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    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

  2. Bad Dog

    Bad Dog's Skimpy Clothes

    I have thought about it, but haven't come up with a good design. So much of the unique look of the armor is in the chest plate, and there's not a good way of cutting it down. And just doing the skirt leaves the "durr, I cut a hole for the dick, lol" problem. But now you've bugged me and I'll think more about it. It might be possible to use just the gold so it's a lacework type of thing. When I get back to this i think i'm going to do prisoner and innkeep robes. Never been happy with the scrap of cloth and belt look. Tho the innkeep could be really truly just a rope belt with the cleaning rag hooked into it.
  3. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Ya, whatever I do has to be done with what I have. This puppy has got to get out the door. In the good news column, I am re-facegenning the world. Did I mention the OCD thing? It bugged me that every time I ran the furrificator all the NPCs ended up looking different, because of the random assignment of tints and body parts. I get used to each NPC looking a certain way. So I replaced the random number generator with a hash function driven off the NPC's editor ID. Now the NPC ends up looking the same every time. Things will change when you add new parts--so the Apachii hair patch will change all the hairs. But it won't change body color or face patterns or scars. Yay, right? Anyway, I fixed up the scars and did another pass through the face tints. I got all the earrings fixed up with race tris and expression tris to work with the different races. I split out some of the earrings that were combined with hair into their own head parts and labeled them eyebrows, since I'm not using eyebrows for the furries. That way you can mix and match as you like. The furrificator is smart enough to randomly assign earrings only if the hair doesn't have built-in earrings. I set the probability of earrings maybe too low... I can change that if it seems there aren't enough around. The only head parts left I think are the mouths and also PaulGreen did a bunch of work on eyes that I haven't incorporated yet. I'll see how things look when this facegen is done. If it's not total garbage I might release it as an early alpha.
  4. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Well, spit. That quick tour through the mouths isn't so quick. The stupid vanilla khajiit tris don't have the same number of verts as the nifs. And the chargen tri has a different number of verts from the expressions tri. I've seen this before... apparently the engine can handle it, tho some verts won't behave. But all my tools won't handle it so I can't use the vanilla assets as a starting point. And I think some of the mouths kinda suck and always have. But I can't even modify the heads to fit the mouths conveniently, because I can't get the morphed mouth into blender and do the fitting. Only way to handle it is to make a citrus mouth (something the citrus guy didn't do) and do all the morphs by hand. That sounds sucky enough that I think I'll sleep on it before I start. Maybe get all the rest of the head parts really truly sorted first and do a facegen and see how things look in game.
  5. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    I'll be updating the patches too. Gotta have all the extras. Hey, an advantage of the new hair system is I'll be able to assign Apachii hair properly too. I was always iffy about Apachii hair in this mod because some of the more distinctive styles really need to be restricted to certain types of NPC. Progress is being made. I have finished my detour through updating all the heads and have working heads and scars for all the races. (Scars look way way better.) KK's new hair has been updated with race morphs where necessary to fit the other beasts. Now I'm back to the ear jewelry which is a hassle because I'm really going to need three variants--lykaios, long-ear citrus heads, and round-ear citrus heads (which is all the cats except khajiit). Still need to do a pass through the mouths to make sure they are fitting properly.
  6. Bad Dog

    Bad Dog's Birds

    Guessing those particular eyes are set up to be different on left and right. Vanilla does that with two separate nifs, for reasons, and it looks like I did the same. Other eye colors will use the same nif for both. So switch colors or find the other nif. It will likely be called somethingsomethingLeft or somethingsomethingRight.
  7. Something's overwriting something. Move hoodies to the bottom of the load order and see whutup.
  8. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Jesus god, imma die. Have I mentioned I'm a little OCD? So the male heads are all set up, tints and textures readjusted. I tripped over the problem where a few random vertices were off by a tiny bit in every damn morph so the spazzed out when you stacked morphs, but I got that fixed. Now I'm back on the hairs and I wasn't happy with the random assignment of hairs because basically Bethesda is stupid. Adrienne Avenicci, a blacksmith, has the same hair as Helga, a lady of loose morals. With random assignment Adrienne got a wild hairdo that would flame out as soon as she got near a forge. You'd run across a begger with jewelry in their hair. So I expanded the idea upthread of using voice types to chose hair styles. Now commanders get no-nonsense hair that stays out of their face; sultry girls get wanton 'dos; snooty bastards get fancy hair; beggers and bandits get rough hair. And because OCD, tribal orcs who aren't chiefs get a variety of shaved hair (minimal ponytails) but orcs not in tribes can have other hair and chiefs get manes. And only the YoungEager get the flip hairstyle. Right now I've actually set the reverse of the above; snooty bastards don't get messy hair. More variety that way and since the voice type match isn't perfect, I think restricting them to only fancy hair might have odd results. But I'll have to see what the furrifier generates to be sure. On to the ladies.
  9. Google around for SLA (Sexlab Aroused) in those support threads. I think some people have an issue where if SLA is not installed, MCM menus don't show up.
  10. Not immediately. FG has their own sex setup. Seems like I might be able to hook into it, but I haven't investigated.
  11. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Face morphs are going to kill me dead, no lie.
  12. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Once you have spoken, what's left to say? The kids aren't getting dicks and boobies, don't ask. I did think once about having them run around nude cuz that would be cute, but with no boobies and fuzz between the legs. But I had better things to do and even that's a bit squicky.
  13. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    We like dicks. And boobies. Given that this mod revamps the children already, what would RSChildren integration look like?
  14. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Ya, I have coding skilz and have considered jumping into fixing some of these problems. But not until I'm done with this round of modding.