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  1. Okay @DocClox, x0.0.20 up with some convenience features. Looks like I forgot to attach the zip to 0.16 and so you just got the source code, where things aren't at the right level. Pull io_scene_nifly.zip from this one and it should install right.
  2. Did some spelunking. Turns out Blender has an option to copy normals from one mesh to another--does natively what T!NA does. So I used that and it seemed to work. Here's the neck seam before: After: So yay, that looks like just what I need. But but but I can't figure out what blender did. The mesh has a list of normals, but they didn't change before and after the operation. Maybe there's some other morph or deform list, but if so I haven't found it and most of the data transform operations just change the mesh, they don't creat
  3. The github stuff is bizarro-land. I don't know what it's giving you when it gives you pynifly-x0.0.17, tho I think it must be the right thing? When I've downloaded from there I somehow got the io-scene zip instead. Maybe I'll have the plugin announce its version number in the log just for clarity.
  4. (BTW - I've been hassling with Blender's logging, and I see you're getting the full debug log. Did you turn that on explicitly?)
  5. Blender thinks backwards compatibility is for sissies, so no, it doesn't work on 2.79. They break really basic things like how you refer to the current active object. Also too it probably works by setting custom normals on the verts, which is not something I handle on export yet. I could get T!NA to work but getting the resulting normals out to the nif might be as hard or harder. (Or not. They're already exported explicitly, so I might just be able to get the custom normal instead of the regular normal and be done.) But what I take from this is that I'm right and Beth
  6. Be tempted. Yes, I don't really know whatup with the size of blender nifs, but they're always 10x what the other tools expect. I don't know what's behind it. I'm not doing any scaling, just taking the verts as they come and the coordinates are literally what's in the nif. I don't know why if you export to obj (which keeps the coordinates) and then import to OS, it's 10x too large, especially compared to a nif you imported from OS. And I'm using the OS code. I can only guess that for compatibility with other games and obj files OS is scaling nifs down by a factor of 10 o
  7. I'm trying to get rid of the female neck seam and maybe I just don't have the right skilz, but I want to say Bethesda said F U suckers and left us with something unworkable. I swear the seam isn't in the textures cuz I blended them all and they look fine on the models in blender. It looks to me like the normal just doesn't match on the seam, even tho the normal texture totally does. Which makes sense, actually, because Beth said never mind that we've figured out how to put an MSN on a skinned mesh, we're gonna use tangent space normals. And there's really no good way to match the n
  8. So this is respectable work and I appreciate it, but what would you say to an Xedit script that just ran through and put the SOS_Revealing KW back onto any armor that is edited by the Skimpy mod? Or, hell, by any of the skimpy mods? You'd have to have a bash patch and you'd have to run it but it would always work.
  9. Yeah, they're fine together. I often have otters in my YA games.
  10. New version up. X0.0.17 will parent a new mesh to an existing armature if you select it before importing. Any bones in the nif are added to the armature, so you can load one body part after another and end up with a complete skeleton. It took literally two lines of code. I love when that happens--indicates the code is well-structured.
  11. @TheBottomhoodofSteel just to mention, so you talked about working the transformations with ZaZ and OS. I didn't say, but I'm basically using OS's code--they split the layer that talks to nifs out and that's what I have. So it's about a month old, max. There have been updates which I will pull in, but what I have is quite recent. I don't know if this export method will work for you at all but I'm planning on clawhands as well as revamping all the ends, so it will get a workout and it seems (knocks on all the wood he can find) to be doing the right thing without hassle.
  12. My own head, in game: The textures could use some work but the mesh has no seams at all. This is with matching the head mesh (and weights, ofc) to the vanilla body but running with the BT body in game. (You can just see the guy's nipple is 3d.) So whatever the transform issues are, they are not screwing up the export. Hey, have I mentioned how I'm... ya, I did. You guys have heard it already. I think that normal sucks, I'll have to figure out what happened there. Hey, I've been hating on FO4's pencil necks, but I realized the way they d
  13. Oh, goddamn. Forgot about that part. But yeah, the way to go would be to rig it in blender by copying the weights from an FO4 body and export direct from there. There was a missing file in that last upload, fixed now. But if anyone got it right off the bat, you should download again.
  14. I thought I posted--but maybe in the other thread--that I can see where the problem is. The global to skin transform is giving me slightly different results for the vanilla body than the BT body--the rotation is off just by a fraction of a degree, but that's enough to open up the seam. I'm guessing however you rigged it is doing the right thing, but it's slightly different from however the vanilla body was built and the rounding errors cause different results. Dunno why it works in game, but it's a different engine so it's possible. I'm thinking I can build against the vanilla body
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