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  1. So Mister XXX offered to cover the medical expenses ? That unexpected, I didn't see him as more than a business partner to you previously.
  2. Tirloque

    Watchers in the Pine

    And so Desvasti finally ends-up posting a story on LL, after quite some months of wait. Welcome around ! And the story was as good as your last Tumblr standards were, with vivid and nicely posed screens, a convincing world set-up, and a quite refined writing style for the narratives (which significantly increases the erotic side of the sex scene). If I had to make two remarks though : — First PNG isn't a good choice for entries of that size IMO (3.3 Mo/image, had to wait for 20' to get them all loaded). We have some guides which may help regarding that, if you're interested. — And second... well, in terms of scenario, maybe Arria's misadventures were a bit telegraphed. I mean if a reader already knows about her shortcomings, then having her going into the house alone could allow him to predict what was going to happen before even reading. Anyway, for a first entry on LL that was a quality one. And Keer-Ja character's design, plus the good action scenes, and the pair still being together at the end suggest the next chapter will be just as good. Nice job ! Malicia : « That Arria girl washed her dress too hard, uh. It got too small on the top, and on the bottom. »
  3. image1.jpg.7d020f8ab9e0ade07909a5195e507950.jpg


    For Malicija: Invitation for cookies making


    1. Tirloque


      Malicia : « I don't cook shit, no ! Plus I'm not evil from hell !


                    And I'm not chinese either. :classic_sleep: »

    2. EvalovesEP


      Must admit: I'm very curious why my Ivy post messages on your wall. She doesn't want to tell me although she can't hide her naughty smile. :)

    3. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince


      - You made me laugh hard, @Tirloque. Thanks for that. :)

      Please, forgive me for invading your private space. I couldn't resist to tease you. It's Eva's fault. She likes you too much and she made me likes you too. And this is the way I express my likeness. :D


      @EvalovesEP - I hope your curiosity is satisfied now.

  4. That would be the clash of titans of wackiness ; and would certainly be funny as hell. Yet, all in its time ; I'd like to resume my main story at the moment, and haven't even finished current Stranger cross-over.
  5. Malicia : « Okay. I'm sorry I've said you weren't gullible then, that wasn't nice, no. »
  6. The joke revolves around country names. Usually you'd refer to princes as "Monaco's Prince" for example. And Dwemer (which are the dwarves in Skyrim) have awkward place's names, such as Raldbthar. So Malicia thought you were calling Prince by his place's name.
  7. Hilarious entry, just loved the way you played with words and situations to get near perfect misunderstandings every time (the "time on her knees" one). Also felt refreshing to have a bunch of original characters from your universe interacting together. And we even got a bit of action, not to mention the dress feature joke during half of the entry. Excellent chapter. ^^ Also that facial expression of hers always cracks me up : I think the uniform as a whole looks both classy and tough, clearly a brilliant mashup. So much that the entry could almost've been read as a showcase, if Cass didn't always stole the spotlight. Malicia : « That's 'cause people are very silly, so they don't understand anything, you see ? Anyway, go get them, Cass ! You're the best knight of the club, yes ! »
  8. At least you figured it out. I've got a very slight neckseam on my imperial characters ; and dunno why. Still, nothing a bit of photoshopping can't fix. Malicia : « You think you're very clever, uh ? Malicia : « It's you : 'cause you're being very gullible, so you believe everything. And even if you gang-up with Resdayn, you're not gonna get me, no ! »
  9. The rounder chin certainly plays a role on that impression. Now that make her look a bit more like Aria than like the very dunmer-like char she used to be, but I agree with Spy, I have to admit she's beautiful. Malicia : « That's 'cause I was elected student of the year, you see ? I've become very famous. »
  10. That screen is amazing in terms of colors, even her eyes are echoing to the landscape's yellow, while the water offers a contrasting gradient of blue and green. This screenshot deserves a like by itself.
  11. Hoho, looks like Malicia is inspiring a lot of people nowadays. Though not exactly as she'd wish. ^^ Anyway, Svenja is excellent as a bard, her attire, poses and expressions in the inn were perfect. Your Arilith is also cuter, but less elven somehow, so I think the previous one looks were less common. 🤔 Malicia : « That Svenja gal is very right, anyone going honey-honey with a horse would likely die in a lot of pain and bleeding. But even if I'm very strong, I don't see what this has to do with me, no. »
  12. Tirloque

    Chapter 24

    I mean that the more you use the width of a screen, the less it looks like a comic book, and more like a web comic.
  13. Allrighty. Happy birthday. 😗 Malicia : « Don't forget to open your present, uh ! »
  14. About the entry ; I found Prince's use of force rather controled and measured against the tense/rude guy at the city hall ; so the Hulk syndrome seems far away. I'm a bit surprised he took a gun to chase seagulls however, but one can suppose his reactions get multiplied if he feels you or Ivy are in trouble. Malicia : « Xxxzzzyyy's prince ? That's a very strange place name, maybe he's the prince of a dwemer country, uh... »
  15. Ohoh, I didn't know you were pregnant as well, Dharvinia. Congratulations, and wishes of happiness for the family.
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