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    I can make some interesting mods for you but not scripting^^
    You can also support me if you wish by donating $2,while i work on some stuff to release.

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  1. Extreme FPS drops inside dungeons

    Yeah its basically bone nodes that xml's are trying to look for to apply settings if item with them are equipped .
  2. SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    I have a little update on my Oldrim mod Fair skin texture for SOS people, looks like b3lisario abandoned LL for adding it to Texture options tab.I'll post it here. SOS fair skin males
  3. Nise's Poser SE

    Where to get it for oldrim ?
  4. ask Asenasen here,his screens.
  5. the body is UNPB, the default one, all other features can be modified via sliders, object space maps and 3d app. I have done tons of modifications to unp family bodies, so my eyes are pretty sharp now. It might be in KS hairs or Apachi hairs also. Prob KS
  6. This is default unpb body with sporty map mod.
  7. If I remember, It was an article about ECE1.4 version with new msn map called "asian something" years ago. If only I knew it that time, had not waste my time on textures, making asian waifu screenshots Japanese players should post some modding news on LL or something.
  8. With Christmas and to the new endeavours in 2018 year bro !!:beer:

    1. Synthesis


      Haha, I'm sorry for not answering you sooner--and a happy New Year to you too, comrade! (Though for you it's already happened). :wine:

  9. You can use one from my mod (in misc items), or look for mod named dovawall or something.
  10. Honoka Hair

    MR hair was on the net, i have Honoka's as a wig... I think ,at least remodeled from xps, not sure if 3dmx file is still on my drive.
  11. Have you tried without ENB ( dont forget to off FloatPointRender in Skyrim ini)? Video showed khajiit "Night Eye" effect ,its either ENB shaders bugging or its final days of your GPU.
  12. yeah if its crushing it either enb or skse mem boost needed.
  13. First thank you for making Skyrim great with your time and effort!  Regarding your Echidna follower mod, I have a weird problem where there seems to be a collision of her hair around her shoulders so her pony tail doesn't go straight down but crunch up around the back of her neck.  Once again thank you for making Skyrim Great!

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    2. romeozero


      Thank you Tommy, for the support ! I appreciate it and wish you the best.

      Started to update Echi esp file (adding weapons and shield,hair fix,),when I'll finish it,will send it to your email.

    3. imtomlee


      OMG thank you!!!  I don't know why but something about her face reallly intrigues me and I will literally restart a new character to do another run on Skyrim.  Once again thank you for making Skyrim Great!

    4. imtomlee


      Once again let me say thank you for all your effort and time.  I think it might be my game issue because the hair still does the same thing.  the pony tail still gets bunched up around the base of her neck on her back and doesn't move.   Any ways thank you for making Skyrim Great!