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  1. later this month, in the meantime I've recently added 2 new interactions the Mischief Mod.
  2. I've just checked and it seems there are no mischief adult to child specific animation, only adult to adult and child to child. So I'll replace the child to child interactions in the next update and hopefully it will look good enough.
  3. Hey, I posted the new version of this mod. So there is only one package available now, unfortunately I'm running out of interactions to override so I can't really make 2 different versions (in the future, I'll look into making new mischief interactions instead of overriding existing ones). I also tuned the interactions a bit and changed the mischief skill requirement of "nutcracker" to 4 (instead of 10). I tried to copy/paste my animations to the child rig and it seems to be working fine, still have to test ingame tho. If everything goes smoothly, I'll add this in the next update
  4. haha I wouldn't mind doing that kind of thing especially since death is super silly in the Sims 4. However this is beyond my very modest modding skills. I'll look into this but it might be complicated. I'd probably have to remake those animations entirely. That's weird the high skill level requirement should prevent this. However now that I think about it, one of the high level mischief interaction I replaced is "slap em silly" which, if I'm not mistaken, you can do when your sim is in the playful mood without any skill in mischief so that might be what you're experiencing. My goal for the next version of this mod would be to actually find a way to "make" new interactions and not replace existing ones. That would solve that problem. BTW I'll upload the new version of this mod I teased in a previous post this weekend.
  5. Hey guys, 3 New extreme animations in early access. -WARNING 2 of those are hardcore scat animations and the previews are pretty explicit-
  6. Hey, I was told that you had some good scat mods, I'll look for them but would you be so kind to link them if it's true? I've been dying for scat and piss mods for the sims 4 

    1. fouyaya


      Hey, I made some scat/piss animations for the Wickedwhims mod. Here's the link (specifically you need to download the extreme.package and pieceofshit.package)


  7. well that wouldn't be very femdom. However I think I might make a futa on futa pissing animation in the future, you could then use it with any gender. I usually update once a month, so sometime in october. 😛 5 new animations available in early access. (2climax)
  8. hey fouyaya, when it update to this website and i suggest can you make diarrhea sims animation on toilet or whatever maybe really cool because ur animation to good

    1. fouyaya


      Hey, unfortunately that would require a special visual effect. For instance, for the pee animations, I use a "piss stream" visual effect that is already available in the original game. But it might be possible if I can find a visual effect in the gamefile that looks like diarrhea and that fits. 

  9. Hey guys, I have 6 new animations in early access. I'll also update the LL package very soon.
  10. thanks, do you mean the EA maxis animations like sitting/use or my animations ? Hey, it shouldn't be in a compressed .rar file. You can download it here on loverslab in .package form. Also it seems you have duplicate(s) of the extreme package don't forget to erase and replace with the latest release. (leave only one copy of the extreme package in your mod folder)
  11. Hey guys, I updated the extreme package. (most of it is the reworked anal vore part of the "WITCH Morphiate Snack sequence") Also this month, I made a new and improved version of the alternative mischief interactions mod (added 2 interactions). It's available in early access on my patreon. the 2 new interactions are "Bitch Slap" and "Burpface"
  12. Hey guys, I created 2 new interactions for this mod, it's in early access right now on my patreon. but don't worry I'll release it here eventually. The 2 new interactions are Bitch Slap, a rougher, less silly version of the mischief slap Burpface, one sims tricks another and belch in his face I also added a little dash to the nutcracker interaction haha yes that sounds fun, I'll have to look into romantic interactions.
  13. hey fouyaya let me know,how to do the angry poop teasing solo? it seem i cant see it where

    1. fouyaya


      hey it's not yet in the public package but it will be very soon ;)

  14. hehe, I could have sworn I already made some rougher/bouncing facesitting animations but I guess not. I'll have to correct that in the future. Thanks and yes, it is planned Thank you no worries there are more extreme animations coming in the future
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