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  1. download Version archive and paste to skyrim game folder [ skyrim.exe] from "wrapper folder" exe and dll files only.
  2. What armour mod is this?

    Hmm.. judging by the style, it looks like one of Alforttes [ alfort4649 ] mods.Prob new one ?
  3. Well yeah its just my variation body meshes\texture of Ivy V mod. The other 2 screens aren't mine.
  4. his on Skyrim nexus but doesn't respond to messages anymore.(tired of the people)
  5. There was a mod " berserk races " , I think there was weapon animations for it in the mod.
  6. Final Fantasy Cindy/Cidney Outfit?

    also https://skyrimvn.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-251.html
  7. 7Key uses his custom made "Pure skin " textures.
  8. First one is mine screenshot. It is custom unpb Ivy Valentine. There is also higher poly CBBE bodyslide resent mod on Nexus. ( Maximum CBBE )
  9. This mod looks like from Dynasty Warriors set.
  10. Plus, the head preset morph is Godzilla more draconic argonian something ,on nexus too.
  11. http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Skyrim._Part_2#Add_the_armour_to_the_game_using_the_CK Its outdated but good for overall information
  12. Mouth Collision?

    just use head collision data instead in JFF [hdt.xml]
  13. In CK [ArmorAddon] and Nif file [DismemberSkinInstance>partitions] slot 30 to hide head mesh.
  14. PS plugins should work.Here try my archive. PS dds plugins.7z Sometimes i use MyViewPad [older version pic viewer] to convert dds files to tons of formats , but mostly its a dds viewer file for me.
  15. Lore Friendly Armor

    Very nice ! I dont like big packs with separate texture dependances (I.A) but standalone armors like this is very much needed. When your done collecting Heavy Metal lore armours,will it be released for download section ?