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  1. The game is short with only a handful of decisions, but has lots of cheats and endings. Half of the endings involve forcing yourself onto the girl, while in the other half nothing happens. There are also romantic endings available. There is no music, only atmospheric background tracks. The writing is quirky, but relies too much on pop culture references. For example, after a wardrobe malfunction, you get a Janet Jackson reference. The jokes can be pretty lame. You can customize the experience to your liking with cheat codes. Is she your cousin, your daughter, your sister, or just an old friend? And do you want her wearing glasses, or perhaps with elf ears? You decide! MORE INFO HERE
  2. One Summer Vacation has 43 base scenes and numerous smaller scenes not recorded in the recollection room. For example, seeing a beautiful babe in lingerie for the first time, it’s not a sex scene, so it wasn’t recorded. Each scene is fully animated down to the smallest detail. For example, characters breathe very lightly, it’s barely noticeable. But once your jerk off in front of a woman, you’ll see her begin to breathe heavily in great excitement! There are no vaginal sex scenes until the end of the game. The vast majority of scenes are gropings and handjobs, with the occasional blowjob. Keep this in mind, and don’t get impatient! With six unique women across 43 base scenes, on average each girl gets only 7 scenes. Some girls, such as the shop clerk, get very few, while others like the stepmom get a ton! Sadly, this means that certain girls get neglected for a long period of time. If you’re interested in your sexy teacher, that’s too bad because she rarely ever gets sexy scenes devoted to her. When sex finally occurs at the end of the game, the experience is downright perfect! Sex positions include cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary and more! At first you have to use a condom, but soon she lets you finish inside! The girls will even say “This is wrong, we shouldn’t do this! But I want to!” If you love fully animated sex scenes that are polished and well made, play this game. MORE INFO HERE
  3. Vera’s Region Tour Diary has 42 sex scenes in total. Multiple scenes have variations for whether or not Vera is a virgin. There are 450 CGs in total, not counting pose art and character stills. This game places a heavy emphasis on Vera having sex with younger men. Like the Mayor’s son! Vera is a strong adventurer with lots of determination, but she falls easily to the cock of a younger man! He’s still a virgin, but Vera wants to ride him, and take his youthful creampie! In fact, I don’t think there’s a single scene focused on old men! Other fetishes include thigh sex, flashing, and the occasional forced sex scene. There is no talk of pregnancy or impregnation anywhere in the game, yet Vera still produces breast milk. It’s not realistic, but it sure is hot! While there is no animation, the sheer variety of scenarios is absolutely wonderful! You see doggystyle, missionary, and even standing sex! And did Vera lose her virginity to forced sex? Or did she give it to the cute boy by the item shop? The choice is yours! MORE INFO HERE
  4. The hentai content is mostly vanilla creampie scenes with dirty talk about the woman’s dead husband. You are forced to watch as your brother’s wife fucks other men. You thought you’d get the chance to fuck her, but another guy plows her instead! There are multiple endings to this game depending on your sister-in-law’s purity. Scavenge for ammo and water and hidden memory cards to complete the game. It sounds more interesting than it is. Will the woman stay loyal to you? Or willl she fall in love with another cock? The ending you receive depends on her corruption level. I highly recommend you download a full save file to view all the scenes, because the gameplay is tedious. MORE INFO HERE
  5. Interactive and creative sex simulation is the main draw of the game. Sex scenes are broken up into segments. You can choose from different forms of foreplay before moving on to fucking your maid’s brains out in dozens of positions. Vaginal sex results in breaking your maid’s hymen and watching the blood drip from her pussy. During blowjobs and normal sex you can choose to cum either outside or inside your girl. If you choose to cum outside, you can watch your maid’s beautiful and innocent face get washed with your cock juice. You can repeat parts of your interactive sex scene as many times as you want from any camera angle. There are several sextoys available to stimulate your maids, such as vibrators, dildos, and BDSM gear. Futanari or “Dickgirls” can also be created with cocks growing as large as a human beings. You can even program your maid to be gangbanged by multiple guys, or be cuddled by your other maids. The possibilities are endless. MORE INFO HERE
  6. The conflict of the story is centered around a mysterious red orb. It is capable of absorbing human desire and converting it into magical power. This magic is used to create monsters, which consequently, absorb human souls for even more power. It’s a vicious cycle. And the more people who die trying to fight these monsters, the more powerful they become. Depending on your corruption level by the end of the game, you’ll be given one of the three endings. Will Vera become corrupted and thirst for the power of the red orb? Or is her willpower strong enough to resist, and destroy it once and for all? Along the way Vera meets a young boy named Uno. He is an automaton, and the only one capable of absorbing and nullifying the magical energies within the labyrinth. Because he is unaware of these powers, he passes some of them on to Vera, allowing her to absorb human souls. Sadly, if she absorbs too many, she will perish. There are hundreds more layers to the story, but I think you get my point. This is not written like a hentai game. This is written like an epic tale of good versus evil, with a hero who overcomes it all through sheer determination. MORE INFO HERE
  7. You are the average wanker. You spent your young adulthood reveling in your excesses, but it never made you happy. All of that is finally going to change when a cute elf princess named Sophia kidnaps you for a new adventure! The plot is to travel around the world and free sexy heroines from being brainwashed. You have to use manipulation and shenanigans to do it, but once the brainwashing has ended, they will regain their free will and help you fight evil! The game is melancholic. The author seems to speak from the heart when he talks about being a degenerate during his young adulthood and seeking something more. Metropolitan life doesn’t please him, he wants purpose, and a reason to be alive. Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t fun. At the end of the game you get the choice between living a fantasy life with your harem, or returning to the real world. The writing is engaging, but relies on cringe-worthy tropes. The catgirl is shy and subservient, while the succubus is cocky and aggresive. You need to drug women with a “love potion” to free them from brainwashing, which is pretty morally ambiguous. With five sexy babes in total, I began wishing for love that didn’t rely on a potion. The plot is a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you’re surrounded by super cute blushing girls that literally call you “The Messiah”, but other times you’re faced with danger and the unavoidable mortality that all people face. It’s like the author genuinely wants you to realize that seeking out cult worship in a fictional world is not very healthy. Excellent writing! MORE INFO HERE
  8. There are 110 sex scenes in total, and 37 base CGs. This may sound incredibly repetitive, but there are so many variation images, you’ll never notice. Adding blindfolds and handcuffs and all sorts of accessories, these variations change the meaning of the scene entirely. While the base image may feature vanilla sex, the variations turn it into a humiliating public exposure scene! There are too many scenarios to count. You have massages, peeping toms, train molesters, blackmail, and even sex with your teacher! This game is vanilla content done right! Better still, it dips into other fetishes along the way! If you become a total whore, you can actually call your best friend while having sex with her man! It’s called the “Bitch Ending” for a reason! Players can decide just how lewd they want to be. Deviants may want to publicly prostitute themselves to everyone in school, but not me! I worked as a waitress while giving handjobs for money, but stayed a sweet innocent schoolgirl. The corruption is incredibly detailed. Even when you consent to sex, your character will likely demand the guy pull out and wear condoms. But once you’re corrupted enough, she learns that bareback is the only way to go! My one complaint about the hentai is the lack of meaning to virginity. There are about five ways to lose your virginity, and none of them are memorable. It honestly feels like the deflowering scenes were an after thought. MORE INFO HERE
  9. Frida and Carl are absolutely non-related stepbrother and stepsister. After their village was attacked, they fled with their lives to the big city. Now running a bar, they hope to finally live normal lives of peace and stability, free from harm. There is no overall story. Just grow the bar until the owner offers to sell it to you. Then, purchase the bar to get your happy ending. At various financial benchmarks, a small story event will occur. Maybe the owner of the bar will come to visit, or maybe the taxes on your bar will be raised. Keep progressing to slowly learn more about the world around you. Will Frida lose her virginity to her little stepbrother? Or will she lose it to a horny guy at the bar? It depends on your choices! During the other plotline, Frida walks in on her stepbrother masturbating and decides to give him a helping hand. She hates it when Carl sleeps with another woman, and is very possessive of him. During the cuckoldry plotline, Carl is clueless about his stepsister being a whore. She drags customers into the bathroom just to suck their dicks and Carl doesn’t realize a thing! The game has three endings. In the first ending, Frida and Carl get married. In the second ending, Frida becomes publicly known as the town whore as she cuckolds Carl with other men. In the third and true ending, Carl accepts that his stepsister is a slut and decides to love her despite her sinful nature. Frida is pregnant and has no idea who the father is, but decides that she and Carl will raise it as a married couple. MORE INFO HERE
  10. Your name is Lance Corporal Till, a famous veteran of a recent war. Since the war has ended, you’ve been placed in charge of gate-keeping for various checkpoints across the nation. The gameplay is inspired by “Papers Please”. You have tons of dialogue and a world to explore, while most of the game has no story whatsoever. You simply do your duty as a gatekeeper, gradually growing closer to your coworkers. The writers make full use of the “Post War” time period. There are immigrants and political tensions all around you. Nations try to negotiate peace treaties to avoid future wars. There’s also racial tensions between humans and beast people. The world truly feels multi-layered and exciting to explore. Characters appear and disappear from the story over time. Seeing a familiar face and learning their story is always fun. You think “I recognize that person!” and get the opportunity to learn more about their background. The primary storyline is short but very satisfying. It was memorable and worth reading. I highly recommend you read through instead of skipping the dialogue. The official translation is mostly complete. One or two scenes are untranslated, with a handful of dialogue untranslated in other areas. Hopefully the developers fix this in a later patch. MORE INFO HERE
  11. There are three main routes for this game. They are called “Thanatos”, “Pathos”, and “Campus”. It is impossible to choose your route without using a game guide. Even with a guide, much of the game is randomized. There are 18 endings in total. A total of 6 are relationship related. The relationship endings are only available on the “Campus” playthrough, which is only accesible by playing halfway through the “Pathos” route and fulfilling some secret hidden conditions. In other words, getting an ending where you marry your waifu will be incredibly difficult. The other 12 endings are “Job Endings”. These are determined by your stat values. Intelligence and sex appeal are key factors in what job you get. Regardless of what ending you get, completing the game unlocks a homosexual side story. The story follows the Evangelion Anime completely until it splits into different routes. Misato picks up Shinji, he fights the third Angel, he gets to know Rei Ayanami, and the story continues. The plot is easy to digest. Compared to the anime, the story is easier to understand because everything is explained in order. For example, from the moment you start the game, you’re given background info on the second impact and Misato’s father. While the plot is explained much more clearly, it removes any sense of mystery from the experience. That’s okay though, because this game is clearly focused on pleasing Evangelion fans with tons of fan service. The game introduces 3 new characters who are female NERV Technicians. The existing characters are changed to fit a more comedic and relaxed storyline. For example, the nerd Kensuke is now a total deviant and pervert. He takes ecchi photos of girls in class, then sells them to random guys. This makes him far less likable than in the original show. Shinji is much more happy in this game. There are very few sad or emotional moments. MORE INFO HERE
  12. Devoted Knight Kuon has been a close friend of Princess Dia since childhood. Six months ago, the king of this nation died, leaving Dia as heir to the throne. Everything seemed perfect until a scheming minister tried to usurp the throne! Working alongside the evil knight Wart, the minister overpowers Kuon and captures Princess Dia! To stop the minister from seizing power, Kuon takes the royal ring from Dia and becomes a fugitive. Will Kuon be able to defeat the evil minister and his knight Wart? Or are both ladies doomed to become sex slaves for life? As Kuon explores a hidden forest, she discovers the grimoire of the female demon Empusa. Empusa offers her a deal. Kuon will become far stronger, but in exchange, Dia will become super slutty! While the minister spreads rumors that Kuon tried to usurp the throne, Kuon focuses on finding Master Boro to aid her in her quest. Boro was the right hand man of Kuon’s father, so he has great skills in intelligence gathering that will help Kuon on her quest. At the end of the story, Kuon is forced to face a werewolf and the dark knight Wart! If she fails, she will be enslaved! But if she wins, she will be free from her contract with Empusa, and Princess Dia will finally be crowned Queen of the kingdom! Overall, the story is simple and easy to follow. It is forgettable overall, but fun while it lasts. MORE INFO HERE
  13. The game is primarily a “Woman Simulator”. You need money to pay rent, buy feminine hygiene products, and feed yourself on a day to day basis. Outside of your finances, everything is up to player choice. There are no battles or power ups. Instead you raise a stat called “Charm” by living a more comfortable life. Buy jewelry, add furniture to your house, and take a hot shower in order to increase your charm. Doing so will increase your earnings at work. Whether you’re a waitress or a prostitute, feminine charm will help you earn more from your hours. Working as a prostitute offers you a mini-game of managing desire. You need to make your man cum, while also keeping Hazumi satisfied. She needs to be turned on to be properly lubricated for sex. Will you play with her tits? Or maybe go for a handjob? There are tons of choices you can make, and each has a unique impact. Each man has different likes and dislikes. For example, some men are not interested in vaginal sex! They want to jerk off and cum on top of your pussy! Pleasing these men will get you a virgin pregnancy, which is super niche and super hot! Job experience is tracked and will earn you more money over time. At the waitress job, performing combos will earn you even more money! Completing the game will earn you a “New Game Plus” mode. This allows you to keep some items, all of your money, and a quarter of your charm level. You can optionally decide if your sex stats also carry over, or you can play your “New Game Plus” as a virgin! MORE INFO HERE
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