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    Foot, RPG/RTS Games, Anime, Writing, Drawing, BDSM, Anal, Femdom, FFM and MMF threesome, Cocks
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    I got around here at 2012, looking for oblivion mods and making my favorite RPG bit more interesting.

    Eventually around 2016, I started make stories and my blog here, and do that til today.

    Im an transwomen, In the asexual spectrum, and explore my fantasies by writing the blog section.

    I mostly write in erotic ways, nowadays got into the horror and dark fantasy.

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  1. She looks tomboy or butch, its kinda common lesbian style <.< Very common where I live.
  2. I think she looks more lesbian then anything, which suits her. If boys looked like this haha 😳
  3. Yeah, but mother of the temple already dead And Gwynolda's future look closer to this.
  4. This was cute. Who do Gwynolda want to kill here? hehe
  5. Sadly went shorter then planned. Im glad its worked decently as chapter.
  6. After Gwynolda its kinda hard to have any positive on Eliza, we all know what kind of person she is 😉 She just told her too boring romance stories and here Eliza aint a big powerful vampire, she is an old lady, just keep herself look young 😊 Well as we saw in the picnic plan, Vera dont really listen to an hrumpy lady, she promised an adventure so she went do it 🤭 Amulet has its reasons.
  7. Only the best fashion in my stories hahahaha. Gotta keep up with the latest trend. She never do 🙁
  8. Hahahaha, Im glad you discovered this!. Vera and her naivety >.<. haha shush, its not horror <.<
  9. Well this is more my first try to use a different kind of protag and different type of story, so its really to try lady Vera and her sillyness. Yeah, this chapter ended up shorter then planned, if I can be honest half less, Im not really happy, hopefully next one works better. Its a side project really and to try new things, outside the grimdark horror what I normally do, so we can expect some "writers bubble" or other mistakes, as I try focus explore something new for me. Im glad chapter is still enjoyable. Thinking on how much I need work on Gw
  10. I like redhead women oke? xd Thank you
  11. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/12938-lady-vers-romantic-adventures3/ Lady Ver's romantic adventures(4/) We went deep in the forest south from Bruma... to the old ruins of Anga, ruins of an Ayleid city. All alone in the darkness and the dead city, our brave heroine me, Lady Ver decided to discover it alone... Which may or not may, I could regret... Whats the worst what could happen? I probably get saved by a handsome
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