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  1. Unfortunately, your log file offers no hints on what the problem is. Could you share with me what version of Windows you're running and what DLC you have installed? Thanks. It should work with Windows 7. Are you sure you installed it correctly?
  2. Ok yeah, would you mind posting your log file? It might give me a few hints at what the problem is (or at least tell me where I should start looking). Thank you! While I'm here, I might as well give the rest of you an update on the status of RTBP: * I found a new library to load images, so hopefully the logo will show up now without any problems. The logo feature isn't really that important, I just want people to know whether or not they correctly installed RTBP. If you don't want to see the logo while the game is loading, just delete the logo file ("RTBP/Logo.png").
  3. Could you post your log file (found at "[GAME INSTALLATION DIRECTORY]/Game/Bin/RTBP/Log.txt")? And perhaps, some screen shots of the butt glitching out if possible? Thank you.
  4. Yes. Open "RTBP/Settings.ini", find the lines that start with "enableFemaleButtPhysics" and "enableMaleButtPhysics" (at this time, lines 5 and 6) and change the part after that says "true" to "false" for both lines. This instructs RTBP to not create butt simulators for both female and male butts.
  5. I like it! Just like RTBP is a work in progress, so is the logo.
  6. European or African? The variables are very different depending on the geographical origin of the bird. You see...
  7. Bear in mind that the simulations aren't perfect at this stage. As far as I can tell, we're still not simulating in true world space. The simulators react to the sims' animations, but not their actual position in the world (that's why you don't see a lot of boob bounce when your sims are going up or down stairs). I've found the model-view-projection matrix (register 206, in case you were wondering), but I have yet to isolate the "model" portion of the matrix, which is what I need to transform the simulations into true world space. I'm working on it, though. This sort of
  8. So, mass is how heavy the body part is. How resistant it is to its position changing. Damping is how fast the bouncing stops. Kinda like friction. Higher values make the bouncing stop quicker. The springK constant defines the spring characteristics of the simulation. Basically how elastic the spring is and how it will respond when force acts upon it. Google "Hooke's Law" for more information. Higher values will make the spring act more springy. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Max length defines how far the body part is allowed to
  9. Sorry for the technical difficulties. I think I may have fixed the latest preview release now. If you encounter any problems, just report them to me and revert to the previous version. Thanks again for helping me out with this mod. From now on I'm going to spend more time testing these preview releases personally. Real-Time Body Physics
  10. Thanks for the heads up everyone. If you are experiencing problems please revert to the previous version which can be found here. I think I know what the problem is. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a fixed preview release tonight. I will include the documentation this time, even though it's out of date (another thing on my to-do list). For those of you wondering why the logo doesn't show up, it's because the logo loading code was causing the game to crash earlier. As far as I can tell, I was using a method to load the logo that is only supported on certain versions of
  11. Alright, we're back! Thank you, gregathit for restoring this thread. I'll try to be more careful in the future. I think I may have fixed the last preview release. Please let me know if it works for you or if it doesn't. Again, and always, thank you for your help. RTBP Preview 2020-12-18.zip
  12. Can anyone confirm that it works for them? Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for understanding. Anyway, this version of the RTBP preview release might work if anyone is interested in testing it out. RTBP Preview 2020-12-18.zip
  14. Well, I made a big mistake. I tried to delete the latest preview release of RTBP because it wasn't working for anyone and ended up deleting the entire damn thing accidentally. I sent a message to the admin and hopefully they can undelete the mod. In the mean time, we can discuss RTBP here. Very sorry, guys. Hopefully the admin can do something. I'm going to work on fixing RTBP tonight.
  15. Alright, clearly we have a real problem here. Would any of you mind posting your log files?
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