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  1. Sadly, nope. Been quite busy attending non LL things. Yet, there may come a time where I'll increase my presence again.
  2. IMO that incident is only the tip of the iceberg. Prince stated completely different reasons from a brash decision in his farewell entry. His desire not to invest time in Skyrim and LL isn't new, and is deep. There were some good sides here, but not enough to overcome that now that you have a growing family. Now, extreme decisions and proud attitude are a part of him, you won't change that. And he indeed exaggerated a bit. Yet, taking time for LL without infringing on the family one would be possible, but isn't what happened in the very example. Part of why, personally, I a somewha
  3. Tirloque


    There were twists and mystery, action (though not the main part), well designed characters, sexy parts, and humor. Quite the complete entertainment ! With remarkable technical qualities as well (the colors, the composition of the backgrounds and outfits, the well looped gifs). The hands effect was quit neat in particular, but so were the movement ones and the (quite trendy ^^) internal views during copulation. The grammar significantly went astray however, but that doesn't decrease the remarkable qualities of this episode. Very good work ! 👌 On a side note, the Mother's design remi
  4. Tirloque

    Good bye

    Well, though untold, it was obvious that with two children (and wives), and a full time job your available spare time would be coarse. Not to mention that Skyrim's technical issues often frustrated you to no end. Still, it kinda saddens me to get a farewell from someone I do respect. I'm sure Eva will take over regarding the news anyway. Salutations and best wishes to you and your family, Elf Prince. « Very goodbye, then. Don't forget to send letters, uh. »
  5. So we finally get the keys to the mystery of Jenna having memories such different worlds/lives during her encounter with the darkness. It explains a lots of things, and feels just as satisfying to read than clenching a key into car. Though in a way more sensual pattern of course, that intertwining of sex and story being a nice idea. Great work with the screens and custom setup, there are so many custom things that it's becoming hard to tell which one are imported, tuned or used as is. The colors and crispiness of the images are also excellent, making it a spectacle for the eyes ; not even men
  6. What's this ? A contributor who doesn't contributes ? I say we ask our money back ! Jokes aside, no worries. We all have our agendas, IRL or not. So long it'll resume eventually it's fine.
  7. Regarding the world, I'm recognizing large chunks of what I believe to be AHO, an excellent adventure mod, with amazing visuals, immersion, and music. The hollow map of Erywon looks like an addition of yours however, and is very nicely done. Interesting turn of events, scenario-wise, though obviously staging for even more sexual engages. And great screens all along. Regarding the (mastered) comic layout, I'd strengthen the proofreading however, as there are still bubbles that are doubled from one board to the other ("Kho'bold sighed..." for example) from time to time. Yet, the metro representa
  8. Hoho, but this is looking more and more like a full fledged story ! Inspired from one of your character's gameplay probably, but with more intent in the way the screens are set and posed, with convincing expressions as well. I must admire the colors, view angles and composition for a lot of them, emphasizing the effect of most scenes. The writing style is also quite fluid and efficient, though I think a larger font size and spacing could give a bit more presence to it. And the dark tone is promising for the future scenario events. Great entry ! « That Enisse gal sure looks lik
  9. You look far away from your comments Dovahblood ! Anyway, don't worry too much about the lack of sex scene in some entries ; those are better when the scenario brings them in a way that make sense. Plus you can most often fill that with a bit of nudity here and here, which can provide a bit of that vibe. Loving the way the events are escalating btw, this is becoming deliciously complicated. The screens are also quite good (with particularly expressive facial expressions) ; and I do appreciate your intricate bubbles a lot. Good entry ! « Finally ! She's gonna honey-honey not like
  10. This story blogs of ours are a way to express phantasm, but also to develop our skills as authors. Regarding content, including adult on, I think that an important point is to be steady. That doesn't means every entry should feature the same content type than the others, nor one type of content should be featured at every entry, but that they should be paced and mixed in a relatively regular way. And connecting that way with a good story is where part of the challenge lies. Just mfg your expression just before tcf 1. It'd take a bit longer, but will significantly improve the result. Th
  11. Nice start. I love how your prioritize the story rather than forcefully inserting sex scenes, and how you emphasize the dilemmas Ephedrina is facing. Fluid writing style overall, though lacking transitions (would it be only separators) between scenes, so its a bit confusing when the action changes of place. Nice screens and posing, with a refreshing dumner protagonists, though the expressions are often a bit neutral ; and the PNG format uselessly increases the load. Pleasant read overall. « That's very not it. It's because she's very intelligent, very pretty, and very strong.
  12. Interesting background for a character, and with a race varying a bit from the usual humans (though her eyes aren't typical dunmer). Gameplay-wise, however, she's got 100% enchanting double enchanted objects right off the bat. Those are endgame level items. So when you say it'll be up to her, well compared to most this isn't exactly true.
  13. Liked the fight, as the twists regarding the sun and the block were rather original. That being said, not sure a leather shoe would win that 1vs1 vs a full force swing. Regardless or realism, the setting and dialogues (in particular the very last ones) were quite cinematographic. Still pleasant shots, and this time no problem regarding the text's layout. « The text layout may be fine, but their panties aren't. I'm very thinking they're doing it on purpose, yes. »
  14. Dramatizing the death of Gro-Shub into a murder accusation was a clever move, it creates an unknown intrigue within the plot. The screens are rather nice as well, though the text's layout is still messed up. Anyway, unpretending, but pleasant to read. 🙂 « That Sofia gal, she forgot her panties just like the other one ! Someone need to tell them, or they gonna have lots of problems. »
  15. About Serana's age, some people say that considering that she didn't know about the empire, she must've been put to sleep before 1E243. That would indeed make her 2,500 years old before getting imprisoned, so about 4,000 years old currently. The thing, is that the empire disappeared between the end of the first era and of the end of the 2nd. So that would've make her between 1,500 and 600 years old, most of that spent asleep. That hypothesis is supported by some of the TES authors on TIL. and is much more in line with Serana's current abilities and power level, which clearly aren't those
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