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    Foot, RPG/RTS Games, Anime, Writing, Drawing, BDSM, Anal, Femdom, FFM and MMF threesome, Cocks
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    I got around here at 2012, looking for oblivion mods and making my favorite RPG bit more interesting.

    Eventually around 2016, I started make stories and my blog here, and do that til today.

    Im an transwomen, In the bisexual spectrum, and explore my fantasies by writing the blog section.

    I mostly write in erotic ways, nowadays got into the horror and dark fantasy.

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  1. I never use facelight, dunno it always feels bit unnatural in terms of lightning. and I always have shots, without expressions from time to time, like dunno I never saw people do constant facial expressions, like my face is usually blank 90% of time. Ver still my most expressive character, with constant smile and expressions, unlike Gwynolda who is usually do blank face. Yeah second chapter in progress.
  2. Resdayn


    No wonder, their budget seems so low <.<
  3. Resdayn


    Falmer stoles all the nun, Did Gauis spared the budget of defense? xd. Story and reboot so far seems interesting, while world reseted Gwen remembers everything. Curious
  4. Well this is first time, I make something not grimdark xd. Just because our protag sees the world in a naive manner, everything is very same as it was Gwynolda's. 🤭 Dont expect Eliza turn into like a nice lady 🤗 Makes the vibe more oblivion.
  5. I wondered what you gonna think of it haha, its not the dark fantasy horror you got used to 🤣 And everyone in general, wait romantic comedy? It wasnt easy to figure out writing a lot more light-hearted story with an unusual protagonist, well unusual from me 🤗 The mood and tone need suit the protagonist who is well our eccentric naive noble lady. Unlike the Vengeful and Zealous Gwynolda or the Survialist immigrant Arilith, we got very different protagonist. Technicly Eliza always looked young(lets be honest, narcistic person like her never want sh
  6. It is bigger, but she usually goes one hot guy per location as target ^^, I made more guys for a reason, was not easy to make them all relative attractive xd. Knowing me, we all know its aint horse cock succubi there, more like some horrors from the abyss. Fucklist, poor Lady Ver thinks if she kisses, she get pregnant ^^
  7. I wonder why after the blood drinking leech tongue vampire, shadows with corpses, Defiler and now the nightmare demon <.<, ohhh yes and that thingy from Windhelm. I feel you are suspicious of me. 😁 Thank you 🤗
  8. Thank you 🤗 Im glad you like her, I was worried on her reception 😅, but it seems everyone like her ^^. I wonder how her heart winning attemps go 🤭 This new enb look quite good, my game visually hella pretty now, Im glad my screenshots carries the similar quality as before. Thank you 🤗 Yep 🤭
  9. Thank you 🤗 Im glad to hear. Thank you 🤗 Im glad you like her, I was very worried how she turns out. Knowing me we see how lighthearted it turns. 🤗
  10. What a lewd christmas 🎄



    Well happy new year everyone, before the close of 2020


    I released my last work for this year, its a new series.




  12. Lady Ver's romantic adventures(1/) The city of Bruma, most coldest and northest place in all Cyrodiil. In the recent Eras its historic prevalance just rising, starting from the late 3rd to the late 4th Era. It will be wonderful to explore. Took me quite a while to just arrive here from all Wayrest, but I can truly start my own goals now... To start my own romantic adventure and hunt down all hot guys of Tamriel! Of course write it down and make the best epic story of all the Empire!
  13. enb2020_12_23_12_37_46.jpg


    So Im kinda about to return, as practice I started work on a separate story, but ummm its gonna be a clusterfuck.


    From every aspect to visuals <.< to writing.

    1. Tirloque


      Malicia : « It's gonna be a cluster honey-honey, but the heroine is gonna be very pretty and very intelligent.

                     Though she asked too many jewels for Christmas, uh.
      :classic_angel: »

    2. Jayomms
  14. Porn alchemy sounds something Gauis should ban from the Empire 🤣 She just use it as justify, in reality she just want the werewolf pp 🤭 Hey! Thats not true 🥺
  15. She is like most horny alchemist priest also heretical Gwynolda dissaprove banging werewolf I like how we get a whole section of porn alchemy.
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