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  1. Bad Dog

    Bad Dog's Orc Schlong

    It's easy--just fiddling records in TES5Edit, unless there's a texture mismatch.
  2. I looked at the log, and I see my system responding to arousal events. I see the SL scene running. I don't see anything indicating I'm responding to SL events. I don't know why that would be... I'll check at the end of the week when I have my modding computer.
  3. There's no RCAE, sorry, didn't notice this was the SE thread. I suspect the anthro schlong is actually not working either. It may get erect but is the foreskin sliding back? If you have SLA it will occasionally check arousal on all nearby actors. At that point, Hoodies should change if the actor is aroused enough. Default SLA scan is only every 2 minutes or so, so it takes a while. You can shorten it to 15 seconds for testing. Also, they should get erect properly in a sex scene, so try that. If those don't work. post a log from a session where SLA has had a chance to do its scan and you've gotten into some sexytimes.
  4. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Yes, but it will be YA5, so a while yet.
  5. I won't promise it does everything the SkyTest/SIC patch does. But I think I made the pups and cubs unagressive and I added factions for the new types of wolves. That was really the challenge with that patch--not so much fixing conflicting records as extending the SkyTest behavior to SIC animals.
  6. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Still, it's a starting point. The mod permissions seem to say it's okay to use the assets in other mods.
  7. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    So that looks good. Is it the greaves mod? They must be giving the greaves a new armor slot rather than calling them feet. (Unless you made changes.) What do people think about this? Does it scratch the itch for boots, an itch I obviously do not feel? As for tailholes, what are you trying to accomplish. (I mean, beyond the obvious.) Since such tailholes are clenched shut most of the time, putting them into the mesh is usually not worth it. If you want them to un-clench to, uh, accept the inevitable, then you're talking HDT and collisions and extra bones and the whole thing is more complicated.
  8. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    One of the problems with the planitgrade option is that there are sandals and wraps that expose the toes--so those would have to have a new mesh to be completely consistent. The job is similar to creating skimpy armors--you have to put the foot mesh into the shoe nif, and modify the shoe nif so that it properly surrounds the foot. There aren't many of those so it's not so overwhelming. Digi boots need greaves-only (with the foot mesh present and the toes showing) or would need a completely new mesh that looks believable in digitigrade. And because the nifs all assume planti position, they have to be designed in digi then squished down to planti and tweaked to look good, or designed in planti and tweaked so they look good in digi. It's a lot of fussy work. Starting with the greaves might be better but they're designed to cover the shin, not the length of the foot. So the overall appearance will still be barefoot.
  9. Bad Dog

    Sexlab Aroused Redux December 05 2016

    Yeah, really the male animations should look like they're adjusting themselves through their clothing which guys do, ahem, all. the. time.
  10. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    I made a plantigrade patch for one of the versions forget which. It's a little complicated because you have to undo the changes that make the boots invisible. In the next version, I'll probably break down and make plantigrade the default and digi the addon, which will be simpler and more compatible with armor mods.
  11. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    I put HDT on the Vaalsark and yeah, they can't be used without reweighting and maybe more verts. That's really the fault of vanilla khajiit tails, I think. They've got sucky weighting and I think everyone just copied them. But the Lykaios tails look good and I think I can get the same behavior with the rest.
  12. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Thanks for the reminder. I have them, but with so many parts it's easy to forget what's where.
  13. Bad Dog

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Is there a new Lykaios female body texture around somewhere? I'm not finding it, unless it's this CBBE texture.
  14. So you might just have some script lag happening. If you keep making it more erect you'll reach a point where it unsheathes more, and finally all the way.