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About This File

                                                  *All Files uploaded to Google Drive, don't worry.*
                                               R.I.P the game (2013-2018)
There are nothing I can tell about, just porting some outfits from CSO (Counter-Strike Online) 2.
In version 0.2.1 update, I hidden "upperfix" slider added in version 0.2, set max value to 50, and 60 for min.
You can always edit these value in [CSO2] Helga Outfit.osp
New version (V0.6.3) including some new slider sets with HDT-SMP for exist outfits. Thanks to Xing. (Patreon)
HDT Skinned Mesh Physics (Optional)
(Transparent setting were removed from all Helmet meshes. That mod is no longer needed.)
1. Outfits are made for CBBE body.
2. Including a preset for male outfits, It's better to build male outfits with that preset.
3. Not planing on UNP version, or Fallout 4 porting. (I'm lazy as f**k.)
4. DO NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission.
(If you get or find the file from other sites, please contact me as soon as possible.)
|Added Equipment|
Nexon and Valve - Devs of CSO 2
Caliente - Author of  CBBE and BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Opac21 - Male Body for BodySlide2 and Outfitstudio
|Using Tools|
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Creation Kit
|Change Log|
|02.12.18|V0.1 - Add 3 outfits.
﹂ V0.1.1 - Fix an issue that first person arms may missing when equip any torso armor part.
|02.12.18|V0.2 - Add 3 outfits (Leet, Lisa, Carrie). Improved Helga's outfit bodyslide file.
﹂ V0.2.1 - Fix the issue that Lisa's Suit has duplicate torso part. Update Helga's outfit Bodyslide.
|03.02.18|V0.3 - Add 2 outfits (Emma, Ryan).
|02.26.19|V0.4 - Add 1 outfit (Mila).
﹂ V0.4.1 - Add 1 outfit (Emma - Swimsuit).
﹂ V0.4.5 - Add 1 outfit (Yuri - Explorer).
﹂ V0.4.6 - Update BodySlider files (Mila, Emma, Yuri - Explorer).
|03.03.19|V0.5 - Add 2 outfits (Miu, Marie).
﹂ V0.5.1 - Add 3 attachments (KRShield, TWShield, TWGloves).
﹂ V0.5.2 - Added 2 attachments. (Spec Ops Helmet, P77 Radio Backpack), Fix some armors' keyword settings.
﹂ V0.5.3 - Added 1 attachment. (Flower Crown)  and 1 outfit (Light Zombie Dress).
|01.17.20|V0.6 - Add 2 outfits (Lisa - Swimsuit, Kwan). Add male and female icon for inventory preview.
﹂ V0.6.1 - Some changes for Spec Ops Helmet. (Remove Transparent, Slot changed.)
﹂ V0.6.2 - Update some minor changes.
﹂ V0.6.3 - New HDT-SMP Patches for 3 outfits. (Yuri's Outfit, Yuri's Dress, Miu's Dress)
Traditional Chinese Version|gamer.com.tw
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What's New in Version 0.6.3




- New HDT-SMP Patches for 3 outfits, SMP meshes and xmls made by Xing. (Yuri's Outfit, Yuri's Dress, Miu's Dress)

Notes DO NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission!

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