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  1. Considering the riding position hides the action, the sectional view was a clever addition. 🤔
  2. Interesting chapter ; more nuanced than the good ending/bad ending of the previous one. The rapes felt a bit too easy however, aside from Chaconne (who was already undressed), I'd imagine that assaulting a woman in a crowded inn wouldn't go that smoothly. Yet, let's just admit that Sirrae isn't the most combative elf and had drank a bit, but that contrasts with her team beating the necromancers rather easily (which for some reason wasn't shown, while it would've been a good occasion to shed a different light over your characters skills). The twist of the final assaulter thinking his victim loo
  3. Amazing expressions and poses in those screens, really exuding sensuality. And lol at the draugrified miner at the end. ^^ A pity this doesn't become a story !
  4. I did notice one face vs no face for my chronicles ; particularly if it's a female face. Or by re-using too often the same header (which can be confusing for readers). 🤔 All caught up ! Liked the investigation ambiance on this one. The assets were familiar (lol for the Old Hroldan ), but reorganized in a unique mix, with unique lighting and disposition. Nice build-up for the protagonist « assets » (the stare of the villager going below the eyes when being distracted was funny as well ^^). Yet, for someone with long ears, her not earing Mort's associates plotting agai
  5. Tirloque


    Hi Yokozii Your creations certainly have their perks. However, you've got 5 entries into the main page, released nearly all at once, while some of them are less than 10 screens long. Each slot you take implies the work of another author is pushed away from the spotlight ; some of those being content that took weeks to create. So, if you want to be part of this community without the other authors resenting you, I would advice not publishing your entries at more than one or two every handful of days. For instance, you could : — Click on "edit entry" at the bottom of "P4"
  6. Hmm, looks like I've got one chapter to catch up. Will do so in the next few days. « I very comment 'cause your gals very need to get warned. Cassandra wouldn't have turned into a dried grandma if she had gotten expert advice before, you see ? » Having several females for one male is also a common phantasm among men. That might play a role in lesbian sex popularity among straight males. 🤔 « That's very not me, no, 'cause I've got green eyes. And about riding horses the wrong way, that can't be me either 'cause I'm a f
  7. I suppose I should've foreseen a dragon would appear in a Skyrim story. Yet, yours seems so real at times that you kinda forget the initial inspiration source. Nice twist ! Same for the machiavellian stand-up, and the last second dive. Yet, I'd have imagined the dragon eye connection could've augured some kind of alternate path to Skyrim's first scene, but nope, reality comes back. It's still something to conclude that cruelty phase, however. And fluid and efficient writing style as usual. « She's still enslaved ?? That's very unbelievable ! If she ca
  8. Tirloque


    « I very like my comment too. As for not liking redheads, then that means I'd be in security if visiting him, just like if I was Fran, yes. » Some things never change. Yet others do. We still have pretty good memories of your Croatian trio in LL though.
  9. It seems to me that's someone accidentally bumped his entry by activating the "publish now" checkbox instead of just "save changes", am I right ? Saddly, I can't really see what changed exactly, since some of the images are PNG, and don't seem to want to load themselves.
  10. Tirloque


    « Dunno about a spell, but I didn't need to make people breath purple smoke to honey-honey, no. You just can't admit that I'm a natural at being very pretty and seductive. »
  11. Tirloque


    Good entry. I particularly noticed the care about the church's atmosphere, with lighting, smoke, statues, poses, everything concurring to the lascivious ritual at hand ; and then only better highlighted by the return to normal (the statue symbol was a nice touch as well). Vibrant screens, and fluid gifs. Definitely a step higher than the pre-reboot stories. Now, this point is where your scenario leaded, but from there it's a blank page. It's up to you to drive if just as well as the rest of the reboot. 👌 As for Gwen's attitude towards her, a chivalrous behavior might justify it...
  12. IMO when servers are slow, it's most often a matter of servers' load ; and infrequently a hardware issue. Servers loads are proportional to the load, which depends on the complexity of requests handled (software, file types and locations) and on everyone's usage of the servers. In other words, for an imagehost, on images amounts and size. Which is why some Imagehosts (such as Postimage and IPB host I think) deliberately choose to recompress and downsize hotlinked files. Yet you do convert to jpeg indeed, so I won't remind my associate of your pony delivery problems.
  13. I wonder why imgbox would implode, though. Shouldn't I to make my images 3x heavier as well, just to make sure the servers die for good ? Jokes aside, I'm not convinced of the benefit to go beyond 1600*900/1920*1080 jpegs at 95 preset in stories, even more considering the tendencies of the sites to spontaneously resize the images. Anyway, as long as it works (most of the time), you can do as you please, but make sure you save your data duly, because 1.2MB per image is too much for me to make occasional saves.
  14. I agree with Spy, the integration of the onomatopoeia and the final effect were great. Now, I'm a bit perplexed about the bad end concept, as it's sort of an immediate retcon of the canon version. It allows you to have one version much lewder than the other, so it'll please readers seeking for that, but at the same time prevents you from expanding on those bad events (some characters get changed by their past mistakes), while somehow denying what readers just acquired with the canon one. So this might be a good idea, or not, depending on the audience. Time will tell. 🙂
  15. I agree, for a start, you're already at a quite pleasant quality level. I did appreciate how you mimicked the paper and fonts of the ingame books and messages as narrative captions. So far the scenario isn't too peculiar, but you managed to make it refreshing due to the setting (Stormcloacks ongoing victory) and uncommon characters (an high elf, and an argonian). The dialogues, fashioned in a comic style, also were adapted to the argonian fisherman uneducated thinking, which allowed for fun exchanges. The screens are already well posed/synced, and colored (though too lightly compressed IMO, 1
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