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  1. I've got that file. I think the sheathed dicks THAT ARE ON THE DEAD DRAUGR came from it. If I missed some draugr somewhere, I don't know where that might be.
  2. Buy the goddamn game. It's better value than any other money you'll spend on entertainment. EDIT: @MadMansGun, checking I see that the dead draugr have your dicks and the animated ones are given them by MNC. So what do you mean when you say I didn't use yours?
  3. Happy to take bitching & complaining right now. Not sure what this means. I think I set up the WW penis to use the same armor slot as the MNC junk, so double penis isn't possible. And what's an "armature"? The skeleton nodes? That would be because I forgot about them. What are the DD nodes in those nifs? Are they special to MNC, and will they crash if the user doesn't have that skeleton? What's the difference between the "unweighted" soft dick and other one? I assume these are either animated or HDT-ized? What's needed to get HDT working on them, if so? Ya, I haven't dealt with dragon priests. And priestesses aren't canonical, how do you get them? But I am getting female draugr and that's what they're for. Tails will be good tho they have to have the fur taken off and be all grody. What's the beast draugr resource? This? How does MNC support them? All this MNC stuff might need to go in a patch, which is fine.
  4. Yup. 02_YA_Digi.B8.0.6.7z in the same folder has them.
  5. Jesus H Christ on a raft, that was four freaking years ago. Put it in skyrim.ini, I think.
  6. I don't recall that it was hard. I use SSE Nif Optimizer for meshes, Cathedral Assets Optimizer for textures.
  7. Gah. Here's the real link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ClwpsPGJoNlnerDX1jwuo52wA2yI3pe3
  8. Okay, version 8 is just about ready to go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YevyGFrqKvMonxlEHv-kdG9HXL6jP52-/view?usp=sharing Edit: This is the real link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ClwpsPGJoNlnerDX1jwuo52wA2yI3pe3 If a few people can do a sanity check that would be great. Changes in this version: New female lykaios heads, no ruff Cleaned up eyes, switching over to not use the eye shader. Shut up. Vaalsark female textures cleaned up (speculars, and that neck seam sucked) Bitch tris (that's a technical term) cleaned up to eliminate a gap in the neck seam at weights < 100 Fixed specular on panther head mesh to work on SE (turns out on SE, it has to be in the nif. Can't just be in the texture set.) More furry draugr & erect draugr if you're using More Nasty Critters Gunjar fix. He has his own tail which won't pick up HDT and won't pull him through the floor. Remade child heads and other assets. I still don't think children are really my thing. Reachmen folded into main mod Skaal are African Wild Dogs courtesy of Valehyena. Cleaned up those textures so they're usable but didn't really do much in terms of customization options. EDIT: Also, Reachmen and Skaal are their own races, so you can play as one if you like. ManMansGuns' reweighted tails New filepaths for everything. This lets me put all my furry assets in one folder tree and pull on them for the different mods. The Digi file uses a racial attribute for the digi feet scripts instead of a cloak. Schlong scripts have probably changed, can't remember how. Note the eyes and heads require new facegen, which is why the major version number increments. Don't try to upgrade an existing game without a clean install, and I don't know how well that will work. The digi and Hoodie scripts are where the problem might lie.
  9. I want the hooves to show. Other than that, go wild. BTW I have colored tails in the next release so the horses can keep the colors.
  10. Tails are vanilla animations for now. I have HDT kinda sorta working for SE but not in this mod yet.
  11. You guys. Do you really care? I have 8.0 just about ready to go. If I'm going to do this all the NPCs have to be regenerated, which I already did once for the eyes, but better to do it now and get it into 8.0 rather than having to do another major update. It's not particularly hard, just a pain in the neck. (Process is: Import head to blender, import tris, apply tris to head as shape keys, remove ruff from head, export head, export tris. It'll take longer to regen the NPCs than to fix the head.)
  12. Could be I left the tints folder out? Or they could be the wrong size. I've only done custom vaginas when there's a reason. Not sure what a wolf vagina would look like that's different from human.
  13. Lykaios have their own sheathing schlong. I may not have named it well--if you have two "Sheath" schlongs in your SOS list, one came from Hoodies and one from Lykaios. The Lykaios schlong is set up to work with only the Lykaios race.
  14. I'm so not interested in supporting Vortex. I'm just about ready to put up a new version. I've been working on it for a while but I think it's actually done. I've been having trouble going through load doors but this particular game has gotten so hacked up with my revisions I don't think it's actually a YA problem.
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