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  1. In 2d by my exp only photoshop has the tools to make it quick, just make a dummy (my example) nif file with all the body parts in it to see that you are making it right.
  2. Maybe "Pure skin " have this variation but I suggest to invest your time in this by yourself.
  3. That only can be possible as a custom race for your PC to use clean textures and NPC dirty. All other character dependencies are hard coded to the creation kit and engine.Even NPC face morphing are made as some 3rd party mod tools.Its not worth it.
  4. This are Syndra shoulder plates I made for Stahlvormund101 project, I hope 3dm and 9damao are not selling this.
  5. outline shader eat approx - 2-3fps. Bokeh shader - 7 fps with prepassFX, in my ENB as I tested it.Maybe some ENB authors make it hardcore.The ENB dll injector itself halfs the FPS your GPU produce - vanill gam (180fps) - dll = 85fps (without all effectFX)
  6. I would not recommend the whole idea of it, because there are restrictions in some cases with clothing and armors.If you want it purely for your PC rig to experiment , technically you can add them with JFF tool . Load your skeleton> load the body mesh > add NPC R\L RearThigh bones, use weight paint tool on legs specific area and make a constraint data in xml.(something like breasts, minus collision data)
  7. Why not install ENB with it and turn everything OFF except outline shade prepassFX in [Effects] tab ?
  8. RomeoZero

    [SEARCH] Chun Li by Levionte

    My AVG reported that your 2 attachments are URL:Mal threat
  9. You can try to fix it with vertex colors in its mesh as a variant. Open the nif file in Nifskope, click on the meshes ( NiTiShapeData > has vertex colors > yes) and switch on Vertex Colors shader flag 2 in BsLightingShadershader. Click on radial color icon near "has vertex colors" to choose a color.
  10. You need password for downloading usually, you can get it only by posting a comment in the thread.
  11. RomeoZero

    No bouncy ass physics

    https://www.loverslab.com/forum/52-hdt-physics/ You can delete from xml Butt bones if you use HDT-PE. Use the tool named hdtHavokModifier.exe (JustForFun) and delete constraints with names as "NPC Butt", or you can just look for information on proper bone weight distribution tutorials (bone weight paint \ copy bone weights). Look for outfit studio tutorials, you can also find material on bone weights.
  12. RomeoZero

    clipping collision help

    Hmm. well if you are on HDT PE and not SMP physics, you could use JFF (just for fun\ hdtHavokModifier.exe) tool and load the xml, you can go to a "Collisions" group,click the "Shape" tab and there will be the radius of the collision shape. https://www.loverslab.com/forum/52-hdt-physics/
  13. RomeoZero

    clipping collision help

    Reduce the radius of the collision shape.
  14. This is basic head mesh issue, if you want to fix it in 3d app, you will need to rebuild all the [ tri ] morph files for it, cause vertex information stored in tri files for animation deformation. Or you can try to smooth vertices with smooth tool in RM. Or use Citrus heads mod. I also have loli bodies and tried some variations to fix it.
  15. Use the body with breast bones in the nif file ( L\R breast),can also build any shape in Bodyslide tool, hdt configs u can get from HDT thread here.