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    Foot, RPG/RTS Games, Anime, Writing, Drawing, BDSM, Anal, Femdom, FFM and MMF threesome, Cocks
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    I got around here at 2012, looking for oblivion mods and making my favorite RPG bit more interesting.

    Eventually around 2016, I started make stories and my blog here, and do that til today.

    Im an transwomen, In the asexual spectrum, and explore my fantasies by writing the blog section.

    I mostly write in erotic ways, nowadays got into the horror and dark fantasy.

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  1. Thats quite a comfy place hehe. Great work.
  2. Wow, that was a quite a big backstory on the owl hehe 😳 That was awesome. Bunny still innocent and adorable and the fated meeting with Lady Menalia is closer. Great work ^^ Devi. looking forward for more
  3. Was pretty short, but we can see where it goes ^^
  4. I hope he can return soon ^^
  5. She gonna stay armoured, Gwynolda prefer that, but dont worry she still a nudist. I apologise, didnt meant too, I asnwered and gave an update.
  6. ohhh my fucking gosh, this series was awesome, this last chapter 🤩 Gore as usual and fight scenes are massively impressive, especially the spine one holy shit, these stuff just godlike ❤️ Spell effects as well, was nice to see grease properly, that was so cool. Mage handing fapping the goblins down was most glorious shit I saw 😍 fucking brilliant. Im also impressed by the goblin drag scene and even a full sexual scene as well, thats hella epic. Making all those poses and effects, you been really stretching the limits of skyrim.
  7. ohhhh gosh this chapter 🤣 Dialogue just perfect haha, especially when it broke the 4th and blamed the player hahaha. As always in this project your kill scenes are impressive, like seriously, especially eye stab, these are just awesome 🤩 Perfect balance between fun action, jokes and sexual things haha.
  8. There was a lot <.< actually. I was a bit too subtle 😅, generally her changing back to the cursed look with the scar meant a sign of she done something wrong.
  9. Thank you ^^ Nah, I planned to continue just had a lot irl stuff and Lady Ver was more short side story project. I wanted continue and finish up act 6. Tormentor is always around, this is a nightmare, he never dissapears, he just observe or tailor the dreams to make Gwynolda's situation worser. He is more a controller of the theme park then guy who directly goes in, for now. Interesting, there is a fake unp one and that works with most of the unp stuff? I gonna check, if I can I keep her more closer as she was. Fairskin kinda makes her make up w
  10. Thank you 😊 Been a while since Gwynolda was here again, Since Lady ver took all the spotlight haha. She just gonna explore the nightmare realms, since she wa sin he rown cell with her own dreams. Yes, Im glad you noticed, she look as she was cursed, she has the scar again, she went from her past innocent look to the cursed look she had. I meant it to be the first sign of her questionable part of the powers. It was already bad she let her convinced, there gonna suprised what exactly she done. Yes she picks the path of vengeance, but Gwynolda's jus
  11. Yes this chapter more meant to her get out the cell and see the source of nightmare truly. Things gets more interesting as well the actions of hers in this channel. ohhh sorry Malicia, you gonna see Gwynolda solving the issue with the carpet man hehe
  12. Gwynolda actually has a different skin texture on special edition, I use fairskin on now, so she looks different either way. She already refused to listen the "champion" and the Tormenter in the previous chapter, and she stated here as well. New one convinced her with something curious. She channel the curse she got, which gets expanded in the coming chapters. Which I tried point out int he chapter, not a good decision. I dont think I rushed anything.
  13. Thank you 😊 Gwynolda seems heading toward a darker path. Yes I was worried on this enb, but horror vibes works well.
  14. Certainly it was a long time, life is sadly very busy. Yeah, finally we got around the actual parts of nightmares now 🤩 😊 Thank you 😊 Yes Gwynolda is back again.
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