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  1. At first I thought the dog was just pushing the man, but I realized it was way more than that. ^^
  2. Ahhhh, so that's why there was no sexy time in the previous entry, it was split in two in fact ! « You very have a point, yes. » « I'm sorry I've bought clothes not to be torn. You can very have fun tearing yours : Not that that would disturb you, uh. »
  3. Not the richest episode in terms of story, but still entertaining ; with a very immersive way to describe the decadence some vampires can reach when mixing blood and intercourse. Good job in making the sequence peculiar in that regard (the biting between vampires reminds me of a mix between the old Underworld series, and the recent Vanitas no Carte), Excellent work on the photography as well, with rich, contrasted and saturated colors for us to feast. Now scenario-wise, I wonder if Thomas really thinks Nora as lost, or if the aim was precisely to break the alliance between Lenora and Vasil. We will see. Meanwhile, nice entry. « It was very interesting to see Thomas tearing someone's clothes just to honey-honey. Lots of gals want that uh. Except they want it to be done to them. Nora's not gonna like that, no. » « You very shouldn't. Or she's gonna try to pull out your teeth, and steal your boyfriend next. »
  4. Most interesting ! That's yet another cut of the Bathhouse Vampire arc (so with the blog's, mine and this threads that makes three different versions XD). Though I'm guessing the thread arose before blogs were available, it's a good thing that we got blogs to play with ; as the threads become more and more unadapted the more the amount of images grows. And Hellonow's style is quite image-heavy (nearly 200 images just for this arc). So if a handful authors posted the equivalent on the same page, the loading times would become nightmarish (not to mention Hellonow used PNGs ). Plus it's way easier to sort and find-back stories on blogs. But there are more of them, only dormant, in one corner of Postimage. Apparently there are quite some people missing out Mai's tales, and the author shares some of that nostalgia. So one day, who knows ? 🌥️
  5. That must've been a thread much older than the current storytellers club. I don't think I even was on LL at that time. Yet, despite the sexiness, Mai's story also featured lots of humor. And so maybe ignited the premises of the stories with more content types that we're having since.
  6. When you've been creating stories for years, you don't forget that stuff easily. In my case, even though I've stopped since many months now (at a few short exceptions); I'm still thinking about it, got plenty of ideas, would like to do plenty of stuff. So when my free time will be more regular, and my IRL fixed, it's not unlikely that I will re-engage in such activities. Not sure about the form that would take though, but I think that when you've been in the storyteller vibe the itch doesn't disappears just like that.
  7. Hmm. Compliments on the way you played with the reader's emotions here, with the chains taking a whole new meaning continously, and the Sutfu vibes ending with something initially unexpected. At last a spark of hope for her conditioning to subside ! Well written and staged, awaiting to see where we go from there. « *deep breath" Dear Mr. Fraser, I very hope Aithne didn't die, and that she gonna get free and with a cured eye soon. 'cause if after all she went through, she just died with a "FUU BLAP" under a bookshelf... it would completely suck. Very regards, Ms. Marsoric. »
  8. Even good things don't last forever. That being said, even though it's unlikely right now, not all hope is lost for the author to restore some of the other stories one day. Lots of people do apparently. « You very shouldn't, 'cause, in a way, it's the only thing she's wearing, you see ? Plus you should let people who don't want to share that alone. »
  9. Well, as you can see, I'm not the only one out there appreciating the qualities of your stories. There was just so much fun to ignore Mai's ones. Re-uploading them takes quite some time, but there I was delayed by the fact I aimed a whole arc, and by the side story to go with it. If you ever feel like restoring them little by little yourself, PM me, I have a little trick to speed up the download of the images (as exposed in the Malicia story in fact). Yet, even if you never get the time to do so, you're the one to be thanked for making such entertaining stories in the first place. I'm sure you understood Hellonow is the author of this story, and as such the owner of those characters. There are three more stories to discover in Mai's blog, and a lot more to be restored : The Hotspring Hunters : Mai First Solo Contract : Bleak Falls Barrow : Like & comment the ones already functional, and the author might decide to give some love to the others. Humor and sexiness, a quite entertaining mix ! Ahh, the skinny women appreciation club ! You'd notice there is even Adrianne in the chocolate women department, for Prince as well. Thanks for the good words, Eva. Well the library in itself is a way to keep an alternative access to story-blogs, once they lost the spotlight of LL's main blogs' page. Yet, it only does its job if people know its there. And I thought highlighting, or restoring a blog within a dedicated entry would be a good way to shed some light both on the library and on the selected blog. 💡 Thanks for your appreciation, Jfraser.
  10. The double negation is a bit tricky here. I didn't try to enforce the notifications in the least this time though : I made a draft, switched the toggle to publish once, and here we go. If it didn't work properly it means we still have to go for workarounds for important entries. 🤔 « Hii, Emma ! I'm very glad you liked my adventures. People ask me what's like to be an expert, so I thought I'd share them, yes. » « You can very tell him that if he was reading more books, he would say less luckasti things, uh. »
  11. Jokes aside, I would say that debates and disagreements can be that civic only if the interlocutor is respectful as well. So in a way, you are the one who allows those respectful exchanges to develop. As for forum users who on the contrary assume more aggressive stances, ad-hominem (personal) attacks etc. those generally lead to escalation, but are quite common tools in a debate where the authors would lack of concrete arguments on the matter at hand. Learning how to deal with them isn't easy, but nevertheless often doable. Supposing you have the time to expose the weakness of their reasoning, and the will to invest yours doing so. It's useful to learn to be able to do so ; but, quite often, it isn't worth spending time actually doing it : « Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you. Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you. »
  12. Hi everyone ! During her last trip to Apocrypha, Malicia found another story-blog, kept deep within the daedric prince's realm. Though only partially deleted, and probably containing lots of forbidden knowledge, she still retrieved what she could (for purely encyclopedic purposes of course). Allow me to present her last rediscovery : THE MISADVENTURES OF MAI I - SYNOPSIS II - DESCRIPTION III - RESTORED STORIES Preamble : below are the stories related to The Bathhouse Vampire arc. In other words, worth 3 entries of Hellonow's work restored. This means it's not meant to be read in one go ; and the spoilers are here to provide you an anchor to resume your read later. 2014-12-30 I - Prologue 2015-01-03 II - The Tale of Mai 2015-01-07 III — The Bathhouse Vampire Librarian's notes
  13. « Mr Bond, Mr Hunt, Mr Anderson. They're all very famous, but no one gets why they're so good, you see ? I gonna tell you : it's cause they were very expert at sneaking, and at talking at the phone, yes. »
  14. « I wouldn't change anything, or I wouldn't be the prettiest, strongest and most beautiful gal of her time anymore, you see ? So I very agree with Mrs. Dharvinia, yes. Or maybe I could be richer. Or more easily noticed by handsome guys, uh. Maybe that wouldn't hurt. »
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