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  1. I was referring to the Behavior Editor. Only thing I could find for that was the Github project.
  2. LOL. It's skyrim. You can stand in fire. I need to move that camp anyway, it overlaps with an Interesting NPC building.
  3. I'd swear the bird wing animations scale some of the feathers on folding. (I don't like it because feathers shouldn't stretch, but I've had to live with it.) I found (again) the unsheathing schlong PaulGreen put together. He added bones to the skeleton on the fly, which seems like a lot of work to get something that could be done with a special skeleton, which is not the end of the world. And that Skyrim Behavior Editor looks interesting, tho there seems not to be a kit.
  4. Max file? If so, please. Anything to help me get started. Right now the OS route is working. I'm just worrying about things like neck seams where the weights have to be exact.
  5. Okay, we're cooking with gas now. I started fooling around with the hyenas but I think I'll switch over to Lykaios. They're popular and I'm thinking the entire suburb in the startup sequence will be wolfies. Then when the PC gets back to town, it will be a mix of random races. Same with the other settlements and groups--all random races, just whoever washed up there. Except maybe those gangster people, I have an idea they'd look good as all hyenas.
  6. This is me discovering that FO4 textures aren't really anything at all like Skyrim textures.
  7. @Husky1o1 The ID of the spell is xx1F73F0, where xx is the hex load order of BadDogSchlongCore.esp. But it's good to load up MFG Console which allows you to see what's up with the different NPCs, including what magic effects are active on them.
  8. Mmm. Maybe. But it's all my meshes and all my animations (if this works at all). Things like scaling with RaceMenu wouldn't work as expected for those bones, but the sheath + shaft configuration is different enough they wouldn't do much anyway. I'm more worried about being able to ship a new animation set. I have a bad feeling I read that the .hk file that the BGED node points at, which lists the animations, is in some magic format that only the SOS guy figured out.
  9. @Frosferes @Blaze69 Yeah, and being able to change the size means the shaft can shrink a bit overall and there's less worry about clipping when it's inside the sheath. But there's 6 bones in addition to base and scrotum. Dedicate one to the shaft and the rest could be used to animate the sheath. No particular reason for the shaft to bend. Or dedicate 3 to the shaft--2 to handle the bulb--and 3 to the sheath. And that's without going into adding extra bones. @Husky1o1 1. Yes, you'd have to do it on every NPC if they are all having the same problem, but right
  10. I'd forgotten the OS option. Weight painting is way easier in blender, but maybe that's the way to go. Of course, if there were a convenient link somewhere to get that old, no-one-cares-about-it, not-commercially-viable version of Max, that's something I might like to look into as well.
  11. Thanks for that. NPCs based on templates are often given FoxRace as their race, with the intention that it be overridden by the template (which is often a leveled char, IIRC). ^^ @ASlySpyDuo
  12. Woah, and I need 3D Max to create a nif in FO4 format? Is that really the only option?
  13. So I did this. Password "baddog": https://vimeo.com/515115514 It's super-stupid, just animating the existing SOS bones with hardly any adjustments to the weights (just cleanly separating the shaft bones from the sheath bones). Still, I think it has promise. The shaft doesn't do much on its own so I think there's actually plenty of bones to play with. I could really just have one for size, angle, and position of the whole thing, and maybe another to make the bulb swell a bit. That would leave the rest to make the sheath behave itself. But really it doesn't do badly now a
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