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  1. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch

    Thank you :). Well my plan was make sure to show case how brutal is nordic warrior rites, but well this was actually the "madman" one, she needed prove she can kill with minimal stuff. Malicia, pretty sure Frea is popular girl, especially when she walked home with covered blood with her new fancy bear hat :). Old grandpa is still good shape for berserking :D.
  2. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch

    Thank you :). Getting a fancy bear hat ;), joking aside she will tell sooner or later.
  3. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch

    Thank you :) She actually had a good bath, just in blood ;) Thank you :) There will be more :D
  4. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch

    Well aside of the bears and sabre cats others are not really sleep. She did wake him up.
  5. Haha :D. Well its part of her armor, she will wear when she is about to fight. :)
  6. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch

    Thank you :) Well she is warrior and thats her rite, he is not that kind of bear, he is the one who would maul you and eat :D. But he will be her companion as hat :D.
  7. Velenda's chronicle #Act - I

    Very big and hot act I :). Great work :).
  8. Becoming Berserker of Eastmarch Frea was on the way to became a berserker, she walked naked in a coldest day of the hold, being ready to complete the warrior rite. As her bare feet stepped on the cold snow, she saw the bear. The bear what she needed to find, he slept peacefully, he was a strong mighty black bear in his prime, one who could even not be defeated the average warriors of Windhelm and killed many of them, ones who failed the rite. As she looked him, the words of the one who tasked her to do it. He was known as the Madman of Eastmarch, an old grizzled warrior wearing almost no armor and only covered with remains of a bear, he was the one who decide who will be berserker in the hold and the one who thought out the trials becomning one. Madman of Eastmarch: To become a Berserker of Eastmarch, you need to be the weapon itself first, berserker is an rampaging warrior, armed or not it will slaughter any day, anytime. The rite is simple, wait during the coldest day of Eastmarch and found the deadliest bear and kill it bare naked with only a mere shiv as backup to your own hand. She hided behind the stonepillar, to not let him awakened by her pressence, she was starting to get herself ready to fight him. She walked slowly towards him. She crawled down and used a more sneaky approach to him in order to caught him suprise. She was getting close to him, she grabbed her shiv strongly. Then she yelled at him and runned forward him. Frea: Arghhhhhhhhh!!! The bear immediatly awakened, he was full of rage. He was not taken by suprise and started attacking her. They fighted. The battle took hours in the frozen weather, but in the end Frea turned as victor. She killed him with barehands and a sharpless shiv. As feat is defeating the mighty bear unarmored with relying her own strength and a shiv, the victory not came easy withouth any price. As expected she was tired of the battle, dodging him exhausted her and... She was full of bruises, scars of the long battle with the bear, her body was covered with wounds, she even got one scar in her face. But this was not let her down, she was getting ready to do the last part of the rite. She grabbed her shiv and looked at the bear. The last part of his words came to her mind while she do it. Madman of Eastmarch: If you kill the bear, rip of his head and skin it and wear it. Die like a pathetic worm or come back as Berserker who killed and drink blood of the mightiest bear of Eastmarch. Don't disappoint me like the others. Hours later, she was finished with the skinning and weared the bear head, the weather of the cold Eastmarch was calmed down. She was covered of the bear's blood, it was still warm and fresh, As the rite demanded she her body weared the blood of the bear and she drank some of it. She sat up and started walking home as the one who succed the Madman of Eastmarch's rite. End
  9. Introducing the Berserker

    Well they are hided after all ;) Fine by me, I don't mind that.
  10. Introducing the Berserker

    Well officially she is currently the only one :D, Sigrid got lost. Civil war is 4 years away from he story's date, so no worries her. Malica hahaha :D.
  11. Introducing the Berserker

    Thank you :). Well she is warrior, she short hair is better, as for longer I not really found any wich would suit her.
  12. Introducing the Berserker

    Thank you :). Well its Skyforge one, so I think its fine.
  13. Meet the Berserker Introducing Frea, nordic berserker from Windhelm, new character Stormcloak oriented one, and with Svenja they will share more or less stories. I need figure out a clan name her, stuff of her will come sooner or later. Little bonus End