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  1. Nice happy to know the sse port for this mod is coming i never got to fully use this mod on LE since my game would not stop crashing every 15 minutes so as i said happy to hear you are doing a sse port of this mod
  2. happy to know you still work on this love the mod so far keep up the good work. also don't worry about how long it takes i am willing to wait and i think most people will be ok with waiting.
  3. Hey so i am trying to work out what mod the armor in this image is from if anyone could give me a link to the mod that would be great thank you. also the image is from a blog here on this site called Dark Horrizon if anyone wanted to know.
  4. Hey so i was wondering am i the only one having a strange issue with this mod? as in with this mod installed my characters are T-posing even though i have run fnis but if i disable this mod in mod organizer 2 and then rerun fnis my charcters work just fine can someone please help me fix this i really want to give this mod a try but i am unsure on why it causes this is issue. ok so from what i can read in fnis i think the issue is caused by the behavior file since my fnis says it is not compatiable with SE how do i fix this any help would be great thank you.
  5. What armor mod is the Barrenness's armor in this chapter from?
  6. Hey just was wondering what is the name of the mod that adds Jenna's order of sisters armor as in the armor the second copy of her wears when she shows up to sero's office?
  7. Hello so i am having a strange issue where sometimes after a sex scence my characters belly will reset to be flat and i am unsure what is causing it i assume is is other a setting in this mod sexout ng or sexout breeder but i am unsure please any help would be great thanks. ok so i just checked with the medical scanner thingy and it seems like i am not even pregnant anymore so i don't know why this has happend my only guess is i got stupidly unluck and had the 1% chance of a misscariage trigger but i don't know for certain.
  8. ok Thanks i will let you know if NVAC helps with the crash but i am not holding my breath. ok so far it seems NVAC has fixed the issue i will tell you if it starts happening again but as i said it seems so far NVAC has fixed it.
  9. ok i guess just double checking the newest version of Sexout NG Stable is 97 and the Beta is 98 correct?
  10. Hello so i am having a issue where i crash to desktop when i try to open my mouth to the feeder i have reinstalled the new version of this mod and it still happends i am unsure what is causing to here is my load order and modlist that MO2 gives me any help would be great thank you. modlist.txt loadorder.txt ok so i just reinstalled Sexout NG and Sexout Common Resources as well as SexoutZAZ and it still happends and yes i have the 4gb patch so i am at a loss. any help would be great.
  11. i tried doing that awhile ago using blender to change the mesh but it was untextured and i have no clue how i was suppost to reattach the textures so i gave up i have heard new vegas has a bodyslide version but if i remember correctly to make armor ports with bodyslide you need a converstion mesh to convert the armor shape from one body to another and i got no clue how to make that so i don't think that is happening for me anyway.
  12. hey so i noticed that all npcs who are not unique named npcs are turned into girls in my game and when i click on them it shows the first 2 numbers in the console for there id as being 16 and in my load order this mod is number 16 so i was wondering if this was intended or if it is a bug. any help would be great thanks. Don't Mind what i said earlier i looked at wrong load order number my bad sorry.
  13. WolfPack51942


    Thanks for the Links. love the work you do
  14. Hey just thought i would ask if someone knows of any armor mods that work with this race not including the stuff Kendo himself did.
  15. WolfPack51942


    Hey just wondering what mod the panties and Bra Nessa is wearing is from? also what mod is the armor that the other lady is wearing from?
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