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Sleaveless Schoolgirl Outfit (From Various Resource) for CBBE HDT 2.12

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About This File

See screenshot for outfit

there is from 7 source, Fix and Modified by me ^^.


Credit and Outfit

  • Black Desert Online - Marine Romance (White and Black).
  • Hepsy - Schoolday Outfit (4 Colour).
  • Neon Outfit From Final Fantasy Origin by Kanbara914 (2 Colour Black and Gray).
  • Osare Outfit - Sleaveless 7 Colour + 2 Skirt Variant (14 in Total), Into Single Body Slot.
  • Hunter's Arena Dara. No Hot Pants for Loose Version by lezisell.
  • Summer Festa with 2 Variant by lezisell.
  • Kuroe Akane Gunslinger - GSR by xocarbohydrateox


Undies using Osare (Black and White), compact into single outfit (Body Slot)

Loose Version is Compatible with Remodel AIO.

Loose Version also Have Transparancy Effect for Osare and Black Desert.



  • Neon Outfit is Moved Here. so the Old esp file is obsolete.
  • Osare Panties use same texture as Original. it will be replace prompt. it's a same file actualy.
  • Original Osare Schoolgirl is Long Sleave with Seperate Skirt Slot. in my modification it's a same body Slot with 14 Variant in total. (See Sceenshot)
  • Original Neon Outfit like Dark but sometimes Grey. so I made 2 Option. 
  • There is many Model from Schoolday Outfit (Original is UNP made by Hepsy). I only put Type 4 Sleaveless Version and use CBBE HDT model.


Edited by Black714

What's New in Version 2.12


Add Kuroe Akane Gunslinger - GSR (by xocarbohydrateox)

Add HDT for GSR Boots

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