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  1. After Loverslab updated I got untracked for my support page, so many questions I missed. This is mine LE ENB. It has CBBE\UNP bodyslide support (3ba in WIP) and new meshes\textures in screenshots, right now v2.0 is for public and v2.2 is my personal mod (wip)
  2. Conversion should be made directly in 3D app with supporting export plugin ( 3d max, blender). Static objects cant be converted normal in optimizer, you need to do it manually for SSE collision flags to work. After app plugin export ,simply use any SSE static mesh reference nif and copy-paste mesh data (like in LE workflow) idk why u need light node in a static object though.
  3. Probably the best way is to add it directly in Nifscope (advanced user) or copy ~ paste bhkCollision data from a reference shape nif file and make your adjustments in bhkRigidBody (shape\layer\translation\rotation) + bhk***Shape (material\radius\dimensions) Keep in mind, your main node should be named properly for collision data to work as BSFadeNode
  4. You probably need to research racemenu Overlay tattoo mods for this. I have seen something similar years back.
  5. In general it is almost your method but I use minor projection painting in scene for some tweaks and details, anyway its all the same method. To the strong woman 🍺
  6. So how was it PS, did you banned me on Nexus for suggesting you to optimize your 80mb files ? Love your toxic behavior towards users.
  7. Substance Painter auto generates object space maps from imported Genesis human normal maps. Invert channels and its Skyrim texture maps in 2 min work, there should be no issues at all, except you need to use RGB8 (24) or S.Designer's DDS plugin without alpha in normal maps.
  8. Ah yes, the 4th one is use Schlong for Females version not for males.
  9. Schlong is bound to its rigged bones in the skeleton, so this effect is probably because character spine(1,2) or pelvis was scaled\moved in Racemenu tab or was moved in skeleton nif file itself. 1) check if Racemenu\ CME scale bone has custom attributes 2) check if you have a proper XPMSE skeleton for Schlongs of Skyrim mod 3) Check if all necessary hkx files for SoS or Skeleton are present from its mods.
  10. For better SOS scale optimization you need a SOS Racemenu esp plugin from XPMSE skeleton mod. You can customize \bend \twist\ tilt the shape right in the game in Character creator menu in Schlong tab.
  11. It is hard to make because Havoktools are non existing anymore and with JFF tools its almost impossible to add normal data params for small bones.
  12. Next time post your questions in the mods page by clicking "Get Support" - it is a mod Q&A help thread. Face Color mismatch looks like this because of a vanilla blankdetailmap.dds texture is installed. Usually users has Fair Skin for Females mod installed, which has a fixed blankdetail texture included. I updated the folders by adding " Blankdetailmap" archive to them. Go to your Skyrim male texture folder and see if it is present. If not - game engine is using the vanilla one from its textures.bsa archive. If yes - try to overwrite it with a fixed one. As for the chin issue. Some vanilla\mod beards\hairs are made with incorrect blending meshes when you customize head in character creation menu. To try to fix this you can : 1 * delete malehead.nif file from its folder, IF you installed it from my included mod archive, to test. 2* using Racemenu mod sculpt tool to work on the beard or the chin itself and correct the facial features.
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