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  1. Quite the entertaining entry ! Somewhat a bit less eventful/varied than the previous one in terms of twists, but with the same humor in the dialogues, and way way lewder. Compliments for your screens btw, some have a really impressive depth while still maintaining top level expressions and poses (not to mention the ingame fluids effects). We are entertained ! Malicia : « She's doing all what that guy wants. Cecilde is very the same. And she's very blond too, uh. »
  2. Hey Jfraser, Why not go for a cleansing indeed ? I had noticed that you made place holders that you could get rid of in the doing btw. Regarding your repost however, you might be interested in learning that you can repost something without having it necessarily displayed as a recent entry in the main page. And that, just by setting a publication date sometime in the past ; this way you can control the sorting even retroactively, and choose what you cant to take the spotlight (in the main page) and what you don't. It'll also help in avoiding to bloat the main page with 3
  3. Tirloque

    Emma -Episode 2-

    Speaking of which, there's some kind of naivety to your whole story in fact, with the behavior and open-confessions of your characters being one of those aspects. I found minor contradictions between the fact Emma seemed to reserve herself to her chosen lover, and then would participate in a brothel/open relationship afterwards though. But the screens were vivid, and the themes you hold dear (innocence/honesty, stable relationship, age) were indeed there. Entertaining read, nonetheless. Malicia : « Those gals were all operated by the same surgeon, I very swear it !
  4. Or maybe that's just me resisting the urge to go berserk on Mourning White Book II. I'm on withdrawal of sorts.
  5. Malicia : The right dose of fronting in a relationship is a thing cunning ladies do learn with experience.
  6. This one : 100% cringe videos warranted. Make sure not to finish the first one or you'll lose some neurons. ^^ Absolutely, allows you to quote the whole things you want without bloating the page for the others. 🥳 Malicia : « I very disagree, 'cause if you write at the end of the messages, it won't show. People won't answer me anymore, and not only those who owe me things. 😢 »
  7. Quite the entertaining entry here. You've got the "quiproquo" alchemy working just right between Cass & Bran/Bran's girlfriend, and between Cass & Dirk. I particularly like Dirk's design, he evokes me something of a latino overdone-failled seductor, and so his peeping habits and the multiple premade seduction phrases (which remind me a certain youtube channel ^^) are quite well assorted with his latino side. Irresistible dialogues as always, while the photography and expressions are as crisp as ever. Great job ! 👌 Malicia : « The gals in that village are weird
  8. Hmm, so some screens with a story pitch ? Interesting. I hope you'll continue pushing towards twists and events in the written part, so that it continues looking like a diary. So far good job at dramatizing the current events ! 🙂 Malicia : « Hi Geul. I see you've got a lot of problems, so you're very in need of expert advice. The world you're in is very different from yours, 'cause in Skyrim, when you get forced to honey-honey you lose all your money, whereas in this one, it's the guy who forced you who loses it.
  9. So back for a more recreational chapter it seems. Great job with the effects, in particular the comic + temporal blur movement effects, the fluid edits. Between that and the onomatopoeia, it made the whole sex scene quite lively ! And I know it must've taken some work to Photoshop so many things. That being said, I think you aslo applied your skills to Birgir's eyes, but though the spatial positioning/adaptation was alright, I think you didn't took in account the lighting/shading which is necessary in order for and edited object to look natural into a picture. Notwithstanding this, very sensua
  10. Ohh, well what started as an extremely light story actually developped into something more complex ! Great job with the dilemmas and dialogues here, not to mention the colors, viewpoints and expressions are quite good ! There's something that might've to be watched for though : the reading order. You often start with the first bubble being the first on the right, then the second being the one on the top left, and that's the exact contrary of what it should be. It's left to right, then top to bottom : the first one to be read on an European/American comic will be the bubble the most
  11. Yep, the removal of the sidebar and of the "NEW" icons are a good choice, leaving us to concentrate on the content and improved legibility. The new logo is quite neat as well I'd say.
  12. Ahah, well some of the side characters have taken more importance lately, so I wanted to have them featured even if not described. ^^ Thanks for your good words, Collygon, best wishes for 2021 ! 🥳 Well, I was partly worried the topic would be so grim it would deter some of the fun. Yet as Desproges once said "one can laugh of everything, but not with everyone". It seems the humor was apparent enough. As for the overall quality, the preparation, layout, complexity, photoshopping and lettering are irrefutably lesser ; but that also meant a considerable spe
  13. So a tribute of sorts ? A pity you didn't turn this into a story, but nice shots and atmosphere overall. Malicia : « She's very blue, yes. But maybe she likes what's blue too much. She needs to find a blue elf guy. »
  14. More feedback : The pages button's numbers (at the botton) seem to be white on white A "general" category has appeared in the blogs section, but there is no category selector. Not that we asked for categories, but might be worth mentioning. Not a big fan of the sidebar on forums threads either, and it's true the NEW icons might be too distracting. This version overall has more sparks of colors, which isn't a bad thing, but I think it wouldn't hurt if that orange NEW spark turned into a small dot/bullet. Nothing major though. Can't wait to see if the n
  15. LL is a site which attracts a lots of traffic. While the responsiveness of the site is partly linked to the weight of the interface, it's still mostly determined by the traffic/amount of requests, and the performance of the servers. So there's a limit ; specially considering the servers team workforce boils to a single person.
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