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  1. Well done JoshQ , sexy clothes accessory , for KW is just perfect 😈
  2. Ok , i will try Build 399 because that's last one that i have
  3. Best KW Build are : 375 , 385 , 392 and 394 ... the others build have too much bugs... and that's why i canceled my patreon membership for Oniki. Enough to pay for Bugs !!! PS : I haven't tested last build (398 and 399) because i do not want it anymore ....
  4. Sometimes , when you travel ,KW is disabled or settings are différents from your , often at the first travel with KW. I suggest to verify your kw setting once coming in the world Only one bug between KW and Nraas Traveler : All Your Kinky selfie will be empty when you come back and after the futur kinky selfie will be empty too. If you want keep your kinky selfie , don't travel LOL
  5. Hi Guys , Oniki wrote in first page : Incompatibility: +NRaas Overwatch: Disable Clean up Outfits. This process automaticaly removes extra (> 3) career outfits that may be used by my mod. Disable Stuck Check Auto-Reset. This process detects lots of False Positive (a teen doing is homework is not stuck neither her grandma sleeping in her bed, so don't reset it!) that just break your interactions not only kinky ones. +NRaas ErrorTrap: Install the DisableDereferencing package if you want to keep this mod (http://nraas.wikispaces.com/ErrorTrap+Tuning). +NRaas ShooLess: Not required with KW and may cause conflicts. Also from my personal expérience with KW : Nraas Story progression cause much lag with KW and some conflit with autonomy. Nraas Career cause conflit with KW career especially at KW school and Whore job if you use this option of course. Nraas Register cause conflit for Call-girls and whore Career. Nraas Returner is useless because KW have this option. Nraas SleepFreedom is useless with KW Nraas Woohooer has the same romance interaction but you can keep for Vanilla woohoo in game , kw not allow vanilla woohoo , at your choice Nraas Woohooer Kamasimtra is useless with KW. Nraas Woohooer Scoring is useless too. All other Nraas work fine with KW. Nraas Traveler is necessary for traveling in France,China and Egypte (Twallan has fixed much bugs) and Oniki has modified his KW for an compatibility with Nraas Traveler , i travel with my sims often and it work fine for me. I hope this help you
  6. Bonjour @Dariana25 , là , sur la première page , l'encadré blanc , je viens de tester et le lien fonctionne sans problème et sans virus
  7. If you use Kinky world and enable school ( you must create your own school) only for teens. KW school not work for childrens. Childrens need normal school from game to go to school. Each world already have an normal school.
  8. Don't worry no conflit with all animationss. you can download all animations from Amra72 , L666 , mike24 , K69 , Mayjane , pavka , master
  9. Hi , first you need in your world a vanilla school from game for childs. 2-> you need create a custom school for your teens
  10. At this time , only Mike24 and some animations by Oniki (dog and deer) but a new pet animator came here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/114258-kw_pavka-pets/
  11. Custom Content Required: +CmarNYC Penis Mesh & Sliders (Scripts not required) : http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html
  12. Oh ok , thanks namaradus , i don't use xcas , i'll go try
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