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  1. On SE that's often a sign that the facegen head mesh for the NPC doesn't match the tri file. It works until they move their mouth or change expression, then crashes. You can check it by trying to interact with all the NPCs involved--if the game crashes as soon as they speak, that's the problem.
  2. Double jeebers. I don't actually know how to get at those fields in the nif, but when I figure it out maybe I can pull them in from an existing nif and build a table with a little python script.
  3. Jeebers. Do you know what those cut offset numbers are? I'd generate them dynamically if I could. If I have to, I can put them in a lookup table. I handle the SSF by pointing to an existing file, but someone sent me the file format and I'm thinking I can generate it from the body on export. I'll prolly do that at some point.
  4. I did a fair amount of work to export the dismemberment segments, and the FFO bodies all have them set up. Is there any way to test dismemberment? Other than stripping an NPC nude and blowing them up?
  5. LOL. Fix up at the MNC site? I'll grab it. I shoulda mentioned that CBBE will work on SE but IF IT DOESN'T WORK ON LE OR HAS SEAMS OR GAPS OR MAKES YOUR DICK SOFT THAT'S JUST TOO FUCKING BAD AND NOBODY CARES LEAST OF ALL ME because I still don't have a CBBE body I trust on LE so I just saved the SE versions to LE and hoped for the best.
  6. I'm finishing up a YA update now. Nothing really major but I fixed the male panther mouths and I made gray face textures so old people would look old, which means the world has to be facegenned all over again. I'll post the mod and extras by the end of friday but then I'm totally out of pocket for two weeks, so I likely won't have time to do patches for other mods. If anyone else does, post here and I'll collect them up when I get back. In this update: - Old people faces - CBBE-compatible feet and hands - Male Lykaios head normal from FO4 - Fixed briarhearts to work correctly with and without USLEEP - incorporated ASlySpyDuo's fix to the static vampire thralls in Volkihar; fixed the female head so the lighting is correct. - Pawprints on paths - Panther mouth fixed (and more/better panther morphs) - Fixes from the MNC patch, including anthro dragon priests and tails on draugr - Fixes to the Lykaios female seams
  7. Just summarizing to have it all in one place. I put the lykaios HDT info on the hulking draugr tail and that worked. I've heard you shouldn't have the HDT extra data and the tail BGED at the same time, but I don't know if that's true.
  8. @MadMansGun OK what I did is I stole your argonian-style dragon priests and modified the fit of the masks slightly to go naturally under their circlets. I also made them amulets so they'd show up because I was having trouble getting the NiSkinInstance to show. I also took your draugr with tails. Those tails are supposed to animate right? I see the BGED and I'm keeping it but I don't see animations happening. Those are the ones you're thinking should have HDT info added, ya? I didn't take anything under the MoreNastyCritters folder. Those could go into YA SOS but I think it's better to keep them in the YA MNC patch for those who want them. EDIT: The tails thing---it's really the DLC02 hulking draugr that has the problem. That nif has a BGED on it already for GenericBehaviors\StagesNoLoops\StagesNoLoops.hkx -- whatever that is. Apparently you don't get to have two BGEDs on a nif. I took the other one off and the tail is behaving but I don't know what I lost with the StagesNoLoops.
  9. Vortex is one of those things that tries to make life simpler by taking away a bunch of choices and hiding a bunch of complexity. That's all very will if it can really be done, and for simple mods that don't conflict with each other maybe it can. But once you get into multiple texture, armor, and NPC appearance and behavior mods, it just breaks. And because they're taking away choices and hiding complexity you can't fix it.
  10. You need a patch. Easiest thing to do is open up SSEedit with YA and your pure falmer mod loaded. Make an override of the pure falmer race in a new esp. Put the race side by side with a YA race--snow leopards might be appropriate--and copy all the properties having to do with appearance from YA to your override. When you get to head parts and skin tints you can just drag&drop the whole group, you don't have to go one by one. Make sure the armor race is set to khajiit.
  11. I decided to actually play the game for a bit last night and ran into some supermutants and I'm like, damn they look cool and then I'm like whut and I go to look more closely and it's my own freaking new supermutant mesh (from ValeHyena) running around in game. I'd forgotten I got it rigged up and had exported it to see what it did. So it looks like shit (because it's not done) but it's still pretty cool. So now I have to finish it.
  12. 1. Use Mod Organizer 2. Then ask for help Seriously. Either your load order is wrong or you're missing mods and MO will tell you which.
  13. I did fiddle the masks a bit for the dragon priests. I made them fit under the circlet and also made them use the amulet slot cuz they weren't otherwise showing up: And for the Dragonborn priests: @MadMansGun, that thing about not breaking stuff? Yeah, I think I broke stuff because of the armor slot change. But if I ship these in YA I don't think they need to be part of MNC.
  14. I've been looking through the scripts, thanks, and didn't see anything special to make things happen. I've also been trying this on SE and getting different behavior so I'm not sure if the mechanism is as well supported on LE. But even on SE I'm not getting changes to happen in the moment--the closest is if I save with a morph that should have been applied but isn't sometimes when I reload the game it is applied. Same with NiOverride's logs--sometimes it writes to the log that it found the tris, sometimes not. I'll keep hacking at it.
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