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  1. Hello. Please if not difficult to do https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/491-immersive-first-person-view/ for special edition. I will not remain in debt.

  2. SexLab Animation Speed Control 3

    Please convert for SSE. My attempts failed

    I beg you,I really need it.


  3. I'm trying to get past the infamous Slaverun Reloaded "Dragonsreach CTD" so I followed the steps in your debug crashdump post to try to track down the specific trigger



    But I'm not getting crashdump records when I crash entering Dragonsreach. I thought I had done something wrong, but then I had a random crash someplace else and it DID leave a .dmp file.


    Any idea why the Dragonsreach CTDs wouldn't leave a record?

  4. That was my fault, thanks for letting me know. I should be able to fix that crash, I will release a new version today anyway most likely. The restrict angle (360 disables it not 0) I think it happens when the animation turns the character model but not the actual orientation of character. These are really bad to detect for me because there's no indication of this happening in the actual game, you may be right though not sure how else to fix than to disable restrict even if it lets you look at yourself. Edit: the update is posted and that crash should be fixed but I still didn't test it.
  5. Released V3 but also added custom profile support. Create a new file in the same directory as the config file called "IFPVProfile.SL.config.txt" in there write: Condition_Enabled = 1 Condition_Keyword = "SLKeywordIdontKnowWhatThisIs" Priority = 2400 After that write any settings from the main config file you want. But only write settings you want to actually change or "dirty edit". When you find a configuration that works well share it with others. My recommendation is to change stabilize ignore offsets to 0 or 5 or low value (default is 90) and use ignorerotation setting instead for example 10 value there or higher. This is better when the animation turns around the actors but keeps root node rotation same as before. If you use PositionFromHead or RotationFromHead to 1.0 the stabilize is not used at all. PS: I didn't test if any of this works.
  6. I forgot I disabled looking around while passenger profile is active. Will fix that and allow pos/rot multiplier to be separately configured for that profile. I did intend this profile to be used for SL but I didn't know what the keyword used is and some other mods may want to use it as well so I left it empty. It is probably best to use stabilize settings for the profile instead of purely 1.0 rotation because it is too uncomfortable to look. I'll include those as well separately configurable and with v3 you guys can try what the best configuration ends up. I don't have any SL stuff installed right now and it's a matter of preference anyway. If you need some other settings separately for that profile let me know.
  7. I don't know either, you were on the right track already crash happened while loading those textures you see in the stack. You can try verify game files in steam but it might mess up your cleaned files too.
  8. I don't know, I think it's a bad audio file, but not sure how to get the name of it, don't think the game keeps the names around at this point when the crash happens. You will have to try disabling mods until you find it, but you can only look at mods that include audio files or have a BSA with audio files. Edit: actually could also be some badly configured form, so try every mod.
  9. I released a DLL plugin framework, but it also has a feature that writes crash logs, kind of like old Crash Fixes in LE except this one is giving much better info. Here's the framework: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21294 The crash logs appear in /Data/NetScriptFramework/Crash/ directory (or overwrite directory if you use MO). To diagnose a crash look at the file, these three are important: Callstack - the function call stack where topmost is currently executing code, 2nd in list is where the current function was called, 3rd is where that function was called from etc. Registers - current CPU registers Stack - what is on the stack memory, closer to the top = more important (more recent stuff) If you can't understand anything post it here and perhaps someone will be able to help. The crash logs are much larger this time, it may be better to post it as an attachment or post it on some other text paste site and link it here, at the very least use spoiler tags. Only version or higher.
  10. You sure the end fragment will even run? Also removing package override will not apply the change immediately, something must trigger package re-evaluation before it actually changes on the actor so there's no CTD. And yes last added with same priority will be first because this is not a normal game's package stack but separate custom one.
  11. You can add more than one. Higher priority package always is chosen first, if multiple packages have same priority then the last added one is chosen first. Flags is only currently has 1 possible flag (value 1) it means ignore conditions on the package, if 0 then don't ignore conditions. You will have to test if the package is removed on finish, not sure about it.
  12. Should I cap the string size to 65535 ? so only the first 65535 characters get written.
  13. Quickloot is open source, you could fix the crash yourself.
  14. Added a new way to get crash info in Crash Fixes V12 Beta 3, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? Open CrashFixPlugin.ini and set RecordCrashInfo=1 On crash it creates a file in Data/SKSE/Plugins/CrashLog/crash_time.txt, example of what to report: 2016_07_10_15-43-26 - DE45D0: V(1); EAX(70); EBX(62EB6010); ECX(FFFFFFF0); EDX(FFFF); ESI(3FBD46A0); EDI(70); EBP(3FBD4820); ESP(19DE20); STACK(DE4A6E D5B7DD); Address is DE45D0, other info is for those who can understand it. Other changes are in sticky comment of the comments section.
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