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  1. Extended Dialogue Interface at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) Ask them here or look here to see the GitHub location for issues with XDI.
  2. Progress on the mod has slowed down lately. I worked on the HuCow serum syringe ammunition and tested it in game. Getting the effects that I want also involves creating a main quest with dialogue and a script attached. The serum syringe has its own script that makes the changes to each actor hit. So far, the syringe works very well. It is almost too good because it takes human enemies out of combat with one shot and it is game breaking when you are playing the game to complete quests. It changes human enemies which means they won't give you items or dialogue that you may need to complete
  3. LOL, it fixed the problem for me because I do have UAP installed and so should anyone else that followed the latest guide on installing AAF. But if it helps to clarify the issue for you or anyone else, you have to change the X, Y, Z on whichever animationdata.xml file your anims are using. If you change X, Y, or Z and the actors are not changing position in the game, you are not changing the right animationdata.xml file. A patch like UAP or Indarello's may have an animationdata.xml "overwriting" the one that you are editing. You will have both files in your AAF data folde
  4. Today was a great leap forward in my adventures in modding. I took a good look at the scripts that LextalionisRex uses for his mod, Chef - Cooking Hunger and Expanded Food, for three meat drying racks. I wanted to learn how he added the raw meat to the racks and handled drying the meat, as well as his functions to keep the player from putting the wrong items on the racks and giving items back to the player if the racks are full. I used BAE to unpack his BA2 files and since he does not include script source files (.PSC) in his mod, I used Champollion to turn his compiled scripts (.PEX files)
  5. A couple more days have passed and I have been busy on the mod. I improved the water trough's water layer shape so that it doesn't have gaps between the water surface and the edges of the trough. That was a simple fix in Outfit Studio to move vertices. I worked on my invisible sleeping bag idea some more and finally figured out that it was easier to use a small rug instead of a sleeping bag and just texture the rug with a ground texture. I had to rescale the texture because the rocks became pebbles so I changed the scale in the texture BGSM file to make them rocks again. Now my hucows are
  6. It has been a busy week but I've been working mostly on things that aren't connected to my mod. I wanted pubic hair for the male actors so I took some advice from Nebuchadnezzer2 and looked at the NIFs created by prinyo to put pubic hair on male Enhanced Vanilla Bodies (EVB) in the mod, Pubes for Male EVB, on Nexus. I was able to adapt the pubic hair to a BodyTalk3 model using Outfit Studio to pair the pubic hair shapes with the BT3 body shape to create a new malebody.nif file but I had to learn a bit more to add the sliders for the model so that I could build a morph. Otherwise,
  7. I am all done with the tattoos. There are two types of tattoos: Property of Vault-Tec and Bar Codes. Each type of tattoo can be positioned in four different places on a male or female actor: front, upper back, lower back, and sides of the arms. The arm tattoos are a set so they are always positioned on both arms. I may go back later and make separate arm versions but I am done with tattoos for a while. I enjoyed learning how to make them and I got my workflow process to be very efficient. I will write it down tomorrow so that I can use it again in the future. Pics of a male
  8. Progress was very fast today since my .json and _en.txt file are working. I copied the female _d.dds tattoo textures and material BGEM files and renamed them as male versions. Then I went into the BGEM files with Material Editor and set new paths for the Base Texture and Normal Texture in the Effect tab. Unlike other textures, the tattoo overlays only use a diffuse texture and then point to the male or female body texture for the Normal Texture. I also added the male tattoos to my lists in my .json and _en.txt files. For fun, I went straight into the game without editi
  9. I haven't had that problem with Outfit Studio yet.
  10. What are OBZh files? NifSkope is really good for .NIF files. It can also import and export .OBJ files but not very well in my experience. I prefer to import/export .OBJ files using Outfit Studio and use Outfit Studio to convert .OBJ into .NIF files for editing in NifSkope.
  11. Well, the good news is that I figured out how to get my four tattoos to show up in the LooksMenu Overlay list. The bad news is that it took me about eight hours to solve the riddle. It turned out that my .json file and _en.txt were written correctly but the .json file was formatted for Unix LF instead of Windows CRLF. Apparently, the game engine prefers the latter to the former. It only takes a few seconds to make the switch. Doh! So time for repositioning the tattoos was very limited. I am still learning how to use GIMP and there were some misadventures where I was accidenta
  12. I have to admit that I haven't tried again to get the animfurn to work. I was tempted by other shiny buttons and spent the last two days improving the script for the feed trough and learning how to make tattoo overlays. I also made the Vault-Tec restraint sets (male and female) into constructible objects at the Chemistry Workbench. The process of making new tattoos is quite involved since it requires a mod esp, a .json file, a _en.txt, and then for each tattoo you have to create a .BGEM or .BGSM material file and the tattoo texture (a .dds file). Nexus Mods has a fairly good wri
  13. Today was spent learning several things: 1) FInd why your ESP is linked to a master: Nebuchadnezzer2 told me how to apply a script called Report Masters in FO4Edit so that I could see which forms in my personal ESP were linked to masters, five of the six DLCs. It turned out that 11 forms were linked. A couple sound descriptor files did not need to be linked to DLC04 but were using an output model from that DLC. I changed them to an output model from the original FO4 esm. Then I realized that the other forms were armor addons and needed to be linked to the DLCs if I wanted the
  14. Another sunrise and sunset with a day of learning to mod in between. I taught my wife how to make a refrigerator using GIMP, Outfit Studio, and Creation Kit. She wanted a green colored fridge so we made one together. Then I learned about ENB for Fallout 4 from CRWREX and decided to download it and use the Decent ENB preset from Nexus Mods. I don't think I will ever get my ENB to look as good as CRWREX's but a lot of things look better in my game now. This afternoon, I watched another Kinggath tutorial and learned more about NifSkope and using it to create snap points on objects. Now all
  15. Just a quick update today. I spent the early morning setting conditions on my settler dialogues so that they will no longer comment or complain when they are well into a transition to becoming a full hucow. There are nine stages of the process and humans have limited dialogue responses after stage 3. I didn't plan to work on the dialogue trees today but too many hucows complained about the bed situation last night. Sheesh! Afterwards, I used GIMP, Outfit Studio, NifSkope, and the Creation Kit to work on constructible orange colored refrigerators. Nearly all of this process was
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