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  1. Tirloque

    Part 11. Jack-in-the-box.

    Ancient Egyptians wore clothes that would be more suited for an African documentary or an erotic movie than a peplum : network dresses, sheath dresses starting from under the breasts to the ankles (with very light almost transparent fabrics for the wealthiest women). They were way more at ease with body and sensuality than our current occidental culture is. So yeah, definitely more sexier than Elizabeth Taylor's attire. Malicia would like to wear this kind of attire though, I wonder if she could find comparable ones in Alik'r lands. Malicia : « A kind of inquisition that wants an ending with happy people everywhere, yes. »
  2. Tirloque

    Part 11. Jack-in-the-box.

    Hmm, my bad then ; I didn't understand they were referring to the zombie. I wrongly assumed it was another grammar mistake when it wasn't then. Here are the other ones I saw : You tend to skip verbs in fact. Doing so is okay when something happens very quickly (ex. « The door ! » if a door is closing), but in english (even in slang) there will be verbs most of the time. Also careful not to skip "the" (definite article), because that's even more infrequent in english (=> "Door !" instead of "The door !" would be correct in some languages (such as Japanese), but not really in english). But hey, your comic is mostly understandable ; on the first example it's my fault that I missed something. And those are still minor issues though, your comic was a pleasant read. Malicia : « Yes but that's not a bad ending ! 'cause they can still be friends then you see ? »
  3. Tirloque

    Shea's Story-Chapter 23- Domination

    Still can't see any images. I understand you might want to go on, but as a reader I do prefer not to skip chapters in my reads ; so I'll wait until you fin the time to re-upload the images before continuing any further.
  4. Tirloque

    Part 11. Jack-in-the-box.

    Interesting turns of events, the daedric artefact being a trap was a nice twist. Also we're still wondering what that daemon did to some of the sisters, so that's good. However, I noticed some "he" instead of "she", and the syntax is a bit off sometimes, so keep an eye on your grammar/proofreading, it takes only a few more minutes to make sure the comic you spend so much time to bring us is really conform to what you want it to be. PS : My assistant, in her great magnanimity, voted to allow Sinetica to live. Malicia : « You're being very silly again, yes : the redhead isn't the one who's gonna die ! She's the one who's gonna decide. Because she's more intelligent, you see ? » Something says me Resdayn would approve. Malicia : « Except if there's too many people wanting to go honey-honey with the same person, yes. »
  5. The circle does indicate an element with unread content. As for the star, most of the time it flags an element which is featured/highlighted by the admins.
  6. Tirloque

    Side Story: The Boss!!!

    Indeed, so now the baddies have got a strategy that might make things interesting against Bal. They could just tie her up though, she'd probably wouldn't even try to resist provided they gag her first. Malicia : « Gormka and Lena are having lots of fun showing their boobies to everyone, yes. I like to do it too ! Except last time I went to public baths, there was more water around you see ? »
  7. Tirloque

    Fuck the cancer! Totalbiscuit died at 33.

    Because it's probably more a matter of detecting it than of having "treatments". And because death is and will remain a part of life. I'm just sad this guy was struck so young, he was known in the SC2 community. It's just saddening to be reminded that not everyone gets to die in his bed at 75+ years old. Makes me the same effect than when I learnt about Monty Oum. Treatments that do not cure are only profitable for a while. Treatments that do cure stay profitable unless even better ones are found. But don't worry, both are extremely profitable to pharmaceutic laboratories... Take this as a message then. Stop smoking, we prefer you writing stories in LL's blog section than in google's necrologic actualities.
  8. Tirloque

    Skyrim lesson number 28.

    That poor elf will end up visiting all of Skyrim's jails. Nice one. ^^ Malicia : « That Tullius guy, he's not very nice, uh ? Might be 'cause he's very ill, yes. Look at his skin tone ! »
  9. Tirloque

    Cruel is the world …

    Many of different things there. — I don't know if it's best for Ivy to have a gun instead of an ETB, she seems so impulsive... but I guess as long as it's only loaded with wooden bullets its acceptable. — Ivy didn't do anything wrong when Prince did drop his kitchen knife. Accidents happen, that's all. However I'm not very sure about training martial arts during a medical leave. — Prince's reaction toward the noisy neighbors was controlled intimidation. The more controlled the better, can't reproach much about that. Though overall, i did read a lot of good intentions in this entry.
  10. Tirloque

    Side Story: Bad Dog!

    Good ambience as always. The expressions of the characters are surprisingly alike though, Lena's way of smiling seems really close to Aria's for example. Guess it's a family trait ? Malicia : « But... That's horrible ! I don't know what your people think Lena, but drinking pee-pee and licking poo-poos is no way to pet a puppy, no. Dogs must eat dog biscuits and drink water, yes, everyone knows that. And you don't honey-honey with your dog, nope. »
  11. Just saw that, yes. It's a good thing to have both options as the grid view does not displays the 4-5 previous entries (grid + previous entries displayed somewhere would be awesome though). But that means we might still have to keep our current formats for headers, and just add a different one for the grid mode's featured image. I wonder if that featured image's resolution would get wider with a different IPB theme though, such as Carbon full width ? Anyway, I guess well discover it soon enough. Ohhh, YES ! Thank you man ! It was something lacking compared to old Loverlabs.
  12. Whoav, there sure were some changes. O_o The blogs' section in particular, loading times seems much faster now. I guess the idea is to load only the feature image of each entry, which allows to skip loading entire entries while still having a graphical display. Well have to change our headers format once again, but it's a good idea IMO. A question though : i still don't see any option to insert a video in the media button. So that means video embedding still isn't for today, am I right ? Thanks for the effort of updating the site anyway.
  13. Tirloque

    Wood elf or Nord?

    Well it's a good thing IMO. Anyway, can't help but wondering as there were 28 votes compared to 10 people usually supporting/giving likes to your entries. Also, I don't understand very well the ones wanting to see a character closer to you into a blog which is mostly based on joke/humorous entries by now. So I'm glad your elf keeps his job of getting laughs.
  14. Tirloque

    Wood elf or Nord?

    Malicia : « It depends, uh. Are luckasto people allowed to vote in your country ? »
  15. Tirloque

    Shea's Story-Chapter 23- Domination

    I see the same thing than Prince. You might have to replace the images manually indeed. If it's still fails, maybe it's related to a limit of uploadable content on LL. Then starting to use external image hosts (such as Imgbox, Imgbb, FlickR, Tumblr or Pixxxels) will solve the issue (and remove the images amount limit in the same time).