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  1. Huh. Okay, just tried putting the whole transformation in the foot mesh and it works. No need for an edited skeleton. Taking what @ASlySpyDuo said about scripts above into consideration, I'm thinking now to do this through the mesh the beast races. Advantages: Each beast race can have or not have digi feet independently. The digi adjustment could be different by race so deer could have a longer, more slender cannon bone while felines have shorter ones. Putting on boots cancels the effect, so they work with no extra machinery. MMG's boots ought to work since the foot is still applying the adjustment. Digi addons just ship feet, no need for an ESP. Races with digi feet need a racial spell that triggers on sit, riding, swimming, sleeping, sneaking. That effect checks to see if there's an adjustment lifting the root node and if there is reverses it and does whatever other tweaks are needed (like making sure the feet don't clip through the chair when sneaking.) Considerations: I still have to make the extra foot meshes, but it's a copy/paste job. The racial ability has to be put in the base mod, so it's there whether you use digi feet or not. Might need an additional constant effect for situations that can't be caught in a spell condition--currently I'm catching sneaking, swimming and riding in conditions, but sitting cross-legged, lying down on back, lying on a bed, and meditating by catching animations, and sitting and dying by catching the event. Catching the animations depends on RCAE so it doesn't work for SE. If there's an additional constant effect it could catch entering into SL animations too. My digi NPCs currently take boots off if you give them to them. I could either maintain that behavior or simply give NPCs outfits with no boots. Then if you want them to wear boots, you just give them some. Ideally, there would be one magic effect with conditions. GetSitting - covers sitting and riding; IsInFurnitureState - covers sitting and lying down, but not sure if it covers lying on back, cross-legged sitting, or praying. GetDead handles death. That leaves the unique idles--praying and sitting cross-legged--that I'm not sure I can catch without looking at animations.
  2. Yeah, I looked that the High Heels fixes back in the day when I first did the digi stuff. Thing is you can adjust position with extra data in the mesh, but turning it on and off when swimming and such requires at least a little scripting. And once you're doing that... TBH tho, I do not remember why I'm doing the lift in the foot mesh but not the rest of the digi pose adjustments. (Or why I'm not doing all the adjustments in the skeleton, if it comes to that.) Either I didn't think of it because I was copying the digi argonian mod and they edit the skeleton, or I tried it and ran into problems. I could look at doing that but since I still have to undo them in a script for sitting, swimming etc. I'm not sure there's an advantage. And if the scripts don't fire, you just get a plani character, not a major failure. Incidentally, I think I'm going to end up with a better digi pose. The knees have always clipped badly when they're bent a lot, and I think I got rid of that.
  3. Got tired of cycling through Skyrim's slow startup time so I made an MCM to play with bone positions:
  4. Do I now. There's probably redundancy in there somewhere.
  5. Also there's a possibility with this system that it could be turned off for sex scenes, for those who don't like the legs going any damn place... maybe by turning off the magic effect or adding a KW or something.
  6. Okay, furballs, I'm looking for some advice on the digitigrade thing. @MadMansGun, @Blaze69, @Valehyena, @KestrelSky, @poblivion, @Kuroyami, anybody else: I've been exploring ways to make the digi addon not require an extra esp. I pretty much know how to do that but I uncovered some other cool things along the way. The whole reason I need scripts at all is to handle sneaking, sitting, swimming, etc. Otherwise, the root node could just be positioned in the foot mesh and that would be done. BUT once I have the script, what it's doing is UNDOING what the root node did, calling NiOverride to manipulate the skeleton. And if I'm doing that at run time anyway, why not do it always and inject the transformations necessary to make the skeleton digi? Then I wouldn't have to ship my own skeleton--the Digi racial ability would just reposition the nodes and stretch out the feet and calves as needed. The only difference in the digi feet is the one string data node that lifts the whole body, so I wouldn't need to ship a skeleton OR special feet. In fact the whole digi operation could be driven by a single global. Global set = digi happens; not and you run in planti. Downsides? Maybe calling NiOverride at run time is wonky? But that's what it's for. More important, I have to adjust the CME nodes, e.g. "CME L Calf [LClf]". That's basically what they're for but I don't know what other mods would be wanting to adjust those nodes. (I can't add my own because then I'm back to shipping my own skeleton.) I should think the only incompatibility would be with things like High Heels, which you wouldn't want with this mod anyway. I could ALSO do things like add a special keyword to the feet, indicating whether they are digi-enabled. With the keyword, the skeleton is altered; without, not. Then if you're a digi character and you put on non-digi boots, you'd get a planti foot with a boot on. MMG's boots could be given the keyword and they'd be digi. (If necessary. Since they are added to the feet, the feet might still have the keyword and trigger the transform.) Thoughts? Also too @ASlySpyDuo
  7. @MadMansGun That looks basically like what I want tho. At least the UpdatePlayerSkin part, that's what's getting the tint back on the wings. UpdatePlayerTints isn't necessary for what I'm doing but it shouldn't be a problem either. There must be something down in there that's picking up the tints of the last character loaded or something, rather than the tints of the PC. Maybe just doing a SetTintMaskColor of the base skin tint back to the color it already is would do what I want without the side effect. UpdatePlayerSkin() doesn't seem to be exposed to Papyrus. Nice digging, btw. Who the hell uses subversion these days tho?
  8. What mod do the orc brothers come from? Probly needs a patch.
  9. Yeah, all the tint layer calls seem to affect the player only. Certainly I couldn't get them to put color back on NPC's wings--I had to make wings with the colors I wanted. So I have no idea how the engine decided to apply a random NPC's face tints to the player.
  10. @thypentacle They stay as real NPCs, but, for example, the HDT mechanism defines a floor so things like tails can bounce off or rest on it. Then when the NPC goes horizontal the floor goes vertical and all kinds of weird things happen. @MonVert The UV (texture) layout is part of the body. Probably the least important so far as the things the people creating the body care about (gracious gazumbas, bodacious booties, and the like) but the most troublesome from the compatibility point of view.
  11. I see your glow-in-the-dark and raise you this: Apparently when a bird shows up the PC gets painted with their head tints? Or something? There's a call in Birds to reapply tint layers to fix the PCs wing color, but I dunno how he got the ones from a random PC. And I dunno how he's targeted anyway.
  12. I thought YA just had invisible boots rather than unequipping them. But maybe the digi script is active here too. It's attached to the digi magic effect. I'm currently looking for a way in the script to figure out if the feet mesh are digi-enabled. I figure one of the NiOverride calls should do it but they are mostly undocumented and I haven't got it figured out yet. If I can, the script can only run on actual digi feet. howabout we ask them to fix their freaking body. Jeez. As though two versions of female textures wasn't bad enough. @rb888 plugin order looks good. Does your left-side order match? @thypentacle haven't seen exactly that behavior. is this with or without HDT? probably a skeleton issue, maybe.
  13. NPCs, yes. Find them in the Mor Khazgur valley. I didn't make any enemies, tho they're easy to piss off.
  14. @Silikat Bollocks, I'll be damned. You're right. No idea how this could be showing up on LE and not on SE. @zankurous I shoulda said, go sex someone up and send me the log from that. But I didn't see any schlongs getting installed--you sure you have the hoodies esp enabled?
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