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  1. Not required, but a bummer without them once you see the nice things.
  2. We have the demon people and the vampires aside from humans. Most are human, tho. https://discord.gg/vgTKmM
  3. If you can get past the corrupted race and just play a human (no special abilities for corrupted) I can share a discord link to see if you would like to try.
  4. Sexiles is being held hostage by the original author as far as I know.
  5. There is a mod with player surrender, capture, slavery, all that stuff.
  6. Prepare to fall down a rabbit hole. There is much to do in CE, and it gets better when playing online.
  7. Aquilonian Females is my favorite body mod.
  8. How much time passes before you give up? There are also controls that go along with it to switch stages, animations and speed.
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