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PAF Fixes and Addons


is a collection of addons for the Pee and Fart mod as well as some tweaks.

Mainly PFA allows for your followers if they have been added as PAF tracked actors to go Pee and poop

at the same time rather than only one at a time. This really speeds up the process, especially if you have 

many followers and makes for better immersion.  MCM options to fine tune to your own personal needs as well as Optional Voiced Commentary.




New version Update is here! PAF fixes and Addons-v3.0.3
Please read in the spoiler for details.



PFA 3.0.3


Updated Comment Manager. Added more PFA MCM options. Bug fixes.

If you are updating from earlier version than 3.0.0 then follow below instruction

Load the game before updating to version 3+ and open Comment Manager MCM

Shut down Comments and quest by unticking the first option. Then save exit and install.

Load the game and turn it back on. exit the mcm then re open Comment Manager and tick the recreate option.

Close the MCM. 

  If you have issues with some voice commentary not working. Saving and loading normally fix it for me

or can try the above steps again to shut down comments in the mcm then turn back on, tick the rebuild...

I did run into an oddity, Needs toilet commentary stopped working, but it did start working again.


If this a New Install or new game, or if already on version 3+ then ignore the above instruction.


As usual the Voice Packs are optional for commentary. Okay to install both.

The Paf_VoicePack_Main has  the updated Stand alone Comment Manager within. This is a Link now to Mega

I couldn't upload it here due to its size.

So the link in the downloads is Pork something or another...prkQDDSI.. , can't rename it. Its the alphanumerical one on the bottom.


Do not use the Comment Manager from the Comment Manager mod page. It doesn't have a voice packs with it. 

The MaleVariant pack 2.2.0  did not need updated and is okay to use with PFA 3.0.2 and is for Male followers or Male player.






Skyrim se

SKSE: The script extender must match your game version

Backported Extended ESL Support : required if you are on older se 1.5.97 build. Recommended if 1.6.40 and under. Find it on Nexus.

   see compatibility notes on this lower down in the spoiler.


SexLab Framework: Must match your SKSE version

Pee and Fart: Version 4.0 Only!


Optional Soft requirements:


For Voice Commentary:

PFA_VoicePack_Main-v3.0.1:  This required for voiced commentary. 

this is the prkQDDSI file in the downloads -is linked to Mega


and for male variants: PFA_MaleVariants-2.2.0

The Male Variants are for if the player or a follower is male, and would use

the male variant of some female specific commentary. It wouldn't hurt 

to have both voice packs, as the Male variant only get used if player or any follower's are male.


DootY House Furniture, can be found on the nexus.

  I have patch for the Dooty houses so Player, and follower can use them

  also if any one interested the small script that the Dooty patch has can be

  reattached to basically any furniture, chair or bed but requires PFA.

  Obviously you want to be a toilet... 🙄






Do not use Paf fixes and addons with older versions of pee and fart 3.0 and under!



Comment Manager version 1.0.0, or any version found on its page

is no longer compatible with anything v 2.+ of Paf fixes and addons.

Paf fixes and addons now has its own standalone version in the downloads section 

PFA_VoicePack_Main-v2+use it instead.





As per the CK usep wiki Skyrim se 1.5.97 is not compatible with a great many Papyrus functions and events

that Paf Fixes and Addons uses! Not to mention a lot of other mods using papyrus scripts due recent Game updates.

These include GetFormFromFile, and the OnPlayerLoadGame event., Find function for Array's to name a few...

The Backported Extended ESL Support mod found on the nexus is said to fix this. It would be impossible for me

to test this since I am on later game version. 

Its Recommended to use it anyways from game v 1.6.40 and under. So if you don't have it, maybe get it!







Their be many!

1. Most have an MCM On/Off Option, and settings.

2. Sex tracking and voiced commentary, PFA can track Player/Follower having sex.

3. Option to be caught sexing someone's Spouse, and optional consequence's(may be deadly)

4. Voiced Commentary if Player and or Follower parading about town exposed and obviously very horny!

    Also detects if Player or follower is stinky due to no available toilet paper.

5.  SexTalk, Some voiced Commentary while having sexy sex!

  SexTalk tracking is limited to only Two actors, So if having a threesome or whatever

  It would only track Positions 0 and 1. If in a settlement(Habitable or Dwelling) location

  Sextalk can track Player and or a Follower. First it checks Player, if Player not involved

  then followers. Outside settlement locations, can only track Player.

  Sadly, as of now My voiced commentary is only Female Player and female followers. NPC.s can be any! I aim to update Comment Manager soon to rectify this.

  Please keep in mind that all Voiced commentary is Synthesized, and some may be okay others not so okay!

6. Optional can turn off the lewd comments(Comment Manager MCM). Lewd comments is a naughty comment list and may be updated without notice. 

7. A fart blunder mini system 2000.  just some ridiculous mini skits. Player and follower go at it if one or the other lets one rip!

    This Optional. will be shut off if Lewd comments is off. I may update soon and separate these options.

8. Followers no longer squat and crap in front of a Yarl, or anyone for that matter if in a settlement. Otherwise they behave the same.

    Instead they will nag the player that they need to use the toilet, so for goodness sake get off the bar stool and take your followers to a toilet.

    Otherwise they can still have an accident on themselves!

9. Followers will each look for an unoccupied toilet to use, once found that toilet becomes assigned to them(temporarily while paffing)

    and if their be enough toilets to go around you may get a musical chorus🤒

10. Anywhere you may use the Latrine spell to have your followers go their instead of on your/their bedroll or whatever.

     When followers being checked to go paf. Checks in this order, If Accident, If Toilet, If Latrine, If Needs Toilet(The nag, Settlement only).

     Otherwise if none of the above they behave normally.

     Fast traveling, and waiting will have an effect on their states. Just a heads up!

11. Mod detection, looks to see if User has mods that effect food, water, and cleaning off Paf.

     Currently listens for RNAD, CACO, Bathing in skyrim, Dirt and Blood, and Sunhelm survival

     If you have any of these, purely optional. PFA will make use of when you eat and drink will increase your Pee/Poo States.

     Otherwise PFA will only track VendorItemFood Keyword which is attached to pretty much anything consumable vanilla wise. Does not differentiate

     the difference between Solid food or Drinking whatever vanilla skyrim has to drink.    

     Note I rigged this system so as only the first two items consumed will get detected and update your states, then a two hour cooldown until can update again.

     also two hours after going paf it will not update either, so as it doesn't immediately make you need to go again.

     Also detects drinking potions and eating ingrediants.

12. The Player may become ill if contracting a disease, listens for Rnads or Sunhelm

     if installed and or any of the Vanilla DLC diseases. The Player will get sick to the stomach for about

     day and half before getting cured. MCM option On/Off can be toggled any time and will cure the player if currently ill.

     MCM options here if spraying someone have consequences(could be bad). The dragonborn poop is poisonous, and will cause harm to others

     except to followers and creatures.

     If a Vampire Diseases will not effect the player. So PFA listens for Stale BloodPotions if you have them and tracks Vampy feeding to much off the dead

     if such a Mod(hint BV) were to add those type of things to your Skyrim.

13. Listens For the sake of SexTalk(only if Comment Manager is installed) if Player uses a Futa,  Comment Manager 

     PFA only listens for SOS Futanari CBBE SSE.

14. Adds as mall Bounty system if seen paffing or sexing, MCM optional. If Seen the NPC will seek a guard to tattle to, if found you will get bounty. Otherwise 

     You still may get bounty albeit some small time later. Their are mods that do similar things, Okay to use both, but maybe double the trouble!

     Bounty amounts go off Paf's MCM option to set Bounty. If sexing and seen it will be a bit more than what you selected in the mcm.

     If Pafs Bounty option is Off, this feature is shut down!

15. The Pooper scooper. PFA adds a pooper scooper so you don't have to touch the stuff. If when getting a cell detach event the pooper scooper cleans up

     behind you. It wont clean pee puddles though, only Player/Follower poo. 

     MCM option, you can have the Pooper scooper dynamically keep your inventory full of poo, as Player poo can be used as poison.

     It will not add unless you have less than 5 in your inventory then adds so you have only 20. Will only do this when getting a cell Detach Event.

16. PAF 4.0 removed DD dectection. PFA rudimentarily brought it back. Needs tested. This can be expanded upon via MCM adding exempt items and what not.

     Right now it listens if Wearing Lockable devises, and or Plugs. It looks on that appropriate Slot, and if lockable(if arms then treats a Armbinder)..

    Theirs's probably a proper way to integrate with DD, but I haven't got that far yet.

17. Dooty Break. Player sits first at any Paf Outhouse, or if Dooty patch, Dooty house, Upon getting up Followers will take their turn to sit as well. If they gotta go.




PFA doesn't touch Pafs Diaper system, nor the Sex starters. So if you needing support their feel free to ask, maybe I can help,

but I personally never use those systems. Theirs been many a post about incorrect positions being applied, if this still an issue

let me know Maybe I'll take look.

PFA does not touch PAFS MCM.




Some optional tips/suggestions

1. When commenting, the say marker(invisible object) won't follow you if your moving. It could be made to, but that may require a

    bit more script load. So maybe stop or slow down when a comment picks up, may help with immersion.

2. The Dooty break system. When you and followers, either can have any pressure and are considered eligible.

    If player sits first it activates the system, only outhouses. upon getting up, get yourself clear of the Paf/Dooty house about

    10 or 15 feet.. You'd have to be the judge of that. Then wait their! If you venture off, Followers may or may not Dooty break.

    you'll get Dooty Break Notification. Wait for followers to get done! Then another Notification "Breaks over lets get moving."

    If you use follower packages, NFF.. I use NFF and have a quick hot key assigned start/stop followers sandboxing.

    If they are sandboxing, they will venture too far off and may not Dooty Break. Same said for their normal toilet usage

    NFF's sandbox Packages seem to want to override Pafs. Sometimes. If having problems here, try NFF's use Follower Package

    will set them to use their default package. I think each follower has their own settings. I haven't tested this EFF or anything else!

3. If in location and getting a lot dirty commentary, Go clean yourself, it's because you stink! It can get annoying after a bit of it.

    This stink just paffing all down your leg, not dirt from KIC or anything. 





I recommend to back up your save file

In case this is not for you, You can always revert back.


Be Sure PFA Loads after, or if Vortex Rule PFA after Pee and Fart.


1. PFA_VoicePack_Main-v2+ if wanting Commentary

2. Optionally Install PFA_MaleVariants-v2+: is for male player/follower variant commentary.

3. If using any mods that PFA listens for. You may want them installed first as PFA will look for them when it loads.

4. if first time installing and Pee and Fart has already touched your save file

    Load your game before installing PFA.

    Recommend to reset Pee and fart, wait maybe 2 seconds then Hard save and exit. This gives Paf a 10 second window before the OnUpdate on the NPC script triggers again.

   You would need to install PFA before it does, if you don't then at least release any of your tracked actors, so their are none. You can always add them back later

5. Install PAF fixes and Addons

    It may take a bit for the MCM to get registered. Be patient!

    Be sure to select any preferred settings


6. PFA Tracking wont fully initialize until you sleep! If for whatever reason you cannot sleep, then Save and reload should do the trick as well.




V1.0 initial release

v1.1 fixed a Big bug.

v1.2 fixed early notifications for getting sick displaying. Added two mcm options Fart Blunder(still requires CM MCM lewd), and a simple Immunity system when sick.

v1.3 fixed sextalk not working at a player home. Removed the annoying test notifications. Added MCM option Reset toilets. Fixed a few bugs.

added PFA_NoFormFromFile-v1.3 patch.

v1.3.1 fixed a latrine bug

v 1.3.2 fixed something I didn't do in v1.3.1

v 2.0.0 Overhauled the comment manager to support Male player and follower variant commentary

 PFA now has its own version of Comment Manager which has PFA related assets added, and

 cleaned unused assets from it.

v 2.1.0 Added  new mcm options. Added mod detection Bathing in Skyrim, Sunhelm survival, and Dirt and Blood. Fixed some bugs.

  edited player getting sick, has new schematic to be a bit more realistic.

v 2.1.1 fixed bugs.

v 2.1.2 fixed more bugs

v 2.2.0 Updated the Standalone Comment Manager to take custom topics.

Fixed things that were broken.

v 2.2.2 fixed more bugs.

v 3.0.0 Updatd for Comment Manger 3.0.0. Added  2 MCM options

V 3.0.1 Updated Comment Mangager - fine tuned it a bit. added mcm option PFA Force accident.

V 3.0.2 Bug fixes: fixed the shits and action key press was misbehaving.  Added secondary debuff spell for peeing accident only.

V3.0.3 Fixed broken Pee debuff. It should work now.


Thanks and support


If you wish to show some support

  Pee and Fart is a great mod and has alot of potential. I'm Sure Trognog would appreciate any support!


  Ashal, Sexlab and the community. Were would we be without you guys?



Thanks All!


My thanks to snitch123, and Medieval Genie for helping out with some testing.


Edited by Dg75

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