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  1. Anyway, I like the concept. Just too bad Skyrim is such a bitch to keep stable. At least for me, it is.
  2. Are glowmaps and translucency/transparency even compatible?
  3. Stuff is happening for slavery on TW right now. Also, plenty of romance to go around, if ya look for it.
  4. Have you tried Thrall Wars? https://discord.gg/t7Gk7ZeX
  5. https://discord.gg/Hsmmvgx5 Looking for more to join us here.
  6. There are plenty of mods that add animations, so don't.
  7. Try searching on the IG server list to see. They may have cleaned out inactive players.
  8. If only it wasn't such a chore to relearn how to set up Skyrim...
  9. If there's a way to keep pages from automatically scrolling to the bottom, that would be awesome to use. I have a hard time with the fact that it skips to the place below the most recent comment, only to have to manually return to the tops of pages. If I haven't examined the content in the pages, I don't want to read any comments until after I do so. Thanks for the update, Ashal and team. Edit: I'm enjoying the softer look.
  10. Nope. Only the Siptah ones require it. Look for Exiled Lands map.
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