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  1. Does this require the FPE Redux 3.66, or will it work with FPE 2.702?
  2. Ilinalta's Deep doesn't surprise me, but the orc does. No idea what's causing that. Where - and when - are you teleporting? If you try to teleport from inside the LAL starting cell, LAL itself will block you. It's not supposed to crash, but I have actually had that happen once or twice.
  3. That's a fairly common problem. I just wish I had a good solution for you. Some people report that cleaning the save works, some people need to start a brand new game. The mod JUGS may or may be a problem as well.
  4. CCAS has technically 100 scenarios at the moment, but things are in a bit of flux. When I finally get around to updating for SSE, I think I'll only have 40 or 50 to start with, but that will eventually increase. Eventually I hope to get it up back around current numbers or even higher. But don't rush yourself - I haven't even really done any work on it yet. I've been promising to "get around to it" for something like two years now.
  5. Ah, I misunderstood how it works. That does sound better. Once flu season dies down a bit (or rather, flu-shot season) I should have a bit more time to work on this.
  6. It *should* work just fine - IIRC I don't actually use SKSE for anything in this mod. The SKSE requirement is basically just for SkyUI.
  7. They should all be in a zip file, "scripts.zip" in the data directory. Wait, is this for SE or LE?
  8. A papyrus log *might* help in tracking down this problem. The problem with crashes is that they - by definition - do not exist in a papyrus log. All you can hope for is that there's some indicator near the bottom of the log that says what the problem is going to be in the next millisecond. Which almost never happens. If you aren't using Better Dialogue Controls, that might be the problem. The other one was EZ2C Dialogue Menu but that one's gone unfortunately. Oh my god, that's a shitload of errors. And most of them look weird - like somehow the conversion actually duplicated everything rather than just converting it. Overlapping navmeshes, multiple identical references, doubled COC markers (which is actually impossible to do normally) - I have no idea what happened, but it really looks like you've got two mods occupying the same space there. Just out of curiosity, is the .esp file size just about doubled from what it should be?
  9. I haven't tried it, but I have been considering it. My main problem is that it looks like Alternate Perspective is set up for one scenario at a time, rather than a whole bunch all at once like LAL. But like I said, I haven't explored the mod yet so I could be way off. I do like the fact that incorporating your start doesn't require a hard dependency though. Oh man, it's been more than a month, sorry - I've completely forgotten what your problem was in the first place. Looking at your papyrus log I don't see any problems with CCAS itself, though it sort of looks like you're not having any CTDs...? Yes, eventually. I hope to implement two different ones actually. IIRC I put in a thing that prevented Defeat and Death Alternative from functioning properly while in that scenario. Technically they should cease functioning entirely until you get back to Skyrim. EDIT: Or maybe that was just Death Alternative...? Glad it's working anyway. That doesn't surprise me too much. Soulgem Oven (the only cell that impacts Ilinalta's Deep in CCAS) has a bit of an issue working even in Skyrim LE - getting it to play nice with CCAS required some fiddling about, and that's the one scenario that I was originally certain wouldn't transfer over to Special Edition properly (though I think I was eventually proved wrong about that). Sucks though, this way you can't actually do Azura's quest, right? I'll take a look, but since I don't even have Skyrim LE installed right now, I probably won't be of much help.
  10. I'm really looking forward to the day they release Cyberpunk 2077. A working one, that is.
  11. Originally it was going to be a branching quest, where you could influence the way the ponygirl farm operates. One of the branches was to turn the farm into a hub for a courier/news service. Yeah, I know, there are already a bunch of mods that do something like that - SLUTS springs to mind, and its precursors (which were mostly just proof-of-concept modlets) - but one thing I do well (the only thing really) is writing. And by "writing" I mean dialogue and books. It was going to feature lots of dialogue and lots of messages and packages being passed from person to person, city to city, etc. and would integrate with the main quest and the civil war quite heavily. This is the part that was going to require Riding Styles - the premise was that everyone knows there are multiple courier services, and to make a successful business, we have to have some unique selling point. Our USP was going to be girls being ridden by horses, rather than the other way around. Citizens of Skyrim would see a girl strapped to the underside of a horse riding at full-speed along the roads carrying a satchel, and get a warm feeling of contentment knowing that the official Ponygirl Express was doing their duty, and incidentally providing good material for the wank-bank. Other branches would have included a military-patrol/mounted mercenary service, and a horse-training farm (the horse-training farm would have used Riding Styles too). For now the Ponygirl Farm has been put on the backburner, but I may revisit the concept later. Some of the dialogue, quest structure, and writing has already been done, but not much yet.
  12. I'd be interested in those scripts - just go ahead and upload them to this thread. Or, y'know, wherever you'd like. Just hand me a link at some point. For ASSE, making it work with SSE mods is my highest priority. That's really the whole point of redoing it in the first place. Something like that is on my to-do list - I think there will eventually be half a dozen vampire-themed scenarios actually. Maybe more, I dunno yet. That's a very common error, and I have no real way to fix it because I have no idea what's causing it, though I suspect script load is the main culprit. Lots of people have this error. The possible solution is a bit hit-or-miss, but you could try jdough's fix. It fixes the problem for most people, but not everyone. As far as I know, judge007's port is the most recent, and also includes SKVA voice files (the files under the download button are the voices - the mod port is on the download page). Or this one, as far as I know it works just fine.
  13. Off dealing with a family emergency. Should be back by August 10. Hold my calls.

    And while you're at it, go ahead and water the plants, bring in the mail, take out the trash, mow the lawn... and why not repaint the house? And cook me up a nice meal for when I get back.

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