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  1. The workshopmenu should be there right after installation, no need for doing anything. If i remember correctly, there was a limit of how many workshopmenus you can have, maybe thats the issue ?
  2. That's kinda integral to the resource system of FO4. You can however assign 1 settler and 2 followers / companions to it.
  3. Posting what you like / dislike and why. That shows me that you spend your free time to use the mod and for writing down your thoughts about it. Likes or Thumbs up are pretty worthless, they were just inveted because they're easier to handle for computers than expressions in text form.
  4. Overlap events in UE4. Why does a pretty fundamental thing needs to be such an odyssey, and still does not work at the end...
  5. The script should lock the player character for the duration of the sequence. If you`re, for whatever reason, able to get out of the chair while the sequence is still running the script might fail to set your controls back. However, you should`t be able to leave the chair in the first place... So the workaround would be to not leave until the sequence is done (stage03).
  6. In theory you can convert the animation into xml and edit the position using a text editor. But, well... good luck. unfortunately i'm still waiting to get my stuff back, otherwise editing the position in 3ds would be a matter of seconds.
  7. ah misread that, the extractorchair indeed has no animations build in.
  8. Does ist work if you activate the chair with your character ? There shouldn't be a difference between npc or player usage, the behaviors of the chair listens to the anim event which is sent after an actor sat down in the chair which then triggers the chair animations. So unless you´re using custom behaviors for your actors or custom npcs which use custom behaviors there should be nothing preventing the animations of the chair.
  9. Just place some of the furnitures in those camps in the CK. Since AAF has a furniture check and some animation packs have animations using TD furnitures it would work this way.
  10. .esm files are .esp files that are "flagged" as high priority, which means an .esm is always loaded before any .esp. Besides that there is no difference between an .esp and an .esm. So try validating the installation by using the mention console command. If you see nothing in the generated list, TD is not installed or not activated, which might be caused by NMM ( i had some these oddititys with NMM myself). If you get a list with a bunch of stuff starting with _TD the issue is most probably a mod that overwrites the workshopmenu by .esp. You could check that by starting a new game with only TD installed, if the workshopmenu works there, chances are pretty high that another mod overwrites the workshopmenu.
  11. Its all fun and games up to the point where money gets involved. Espacially when "payment in advance" gets involved. So thanks for the offer, but im not taking part in such "buisness models" for lack of a better term. Yeah confiscated. Like a bunch of angry people in uniform getting into your home very (very!) early in the morning yelling stuff like "down on the ground" or "freeze", tying you with zipties and taking anything they find the least suspicious with them out, leaving only a mere half assed "document" where only half the stuff they actually confiscated is documented. That kind of stuff. Was kinda funny tho, espacially considering all that happend because of stuff i did a very long time ago.
  12. Yes and no. The NPCs are not "locked" into the devices. The Furnitures are set to "work 24h" so settlers should stay in them, but ai packages can still cause the NPC to leave the furniture right after using it. Thats espacially possible with active followers. Not really. I got a good portion of version 2 ready a long time ago but then kinda got fed up with FO4. And since my hardware, and therefore all the data and software, got confiscated last year, im currently not even able to work on the mod.
  13. Obviously. - Not installed at all - Not installed correctly (pretty hard to achieve actually) - .esp not activated - Another mod you´re using and loading after TD nukes the Workshopmenus To find out wether its one of the first 3 things you can open the console and type : help _TD If nothing shows up in the list its one (or even multiple) of the first three issues, if you see entrys in the list its probably issue no.4.
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