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    I started as a lurker looking stuff for making Oblivion more fun, after sometime Sexlab came along with that my first post, then eventually I created my blog.

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  1. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    They are not really. Thats not work that way Malicia. Gwynolda should never wear any heretical again, otherwise Akatosh smite her.
  2. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    She is your sister and you know Gwynolda likes girls. I hope she didn't heard, you would get some Skjoldr treatment xD ;)
  3. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Why would be her matron is all about kissing girls an all part. Yes, pretty much :P
  4. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    LOL It was a blessing Driada killed her, no more torment xd.
  5. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Whats this heresy?
  6. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Well Malicia she would do the same with you ;) I think its already late for the advice since she did with the reindeer outfitted lady. She will..
  7. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Does she fuck with him XD? Yeah, let the works on that Well its still long for my own story space , and still has the part 2
  8. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Hahah, skyrim horses are truly special. Wich ones are was not used?
  9. Resdayn

    Lost in Translation. I

    Thus it begin , awesome Hmm it seems you changed Gwynn's dialogue bit more fitting to your writing Bosmers has excelent survival skills
  10. Resdayn

    Can you cook?

  11. Resdayn

    “What are you looking at …”

    If I would do such in in my glorius homeland, I would get stabbed killed and raped by them They even throw back to food at you.
  12. ScreenShot641.thumb.jpg.5857480b4dad13219c61710da32de52c.jpg


    Little short story on route, will release soon, when its done.

  13. Resdayn

    My husband as Nord in Skyrim

    Thankfully there is horse meat item in the game, so I guess some make a half horse I guess you made an unofficial sequel xD. Malicia horse harem is stronger than ever