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  1. A combination of getformfromfile() and some placeat() stuff should be able to do this ? Basically create a dummy object in your esp and place it where you want the real object later, attach a script to it that checks wether dlc02 is installed and get the form of the pillory from it. Then place the pillory where your dummy object is. If DLC02 is not installed the script could place a vanilla object. Also the "vanilla" pillory has the keyword "blockPlayerActivation" so player can't use it. Removing the keyword from the ObjRef should fix that.
  2. Deactivate / deinstall the mods one by one until the point where the game loads. Activate / install the mod that you removed last again and see if the game does not load. Once you found the mod(s) causing trouble take a look at them.
  3. Fallout 4 HDT?

    Well it depends on what you want to edit. Ragdoll physics can be exported directly out of 3ds max by using HCT. A tool like JFF would make editing the generated files easier, but i dont see any need for this in FO4. Cloth physics can be somewhat used in max, but the "free" HCT lacks the export filters needed to build the binarys. So something that actually generates these out of the max scene may be handy. But since i haven't done anything with cloth physic im not sure if you can really use it in max and how those files are looking like. Also it may be possible to export the cloth physics with the official nif exporter, since cloth physics are entirely stored in its own block. I could also image a plugin for nifscope, to set up everything in there. What im most interested in, and probably the easiest to achieve, is a tool to edit behaviors. UI-wise it could be done just like the HBT does it,which is similar to UE4´s blueprint system:
  4. Girls of LoversLab

    Yeah the last one missing in my collection ! Finally no crusades, slaying dragons and destroying entire planets anymore. Thanks dude !
  5. Girls of LoversLab

    And you did not expect to find females in this thread ? yeah its so secret that everyone can see all that happens here...
  6. Im still using and besides not having profile specific savegames there's nothing i could complain about ? Not sure how well older/newer versions work.
  7. Fallout 4 HDT?

    Literally anything that is not as tedious as this ? :
  8. TortureDevices

    Oo Looks like a script of DD or another mod thats using the anims went nuts... Does DD have a reset actor or cleanup function ? I think Deinstalling TD alone wouldn't solve the issue, once you reinstall it the issue should be back again. So you could try to deactivate TD and every mod that's using it and see if that helps.
  9. TortureDevices

    Are you using DeviousDevices ? Since equip > unequip solves it for a short time something has to reapply the animation constantly. You could check if a device wasn't completely removed by opening console > click on the actor > type "inv" and see wether there is still a device flagged as worn. If so, remove it with unequipitem or removeitem.
  10. Experimental Skeleton

    Yes, otherwise the skeleton would be useless... Wings and tails are extra parts, you only need to skin these meshes, no need for changing the skin of the body. Vanilla outfits ? none Mod outfits ? maybe 10... You only need to change these outfits that use main body slot, so hiding the actual body, while still having those private parts revealed. I haven't seen a single outfit like this yet. Take a look to the downloads... I already uploaded these.
  11. Experimental Skeleton

    3dsmax skin modifier
  12. TortureDevices

    What kind of "failure" do you get ? an actual error message or just nothing ?
  13. Experimental Skeleton

    Sure, you either equip it as an Armor/clothing part or attach it to a connect point as ObjectMod. But when doing the later you have to check if Armors/clothing stuff that should cover those parts are/get equipped constantly.
  14. Experimental Skeleton

    yes. You need to seperate the private part into its own nif and attach a havok setup (Project>characters>Behaviors>Animations) to it. So basically you're not animating just specific bones of your character but a different "actor" that shares the same skeleton. Then attach the the "private part.nif" to the actor. Thats how SOS does it. The other way would be to set up BlenderGenerators in the actual behavior files and set the bone weights for your desired bones only. This will blend two animations together, but only on the bones you need.
  15. Experimental Skeleton

    As long as those outfits don't contain a body and hide the actual body there is no need to change them. Someone who got permission from Leito and at least a general understanding of how skins are working could do it in an hour, someone skilled may need 5 mins.