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  1. So circling back to this one since how I went about it might not be intuitive, you can now do effectively this by using two slots using the same overlay, driver, etc. Just set one to be in combat only and the other out of combat only.
  2. This might be possible if those mods send mod events when they do their thing. I haven't looked at either of those yet so I couldn't say off the top of my head. But you could definitely have this mod reduce or increase only tint opacity over time, so long as the dirt mod uses a consistent slot. If it picks the first available slot, like some do, then using my mod to control it wouldn't work well. I'm trying hard to avoid scope creep, so I'm not planning on adding overlay texture and drivers to change them, although now that I'm thinking of it I could probably do something like that, but not right away. Maybe a way to pick select overlays to switch between? My next iteration I'm going to move to Json storage and see if I can make a way for other mods to take over slots using my mod. That should also allow for people to make their own drivers and pulse conditions with some scripting. I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. I originally thought it up seeing PSQ do its tattoo management and I wanted to have glowing tats that changed like patryns from deathgate cycle, and also a way to have my character developed a tan over time. Haven't gotten around to making overlays for either yet though.
  3. I found a couple typos in the menu script, one was causing an annoying issue when opening the body color alpha maximum slider, the other affected the ability to use the color menu to select the maximum color for the hand slots. Should be able to just drop in and overwrite. zao_menu_script.pex
  4. This may be possible, I need to check under the hood of that mod to see.
  5. Oooh, hadn't thought of vampiric hunger, and now I wonder if there's a way to check moon phases too. The versions on nexus are the same as here, the mod is set up so if the LL mods aren't found then the options don't show up in the menus.
  6. Version 0.2 should be live. Requires a clean save since I had to re-initialize arrays because I was able to increase the number of slots controlled.
  7. Yeah, sounds right, I found two bugs in my code that were detrimental to using hands, feet, and face slots. I'm about a week out on an update that fixes these bugs and adds a few drivers and pulse options. I've also completely redone the slots menu for better usability so hopefully it'll be a lot easier to define colors for everything.
  8. I haven't used SD+ but if it applies the rose as an overlay to a static slot, like psq does, whose number you know then you could already set it up in active overlays to do so, assuming SD+ doesn't manage the slot's colors itself. However if SD+ searches for an open slot, like tweaked BiS, then it would be more difficult.
  9. I'm trying to catch via script when the player swings their weapon. I've tried OnActorAction (action 0, weapon swing), OnAnimationEvent (weaponSwing and PowerAttack_Start_End), and OnKeyDown (registering for the attack left and attack right keys), and so far each of these fires roughly when the swing would make contact with an enemy rather than at the beginning of the swing. Is there a better way to go about catching a swing earlier in the animation without OnUpdate loops checking animbools? I really would rather have this be event driven. And as a secondary question, how do I collect the weapon speed of unarmed? I've tried the usual methods and it returns 0 for speed since I'm assuming it's not seeing unarmed as a weapon.
  10. I'm adding color menus and also an option to break color selection down to RGB sliders in my mod's MCM but I've found a weird issue with the color swatch. For red and green the range seems to appropriately be 0-255, but for blue it appears to be 0-223, or some other maximum, seems to be somewhat random. I attached a couple pictures showing the issue. Is there something I'm not understanding about the color menu here? I double checked my code and it's identical between the three colors. This appears to only be a color swatch issue, the color applied to the overlay ends up having the appropriate amount of blue, tested by setting 0,0,255.
  11. I wish I understood why some people are having difficulties, the only functions beyond basic papyrus are the color get and set functions from nioverride. In the first iteration I didn't include a way to tell if the slots got defined or not, next version will have color menus in addition to the get buttons, I kind of suspect that the issues stem from empty slot definitions. The "may take a few seconds" was a catch all from my initial testing, typically should be almost instant. All my testing is being done on an existing save, there shouldn't be anything that requires a new game in here.
  12. My MCM count for slots stops at the maximum number it's managing, so anything over that is disregarded, that shouldn't be your issue. I found a bug in the individual slot color collection code that makes them essentially useless, please try with the collect all slots button in the general tab if you haven't already. I'm pretty close on the next iteration where I'm adding better color setting mechanics and fixing the get bugs, hopefully in the next couple weeks.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I tried that out and I'm still getting the same compiler errors, not sure what's going on.
  14. Does anybody know how to create a dev environment that allows you to compile scripts that reference FrostUtil script? I've done a bit of digging and already got the source for SkyUI, Equipping Overhaul, Chesko's FallbackEventEmitter and CommonArrayHelper and everything else in that GitHub, Frostfall, Campfire, and PapyrusUtil, but even with all of this I get compiler errors like "LinkedArrayAddArmor is not a function or does not exist" (_frost_legacyarmordatastore.psc), and "AddInputOption is not a function or does not exist" (_camp_skyuiconfigpanelscript.psc). I'm trying to compile a 4 line script, including scriptname, that interfaces with FrostUtil to get the player exposure. Supposedly there was a dev kit for Frostfall at some point but the download link isn't working anymore.
  15. No, it only works on the player. I've not dabbled in NPC editing at all yet so it's not on my to do list either, sorry.
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