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The Jarl of Riften is concerned because of her peoples health and welfare. So nice of her. She really cares for even the smallest souls in Riften.

She suggested that I ask someone some ethical  "questions" and to convince him of a business alternative.

I think that she gave me some very good guidance on the best course of action. Clearly she is not only a caring but also a wise leader


And that's exactly what I will do!


"Ciri, please wait here. The talking and ethical discussion could get a bit lengthy and boring."




Is that the warehouse? Let's wait for nightfall... it makes "talking" so much easier.




Blind and deaf? Did they have a taste of their own wares? 




I like it, when "talking" becomes a bit more initimate. Especially when it's an "ethical" topic.




Having a business lunch is always a good idea to seal the deal.




Thank you so much for your inspiring opinion. Now, I think I will have a look at your wares myself.




Well? That was a nice evening so far, wasn't it? We even reached a common understanding and now share the same ethical ideals.



Yes! Jarl Laila Law-Giver was really wise to insist on the "talking" approach.

The people of Riften have so much to thank her for.


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...edited ... slight modification of the text ...

to refelect the fact that talking and reaching a common understanding between two parties is always the best course of action

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7 minutes ago, Elf Prince said:

I see you have Ciri in your game

Not as much overpowered as Triss or Yen. But they are all here :classic_smile:

Triss is working as a healer for the forgotten ones in the bigger cities and Yen is rummaging through libraries book shops, wants to have a look at  strange artifacts  ... always mumbling some nonsense about "white hunt" or "wild frost" or something like that ...

Or she wants to go with us adventuring sometimes:



Just Geralt is idle because I can't get his follower dialogue running :classic_wacko:


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No, just the vanilla dialogues of the mods. But it's a common and not understood thing that in some settings the "follow me" does nnot appear.  I read that for Geralt, for Ciri, for Triss, for Yen, .. but it only strikes me with Geralt in all my profiles and test games.

I could dive into it, but I decided it's not that important and I have better things to waste my limited spare time :classic_wink:

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I see. Some time ago I saw Geralt mod on Nexus for Skyrim and my witches wanted me to install him in the game, but I didn't want to.

DO you use any ENB?

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no :) it's just plain skyrim graphics engine.


But my lightlevel is to low for ood screenshots. It's ok on my screen when I play, but not nice in the posts. That's what I need to enhance in the pictures.

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If that's the problem, then just tweaking gamma or brightness levels in a image editor could do the trick. Also I think the word you were searching instead of "supposed" in the second line is "suggested". That put aside, you character has very convincing arguments. ^^


Malicia : « She's not talking at all, no ! Smiley_ummon_HFR.gif She's gonna end growing cannibal plants like Dova, yes. :classic_sleep: »

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7 minutes ago, Tirloque said:

Also I think the word you were searching instead of "supposed" in the second line is "suggested".

Oh yes, thank you :classic_blush:

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