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  1. ESL flagged ESP distributing said artifacts and their magical counter parts throughout appropriate leveled lists. Bash patch might be necessary or might not be. I've no idea what you've got in your load out. Also included re-textures which can be easily removed by yourself if you don't like, or mixed and matched with the originals using file explorer or wotever - The choice is yours!. Original ESP and meshes and textures required, so just load this after the originals in the Mod Organizer of your choice. MagicBigIronDildos.7z
  2. or here? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/133779-cbbe-3bbb-advanced/?do=findComment&comment=2820451
  3. "i noticed that around 60%-70%" There are 3789 mods in the Skyrim section, 1236 of them are non adult, (circa 32%). Which would mean that at best there are only 10% in the other sections which don't fit the laid out criteria and at "worst" -2%, Are you sure about your figures, or was it just a bit of hyperburble because bored?
  4. No idea. Usually if its a mesh or texture, the file is mentioned. Try asking the author on the Nexus forum. They seemed quite helpful to other people. (But I suspect that gets old fast)
  5. Flowergirls won't work. Sexlab should it worked as it did on the original LE as well as SOS but you need to add the two changed races FormID's. Sexlab Aroused Redux should work but you need to remove the 'GetFactionRank' condition from the 'MotionDrivenDialogueStartIfNotCasual' Idle Animation entry and copy across the one in Enderals SE's Skyrim.esm. (use SSEEdit). Arousal Based Match Maker should work out of the box. SL Drunk Redux should work, although you have to change the formlist 'AlcoholList' records to use the Enderal drinks. Bascially anything which references original Sky
  6. Have you tried https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106929 ? Might give you an indicator if it's a dud mesh.
  7. The SE version on Steam is a separate install to Skyrim SE in the same way that the LE version of Enderal on Steam is a separate install to Skyrim LE and never the twain shall meet. The version on the Nexus is the mod version and it uses the base install directories.
  8. This seems to have a deleterious effect on the Helgen execution scene. Dragon turns up as you are about to get your head lopped off, then you get up and are running on the spot with no control. Tried with fresh game with this where it didn't work and same setup, (basically my normal load out), without this with fresh game where it works as intended. Alternate start, (erm), start, so all MCM's were fresh and setup in both circumstances before start sequence, Might be related to the camera issue which seems to have been mentioned before in the thread.
  9. It's Saturday. Do shopping, get a bun and coffee, What can I look at while munching and slurping, Yeh!
  10. Are you running MO with Administrator privileges? Does your NVSE entry look something like the following? (obviously with your own folder entries in the places marked),
  11. Just a quick question. Are the native game files stored in the "c:\program files" or "c:\program files (x86(" folders.? If so it won't work. They need to be in a folder outside those structures for Mod Organizer to work.
  12. Flying car was just a euphemism for sex robot. Basically feature rich town bike.
  13. Wow, a physical magazine. That's a blast from the past. Not sure the game on the cover will catch on.
  14. And the answer is...... "KS Dragon Overhaul" - Original Mk1 Version. Specifically Magic Effect ksDragonNamingEffect which is attached to ks_DragonCore spell which is attached to updated version of standard perk crDragonResistNPC "DragonSkin". All well and good for dragons except that perk is also attached to 3DNPC Meresine, So she keeps getting renamed with a randomly made up name. Well not keeps, because as soon as you meet her all subsequent saves will be borked. So two points to take from this 1) Look in weird places for weird problems, 2) If you are
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