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  1. It's in the SOS menu. "Female Horse Strap-on" I believe.
  2. The png's you loaded aren't visible.
  3. In YA, only the hyena females have dicks. Maybe I'll run through and do textures for the rest. @Taven, your problem is that sexlab attaches strapons to girls if they're in the active position, and the "Bad Dog Horse Strapon" does the same. Disable the sexlab strapons and you'll be good. Or disable the horse strapon. Reason for this is so you can mix chicks with dicks with chicks without dicks.
  4. Nice pics. Glad you're enjoying the mod. I don't think I ever rigged the female schlongs for anything but griffons.
  5. Should work when you start sex. Post a log and load order.
  6. Okay, here's the thing. The flying from Real Flying is a total win and if you're the PC it's worth it: But Anton went with a much more compact look for the folded wings--his dragon wings look almost like a backpack--which does not look nearly as good with bird wings: And you lose the wings responding to sneak and attack modes. I don't know why he didn't carry those animations over from the other mod, but they don't seem to be there for the dragon wings either. This is what the old wings looked like folded, for contrast: And of course the NPCs don't fly, so for them you lose the sneak and attack animations, the folded wings don't look so good, and you don't get the flying. I'm almost inclined to require both flying mods so the PC can have the RF wings and the NPCs can have the original wings. The mods don't seem to conflict. Gonna play more, but that's where I'm at now.
  7. Did a quick & dirty convert with the Cathedral Assets Optimizer and it seemed to work. Need to test it out more and if it's good I'll post it. Only thing is, the speculars are way too shiny. Toning them down is gonna be a PITA.
  8. Ya, flew up to High Hrothgar, was going to land in the courtyard but bobbled the landing and died LOL.
  9. So I loaded up Real Flying and did some quick & dirty tweaks to link Birds to RF and I have to say it's seriously cool. I'm playing where you still have fall damage if you're stupid with the wings and I think that's the way to go--there's actually a little skill involved in using the wings. I'm not quite happy yet, there's some funkiness with the wing angle which I might be able to fix by tying my wing mesh to the RF rig. So I'm going to do that and then my next version will be based on RF instead of Dragon Wings.
  10. If you pull down YA, there are argonian meshes and textures for the schlong there. It's the MMG version. Gonna look at Real Flying and if it's the right thing to use I'll base this next rev on it.
  11. Compleat Khajiit actually predates YA and I used some of its meshes in earlier versions. It should actually be more vanilla--it uses vanilla heads, whereas YA uses the Citrus khajiit heads. Anyway, yes, I want to release all the cat races separately. Two options: Do them like I did lykaios and otters as a separate race; or do as I did in Unique Tiger and make them khajiit variants for the PC only. The second is easier and there are a few advantages to playing as a khajiit rather than a custom race. But you don't get NPCs.
  12. The thing that makes MO different is it never touches your install folder at all, so you can reconfigure to your heart's content. NMM and I think Vortex put crap in there but try to remember what they put in. If you were really organized that might be okay, but if you were really organized you wouldn't need a mod organizer.
  13. I'm actually about to post an update. Nothing very much different but I'll make chests of wing potions available, the schlongs will be fully compatible with other race mods that have Hoodies, stuff like that. Longer tails are a problem because they sorta have to be stiff and that's a problem with all sorts of animations. As for flying... tbh I never tried it. Since Real Flying and the base for my wings are by the same author I assumed they'd just work. I'll have a look. Have you tried it?
  14. is that where from certain angles you get a flat reflection off the eye? I've seen that and decided it was predator eyes and ignored it. Eyes turn out to be way more complicated than you might think. Someone--upthread maybe?--gave me some updated eyes to use but I couldn't make them work right off and didn't want to stop and get them fixed at that point. But I'll dig that file out again and see what I can do with it. This. What I've done with LOOT is define a new YA mod group that loads after everything else and before LAL. Then put the base mod in it and it will load after everything else and the patches after the base, by LOOT's ordinary sorting. That way I can have loot do its thing without messing up what matters.
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