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At this time, this mod is as complete as it can be as far as my skills will allow. However, I filed it under the category of WIP because there is one particular aspect that I want to add that I simply do not have the knowledge to do. That is animations. With Fore's FNIS Alternate Animations feature, I would like to add proper lute-playing animations to replace the default attack animations. Certainly, the LoversLab community has some of the best animation artists for TES games around. And that is why I have released this here and now. In addition to mod users who might be interested, I'd like to invite mod-makers who are familiar with animation-making to try out this mod and, if it shows promise, to consider helping me accomplish that goal.




This mod brings a playstyle from Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer to Skyrim. Dragon Age: Inquisition's Virtuoso is primarily a support class with a diverse arsenal of magical abilities. But the method by which the Virtuoso readies these abilities for use is rather unique.


The mod will add a Lesser Power to the player called "View Bardic Perk Tree". This Lesser Power will bring the player to an area where they can obtain the Lute Weapon (which is the player's access to the majority of the mod's features). Here, the player can also choose from a selection of 18 Perks specifically designed for this playstyle. 3 of the perks are offered for free. The others will require perk point investment, sufficient Speech skill, and prerequisite perks. 10 of the 18 perks allow your character to use unique abilities with their Lute. Using the Lesser Power again or activating the floor returns the player to their original position.


With a Lute equipped and out, the player can queue Fire, Frost, and Shock "Notes". The keys used to queue these must be configured in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) of the SkyUI mod. Up to 3 Notes can be queued. When 3 Notes are queued, but further Notes are added to the queue, the earliest Notes queued will be replaced. Using normal attacks will fire off basic projectile spells with the type corresponding to the earliest note queued. These projectiles deal very modest damage, but allow the player to regenerate Magicka. Using Power Attacks cause the player to play "Songs". Songs are your special abilities and which Song is played depends on the combination of Notes queued. To play a song successfully you must know it by obtaining the corresponding perk. Songs also consume Magicka.


The effectiveness of the player's Songs and basic attacks are governed by the attack rating of their lute, whose damage scales highly with Speech skill.


The majority of the Songs give a buff to the player and their allies while delivering debuffs to foes, within a 12 foot radius (shown visually with a ring effect). This is designed for a support class playstyle that enhances the combat efficacy of followers and nearby non-hostiles, while delivering little damage from the player him/herself.


A list of the Songs' effects is below:

- Wayward Sun: You stir up emotions in the heat of battle. Deals 200% (default) fire damage and knocks down most enemies within 12 feet. Notes: Fire Fire Fire


- Like A Hurricane: Your fingers navigate the strings of your lute with a speed that is the envy of many. All allies within 12 feet receive a 50% bonus to movement. Enemies receive a 50% decrease. Notes: Shock Shock Shock


- Iron Maidens: Your song bolsters the steely resolve of those who support you while weakening that of those who oppose you. Increases armor rating of allies within 12 feet by 1000% (default) of your weapon damage. Enemies' armor rating is decreased by the same amount. Notes: Frost Frost Frost


- Foreigner's Chill: You can command a voice that is not only smooth, but cool. Deals 200% (default) frost damage and paralyzes most enemies within 12 feet. Notes: Fire Fire Frost


- Thunderstruck: Your rhythms are catchy, your energy electric. Deals 200% (default) shock damage to enemies within 12 feet. Enemies with levels less than 200% (default) of your weapon damage flee for 8 seconds. Notes: Fire Fire Shock


- Presents From Santana: Your songs are a blessing not just to your allies, but to the weapons they wield as well. Any ally within 12 feet, wielding a weapon without an enchantment, has their weapon infused for 8 seconds with 150% (default) damage of each element. Notes: Fire Frost Shock


- Let It Be: Your song taunts your enemies into near passivity. Enemies within 12 feet are drained of stamina and magicka for 8 seconds. Notes: Frost Shock Shock


- Slow Ride: Sometimes the real crowd-pleasers the slow songs. Slows time by 70% for 8 seconds. Notes: Fire Frost Frost


- Bohemian Wrap: The bardic treatises speak of some rather unconventional forms of protection. Increases the elemental resistance of allies by 200% of your weapon damage. Enemies suffer a decrease in theirs by the same amount. Notes: Frost Frost Shock


- Grons N' Roses: Sometimes you need a break from the life of a star. You and allies within 12 feet become ethereal while also regenerating health at 250% of your weapon damage per second for 8 seconds. Notes: Fire Shock Shock




SKSE v1.7.3 or later
SkyUI v4.1 or later




Qsleeves on Looperman for sounds
Sampleswap for sounds

What's New in Version 1.01


  • v1.01
  • - Fixed an issue where changing race, including in the character creation menu, would cause the visual radius effect to never appear.
  • v1.0
  • - First release.

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