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  1. It's "Sexy Robes and Hats" It's right on these site even has a guts conversion.
  2. These version is causing me to crash. reverted till fixed CTDS already reported on the github.
  3. It's the sashes that don't work the floating one and the leg parts ; the skin is fine.
  4. Cause you need knowledge and time to make plus all the tools are buggy.
  5. Your meshes appear to not work ingame even when setting up textures path and what not.
  6. I would love for you to share it with me or at least pm!
  7. What are the races and outfit, I would love to replicate these!
  8. Your GREAT. Please continue with the updates :). I love it. I just had a problem on my end.
  9. Edit: Disregard for now, seems to be some type of setting in one of my obse.dll plugins.
  10. The new version you posted is causing my save games to hang anyway for a lite version?
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