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  1. So after manually unpacking the .rar you can't copy the archive content to wherever you want to ? Sounds very strange...
  2. Vader666


    Open the console, cklick on the hydropillory and type "sae close" without quotes. There is is a behavior graph attached to the pillory wich uses the anim events "open" and "close" for the respective actions. These anim events can be called by an animation by using anotations, opening and closing are normally controlled by the enter and exit animations.
  3. Vader666

    Experimental Skeleton

    Nope. Atleast, not from my side.
  4. should be this one :
  5. I'm not sure what you mean ? I judt found that there is a seperate NukaWorld gorilla race for whatever reason. I haven't created ANY male human / female creature anim ?
  6. Vader666

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Pretty much the only format that makes sense is an array of the races. exactly that. It would be used by a mod to filter all the races out that have no anims, so only actors with a "valid" race would be processed.
  7. Vader666

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Is there a script function that returns all the races for which are anims installed ? Would be a neat thing to have for multi race supporting mods.
  8. Vader666

    Mods and Money!?

    Its kinda funny how people tend to force others into their believes, even tho they would't even be affected by how those other people are doing things. It's almost like a religious war.
  9. Vader666


    It's an unnecessary file, newer versions of TD shouldn't even be shipped with it.
  10. Vader666


    I already did some "weapons" and a whipping scene, which then can be used pretty much everywhere. It still needs some adjustments and script changes but basically works. Also there a quite some new furns planned for TD 2.0, in fact there is quite a lot of stuff planned for TD2.0, which is why it will still take some time. And because i'm currently doing some AAF anims so...
  11. Easiest way is to use the AAF wizzard, if it is set up to load the respective race.
  12. Vader666


    Just install both. I made a copy of the forms of those chairs and the workshop recipes are referencing to these. So besides having them twice in you workshop menu, there shouldn't be any issues.
  13. Should be this one : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/73458-creature-penises/?tab=comments#comment-1816971