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    Worst Country in Europa, you can guess Hungary
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    Foot, RPG/RTS Games, Anime, Writing, Drawing, BDSM, Anal, Femdom, FFM and MMF threesome, Cocks
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    I got around here at 2012, looking for oblivion mods and making my favorite RPG bit more interesting.

    Eventually around 2016, I started make stories and my blog here, and do that til today.

    Im an transwomen, In the bisexual spectrum, and explore my fantasies by writing the blog section.

    I mostly write in erotic ways, nowadays got into the horror and dark fantasy.

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  1. 😄 Indeed, well they pay enough for the next step. yeeee I think you know why I did quit, let just say I move to north ^^. Well I try make a few entries at least before departing.
  2. Hello everyone ^^ Sorry for the massive inactivity for the past months, but truth be told work made me super busy to do anything. However in august I will have some moderate time, since I quit, for various reasons and changes in my life🥰 That means, Gwynolda's tale continues ^^, as well my other projects. I worked around with it, so the coming chapter is 1/3. At next week I can finish it properly, if everything goes well. According the plan, at least 2 chapter should be done in the month ^^, for story reasons. As for other projects I been working and writing the concepts and bases for the coming chapters of Melissa's detective adventures as well. Designing and picknig the potential scenarios of her current case, I been thinknig which one might be fun from murder msytery to something complety else, can't help horror makes me mind go wild. 🥰 So hopefully I can release 1-2 entry in the coming month. ❤️
  3. This include characters as well? Im just eye-ing the project, cause generally Im terrible with building and world designsing in sims.
  4. Jeez that dog monster, holy shit straight outa a berserk or junji ito 🤩 Did you make it yourself? Holy crap. And plot thickens, I digged the classic fighter guilds quest remake in your setting haha. brings back many oblivion memories. Seems the insititute has many many creepy secrets. Agreed with Devi, this feels like some dwemer vibe society a bit ^^
  5. Finally got around to catch up 😁 I already can see, they not gonna go home, instead go on a multi-dimensional adventure and well lot of non-con and con sex 😆
  6. Generally nothing perfect in this world ^^, noses and looks are subjective. Everyplace and person has different beauty ideal and taste 😊 What flawled for other, perfection to another. All my chars are purely based on my taste in people haha
  7. I see nothing wrong with those noses 🤔 They look better then the ones I see in irl <.< at work
  8. That was a badass chapter. New girl looks totally like a new boss enemy 😉. Tho she deals with heresy. Seems Molag Bal got his turn in the games and already lost >.<
  9. Welcome back Eva, Ivy and Prince 🥰 Congratulations for your daughter ❤️ I missed you three a lot.
  10. Ohhh my, I missed out quite a few creations and families. I can say, I really apprecite the good amount of guys you making here 😇
  11. Thank you 😊 Indeed in continues 😨, it was never over.. She does have some controll, buts its mostly just her actions so far, everything else is purely controlled by the Tormentor. Still that is not a small thing ^^. Ohhh you are the only who picked up the hints and noticed the things, "Hamal" indeed was the Tormentor in disguise, Im suprised no one guessed it 😳 Gwynolda seems more trustful toward the other voice, mainly cause its hers or similar, still she decided do something else then it suggested, which is good call. She can't trust anything in the realm of nightmares. Yes that scene really messed with Gwynolda, she pride herself in her healing skills and seeing it, not just fails, but execute the person the way she usually does. Certainly made her distressed. He seems has a big dislike on Dibella, he had a not few mocking and insulting remark on it on Gwynolda, but he probably not fond the other divines as well. "Dibellan" Like can refer a lot of things, we know he can read memories and dreams, could be referring Gwynolda's past ruthless actions or something Dibella related. Well nightmare is not over and we not saw what He has for Gwynolda yet 😱 Thank you 😊 We see eventually what will happen from all these dreams haha. And no horsecocks
  12. If you noticed, the entire situations, this chapter and previous is more an experimental ground how to hurt Gwynolda, these things not random, Tormenter is very much active and personally picks the things. I mean its the temple and Markarth 😇. Actually he only killed the legion, so far not revealed ways how, but don't worry, he has ways to kill. Maybe she was just fake, who knows. Gwynolda passed her owns well, she got excelent grade.
  13. Thank you 😀 Im glad you liked it 🤗 😄 Well Hamal asked to show mercy, but she kinda ended up doing the opposite... Indeed, it seems she can affect it, but Host not seems like that. 🙂 Thank you 😁 It got lessen, cause Tormenter's work got a bit interferred, someone or something spit on his soup when it comes to Gwynolda.. the thing you refer as Champion. Its a battleground after all, Gwynolda is not easy to scare or break, cause she more or less prepared compared a normal person, she more or less shrugged off the demonic rape as some nightmarish thing, then something actually happened. Tho she pretty much hated it. Its make sense the Tormentor alters his strategy to hurt and torture her, showing himself only made his work harder, since Gwynolda aware of him now. Now the vampire infected scenario meant to mess with her, get her emotionally distressed. Gwynolda due her past naturally rebellious against anything what Hamal suggest, for reasons we know, she see her as heretic and a person who made her life hell. As for the other entity, the guard, she didn't saw too much reason to execute someone who might be not turned, when she can merely cure it. Neither method was supposed to be effective, entire scenario was to choose bad choices to resolve it. The person not even reacted at her, and she kept a distance just in case, but results was not what she expected and put Gwynolda in distress and shock and demoralise. This is not a divine trial, its a nightmare by a very being who want torture Gwynolda 👼
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