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  1. All the links are in the "Download" button.... all parts are right there.
  2. Soon you will have a full package too aid the people . Nice, to see your a cowboy bebop fan , we have something in common.
  3. I missed you puddles , I kind of went back to Morrowind , any news?!!???!
  4. There is no password. Unless you have parts from somewhere else use winrar.
  5. @LongDukDong , you the fucking man , Your dedication to Oblivion mods is admirable.
  6. No one is obligated to give you complete directions, I sent you into the right direction and look you got it too work. Problem solved.
  7. Just use the mesh rigger program it's auto matic.
  8. Some of these mods work with OpenMW , So, I don't know what you talking about.
  9. Any updates on any your mods? I've been here on the forums , but just been doing some Morrowind Modding.
  10. Just find a another npc to have to try it with , If what you say is true your cello_npc_list.txt , should have thousands of npcs to choice from open it up and pick one , or you can always do it with the gods.
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