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  1. spoonsinger

    Pillars of Eternity Adult Modding

    You might not have met or even talked to the grumpy dwarf before your first nights sleep in the Gildervale inn. So the first paragraph text needs to be more neutral. (Maybe masturbation due to overwelming arousal caused by the 'condition'?), Anyway really good from the bits I've seen.
  2. spoonsinger

    Dickplomacy Reloaded 1.10 for Mount and Blade Warband

    During face forming:-> MessageBox RGL - Warning Could't load Textures/byz_earring.dds
  3. So you have to go and meet Karliah at a standing stone near Riften. You are secretly hoping that you are allowed to stab her in the face so you don't have to hear her horrible horrible voice ever again. What you are confronted with when you turn up is her, (and her horrible horrible voice), and a really low texture rock. You wonder to yourself. "All my other rocks are at least 2k. Why has nobody done this particular rock? Is it because nobody does this quest because of Karliah and her horrible horrible voice?". So to that end, find attached a slightly less blah replacement 2k Nightingale standing stone texture. If you can do better, (and you can), you could be in line for a 0p prize. (Terms and conditions apply. All rights reserved. The management take no responsibility to anything left on the premises. No refunds). Slightly Less Blah Nightingale Standing Stone.7z
  4. Legendary = 211gb (MO folder - No install zips) Special Edition = 124gb (NMM - Install path data folder) in comparision with Morrowind = 11gb - Manual install Oblivion = 49gb - (MO folder - No install zips) Fallout 3 = 38gb - (MO folder - No install zips) Fallout NV = 48gb - (MO folder - No install zips) Fallout 4 = 117gb - (MO folder - No install zips) Neverwinter Nights 1 = 45gb - Manual Install Neverwinter Nights 2 = 36gb - Manual Install Enderal = 67gb - (Mo Folder - No install zips).
  5. spoonsinger

    Deviously Enchanted Chests

    Oh! Bane Master - Mimic chest animations @ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2585-nibbles-animations/ You know you want to use them You do! Look into my eyes,. Not around my eyes, Into my eyes. Listen to the tick and the tock. You feel sleepy... Do IT!.
  6. No idea. Sorry. Worth a try if the other thing is still there. (or maybe just delete or rename the other ini), (when I said the other ini I meant the SSE one not the Original Skyrim one. Assuming the settings folder is still there after you removed sse).
  7. Goto the SkyrimPrefs.ini for Skyrim SSE, (yes SSE), (i.e at C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition) and make sure that under [MAIN] bGamepadEnable=0 bKeyboardEnable=1 I then make the file read only for good measure. Then curse Bethesda to hell and back for being werido nutters. Edit :- This post ( ) has a more concise steps. Only only did it once and missed the additional step in my statement.
  8. spoonsinger

    Skyrim Postman

    Easily Simulated :- Imperial Mail ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63247 ) Deviously Cursed Loot ( https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1216-deviously-cursed-loot-v62-2017-12-15/ ) Imperial Mail for the postman type thing, and DCL can be configured, (or is generally configured out of the box), for anybody you have an interaction with to be a total dick.
  9. spoonsinger

    Saints Row 4 save game folder

    {install drive}:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\???????\206420\remote ?????? - A number unique to you.
  10. Look through, (or grep), the source code to see if there is anything sexlab checking. (I haven't downloaded it so don't know if the source is given. If not just decompile all it's .pex and then do the search). And yes the author can put code in to check for the existence of other mods and stop execution if they so wish.
  11. spoonsinger

    AddItemMenu for FO4?

  12. No idea. You could try https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26377
  13. spoonsinger

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    Mods are the sigh of the oppressed player, the heart of heartless games, and the soul of soulless releases. Mods are the opium of the gamer. (Also choose your own religion - just be aware some are more expensive than others).