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About This File

I've always wanted a more "action-oriented" player sounds . Vanilla's are just meh, so here is it my little mod that replaces human voices with a Hurk from Mabinogi Heroes/ Vindictus.


Its a standalone voice mod so you won't hear any other Hurks beside you.


Replaces attack, attack on low stamina , power attack ,power attack on low stamina , death , getting hurt and block & bash which doesn't seem to play always. I have no idea why.


Sample video below :









If you like it I might make more of these . . . since there is "vella ( is probably made already . I've seen her files somewhere ) , evie, lann , fiona , kai , karok already sitting on my HDD and soon lynn will be. All of them are in korean like hurk, howeever japanase voice counterparts are also possible.

What's New in Version 1.00


  • 1.00 - initial release

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