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  1. To be honest, I often though that you're going too far with your ENB's contrast settings : it burns whites, gives you violent color changes for just a slightly different angle, and in the end ends-up doing more harm than good. However, looking at your collage, I do realize that that edges prepass lines, and those shapes you give to your characters, added to their design do create quite some style for your images. I'd wish I could see a story from you. But even if that's not your thing, it would be interesting watching your blog develop on a screenarchery one where you'll work on your possible areas of improvement while keeping your strong sides. We could use a second Sunsasuka on LL. +1 For stories. ^^
  2. Side Story: What do you want?

    Malicia : « I like her too ! She's got very good-looking hair and has intelligent eyes, yes. »
  3. My witcher and our witch

    Malicia : « Well maybe they love each other very much, but there's still something lacking, yes. » Malicia : « That's very unfair, yes. Anyway, redheads don't care about old people with white hair. Nope. »
  4. My witcher and our witch

    According to what I've read they have more of a brother-sister relationship, but it's nice anyway ; I understand why adding them to Yennefer reminds you about your trio. And WLOP's artworks are interesting. Now there are no good-looking intelligent redheads in your images. According to Malicia something's lacking.
  5. Dreamborne

    A stream is only one of the way of sharing things. As you said, there are still screens, and stories. Malicia : « That girl is very pretty yes, and for once it's not a milking cow. She just needs to cut her nails and buy a shirt, yes, otherwise she's gonna catch a cold. »
  6. ... the worst “A+” ... Fucking hate it!

    Well maybe, but it seems to have affected you, so I feel like an asshole right now. That's one of the things I share with my characters, I do some mistakes. Talk about plastic wisdom... So, even if nobody is blaming me, I'd just like to say I'm sorry if I did hurt you, Eva. Can I do something to make up for it ?
  7. ... the worst “A+” ... Fucking hate it!

    I'm sad to read that our discussion affected you at that point Eva ; it wasn't the objective. Look, for your safety you three decided that it would be best to consider that you should not meet web/LL acquaintances. That is a wise decision, however it also means that when a friendly person will accept it, he/she will understand that he/she will never be able to know you outside of the prism of a diary ; nor see you smile ; nor be there when you need it ; nor call you when himself/herself needs it. Have you thought that this may cause a very similar feeling than the one you're experimenting right now ? Yet, you had perfectly good reasons to set up that rule, so I respected it. Yet reading that reminded me that there is a difference between virtual and real life. Something that can be broken as easily as pulling the plug from a connection isn't solid enough to be called friendship, in my opinion. It's sympathy, which is the step before true friendship. A distance between two persons understanding part of each other. Sympathy may or may not turn into real friendship, no one knows what lies ahead. People do evolve, people do change their mind. If that's what you want, time allows you the hope you search. If you prefer not to, which I'll understand, then both of us will be sad, and both healed by time as well. It's up to you. I wish you to the best to you, Prince, and Ivy regardless of what your choice might be. PS :
  8. Dreamweaver Islands Part 4

    Looks like the landscape isn't the only beautiful thing around. Your screens are good, it's a pity you don't try to do longer entries, story-styled though.
  9. Side Story: Trapped Souls

    I agree, Ariella is pretty and the design of the two snow-elves is convincing (though one must be from the game I think, saw it in UESP once). Regarding Dova, her change could bring very interesting conflicts, looking forward to it. Malicia : « Dova ? You're not alone, you silly ! Emily is right behind you, yes ! »
  10. Side Story: Go Fourth My Champion

    It seems lots of people are visiting Misty grove. Interesting developments towards Dova and Aria, not to mention the sudden twist about Boethia's chosen. Well done. Malicia : « That Nirala girl, she's flashing her boobies to everyone ! Anyway, she won't need her cloak anymore, right ? You can just send it to me, I'll take care of it. »
  11. Our first wedding anniversary

    I saw light inside, so i figured I'd check it out. Anyone here ? No ? Ok then, bye bye.
  12. Side Story: Ulfric's New Laws (Part 1)

    Malicia : « Tell to that Lyris gal that the little child is'nt afraid of her because of her size, but because of her boobies yes. Maybe she should wear a shirt or something. » But why then would he want to talk with her before jailing her ? One would have though he wanted professional or even personal favors from her in exchange of « cleaning up her closet ». Anyway, I found the way you depicted an Ulfric's Skyrim kinda extreme, yet interesting for that very reason. An excellent setup for dramatic twists, no doubt.
  13. Seeking Freedom

    A pleasant read, yet not enough using the possibilities of the written media I think : parts of your description are like pulled out of a video game/mod, like distances for example. Skyrim coud be considered as a real country, therefore one can imagine there would be as much distance between Falkreath and Solitude than between San Francisco and New York for example. Same about giving a slave missions to transport ore just by herself : one came image slaver would send several, and with a due guards/watchers to make sure the caravan behaves. Why wouldn't a slave you release try to escape otherwise, even more to escape with the merchandise you wanted her to bring back ? So don't be afraid to go beyond what the games offer in matter of realism, your stories will only benefit from it. Anyway, thanks for the read.
  14. How I would fix Super Saiyan.

    It's intriguing enough to find dragon ball related content on LL. You're stating that what gives power to saiyans is their inner ape rage, and that their removed tail allow them to go into false super saiyan transformations (until their reacquire it). I'll make three observations on this : — DBGT, for as much as fans did like it (including myself), isn't canon, and felt subpar compared to DBZ. Akira Toriyama just wasn't involved in it. — It is rage that indeed fuels regular super saiyans 1-2 transformations. However it being related to the lacking tail is a theory that could prove itself wrong. Bardock has his tail secured around his waist at all times (you can see it very clearly at the end of his episode), and still turns super saiyan (though granted it's no more canon than DBGT). Same for half-saiyans like Goten and Trunks who never got tails in the first place ; not to mention universe 6 saiyans who hadn't since several generations. — God transformations (red, blue, and beyond blue) aren't acquired by rage but by achieving a level of ki control so high (godlike in fact) that you can release your ki without having it leaking around. It hasn't anything related to saiyans as several non saiyan characters (would it be only the gods themselves, but there are others) did achieve it. It is a matter of superior control, allowing in the end more efficient and less draining transformations. Which are precisely the limits of the moderately efficient and greatly draining/leaking super saiyan 3. Which is why Vegeta never even bothered to acquire it. And is the only reason why his ki was in the end concentrated enough to break an otherwise fatal god's hakai. Personally, I've noticed how new processors aren't so much gaining in frequency/power compared to older generation, but more in efficiency per watt, and with contained heat leaking. I'm wondering if that is what inspired Toriyama for his new evolutions. Having characters with just better control, or more efficient defending/attacking reflexes instead of only pure just strength boost is kind of new, and feels very interesting to me.
  15. Or maybe just to allow the user to choose the tab he wants to be displayed upon arrival on his/her profile ? That way you can display your « About me » tab, and put all of your mods/blogs into it.