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About This File

Which file to download:

For Skyrim LE (Oldrim): PapyrusUtil LE v33.zip

For Skyrim SE (Pre-AE, 1.5.x runtime): PapyrusUtil SE v39.zip

For Skyrim SE/AE (1.6.x+ runtime): PapyrusUtil AE v43.zip




1. Description


SKSE plugin that allows you to save any amount of int, float, form and string values on any form or globally from papyrus scripts. Also supports lists of those data types. These values can be accessed from any mod allowing easy dynamic compatibility.


Also adds the following papyrus commands:

  • Toggle fly cam and set fly cam speed - TFC.
  • Set menus on / off - TM.
  • Adds an additional package stack override on actors. See ActorUtil.psc
  • Replace any animations on selected objects. See ObjectUtil.psc
  • Print messages to console.
  • Get, set, save, or and load data to a custom external JSON file. See JsonUtil.psc


PapyrusUtil.psc - version check & variable initialized arrays.
StorageUtil.psc - store variables and lists of data on a form that can be pulled back out using the form and variable name as keys. See psc file for documentation.
JsonUtil.psc - Similar to StorageUtil.psc but saves data to custom external .json files instead of forms, letting them be customizable out of game and stored independent of a users save file.
ActorUtil.psc - actor package override.
ObjectUtil.psc - animation replacement.
MiscUtil.psc - some misc commands.


2. Examples


Example 1:
Setting and getting simple values

StorageUtil.SetIntValue(none, "myGlobalVariable", 5) ; // enter none as first argument to set global variableStorageUtil.SetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "myVariable", 25) ; // set "myVariable" to 25 on playerStorageUtil.SetFloatValue(akTarget, "myVariable", 75.3) ; // set "myVariable" to 75.3 on akTargetStorageUtil.SetStringValue(none, "myGlobalVariable", "hello") ; // enter none as first argument to set global variableint ivalue1 = StorageUtil.GetIntValue(none, "myGlobalVariable") ; // get the previously saved global variableint ivalue2 = StorageUtil.GetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "myVariable") ; // get value of myVariable from player; // myGlobalVariable can exist both as int and string at the same time.; // Different type values are separate from each other.float fvalue = StorageUtil.GetFloatValue(akTarget, "myVariable") ; // get float value from akTargetstring svalue1 = StorageUtil.GetStringValue(none, "myGlobalVariable") ; // get "hello"string svalue2 = StorageUtil.GetStringValue(none, "myMissingVariable", "goodbye") ; // get "goodbye"; // an optional 3rd variable can be passed in the Get function to be returned if the given key "myMissingVariable" doesn't exists. 

Example 2:
Saving object references

Actor akCasterActor akTargetStorageUtil.SetFormValue(akTarget, "Friend", akCaster)Actor friend = StorageUtil.GetFormValue(akTarget, "Friend") as Actor

Example 3:
Value lists

StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 5)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 27)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 183)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 3)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", -12398); // iterate list from last added to first addedint valueCount = StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList")while(valueCount > 0)	valueCount -= 1	Debug.Notification("List[" + valueCount + "] = " + StorageUtil.IntListGet(none, "myGlobalList", valueCount))endwhile; // iterate list from first added to last addedvalueCount = StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList")int i = 0while(i < valueCount)	Debug.Notification("List[" + i + "] = " + StorageUtil.IntListGet(none, "myGlobalList", o))	i += 1endwhile; // Get the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th elements of the list into an arrayint[] myList = new int[3]StorageUtil.IntListSlice(none, "myGlobalList", myList, 1) ; // starts pulling elements from the list starting from from the 1 index; // skipping the 0 index value, "5" will fill the papyrus array until it runs out of either list or papyrus array elementsDebug.Notification("2nd: " + myList[0]) ; // prints "2nd: 27"Debug.Notification("3rd: " + myList[1]) ; // prints "3rd: 183"Debug.Notification("4th: " + myList[2]) ; // prints "4th: 3"; // remove 27 from the listStorageUtil.IntListRemove(none, "myGlobalList", 27); // remove last element of listStorageUtil.IntListRemoveAt(none, "myGlobalList", StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList") - 1); // set first element to -7StorageUtil.IntListSet(none, "myGlobalList", 0, -7); // find first occurance of element in listint index = StorageUtil.IntListFind(none, "myGlobalList", 183)if(index < 0)	Debug.Notification("Not found!")else	Debug.Notification("Element 183 is at index " + index)endif; // clear listStorageUtil.IntListClear(none, "myGlobalList"); // create a new list from a papyrus arrayfloat[] newList = new float[3]newList[0] = 4.04newList[1] = 39.2newList[2] = -42.25StorageUtil.FloatListCopy(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", newList)Debug.Notification("Copied value 0 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 0)) ; // 4.04Debug.Notification("Copied value 1 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 1)) ; // 39.2Debug.Notification("Copied value 2 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 2)) ; // -42.25

Example 4:
Saving values that are shared among all savegames in an externally saved file.

JsonUtil.SetIntValue("MyModConfig.json", "AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything", 42); // (optional) Save any changes made to your file and creates it if it does not yet exists.; // This is done automatically without needing to be done manually whenever a player saves their game.; // Files are saved and loaded from Skyrim/data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilDataJsonUtil.Save("MyModConfig.json")  ; // ... Start a new game ...int mySetting = JsonUtil.GetIntValue("MyModConfig.json", "AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything") ; // mySetting == 3; // Alternative version using the globally shared external file; // All mods using these commands share this file, saved/loaded from Skyrim/data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtil.jsonStorageUtil.SetIntValue("AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything", 42); // ... Start a new game ...int mySetting = StorageUtil.GetIntValue("AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything") ; mySetting == 3

3. Requirements


SKSE latest version: http://skse.silverlock.org/

Address Library for SKSE Plugins: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32444



4. Installing


Use mod manager or extract files manually.




5. Uninstalling


Remove the files you added in Installing step.




6. Updating


Just overwrite all files.




7. Compatibility & issues


Should be compatible with everything.




8. Credits


Ashal - continued maintenance & refactoring of original plugin's source code
h38fh2mf - original version, idea, address library conversion
SKSE team - for making this plugin possible
milzschnitte - for suggestions
eventHandler, Expired, aers, arha, ianpatt - SKSE64 conversion & update assistance


What's New in Version 4.4


Updated for SKSE AE/SE build 2.2.2
Added ListRandom() functions to StorageUtil and JsonUtil
Some bug fixes

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