I need A little bit of Driada is what I see A little bit of Alyssa in the sun A little bit of Gwynolda all night long "