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  1. Nice! What body preset are you using for her? Looks like a CBBE preset.
  2. I saw this outfit on Yska's twitter feed, does anyone know where it comes from?
  3. Figured out the problem, with amputator framework, the script files are in the wrong location (in source files). Move to them to data folder and mod will proceed. SD+ should kick in when he knocks you out. Or Simple Slavery Plus depending on scenario. It worked for me after I moved the script files to correct location.
  4. You could replace it with this. For cbbe https://sunkeumjeong.wixsite.com/mysite/post/c5kev-s-sexy-spriggan-armor
  5. Might be better to make one page for all your conversions instead of submitting a new mod for every conversion. Other than that, loving your conversions!
  6. Been trying to convert to SE, but been getting crashes when spawning Annette. Mostly trying to get the Glowing Bound SOS for my own character, but the schlong portion is invisble and only the spell effect runes show. Anyone else give it a shot?
  7. When you ran the nif optimizers, did you check faceparts only?
  8. Does anyone get an issue with the quest progressing when you talk to Paul for upgrades/nose ring/ etc? I just get a whole bunch of npcs that gather, but nothing happens and paul just stands there with no options to continue. I've tried sitting down in the chair next to the anvil like he says, but nothing occurs.
  9. I do have it installed. edit: Wait is it not theSexLabHentaiPregnancy Bodymorph scaling v3.7z? i'm supposed to install? Not the SexLabHentaiPregnancy NetImmerse body scaling.7z? edit 3: got the pregnancy belly and breasts working in Hentai Pregnancy, but no breast morphs from MME
  10. Is there anything else you did? I can't seem to get mine to work. I've built the CBBE body with bodymorph files, but nothing is working. Hentai pregnancy and milk maid don't do anything . I set the modus to Morph modus and set the list to the .json from the download above.
  11. Is there any mods for SE SMP collision enabled unp schlong? I've been looking around and the only one i've seen is one for male schlongs and makes the collision alignment misaligned.
  12. Don't attach images, upload them to imgur or another img hosting site (and convert them to png before)
  13. You don't have to bother disabling HDT PE, just remove the dll. Yes it does quite heavy system requirements and I don't suggest doing it for ALL npc's in an open world. But for an 1-3 npc's? It's wonderful. Also here's the link: https://share.weiyun.com/5lLPTDb Password: egxbj9 Download from here using the password. If you don't see anything, it's because you're using adblockers/script blockers (the website is fine) Paywall? Where? I made an account with chrome's auto-translate feature and a simple comment will open up the link.
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