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  1. Converted Luxury Collection to SSE 3BA! Thank you for the mod.

  2. I converted your Heels sounds for SSE for those who don't know how to convert ESM files for SSE. I saw you are busy and no longer have time for Skyrim so here is the file converted for you so you can post it for the SSE people. Heels sounds is required for  Luxury Collection for CBBE SSE. Thank You for your time.

    Heels Sound SSE 1.5.7z

    1. ApoKrytia


      Thanks, I'll update the file page?

    2. predomnebun


      thanks for the conversion but mostly THANK YOU for the mod it`s epic

  3. Folks, i'm inactive for Skyrim now. Since some people and my screenshots are ok and most of your problems often are user problem, i don't have time to help. Try learning to be a REAL Bodyslide player or use pre-made body. I will come back when I am going to update this pack. NIO is already in my plan and it's easy to do it yourselves. This pack doesn't have many high heels....they are just texture variations.
  4. I still receive feedback, but is inactive now, especially for this mod. The box preview method used by many mods, and it's performance wise because the game don't have to load high poly/texture in inventory. And I'm lazy to work on world model for this mod. You can always delete esm and reassign vanilla footstep back by using TES5Edit or CK.
  5. yeah, i know, i used NMM while making this. Now I am using MO, so I won't do this in the future. About the problem.....it's my mistake lol......no one has noticed the error since this was released, thanks for pointing out.
  6. I though about folder structure before, but I gave up. I also thought about putting meshes outside of BSA, and I also gave up since I was going to use MO. It's still a great thing if you still going to do this, please PM me the cleaned up version The best way should be no any output meshes at all because this is a bodyslide conversion and the default output are also generate by BS. I'm going to save my disk space and UL/DL time, so lazy people should learn to generate by themselves. About the stockings, this looks like the shader settings in meshes are wrong. I don't know too much about this, maybe you have to adjust shader flags. I didn't encounter this, so probably you messed up something?
  7. Thanks for the update! I suppose that there will be performance drop in inventory, so I didn't make real ground model, and of course I am lazy to do so ;P Any detail about the stocking texture problem? It's a single texture model, so maybe you changed the wrong one? I will eventually give this mod update when I have time and skill to port models by myself, so I will see what I can do then
  8. You can check the weights of working high heels to see the correct bone weights if you use outfit studio. Using 3dsMax, we can use skin wrap and add body first, and then add feet next. Feet weights will override body weights properly. About lighting bug, copying original BSTextureProperty to new one should fix it.
  9. Bodyslide can read bsa now, so you may want to refer to BS page. Actually, you don't need to care the texture preview in BS bacause ingame is more important.....
  10. Lol these bugs are from original mod, and I just copied them. I think race bug was fixed, so a few of them is missing? I can't understand you question. If you mean bone weighting, I use 3dsMax and fix them by Outfit Studio. I prefer using brush-like function in OS.
  11. No, there isn't. Maybe you accidentally packed esp into bsa. Did you overwrite everything by update files and generate nifs by using bodyslide? Are you using XPMSE?
  12. Did you install update? I think this is race bug from original, and it was fixed.
  13. You need main file in the link.txt. You have to overwrite bsd files for bodyslide files to work.
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