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    I got around here at 2012, looking for oblivion mods and making my favorite RPG bit more interesting.

    Eventually around 2016, I started make stories and my blog here, and do that til today.

    Im an transwomen, In the bisexual spectrum, and explore my fantasies by writing the blog section.

    I mostly write in erotic ways, nowadays got into the horror and dark fantasy.

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  1. I had some bad periods and current situation is far from the best, but I think I gonna return with stories. 


    Not sure, with what, I will do something small maybe for the blog.


    Sorry for the hiatus. 😔



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      Malicia : « That's very good. That way you gonna allow Gwynolda to beat carpet man once and for all, yes. simchevelu.gif»

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      Carpet Man <.<

      Malicia : « You know, the one who hid under her bed and got floating like a magic carpet ? :classic_lightbulb: »

  2. Scenarios, ideas may can be stolen, but they not work without the creative mind who made them work ^^. Even if stole everything, they can't make a new chapter what match the quality or characters, or write.. I still remember Shockero's character and how much common the blue coldharbor daedras became, or Sashholin? Sasholin? Not sure the name anymore, but they had a certain slutty character design, which people still try recreate in the LL community or try make it as follower.. Devi told me a lot ^^ about how hard to re-create my style of screenshots, and we just talking about screen archery, not even the writing, the plans, the intentions and character, which all make it work. You saw, how much I failed re-create Malicia, parody or not. My re-creations of Devi's Trinn had more with my own style then her, she looked someone way different. No need technical skills? For stoling the pics and claim being made by them, sure, but they never able to make a new chapter or recreate anything from you. Technicly we have users here who have patreon for screenshots, honestly I would argue about the quality content they charge accesss 😅 or want support. Cause, we have better quality for the same content, sound arrrogant? Maybe, but I think its objective, we are pretty top when it comes to screen archery and each shot of us have a story meaning, not just random pinups with a character who lacks anything. Making a character just from pics, are pretty hard, not impossible, but I think thats something artist pull off ^^. New site with monetisation sounds a bit big quest 🤔, and of course getting a an user base and readers. Noble idea for the creators and for those who enjoy the content, technicly might douable, but don't even sound remotely easy, let alone for the freetime. Sorry for not commenting Essay's on the story, instead I commenting on complety different thing. As bethesda being bought by microsoft, good news for future games? not too good for modding? We don't know. Honestly, Im not sure if I want to do anything with skyrim or just not bother it, its been really a decade isn't it? 2011 was quite a while ago. I can feel honestly the thing to have the own setting, at least something what not feel TES or a fanfiction. Unlike others, I not really used anything outside modding and what I had to make the best out of it. Other authors use photoshop extremly and ck for making their own assets, thats a lot of time. You worked on 3 months or more for one release, not counting ck and photoshop, thats a lot of effort, I can see why you feel that way about it or even worried you can't claim your efforts of years and creative work as your own, due eula and things like that. I worked on Gwynolda's story since 2017, thats 3y now, but I not regret anything, I improved a lot as an author, and my writing found its style. The former old authors, who's work were unreachable and all awe and awesome for me,.. Well I confidently can say, I feel I surpassed them, both visually and writing wise, but those persons are either dissapeared from LL, only to be found in your library. As for the storytellers, we out grew them 😊. Maybe time to move to the next step for our full potential? Look at yourself and others, some of them make comics, some just can dream of, I argue some better then then what others print out and sell in shops ^^. Some Vampire stories surpass anything in the tv-shows and movies ^^. And some try utilise horror as it meant be used, while the rest of horror movie makers forgot it. Some make better porn then what those studios and some erotic writers who sell their books can dream off ^^. There is something, they can't take from you, no matter what. Your talent and skill and creative mind. As long as that is there, you can do anything, potential is limitless.
  3. Well it took ages and a decade to see, you finally finish your story ^^, not gonna lie this was quite an unexpected ending. Tragic 😨. Yeah, I can agree on that sentiment, I just wish I wasn't that lazy ass when it comes to my arts 😅, since I plan to move to that from game-based stories. Once I have a decent one of course, could be a years or even a decade. I look forward for your official world and works my friend and wish the best luck for it. Still I hope you stay in the LL, even if you no longer publish skyrims stories.
  4. Im alive still, just in a middle of settling down in my new country ❤️


    That means some stories on hiatus for a while, but some don't.

  5. Decision making them is all about $$$, nothing else.
  6. Thank you 😁 Which one for Gwynolda? Well that will be continued eventually. Right now this chapter servers as a closure for Eliza's part in Riften 😁 Intentional, Eliza is just showing more and more of herself, she generally a pretty rotten, deeply narcistic person who lived all her life in the high nobility. She clearly only focused and cares about herself, as we see in her previous appreances. I tried play the horror aspect in some way, after all Eliza is the monster here. She want her tongue in certain cheeky redheads like you Malicia. I don't think Eliza cares about parental things. Malicia just described how would Eliza put her tongue in someone and slowly eat them from inside.
  7. Im not sure how much can be done in thar regard.
  8. Its so naive to think any of these big companies give a flying fuck about left or right 😊, that almost cute.
  9. Mod ^^ I left intentionally that way, so we unsure what truly happened with Maven til we get around maybe once again in Riften ☺️ Always good idea to put sometimes the more antagonist characters perspective, in this case of Eliza. Eliza in general a very messed up person, I don't think she truly has any kind of motherly or parental instict, she just see Gwynolda as she see fit. Well Gwynolda definetly need to be wary with her, the first encounter was quite deadly. Thank you 😀 Well gwynolda need face her again in the future ^^. Thank you 😁 Ahhh yes the tongue hehe. Thank you ❤️ Well Eliza was always a narcistic jerk, vampirism couldn't make her worser person then she is already. She only love herself, so I don't think she has truly any feelings toward Gwynolda. Steamy huh? haha. I think it gonna be a bit bloody. Thank you 😁 Hmmm sexy stuff, well we see how they gonna handle it, cause both has different intentions to each other. Daughter want to kill, Mother want to make her submit. Indeed, they are disguisting and perfect for a vampirism and blood drinking like a leech, fitting Eliza as highly she thinks of herself, she drink the blood the most disguisting way. I did not noticed she was Maven in your story, I somewhat recognised the actors as their face was similar to the popular replacers haha. Well here Maven was herself ^^
  10. They still put LL on their list and called it a day. I don't think they give any damn about it.
  11. 😁 Indeed, its certainly the most diplomatic way. Eliza is very good with her tongue, especially killing people in a horrfying way Pretty sure from earlier chapter, just in different colors, Eliza wears a lot this one.
  12. We are a porn site and facebook don't like that. Thats it. I don't think thats too overcomplicated. Im not even suprised, no one talks about the actual thing what the OP-said.
  13. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10376-the-purge-of-riften10/ Next part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10697-nightmares-of-the-dawn1/ Eliza's Aftermath Its been quite a while, since I visited the so called owner of Skyrim's worst mead... Not only she makes piss and dare to claim being Skyrim's best, she is a petty crimelord who thinks run this province... How insulting... That Masked idiot wants put end of this corruption.. but he utterly lacks any clue how things truly work.. No wonder, things are bad in the Empire.... Maven Blackbriar, a minor thorn under my toes. She is the one who play a kid game about being skyrim biggest name... Im suprised, he couldn't figure out it, pathetic... Anyway, time to meet Maven... Normally I use larger numbers and my goons, but this time feels I do everything truly...(sigh) As I thought, without the frost armour and the sun trying to burn me, things are more comfortable.. I feel lot stronger in indoors and at nights... Taking out this entire house should be easy... Is that her son? If I recall her latest kids born from him.. How amusing... Im getting hungry... ...... Time to feed... I sense only five life signs in this entire building.. Isn't that a bit too few? Or they just that a bit too confident to leave their home undefended... Well doesn't matter, results are the same when it comes to against me... Trap is set up in my mansion, just incase... All my family members moved outside from the city.. far from it With the deals with those necromancers and now the Imperator Magus here for blood, along with Bellaxtrix from Solitude.. Things went from good to a massive headache... Better to wait out here then in the city.. How embarassing... Now I feel truly insulted... This was the ambush? the trap? Especially for me? Few guard... Should I be impressed by them using a novice illusion magic to hide and transform one of them to the son? This is just so amateur and outside of this idiots, no one else here... Even their blood tasted like nord food, disguisting... I deserved a better ambush, seriously... Now then, where is Maven? I don't really want waste my precious time on hunting worthless worms... Of course.. Necromancy... I can just interrogate one of them by using magic... My My, Im always ahead of everyone.. Let just find a suitable one... Been ages since I used the dark arts of arcane... There it is.... Be honored you worthless garbage to be risen by my magic.... I only have one question, where is Maven?... Obey, I command you... Lady Maven is in uhhhhhhhhh... her manor outside near Riften... from the Eastern side Well that doesn't sound too difficult to find... Since you are no longer any use, I just end the spell.. Time to truly show Maven... Where she belongs... Same day at night... I not heard any word from my guard since hours... I hope these idiots, not got drunk again... (Screams...) What in the.... Thats worrying... was it from my guards or someone else? This months really been bad for my business, I should never bargain with necromancers.... Maybe the dead came back again... Huh? Been a while Maven... I would love chat a bit.. about our business... 1 week later in Solitude Its so good to be here again, in some civilisation... This province is just way too barbaric for my delightful taste... Riften was just disguisting.... Im glad, the situation there ended up favorably for me... With the Blackbriars out, my influence can expand over Eastern-Skyrim as well... I expected a thanks and a favor from that Masked idiot... But instead I got a lecture, despite the facts, I was the one who solved the issue... He made a speech of Law and other imperial things... about evil threats whatever Spoke about necromancers and similars.. temple descreations and undeads... I was bored of it, so I did not any pay attention... of his words... Only interesting thing was the fact, he was aware of my duel with Gwynolda... Apparently my daughter survived and went missing... I can't say Im suprised, she is after all my blood... Girl is only half of my greatness.. He dared lecture about the duel... She challenged me, so it was natural I accepted it and defeated her... Im complety baffled how he did asked her for help and told everything instead of me... My daughter was there for me, not for your petty business.... What an incompetent idiot.... Maybe he is too long in the position and need a much more talented and intelligent replacement.. All I got is threats... and don't get me started on his opinion of my diet changes... I can't let such ....... lowborn scum do this...with me I make sure he regret that... I should take a bath really.... to relax (Humming) I spent a lot of fortune to just build a worthy one for my needs, these nords cannot even comprehend what a truly noble women like myself need... What can I say? I deserve the best... But there is one thing now..... Now that my decades of search for immortality is my.... for a mere cost a red diet... What should be next? I can't just stop at this now.... What about taking the role of a new, way more talented and perfect Imperator Magus... Who I am joking... I should be the new Empress, I shall take the the throne of the Septims... Thats wonderful, I have already a new ambition and goals... First I need get all inferior vampire spawn uder my rule of course... I could meet again with my old Master, who taught me the dark arts.... There is one person who can challenge me even after everything.. Its my own daughter... She turned out quite a beautiful women like myself... it was exciting to see an almost mirror image of me.. My greatness, my blood... Almost sweet sweet mirror... Instead of destroying her... I could just make her mine... She rightfully belong to me after all, I made her..... for a reason.. Since that failed and not matter anymore.... I can make a new better use of her... She is craving me..... after all Even in the heated duel.... I sensed that... She can be my lover, my slave and my bodyguard..... All I need to do is corrupt her, infect her with my refined blood... And bound her to me...forever That is so great.... I never thought that possibility til now... Im glad she survived, now I realise how much a waste her death would be.... Such a tragic realisation... Its been truly long time, since I was this excited.... What a wonderful bath.. I feels like rebirthing... My new body, my youth and immorality..... And the untapped power of my blood and arcane... And most importantly my new goals... The Imperial Throne, The Empire, My daughter... All will belong to me.... There is much to do... right now I need more power.... to do steps.. The end
  14. 😄 Indeed, well they pay enough for the next step. yeeee I think you know why I did quit, let just say I move to north ^^. Well I try make a few entries at least before departing.
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