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  1. Tirloque

    Adrea: A Quiet Night

    A rather original chapter indeed. I think the use of music (which you can directly integrate btw) adds something (specially considering it's a part of the story), but having to launch it and stop it back and forth kinda hinders the immersion. The water bubble doesn't looks like a typical bubble though. Anyway, liked how you infuse personality into objects, and as always the immersive screens quality. Malicia : « Hi-i♪, Adrea ! You're still very intelligent and pretty, but the music you like is very loud ! An don't forget your panties when answering at the door ! See you ! »
  2. Funny episode, with an enjoyable fight, even though it lacks a bit in clarity. Dialogues could also use to be taylored a bit more for each character. The "bloody" ending left unexplained also felt a bit frustrating. But overall colored screens and vivid expressions for a pleasant read. 🙂
  3. Very natural and "girl next door looking", like the palette of expressions switching between serious/sensual and more mischievous.She has something a bit cartoonish however, dunno if it's the head to body proportions.
  4. Well, it looks a bit strange only at 0.5x speed, no to mention the physics of the bottle, but on another hand the facial expressions and reactions, and the final surprise pose were quite well managed. 🙂
  5. Malicia : « You should be very careful, and very cautious Eva. When everyone becomes very sweet, it's that they wanna ask you money, uh. » Kudos for spelling my name correctly. ^^
  6. I see nothing but love in today's diary.
  7. For my part, I find your merchant heroin refreshing, but I still prefer Kiki. There aren't so many people able to offer cookies to Molag Bal, or to divert a vampire lord from their obsessions.... Anyway, nice story, and for my part I liked the darker shades of her wondering about leaving the spy or not. The dialogues were as humorous as ever (with special mention to the "quiproquo" of the vampire master speaking to one and being answered to another ^^). Master vampire that did somehow remind me of a certain Vazil in some way, even being in nearly as fashionable company... Anyway, entertaining read ! Malicia : « I already tried the thralls' illness thingie before. But it didn't work, no. Dunno why. »
  8. I'd advice to use longer tails on the comic bubbles if you find out the first one to be read isn't the one that comes first when reading. 'cause no matter what you do with numbers, the eye will still go first to the first thing it sees. On some screens they looked good, in others a bit less. This is one example where they looked good, and it's indeed one of the screens where they are the smallest : The proportions of the body itself (legs, posterior, waist to hips ratio, breasts and so on) rather than the face in fact. Which becomes more obvious from side views for example :
  9. Quite an interesting entry here. Though maybe slightly short, the staging is good, and the setup rather original (the Sim's aren't a common choice, black protagonists either, nor going from hot stones massage to a semi-vampire like ecstasy). Your posterisation filter gives it a visual identity (which reminds me of Savos's work btw), but the posing and even the last lost in bloodlike water has some kind of aesthetic poetry. A promising work !
  10. Well, technically the visuals are well crafted, and it feels like rendering it yourself gives you got some possibilities (for the effects in particular, the diving shots are quite aesthetic visually). Now I guess there's more work than while using a game to do so, and you've got a bit more limitations (Gaya's younger body and Frelena's look very alike) on other aspects. As for the comic story aspect, it was a pleasant discovery and I hope you go on that way ; but if I had to give you an advice it would be to drop numbers on the bubbles (rather immersion breaking, and won't change were the eye will go first) and to take in account reading order instead : readers will read from top to bottom, and in Europe/USA from left to right. So first bubbles should always be the ones on top, and if on the same height, the ones on the left. Anyway, your story feature bodies more generous than the usual, and had a quite humorous vibe in this one, so with the visuals you've got so original strengths to take profit of. Nice start !
  11. That would confirm Malicia's head bump theory then. 🤔 Yeah, but her life underwent a few changes in the last months, and I wonder if this isn't related to it. Resdayn warned about an absence of 2 weeks and it's been one more, but that could also be related to a lack of motivation. Only time will tell if we should worry or not. 😕
  12. Not all of the vampires though. To me, she seemed to be on equal grounds or maybe slightly dominant to Vasil or Yvonne for example. I understand your point, and as at the moment our work is purely volunteer you're right about the important point being of doing what we want, and doing so in our original way. But even though I get that you won't change your mind, it is indeed interesting that you highlight my remark. I am not disturbed by images left unaltered during still scenes (such as the one I showed), which can let one fully appreciate every detail of it. What does disturb me, is when it is not supposed to be still, when it's supposed to move, to sound, to feel as alive as can be... In that case, leaving the image without all of this breaks the flow of sound and movement previously established by the dialogues... and so decreases the immersion. That's my point here. Every one is free to have his/her own. Malicia : « I'm not picky, no ! I'm just giving him very useful information before someone notices, you see ? He should be very thankful to get expert advice for free, yes. »
  13. Well it was a bit short indeed, but the screens are colored, well angled and well posed, and featuring a rather original context. The lips movement aren't always those of a talking character though, but the inbuilt dialogues are relatively easy to read, so overall a technically rather pleasant work. Let's just hope your heroine's career doesn't concludes with her interaction with Mallus.
  14. A lot of teasing, but then a couple of sudden twists to save the day. Nice one ! Astrid's lips were a bit still in the first part though, but hinting for some hidden power to Cass, and having Shadowmere afraid of "light" was interesting. As for the main horse culprit, I've heard Resdayn took a few weeks of vacations. Malicia : « This Astrid girl must've hit her head on the door before, 'cause there was already blood on it. She must've fallen 'cause she doesn't have a clue how to ride, and so she went completely nuts and disgusting afterwards, you see ? I wonder if all the guys with the black uniform knocked their heads that way too. »
  15. A rather imaginative entry indeed, seems you never run out of setups for sex in your stories, and the reading one was rather original. ^^ It's also nice to see some partners being able to hold their ground against Nora in a sexual relationship, so far the only ones who were able to turn the tables on her were Ahtar, Lenora and Thomas. And since there is love between Thomas and her, it adds a special flavor to it, possibly symbolized in a way by the rose with thorns. That being said, that was a sex + character development chapter, but the story didn't move on too much. Except from an increasingly frustrated Kristoff, lurking in the shadows... Special mention for some of the screens composition, truly worth the view by themselves : I'm still not comfortable with some of them being silent though, sure you don't intrude the image, but it becomes still and silent while it shouldn't be. It seems hard to find a balance between pure images and very visible comic style onomatopoeia when doing those. Malicia : « I like a lot their way of reading, though I'm not sure you can read very fast that way, no. Anyway, Thomas looks very good, but also very neglected. He should use this -> on each of his fingers, uh. »
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