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  1. romeozero

    ENB Question

    If it is to bright, you can adjust EToneMappingCurveV2Interior* to higher numbers in UI [ENBEFFECT.FX] tab or reduce AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorDay \Night* to 0 and adjust AmbientColorFilterAmountInteriorDay\Night in main UI tab [environment]. Its good that ENB configs are all modular,adds variability. And hairs are another subject, they also have its own shaders and data.All pretty much depends on the bland texture and specular params to make em realistic.
  2. romeozero

    ENB Question

    Those interior shaders are just wrong,it looks as if this is made on v112 dll ENB without proper edit.
  3. In order to work on bodies you need to import Skyrim skeleton (bones to rig skin on) then the body to work with and lastly a chosen armor.That way the body will be rigged to skeleton and you can properly adjust armor meshes to fit it, and add skin wrap modifier to rig vertices for armor. I only know the process for 3d max, but there are tutorials on youtube to look for Blender.Either you will need to remake it by learning or give exported files to modders.
  4. romeozero

    [REQUEST] Bodyslide?

    There are a lot of design variations out there,actually it was the first idea to distinguish generic vanilla shape armor to CBBE or UNP in the first place. Asking others to remake what is already had been created 7 years ago is not a good idea here.
  5. Lafooo ,when you export to nifskope make sure to click right mouse in scene > Batch > Make all skin partitions. Meshes floating in game that is bcs skin data is not set to 4 bones per vertex,you prob forgot to adjust it. If the mesh will get half invisible in scene - than skin copy was made wrong and needs to be reapplied.
  6. Just export everything in FBX for Rhino, FBX is universal format for 3d apps.I already see you have messed up axis data in 3d scene.You can't export to nifskope if you didn't rig it to skyrim skeleton,and you have not.
  7. romeozero

    What mod is this?

    Not sure but I think,user VIVI had wanted to make similar mod a year ago,you should check out SoS for females thread,maybe someone have made it in there.
  8. romeozero

    [REQUEST] Bodyslide?

    It's a full clothed armor,why you ever need it to convert ? Maybe you need alternative dragonscale cbbe armors like this on nexus and LL instead ?
  9. romeozero


    Big Breast physics was this game " joker card" from Itagaki on PS1,as it was a mediocre fighting game, it needed to be somehow distinguished itself from other fighting games of 90's. DoA II on Dreamcast was the best out there ; with new arena system,new fan service tons of costumes,new reverse move system,new next- gen graphics,mega cool music,double team action movies and tag battles.Now it's just another sjw game coming from "Japan", just watch Itagaki interview when he went solo from Tecmo.
  10. romeozero


    No breast phx, no revealing costumes anymore, 1024k textures and old painted hairs.The king of fightings is INJ2 in all aspects.
  11. I don't have SE but can explain how Vanilla Creation Kit works in general for humanoids.Generally i think this game was made by Indian devs.To much mistakes. About head mesh : FaceGen - So if game engine need to generate a random breton npc bandit it draws sources from default male head nif and breton texture assets with breton tint masks.Each Race have its 5- 6 slot presets of random generated NPC.
  12. Im looking at the screenshots and it looks like they are separated already,or the coat comes with the shirt ? If so just open coat in NIfskope,click on the shirt and hit ctrl+delete keys to delete the mesh > save.
  13. romeozero

    Game crashes need help

    Some mod crashes it,either it wants a master file or the mod have wrong shader params.Untick last mod order 1 by 1 to find the culprit.
  14. romeozero

    Converting a Wig into a Racemenu hair

    Do not suggest ideas that you are not competent at, you want to make him new CTD troubles ? Hairline is a default cair cap without physics it does not need any NiStringExtradata. All that he needs is to make a proper path to named xml [ data\meshes\*modname\*mod.xml ] in (String Data).
  15. By describing it this way, looks like you have different object space map (femalebody_msn) on a body type (unp\cbbe).You need same textures for body types you choose.