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    I started as a lurker looking stuff for making Oblivion more fun, after sometime Sexlab came along with that my first post, then eventually I created my blog.

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  1. Resdayn

    Chapter Nineteen: The Plan

    Like many thing in skyrim XD. There are no stats, so he can''t be tougher
  2. Resdayn

    post your sexy screens here!

    Not much sexyness, but testing her face, sorry for shitty quality pic.
  3. ScreenShot30.png.c994674668146e388445e511ded31cbc.png




    So I changed the textures of her face, any opinion?


    Sorry for the shitty quality pics, but well I really need test stuff.


    1. Tirloque


      Malicia : « She looks very intelligent, yes... Already said this, uh. million_dollar_baby.gif »

    2. Resdayn


      I pretty sure you only say that, because she is redhead. :) 

  4. I guess then I stick to that, thanks.
  5. Another question, how can I bang my companions? Strong would have a use xD.
  6. Resdayn

    Thalandris and Isara

  7. Resdayn

    Tirloque or Trilog

    Just call him Malicia, Tirloque is a redhead girl after all
  8. Resdayn

    Tirloque or Trilog

    I want him choose Malicia Avatar with horse covers, but hey something can't change So TRILOG= Vehk and Tirloque is Vivec? You never thought you kill Eldricht beings by biting their dick off then beat them to death with cocks.
  9. ScreenShot19.png.b6e4b1a1bc1b12a66f7ed84b7c6f7693.png


    Now I am happy with her, also this game is lot funner when brotherhood is arrive earlier, concord was hillarious.


    I guess miracle having my own char instead that shit fest bethesda forcing have greater effect on the game's fun :) 

    1. Swiftstep


      Doesn't remind on the vanilla face - and that is a rare gift.

    2. Resdayn


      You mean default Nora ya? :D


      I teied my hardest no go away from that look.

  10. Resdayn

    Chapter 14: Rest for the wicked one

    That was interesting entry. Onmund is quite a creep do him?
  11. Resdayn

    Malicija, Stranger and early Christmas

    She looks like Malicia's horse xD
  12. Resdayn

    Concept of Her Vampirism

    We know who are we talking
  13. Resdayn

    Concept of Her Vampirism

    The head is Alyssa's one, but body doesn't, pretty sure you can find some mutual subject