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  1. Acronym TBD (UNP\CBBE) = Touched By Dibella body mod (LE\SE edition). It has own textures (DAZ asset mesh) and sliders for creation. Look it up.
  2. I just asked it directly on CP2077 Twitter, lets see if mod support is possible in any way.
  3. All I noticed, reading comments on media, that even with all the information provided by CDPR in any materials shown, people are really dumb 🐒
  4. This is true Russian experience you need to watch )))


  5. The 48 min demo (saving the girl segment) had shown us that breast physics are in the game (it still looked like simple ragdoll constraints). People, who played latest (19nov 2020)16 hour demo, wrote that breast slider was greyout in female character creator, only areola was available (restricted to media reviewers?).But some told that they customized V's schlong and his pubic hair. Apparently all sliders will be available at the release and considering the physics bones, Skeleton rig can be moddable for modders. All CharGen preset info so far So about the body, from V gender customization menu screenshot, female body uses the default template, so all fem NPCs are probably generated from that template. But !! I saw in the trailer " In style " this black woman has a decent bust, so dynamic presets might happen ?
  6. Damn, it looks like I spoiled the whole main story of the game using deduction on the materials from the "NC Wire" that been shown and what's been told. Specially from gameplay (story) trailers. Now I know what role V would play and who is the main antagonist of the story.
  7. Aether suite has a boxing ring gym. But you really are describing Seaworld mod, it has a fighting arena ( like MK)
  8. Birds of Skyrim mod has raven and crow models (with behavior CK data if I remember)
  9. Hm if I remember it correctly - Body weight information is written in character creation and is distributed to morph sliders (head tri files) when you save a character. It means when you want to export created face preset (in any form) it needs to be set at specific weight (0-100 morph), this same information is written in CK to create an NPC (actors list). Exported head preset ( FaceGen data folder) has a locked ( tri ) neck data at a specific weight. If specific character (follower\ vanilla NPC) was created in "70%" weights, you can not just write a code in console command [ SetNpcWeight 100] to make it fully support 100 weight based on (70%) head morph information data, if it was already present in FaceGen folder. It will get you a neck gap. Though, I can be wrong as I tested this long ego. To do it right without issues. You will need to remake the character face preset at 100 weights, export it, and save same information in CK under character weights. After that import exported head and export it as a FaceGen data again. That probably would make the command line in console work to set any weight to NPC. Since everybody makes chars presets at 100 weights its easier to work with.
  10. Is this the one ? Honoka_cloth_base.7z
  11. This should have write to SkyrimIni file a proper code line for your GPU, in theory. Googling this issue people tend to get it on Laptops.
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