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  1. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    @Taven, here's my idea: howabout you give up on OBIS? Ran around the Meadery outside Whiterun and a few bandit areas. Nothing I can pin down, but lots of instability in ways I'm not used to with my rig: infinite loading screens, freezes, a horse with no animations, very odd behavior when killing the bandit with the special shield. I don't know which mod is doing it but I think the whole thing is too squirrelly to use. I can't find anything positive that looks wrong in the mod, though the shields are handled in some very odd way. They are fadeNodes, not NiNodes, the pattern is applied through some funky mechanism, etc. etc.
  2. Wings with coverts and better weighting.
  3. Photoshoot! Animated dragon wings does everything with potions. Mechanism is, potion applies a magic effect and the wings are the hit effect art of the magic effect. So they aren't body parts at all. Not sure why Anton went this route, though it is a very easy way to get the mesh applied to the body when and only when the magic effect is active. I briefly tried making a normal mesh with a BGED node pointing to Anton's, but it didn't animate and didn't hook to the body in the right place. He's doing some kind of magic to get the skeletons to line up. So unless I can figure something out this is what we have. I do have one or two more things to try. With this mechanism, the wings do not pick up body colors, because they aren't really a body part. I'll have to provide a range of standard options. It might be possible to put the magic effect on the character as a racial ability, haven't tried that yet. As for the mesh, I'm reasonably happy for a first cut. I'm clearly going to spend the rest of my life weight painting, trying to get the flight feathers to lie right. And I'm going to play with colors so the spine of the feather is less prominent and maybe there's more of a basic overall pattern.
  4. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Here's a reduced-size texture set for anybody who thinks their system may be running low on resources. I shrank all the texture files greater than 10K in size. Let me know how it works for you. YART.7z
  5. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Female schlongs are a bit of an issue. I'm a couple of scotches in, so this may be confused but... If you want futa females, which the hyenas want to be, because they're hyenas (google it), then you can't really use the SOS/SL arrangement bc SL doesn't understand female dicks very well. So instead there's the "BD female schlong" option which only shows up if your females have a hard on. So if your females are poking a strapon through their clothes you've got some mod which is making them aroused and telling SOS about it (Sexlab Aroused most likely). But I actually put a check in so that an aroused female who's not doing the nasty won't get the aroused mesh which is the strapon so they won't poke through the clothes so if you're seeing that maybe you don't have the latest download? And of course SOS should be preventing that anyway through the "SOSRevealing" keyword which should not be put on regular armor, but maybe it doesn't work for females. ANYWAY, the bottom line is the latest version of YA is supposed to prevent this so if that's what you have I want to know and I'll have a look at it.
  6. Oh, also--I guessed the animations work like tail animations. Nif has a resource that points to an hkx file that holds the different animations and they just run in parallel when the right animation get started. But there's a bunch more stuff in the nif that I don't recognize so there seems to be more going on than that.
  7. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    @anon, no idea. That's not something I've seen. Alternate Start is still at the end, right? I'm getting a patch together with reduced texture sizes. That might be worth trying out... I'm guessing memory issues could be causing various craziness. For Sofia, poor girl, I've never seen that before. SOS is claiming it didn't touch her. Try putting the "Bad Dog Female Schlong" on her--it's regular female equipment at unaroused levels so maybe it will push that thing she's sporting off.
  8. When I looked at my guy with wings using the console, it didn't think I had any armor on--which makes me wonder if skin tint will work. But no need to borrow trouble till I get there. Setting up different spells with different wings is straightforward (I hope) and attaching those to races should be fine. And RaceMenu does let you set up new sliders and if I could figure that out you could cycle through basic colors that way. But it's not at flexible as setting whatever body color you like and having the wings match. (Of course, wings don't necessarily have to match--they don't on lots of birds.) The missing facial hair slider is driving me up the wall. Scars were picked up no trouble, hair no trouble. Don't know what's different about facial hair.
  9. Following on Blaze's suggestion above, I tried a neck ruff on the eagle: (What happened to our spoiler tags?) I'm pretty okay with this. Matching the color exactly is a bit tricky and it has to be matched exactly or it looks terrible. Trouble is the ruff is a hair color and the head is head color + face tint. I wanted the ruff to be treated as facial hair so it could be mixed and matched with crests, ears, and horns. But RaceMenu isn't giving me a facial hair option when I set it up that way. Anybody got an idea why? Is there something special about facial hair? Everything else I just set up the head part and RaceMenu found it. Here's the same ruff on a different body: The trick to bird colors apparently is to be super-saturated. The color then bleeds onto hands and feet, but I think that's just the way it is. I'm going to see if I can figure out why the feet pick up less than the hands--so far as I know the two nifs are exactly the same in terms of shading properties. Started to look at wings. That whole mechanism is bizarre--there are no ARMOs or ARMAs, just "art objects", whatever they are, and magic effects. I'm guessing the magic effect gives you the high jump ability as well. So I might just set it up as a racial ability and use the same mechanism, or I might see if I can use the nif in a normal ARMO. More as it happens. If it's not an ARMO I'm betting it's not going to pick up the body color, which is a hassle.
  10. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Oh. Jesus, guy. If you put USLEEP in the bashed patch and then put that after YA, of course all those edits will override YA's edits. As I recall, USLEEP does fuck with the circlets. Move your bashed patch before YA and see what happens.
  11. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    @KlarnetistPost your load order. Bretons should be using khajiit circlets. Make sure YA is after everything else on both sides if using MO.
  12. Actually, you might be right. I tested them out but when I ran through Bruma I don't remember seeing monsters with peens under their cloths. I'll have a look. CF is kinda wonky about when it applies different meshes.
  13. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    If you don't care, don't run with it. Wherever possible, the USLEEP fixes are included in the base YA mod. But USLEEP changes how briarhearts are handled and introduces some behavior changes (so certain NPCs will sleep at night, for example) and if you want those you need the patch. I don't know what would be causing the CTD.
  14. p0 = penis flaccid p1 = penis erect bp = body + penis Mostly I like to add just the penis to the base mesh. But sometimes it's better to replace the whole mesh when adding the erection--these giants, for example, have paunches that would put most of the penis inside the body. So the erect mesh skinnies them up a bit. Alt- and -copy are cruft left over from when I was trying different options.
  15. You need the SLAL version of More Nasty Critters.