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  1. My car. Two days ago, I accidentally went over a curb. Just a little one, nothing major. And noticed a very slight grinding noise coming from the back. I figured, hey, maybe a shock just gave up the ghost, so I got under there and took a look... nope, not a shock. At least, not just a shock. Shit is all rusted down there, it looks like a futuristic dystopian trash heap. Both control arms are rusted clean through, it's a miracle I made it to the mechanic. A tie rod end is cracked, and so is one shock. And once I got it to the mechanic, turns out the wheel bearings are fucked up on the right rea
  2. Woof... you're asking me about stuff I really can't remember. If I recall correctly (and that's a big "if"), I'm pretty sure the bounty only appears if you exit the keep from the main door without servicing the dogs first. I actually can't remember anything to do with Ceran out there, and I'm pretty sure there are actually two copies of Denter, and... none of this is answering your question, is it? The command to finish a quest would be "completequest xxxx" where xxxx is the quest ID, but I don't know what the quest ID is. Probably ccas_handler_something. Just use the "
  3. I have had a lot of trouble getting Stellaris mods to show up and work properly. Made worse by the recent launcher changes. I swear it takes me like ten minutes every time I want to add or remove a mod just to figure out how to edit the playlist stuff, change the .mod file to work, etc. It's a bit of a pain. I should have gone with Steam instead of GoG. Much easier working with the steam workshop apparently.
  4. Oh, man! We've got some bureaucratic office building stuff going on! Next I'm gonna send you to the Ashal department to get your form 38-A triple-stamped. I've just re-checked my code for the chaurus egg breeder scenario (130) and this is basically what it does: Seed Sexlab stats for the player (use "falmer" starting seed for sexlab stats) Give the player 3 sets of starting equipment: Basic, Prisoner, and Chaurus (includes stuff like some starting food, a bit of gold, lockpick or two, some chaurus eggs, prisoner clothes, etc) Add Estrus Chaurus event if installe
  5. If y'all are just figments of my imagination, I'd like to complain to management. I've seen some of my own dreams, and this is way off. Where are all the nude hotties? Why can't I fly? I'd even accept the one where I'm trapped in a house surrounded by zombies and the only way to safety is to dig, mole-person-like, through the ground using my hands for several hundred yards. But no! What do I get? Six inches of snow! A leaky roof due to ice damming! A steadily dwindling bank account! A pulled groin muscle!* I'm very dissatisfied. You'll receive a harsh review, mark my words.
  6. Ah. Then I'd go with "That one place where people do poems n' stuff." Honestly, yours is probably the best alternative to "Bard's College" I could come up with. The Beautiful Association of Rhythm, Dittys, and Songs? "Beautiful" is kinda weird, but then again the whole thing is kinda weird. Bountiful? Quest names are important too. I'm very proud of "Looting and Luting" so that'd better end up as Lesson 1.
  7. Here I am to save the day! . . . Um... what am I here for, exactly? Coming up with possible names? College Days 2: College Dayser Return of the Son of College Days Part VII: The Final Confrontation College Days: Second Semester University Days: Solitude College Days: The Edda Intellect Terminated: Spring Break And Recess Dating Service (I.T.S.B.A.R.D.S.) Bardic Lessons: Luting and Looting "Cum, they told him:" Lesson 1 in Drums (because, you know, christmas is just past...) Lute, Flute, and Drum: College Days 2 Th
  8. Right, but both CCAS scenarios presume you are female because they actively impregnate you. I'm not sure about the internal code of either mod, but I'd guess there are checks to prevent anything bad happening if you try to impregnate a male, so it would *probably* work without any long-term problems. I'm not sure what you'd change with tes5edit - I use the Creation Kit for stuff like that. I'd love to tell you exactly what to edit, but TBH I don't even have CCAS installed right now (don't have Skyrim installed either). Using tes5edit, somewhere buried in the quest record there w
  9. It's been a while since I've looked at it, but IIRC the way forward is the way back - the auto-load door that brought you in should have switched destinations. Remember where those flame atronachs first appeared? Head back there, to the spot where you entered the room. At least, that's what I recall... but I could be wrong there. Hope it works. Did you try this? That's a new one on me. Possibly a mod conflict... the creature den exit is under a waterfall near Deep Folk Crossing. Sort of halfway between Deep Folk Crossing and Druadach Redoubt. It's possible (though
  10. Eep. Been a while. My bad. I'm honestly not sure what I'd need for that. I've never played with that mod. From the description, it looks simple enough, like I'd just need to: Create an NPC that will be a slave - easy to do, but I'm no plastic surgeon, so I'd probably just end up using one of the random bandit types or something. Add item reference for the slave collar and equip it - also easy enough, but potentially problematic for the player. CCAS does this in a couple of places already for some starts, but it's something I try to avoid doing if at all possible. On
  11. Is there a file in your Skyrim directory (not under data, but in the main dir) called "slavetats_cache.json"? Try deleting it. I frequently have problems with the cache preventing new tattoos from showing up in the MCM.
  12. Had the same problem with spheres and ballistas too. The solution worked. What causes this issue? And does deleting the hkx file mean that Sexlab animations won't work with those creatures anymore?
  13. That's one of Jfraser's. It's a good idea too, CCAS should have something like that. To really do it justice I'll need to make it a bit longer than most of them, maybe something along the lines of the Aspiring Mage scenario (though not as fucked up). Something to give the player some basic (and humorous) exposition. It would actually be a good fit for what I plan to do with the Bandit Honeypot scenario, with the player being able to ask questions, and the other members of the gang delivering the needed exposition - maybe they'd assume that you hit your head or were touched by Sheogorath.
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