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  1. Technically we can, I have some models from XNA versions waiting for its moment.
  2. romeozero

    Legendary Avatar: Korra outfit

    The body mesh that was used is UNPB variant.No sliders though.
  3. That's probably an Asian variation replacer, in the section of sexlab framework there are a couple of cum texture replacers.
  4. You need to load the original skeleton first, than from its bones (say head bone) you attach new ones ( head > hair0 > hair1). As I know you need Havok tools for this to export it all and that is another hemorrhoids.
  5. Don't mind it, this Start Menu is always using ENB Interior lighting params.Vanilla shaders do not have a proper interior lighting system, thus vanilla have more brightness with ambient and shit.
  6. It really is depending on ENB shaders a lot. But you didn't mention why you can't use ENB, not a good PC rig or you don't know how ?
  7. That's right, it only concerns mostly Western continent and some parts of Europe too.
  8. Actually, as a graphical illustration of arts, any teen or loli drawn character can be considered as a fictional character, and does not abide to the standard laws. That is why Japanese arts have Loli graphic range, from hentai to normal visuals, is free in their society, like others. While some greedy people abuse power, to state on the "freedom of expression" their fascistic ideology of taboo and punish those who they dont like. And like any free man, I can provide Loli meshes to a shady person named NatibusAmator via msg, if he wants.
  9. Hmm, wasn't it was called something like Living Armor or Parasite Armor?
  10. If you want a bright and colorfully realistic lighting, just use my ENB config.
  11. romeozero

    How to fix tangent spaces on a mesh?

    Then that mesh was vertex welded in the first place, you will need to break those verts, select them and use "Break" in Edit Geometry tab. Move and align top vertices together and "weld" them back at [0,1] param, or align bottom verts first. It's a long process, make some tea ))
  12. romeozero

    How to fix tangent spaces on a mesh?

    This is due to its overlapping vertices from below or above, hair meshes have 2 sided polygons - top layer and below it. This happens when you edit them by moving vertices on axis X\Y\Z, especially with soft selection tab "on". Can be fixed with a soft selection tab [0.01] by manually adjusting top vertices higher from lower ones.
  13. Yes, and 1 note as a PS user maybe its the same workaround for GIMP - dont forget to mark your transparent file (png) with little paint strokes at its 4 corners, so when you copy-paste to your normal map texture ,transparent texture will stay aligned to the corners of the 1st layer. Bcs transparent blended texture does not have pixel data at its corners and it will be placed randomly on first layer and can be misaligned with RGB pixel data giving you shifted normal map lighting coordinates in the game. You can erase marks when pasted it over,also dont forget to save it as an "object space map" in texture export options.