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  1. There's also xml or ini files which list how different races respond to AAF events. The FFO races have already been added to AAF files--I dunno what the other mods need. Current activity on the mod-- I'm running my playthrough and OMG I see what Blaze was talking about upthread with not enough variety in the template NPCs. Diamond City has two--two--template NPCs for the inside guards, which is why they're all deer or wolves. Also there are no females. One deer and one wolf. BoS has 6, but when grand-panjandrum-whatshisname collects 6 for his little speech that's ALL of them, and with random choice some of them are bound to overlap. And one furrified to a pronghorn and another to a sabretooth, so they're really obvious. I've got a new scheme for assigning races for unnamed NPCs which looks to see if their editor ID is numbered--"EncRaiderWasterM01", for example--and I use the number to pick the race. That way if there are 6, each will get a different race. (Named NPCs keep their current race.) That works well when there are enough template NPCs, but not when Beth just didn't give us enough, so I'm adding NPCs too. I'm going through the hair again to fit it to heads and I'm wondering again if I should make more use of the facebones system. Problem is different races have more or less prominent jaws and brows, bigger and smaller ears. So headgear with chinstraps and hair especially are hard to fit. Doing one shape to fit them all isn't possible, so I'm having to make a lot of race-specific variants. Which is not that hard, but it offends me. What I'm thinking is make one "canonical" furry head shape. For each race, weight facebones and warp the race's head to fit the canonical head. Remember the warp factor for each bone and apply the reverse in the furrifier and race presets to get back to the right head shape. That way it doesn't have to be precise or even look particularly good--just get the surface to wherever the canonical head surface is. Then weight the other head parts to respond to the same bones and they should follow the race facebones. I don't know if I can make all the changes I need this way tho, especially the ears. The jaw and brows just need to be moved in and out roughly, but the ears are in very different positions (horse vs lykaios) and the attachment covers more or less of the head (snekdog ears are huge, horses quite small). I'm redoing the hair so it's actually respecting the ears and I'm happy with the results, but getting everything to run around the ears properly is finicky. Somewhat related, I've always wanted tigers and foxes to have real chin whiskers. I've put it off because getting the whiskers to blend well with the face is not something I've ever been successful at. Vanilla does do it tho, so I guess I should furry up and give it a go. I also took some time out to add some features to the furrifier, including reading the BSClothExtraData because I'm a lazy sonofabitch and can't be arsed to add it to all the exported nifs by hand. I'mma keep working on all that, but I'm putting off the far harbor quests because I don't have otters. (I thought Kasumi's family would be otters but it looks like not--I think just the islanders are otters.) So I might get started on them soon.
  2. Every now and then I get sick of the furrifier doing warped heads, but then it throws a cutie like this at me and I think hmm, maybe it's okay.
  3. Yeah, like Blaze said unless you run the furrifier any NPCs from other mods will be human. I'm talking vanilla game and NPCs.
  4. I'm done with that conversation. After the 100'th person showing up with load order problems and you say "are you running Vortex" and they say "uh... yeah", it's the tool's problem. They tried to make it simpler by making mod order not something users have to think about. MO says you have to think about load order. Turns out, you have to think about load order. End of conversation. COC on load screen is usually load order, because nothing from the mod has loaded yet. COC on BFB--dunno. I ran through that, including finding whats-his-name in the spiderweb, without trouble. Have you tried Windhelm?
  5. I know, I know. I keep getting distracted by FO4 stuff, and YA stuff, and I have to debug CF and really don't wanna...
  6. @poblivion Those look nice! Sure, send them along. I've now got the furrifier put back together. It collects the hair, analyses the races each one is good for, then when furrifying an NPC it first looks for a furry version of the same hair and if it doesn't find it, chooses a race- and sex-appropriate hair randomly. So all I have to do is throw yours in and they'll be included in the mix. Only downside is as I do more hair the hair from outside sources is less and less likely to be selected. BUT I'm not wild about just randomly replacing hair because then you do things like give the prim secretary raider's wild hair and that's not good.
  7. Yup. I started them as ghoul replacers and they kinda morphed into a playable race without my meaning it. I figure maybe I can get the otter heads to match them close enough and do snek/otter variants. Tho the ears are totally different. Fuck. On which topic, I'm going back through the hair making it fit the furry heads better, along the lines that Blaze and I talked about upthread. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out but there have to be tailored versions for the dogs, cats, horses, and sneks mostly because of ear size and position. If it weren't SO EASY to do I minor variant as a shape key I'd never do it. EDIT: Also I'm revamping the furrifier to handle hair correctly and omg what a mess.
  8. The only human I've seen in game is the dead BoS guy in power armor from "the lost patrol". I think there's something wierd in your setup.
  9. No. There is the Cat Races mod which does that for cats.
  10. Step 1. Get rid of Vortex, go to MO. Step 2. Profit Actually, Step 2 is: read the load order instructions in the OP. This is why Nexus wanted to do that thing that has everyone up in arms.
  11. All females? How what who. (I did notice some females without hair but didn't clue in that they'd lost it. I'm overdue for fixing the hair part of the furrifier anyway.)
  12. Okay, new version going up in a minute. It has the panther fix, matching updates for the playable dremora, some other fixes. It requires a new facegen, so all the patches have to be updated to get the fix. I'll do that as I can.
  13. I do not know what is going on with the tails. They are definitely not picking up shadows and it's definitely a problem with the fur layers and it seems to have to do with the transparency on those layers. It's not the shader settings or the double-sided flag because I tried those. Hair picks up shadows correctly, so transparency shouldn't be a problem. Wolves use transparency on their fur and it works (I think). I tried both hair and default shaders on the lykaios tails and they both show the problem so I'm stumped. Unrelated, the color match sucks. I'll deal with that another day. Also too, I've been trying to fix the bug where you can wear as many invisible boots as you like and failed there too. You can wear multiple boots because as it's done now, the engine doesn't find an Armor Addon for the race (cuz I took them all off), so it shows no boot but also doesn't show the slot as used. So I tried putting all the races' feet on the boots. That makes it so you can only wear one boot at a time, but because all the races use the khajiit race for armor, the engine can't decide which foot to put on the actor and often chooses the wrong one. So I tried pointing the boot at an armor addon that pointed to an empty nif. That made the feet invisible. So fukkit. Tails are never in shadow and you can wear multiple boots BUT panthers do have working mouths and scars. Imma see if I can get the SE version working and if so I'll call it good.
  14. I was trying to do what SOS does by catching SOS erection spells and keys so as not to need RCAE. Downside is if there's no event to catch, just an animation, Hoodies will miss it. Only way to do that is by catching the event directly, I think. And that works on LE only. I can go back to catching RCAE events. There's no way I've found to check in a script whether RCAE ins installed or whether running under LE or SE. So I'd have to register the events in RCAE, ignore any error, and make sure things work correctly if RCAE isn't around and also if it is and there's a potential double trigger. Not hard, and all the code has been written at one point or another. I could look at this for my next pass.
  15. @TimSonstun I love photos, but please use your words too. It's harder than you'd think to interpret a pic with no explanation. I think here the whole body is missing from under the clothes? And I think you're running my skimpy clothes mod? If so it's a bug I just found today. UPDATE: So I have a fix for the dark elves and I've just got a bit hung up getting it out the door. I have a new set of scars for them and built the kit and then was testing it out in SE and found a number of issues not necessarily being in YA itself. I saw what looks like your problem, some issues with the dremora, and some MNC issues which are probably just load order and getting the right mods enabled but might be something more critical. I'll chase these bugs down and get a new version out ASAP.
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