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  1. Tirloque


    Well you could've extended the story to what happens outside the temple, on the battlefield. Malicia : « No ! That would be very meany. In a church, you kneel on a kneeler and you ask in your head for everything you want, yes. » Well she could've read one book or two about Barenziah's story. Malicia found some of them quite educative on some points. Malicia : « Well it's a good thing for this warrior, 'cause there are often lots of big swords in battles, yes. »
  2. Tirloque

    NX-2C Video Log V0.2: Pregnancy

    Malicia : « Hi-i again, Ivy. You can explain to your master that since he isn't the one that'll get pregnant, he isn't the one who'll be in pain, you see ? Though Nate could, if he really messed up the alignment thingie, uh... »
  3. Tirloque

    NX-2C Video Log V0.1

    Malicia : « Hi-i♪ Mrs Ivy ! You look very pretty, and you sound very nice, yes. I'm very pretty too, but I don't know how to talk to people who haven't got Sigil spheres so I'll keep it written. My questions are : do you like noodles ? do you like Princes ? How many times did you get pregnant to your get boobies right ? Thank you ! »
  4. Tirloque

    False accusations

    It seems indeed unbelievable how twisted and dishonest can some people can get. If what I read is accurate, she should be the one getting sued. Compliments for the observation/deduction skills.
  5. Tirloque


    Same here. It feels more more like a teaser than a real entry ; it's not very eventful, even though her interpretation of Talos is interesting (even though the second part of his live as an emperor was more peaceful I believe). Malicia : « That girl, she looks like she's in a very bad mood ! She needs to find someone to honey-honey with quickly, yes. »
  6. Tirloque

    Gormaka Ghost-Heart: [Part 4] {New Content}

    I use the game's engine screens, they're uncompressed (bmp) and accurate, I don't see why I'd use steam if I've got those in the first place. Now, sometimes it's an issue related to the scene's lighting. There are two workarounds : Tune the gamma and contrast with an image editor (such as Irfanview, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) only on the images that seem too dark. Use mods like Facelight, with allows you to create one light per character ingame. Malicia : « ... Hey Aria, you know Tex, right ? So you put one of your strange swimsuits, and go find him. Then you say him to the ear that you're the hero, and that you and Phe deserve a happy ending. And then you put your bum right next to his face, yes. He'll change his mind, trust me. »
  7. Tirloque

    Gormaka Ghost-Heart: [Part 4] {New Content}

    To my screen it was too dark/not enough brightness. It's not a problem if the background is dark, but it is if the character's actions aren't easily spotted (unless it's deliberate). Malicia : « Hi-i♪ Aria ! Maybe you wont kick her ass the first time, no. But then you'll get her the second time, 'cause you're the hero of the story, and heroes always win you see ? »
  8. Tirloque

    Gormaka Ghost-Heart: [Part 4] {New Content}

    Interesting twists and ambiance there. The female on male aggression theme isn't a common one, the fight was pleasant (though a bit dark, which reduced readability), with enough things at stake to build up tension, and you placed a lot of twists using Gormaka's personality. Can't wait for the confrontation with Aria !
  9. Tirloque

    Silent short story. The sea of the ancients.

    I agree with Resdayn... It feels short, specially considering how ambiguous can be silent image stories. There were some ideas however, specially artistically with those psychedelic colors ; but as it's silent you don't know if the color changes are there to create a lightning effect or just a different artistic view. And the music adds something. IMO the same entry but with a bit more length and clarity (why make it silent ?) could've transcribed better the feeling you wanted to give. Malicia : « Your kraken looks so cute, yes !! »
  10. booting Read7 Found eyes drive Please wait Registering for a new entry in ongwk733 files Opening please wait please wait a bit more please wait a bit more than a bit more laughing.app loaded initializing green thumb clicking.app
  11. Those colors deserve a like. I'll give one as soon as my sight comes back. Malicia : « You can't like things because the red eyed girls cloud your vision a lot, yes. To solve this, you must not make deals with the honey-honey daedra, and make Idgrog join the good guys. »
  12. Tirloque

    The Beastly Bacchanalia Pts. 1 and 2.

    My associates whispers to my ear that she's "very sure" that she has already read this in some "Post your sex screenshots" thread. It's a re-edition then ? Still a pleasant read overall, but I'm not too fond of the spoilers use : usually there's only one per chapter. At one per screen, you have to constantly click to read, which feels uselessly tedious.
  13. Tirloque

    Final Post and Hiatus

    Woohoo, I'm cited ! I understand better your reasons for wanting to create new blogs. Only thing I'd be cautious when "fixing" characters's faces, mine also do have imperfections, but when I try to fix them... well it feels like they're not themselves anymore. Even though the jagged out mouth is irritating under certain angles. Anyway, for me your strength is creating shonen like episodes, and I like sex more when it is brought by a story context, so I'll be waiting for vol. 2 more than a possible more sex based blog. Anyway, Emily's hargraven's like hand and Tetsu's conversion were hilarious, as well as managing Titus' facial expressions. Have a nice rebuilding, and see you in Vol. 2 !
  14. Tirloque

    Our new friend

    Malicia : « He'll want to date the prettiest girl of her time instead, yes. » I think the guy had a good reaction at first, this kind of prank is kinda slippery, so not answering felt like a wise choice. And if he knew Ivy like we do he'd knew slippery pranks are her specialty. Now he's just going to be a witchery victim, awaking naked in some orgy in a matter of months.
  15. Tirloque

    Scenery Selections #13

    Well those are different kind of objectives, but if someone does pleasure himself on one of your entries, that's kind of a "wow' effect. Sunsasuka advertises her entries on that thread, so as long as you're showing something related to characters in skyrim it's ok. And you're not talentless, but if one has talent, one should work in perfecting it I think. Which is done by confronting oneself to the difficulties.