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  1. Looks like. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can't say I'm surprised.
  2. @NIND (jimmyyu) @RedMonika and other artists that frequent this thread, I apologize for missing your names here. Who did I miss?! You have been going strong on this since forever. I'm fairly sure I don't have any of your conversions in my game, but I wanted to say thanks nonetheless. Thank you all for the consistently top shelf work and for keeping the faith!
  3. Ok lets be pedantic then... For anyone to give a shit about your image, it needs to be a jpeg that embeds into the post, not an uncommon format that has to be downloaded.
  4. I thought I'd bump this thread back to the top since I didn't link it anywhere else back in the day. I also added a link to it in the "Step by Step Setup Basics" thread. Maybe it should be stickied?
  5. It actually isn't that hard or time consuming. Tedious, absolutely. Time consuming to get perfect, but you could probably knock out a decent config in less than a couple hours. Take a look at this. Using JFF, you can adjust the parameters instead of editing the text files, but I was careful to use exact spelling and capitalization of the parameter names. Therefore, they have the same names in JFF. IIRC, to get left right movement, you use z-axis to get the effect of rotating on a pole that is centered on the breast bone. It's been 6 years so I don't remember
  6. I made a mod (unpublished) that updates Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins. Basically, it's a mannequin mod where you put down actual NPCs, they wear the equipment you give them, and then since they're NPC you can pose and animate them. I rewrote it from scratch, using a decompiled version of the original as reference. I added a list menu (like Add Item Menu) and a kinda plugin system where you can drop in an ESP with new mannequins and it will add them to the list. The problem is that I didn't realize that there's A TON of forms/scripts attached to each,
  7. That's also a 5 year old post. Several versions of nifskope have been released since then.
  8. He does conversions, not originals. I've made similar suggestions involving shapes, forms, etc. That does not detract AT ALL from the work being done here, because it's all quite nice, but you should know.
  9. Only thing I'm "looking for" really is something neat/cool/different. . . not just another striped bikini set.
  10. One of the best things about TAWOBA for me is that it's more like armor than it is bikini. There's plenty of bikini and underwear mods, as well as a decent share of lore friendly/strict armors (like the Bless stuff). But besides TAWOBA, Bikini Ascend (Orcish and Elven) and Halofarm's Nordic Carved Bikinis, are there any other sets or collections that are in the same kinda category of bikini or contemporary outfit shapes using lore-like materials and pieces? Not interested in lingerie. . . but elvish style leafs used in a camisole shape, for example, would be cool.
  11. So i'm looking for a game on steam today, and come across this: Pic taken from ~15s of the video on this page. Which looks like very slight modifications to your Dark Sin outfit. Of course, I dunno if steam will do anything about it, but IMO you should get in touch with someone over there and set the wheels in motion . . . . . . UNLESS of course, that's you in there doing work for a stand-alone game, in which case congratulations! and I wish you all the success! However . . . if it is a ri
  12. Dude you should start a dedicated thread or YT channel. That way when you add something, noobs like me 🤣 can know about it.
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