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Harkon made a pact with Molag Bal. While it's widely known that he became a vampire as a condition of this pact, it's not so well know that he also keeps a book in which he recorded a two recipes and some brief rantings about his wife, as well as mortals.


In his book, Harkon recorded the recipe that he was given by Molag Ball himself, as well as a potion that he devised himself.


The recipe that was given to him by Molag Bal is that of the Potion of Blood. The other, well, that was an inspiration that has to be seen to be believed (WIP, remember).


As you enter Harkon's chambers in Castle Volkihar, look around for a book that doesn't look like it belongs there. Also, don't lose it or sell it; it doesn't respawn.


I'm still planning a couple of more things to do with this, so don't get all bent out of shape when you find out that it isn't really that great yet.


Also, the new potion uses the texture of the original Potion of Blood. I want to recolor the red part of the bottle, if I can, to a black so dark that it looks like a void, rather than a bottle. Tutorials help.


Thanks for stopping in here, folks.

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