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  1. Is there a file in your Skyrim directory (not under data, but in the main dir) called "slavetats_cache.json"? Try deleting it. I frequently have problems with the cache preventing new tattoos from showing up in the MCM.
  2. Had the same problem with spheres and ballistas too. The solution worked. What causes this issue? And does deleting the hkx file mean that Sexlab animations won't work with those creatures anymore?
  3. Just re-reading this now... "So olafactorily speaking" It's only olafactorily speaking if you're standing downwind from Olaf.
  4. That's one of Jfraser's. It's a good idea too, CCAS should have something like that. To really do it justice I'll need to make it a bit longer than most of them, maybe something along the lines of the Aspiring Mage scenario (though not as fucked up). Something to give the player some basic (and humorous) exposition. It would actually be a good fit for what I plan to do with the Bandit Honeypot scenario, with the player being able to ask questions, and the other members of the gang delivering the needed exposition - maybe they'd assume that you hit your head or were touched by Sheogorath. Other friends dragged along with you is a bit harder to deal with, because I'd need to characterize them, and everyone's tastes are different - maybe I don't like your friends and wouldn't bother rescuing them. Or, y'know, sell them to Cidhna Mine. p.s.
  5. It's a LOT more stable. Like, massively so. There are also a couple of small improvements to the engine that I like, and some visual upgrades too. This page lists a bunch of the little changes. Most of them are so minor you probably won't ever even notice, but some are noticeable and pretty good. But mostly it's because of the stability. Very very few crashes in comparison to LE. Be advised that YMMV - I have read some people say it's less stable, so your personal setup might make a big difference. ENBs and so on aren't as advanced for SSE - it doesn't bother me because I never really used them in any game, LE or otherwise (with one exception). My own mod list is missing 2 mods that haven't been ported over yet, but then again I have a pretty conservative load order, usually around 150 - 200 mods or so. There is one thing I dislike about SE - the "dark fog" effect from Devious Devices doesn't work as well due to the new graphical stuff. But other than that, I haven't noticed any big issues. I'd like to say that that will teach me not to make blanket statements without evidence, but... I remember reading that the original Skyrim has become difficult to even search for on Steam, unless you already have the game? As if Steam (and/or Bethesda) wants to sweep it under the rug and go all-in on SE? Once again, it's not like I've done my own research or anything, but that's just what I heard.
  6. Generally speaking, I believe most people are still using LE. SSE is still missing many mod conversions and some simply can't be converted easily, not to mention that the visual upgrades like ENB aren't up to par for SSE yet. If your LE build is relatively stable, it might not be worth it. Having said that, I use SSE exclusively and don't even have LE installed anymore.
  7. I was gonna post this on the Snapshot forums, but they don't allow you to embed images (more than 1 for new posters), and for some reason imugr isn't working at the moment. So I'll take advantage of LL for image hosting! Unnecessary server bloat ahoy! Anyone have any worse base setups?
  8. Sorry for the late replies - my mobo died and I haven't been able to replace it until now. Go back the way you came, a wall should have opened up to a new area. You're not retarded. It sounds like a bug of some kind. My guess would be some other mod interfering, maybe something that triggers an action on or after sex? Just a guess though. Might also be some kind of dialogue mod interfering somehow. After he forces himself on you, you should be able to talk to him again, at which point he should teleport you to the next area. IIRC three dot dialogue usually happens when the dialogue is being forced into a different language though. Did you download CCAS from Loverslab, or somewhere else that did its own translation? Can't help you much with it TBH. I can't recall off the top of my head what the next cell name is, or even if coc'ing there would work.
  9. Ah, right! Derp. I forgot all about her. @Arcticelf, IIRC that scenario has been changed a bit since I last played it. You'd be better off asking in the Sexlab Stories support thread.
  10. Yes, BazsiHUN posted it here. It's one of those that doesn't really have any extra content, just a thematic tie-in with another mod. In this case, Family Ties. No walkthroughs that I recall, but if you need help with any specific scenario feel free to ask. Which one is the "Ellie" start? I don't recall any NPCs with that name? Interesting. You should probably post this in Sexlab Stories too - all CCAS does is start it up, the actual content comes from Sexlab Stories. I have no idea about making them compatible. My suggestion would be to force it by artificially raising your orgasm count (not sure if Separate Orgasms allows you to do that?). If that doesn't work, IIRC you can masturbate to trigger orgasm for the Draugr scenario (using Sexlab Aroused/Redux, I think you just hold down the "F" key?).
  11. Can't help with burnout (suffering from that myself actually) but... Does the "don't havok settle" option not work? Example: The first image is with havok sim turned on and "don't havok settle" also turned on.The second image is with "don't havok settle" turned off - the potion falls to the table. One potential problem is that Skyrim remembers individual object havok settings, so if (for example) the potion has "don't havok settle" turned on, then the player picks up the potion, and then drops it elsewhere, it will remain floating in the air. Given that many players (myself included) usually feel an overwhelming urge to loot everything in sight, then just drop items when they become overburdened, you might end up with floating books or armor, that kind of thing. Havok sim is also useful for figuring out where dead bodies are going to fall. EDIT: It actually it might not solve your problem, depending on the object. I just tested, and static objects can still be affected by havok in-game (deer skulls, that kind of thing) but apparently don't respond to the creation kit's havok simulator. But for things like potions, books, weapons, armor, etc. it should at least tell you if things are going to be falling through the object you're trying to put them on, or getting kicked by intersecting collision meshes. It might only affect items the player can pick up? EDIT 2: SON OF EDIT: I only tested with deer skulls, and there are multiple types, ones that are specifically designed to respond to havok like Unrelenting Force and ones that are not. So you can, for example, decorate a room with mounted deer skulls. But it might still work fine for anything that isn't defined as "static." EDIT 3: REVENGE OF THE RETURN OF THE SON OF EDIT: THE FINAL CONFRONTATION: Yep, tested again, and it works on anything that's not specifically a static object. Left skull is normal, right skull is static. First image is before turning on havok sim, second is after turning on havok sim.
  12. Actually, there are already some hooks in CCAS to connect to Simple Slavery (you can see some basic SSLV work going on in a papyrus log). I was hoping to connect all of the "miscellaneous" scenarios to Simple Slavery at one point, with randomized repeatable outcomes. Unfortunately, I never developed it very far, mostly because CCAS wasn't originally designed to handle it and adding in SSLV integration ended up being a lot more work than I had anticipated. One of my priorities developing for SSE is setting up those kinds of scenarios to be able to work like that from the beginning.
  13. The log helped. If you look at your log, you can see starting on line 12241 a couple of lines where CCAS is trying to determine what it can, cannot, and should not do. Part of that is detecting player gender. It looks like PSQ is (or at least, was, when I put that scenario in) designed without male support in mind, so CCAS will prevent that scenario from showing if your base gender is male. You can try to bypass this requirement by starting the game as female then switching to male after talking to Mara and sleeping in the LAL bed, but I don't know how PSQ would respond. Deadly Drain, on the other hand, has no such gender restriction. I'm not sure why it's not showing up in your list, unless you're just experiencing a common vanilla engine bug. There are two things you can try to get it to show up: 1. Use your arrow keys instead of the mouse when talking to the mara statue, and try to go beyond what it shows in the menu. I've never used this option, but people do say it works. 2. Use one (or both) of these mods: EZ2C Dialogue Menu or Better Dialogue Controls. Both of those fix the vanilla bug (that is not fixed by the unofficial patch) that prevents some lines of dialogue (apparently at random) from showing up if there are too many. And Mara has a shit-ton of dialogue lines even with LAL. Add CCAS in the mix, and she's probably overloading the game.
  14. By "the right menu" I mean when you're talking to Mara, not the scenario list or script. IIRC both succubus scenarios are under the "miscellaneous" submenu. Nothing? No mention of CCAS in your papyrus log? I find that hard to believe, actually. CCAS notifications should be all over that thing. What I'm hoping to find is exactly where the problem with CCAS lies, or if it's a CCAS problem at all. For that, it might help if I could actually take a look at your log. The "hymn of summoning succubus" sounds like something from PSQ or DD, since CCAS doesn't have anything like that. The teleport spell is supposed to teleport you to the cell you show in your screenshot, so that's working. The reason you are moved back immediately is because LAL is designed to detect if the player exits the cell by some means other than the LAL bed, and prevents you from doing so (because if you leave early it will break the main quest). So that's all working as intended.
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