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  1. Nice one indeed. Most particularly technically, with rather fluid gifs that didn't hinder too much the loading. The structure felt good for a short story, with a few twist here and here, and though the scenario wasn't too refined. Lighting-wise and posing-wise, nothing to say, with colored screens and your usual set of temporal blur for movements ; though you went for more verticals. There was only one moment where the layout might be slightly confusing, with the first bubble in the middle, while positioning it more to the left would've left no place for doubt (in the second panel). But pleasant read nonetheless. Malicia : « ... That Naen gal very needs to eat better, and then to get a boyfriend, uh. Dogs are for old grannies. »
  2. She's really beautiful, but she looks more like the twins than like Aria to me. 🤔
  3. Nice concept and model for this one, quit the sexy and natural feel with the magazine layout. However, careful with your resize tools, they see to pixelate some images a lot, and that somewhat decreases the immersion you're building with the Playboy layout. 🙂
  4. Congratulations on keeping calm even through 2 weeks away from your luvs : mission complete !
  5. ALTER NATIVE (or Mr Native to friends) SPYVSPIE (though the spy part wins) JAYOMMS (aka WWJD)
  6. Your friendly neighborhood has arrived : And he has a word of two to say to you. Thu'um words, that is. Jokes aside, below is the eighth part of the story of Benor and Tabrielle, a.k.a. the « White-ash » ; told by the latter. You can expect an adult story, aimed for those of us who like storytelling and adventure with adult whereabouts. Click on the arrow below to read it :
  7. Blog entry publish notification (in case the forum didn't send you one) : Author's note : Alright. Now, there's been plenty of good stories published recently. I've got some catching up to do !
  8. Below is the eith chapter of the story of Benor and Tabrielle, a.k.a. the « White-ash» ; told by the latter. Our two adventurers are now trapped into a seemingly dead-end : will they manage to escape from Urunach's deadly trap, and to its invulnerable guardian ? As announced beforehand, the tone and themes of the story are different than earlier chronicles. The violence level of this entry is significant ; so if you find something too violent/disturbing to you, just skip to the spoiler following the one you're reading. Also this chapter is as always rather dark (literally ^^), so make sure to adjust your monitor/ambient lighting accordingly. Previous chapter is a highly recommended read if you wanna understand something of what's going on. You'll also find summaries & character sheets in the main menu, in case you need a memory refresh : Likes and comments are welcome and keep me motivated, so if you want to see more chronicles you know what to do ! In the previous episode : Chapter VIII Part I Part II Part III Previous Next
  9. Certainly, and I'm always up for some nerd science ! However, you've got no proof that there aren't some who didn't receive the notification the first time, and that everyone did receive it the second time. We'd have to create some experimental blog with only us storytellers as followers, and to attempt the different methods for that. 🤔 Or we could look at the moment where we received the notification. Mine was Sunday 12:36 AM at GMT+1.
  10. Well, the point can also be to see how much your character can endure without breaking. The good thing is that you've still got some possible choices. And you're welcome. Nope. You could find that info on the above thread, or in the creation kit via the search function though.
  11. Good entry indeed. The kinda 4rth wall during the dream, combined to the unexpected bed change, and all the morning shenanigans we're quite funny indeed. And scenario-wise, the whereabouts about the witchcraft and its dangers are getting interesting, as we don't know if Annie is wanting a disciple, or a target. Crispy dialogues as usual, with Bat's ones being a good setoff between fun and clarity. And nothing to say about the technical part, with well adjusted poses (even if not deeply enough for Cass' tastes ^^), and an impressive lake background. Awaiting for the next chapter ! I did, though I'm not sure it was on the first batch. The issue is random, so there's no way to be sure everyone did receive one. The workaround I do apply is that I manually write notifications in the first comment, but it's kinda tedious. Malicia : « Low poly head yourself, uh ! »
  12. Ahah, I chose to escape. So I can't tell you if you chose to help the falmers ! However : — You could try to use the sqs command in the console (with the name of the quest), and then setstage. — That's the point where Jahems stopped modifying the mod if I'm not mistaken. So from that point and on, both the modified and the original version of the mod are the same. So you may find feedback here :
  13. Yep, this is clearly a mod for screenshooting rather than players.
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