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  1. Not by TD itself. Unless Ego made some changes not mentioned in the changelog. Additionally things could go wrong when the scene is used by NPCs. The function uses a single RefAlias, which means an NPC could get stuck in the scene if the function is called on another NPC while the scene with the first NPC is still running.
  2. "i don't like ModOrganizer because its soooo difficult to use"🙃
  3. So if the mod author doesn't provide that information, how could a mod manager fix that ?
  4. TD doesn't initiate a sex scene on its own, for that you'd need another mod. Additionally it seems AAF completely ignores furnitures in use, which means if you put someone into the frame you can't start a scene there. You would need to start a scene, by dialogue or hotkey or wizzard or whatever, while both actors are close to the frame and hope AAF picks the animation for the frame.
  5. Afaik AAF doesn't care about that. As long as a reference in the search radius is a reference to a registered furniture base form, it might do its thing. However, i don't think AAF does the actor rotations relative to the furnitures root, espacially x and y rotations.
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