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  1. @LongDukDong , you the fucking man , Your dedication to Oblivion mods is admirable.
  2. No one is obligated to give you complete directions, I sent you into the right direction and look you got it too work. Problem solved.
  3. Just use the mesh rigger program it's auto matic.
  4. Some of these mods work with OpenMW , So, I don't know what you talking about.
  5. Any updates on any your mods? I've been here on the forums , but just been doing some Morrowind Modding.
  6. Just find a another npc to have to try it with , If what you say is true your cello_npc_list.txt , should have thousands of npcs to choice from open it up and pick one , or you can always do it with the gods.
  7. That's your problem... He is not in your list.. I just typed... add him manually are find a npc from the list or copy your current list run on a new save with less mods and merge your two list together... btw the way you don't have to fun the program over and over if your just updating your character... or have sex with the same npcs from the same mods the .txt files are just database files.
  8. 1.) Did you re each program till done? 2.) Did you check the file "Cello_NPC_List.txt" for your npc? If your npc is not in "Cello_NPC_List.txt" the head will not show up. Does not matter if your manual or virtual.
  9. Proof that it still works. The NPC is from "A Drow Story" mod will all extra addons.
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