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  1. Tirloque

    Breaking news - Falling over edge …

    If that's the case, then in this precise example I'm glad to be wrong.
  2. Tirloque

    Breaking news - Falling over edge …

    Antonio has always been there, and a support to you three, specially in hard time. In my eyes, no amount of sweating can excuse smacking a friend. I'm sorry to say this, but despite Prince's qualities, self control is still to be acquired. About the injections, I documented myself a bit, and it seems they can be of some help in cases of hyper-sudating/hyperhydrosis, if oxybutinin (which is less risky, if he hasn't glaucoma) proved ineffective. Still I don't like the idea of using such a dangerous product for something that isn't supposed to be life-threatening.
  3. Tirloque

    Chapter Eleven: Finders Keepers.

    Well, having notifications about a followed blog is good news : the more there are, the better. One thing though : for "hooked" readers, it's just amazing to get so much good content to read. Yet publishing at such a quick rate might tend to get a bit less likes/comments per entry than they should ("one nail drives out another"), and might get your blog have less presence in LL's main blogs page, in terms of duration. But I think things will balance out eventually, and that rate implies you take pleasure in creating those stories, which I'm glad of.
  4. Tirloque

    Chapter Ten: The Broken Order.

    About the wackiness alternating with more developed plotlines, I'd say you're doing perfectly fine so far. And you've managed to find a balance between softcore sexyness (most of your chapters), hardcore chapters, and ones without any attire in that regard. That last example, with the bad guy's stare, and his hands casting pose was great regarding ambiance. Malicia : « Alright Mr Spy. You can send the money at "Malicia Marsoric, Little Shack, WINTERHOLD". And if the pony is carrying it, even better, yes. »
  5. Tirloque

    Chapter Nine: Misplaced.

    Malicia : « So someone HAD stolen her stuff alright. I guessed everything, I want my pony ! » Jokes aside, you really are in a frenzy (though the short individual length helps, the speed you're working at is amazing). Plus Cassidey's replies are top notch, as always. ^^
  6. Tirloque

    Heretical Gwynolda

    Gwynolda meets All for One ! I'm not too fond of pure image entries, but it has been so long since we last saw her that, and that design... I had to press that green button. Malicia : « Hi-i Mr Resdayn ! I just wanted to say a few things to Gwynolda, yes : She forgot her shoes The bra she picked is way too small, it got around her neck The Mr she's going honey-honey with is very ugly Aside from that, Hi-i Gwynolda ! Can't wait to see you very healthy again ! And don't trust the woman in the reindeer outfit, no ! »
  7. Tirloque

    Sun and the heat his worst enemies

    From my point of view, if the medicine is worse than the illness, then don't take it. If you're right, his condition is gonna improve as soon as temperatures do lower. So taking any dangerous drugs (and to die from it is very permanent effect) for something that's gonna get better spontaneously, is disproportionate. "Unwise" so to speak. It's like playing russian roulette in order to get cured of boredom : sure, it works, but the risk is such that it's not reasonable to do this. Now I don't know everything about the situations, so I can merely warn you generally. You'll be the ones making the choices in that specific case.
  8. Tirloque

    Sun and the heat his worst enemies

    Just one thing, careful about botulinum toxins. Injected locally, in very small doses they can locally relax one muscle at a time. But if absorbed by the whole body, they can induce paralysis and cardiac disorders, turning into a deadly poison. Not the kind of thing you'd want to use to relax !
  9. Tirloque

    Future is already there

    Amazing screens, and mesmerizing universe. Such potential for a story...
  10. Tirloque

    Good news everyone!

    Hmmm. Well, this certainly is an interesting development...
  11. Tirloque

    Chapter Eight: Farkas Unleashes the Beast.

    Hmm, I didn't imagine Cassidey was that libertine, she went into it just so naturally. ^^ Also liked the pun with the "impulsive" calling. ^^ Anyway, that was a great sexy chapter, let's just hope she doesn't gets her brains fried too often. Malicia : « Farkas-sama !! »
  12. Tirloque

    Cloaka Maxima

    Malicia : « You're just being very jealous, yes. » I know it is, but IMO, the less "playthough" and the more RP/Story it'll feel, the better. This is just an advice though, and the only real give-away is Ciri sitting to eat next to a fresh corpse. You do what you want Worik, no pressure. It's your stories. Malicia : « »
  13. Tirloque

    Cloaka Maxima

    Not an unpleasant read. However, still has that bit of play-though feeling sometime, which might lessen the « story-told » immersion. Also, it might be a good idea to point-out when a dialog starts by using dashes or "quotes" to easen the understanding about how many interlocutors there are (would it be only at the beginning or the end). Anyway, it's nice to see adventurers not being afraid tod dirty their boots when necessary. Well, I didn't get to capture aaaaaall of this adventure Though our little friend was just a bit too slow to get his creepy fingers on our lovely behinds. Malicia : « Don't pay attention, Mr Worik, Mr Resdayn is just being saucy. He always asks for people to get done in the poo-poo, you see ?Specially Prince. And Ciri and Yennefer look like Prince's friends, uh. »
  14. Tirloque

    Chapter Seven: Darkness Rising.

    Malicia : « No ponies ? You're the one who stole her clothes, just say it !! »
  15. Tirloque

    Chapter Seven: Darkness Rising.

    — You've turned on DOF — You added the flames at the end — Ulfric's armor Malicia : « The meany woman stole's Cassidey's panties, yes »