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  1. Getting back to Oblivion

    It need a bit more setup with Oblivion, obse is not really liked by mod organizer but it can be done. Well Malicia, thats the sucessor Divine Crusader, not Pelinal .
  2. Side Story: Trapped Souls

  3. Getting back to Oblivion

    Well with mod organizer it was suprisingly fast and less bothersome , of course it needed some extra work. Indeed , its lookks still very good
  4. Getting back to Oblivion

    Gwynolda' story next part is in planning phase
  5. Getting back to Oblivion

    The stat itself increase the disposition of npc-s , they like her better.
  6. Getting back to Oblivion

    Helm of the Crusader increase personality stat by 50, people find her hotter due that Thank you
  7. Getting back to Oblivion Well as the title suggest I started playing Oblivion again and set up the mods. Managed it to work with Mod organizer , working fine so far. I think I might do few story with it , the Skyrim stuffs will came as usual, but with a little late, since I was occupied setting the game up. So there is a few shots of Cyrodiil, close to the Imperial city. I choosed divine crusader set, since most of the times I used that as gear , so it has kind of nice nostalgic feel due that. Since this is Pelinal's armor a little bit of lore of him Pelinal Whitestrake, was known as the Divine Crusader, champion of the Eight divines, warrior from the Future who helped won the Alessian rebellion and defeated the mighty Umaril. To the nords he was Shor, to the Ayleids he was a batshit crazy insane lunatic who killed anything what resembled elven, even Khajiit's was victim of it. Pelinal was crazy, he acted normally around his comrades, but when the battle came his brutality emerged, his acts even disguisted the Divines enough, Alessia needed offer sacrifices and plead for their support everytime he went to battle. Pelinal battle prowness was legendary, he was invincible, by himself was enough to exterminate the Ayleids and single handly won all battle by himself, only Umaril and his seven kings had some chance against him. He defeated Umaril along with his legions of Auroans enchanted by the starlight, after the battle he was worn out and the Seven faced him, he was teared apart seven parts and was dropped around Cyrodiil. The later Era's romantised him, many knight order tried reclaim his armor, such as the Knights of Nine. The Divines put many trials to prevent the future Divine Crusaders even being similar to Pelinal, his succesor was worthy being champion of the Nine, who passed all of their trials. Pelinal was an avatar of the dead divine Lorkhan. Each part of his armor are artifact of the Divines. End
  8. Adrea: Sanguine Valentine   

    Great work
  9. Ohhh this looks awesome . Thank you for showing
  10. I haven't got that far in the mod, only tried the new riding options . This Skeletal horse sounds interesting, can someone show a pic of it?
  11. Side Story: Go Fourth My Champion

    Nice three story in one entry .
  12. Family

    Malicia XDDDD