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    I started as a lurker looking stuff for making Oblivion more fun, after sometime Sexlab came along with that my first post, then eventually I created my blog.

    In irl I am Trangirl, then what? I don't care it..

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  1. Resdayn

    Skyrim Screenshots

    He deserves worse
  2. Resdayn

    Skyrim Screenshots

    Just funny.
  3. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    Its not touched, just Talos express removed the parts not fitting.
  4. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    Yeah, even save more fps and less strain on my pc. Malicia you use tech what not exist in Gwynolda's setting, if you wish shown your face, meet her.
  5. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    I just set it off, not fan of it all, making playing problematic too and wash out all background. Well in my setting, pics like thos ein letters not exist, so she not really get the actress part of your letter ;) Thank you, will continue it :D
  6. Resdayn

    Skyrim lesson number 87.

    Your chars seems to care it.
  7. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    Yep, she is damn good looking Milf Thanks
  8. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    Yep Thank you Umm Eva, Gwynolda always had one , I think you didn't noticed. Gwynolda didn't really gain any fat, her body is same shape as she always had, and she always had bush there, pay more attention . She already training with Uthgerd. Yeah, I think I might get rid of the dof, not too much fan of it, just destroys the background. Well Malicia, you need shown up personally instead sending pics of your freckled horse lover self
  9. Resdayn

    Whiterun Blues

    Previous part:https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8146-confusion/ Whiterun Blues It took a while, but I reached Whiterun, mighty trade capital of Skyrim, compared markarth this place is looks much better, even safer and people not care what I am, nor shun me, first time I felt good in my skin. City of Whiterun felt much more lifeful, less fearful than Markarth and even Jarl are a decent nord. Of course, I wouldn't reach the city without a help of Uthgerd, warrior I meet on the road, she took some interest me and led me in the city. She was a bit rough looking battle hardened nord women, but she was my type. I convinced her to train me in martial combat to improve my skill, and I promised her showing the arts of Dibella and I kept my promise, we started doing dibellan arts, while she train me in combat, was win-win for me. But this was a few weeks ago, now I mostly spend my time resting in the Bannared Mare, while waiting Uthgerd for training, she constantly goes on adventure and not let me there, she told me "You are not tough enough and softy, only strong part is you have is your tongue". So I got other activities to keep myself busy like practicing Dibellan Arts alone. Even thought my current happy mood, I got a letter from my mother fromt hese weird couriers.., I think I burn it later, I liked when she was "dead", but of course she was always alive, as kid I thought myself she got killed my the angry nords to make myself feel better and eventually I believed as delusionally truth, til she wrote this then I got remember everything.. "To Gwynolda de Chapeau My Daughter I hereby inform you, I am acknowledged you as my legitimited daughter, Your bastard status offcially removed and you are now heir of my guild, land and noble titles along with the wealth of my family. In this moment I expect you immediatly to take responsibility for your duties as my heir. I'm going travel to city named Riften in province of Skyrim for bussiness reasons, I like to meet you in person where we can speak of these matters. Daughter, I hope you consider this opportunity and will meet me and not deciding to rot as peasant or a ragged prostitute thinking herself as a Devote of Dibella. Your mother Lady Eliza Claudia de Chapeau" She can fuck herself, I'm not gonna bothered by her matters, if I meet her only to punch her in the face then spit and leave. I'm having to goodtime to let her ruin by her desperation and mavolence, I'm sure she have no heairs or any other kid and remembered I am existing, now try tempt me with this. I'm not caring about this. Bannered mane is now quite empty, even Hulda seems bored, but I like watching over a crowded night as naked wearing my amulet only, showing them the devotion of Dibella. Of course not too long, Hulda seems get annoyed by it, she is pretty nordic women, even a bit mean, I wonder if Malicia looks like her, might should show her the Arts of Dibella later and taste her.. Hulda: Gwynolda, you should not wander around the balcony naked, back to your room and take some clothes, you arousing my guest.. And I got on her never again, fine... Gwynolda: Don't be like that Hulda, I just devoting Lady Dibella.. This place is less open for the graces of Dibella, I shown it a few girls like Ysolda, even Carlotta and of course Uthgerd too, as cool is whiterun they not too open for sexuality. I heard Balgruuf is a bit too vanilla and Mara worshipper. Anyway I think I will meet with my mother, I have some words for her... Gwynolda: Ohh hi there Uthgerd.. Uthgerd: Gwynolda.. Ummm.. Gwynolda: You wish start practicing the Dibellan Arts I presume Uthgerd? Uthgerd: Indeed, I waited this for the entire day, followed your instructions, I'm ready to show the fruits of it.... Gwynolda: Wonderful, I can't wait for it... And we started the best time of the day, Dibellan arts.. Gwynolda: Thats right, you use the tongue quite well known, Uthgerd usually getting greedy, when it comes to my sheat, she sometimes using her nordic barbaric strength to put me weirder poses. Gwynolda: You getting a bit rough down me don't you think? Gwynolda: I think you had enough of my sheat, my turn big girl.. And this is when a tough nord girls like her is vunerable to my tongue.. We finished the lesson with the usual mutual pleasuring as Lady Dibella teaches and went sleep. Next day we started preparring to travel to Riften with Carriage. I'm ready to face my mother and all sins of Riften and Uthgerd offered help me to stay of the badside of Riften. New Adventure awaits. End
  10. Resdayn

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    Hmmm seeing the Stranger as princess, this might be refreshing idea in a fun lessons with Clavius ;). Its Molag Bal, he fucks you in ass whenever you deal with him, I doubt he let people easy going, I think Harkon got round too.
  11. Resdayn

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    Skyrim is so gay
  12. Resdayn

    Out of the Frying Pan...

    Ever since Vanilla.
  13. Resdayn

    Out of the Frying Pan...

    Thats Slaughter fish scene was brutal, I felt it really. And now get into a hand of Hert, well she is magister isn't she, normally she can save herself or end up like other girls of your blog.