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  1. S.L.U.T.S. Resume

    S.L.U.T.S. Resume
    Skyrims Licensed Universal Transport Service is looking for willing Sl- erhem.. Staff! to transport various goods through the cold and fierce Regions of Skyrim! 
    Are you looking to make some Coins? Do you think you have it in you? Then sign right up!
    Local Innkeepers and Stewards are just waiting for you! Or perhaps you prefer to talk to our qualified Oversees directly? No problem! Theyre always happy to to explain potential new recruits this one-in-a-lifetime chance, to become a real S.L.- I mean, a qualified worker! 
    When you install this mod, you first want to talk to an Innkeeper, Stewards or Carriage Driver. They will hand you over a Flyer and everything from there should be self-explanatory!
    When you accept a job, you will be locked up in a bunch of Restraints and forced to run a possessed Cart through Skyrim to deliver some very precious goods! - Which of course aren't for you.
    Depending on how well you kept your legs together and how long your Travel was, you then will be rewarded with some shiny Coins! 
    Filly Coins
    Completing runs rewards you with Filly Coins! A special Coin that is paid out to the hard-working ponies of S.L.U.T.S.! 
    You can use this Coin and exchange them against various rewards when talking to a Carriage Driver! 
    Current Rewards:
    Gold DD/SLUTS Keys Upgrade your Filly Uniform Unlockables  
    Rehabilitation, Cargo Loss & Arrears
    Messed up and broke the Law? S.L.U.T.S. got you covered! When a Guard attempts an Arrest, you can ask them to instead work off your Bounty by working for S.L.U.T.S.! Of course, its up to you if you think thats the less punishing alternative...
    Your Bounty will then be transferred into Arrears that you then have to work off! Depending on how high your Arrears are, you may have to do multiple runs in a row ?
    Better to just not break the law, wouldnt you agree? 
    Though beware, a Bounty isnt the only way to stack up Debt! Ponies that do poorly on their runs may be punished just as harshly! .. or maybe harsher? We have to make sure our Ponies are of best quality, you may excuse our rudness!
    SL Framework Devious Devices SlaveTats RaceMenu XPMSSE  
    Extra Encounters Populated Lands Roads Paths Improved Roads
    (or other mods that add NPCs to Skyrims paths and roads) Radiant Rape SL Mods (E.g. SL Adventures, Deviously Helpless) Visual Overhaul of Bandit NPC for the Guards in S.L.U.T.S. HQ  
    Make sure to run Bodyslide before playing The Sluts Redux Cart is an Optional Asset which can be used in place of the mods original cart. May improve cart performance If you are using a BHUNP or UUNP Body: Download SLUTS Tats Package, the Fomod Contains both Bodies for both Versions LE & SE, for both Bodies They replace the CBBE Tats, so make sure you dont tick  to use UNP Tats in SLUTS' MCM Patches available for: Deviously Cursed Loot Prison Overhaul Patched  
    Deviously Cursed Loot: Not incompatible per se but you wont be able to use this mods rehab feature if you have DCL installed (Patch provided by Searinoxii) Prison Overhaul Patches: Both Mods edit the same Crime Dialogue, negating the crime specific content for however loads higher (Patch provided by Neydzz)  
    DocClox: Creating the original mod MrEsturk: Updating this mod to 1.18 -> Click AnInsaneMoose: HDT Chain Yoke 4nk8rb: BodySlide Files slvsaris: Alternate Cart Mesh Searinoxii: Creating a DCL Patch El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod. Rob J: For the custom S.L.U.T.S. Cart audhol: For the Filly Coin texture LinaHirata: UUNP & BHUNP SlaveTats Textures Neydzz: POP Patch Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: MrEsturk, LatexLuger, max99max, valcon767, random11714  
    Some Link if you want to support me:
    Patreon: Scrab Joséline | Patreon Ko-fi:  Scrab | Ko-fi  
    Discord Link for good measure -> https://discord.gg/mycaxFPSeV
    Previous Changelogs



  2. Toys Workshop SE

    The Holiday Season is here... Toys during the Holiday Season
    What's New  See Change Log. Voice Pack Avail See install section below.    LE Version
    Toys Workshop is a Toys&Love content mod & includes the Princess Toy Box

    Toys Workshop v1.33 for SE

    Skyrim has had it's fair share of troubles. Dragons attacking the holds. Bandits running rampant. A civil war pitting brother against brother. Things couldn't be much darker. To make matters worse a lone vigilante with a strange hat and incomprehensible motives has become a plague upon the holds bringing joy and cheer to his victims! Truly a despicable monster. Someone needs to do something!
    Unfortunately the war takes its toll and the guards are stretched thin. They are looking for anyone brave enough to find this monster and get to the bottom of this mystery. Who is this man? Why is he doing this? What will it take to stop him? The citizens of Skyrim want to know that they can be safe in their misery once again without maniacal laughter finding them in their despair.  He he he, ha ha ho!
    Princess Toy Box Quest - Spreading Toys and Cheer Dance, Love Dance, & Dance Orgies - Repeatable Toys-themed scenes  
    Spreading Toys and Cheer - Getting Started...
    Speak to any guard to start your adventure.
    Dance, Love Dance, & Dance Orgies
    Two toys won't be found in the Toy Box. Once the quest has progressed, you will posses toys that, under the right circumstances, start special scenes... custom animation scenes that play differently every time, and a chance of a random Love and Orgy Scenes. For spoiler see Tips.
     Princess Toy Box
    Toys for an innocent princess! They come in two colors. Some melt, become semi-transparent, and glow. Some have other effects. In addition to receiving princess toys during the quest, you will find a vendor selling them. No Support for Males.
    Note: There are two Princess "Skirt" toy variations, depending on the body used. Details...
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods using or supporting Toys
    Change Log
    FAQs and Troubleshooting Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed Building toys in Bodyslide  
     Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations
    Full List of Credits...



  3. Shortstack Uncensored - SE

    I have been playing with a personal edit of this mod in SE, and figured I would share it here.  I started this because I wanted to do a RP Become A Bard playthrough as a Goblin that isn't quite ready for the big peoples world of Skyrim.  I would especially like to thank all of the original authors and MorePrinniesDood for all of their hard work on the original version. And for giving me permission to share this. In keeping in line with their wishes, please keep this on LL, and don't share it around other sites.
    Original Mod:
    If you just want the races, and have no interest in using a different body for them, then you can ignore most of the instructions below.  All you need is this mod, and the player size adjuster. If you do want to have custom body/armors for your shortstacks, continue on. In a weird way, completing this also means that the player character (using one of these races) is using a unique body and armor.  Pretty neat, huh?
    Player Size Adjuster: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14515 (Skeleton isnt scaled down, use this via MCM after character creation) Immersive Armor Swapper (public or private, both work) iAS Manager (this is to make your bodyslides) Install the body/clothes of your choice.  I use BHUNP, but whatever you want to do.  Just make sure you have bodyslide stuff for them. Bodyslide (if you want to have different outfits)
    Find/Download/Install Immersive Armor Swapper Install iAS Manager and set it up to run through MO2 (if you arent using MO2, then do what you normally do for things like bodyslide or sseedit) Install ShortstackPackUncensored-SEMod I have included a patch that will add the SLS Inequality keyword to the races as well, if you use SLS.
    Bodyslide Preset
    The preset included is a slightly modified BHUNP from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/76745 I am not a bodyslide expert, but the easiest way for me to setup a new preset is by editing ShortstackPackUncensored-SEMod\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets\Shortstack.xml and replacing the SetSlider entries with the appropriate ones from the new preset. Again, if you are using something NOT BHUNP, you can do whatever you want provided you have the correct bodyslide inputs, and modified preset.
    Build your bodyslides
    Open iAS Manager Set the prefix, female directory and male directory to shortstack Then set your OSPs directory to your CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderSets directory of either the skyrim install, or the individual mod you want to modify.  I prefer to use the skyrim data directory because MO2 has already put everything in there when you run. Click Generate, and wait. You should now have a bunch of shortstack*osp files in your MO2 overwrite, move these from overwrite to their own mod. Now when you open bodyslide you should have a new group for iAS Shortstack. Batch build or single build, or whatever. Just make sure that the output directory (lower left of the bodyslide window) shows a directory prefix of shortstack. And make sure you have enabled morphs. I have TONS of outfits so if you have too many like myself, you may need to do them in smaller groups.  I have noticed that Bodyslide tends to hang up if the batchbuild has too many alternate options it needs to present during a batch build. After bodyslide is done you should be good to go.  
    The skeleton being used for the new races is a copy of the latest XPMSE, with the head node scaled up slightly to make the shorter races look better, imho. When using iASManager to build your bodyslide files, if you are using HIMBO or anything like that, it will cause the iASManager to stall and never complete. Which will leave a garbage .osp file somewhere that will also break subsequent executions, even after HIMBO is removed.  I just disable all HIMBO stuff in MO2 when running iASManager. The skins I have used are copied from Demoniac skins, but feel free to replace them in ShortstackPackUncensored-SEMod\textures\shortstack\female The Races use a HighPolyHead (personal preference), but you shouldn't need that installed as a prerequisite, I already copied the meshes into the mod. You will possibly need some makeup/brows/etc though. When I make a Goblin, I use the Grim's Ears mod (gotta google, not sure if its available anymore), along with All Ears https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/41632 to get a good look. I tried to get the goblin to use a modified orc head, but orc teeth suck and are terrible, and I hate them, and they don't scale right.  Someone else could probably figure it out. All of the races use Breton as the base in HPH, so those presets should look okay, ymmv.
    Possibly adjust the whole skeleton like the original mod, to preserve the height. Make a non-HPH version maybe See notes above about orc heads Make more presets for bodyslide Make other face presets Skin for DeepGnomes probably needs some work
    Special Thanks to MorePrinniesDood for the previous work. Please don't share or upload this outside of LL.

    The included presets use the following:
    High Poly Head HighPoly Pretty Face and Darker Brows Stand Alone KS Hairdo's NK_EarAddonSlider Eyes of Beauty - Elves Edition  



  4. ScRappies Matchmaker

    ScRappies Matchmaker
    A beyond highly customizable Matchmaker capable of matching Creatures, NPC, Followers, Player - Hostile & Non-Hostile - together in SexLab or OStim Scenes with up to 5 (or 3) Actors at once and the option to have surrounding Actors join in!
    (Can be toggled on and off with a Hotkey if desired)
    ScRappies is build around a highly customizable Profiling System which allows you to define almost everything on a Per-Location Basis. Ever wanted Followers to be a bit hornier in Player Homes than on the Street? ScRappies can do just that! - Or how about creating Orgies in Cities but on the Land they're all civilized folk?
    ScRappies Matchmaker allows you to define an unlimited amount of completely independent Profiles which can be used in up to 28 different Location, allowing you to create the most immersive Matchmaker/Rape mod there is.. or just the most random & kinky Sex Orgy you can possibly imagine
    Profiles are created in the "Profiles" tab of the MCM and will be assigned to locations listed in the "Locations" tab. If a location is assigned a certain profile, the mod will use all settings as set in that specific profile! Profiles are separated into multiple Sections:
    System Checks
    Those are very generic Checks that dont have anything to do with the actual matching. You can set how likely it is for an Engagement to occur or set a time limite to restrict when a matching can happen (from - to)! Consideration
    ScRappies uses a multitude of "filters" to allow the best possible performance even with its massive amount of Options. "Consideration" is one of the many filters used and is responsible to give a first outline of who can be matched. You can sort out Hostility, Creatures and Followers here if you want, taking some pressure from the following checks. Yay! Initiator
    The "Initiator" is the NPC (or Creature) which will take the center or "bottom" position in an animation, making the Initiator the center of the animation!
    Because the Initiator fills such a key position in the entire Matchmaking, there are a lot different customization options for them. Next to the default options which will be shared with Partners, Initiators also have access to a large number of Advanced Conditions which allow you to set up very complex Condition-Structs when exactly an Initiator can be an Initiator! Examples for Advanced Conditions would be Health Threshold, Thaneship, Nudity, if you are Bound, or if its currently Nighttime: No Conditionals
    Keeping it simple. Because there's beauty in simplicity, right? Point System
    To be Initiator, it takes more than just being horny! The Point System will apply flags to all conditions. Each flag grants a specific amount of "Points" and if a NPC manages to get enough points, they are valid! Easy! But not really. The Flags you can choose between are: +1~3 Points -1~3 Points IGNORE -> 0 Points MANDATORY -> If this Condition does not apply, the potential Initiator will instantly be considered Invalid, further Checks and Points will be ignored OVERWRITE -> If this Condition does apply, the potential Initiator will instantly be considered Valid, further Checks and Points will be ignored Chance System
    Everyone hates RNG, so we need a RNG based one. Obviously. When using the Chance System, instead of flagging every Condition to collect Points, you will assign a Chance Manipulation. An Initiator is valid if the Sum of collected Chances passes a simple RNG check. With this System, you are rarely truly save and being Nude or Unarmed only increases the oddity of being engaged - How exciting! Partner
    With the Initiator done, the Partner seems fairly trivial. Partners are NPC that are matched together with the Initiator. They only have a limited amount of Options for customization but are certainly just as important as the Initiator! .. I think Matching
    Matching is the final filter before a Scene will start. Here you can customize if you want to recognize Disposition or if each Individual needs to see one another. All those things which can only be checked relative to another Target! You can also choose if the Matching in this Area should be considered Consensual or not  
    Threadbuilding is the next Step after Profiling and primarily focuses on actually creating the Scene. Because most of ScRappies attention is cenetered on the Profiling, this here is rather empty but there are still a few things to note, most importantly: Surrounding Actors join in!
    When an Animation starts there is a chance that surrounding Actors will stop by and check out what crazy things the matched NPC do in public - and if they feel like it they even join! How many Animations play in a single Matching can be customized here.. and thats pretty much all its good for. Yay?
    Adult Frame Integration
    As already mentioned, ScRappies supports both SexLab Framework and OStim
    You can decide if you only want to use one of them, or even both in Combination. Whatever you choose ScRappies can properly react to it! Just remember that whatever Frame you are using, you will need the associated Arousal mod for it. Theres no SLF without SLA and no OStim without OAroused.
    No matter which Frame you use, you will need both of those:
    PapyrusUtil (SE / LE) JContainers (SE / LE)  
    Then use the Framework of your choice, either
    SexLabFramework (SE / LE) AND One of the 5 billion SL Aroused Versions or
    OStim (SE) AND OAroused (SE)  
    Some Link if you want to support me:
    Patreon: Scrab Joséline | Patreon Ko-fi:  Scrab | Ko-fi  
    Discord Link for good measure -> https://discord.gg/mycaxFPSeV
    Previous Changelogs:



  5. SlaveTats AIO Installer

    If you would like your Tattoo pack removed from the installer, please message me on Loverslab and I will get back to you ASAP and get it amended for you and the same goes if you want me to add your tattoo pack.
    Slavetats AIO Installer is a compilation of EVERY tattoo pack I could find on Loverslab (If I missed any let me know) that you can install ALL of them with just one mod keeping your load order nice and clean and easy to find the tats.
    I have finally fixed the installer so now you can install it without the installer destroying other mods. 
    Thank you for downloading the Unofficial SlaveTats AIO FOMOD. The base files for SlaveTats itself will still need to be installed, make sure this mod overrides SlaveTats. You will then be able to choose from a huge list of what tat packages you would like to use. All tattoo packs that are on SlaveTats official page are in this installer, this was made just to make the lives of SlaveTat users easier. This list will always keep expanding so long as the lovely users with irreplaceable talent keep creating amazing packs. 
    Also with all these packs installed at the same time this makes the installer 57.5 GB
    Tattoo Packs:
    AndroolPetPlay AndroolSlut AndroolSub CV's SlaveTats Scrawls DocClox CivilWar DocClox CivilWar B Doomsman Denial ElfMeetOrc Grem304 tats Grooovus Slavetats Joomla Slutty Tats Lisario Stockings MilkBagsCBBEv1-3 MilkBagsUNPv1-2 NYINEGY Makeup Rutah Art Rutah Nordic SlaveTats Anal SlaveTats Brat SlaveTats Criminal SlaveTats Dominant SlaveTats Makeup SlaveTats PetPlay SlaveTats Preg SlaveTats Property SlaveTats Scrawl SlaveTats Slut SlaveTats Sm SlaveTats Submissive SlaveTats Symbols SlaveTats Whore SlaveTats Zoo Slavetats-GayMisc TSS Sperm - Heavy TSS Sperm - Light Vampy Tats Anuketh - SlaveTats Pack 1 Anuketh - SlaveTats Pack 2 Anuketh - SlaveTats Pack 3 Anuketh - SlaveTats Pack 4 Bondage Rope Mark for Slavetats SlaveTats Draconic Slavetats Femboy Slavetats Ft Slavetats Futa Slavetats Pentagrams and Demons Tramp Stamps Tramp Stamps Furry Bestiality Creatures Tramp Stamps Lesbian Tramp Stamps Rough ChicaneryFloralTats ChicaneryFloralTatsV2 ChicanerySDPlusTatsV2 ChicaneryStarlightTats Merta Assasin Tats Pigeons CBBE Apropos2 Replacer 2k less opaque Pigeons CBBE Apropos2 Replacer 2k Pigeons CBBE Apropos2 Replacer 4k less opaque Pigeons CBBE Apropos2 Replacer 4k Pigeons UUNP Apropos2 Replacer 2k less opaque Pigeons UUNP Apropos2 Replacer 2k Pigeons UUNP Apropos2 Replacer 4k less opaque Pigeons UUNP Apropos2 Replacer 4k SlaveTats Japanese mark1.5 fine Tribal Tattoosv065_CBBE Tribal Tattoosv065_UNP TribalBodyTats_Rose_v2 SlaveTats newver Ahegao Set Aki Assorted 1 Aki Assorted 2 Aki Assorted 3 Aki Bleach Set 1 Aki Bleach Set 2 Aki Bonus Aki Butt and Beauty Aki Fandom Set Aki Halloween Aki Injury 2 Aki Injury Aki Irish Aki Nine Holds Aki Prison and Voodoo Collection 1 UNP Conversion Aki Prison and Voodoo Collection Aki Star Wars Aki Succubus Fertility Marks Aki Terminator Aki Zelda Set UNP Converted Aki Zelda Set MxR Fan Pack DeadSpace Slave tats Anime Fertility Set Asagi Game Symbols Hidan Set UNP Converted Bistro SlaveTats Body Graffiti Body Graffiti Deltoid and Fingers Body Graffiti Pricelist Body Graffiti Toes Progressive Tats Pack HorseSlutTats Meeko'sBitchTats JenovaTats JenovaTatsV2 LewdMarks 1.7 slavetats SlaveTats Tik Kit - UNP SlaveTats Tit Kit Feederism THIS LIST IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! JUST LOOK IN THE INSTALLER.
    Link to original mod - LE/SE/AE
    The tattoo toolkit for Skyrim

    SlaveTats lets you:
    Select tattoos for the player character Select tattoos for NPCs (works best if they have a name) Select the color of the tattoos Make the tattoos glow in the dark Choose between matte and glossy tattoos Apply magical tattoos (for example, the Dibellan Defender tattoo pack) Add and remove tattoo packs without messing around in the SlaveTats source code. No need to compile. If you're a mod author, you can lock tattoos onto characters, so that they can only be removed by a mod. If you change the number of overlays in nioverride.ini, SlaveTats will change how many tattoo slots it provides.



  6. SexLab SE - Brazillian Portuguese Translation Pack

    Brazillian Portuguese Translation Pack 
    Tradução do mod SexLab Framework + 7 mods complementares.
    Mods traduzidos:
    SexLab MatchMaker criado por OsmelMC | Adiciona dois feitiços para uma inicialização rápida e simples das animações do SexLab com um ou vários atores
    Furniture Framework criado por shyguy570 | Um sistema para iniciar animações do SL que se alinham com os móveis do jogo.
    SexLab Animation Loader criado por OsmelMC | Um mod para acionar packs de animações ao SexLab Framework
    SexLab Tools criado por Goubo e portado para o SE por Electric Aether | Um mod simples que visa dar ao jogador algumas ferramentas para controlar as cenas do SL, principalmente a Animação e as Tags, usando menus do mod UIExtensions.
    Make Skyrim Straight Again criado por CadenBlack | Um mod que adiciona várias missões como o mod Amorous Adventures. (Você precisa ativar uma pedra perto das três pedras iniciais e possuir a Brisalar)
    SexLab Solutions criado por Janbui para LE e convertido por nomkaz para SE | Adiciona conteúdo sexual opcional a muitas das missões, encontros e NPCs de Skyrim, usando o SexLab. (Tradução da versão OStim aqui: Ostim Solutions (PTBR)) 
    Recomendado: Pack de Vozes para SexLab Solutions criado por DoubleCheeseburger
    Naked Dibellans (SexLab) criado por mort65 | Este mod deixa as sacerdotisas de Dibella nuas, dá a elas uma coroa de flores e permite que você pratique as "Artes Dibellanas" com elas e receba bênçãos.
    Não é necessário ter todos os mods para usar a tradução, apenas baixe e instale o arquivo com um gerenciador de mods e um menu com as opções de tradução surgirá, basta selecionar as traduções dos mods que você tiver instalado. Deixe que os arquivos da tradução substituam os arquivos dos mods originais.



  7. Corsec's Lewd Patches Clusterfuck Madness *NEW GAME REQUIRED*

    The bikini armor content is being moved onto a seperate modpage and now requires the Spell Perk Item Distributor mod. You can find the bikini patches here-
    The rest of the patches on this page will soon be converted over to also use SPID.
    All obsolete content is still available in the download list as "Backups of All Older Versions From Before 22_11_2022". Use these if you want to access the older versions.
    TL:DR; These are patches to make NPCs from vanilla and LL mods wear outfits from Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie Collection and Bikini Armors. Many modded female NPCs such as the ones in Hydra Slavegirls will also use heads and hairs from the Immersive Wenches mod to make them look prettier.
    This is a collection of patches to add Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie or Bikini Armors to the outfits of female NPCs from both vanilla and mods. I have used the plugin from 'Deviously Patched Hydra Slave Girls' by Gameplayer as a base, so original credit goes to him. Since Captured Dreams is no longer available Gameplayer's mod is obsolete now and I have made many extra patches, so I'm putting this on it's own page rather than posting in his thread.
    These patches are appropriate for using alongside other mods involving misogyny and slavery such as Sexlab Survival, Hydra Slavegirls and Slaverun Reloaded. It will make the world much more immersive by making NPCs look and behave as if they are having similar experiences as your Devious main character.
    I have also edited modded NPCs so that they will use the heads and hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches to make them look more beautiful. This is to fix the problem that a lot of the female NPCs in LL mods just aren't visually appealing. In particular, Hydra Slavegirls has some notoriously ugly and badly-designed NPCs and now you will never need to see them again.
    Some of these patches now use Spell Perk Item Distributor for maximum compatibility.
    There are patches available for vanilla and the following mods-
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armors
    Luxury Lingerie Collection CBBE
    Immersive Wenches
    Slaverun Reloaded
    Troubles of Heroine
    Hydra Slavegirls
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus
    Devious Bandit Captives
    Laura's Bondage Shop
    Radiant Prostitution
    Sexlab Dialogues
    Deviously Enslaved Continued
    SD Cages
    You will require Devious Devices SE and Immersive Wenches as a foundation for these patches, available here-
    Optionally you may also use Luxury Collection, available here-

    The bikini content has been moved onto it's own seperate modpage as it is no longer dependent on the content here. You can find the bikini patches in the link below.
    You will require Non-Devious Devices.esp and Non-Devious Devices.esp Masterlist.esp a base for all my other patches. It contains the unscripted versions of Devious Devices (called Non-Devious Devices, or non-DDs). Non-DDs allow NPCs to wear the models of Devious Devices without adding scripted events to your game and clogging up your Papyrus. There are still some scripts running because Zaz Animation Pack needs them to make NPCs use animations for gags and armbinders, but there is much less scripts running than when using regular devious devices.
    To install it you must download the latest version of "Non Devious Devices Masterlist" available in the download section. This is required by most of the other patches.
    I recommend that you use the Nexus patches for Immersive Wenches to make them use hairstyles from either Apachii Hairs or KS Hairdos. If you use High Poly Heads then I recommend you install the patch for Immersive Wenches to further enhance their beauty.
    The Non-Devious Devices masterlist has the following patches in the "Optional" folder with the download. You should use these if you have the prerequisite mods.
    Non-Devious Devices Masterlist - Immersive Wenches.esp
    This will change the tavern clothes outfit to use Non-Devious Devices rather than the vanilla wench dress. Immersive wenches will use this as their default clothing. This edits Mogrul in Raven Rock to change him to use a different outfit. Requires Immersive Wenches.
    Non-Devious Devices Masterlist - Radiant Prostitution Patch.esp
    This will add the JobWhore keyword to non-DD collars This enables any NPCs wearing non-DDs to use the NPC vs NPC whoring feature that is introduced by the mod Radiant Prostitution. Use if you have installed Radiant Prostitution available here-
    Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection Expansion.esp
    This will add items from Luxury Colleciton to the outfits for Non Devious Devices. This will make your slaves look much better and is the much recommended. This requires "Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp" and I recommend you install the 3BA (not the CBBE) version for best results.
    Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp
    You need this if using the CBBE version of "Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection Expansion.esp" and not the 3BA version.
    The 3BA and CBBE versions of Luxury Collection on SSE have significant differences. The patches were made for 3BA, so this plugin will remove the outfits that are broken in the CBBE version. You need this as well as the other one in the Luxury Collections ection ("Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp").
    Non-Devious Devices - No Gags.esp
    Non-Devious Devices - No Piercings.esp
    These patches will selectively remove some items from the outfits.
    Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini
    This is a SPID patch available for Non-Devious Devices. It requires "Non-Devious Devices - Masterlist.esp" and won't work without it. This will use SKSE to change the outfits of vanilla NPCs to wear Non Devious Devices. I have excluded females wearing armor, noble or fine clothes since they are rich and/or powerful enough to afford the licences for clothes. This is intended to be used with Sexlab Survival and/or Slaverun Reloaded to make the gameworld more consistent with the player experience. Now NPCs have to pay for clothing licences, and few can afford it.
    It is fully compatible with everything except other SPID mods that modify the outfits of the same NPCs. WACCF ACE might conflict on a few NPCs.
    However, this SPID patch won't remove female weapons, you need the below patch to do that.
    This conflicts with "Luxury_Collection_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini" and should not be used with it. They both assign different outfits to the same NPCs. Use only one, depending on whether you prefer to dress vanilla female civilian NPCs in Luxury Collection or Non Devious Devices.
    Remove Weapons From Weak Female NPC.esp
    For consistency with Sexlab Survival and Slaverun Reloaded this will remove weapons (mostly daggers) from weak female civilian noncombatant NPCs. It affects most of the same NPCs as the above SPID patch does. I have excluded miners, Skaal, orc tribeswomen and a few selected others.
    It is in the optional folder with the download for the file above (Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini) since they are designed to work together. It is a plugin and may conflict with all the mods that change NPC appearances so load it early in your load order and use a conflict resolution method. It has little gameplay effect so it's not very important, but it does provide immersion.
    Luxury_Collection_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini
    This is a SPID patch available for Luxury Collection. It requires "Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp" and won't work without it. This will use SKSE to change the outfits of vanilla NPCs to wear Non Devious Devices.
    It is fully compatible with everything except other SPID mods that modify the outfits of the same NPCs. WACCF ACE might conflict on a few NPCs.
    This conflicts with "Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini" and should not be used with it. They both assign different outfits to the same NPCs. Use only one, depending on whether you prefer to dress vanilla female civilian NPCs in Luxury Collection or Non Devious Devices.
    This is a collection of patches that are for the mod available here-
    Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp
    This is the file that is needed by all the other content listed below in this section. It is also needed by other patches in both the SPID and Non-Devious Devices section.
    Luxury Collection - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make Immersive Wenches wear Luxury Collection items as their default outfits.
    Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp
    The 3BA and CBBE versions of Luxury Collection on SSE have significant differences. The patches were made for 3BA, so this plugin will remove the outfits that are broken in the CBBE version.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Slaverun Reloaded - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    I also have edited quest NPCs to make them followers. This is because Slaverun in SSE has the bug that quest NPCs will wander away from quest scenes and return to their default assigned positions. If you recruit them as followers they will no longer do this, so this patch will fix that bug. Note that followers seem compatible with Submissive Lola, but they are *NOT* compatible with Devious Followers Continued. Before you recruit them you should place your mouse over them, go to the Devious Followers MCM and click the option to de-register them as devious followers. This will prevent Devious Followers from running on them and potentially causing bugs. I don't know why Devious Followers doesn't work with Slaverun NPCs. Nether's Follower Framework seems to run normally on them.
    I have also made some edits to make them level with the player, and other things.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Troubles of Heroine - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    This is for the following versions of Troubles of Heroine and requires them all-
    Troubles of Heroine SE 2.6.1
    Troubles of Heroine Dawnguard Addon SE 1.1.1
    Troubles of Heroine Dragonborn Addon SE 1.2
    Troubles of Heroine Hearthfire Addon SE 1.0.1
    These are for the mod available here-
    Hydra Slavegirls - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches. I have also edited all inventory items to reduce the excessive amount of loot you could collect from hydra followers and dead NPCs. I have made many of the named characters into balanced followers. I have also included a fix for the original mods problem of causing the subtitles dialogue to override other subtitles and to be shown even when the conversation is far away.
    Hydra Slavegirls - Furniture Patch.esp
    If you use "Hydragorgon Furniture Patch.esp" from the main mod then you will need this patch to integrate it's edits with my own. Use this together with the above patches.  This is for the version released on 15_03_2022.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Devious Bandit Captives - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    Makes the rescuable slave/whore NPCs use Non-Devious Devices outfits and also use the heads/hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches. I also edited their stats to make them slightly better as followers. If you want them as adventuring followers then I recommend that you install a follower mod like Nether's Follower Framework to be able to manually edit their class/stats/spells/combat style ingame.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Lauras Bondage Shop - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches and optionally to wear Bikini Armors.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Radiant Prostitution - Customers Can Never Refuse You Patch.esp
    When you choose to approach an NPC to offer yourself they will never be able to refuse you. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.
    Radiant Prostitution - Followers Can Be Your Pimp Patch.esp
    This allows your followers to become your pimp and issue you jobs instead of a tavern keeper. To begin, talk to a tavern keeper and ask the question "What if I wanted to find someone else to take prostitution jobs from?". They will give you a pimp ring which you should then place on your follower. I strongly recommend that you disable the RP MCM option to restrict jobs to current inkeeper's town otherwise you might be punished for leaving town without paying the innkeeper. Note that some types of jobs might bug out if you attempt to start them outside of a town, some job quests assume you are inside a town when you start them because they need to select town-based NPCs.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Sexlab Dialogues - No Bloody Rags Patch.esp
    Removes the rag items from the levelled lists. If you never use the SL Dialogue quests then you won't need them and they will just annoy you.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Deviously Enslaved - Forced Approaches at Running Speed Patch.esp
    Now when you get a forced approach by an NPC who wants to rape/enslave you they will actually run at you which will make it harder to escape from them (if you see them coming).
    Deviously Enslaved - SSE Vanilla NPCs Are Slavers
    This will add the Zaz slaver faction to selected vanilla NPCs to make them be more likely to rape/enslave you. This is a modular install with multiple options, choose the ones that you want your PC to be at increased risk of being raped/enslaved by. Load these patches as early in your load order as possible, before any other mods that modify NPCs. Use a conflict resolution method like Wrye Bash or make a handmade patch.
    The types of NPCs that the patches apply the Zaz slaver faction to are as follows-
    Creepy Male Sex Pests
    Guild Members
    Male Tribal Orcs
    Non-Guild Mage
    Traders and Innkeepers (taverns and shops will NOT be a safe place)
    These are for the mod available here, the LE version is compatible for SSE-
    SD Cages - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    Makes the rescuable slaves NPCs use Non-Devious Devices outfits and also use the heads/hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches. I also edited their stats to make them slightly better as followers. If you want them as adventuring followers then I recommend that you install a follower mod like Nether's Follower Framework to be able to manually edit their class/stats/spells/combat style ingame.
    Make Elder Females Look Young Again.esp
    Make Elder Females Sound Young Again.esp
    This has 2 plugins, one will handle the texture redirection to make females use the young person textures but take care that it doesn't conflict with something. The other plugin will edit the voicetypes to make elders use young person voices. However some of their unique quest dialogue will be silent because there isn't a young person's line to replace the old people's lines. For example, the Grey Mane woman in Whiterun who sells jewellery has unique dialogue for selling her wares and that will be silent. It's a tradeoff, she will sound young for some dialogue but won't be fully voiced. It's your decision whether the tradeoff is worth it.
    More Food at Inns.esp
    This copies and modifies the edits to tavern inventories from this mod - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98313
    It will give a much larger selection of food items at inns. This is a very useful patch to have if you are using Submissive Lola, which often requires you to acquire meals for your Owner. With this patch you will usually be able satisfy your Owners' food and drink demands at the nearest tavern.
    Credit to Dreamweaver for Non-Devious Devices 1.1 which I converted into the Non-Devious Devices Masterlist.
    Credit to hydragorgon for the original slavegirls mod.
    Credit to Gameplay for the original Devious Devices Hydra Slavegirls patch.
    Credit to Cleave, Grey Cloud and donttouchmethere for the screenshots.
    Credit to SkyLover37 for the Devious Toys Generator which I used to remake the non-devious devices patches.



  8. Follower Slavery Mod (FSM) (26/11/2022)

    Have you ever been enslaved and found your defeated followers hanging around as if nothing has happened? Not any more - FSM  allows your Followers to be enslaved when you are.  Will you leave them to their fate, or search the cities, towns and wilds of Skyrim and rescue them from Slavery?
    FSM is highly configurable - using a combination of the MCM and FSM JSON files you can control
    Which NPCs are potential Masters for enslaved Followers Which Locations (Bandit, Warlock or Vampire camps) Follower slaves can be sent to The Outfits that Slaves will be dressed in, Male and Female Slaves have their own outfit sets Whether Slaves will be used as Sex toys, selectable both on the gender of the Slave and that of the Master The animation tags selected if Slaves are used as Sex toys, based both on the gender of the Slave and that of the Master Whether Toys & Love or Sexlab is used for sex scenes FSM's masters.json file comes pre-loaded with over 100 male NPCs, 83 female NPCs and almost 50 locations (Bandit camps and Warlock or Vampire lairs).
    A built in audit report makes it simple to identify records in the JSON and edit them as you wish. The individual groups of Masters (NPC Male, NPC Female, Bandit Camps, Warlock Lairs, Vampire Lairs) can also be disabled/enabed during the game via the MCM.
    Similarly the SlaveOutfits.json file includes 6 pre-loaded female outfits (including 3 "Toys" and 3 "Devious Devices" outfits) and 2 male outfits. Again there is an audit report to allow you to easily modify or add your own choice of outfits.
    Animation tags for each gender combination can be edited in the AnimationTags.json file. 

    There are a number of methods by which Followers can be enslaved:
    Sexlab Defeat
    Followers who are assaulted after they have been defeated may be enslaved by their aggressors.
    The SL Defeat Plugin was developed using SL Defeat V5.3.6 Bane 24112021 and is compatible with the Dynamic Defeat LRG Patch V1.4 (for Defeat Version 5.3.6) by AndrewLRG
    It has not been tested with other versions of SL Defeat but should be compatible so long as Followers are assaulted after being defeated.
    Enslavement depends on a number of factors in addition to the chance set in the FSM MCM:
    Simple Slavery+
    If you are sent to Simple Slavery your active followers may be enslaved by your captors or sent to auction with you. Once you are auctioned they will also be sold.
    FSM Enslavement
    Active followers can be enslaved via the MCM - either to a Random NPC or your current Target
    External Mods
    Followers can be enslaved and freed through FSM by other Mods using ModEvents
    FSM Plugins
    FSM is designed so that more third party mod support can be added in future - Version 1.0 includes a Simple Plugin for Sanguine's Debauchery that allows any active Followers not enslaved by SD to be enslaved in a similar way to SD's built-in Follower handling. 
    Currently up to six enslaved followers are supported - if a seventh follower is enslaved the existing slave with the longest service will be released.
    Once you have installed FSM you need to have a Dialogue with each of your followers to register them in FSM.  For EFF users  - don't just use the EFF custom menu, actually open a dialogue with them using the Talk option in the EFF menu.
    You only need do this once per game for each follower  - FSM will keep track of them from then on.
    You can check in the MCM on the Enslavement tab to see if all your current followers are listed.
    EMANCIPATION (Freeing your Followers)
    After a few days Innkeepers will become aware of any new Follower Slaves in their area, however followers taken by Bandits, Warlocks or Vampires may prove harder to find. 
    Once you find an enslaved follower, if the owner is neutral or friendly, you can either buy them out of slavery or make a break for freedom with them. If the owner is hostile then more direct action will be required!
    The MCM can be used to reveal a Slave's current Hold, Location or Owner and also to remotely free the Slave.

    The only hard requirements are  PapyrusUtil SE & SkyUI SE or LE Equivalents
    Sex scenes require either Sexlab 1.63+ or Toys & Love SE 2.1+ or LE Equivalents

    Extensible Follower Framework/Amazing Follower Tweaks/Nether's Follower Framework
    Simple Slavery++ 6.3.16+
    Sanguine's Debauchery
    Toys & Love 2.21+ (Outfits & Love scenes)
    Devious Devices 5.1+ (Outfits)
    Sexlab Defeat V5.3.6 Bane 24112021

    Submissive Lola, the Resubmission
    Devious Followers Continued
    Dynamic Defeat LRG Patch V1.4 (for Defeat Version 5.3.6)



  9. TeraElinRace Remastered

    TeraElinRace Remastered

    This mod is based on TeraElinRace2 by PsychoMachina
    But remastered with add and enhanced many customizable features
    and enhanced emotion & other features
    These screenshots are just example and screenshot of a user who used this mod very well
    so their preset and textures are not provided in this mod
    if you want to get her, you have to use Google search
    Or you can meet a more beautiful her with your hands and the customizable feature of this race!
    So... How is it different?
    There are a lot of change log so written in spoiler
    For more info and change log, open the spoiler below
    1. Improved Meshes
    2. Improved customizable
    3. Anime Features
    4. Extra features
    And many changes
    I don't remember the entire change log
    Race stats & Powors
    Smithing +5
    Sneak +10
    Alchemy +5
    Speech +10
    Enchanting +5
    Horizon Run
    When out of combat, increases movement speed by 20%(Male) or 30%(Female)
    Twice ingredients are gathered from plants
    Friendly Current
    Increase swimming speed by 50%
    Soothing Presence
    Creatures and people up to level 200 big range of nearby won't fight for 60 seconds
    For SE/AE user : Address Library for SKSE Plugins
    For VR user : VR Address Library for SKSEVR
    RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition
    Enhanced Character Edit or RaceMenu
    For SE user : HDT-SMP 
    For SE/AE/VR user : FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP 
    For SE user, install only one of HDT-SMP or FSMP
    For AE user, recommended to use v1.44 or v1.45 when install the FSMP
    For SE/AE user : SSE Engine Fixes
    For VR user : Engine Fixes VR
    Half Requirements
     CBPC (if you chosen CBPC ears or CBPC tail, install this!)
    Install with mod manager such as MO2, vortex
    Follow the instructions of installer
    ESP load order is after RaceCompatibility other stuff is no matter
    And avoid overwritten by other mods as possible
    How to make her beautiful easily?
    1.Find RacialTrait Category(ECE) or Head Category(RaceMenu)

    2. Find these sliders and use it!
    with these sliders you can get a handy base pretty face
    3. Find Complaxion slider and Choose the skin that you like
    4. Adjust other sliders to get the face you like
    then, it depends on your will
    How to disable Emotion icon, eyes / wisker?
    1. Find ETC category(ECE) or Extra category(RaceMenu)
    2. Set disable slider to 1 (You can adjust more but recommended 1)
    To enable these, set disable slider to 0
    How to Change the Animal ears&tails/Eyelashes?
    1. Find these sliders on Hair category
    2. Adjust that sliders!
    if you are using the ECE instead of Racemenu
    you can change the Animal ears&tail with spell
    Known issues
    Do you have an issue with animal ears and mouth?
    Please downgrade Faster SMP to v1.44 or v1.45
    or downgrade skyrim to SE(v1.5.97)
    For Modders
    how to add eye colors(or other head part) using the auto head part generator?
    full guide
    simple guide for only eye colors
    how to add new face and body textures on complexion slider?
    how to add new tri set for facial expression?
    and how can I change it in realtime in game?
    how to add separate tint color for specific headpart?
    Future Plan
    Add more eye colors
    Remake ears animation to SKSE Plugin
    Support ears and tail animation
    Link ears and tail animation with emotion
    Support NPCs ears and tail animation
    Add more CBBE Body texture option
    Solve the furry skin neck seam issue
    Improve male elin
    For UNP Furry skin, i doesn't have time to hang on to UNP skin, sorry!


    Thanks to PsychoMachina for original elin race 2
    Thanks to Hello Santa for SG Brows texture
    Thanks to 히로신 for nice support/nice resources/nice screenshots/nice ideas
    Thanks to 청1 for nice male elin resources/nice followers/nice furry resources
    Thanks to ap05 for many feedbacks/nice ideas/nice screenshots/nice face shape for Nua slider
    Thanks to 삽살띠 for nice male elin base/nice face shape for Sapsalrin slider/nice face texture resources
    Thanks to 라이잘린슈타우트 for nice followers/nice face shape for Patricia slider
    Thanks to 나고야 for nice elin resources/nice face shape for Yarin
    Thanks to ㅇㅇ/36718954 for nice face shape for Gehenna slider
    Thanks to 와와와와왕 for nice furry resources
    Thanks to Stella_Unicorn for nice cat's wisker resource/nice screenshots
    Thanks to 짭산 for nice screenshots/nice face texture resources
    Thanks to MataB for nice feedbacks
    Thanks to Cecilia for nice support
    Thanks to Argos for chinese translate
    And thanks to those who helped me who i don't remember in tullius channel community
    Without them, i wouldn't have the will to complete TeraElinRace Remastered v1.0.0



  10. Min's BaboDialogue Keyword Patcher

    Hey folks! I wrote this a while back for my own personal use, and decided to share it. This mod is a Mutagen patcher for Synthesis which automatically attempts to add appropriate keywords to all armors in your load-order. It does so via string comparison; if the name of an armor has a specific string within it, it is assigned a tag. For example, any armor containing the word "Transparent" is assigned the SLA_ArmorTransparent tag. You can see the list of what strings correspond to what tag in the code, here.
    For those who are unaware, the tags on your armor affect how NPC's from certain mods (Such as BaboDialogue) react to your character. So, if you're wearing erotic armor, people are going to comment on it accordingly. The purpose of this mod is to automate the process of applying these tags to everything in your load-order. Of note, this patcher covers most Devious Devices use-cases as well, allowing NPC's to react to your devices via these frameworks.
    Future Plans:
    Move the string/tag pairings to user configuration, so that users can edit this without editing the code. Maybe.
    @nb097 for submitting a patch reducing the number of masters that the patcher adds to the generated plugin.



  11. Sonja Lothbrok Muscled Warrior

    Sonja Lothbrok
    Racemenu Preset for your Futa or Female Character

    Created from Scratch and this time using different assets 
    Using My Wonder Woman bodyslide preset with some extra tweekings

    Mod Files Required for the same look

    For Female Version
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio


     Valkyr HDT-SMP Hair
     Wonder Woman Ultimate Muscle Body Preset  
    High Poly Head 1.4 SE  
    Fair Skin Complexion 
    CBBE 3BA (3BBB)  
    Lyru's Tattoo Pack Collection   Wet Function Redux SE   Extra file for Futanari Version   TRX - Futanari Addon   Don't Forget to download the Muscle Maps that are in the same TRX Futanari Addon  download as optional       TRX Futanari addon mesh modified by me to get this form  In The Download section     Uploaded the Futa addon mesh if you want this sized NYL Style futa penis and balls..         Training time.mp4    
        Downloads    Preset and  Bodyslide XML files for Her cock         In Fact I was surprised to be able to Love The allowed Customizing of TRX Futanari addon 
    That made me get the Futa Model closer than ever to what I wanted , since I am a Fan of NYL Animation and models
    this model is in fact almost identical..
    Well done 
    How to add this Mesh as an Addon to TRX - Futanari Thanks to   
    First Download the original TRX - Futanari Addon 
    TRX Futanari Addon
    Then Download this Esp file
    SOS - TRX - Futanari Addon.esp
    This is the Esp that will overwrite the original TRX Futanari Addon Esp 
    Unpack the  original  TRX Futanari Addon in your desktop 
    open the extracted TRX folder  and navigate to 
    Data\Meshes\[TRX] Futa addon
    You will see this files inside the  last folder called [TRX] Futa addon

    Now in there do not touch anything 
    Just make a New folder Called Nyl
    it will look like this after 

    and place inside  the 
    schlong meshes and tri that come in my  file 
    TRX - Futanari Sonja addon mesh.7z
    This are the files from my meshe files

    Now take the esp file changed you download in this explaining above 
    SOS - TRX - Futanari Addon.esp
    and replace the original TRX  Futanari esp 

    Now repack the all file with Rar or 7Z and install replacing the Original TRX -Futanari mod you have installed 
    This procedure will not change anything in the original mod or  any bodyslide changes you might have made to your TRX schlong 
    it will only add in the SOS menu a new TRX Futanari Addon Called TRX Futanari Nyl  with this new meshes and it will use the same TRX Textures 
      I will not add for download the all thing done cause of respect For Trixter and cause its easy to do following this steps      Thanks have Fun !



  12. !Maidens of Darkness

    !Maidens of Darkness

    TBD Followers
    This is a work in progress
    The remake of !Cheesecake Followers. Which will be incompatible with the this version of the mod as characters will overwrite one another.
    Currently five with more to come as this is WIP. All followers are made with High Poly Head and use Touched by Dibella body with my Milkshake preset.
    Current Followers:
    Bianca - Berserker. 1h or 2h weapons maters not to her. She's all about melee offense. She'll dual wield 1h weapons and bring the pain with 2h. Favors maces and warhammers.
    Belladonna - Sorceress merchant. Favors ice spells with fire as a back up. Exotic inventory and loves poisons....
    Calia - Necromancer.  Made dark pacts and at higher levels summons some interesting things....
    Lily - Frost mage and conjurer.
    Evelyn - Former Thalmor assassin brought back from the brink of death by Calia after the thalmor tried to incinerate her for being too good a spy/assassin and knowing too much, now is something more...
    Current locations
    Bianca - Falkreath inn
    Belladonna - Geirmund's hall (Outside by entrance)
    Calia - Valthume (Outside by entrance)
    Lily - Yngol Barrow (by entrance)
    Evelyn - Take the East road out of Riverwood up the mountain by small bandit camp, listen for fighting.
    *These placements are temporary as I'll be adding more content.
    *No quests yet but are in the works.
    *Belladonna will only sell her merchant wares when dismissed as a follower.
    *Yes all other followers from previous mod will be added and all followers are standalone.
    The bodies the girls use is Milkshake body (Clothed and naked) found here;
    HDT-SMP for physics. 
    Bianca really wants you to have Maximum Carnage installed.
    Pi-Cho enb is used in all screen shots.
    With out an ENB the girls will appear paler as shown below.

    Credit given to awesome modders:
    Themilkdrinker - TBD body. Thanks again for permission!!
    juicypepper - DX conversion to tbd, thank you!
    arta14 - for Arta glasses, thanks again!
    Ousnius -  BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Shiva182 - Maevan2's Eye Brows SE
    DomainWolf - Skin Feature Overlays SE (Freckles)
    Nazeen - Improved Eyes Skyrim
    r1goodwin - Diamond skin
    Lersy - Awesome nord preset which was a good jumping point to make these ladies. Thanks Again!
    Spongeman131 - RANs HeadMesh Sliders for RaceMenu
    expired6978 - creating RaceMenu
    Kalilies - KS Hairdos SSE
    Nisetanaka & TheAbstract17 & JSPumpkinKing & VtheHeretic (and all others who helped) - The Amazing world of Bikini Armors and conversions, you guys rock.
    DeserterX - DX Armors
    Kala's Eyes  and Elf eyes - guidethisonekalaheria



  13. Yoshimitsu

    Daggers from FF14 wielded by the shinobi, Yugiri Mistwalker.
    Please note that due to the different ways in which Skyrim and FF14 implement and render textures, how the sword looks in Skyrim will not be exactly like the original.
    The weapon can be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded.

    -Use a Mod Manager.
    -Final Fantasy 14, by Square Enix



  14. Sexy Demon Hunter 3BA

    Half ass port and bodyslide of Sexy Demon Hunter set. I'm pretty sure it's got all the necessary pieces, if not tell me and I'll try not to break it even more.
    I only did 3BA bodysliders for the body, belt, gloves, and flat boots. I'm lazy, sorry.
    Also it's a regular ESP (again, lazy.). This has been corrected thanks to mastga
    Original mod by Jojjo and zzjay, sexed up version by MCKing, LE CBBE by Kofman77.
    this is literally so shittily made someone please take this and do it better



  15. Bathing Beauties or Beefcake Luxury Suite

    If you are installing an update with M02, you must choose "Merge" and not "Replace."  Choosing "Replace" will delete the 3.2B base mod.
    BBLS 3.2B  SE (you need this plus any update downloads -- all downloads available here)

    Current update version:  3.3b
    The 3.3b Update fixes a bug where a follower you had asked to wait in the same cell where you then teleport would cause the waiting follower to teleport with you and then start waiting in the new location (the Bride of Migal's room or other target destination if the waiting follower was in the BBLS basement).  This version is also required for compatibility with the BBLS ColdSun Patch.
    Optional additional download:  BBLS ColdSun patch 1.0
    Requirements:  ColdSun's Vayne and ColdSun's Coralyn.  Vayne is on Nexus and Coralyn will be posted on Nexus within the next 24 hours.  It also requires the BBLS 3.3b Update available here on LoversLab.

    The BBLS ColdSun Patch provides proper voicing for ColdSun's Vayne and Coralyn when they are using BBLS dialogues, such as inviting them to live in the residence or anywhere else in the Suite.  It will also cause BBLS bed-warming to honor Coralyn's cheating mechanic when using OPrivacy with Coralyn.

    Support and the BBLS FAQ are in my discord.

    I'm not going to describe everything about this mod.  We'd end up with a wall of text.  Suffice to say, this is a large player home/inn/business that allows you to invite NPCs to live there and have customers from all over Skyrim visit.  This is the most recent version of the mod.  It is a large download and as such I will do future updates as additional downloads that should overwrite.

    Requires PapyrusUtils and SKSE.  Will work with AE if those are updated.

    Note: The BBLS Base download comes with four plugins:
    BBLuxurySuite.esm -- This is the base master plugin. It will be high in your load order.
    BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp -- This is the exterior navmesh. Place it low to overrule encroaching mods.
    BBLS_SKSE64_Patch.esp -- Disable if not running SKSE. Place low in your order.
    BBLSextBeds.esp -- ESL plugin that modifies vanilla beds in extensions locations. Disable if you are not using extensions. Place below all others.

    Please do not upload or redistribute this file or its contents to another site without my permission.



  16. Statue "Dark passion" (futa)

    Dark passion
    New decorations for Volkihar castle: Molag Bal and Lami Bal passion scene. 
    1. Mid poly statue with 4k textures for best performance.
    2. Collisions
    3. All nav meshes and markers edited for proper work with statues.
    4. You can find this statue in two places: dinning hall and near the Molag altar (in hall not in Cathedral - upstears and locked door)
    5. Material - solid stone. 
    Q: Will be non futa version?
    A: No. This statue will be futa only.
    Volkihar is a real hell in sence of different markers so i hope i dont broke anything.
    For understandable reason this mod is not compatible with any others Volkihar edits!
    This is experimental thing with new way of packing textures an lower polygonal model for better performancw.
    Hi poly version you can find on my Patreon In this version Molag Bal figure made in hi poly variant for more smooth and detailed view.
    If you like my works you can support me on Paypal (gunstb@gmail.com) or Patreon. This will be wery helpfull fbecause now for me its a question of surviving.



  17. Miscellaneous werewolf makeovers for TWO and some other tweaks

    Firstly I am happy that Frosferes, the author of Total Werewolf Overhaul, was inspired to use my assets from Monster Facial Animation which gives werewolves, werebears and vampire lords facial animation. In turn that inspired me to create these patches or makeovers for a few werewolf-related mods, for maximum compatibility with TWO and Creature Framework, also giving them their own "equipment". That includes every werewolf/werebear from Diverse Werewolves Collection, as well as the Lobo follower and the Sinding follower.
    Firstly the "Werebears and DWC" FOMOD focuses on giving werebears more attention, with a plugin that's loosely inspired by Werewolves.esp and it's patches. I gave werebears updated body meshes with a tongue for instance (and the female body looks more feminine), and they get separate CF equipment unlike the werebear models from More Nasty Critters where they were already attached to the model. And the DWC werewolves will use the "bits" meshes that's included in the CF patch for TWO, but with their own sheath/balls textures which should match their general skin textures. For now I've only programmed them to have the red cocks.
    With FrownDere's permission, I've also given Lobo assets based on Total Werewolf Overhaul, and I've done the same with the Authentic Sinding Follower. They both come with their standalone BodySlide files.
    I've tweaked the race script from More Nasty Critters to make sure that SexLab will register the unque werewolf/werebear races from DWC but also Lobo's and Sinding's race.
    After installing this tweak, make sure you disable SexLab's "Allow Creature Animation" in the MCM, close the menu and then re-enable it again, in order to register the werebeast races I've covered.
    I've also made a tweak to SexLab Werewolves, tweaking the script to make sure that players can initiate sex scenes in werebear form, but also made it so that players can be submissive to some of the additional male werewolf races I've generally covered in this mod, as long as you check the "Ignore PC Gender" in the MCM.
    I'm also sharing some werewolf headpart replacers for TWO, based on the Underworld werewolf remodel.
    Note - The tongue might clip through the snout during certain animations. Before you install this, make sure you back up the files in the following folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Meshes\actors\werewolfbeast\character assets\HeadParts
    Be sure to check out my newest mod Were-Circle as well!

    Monster Facial Animations (DWC version) - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22878

    Creature Framework and MNC



    Soft requirements, depending on which version(s) you install:

    Diverse Werewolves Collection - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7009
    Lobo, a Fully Voiced Werewolf Follower - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/68706
    (Version 1.4, ignore the "Lobo with facial animation/Fluffworks files)
    Authentic Sinding Follower - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/33517
    (Latest version contains a FOMOD installer so you can customize with various textures and such, even sheath textures are included)
    Recommended mods:
    Growl - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31245
    (with Growl I recommend using either my Werewolf Revert Effect mod or the script from my MFA-Growl patch, there I've made sure that the player can actually turn into the Werebear race and not only be equipped with the werebear skin, which would result in getting a werebear body with a werewolf head if you're using Monster Facial Animation.

    Manually download the archive, open Vortex, head to the "Mods" tab and then drag-and-drop the archive to the bottom of the page, then you can just go through the installation procedure and customize the mod however you like.
    -FrownDere for the Lobo follower mod
    -Vuthakral and Asjure, for the body/head textures which I combined
    -nyphani for the Tamaska Werebear from where I ripped the feminine body
    -Oblivionlivio21 for the Underworld werewolf headparts
    -Frosferes for making a great sexy werewolf overhaul!



  18. Ensaving Effect Resource and Demo

    Written in
    Year: 2022
    Month: 11
    Day: 28
    for file version: 3.0.0
    What this mod do, what is the concept?
    Imagine a wepon, a wepon that npc can use to enslave player and send simple slavery...
    At the same wepon, that player can use to enslave npcs.
    A enslaving weapon that can enslave the target... no matter what is the target...
    Started working this becuse some users requested my Slavers of Skyrim(SLOS) mod slavers not capable enslave players.
    Now thanx to this mod they can
    And same time player can enslave the slavers, or nearly any other npc with the same weapon they attempted enslave the player!
    This made possible Paradise Halls Enchanted (PAHE) (and VERY BIG thx for ClifftonJD for the help!)
    As i worked this mod i got a idea:
    But hey why stop weapons? if using same effects possible to create Spells that do the same thing as the weapon does!
    Enslave the target... so why not?
    This scripts pramary made used with my SLOS but during devlopment i dicided making it modder resoruce! So any one in LL can make use of it!
    Other good to know things:
    This mod not ment compite with SL defeat or other combat rape/slavery mods.
    Goal is imitate how slavery works from player side in skyrim ( PAHE capture process). 
    In PAHE  its 100% possible to kill a npc with to strong attack  before chance to capture it, now same true for the player.
    if player not strong enught survive the incoming damage, slavers go sad and say "well that happens" and move on.
    Agin this is not a defeat mod where player ending up dead is accident/bug.
    Script limitation ( V3 ):
    EF Tigger Concentrate Script and EF Compact Tigger Concentrate Script:   
    This magic effects can handle concentration effects and extended duration on recast enchantments witout problem
    In theory okay to use this scripts with magic effect that last at least 1 sec but works better in 2 sec or longer.
    This scripts after checking most requierment run checks on the victim evry 1 sec if wictim current hp above 25% of the capture limit, 0,5 sec if below 25% to the capture limit.
    Difference beatwen the normal tigger script and the concentration one:
    -The new one in size dubble. This means far more code and far more complex inner workings.
    -The normal capture spell not use on update calls.
    I suggest use the normal tigger script and magic effect if non concentration spell in use. or enchantment not has extanded flagged.
    Normal Script version limitations (V2 and lower):
    (EF Tigger  Script and EF Compact Tigger Script )
    Concentraion spells not work with my tigger scripts! DO NOT attach this type of spells!
    Working on a Concentration spell only script, Its take time...
    Tigger effect in spells or enchantments is ideal if sett 1 sec in any usage
    Enchantments ONLY:
    DO NOT flag extend effect duration on recast! my contact tigger script not going to work!
    To owercome this need a special type of script same as concentration type of spell script.
    Please keep in mind if your enchanted weapon run out of enchants the weapon canot be used to enslave player/npc.
    This special bead if you wish produce weapons that meant used enslave player... this things may non expected negative side effects
     (i mean dead player character )
    information for Simple Slavery users:
    Paralysis is a big problem for my script. I written a special section to handle that case.
    if my script fail its possible to end up frozen in the auction.
    Reason for this propably to high load on papyrus and my script failed handle the situation.
    Please let me know if this happen to you! I can add more safe guard to preverent this to happen.
    information for pahe users:
    My script allow slaves, followers to use this weapons/spells aginst other npcs. So they can help enslave other npcs.
    I run checks this effects canot be used to capture followers, slaves. This done to avoid accidental enslavment.
    i done my work in skyrim se 1.5.97 version
    i tryed use script commands that not need SKSE to work so probably work older version to. 
    As long older versions can handle mod send event.
    to capture player for simple slavery need installed. if not installed no player capture.
    to capture npcs need pahe installed, if not my spell effects dont capture.
    The demo and the mods alone shuld not do any harm.
    Adding new records to the game do not make problem.
    Scripts i added only work as the spell/weapon used.
    I have no information how well work with other defeat mod.
    Propbably based on settings this mod or other mod kick in first then handle the situation.
    What shuld i download?
    i keep older version avible for reference, but always use the higest avible version number.
    NS EnslavingEffect-DEMO-V3
    This pacage contains a demo version of my scripts. Serve as example how can used my effects, and can be tested by players.
    i wirtten my scripts 2 version normal and compact this intrest of modders, from user perspective this to the same.
    To use it simple need to install it this adds 4 cells to the game that only accesed by console commands:
    Normal script version demonstration:
    open console then type:
    coc + the room name can be seen below
    coc EFTest
    list of test rooms:
    *** Modder downloads ***
    i amde 2 version of the script one named compact this version only use direct form id calls.
    i new to scripting not sure what aproach is better making propertys that more flexible or directly referencing form id's.
    Both has ups and downs, Comapct version not leave best of my knowlage references behind, but harder to use not alow merge.
    Normal version that make use propertys easy to hadnle as modder and can be merged more flexible but leave behind references.
    facing this i made the dicision make both version over time users and modders dicide witch one is better, if any.
    NS EnslavingEffect-V3-FOR modders
    This file for modders, a modder resource.
    Contains the full demo plus esp files used make the esl ones. Addded with the script sources.
    My request to those who read this:

    I realtive new to scripting this is my first scripted mod.
    i try make this one compatible other mods as possible and same time efficent as possible.
    if any of dear mod maker know better sorulution other than i made pls some how let me know and i willing to improve this mod.
    To make more stable and compatible with other mods.
    I belive this mentality that move as comunity foward.
    Informations for modders:

    All the record start EF tag, in compact version EFCompact. i not write it here down to make more easy to read.
    How this thing work:
    i use magic effects to find the target and run the checks.
    logic is this:
    tigger script->checks the target its valid for capture or not ->if yes call for player OR npc capture-> the capture run other checks and handle the capture if evrything okay
    the capture script call for simple slavery OR pahe to handle the victim.
    i run checks via scripts and conditions, if possible by condtions.
    PAHE and Simple slavery has different requierments so both needed own separate script to handle.
    All script attached a magic effect this effects in capture cases added a spell that cast on the victim by the tigger script.
    The tigger scripts attached tiggereffectsFFaimed and contact. aimed used with spells like fire ball, contact variant ment to be used with enchancments.
    using as master any of the .esl file ( suggested compact version usage)
    add a tigger efect to your spell/ecnchantment set it 2 secund and ready to go. you can add condition to effect start if wish more limit when start the action.
    the trehsold of player capture contained in a global varible: PlayerHPLimit. it is a float need to be beatwen 0.01 and 1 0.5 default this means 50% heath if its 0.4 means 40% heath
    this varible checked evry time enslaving effect hit a valid target.
    if player hp drop below this and hit by any tigger effect capture procces beggins ( is simple slavery installed of corse)
    merging to you mod esp (propbably best for this the normal version)
    fallow above steps maybe check all 5 magic effect script propertys are set right.
    i named them same as corespanding spells/effect/global so auto fill expected to do the job.
    Future plans:
    Making mroe stable if needed
    Fixing bugs if any left.
    Making more fast if possible.
    This mod is a modder resource.
    This mod ment free to use by any one, i only ask not used mods that ask money from users to able play it.
    If credit given is a big pluss but not required.
    Special thanks for CliftonJD the patiance and lot of help give me during this script devlopment.
    I wish say thank those who pointed me right direction where to look, and sugjested make SLOS player capture capable.



  19. Bad Dog Hoodies SSE

    This mod provides unsheathing schlongs to the races of Skyrim. Human (anthro) schlongs are uncircumcised; khajiit get a cat sheath and argonians get internal equipment that extrudes for action.
    If you have any of my furry races loaded, schlongs are included for them.
    The schlongs are not actually animated. Instead, different meshes are enabled for different levels of arousal.
    Supports AE.
    LE version here
    Latest News
    Big update in 11.1 is not only full CBBE schlongs and textures but full customization through Bodyslide.
    The FOMOD should mostly select the right options for you. You have to pick CBBE/UNP. The FOMOD has gotten pretty complex, so if you find a combination that's not right let me know. Note customization just covers the basic anthro/sheath/slit schlongs. Other races will get morphs eventually. 
    The female addon allows for female schlongs. Females without schlongs in the active position will get SL's strapon (leave strapons enabled in Sexlab's MCM, unlike prior versions). Chicks with dicks will be treated as male by SL, which means no strapons (no double-dicks) and they'll be put in the active position by default. (I think.)
    Textures have been reworked to be as seamless as I can make them. Body textures have been included because without the right body, it's not seamless. If you have textures you prefer, load them after  this mod. 
    Detailed Description
    This mod adds unsheathing schlongs to the difference races of Skyrim.
    Humans, elves, and orcs get an uncut schlong, As it gets more erect, the foreskin pulls back. Fully erect, it is the "Smurf Average" schlong that ships with SOS. It's fully SOS-animated throughout. Khajiit have a sheathing schlong; it extends from the sheath as the character gets more aroused. The balls are fully animated throughout; the shaft is animated once it's fully extended. Argonians have a schlong that retracts completely. As the character gets more aroused the shaft extends. The argonians carry their balls inside, being cold-blooded, so their balls don't show at all. The fully extended schlong is fully animated. Werewolves get a wolf-type peen. The erect version is fully SOS-animated. Probabilities are set so that nords, bosmer, orcs, and bretons are highly likely to be uncut. Redguards, imperials, and altmer are highly likely to be cut. Everyone else is in between. Beasts get the appropriate beast schlong. Thanks to ChosenClue, all schlongs work on all races. If you want a sheath on your argonian or human peen on your khajiit, you can have it. If you want to get freaky and put a sheath or slit on your human, you can do that too. Thanks to Seahorse, there's a smooth male body patch. If you use Drachis Argonis, there's a patch for that too. (It's depreciated since DA is no longer posted.) The unsheathing is not really animated. All I do is swap meshes at strategic moments. Fully animating the transitions is Very Hard, so this gets you most of the way there with a simpler mechanism.
    Special notes for females:
    There's a Female No Schlong (None) option. This is because if there's only one female schlong it doesn't matter what the probability is, all the females will get it. So the "none" schlong lets some females have no schlong and others get freaky. By default there's a small probably that some of the more exotic girls (khajiit, orc, etc.) will show up equipped. You can change the probability in SOS. If you want to run as a chick with a dick, set your sex in Sexlab to male so that SL doesn't give you a strapon.
    Special notes for werewolves:
    All schlongs support the werewolf form, as a sheathing schlong with four levels. If running with Creature Framework/More Nasty Critters: the schlongs are designed to prevent double-dick syndrome, but CF and SOS can argue over who gets to put the schlong on. To prevent that, find werewolves in CF's creature menu disable the schlong there. If running with SL Werewolves, load the WW patch after SL WW.
    Special notes for HDT 
    Schlongs are collision-enabled and have HDT physics. HDT bodies are up to you.  
    Load up Sexlab Aroused, turn on "SOS integration" in their menu, and forget about it. Schlongs will reflect arousal. A revealing armor will let you see what's going on. SOS erection spell. Powie, zam.  SOS's up/down keys. Unsheathing will follow erection level, mostly. If they're out of sync, spam up or down until they match up. If you're limp, you may have to hit the up key more than 10 times to see the schlong change. That's so characters don't run around with their dicks out all the time.  
    SOS is required Bad Dog Hoodies SE V11 is the base download. Make sure you get that version--the old versions are still up in case there's problems. It's a FOMOD, so just choose the options you want. It will offer choices based on what you have installed and active.  CBBE is partly supported with a simple schlong that roughly fits. If you use Ungulate races, the female horses support a full set of Bodyslide customizations. I've been inconsistent over whether female schlongs are in the same plugin with males or not. Disable female schlongs if you don't want them, but you'll still see some in SOS's MCM.  
    In-game setup:
    (Non-Yiffy Age) After installation you can load and go, but in a normal (non-yiffy age) install because of the way SOS picks schlongs, the beast races will sometimes get regular human schlongs. If you care about that, use the MCM menu to go through all the OTHER schlongs and set their probability to 0% for khajiit and argonians.  
    Not compatible with Flower Girls or OSex at this time, but there is an unofficial patch for OStim and OSL Aroused here.
    IF YOU ARE USING ANOTHER ARGONIAN TEXTURE and getting the purple tail bug on the lady lizards:
    The problem with female argonians is the pussy texture lives on top of the vanilla tail texture. To get around that, this mod points the tails to a different texture file, which can mess up if you load a mod that retextures the female argonians. Copy the argonian female body texture "textures\actors\character\ArgonianFemale\argonianfemalebody.dds" in whatever mod wins over to "textures\actors\character\ArgonianFemale\argonianfemaletail.dds" the problem should fix itself.
    FOR MASCULINE KHAJIIT TEXTURES @Craziux made a patch: 
    Prerequisites and load order
    Sexlab - it's not a hard requirement, but most people will want it. Sexlab Aroused - Optional, for the unsheathing peens. With SL only, you'll go from flaccid to fully erect for sex. Not that that's a bad thing. Revealing Armors for SoS - Optional; not much fun if you can't see the action. HDT Physics Extensions - if you want jiggles and animated pussies  SL Werewolves - if you want it XPMSE - YOU NEED THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T SCHLONGIFY THE FEMALES on SE, anyway. Dunno why.
    Load them that order.
    When using the schlong up/down keys, press them deliberately--not just a quick tap. There's a bug in the current code that looks to see if the key is currently pressed so it might miss a tap. You have to press schlong up over 10 times before you see a difference on-screen. 1 press = 1 SOS schlong level. The levels go from -10 to +9, you start at -10, and the first visible change happens at 0 or so. You can change this in the MCM interface. The current settings assume that people running around with hard-ons should be somewhat rare. Another current bug means that the schlongs do occasionally reset themselves. Fixed in next release, or check the support thread for a patch. On SE, if in free camera mod, new meshes tend not to show up. If the schlong disappears try switching between 3rd person, first person, and free camera. Make sure you have an actual schlong assigned. For reasons I don't understand very occasionally SOS will apply a schlong that isn't valid for the actor. Go into SOS's menu to make sure. Schlongs with stars in the schlong picker are not guaranteed to work with the actor. Debugging will pretty much always require looking at a papyrus log. Instructions for doing this are easy to find. Launch Skyrim, do the nasty or whatever it is that isn't working, post the log.
    Makers of the SOS penises. I've included collision-enabled versions of them here. MadMansGun for the argonian peen The Bodyslide UUNP crew. Makers of the erect werewolf penis. The flaccid versions are mine, mostly. Chosen Clue for the multi-race multi-shape lulz Seahorse for the smooth texture Blaze69 for the ladies
    How to make a new hoodie schlong:



  20. SexLab Approach JPPlus RU

    В обсуждении Approach от Баки я увидел вот этот пост 
    со ссылкой на старую версию, переделанную неким японцем nbits-ssl, и решил сравнить
    1 работает стабильно
    2 не требует ключевых слов
    3 подходы НПС-НПС (то есть, вполне надежная замена SexLabRandomSex и тп)
    4 животные спутники тоже домогаются ГГ
    5 никаких глючных обнимашек
    1 меньше диалогов и комментариев (ну так себе минус)
    2 нет шлепков по жопе (вот это жаль)
    3 нет визитов в дома (у меня и в бачьем моде их не было)
    Ссылка на исходник https://github.com/nbits-ssl/SexLabApproachJPPlus/
    Если установлен Papyrus Tweaks NG и в нем включен Run Scripts On Main Thread все подходы прекращаются Для NG 3,0 неактуально - теперь все работает



  21. Book Of UUNP Heels Sound and Baka Aroused Keywords

    Pretty simple plugin for Book Of UUNP
    I added Heels Sound to the footwear that appeared to have large enough heels to warrant it
    And I added Baka Aroused Keywords to the armors (note: these were all based entirely on what I thought was best. Not all the items have an Aroused keyword, since it's what I'd consider a regular armor (or regular enough), and unless I completely missed something, I probably won't change it. If you don't agree with some keywords, its pretty easy to change yourself. Just open it in SSEEdit, find the armor you want, remove the Keyword I put (will either start with "sla_" or it's called "eroticarmor") and place the one of your choice)
    I also made some smaller edits that were just mistakes in the regular one (for example, there were some steel boots that were misnamed as armor, so I renamed them to boots. Or the Thalmor items were called Thalmore items, so I removed the E)
    Book Of UUNP: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7505
    Heels Sound: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1795-heels-sound/
    And Sexlab Aroused (Baka Edit), You can find the link to it in the description here (make sure to pick the SE version): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/20139-sexlab-approach-redux/
    (and all of their requirements)



  22. [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless

    An edit of TRX_Trixter's TRX Futanari Addon specifically made to fit Vaginaless BHUNP. Essentially a Vaginaless BHUNP version of my previous mod.
    There are several files available. Below is a rundown of each.
    [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless
    Just the basic schlong addon edited to fit Vaginaless BHUNP. Nothing fancy.
    [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless w Wet Glans

    The glans has been separated into its own mesh with tweaked specular values, giving it a glistening wet look. SMP version also included.
    [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless w Wet Glans & DW Pubes
    A version with the aforementioned wet glans edit and my 17(+17) pube styles and ball hair, selectable as BodySlide zaps. Separated into three different projects due to size. See screenshots section for previews of each style. SMP versions also included.
    [TRX] Futanari addon for BHUNP Vaginaless w Wet Glans & TRX Pubes
    A version with the wet glans and the four TRX Futanari Addon pubic hair by TRX_Trixter, selectable as BodySlide zaps. Note: The meshes for these styles do not show up in BodySlide. SMP version also included.
    FW4 Versions

    You will notice that there are also versions of each of the above files marked "FW4". This is a reference to the FW4 foreskin slider. I like foreskin on my characters but due to the way that Skyrim's weight painting works, the glans will often clip through the foreskin when using TRX Futanari Addon's various foreskin sliders. On these versions, I made the FW1+2+3+4 sliders permanent and readjusted the sliders and weights accordingly to eliminate clipping issues. I made these for my personal use but I figure others might like to use it too.
    For additional foreskin related customisation I recommend my TRX Foreskin Overlays (assembly required):
    Note: Unfortunately, all of the above are simple BodySlide projects that output meshes that replace the schlong in the original TRX Futanari Addon. If you wish to turn these into separate addons, I recommend you see this tutorial for instructions:
    SMP Config
    An XML file that adds SMP physics to the balls. There are no body collisions however, so they will clip through your character's body. For added physics, I also recommend SurverX's CBPC FloppySOS config
    TRX_Trixter for TRX Futanari Addon, pema123 for SMP config



  23. Futanari Giantess Replace for Giants

    This mod it's a compilation and major workaround of various sources, all this made with the purpose of adding Giantess in Skyrim.
    While various other mods add Giantess, this mod have features like:
        Compatibility with animations mods thanks to the XP32 Skeleton.
        Variation in the names: The female variation is simply named "Giantess" while the male variation is named "Futanari Giantess", with proper gender flag.
        While this mod have his own textures for the body and penis; the eyes, hair and clothes textures use vanilla textures, so they will depend of the textures mods you have.
        Compatibility with Physics and jiggle body, this mod have properly named CBPC files, making really difficult to conflict with other mods that use CBPC.
        The two Giantess variations will spawn with the same probabilities, thanks to the Leveled NPC List.
        Proper sound and voice replace, not totally new.
         Some Giants have changed names to be more "immersive"
    1.- Down Bad?
    A: Not really, only inspired.
    2.- Know bugs?
    A: The Giantess Penis can sometimes bend to the right in Animations. The neck is a little buggy with the vanilla animations.
    3.- No physics?
    A: You need CBPC to add Physics.
    4.- The Futanari variation don't have physics?
    A: You need to enable the "Male Physics" in your CBPCMasterConfig.txt.
    5.- Compatibility?
    This mod will conflict with any mod that replaces meshes or textures  to Giants.
    The Leveled NPC will conflict too, so you will need to make a patch or fix the conflict in Xedit.
    The physics can conflict if you have a mod that adds CBPC physics to Giants, you will need to choose what physics use.
    6.- Creature Framework?
    A: You need to disable the Giants in the MCM of Creature Framework.
    TO DO
        New and better models and textures, the penis can have a better "connection".
        Compatibility with Schlong of Skyrim for better physics.
        New vanilla animations to reduce the cripple neck.
        The load screen with a giant has been disabled, need to make a new one compatible with this mod.
        More rigid penis in Animations.
    SKSE Team for making possible to add jiggles.
    CBPC for making possible to add jiggles.
    Naked Giants for the models, textures and sounds.
    XP32 for the Skeleton.
    Female Creatures Reworked For the guide and models.
    Some of this mods uses their own resources, thanks to them too
    Todd Howard for making Skyrim and being indirectly responsible for this madness
    Bakafactory for ABC
    Only Tested for 1.5.97
    Special notes for Loverslab:
    This mod works with Sexlab, but i haven't tested how collision works with bodies.
    You probably need to disable Giants in Creature framework, because this mod replaces the vanilla giant.
    I have only tested Sexlab vanilla animations, one of them is pretty buggy because the Penis move to the right, IDK if is because of my mod or is the animation, future test will answer this.
    If someone can help me to make a replacer for Trolls, that would be good.
    If you notice some incompatibility with a Sexlab mod, Message me so i can make a patch or die trying.



  24. Yamete REDUX

    BETA >>> Yamete REDUX <<< BETA
    This is a modified version of the fantastic Yamete 4.3.2 created by @Scrab. As far as I know, it's the only combat mod with Sex Act in the middle of combat... and that's wonderful. The original Yamete 4.3.2 has some issues related to speed, performance, stability, and compatibility, but @Scrab doesn't want to work on it anymore and released Yamete Kudasai, a super fast version of Yamete made with a DLL for SKSE, but with less functionality since they removed the sexual act in the middle of combat, when that is exactly the functionality that I want. But in REDUX, to make it faster and more compatible, I remove some of the original features from Yamete 4.3.2 like Black Market, Reapers Mercy and their skill tree.
    Now we have 3 versions to select from:
    1 - Yamete 4.3.2 with Sex Act in the middle of the fight and Reapers Mercy but slow.
    2 - Yamete Kudasai 1.01 with a super fast SKSE DLL but no Sex Act in the middle of the fight.
    3 - Yamete REDUX with a modest speed and Sex Act mid-combat but without the Reapers Mercy skill tree.
    I made this version with the intention of making it compatible with all versions of the game (Legendary, Special, Anniversary and VR) without using any special DLL and providing enough speed to make it really functional in the middle of combat, having enough speed and performance, but using only pure Papyrus code.
    My average time for Hit Procesing is below 0.5 seconds and normally is enougth fast to cancel the attack animation and practically the NPC's not make a second attack. But as this is only pure Papyrus Code, sometimes, the Hit Procesing can need one entire second or more and that only depend on how the game mix the script. I'm not have a ligth installation, playing now with 478 mods, but sometimes happend to me.
    Practically, all the main features from the Original Yamete are present, take a look to the Original Mod for more detail, except the Reapers Mercy skill tree and the Black Market:
    Rushed Traditional Mixed Compatible ->NEW mode added by Yamete REDUX. Get detailled instructions in this post.  
    Robbed Assaults
      Knockdown Conditions
    Default Conditions Misc Conditions  
    Reapers Mercy
    REDUX >>> The circular menu show and works but the red options are NOT available.
    The Black Market
    PapyrusUtil (SE / LE) REDUX >>> REMOVED powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (SE / LE) UIExtensions (SE / LE) Optional
    SL Framework (SE / LE) OStim (SE) Flowergirls (SE) REDUX >>> REMOVED Custom Skills Framework (SE) REDUX >>> REMOVED Simple Slavery (SE / LE)  
    @Scrab Of course, as the main creator... a millon of thanks to allow me publish this version...   All the modding comunity because practically every mod use a lot of tools, DLL's and code made by others persons...  A LOT OF THANKS TO ALL...  



  25. Toys Family RU

    Краткая справка
    Это новый фреймворк достаточно надежный и очень быстрый. Включает в себя аналоги Sexlab, Aroused, ZAP, DD, SLAL, SLSO и SlaveTats. А также моды к нему. Непосредственно с СЛ модами не работает, но может ставиться параллельно. Пакеты SLAP подойдут все.
    Здесь только переводы. Сами моды, допы и всякая инфа на сайте автора 
      Toys Family of Mods
    Что переведено
    Toys&Love Framework 
    Toy Story - квест
    Toyful Temptations - ловушки в сундуках (аналог Devios chests)
    WildLife - подключение животных
    Shout Like a Virgin Evolved - квест и рабство
    Dark Desires Club - БДСМ клуб и проституция
    HoT&WeT - квест и выживание (нужен Фростфол)
    Toys Workshop - наркоманский квест
    Sanguine Toy Box - коробка с игрушками
    Lore Friendly Toys - коробка с игрушками
    Classic ToyBox - коробка с игрушками
    Failure Mode Effects Analysis - всякие малоприятные эффекты алхимии, взлома и тыды



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