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  1. Please do everyone a favor and don't do this... We just don't need yet another mod that tries to handle this kind of stuff. In fact @jaam is active and @vinfamy is at least around quite regulary so i'm guessing they do talk to each other. So it appears to me that FP development is NOT halted. Its not the ultimate-key-feature FP just needs to have, but there are quite a lot of people who would start doing stuff once its a thing, myself included.
  2. In short : Get 3dsMax ( 13 or 15 + HCT), get shades F4AK, load the scene form F4AK in 3dsMax and start moving around the rig. From there you can get a lot of information from the autodesk tutorials for 3dsMax.
  3. Did Bethesda put a TES6 Easter Egg in ESO?

    It got released in 1994 ?
  4. TortureDevices

    You need to make changes to the script in order to loop the sequence. And because the player gets locked while the sequence is running, you need to deal with that too. An infinitely locked player because of a looped sequence is not very fun to have.
  5. Experimental Skeleton

    Im not too sure if its that issue, but it might be that the filepath you want to load the nif from is just too long for the nif plugin / max to handle.
  6. The number of NPCs beeing able to enslave doesn't really matter. Its more or less just using ActorVariable.DoStuff() instead of SpecificActor.DoStuff(). The real issue are all those AI packages and scenes you need to come up with, together with a overall mechanic of why and how you should be set free, doing tasks for your master and all that stuff.
  7. TortureDevices

    I haven't heard of anyone who managed to get this working.
  8. TortureDevices

    Unfortunatly the Body and the Rig were never meant to perform those "extreme" poses, which is why they aren´t looking very well. But i´ll see how far i can get.
  9. Ask A Lemming

    Because money is the pavement on the road of freedom ? If you have just enough money, you can do whatever you want and don't have to fear consequences, besides death obviously... The amount one need differes of course. If you just want to mod a beth game all you need is the game, a PC and some tools, while a lot of these are free. But if you want to create Fallouts PowerArmor in RL, you need atleast a big garage, tons of tools and machinery and a team doing all the software / coding stuff. And the materials of course, a single 4/3-way proportional hydraulic valve cost about 800 dollars and i need like... 50 of em. But to not go to far offtopic, do you know how small a nuclear ( fission ) generator can be build ?
  10. Scenes involving dogs work different, just like threesomes, thats why there are no hotkey functions for these.
  11. Hi vadder 666,

    i have install 

    Female Masturbation 20161014 but help work not by my can You give me the Id direktly sorry for mistakes  iths long ago were i learn englisch


    LG Silana

    1. Vader666


      the ID of the animation should just be "FemaleMasturbation"


  12. Fallout 4 HDT?

    There is a limitation of 4 bone weights per vertice, which is already reached by just having the vanilla nodes. Adding new nodes for this will either result in deformation of the mesh or the new nodes will just not work visually because the weight get ignored. Seems i just need to try out what happens when i add the _skin nodes to the havok rig... Indeed another way could be to parent the skin nodes to newly made nodes, but im unsure how well the results would look like.
  13. TortureDevices

    The Sequence only starts when an actor sits down in the chair, so no restart.
  14. Experimental Skeleton

    The _skin nodes are not present in the Havok rig, so adding them there will make them animateable. I haven't played around with em but i think they're not in the Havok rig for a reason.
  15. TortureDevices

    It would have been easier and quite a lot "cleaner" to just add the script thats firing the animation to whatever wearable you want using the CK. Besides the possibility of visual odditys, no.