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  1. Thank you 😁 Well he needed some one, now his goals and intentions are more clear, since majority of his appearance, we didn't get a lot of insight from him. Technicly there was a horse cock, with the gargoyle, Gauis punched it to death. 🤣
  2. Hard to expect a cheery tea party with a redhead lady like her? Not like she go anywhere. 😁 I enjoy making darker storylines, I don't really intend to easen that, infact I want make it even more darker then before 🤗
  3. Purge is done, so if Riften, but darkness and horror remains as the Defiler and other players are still there. You can recognise those lands, that might give a direction 😊 But don't worry, new arc will be dark and exciting, more focused on Gwynolda.
  4. Ohhh, its a bit complicated subject, but lets say there are good reason, why they leave and that nice outside of hungary. 😄 Its always a culture shock to go abroad and meet actual human kindness.
  5. Thank you 😊 He always that strong 🥰 Even if a cliff hanger, that is technicly the new art, purge officialy ended 🤭 Dolls are definetly worrying, She is creepy 😨
  6. Decades of working together helps, as well knowing her personality goals and the close relationship. Its quite fitting Gauis the "needs to be killed once she's no longer useful" part, but she not a threat to the empire and generally agree the need of it. I knew it was some lovecraftian entity, just not who, I know the works and themes, just not up to date with the entities. Defiler is definetly very powerful being, she didn't joke when she said death means nothing to her, the concept itself is alien to her. She simply don't get the majority of mortal concepts anymore. Even if Trinn or Gauis would "killed" her, destroying her vessel in a battle, as you saw, she just posses a new doll or just make a new one, and she would act like if nothing happened. Its all a game and chaos for her out of boredom, defeat lose or her plans don't come together? She don't care, she lose nothing or get any real consequence in her playground. Someone watching a lot of Anime lately, especially shounen, haha.
  7. Public population of the Empire, does not aware Gauis infact recovered fully from his war injuries 😜, he will appear in one-eyed look depending where is he, while in combat or less public places, he showcase the two eye. 😉 You mean Winterhold? 😉
  8. Thank you 🥰 This arc changed a lot and got much longer then initially planned, it started as 3 chapter long thing with Gauis, then eventually turned into a full arc with many twist, new characters, character develoment, and lovely shots. I consider one of the best thing in my blog ❤️ Don't worry, new arc will be just as exciting as this one 🤗 Im glad to hear that she is disturbing and getting more and more creepy. That was my intention, she is horror entity like antagonist, complety different compared my other ones. She is indeed way less human and more like some entity, outside of her child-like curiosity and desire of fun in destruction and chaos. Her motivation and goals, are unpredictable, so is her nature. I gave her the Chaotic Evil aligment, something what fits her perfectly. Evil represents her not human morality, chaotic part her nature. She uses dolls and various undead as vessels, she don't really have humanoid body, just her dolls tries resemble one. That pic is very interesting and creepy, yet close how I imagine her 😍 Gauis definetly just getting more menacing and badass as the arc went on, we got some insights of his plans, methods, as well enemies with his threat list. His new ability what let him use masks, taking over the Empire as well deceive the masses and enemies 🤩 We got still a Gauis vs Shades fights, but as the purge went on Defiler's game and toys slowly broke, Gwynolda's actions made sure Arkay dissolved her undeads eventually. 😁 Threat list was pretty good idea, actually perfect for character development as well showcasing how far Gauis will go to deal with them. Also wonderful for Easter Eggs. I not gonna I planned to add Lady Trinn as well, but during this time period, they already allies, so he merely removed her. Im glad, you like the screenshots, Im pretty proud of them, everything delivers what they supposed to be😍, new arc will be very fun one, hehe.. Lady Trinn didn't destroyed the doll, and the Defiler merely repossesed, it wasn't lost one. She lost her doll in Riften. She can use multiple dolls, they can function as her vessels, as any undead minion, creation of them are a different creepy thing. 😨 That was a minor Malicia easter egg 😁 Thanks, yep its time to get a Gwynolda heavy act 😀 It actually was originally, but as he stated his injuries and wounds are fully recovered, just not in public way 😇 I don't think Gwynolda has a home.
  9. He always was man, so nothing changed. Its not really illusion or fully alteration magic, consider more of his personal quirk he discovered and used to recover himself.. Eventually he realised the potential and more use of it. Its more like his body's ability, what he controlls with a magic, then a proper spell. Generally Gauis physical abilities way above what he could do naturally, he already has unnatural strenght for an imperial guy in his prime. Maybe easier to explain in my rules. In masc he has 18 str point, in femme shape 14 str, now this is quite significant in this part, but he has like +30 from unnatural sources, so his physical strenght in that would be 44-48 str. This is just an example of course, but generally his stat that high, few points don't make difference for him, outside of very minimal ones 👩‍🔬 It was above my technical skills, Im sad about it, but decided to try make it up 😅 Still we got a Gauis vs Shades fight New arc will be heavily focused on Gwynolda, and certainly will offer a lot of scenarios 😊 Threat list served a few purpose, show casing how much far Gauis go to deal with them under the solution part, as well who he think can be a problem long run for his goals.. Considering he wouldn't shy away to destroying an entire province, or dissolving an legal institution of the Empire, or Assasinate someone who can be potentially close to his position.. Concept is lovely, I really like it, it can be fun to make references for my own chars, lore-chars or even other author's chars.. Very fitting for Gauis's personality as well. 🥰 Im pretty proud of the screenshots, they brought my expected quality and the things I wanted get done served their purpose 🙂 Gauis can open his other eye, it has no issues, he just kind keep one eye to look more menacing. I don't think you are that important in his yes Malicia to be a threat, just because you are cheeky and saucy Gauis consider undead as existing thing, so if Mrs Bal don't exist, then she would be eliminated.. Gauis feels the dragonborn is very much an legal claimant for the Empire, he don't feel they are good for his plans 🤗 He pretty sure meant the original witch queen, you mistaking her with Evelynn who touched pee-pee-s. Ohh he is very much expert on his subjects, very smart you see.. She pretty sure meant her vessel, not the literal doll she played it, also we don't know Gwynolda is fine, since she want to play with her as well. 😊
  10. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10585-the-purge-of-riften11/ The Purge of Riften The 4th Era of Tamriel made very clear clear.. The Existence of the Empire and its citizens... Threatened.. Fall of the Septims, Losing former province, that undead incident and lastly the great war.. I barely survived the great war, let alone defeat the Aldmeri Magisters... Took me a decade to fully recover...but I learnt my lessons from it. Eversince I am the Imperator Magus, I working to make sure the Empire keep existing at any cost or means.. First things were of course, military reforms and most importantly rebuilding the magic educations.. Later the temple system reworks, turning all priest from the next generation warpriest and healers.. And the current project is making sure the Empire working as intended, corruption lowering, authory and influence increase and of course making sure the nobility obey everything what does the Emperor or I say.. And lastly, keeping eye on all threat of the existence of the empire and Tamriel. I keep all of them, written down and recorded in my personal library, and eventually destroy all of them.. The list currently holds... The Aldmeri Dominion: Threat Level: Very High Reasons: Geopolical rival, highly militarised and genocidal.. Solution: Making biologial weapons, looking for ancient weapons to destroy Summer Set Isles.. Status: Existing.. Lamae Bal: Threat Level: High Reasons: First Vampire, legend or no.. I don't take chances Solution: Using fire and holy magic to destroy her vessel.. Status: Unknown, might dead.. Lord Harkon of North: Threat Level: High Reasons: Ancient Vampire, former king of the area.. leading an vampire underworld.. Solution: Using the Imperial Battlemages to storm the Voklihar castle.. Status: Existing. Alyssa, Scion of the Void: Threat Level: Unknown Reasons: Powerful necromancer from the old legends, associated many terrible event of the since the 2nd era. Status: Questionable.. The Dragonborn: Threat Level: High Reasons: Prophecies chant about the return of it, potential usurper of the ruby throne.. Status: Questionable Bellatrix Lisbette Eliza De Chapeou: Threat Level: Medium Reasons: Useful, but very ambitious person, former choice for my heir, potential rival for my position... Solution: Assasinating her and make her daughter from Markarth replace her.. Status: Existing. Lady Carmilla of Cyrodiil: Threat Level: Low Reasons: Ancient Vampire of unknown bloodline, associated with many vampiric organisations.. Status: Eliminated by unknown entity.. The Elder Council: Threat Level: Low Reasons: Potential corruption, standing my way.. Solution: Dissolving. Status: Existing.. The Witch Queen: Threat Level: Low Reasons: Ancient entity, stealing her own child's vessel, potential provincial threat... Solution: Destroying her. Status: Eliminated Outside of these, I didn't find anything else as threat.. maybe the daedric champions.. During my recovery, I discovered a new ability of my body.. Very interesting new ability, due that I covered 90% of my great war wounds... As well a potential new use for it.. I can change shape and look of my body without using illusion magic, and keep all my physical and magical might.. I can took the face of Titus Mede II, incase of he got assasinated.. Very useful to avoid civil wars and succesion problems.. I take over the Empire, regardless Titus lives or die... Now, I mastered my skill of this body altering.. I designed this face as my new public mask, warm friendly look for the public.. And all enemies of the Empire Tremble.. Of the face of the Hero of the Empire, it based on an old statue of the legendary figure.. Making my enemies and allies believe I am that person, as well the one they known as Gauis Magnus will become very useful.. But first things first, my tracking magic showns an large amount of magicka around here.. Possibly the one who behind all the Events of Riften.. Liar, you are not her... Gauis: It seems you can talk? Interesting... Gauis: Hmmm Corpses to raise, this is the 50th pile what I found... That is quite size for an army, and worrying amount of victims.. You don't even look like her, just put another false mask... You are boring Gauis... I found a better game and toy.. Why don't you took off the disguise? Like it matter, Im gonna fix my broken toy and play with her.. Seems this mask was pointless in this case... What a waste, I was excited to see the effectiveness of it.. I presume she behind that door... You know maybe you can be fun again? I left you something, you can join my new game... Based on her ability to directly talk to me, she most likely kept an eye on me.. Probably aware of everything I did and planned, as well my allies.. What is that thing in those cells? Looks very strange, never seen that kind of liquid.. Maybe later, I examine in my headquarters.. Im getting close to the magicka... I have been deceived, this is a trap... All the magicka I sensed from this cap.. An letter? Riften is boring now.. I found the Divine Champion of Dibella, its your friend Gwynolda.. But she is missing now, why don't you find her before someone else does? Lets play that game or just die in Riften... Gwynolda is the Sybil of Dibella? Now thats an interesting thing to learn.. Gauis, die.... The Wrath of Sithis? I see...that explains the liquid, and may as well who are my new enemy.. What a waste of time... Well one thing solved, new problem and threat arises.. Great... Riften was so lame.... Nothing worked out as I planned, Gauis is actually very boring toy.. Even killing him is not exciting, let alone the consequences of his death.. He is not Ocato and have plans for any case, not fun! My shades were slowly dispelled by Arkay, what a meany jerk god! I can't use my fun magic when he is around..normal necromancy is such child-ish choice.. Even if I could use, its not cool anymore.. It was when Mannimarco was around, but I improved it on and found new exciting ways... I lost one doll as well Like it matters really, I have many many more dolls to use... Still there is Eliza and Gwynolda.... And Gauis is invited to play my next game.. This time everything will be more fun.. A new exciting game, I will call it "Lets Catch Gwynolda.." Good chance for her to actually be her supposed role, and not be broken toy again.. Gwynolda: Where I am? End
  11. At least something good from my country haha 😜 Only if people in my country were that nice as she 😶
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