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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. TDF Equipment Restriction v2.6.8

    Short Description
    This mod seeks to mirror the level/skill restrictions found in some RPGs and MMOs regarding usable equipment. Weapons, armor and magic will now have skill requirements to be usable.
    Long Description
    When equipping weapons and armor, this mod will check to see if the player character meets skill requirements. As of v2.0, weapons are dealt with in the style of Dark Souls: the player can still attempt to swing the weapon, but will deal less damage, suffer heavy stamina damage, and be staggered/stunned temporarily. As of v2.5, armors are also no longer simply unequipped. Higher-level armor can still used, but at the cost of decreased effectiveness and, in the case of Heavy Armor, increased encumbrance. With the MCM menu, the skill requirements for each material type can be modified, and the mod can be made to affect or not affect Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Archery Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, equipment used to block, and Magic. v2.6 adds support for shields and magic spells. Higher-level shields (and weapons for which the player fails the Block skill test) will cause staggering to the wielder when they block or bash. Higher-level magic can be used at the cost of lower effectiveness (Destruction and Restoration), lower duration (Conjuration and Illusion), and higher cost (Alteration).
    To explain the mod with an example, assume that the player has set the skill requirement for Iron equipment to 50; for the purposes of the example, this player has a One-Handed skill of 60, a Two-Handed skill of 40, a Block skill of 45, and a Heavy Armor skill of 35. The player may equip an Iron Sword without issue. As of v2.0, attempting to swing an Iron Warhammer will have the player deal significantly less damage and suffer staggering and stamina damage. In Dark Souls, the concept is that you lack the strength/dexterity to effectively wield the weapon, which results in your epic-ly failed swings. Bows which the player cannot use effectively will not cause the stamina damage and staggering, but will also deal significantly reduced damage. As of v2.5, the player's attempt to equip an Iron Helmet will result in the helmet being 15% less effective and increasing encumbrance. Similarly, higher-level Light Armor pieces are 30% less effective, but don't affect encumbrance. As of v2.6, the player's attempt to block or bash with the Iron weapons will cause the player to be staggered.
    By default, the mod affects Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Archery Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, equipment used to block, and Magic, and the level requirements are as follows:
    Draugr, Hide (and Forsworn), Imperial, Iron, Leather (and Thieves Guild), Stormcloak, Wood - 0
    Bonemold, Steel (and Dawnguard), Studded - 20
    Chitin, Elven, Falmer, Glass - 30
    Aetherium, Dwarven, Nordic, Orcish - 40
    Ebony, Stalhrim - 50
    Daedric, Dragon - 60
    Novice - 0
    Apprentice - 20
    Adept - 40
    Expert - 60
    Master - 80
    v2.6.5 adds a new MCM option that incorporates a minor feature. Now, weapon swings when the player has 0 stamina will cause a staggering effect, if the feature is enabled.
    Latest Official Skyrim Patch (v1.
    Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs (optional)
    SkyUI (Highly recommended to allow customization and safer uninstallation)
    Extract and merge contents with Data folder.
    Can be placed anywhere in load order because it does not edit any Vanilla objects, and is thus fully compatible with all other mods.
    Unequip all equipment and save. Overwrite the files.
    Unequip all equipment, and use the Uninstall option in the MCM (if possible, otherwise a clean uninstall is not really possible).
    Save, quit, uninstall the mod, reload, and save again.
    FAQ (or, at least, good concept-related questions)
    Isn't this mod useless since Skyrim levels with the player, so they won't see higher-level equipment until they are a higher level?
    A lot of people use mods that delevel the world, like SkyRe and Requiem, so they can encounter higher-level equipment at low levels. Even without these mods, consider a high-level character specializing in Two-Handed weapons. They will be able to pick up some high-level One-Handed weapons, but probably would not be able to use them due to this mod. In a sense, this mod discourages multi-classing and encourages specialization. Additionally, even the the Vanilla game, many unique items that would qualify as higher-level items are available early in the game, so this mod discourages their premature use.
    Isn't a sword just a sword? Why should you wield one more effectively than another?
    Consider that high-level swords are heavier. That means that you need more experience to deal with the new weight properly, which explains why a lower-level player will wield a higher-level sword less effectively.
    Isn't this sort of system better suited to games based on skill investment rather than skill progression?
    I agree, but I feel that it still works quite well with Skyrim's system despite this. You could always use a mod like Skyrim Experience Mod if you prefer skill investment.
    Does this affect custom equipment from other mods?
    If the mod author added Keywords properly, it should affect that equipment or magic.
    Does this mod conflict with any mods?
    This mod was designed for maximum compatibility. I didn't edit any existing perks/weapons/armor/quests/etc. The only conflicts might be stylistic. For example, if you use a mod that gives you stamina as you swing a weapon (which doesn't make any sense), it will cancel out the stamina damage that my mod causes.
    - When the script unequips armor pieces, the change may not appear in the menu, but it is a purely aesthetic problem. This feature was removed in v2.5.
    - If a mod attempts to force you to use a specific weapon/armor to complete a quest or complete some action, for example, and the weapon/armor is (as far as my mod is concerned) requires higher skill levels, you won't be able to equip the item and thus won't be able to complete the quest. A Vanilla example would be with Nettlebane. My mod accounts for Vanilla conditions (i.e. gives Nettlebane, the Rusty Mace, and the Blade of Sacrifice exemption), but cannot account for equipment from other mods. In that case, you'd just have to temporarily disable my mod's feature(s). v2.0 is not based on weapon unequipping anymore.
    - I forgot to add a line to the translation file that causes the "dollar-sign" bug with the MCM header "Apply restriction to...". Fixed in v2.0.
    - The new spell magnitudes and durations may not display properly in SkyUI, but I don't think there is anything I can do about that.
    R0R0N0 for the mod idea.
    CGi for help with the MCM localization.
    monbabii for help with the mod concept.
    Chesko for a script that prevents the unequip-enchantment-charge bug.
    Version History
    v1.0 caused weapons/armors, that the player lacked the skill to use effectively, to be automatically unequipped.
    v2.0 developed the weapon aspect. It allowed the equipping of weapons that the player lacked the skill to wield, but using the weapon in combat would have consequences. Inspired by Dark Souls, such weapon swings would deal significantly reduced damage and cause the player to suffer staggering and stamina damage. I removed v1.0 because I felt that the original concept was very bland and too removed from what is realistic.
    v2.1 made minor tweaks. It causes staggering and stamina damage from failed two-handed weapon swings to be more severe than their one-handed weapon counterparts. To combat the Vanilla game bug where the player can attack while staggered, this version also causes weapon swings to slow dramatically to mimic the inability to swing the weapon again temporarily.
    v2.5 allows the use of higher-level armor pieces, but at the cost of decreased effectiveness (15% for Heavy and 30% for Light). Also higher-level Heavy Armor will increase encumbrance. It also adds support for lesser-used Armor/Weapon types that I missed earlier.
    v2.6 added support for Bound Weapons. Specialized support for Magic and Shields (and weapons used for blocking) was also added. The player can choose level requirements for Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master level spells. Failing the level requirements in the respective school causes Alteration spells to cost more Magicka, Illusion and Conjuration spells to not last as long, and Destruction and Restoration spells to be less strong. For Blocking, failing the level requirement causes attempted bashing and blocking to stagger the wielder while blocking effectiveness is reduced by 25%.
    v2.6.5 adds a new minor feature that can be enabled/disabled through the MCM. When the player has 0 stamina, weapon swings will cause staggering to the player. v2.6.5b is identical to v2.6.5, except that it does not extend support to DLC equipment and does not require them. v2.6.6 and v2.6.6b rendered v2.6.5 and v2.6.5b, respectively, obsolete. They fixed an issue with one-handed Bound Weapons being improperly associated with the incorrect weapon type.
    v2.6.7 and v2.6.7b (for Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC users, and non-DLC users, respectively) add a new option to cause a chance to be disarmed after a failed weapon swing, block, or bash. By default, the chance is 10%, but the chance can be modified in the MCM.
    v2.6.8 and v2.6.8b finished up any keywords I missed. The No-DLC version added support for Stormcloak Officer armor; the DLC version added support for Dawnguard armor sets and Falmer Hardened armor sets.
    Modify/Edit/Upload anywhere as you wish, but credit me.



  2. MyTPC - My Toggle Player Camera

    IT'S BACK!

    Rewritten the script and removed the other camera stuff.
    This is a new file!
    MyTPC is a camera mod I made mostly for Sexlab back when free camera in Sexlab crashed a lot.
    The current state of the game has made free camera a bit more useful but this mod has its merits since most importantly the facial animations are possible with the NPC and player since the camera is still attached to the player.
    The functions are basic move the camera +/- 600 units in x,y with a zoom from - 2000 to 1000 which is considerable distance. it is sort of a cheat since moving the camera can activate things and access things not normally available.
    This allows you to zoom in on the scene. This mod is absolutely a must for scaled down characters!
    The function to set the speed of the camera and increments for precise placement. with 0.005 precision.
    default key to activate the toggle is scroll lock - can be configured in MCM
    default keys to move the camera are arrow keys - can be configured in MCM
    in process is a better system with toggle being in combat also.
    to install:
    remove old customizable camera install MyTPC with NMM and your good as gold.
    delete old files manually
    data/customizable camera.esp
    to remove this mod
    use NMM



  3. JAF ENB

    JAFENB (Just another fucking ENB) is just an enb that I created to suite my own aesthetics, without going hyper realistic or supper effect crazy. The original variant of this enb was Matso's Natural preset from .119 and probably shares little with the originals settings.
    This enb utilizes alot of basic enb effects, ssao, skylighting water effects cloud lighting.
    DOF is disabled normally. but its rather subtle once enabled and wont do much of an effect unless you focus the cross hair on an objects that's very close to the camera.
    I play the game on a rather monsterish rig so I cant say how toaster friendly it'll be but in general I'm usually running at 60 FPS almost all the time, although I am frame capped there.
    This preset is a first release on the .241 binaries and will be tweaked possibly if i find something i don't like.
    This was designed with vanilla weathers and ELFX (WITHOUT enhancer) only. Probably will look fine with CoT but I don't use it.



  4. The Cathedral

    since the owner of this mod disappeared out of thin air on steam, im Re-upoading his Tristram Cathedral mod here on LL
    The Cathedral is located on Falkreath, here's the video demonstrating the mod



  5. Simple Kill Move

    This is a kill move mod, that aims to enchance immersion in combat. It does not unlock the unused kill moves. This is a simple mod (no added objects, no scripts, no requirements) that does the following:
    - Removes last enemy condition for kill moves (except ranged/magic).
    - Removes perk requirements for unlocking kill moves.
    - Performs the kill move, slit throat, when sneaking with sword or dagger, even when detected.
    - Makes the global variables KillMove and KillMoveRandom save their values when set via console, so their values will stay the same in between saves.
    set KillMove to [1 or 0]
    - This enables/disables kill moves (this should stay 1).
    set KillMoveRandom to [0 - 100]
    - The chance to perform a kill move.
    - Set to 100 (from 50) by mod.
    - You can set to whatever you want (0-100).
    set DecapitationChance to [0 - 100]
    - Chance to perfrom a decapitating kill move.
    - Untouched by mod.
    - You can set to whatever you want (0-100).
    - This global should already keep its value between saves when set.
    For example, to set the decapitation chance to 25% when doing kill moves, type in the console:
    set decapitationchance to 25
    If you want to know the current value, type in the console:
    getglobalvalue decapitationchance
    Right now, it does not have many customization options because I'm keeping it simple. If you want more options, use The Dance of Death mod. I simply made this, for me initially, because I didn't like most of the killmoves TDoD added, and (my own experience) was bugging out for me once in a while - dragon kill moves, CTDs, etc...
    Installing/Uninstalling this mod should be no problem because this basically only alters conditions to initiate the kill move animations. No requirements, No added objects, no scripts. This obviously won't be compatible with any other kill move mod (like TDoD).
    What exactly determines when you can do a kill move:
    Alternative download links:
    Mods used in pics:
    Body: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37900/
    Face: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12951/
    Textures: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35267/
    Hair: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168/
    Armor: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846/



  6. NUHairstyles

    [ D O W N L O A D ]

    This mod adds 4 new different hairstyles for your desu waifus (humans & Elves only).

    Models and meshes were originally created by the wonderful Nuska, who has recently uploaded a character modders resource pack,

    in which these hairs where included! The only thing I have done are renewing the hair textures. So all the credits and praise should go to Nuska.


    Chence the mods name, 'NU'Hairstyles. (Also, thanks Honey buns for the name suggestion. ilu.)

    C H A N G E S

    1.2 Minor hair fixes! No longer are the hair slightly floating,
    added stubble to all Mohawks and now all hair styles are available for Orcs! NEW
    1.1 Added, now 'Straight hawk' available for female Khajiits!

    1.0 Release point.


    R E Q U I R E M E N T S

    - Well, obviously a legit-non-pirated-and-uptodate version of Skyrim.

    - Good looking waifus.

    F U T U R E . P L A N S
    Adding extra options - Highlights (No desu rainbows ones tho, just natural).

    Adding a PSD file in case others want to achieve a rainbow desu highlighted hair.

    Male compatibility.

    Nuska for her wonderful meshes & Character Mod Resource Pack.

    And yours truly for the hair textures.



  7. Shadow Body Ward

    Videos can be seen here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=198805882
    this mod adds a Spell to the game that can be found at the Winterhold fountain
    What is with this spell ? :
    Its a full body ward with nice effects that gives you 500 armor while cast and can absorb up to 500 spell dmg
    enemies in melee range take shadow Dmg
    full body means it does not mather from what direction you get hit
    have fun and watch the video dont forget to like



  8. CB++ Bodyslide Group for Neo Oriental Dress

    Adds NO dress into CB++ group for easy use of presets



  9. Fowl Play

    This file lets you to pick up and carry as many as 30 chickens.
    It should only conflict with a mod that changes the vanilla chicken base ID.
    As of .81 it may conflict with changes to the world right outside the Pelagia Farmhouse.
    I don't care what you do with this. Consider it a resource.
    As of .82 ZaZ Chris's Topper Harley arrows are buyable from the Chicken Lady vendor.
    His .esp is not merged with this one. I made new IDs so you can use his .esp at the same time if desired.



  10. RBC - Round Based Combat (Final Fantasy Style)

    Hey =)
    Now to the Core part of this mod :
    What will happen?
    - How the combat works will show you the video on the Mod page here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=194874958
    Note : Not every Spell or summon is shown in the videos
    - A maximum of 3 Enemies that have line of sight to you, are not Essential and do want to attack you or your follower or dog
    will get moved into a Combat zone with you and your team
    - Actualy are nearly all usefull combat spells includet, all learned spells that are includet are usable
    - Human enemies have 3 casting stages for different levels, creatures do attack, draugr should attack and cast
    Dragonpriests using spells and all randomly to your team
    - Dragons hover till a percentage of health then they crash land and stay on the ground
    - If your companions life is under 5 % you cant chose him/her anymore for a turn until you healed him/her
    enemies will then ignore this companions as primary target
    - Currently no support for magestaffs or Crossbolts since it was buggy a bit but maybe i find a solution later
    with bow it should be usefull to aim a bit in first person view
    - You will get a spell to disable the combat ingame you should cast it before you start to ride a horse since it will bug while ride and entering combat
    you also get a spell to toggle camera mode but its still in early stage since im still figuring out how to move camera correctly
    Why do you Upload it unfinished?
    - Thats because i just cant test it alone so ill upload it and waiting for responses
    Any stuff to say at last?
    - Remember how it works in the videos so it works for me! If something isnt working for you like in the videos it could
    have different reasons:
    1- A mod that you are using isnt compatible with mine
    2- you have found a bug =) instantly tell it to me after you are sure the problem isnt 1
    So have fun with this it completly changes the whole game experience
    if you got suggestions just tell it in the comments if i like them and beeing able to add them i will do it
    Update 1:
    - Smoothed some scripts
    - Added a Summon : Doomtrain to get it you must finish the summoning quest
    - New spell ultima ! not tested yet ^^ tell me if it works
    - lots of minor stuff fixed excample : recreated the attacking scenes for cleaning the bug where enemies not attacking
    Update 2 :
    - Fixed Ultima
    - Made it now that Dragons will crash land and die when reaching 2 percent of health so it cant bug anymore on ground
    - Fixed Dragondouble shout
    - Fixed not to hit dragon with melee weapon , still if you bug somehow into the dragon type Tfc into console to unbug
    - Fixed Bug when riding : now it disables RBCcombat while riding
    still gotta do :
    -camera settings
    -figuring out the best positions for bigger creatures
    -more spells and summons



  11. No Loading Screen Fog

    I got really tired of the loading screen fog, so......
    I went hunting, and the only thing I found just changed it to snow.
    So... after thinking for a bit I came up with this wonderful idea.
    I would replace the loading screen fog with........ *drum roll goes here* Fck ALL.
    That's right, absolutely nothing.
    Now this may seem dull or boring to most people,
    but when you run the game on a laptop or low end machine every little bit of "Fck ALL" helps.
    What exactly is this:
    It's pretty much a place holder file, and really only a .nif with a bsfadenode in it. So skyrim literally loads a small file with almost nothing in it, instead of the foggy particle crap thing that it usually does.
    Extract, then drag/drop into your skyrim directory.
    or this should be nmm friendly.
    Remove this file:
    *your skyrim folder path goes here* / Data / Meshes / Interface / Intmenufogparticles.nif
    ** bold and underlined "meshes", because a lot of people will have a data / interface folder as well, and obviously... it's the wrong one xD **



  12. Alduin is dead

    This is not a mod, but a savegame. When you load the save, you will be at the Throat of the World immediately after Alduin's death. You will start as a Nord female, at level 3, and with a full set of daedric armor. Most dungeons (even story ones) are largely unexplored. For this save, I went into god mode, turned off clipping here and there and rushed through the story. I did not use any mods, no SKSE, and the only thing done is the main story line. I killed as little as possible, so you can go back to the dugeons and battle through them. Hearthfire and Dawnguard were installed on the play through but it should still work without them. I made this save after I had to reinstall due to mod issues. I got tired of going through the main story (this was the eighth time for me). I hope this will help someone else. I may add to this and complete the Imperial and Stormcloak quest lines if people are interested. This is also available on the Nexus
    My name on the Nexus is nexus8226.



  13. Armor Perk fix - No Helmets (uncapped version)

    This removes the requirement for wearing a helmet from the following perks: Heavy Armor/Well Fitted, Heavy Armor/Matching Set, Light Armor/Custom Fit, Light Armor/Matching Set.
    A lot of the mods I've been using recently for clothing and armor only have hand/body/feet and not head slot pieces, so I edited the perks to allow for a full armor set to include only those three locations. This version is for Uncapped Perks, found at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/7015/?



  14. Armor Perk fix - No Helmets

    This removes the requirement for wearing a helmet from the following perks: Heavy Armor/Well Fitted, Heavy Armor/Matching Set, Light Armor/Custom Fit, Light Armor/Matching Set.
    A lot of the mods I've been using recently for clothing and armor only have hand/body/feet and not head slot pieces, so I edited the perks to allow for a full armor set to include only those three locations.



  15. Weight Change - Realistic Needs and Diseases

    This is an addon to Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND) by perseid9. Obviously you will need RND installed for this to work. It will change the player's body weight based on their eating habits and activities.
    This mod will start when RND starts and stop when it is stopped.
    The player's weight is restored to it's original value when it's stopped.
    No configuration menu is added by this mod.

    Weight Change RND monitors the hunger magic effects placed on the player by RND. It will also monitor how often the player is in combat, sprinting, and if the player is over encumbered. ( Player's inventory weight greater than max carry weight and the player is forced to walk ).
    Gluttony will shift the player's weight up
    Satiated & Peckish shift the player's weight towards their original weight.
    Hungry will not shift the player's weight ( by itself. other activities will most likely shift weight down ).
    Very Hungry & Starving will shift the player's weight down

    combat, sprinting, and being over encumbered all contribute to shifting the player's weight down.
    Weight adjustments are calculated and applied at the end of the day and is the sum of all the player's actions. e.g. If the player spends half a day with the RND Gluttony effect applied and then spends the other half with RND Starving Effect applied, the net result would be no weight change.
    The weight change s limited to the in game limit of 0 to 100 of SetWeight().
    The visual body changes are currently limited to the player's chosen body mesh.

    Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND) by perseid9



  16. Chan ENB

    This ENB is currently retired. Working on a new version that utilizes many new features Boris has integrated with the new binary series. This will be a large undertaking, as it involves individual weather separation. With CoT, the process is even lengthier.
    If you would like to participate in the beta testing and configuration, send me a message here
    ENB for Climates of Tamriel
    I update it every couple days, so be sure to check back
    User Screenshots are welcome
    Read Me:
    -Set nVidia CP properties as per Kyo's guide here:
    KYOs Nvidia Inspector Settings_3xx Drivers by Kyokushinoyama
    -ENB binary used for creation was 157.
    -I play with Climates Of Tamriel on the darkest settings for nights, and that is how this ENB was configured. Adjusting the brightness may be required on vanilla games.
    -The optional SweetFX config is a little darker, but the colors are more vibrant.
    -Depth of Field is set to manual, and is adjustable in game. See key inputs further down the page.
    -The enbeffectprepass.fx file is highly configurable. Multiple Depth of Field options are available, including near, far, 1st and 3rd person, automatic and manual. I use manual, with in-game hot keys for adjustments. Please see this file for making changes to DoF for your personal taste.
    Highly recommended:
    Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by JJC71 or Tropical Skyrim -- A Climate Overhaul by Soolie
    Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus
    Skyrim particle patch for ENB by mindflux
    These are the grass mods I am using:
    Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt
    Dat Grass by JZE
    Dense Grass By Zealyfree
    Grass and Grass by MannyGT
    Camera controls:
    Use console, then type tm to toggle the menu.
    Press enter. Menu disappears and you can see the whole screen. Just press 'up' arrow and enter to bring the menu back.
    If you are in combat, use tfc 1 to stop all action.
    You can fine tune camera control with sucsm 1 and clear the screen of blood with csb
    ENB key input codes:
    8 (backspace) for reloading the config
    16 (shift) for combo key
    16 + 123 (f12) to turn ENB on and off
    106 (* key above number pad) show FPS counter
    45 (insert key) ENB screenshot
    Depth of Field is set to manual, and is adjustable in game.
    Hold 0 + PG UP or PG DN to adjust camera aperture (f-stop) for Simple and Sprite DoF.
    Hold 9 + PG UP or PG DN to adjust manual camera focus distance in-game
    SweetFX uses the keys Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause.
    Print Screen makes a screen shot
    Scroll Lock toggles SweetFX
    Pause for reloading the config
    Key Inputs:
    Please refer to this for determining your key inputs if you do not use a Western keyboard
    Unreal Warfare



  17. The normandy

    It's the normandy that was removed from steam...
    The ship crashed near whiterun.
    Sorry I don't use it anymore so no screens here... I just reupped as mediafire is blocking all but me from downloading...



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