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  1. DRAGON DILDO PACK View File Hello Guys! Many people like Bad Dragons...so...i decided to make a big pack inspired by this toys. All meshes are made by me, highly detailed, but with less polys. I used nextgen modeling for better result. All the textures are hand painted. ( except the regular colors ) All model includes 7 color variations. All meshes are on real prices, so you can use it for retail to, or just for decoration. Hopefully i will find out how can i attach animations too, but not yet. Later i will update the textures too... The full pack is avalible on patreon. I included images from the full pack. Installing is simple, extract, and copy to mods folder. You dont need any dlc-s, just the base game. The pack contains: - Sea Dragon ( 7 color variations ) - Free Willy ( 7 color variations ) - Birdpeen ( 7 color variations ) - Dingerdonger ( 7 color variations ) on patreon: - Big Dragon - Knotty Horse - Tentacle Zero - Dingerdoo - Tumelo - Snozzle - Dragon Dong - Barbed Dragon Dildo I hope, you like it! Enjoy If you like my works, you can support me on my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5913875 Submitter Podyssey Submitted 12/19/2019 Category Objects Requires  
  2. I decided to confront Jason the next day. So, Martha and I went to his apartment. “Who's there?” “It's Sandra.” “Oh, come in.” “You didn't mention that you got backing.” “Yeah, nice to see you too, Jason.” “What do you two want?” “We need to talk about yesterday.” “Yesterday? Sorry, you need to be more precise.” “You are kidding, right? I talk about you trying to rape me!” “Uh, what!?” “Don't tell me you don't remember, you asshole.” “Uh, fuck. I... I drank a little bit too much yesterday, still dizzy...” “Go fuck yourself, Jason. If you ever again try to touch my girlfriend, I'll kick your balls to hell.” “Yeah, you better stay away from us from now on.” Wait, did she just say, I'm her girlfriend? “Who do you think you two are? You come in here like a riot squad with your baseless accusations. As I recall we had a little argument, but nothing too serious. You are crazy if you think I was going to do this.” “You grabbed me by my throat and choked me!” “Yeah, whatever, that's not how I remember it.” “You f... asshole, listen closely now. If you ever get near me again, I'll first give you a load of my new OC spray then cut your balls and feed you with them!” “Let's go, Martha.” Some moments later... “Wow, you really nailed him, that was awesome.” “This idiot chased me into this. His reaction made me so angry.” “You were great. Do you really have an OC spray?” “No, we need to go shopping...” After that day, Jason kept his distance from me. A few weeks later I was finally rid of this problem. “Officer, what is going on here?” “It's detective, and that's not of your concern, ma'am.” “Sorry detective, but I know him. Are you arresting him?” “Yes, obviously.” “What has he done?” “I can't tell you, but the evidence we have is very strong, so don't expect to see him around again any time soon. Excuse me now, I need to talk with my prisoner.” It felt great to know Jason wouldn't have another chance to get near me. My summer started great and I had a lot of fun with Martha. We often enjoyed singing Karaoke together. And we discovered that beautiful rooftop bar with a pool. We went to almost every club around city these days. Also the sex was good. But as the appeal of the new became weaker, I began missing something. At first I thought it was because of bad moods, but as this feeling did not go away, I started to realize that I was missing a strong man on my side. Martha's behavior also changed over the time. I realized that she always drank very much as we were clubbing. Don't get me wrong, I also drank some drinks, but I alsway knew my limits. She, on the contrary, knew no limits. Also she took “beans” from time to time and also offered them to me every time. I refused. As my relationship with Martha seemed to lead nowhere, I concentrated more on my career. I practiced a lot at home trying to find my art style. Some of my paintings were exhibited and/or sold by the gallery. So, I found a small group of fans enjoying my work. The gallery even gave me a possibility drawing there. I also still made some extra money on this live cam platform and with my flower arrangements. Then came the night that changed everything. Martha wanted to try out this new club that opened in San Mayshuno recently. First we had fun dancing together. But then, she offered me one of her “beans” once again. “What a cool club, isn't it?” “Yeah, it is. Having a great time tonight.” “Yeah, let's make it even better together. Here, take this.” “Martha, I told you that this is not my style, I must refuse.” “Oh, c'mon, why are you always so prude?” “Martha, it's a difference to be prude or straight-lined. That's just not my style.” “Fine, whatever, I want to have some fun now.” With these words she left sitting me there and went to another area of the club. “C'mon, boys, let's have some fun!” I knew that she just wanted to make me jealous with her actions and that she would never sleep with one of these guys. Even thought it hurt a lot seeing here arm in arm with that guy. I left the club and we broke up the next day, fortunately without drama.
  3. The following weeks were just perfect. It was summer (my favorite time of the year), I had a beautiful, smart, funny girlfriend and found good friends in Marco and also Angela. Here are some impressions of this wonderful summer. After some weeks together with Christina, it was finally time to meet her parents Stefanie and Rupert. It was a stormy and rainy day, so they invited me over to their place. Christina awaited me in front of the house. “So, it's finally time to meet your parents.” “Yes, are you ready?” “Uff, as ready as possible.” “Haha, you are so cute when you are nervous.” “Thaaaaaat doesn't help.” “Did I say I'll help you?” *Shocked look* “Haha, let's go inside.” “Mom, dad, may I introduce, this is Bruce. Bruce, this are my parents Stefanie and Rupert.” “Nice to meet you Mrs. and Mr. Murdoch.” “Nice to meet you too, Bruce. Excuse me that I don't stand up, my hips are still healing.” “No offense, Mr. Murdoch, I absolutely understand.” “Please, take a seat.” “Thanks.” “Nice to meet you... Sorry, what was your name again?” “Bruce, Mrs. Murdoch.” “Right, nice name. And such a handsome, young man. Christina made a good choice.” *Blushing* “Haha, mom, he is nervous enough even without your flattering him.” “Don't listen to her, you have no reason to be nervous. Besides that, if my Christina likes you, I have no reason to don't do so.” *Still blushing* “Thank's for your warm words, Mrs. Murdoch. Ahm, you have a beautiful home.” “Thank you, Bruce. I built it with my own hands, of course that was a while ago, haha.” “I am so happy for Christina, that she finally found the right man for her.” “Mom, stop it!” Laughing “I am just saying, you made the right decision and I am proud of you.” “Ahhh, thank you, mommy!” “So, does anyone want some coffee?” All agreed and she left to make coffee. “So, dad, have I told you that my Bruce here is working as a programmer?” “Oh, really, I try to keep up to date with the computer stuff, but it is getting harder and harder. Where do you work?” “The company is called “DA Networks”. They have expanded their field of business in recent years and now offering almost every service you need in the IT sector. I lead a small Team of programmers there and we are developing a goods management system for one of our customers.” “Ah, I have heard COBOL is a good programming language for that. Are you using it?” “Ahh, no, COBOL isn't state of the art anymore. We are using other languages that are offering more possibilities. But enough of my work, what did you do before you retired?” “I worked as a mechanical engineer. Most time of my life I worked on filling systems.” “Oh, that sounds interesting.” Hopefully we are done with the difficult topics now and I at least can enjoy the evening a little bit with some harmless small talk... And actually it was a nice evening without difficult topics from there on. It was really nice meeting Stefanie and Rupert. They were so kind and friendly. And I caught myself thinking that they would be the perfect parents-in-law...
  4. After Martha left for work this day, I went upstairs to train my painting skills. I also started creating some flower arrangements for some extra money. Even though it was weird showing my body to some pervs, it was also somehow appealing. So, I decided to do another lingerie show for my fans out there. This inspired me playing around with abstract shapes. I had the feeling, painting in lingerie could be my style. I felt so free... (By the way, have you seen my split act photo already?) Martha has announced herself for the evening. I surprised her with a special outfit. “Surprise!” “Wow, you are looking gorgeous. What is this?” “This is for you.” “I want you, Martha, now.” “This is your day, Martha, just relax and let me take care of you.” Later in bed... “That was a nice surprise, I am so thankful you brightened my day.” “After I was so stupid not talking to you about my true feelings, I felt I need to compensate this.” “I would say, it was a success.” smiles “So, how was your day at the set?” “It was very stressful, the director is an idiot. I am pretty sure he will ruin the production with his insane penchant for perfection. But you helped me forget this idiot for a while.” smiles “By the way, I noticed that you removed your synthetic lashes. I love it, it emphasizes the natural beauty of your eyes.” “Oh, thanks. So, you think I should get rid of them permanently?” “That's definitely a yes!” The next days passed fast like hell. I tried to find my painting style and made some money with selling flower arrangement and on the adult chatting platform. Most of the evenings I met with Martha and had a great time with her. I decided to follow Martha's advice and did not use the synthetic lashes anymore. Finally, it was time for my first day at work. The gallery I was working for was called “Caleido Art Center” and located in the art district of San Mayshuno. My new boss Gillian Baker awaited me. She encouraged me to take a look around and get used to the paintings and art in the gallery and chat with the visitors later. I did so... There were many interesting paintings around, I instantly felt the inspiring waves flowing around the halls. I especially liked this painting of flowers. It had so rich colors and spread out waves of warmth and joy. Some hours later, the gallery opened and the first visitors came. I did not yet knew much about the paintings and art in the gallery, but I met lof of interesting people. I had the feeling that San Mayshuno is a city full of art lovers. In the evening, some of the visitors started a street art painting together. It was so fun talking with them about their inspiration. I went home with a great feeling. It seems I already found the perfect place for me to work at. The next days at work were also great. During my first week at the new job, I learned more about art then ever before in my life. Also I helped finishing the street art painting, it was so much fun. I loved the job, and I enjoyed my life. Martha and I did not meet every evening, but the time together with her was also wonderful, even if she was stressed from work very often. The next weekend came and I went out jogging on the early Saturday morning. It was a wonderful and sunny day. But it seemed that the last days were too good and faith wanted to bring me back to the ground. I bumped into Jason once again. This time it was not so easy to fend off his advances. “Hey beauty. So nice to see you again. Have you thought about us?” “There is no “us”, Jason, don't do this.” He smells of alcohol again... “Come on, we are the perfect couple.” “No, Jason, leave me alone.” “I know you want me, I have seen it in your eyes. But if you won't admit, I will take what is mine.” “Jason, you are scaring me, leave me alone!” Why isn't there someone around to help me, oh my god, what should I do... “Rrrrrgha, you fucking bitch, now you get what you deserve!” “Nnnno... Jason... you... are... hurting me.” “Gggcchhh, HELP ME... someone...” “Shut up bitch... and enjoy...” I don't know how, but somehow I managed to escape and run away. Thank god I was faster than him... Dissolved in tears and pure panic, I arrived at home. Thankfully, Martha was at home. “Martha.” “Sandra! You look terrible. What happened?” “Jason...” “Oh my god, did he...” “Almost...” “Fuck, let's go inside...” “Tell me everything...” So I did... Later that day... “You should go to the police.” “And what to tell them? That I almost got raped? What will they do? I think I know the answer...” “You are too pessimistic.” “No, I know the law. And be honest, do you think they will do anything?” “...there must be something...” “Yes, but not the police, I need to deal with him. Will you help me?” “...Sure... Do you have a plan?” “Not yet...”
  5. Becci had no customers for some days. It seemed Joseph wanted her to calm down and recover. But good times don't last forever, she got a new visitor at a Thursday morning. He was not really an eye-catcher and also seemed to be very shy. Becci had learned her lessons from the last customer and took the initiative. “Thank you. That felt so good.” “I'm glad that you liked it.” “Becci, would it be ok if I stay for a while for a little talk.” He's not running away as all the others did. That's something new... “Yeah, sure, I have some time.” “So, Becci, I have to confess something...” “Oh, what would that be?” “...I... I've... been... watching you for some time...” “Watching me? What do you mean?” “I... saw you walking down the street with this pimp and... I... found you very attractive, so... I... watched you...” “What does that mean? You sneaked around the house?” “...Yes...” “For how long?” “Long... I am sorry.” “Oh my... you saw everything!” “...Sorry... It... it was very bad what this guy did to you...” “Oh, please, shut up...” “Becci... there is something else I want to tell you.” “Ok...” “I... I think I... love you.” “You... WHAT?” “I want to be with you. And I want to be the only guy you do this... stuff with.” “You know that's my job, right?” “Yes, but... you can leave with me...” “Are you kidding?” “No, I want to take you with me to my place... Create a family with you...” “Wow, it's not usual to hear this after you used such services...” “So, what do you say?” “You want an answer now?” “No, take your time...” “Do you even know whom I am working for?” “Yes, I needed to ask him several times until he finally agreed that I can meet with you.” “Yeah, he is a bad guy, a really bad guy.” “I know, I... have a plan to help you escape...” “This is too much for me. I need to think about it.” “Ok, I... will visit you again in some days if Joseph lets me...” “Goodbye.” “Bye, Becci.” Short time later... “Ha, I had the right feeling. I think this scum likes our little Becci a little bit too much. Keep an eye on him.” “Sure.”
  6. Right after our wonderful club night, I began planning to invite Christina for dinner. I drove around town and outskirts after work to find the perfect restaurant for a first dinner. My preparations where only interrupted once, but it was a welcome interruption. Christina surprisingly showed up one evening. We enjoyed a nice evening watching TV. Christina told that her father felt better every day, but her mom showed some first signs of dementia. She forgot the same things several times in a row. So, Christina maybe would'nt leave Brindleton Bay after all. I felt guilty for feeling happy about the news she maybe would'nt leave. But of course the news about her mom have worried me. The next day, I found the perfect restaurant. It was located in the neighboring town Windenburg and - funnily enough - next to the club “Purple Rain” where we had our club night. So, I invited Christina to a romantic dinner next Friday. We met in front of the dinner and she looked gorgous. “Wow, you look beautiful, Christina.” “Thank you, you too.” “So, let's ask for our table.” “Good evening, I reserved a table for two. The name is Baker.” “Good evening Mr. Baker. Thank you for choosing our restaurant. Please follow me to your table.” Some moments later... “That's a nice restaurant, how have you found it?” “To be honest, I had the plan to take you out for dinner right after our club night. So, I drove around a little bit to find the perfect restaurant.” “How cute, and everything for me?” Sheepish grin “No, I just wanted to have a fine dinner and I thought it would be boring alone.” “Haha, ok, that's your one. So, let's have a look on the menu card.” “Ma'am, Sir, do you want to order?” “Yes. I would like to have a blackberry juice and the salmon, please.” “Sure ma'am.” “For me an orange juice and the chicken with corn, please.” “Of course, sir. Anything else?” “Not for the moment, thanks.” “So, Christina, you never told me what you do for a living.” “I work as a nurse at the San Myshuno central hospital. But at the moment I am on leave.” “Oh, wow, you are a nurse? That's cool. I work in the IT business.” “Nice, so you can help me with my computer if I have problems, cool.” “Yeah, sure...” Enforced grin “Hahaha, you should see your face. I was just kidding.” “Hahaha, what are you doing with me?” “I am glad you was just kidding, you don't know how often I hear this when I tell people what I do...” “Haha, yes. And you don't know how often men get wet dreams when I tell them, I am a nurse. So, what did you bring to Brindleton Bay?” “Uh, that's not an easy question, but I want you to know. I lived in San Mayshuno together with my bride-to-be. We planned to marry next year. But then she told me she felt in love with a colleague and broke up with me.” “Wow, that's heavy...” “Yeah... I locked down completely for some time until I recognized that my live is not over yet. But I could not stay at our house, so I sold it and searched for a new place for a complete new start. So, that brought me to Brindleton Bay.” “I am so sorry for you.” “That's the past. Now I am sitting here in this nice restaurant with a beautiful girl.” “Ouh, thank you, I am also enjoying the evening so far.” “Ma'am, Sir, may I present your menu.” “Bon Appetit.” “Bon Appetit.” After the dinner... “Thank you for this nice evening, Bruce. I really enjoyed it.” “Me too. But this evening does not have to be over yet. Wanna come to my place for a coffee?” “Oh, sure.” We both knew what “coffee” meant.
  7. At the next morning I got up early to prepare breakfast. Christina showed up just in time. She's even more beautiful without all that make-up. What a natural beauty... “Bruce?” “Yeah, what's up?” “I had a wonderful evening yesterday.” “Yeah, me too, it was like a wonderful dream.” “Glad to hear that... Sooo... I am wondering...” “What's up, you can tell me everything.” “... Am I just a one-night stand for you?” “What? Nooo! I want you to be more than just a one-night stand for me. I really have feelings for you!” “I am so happy you said that. I also have feelings for you.” Soon after the breakfest it was time for Christina to return to her family. But not without a warm goodbye. Later that day, Marco called me and invited me for Sunday. They had a little house in the outskirts of Windenburg. I found Marco in front of his house. “Hi, Bruce. Nice that you came.” “Hi, Marco, thanks for the invitation.” “I just wanted to feet the fishes. You can go inside, I will follow soon.” So, I went inside. Marco's wife was sitting in the living room watching TV. “Oh, hi, you must be Bruce. Please have a seat.” She pointed to the place beside her. “Sure, thanks.” “Hi, I am Angela, nice to meet you Bruce.” “Nice to meet you too, Angela.” “Ah, you met already.” Marco came inside. “Momi, can we play fairy and nasty wizard again?” A little girl ran into the room. “Oh, not now, sweetheart. This is daddy's friend Bruce, say hello to him.” “Heeelllloooo.” “Hello...” “Tina” “Hello, Tina, nice to meet you.” “So, Bruce, Angela and I need to move some furniture upstairs, can you stay with Tina for a while?” “Ah...” “Thank you, so nice of you! Sweetheart, stay with Bruce for a while, ok?” With that words, Angela and Marco went upstairs... “Ahm... sooo... Tina, how's school?” “I don't go to your mortal school, that's boring.” Mortal school? WTF? “Ahm... do you have some friends here you can play with?” “No. Your questions are booooring.” “Do you want to play something with me instead?” “Yes, let's play Llama Tower!” “Ahm... ok...” I have no clue what that is... She took me to a table, stacked some wooden sticks on it and set a wooden Llama on top. “Now remove one of the sticks without the tower collapsing.” “Ok, that's easy...” I had no idea why they needed to move some furniture right now. Months later, Marco told me, what they really did upstairs. “Yeah, I won!” How did this happen? I barely touched the stick... “Great, sweetheart!” “Oh, there you are. Everything ok with the furniture?” “Yes, now we are satisfied.” “Yes, it was a pleasant experience.” Why do they both grin so strange? “So, Bruce, do you want something? We have some crackers.” “Yes, thanks.” “Come, join me on the couch, let's talk a little bit.” “So, you and Christina, yeah? How nice for both of you!” “What did she tell you?” “Only that you had a nice evening and that she stayed over night. So, it's quite obvious what happened.” “It was a wonderful evening...” “Honestly, I am so happy for you, especially for her as she had not the best taste in men recently. But now I have the feeling, she found her soulmate.” *Whhhrrrr, cough, retch* “Bruce, everything ok?” *Cough* “I don't like that word, bad memories, but thanks for your warm words.” “Oh, I am sorry.” “But you're right, I have a special feeling for Christina.” “You love her.” “I think it's to early to speak of love.” “Yeah, you love her, you just need to stand by your feelings.” “Maybe... Ahm, you have a wonderful family. You must be so proud.” “Yes, I am, Tina is my everything and Angela is my true love, to use another word.” “Speaking of Tina, she said something about that she don't visits “mortal school”. What did she mean with that?” “Hahahaha, don't attach too much importance to her words, she likes messing around with strangers.” I also found out that Marco worked as fitness trainer. Angela had some job in the government's office in San Mayshuno. Marco and I had much things in common. We both were interested in all topics related to mental and physical fitness and we both were sports fans and little nerds. I stayed a little longer, had a relaxing afternoon and went home the early evening.
  8. The next day I went out for having a run after breakfast. The Geek Con took place in San Mayshuno at this day, I was very impressive what they created just for this one day. It was relatively early in the morning and there were not many people yet on the Geek Con area. So I ran around a little bit and came across Jason again. This time he followed and stopped me to have a talk. “Hey, Sandra!” “Jason, what's up?” “You seem to be very athletic. See you running around very often.” “Yeah, I want to stay fit and healthy.” “Sandra, listen. You are a beautiful, young lady and single like me.” Oh no, does he really... “I could show you around the city a little bit and we could have some fun together, what do you say?” “Jason, sorry, but I'm already into someone else.” “Don't do this, don't say no to me. You are missing a lot of fun.” “Jason, I don't think this will ever happen.” “You little bitch, think you deserve something better, hah? You don't!” “Ok, Jason, nice talking to you, gotta go.” WTF was this? After this unpleasant encounter, I ran home having a shower and made plans for the rest of the day. I decided, the best way to make some money would be to get a job in a gallery. Also I would have the chance to convince them to display some of my paintings someday. So, I went to one of the galleries that were offering a job and immediately got this job! My first working day was supposed to be next Monday, so I had enough time to train my painting skills. Back home, I messed around with my easel a little bit. Hm, the muse is not coming out of nowhere. I need to get this Martha thing out of my head, maybe I can be creative then... Yeah, my thoughts were still with last night the whole day. I heard nothing from Martha, but I knew that she had to go to the production studio the early morning, so it was expected to hear nothing. However, it felt not right how this night ended, and that was my only fault. But later that day, Martha showed up. “Martha, hi!” “Hello Sandra.” “So, how was your day?” “Good, by I am not here to talk about my day.” “Yeah, I was afraid so...” “Sandra, you stupid girl. Haven't I sent you enough signals? And all you could do is letting me stand alone in the night...” “Signs?” “Hhhhg, Sandra, I also have a crush on you!” “Oh...” I felt really stupid this moment “So, now that I said that, what we gonna do with it?” “Let's sit down and talk...” “Enough talking, I want you!” So, we started exploring our bodies... Martha's skin felt so soft and smooth and she smelled of lavender and a touch of coconut. That was very tempting. Martha stayed over night and for breakfast. “Martha, I now see how stupid I was, thanks for your patience and thanks for this wonderful night.” “Sandra, everyone needs to make his first experiences at some point. More importantly, we finally found each other.” “So, are we a couple now?” “I think so, yes.” Wide smile Then she left for work.
  9. On the next morning, Becci wanted to tell Mora what happened last evening. But unfortunately, she did not know were Mora lived. So she walked around town to find her. She saw a woman she knew from the pub. So, she asked her about Mora. The woman knew her and told Becci where to find Mora. Her home was the trailer in front of which Becci had met Joseph. Luckily, she was at home. “Hello Becci. Oh, you look terrible. Come inside.” “Thanks Mora...” “Come sit down. Oh, my... What did he do to you?” “First, he wanted me to sit down on him. That was ok, but he didn't want to use a condom. So, I felt very uncomfortable. But then, he forced me to lay down to the ground with my hips pressed to the couch. Then he fucked me very hard.” “Then he ejaculated right into my face. It felt like being raped. My uterus is still hurting.” “Oh, Becci, I am so sorry...” “I shouldn't have gone...” “But then maybe we both would have gotten hurt.” Becci needed a moment to recover her composure. “But I am not hear to cry shit on you... I need to talk to Joseph. Do you know where he lives?” “Yes, there is a plateau in the hills. There lives the “high society” of Strangerville. In this case meaning there live the gangsters...” “Just go up there, they will recognize that you don't belong to them and send you to Joseph.” So Becci went up there. In front of one of the noble houses a sinister looking man approached her. “You must be Becci.” “And who are you?” “That's not of your business. I suppose you want to talk to Joseph? He is waiting inside.” “Yeah, and why should I follow a complete stranger into his house?” “Because I say so. You will go inside the house on your own feet or draped over my shoulders. Your choice.” So Becci went inside... “Ah, Becci, I heard you want to talk with me? Please, have a seat.” “So, what do you want?” “You... awaited me?” “Nothing happens in my town without my knowledge. So, what's up, my time for you is limited...” “Ok, I want you to give me another job. This field of activity I am in currently is the wrong one for me.” “So you think you can just ask me to give you another job?” “I can acquire new customers for you or be your drug runner...” “And you don't think I already have people I trust for this jobs?” “Maybe you want to extend your business...” “Enough of this. To be absolutely clear, there's only one job you have any value to me. And you already have this job.” “Then I need to quit.” “Quit? Who do you think you are? I gave you a home, something to eat and even the drugs you desired. You are in my debt, you cannot simply quit after a view days.” “Then how much do I owe you?” “It's not that simple. As long as you are in my town, you belong to me. Proof your worth and you will get your own money and more freedom. Try to run away and we will find you. That's it. And now go back home. I understood that yesterday you had a hard time, so I forgive you this time. Today I will be not sending someone to you. Use the day to recover. And one last hint: You don't necessarily need to do anything you are asked for. Some of them actually want my girls to fight back a little bit. The only thing I expect of you is to satisfy my costumers and friends. How you manage this is up to you. Now leave.” On her way down, Becci thought about her situation. Try to run away and we will find you... That's exactly what my next step is. But I can trust nobody in this town, I need to do it alone. And I need a very good plan... As Joseph said he won't send a new customer this day, Becci decided to talk with Mora again. They went to the pub and had some drinks (Mora payed this time). “So, how did it go with Joseph?” “You told him what happened and that I will visit him, haven't you?” “Yeah. Joseph has his hard sites, but he really cares for us. When you get to know him better, you'll agree with me.” “Let's go to this table over there, I don't want the others to listen.” “Joseph forces us into prostitution. Do you think that's right?” “When you learn how to handle the guys, you'll see that this job is not so bad. And Joseph will give you privileges if you do a good job.” “Fuck Joseph and his privileges.” “Becci, you should not talk like that...” “What if? Will you tell him?” “No, I just want to help you, that's why I informed Joseph.” “I think you are wrong about Joseph. All he cares for is his business. We are trash for him.” “No, that's not true. Please, give him time to show you his true side. “I think he did already. I need to think and have some rest, see you Mora.” With that words, Becci left the pub.
  10. Martha had invited me to join her this night. She wants to go to the local Karaoke club. I did still not know what to wear. After practicing Karaoke a little bit, I first had a shower. Hm, what should I wear tonight? Let's see what options I have... I really like this dress. But isn't it too sexy? I don't want her to think I am an easy girl or something. Hm, probably something else... Yeah, that's better for a first date. Wait, Sandra, this isn't a date, just two neighbors going out together... I think I'll sweat a lot in this dress in the club. So, no... What else to I have... That's better definitely. But wouldn't it be better for a dance club? Do I have something a little bit more casual? Yes, that's it, it's more casual, but still sexy. Doorbell rings... Whew, just in time. “Hello Sandra, you look great.” “Hi, thank you, you too.” Mmmh, she smells enchanting... “So, let's go?” “Sure.” We sat down at the bar on the ground floor first. The club itself was in the second floor and more smaller Karaoke rooms were in the third floor. She was looking gorgeous. This dress blew my mind and it was difficult for me not to stare. I was wondering if she wanted to attract me or if she hoped for a catch at the club. We both had a cup of Cappuccino and had a little chat to know each other better. I told her that as she suggested, I ask my mom to stop sending me money. She was happy to hear that. She, for her part, told me that she received a call today offering her a small role in an episode of the TV show “King of San Mayshuno”. “That will be my first role in a bigger production!” “Wow, nice to hear, congratulations!” “Thanks, are you finished with your Cappuccino? I want to go upstairs to have some fun.” “Yes, let's have some fun!” We went upstairs to the club area and Martha immediately jumped on the Karaoke stage. I had no other choice but to follow her. We made a duet of “Simcountry Roads”. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being so close to her. We took a table afterwards and ordered some wine. It took all my courage asking a question that had been burning on my heart. “So... what's up with you and Carra? What kind of friends are you?” “Haha, are you asking if she is my girlfriend?” Impish grin “Ahm...” “Haha, you do! The answer is no. We know each other since we were little kids. We both decided to move to San Mayshuno after college, so it made sense to share a flat.” “Oh, I thought you are more...” “What about you? Do you have someone special in your live?” “No, I... I have nobody special. I think, I simply was to busy with college stuff, haha.” Sheepish grin “So, you are looking for someone now?” “What... Ah... Maybe... Don't know...” “Don't worry, Sandra, we will find someone for you.” “Oh... I don't think that's necessary, but thanks.” “Common, you are a handsome, young lady, the guys would be crazy not to have a crush for you. Or do you prefer women?” “To be honest... I am somewhat inexperienced in that special matter...” “So, you don't know, what gender you prefer?” “...Ahm...No...I guess...” “Interesting. Ok, if you see someone you like, tell me, I will help you with it, whether it's a guy or a lady.” Yeah, I already have seen someone... Somehow I managed to change the direction of the conversation before she forced me to reveal my true feelings. So, the rest of the talk was full of small talk about hobbies, politics and even the weather. Just before midnight, we went home. With more sorted thoughts, I took her hands on our way home. “This was a wonderful night, thank you.” With these words, I left the perplexed Martha behind... Later in bed I imagined, Martha would have followed me home.
  11. Even though Becci felt not good the next morning, thanks to Cocaine, she wanted to find out where she was. So, she went out for a run. The town wasn't very big, and the streets relatively empty. She saw nobody she wanted to ask about this place. But she saw a little pub on her way and decided to try her luck there later. Back home, she had a shower. Becci decided to stay away from the Cocaine on that day as she wanted to keep a clear head during her investigation. Also she wanted to think about how to escape from her situation. Instead she smoked a cigarette and went to the pub to check if it was open. Luckily, the pub was open. She had a seat at the bar and ordered a Gin Tonic (which she couldn't afford). That strange looking guy took the seat next to her and paid for the Gin Tonic. Becci did not say much, but she listened to the locals carefully. She heard that this town was called Strangerville and that some military guys were in the town to investigate something. Some of them also showed up at the pub. Nobody seemed to know why exactly the military was in Strangerville... Becci heard enough and left the pub after she finished her Gin Tonic. Also she didn't want Joseph to know that she was looking around town. Soon after she was home again, her next “customer“ came along. He was relatively young looking and also very attractive. Becci wondered why he would need such services... He was fascinated by Becci's feet and wanted to have a food job. Becci some kind of enjoyed servicing him. There were no more events on this day. Becci watched TV in the evening and went to bed relatively early. This day wasn't so bad. I kept my fingers away from the cocaine and had a nice customer. The first customer yesterday was an idiot but he also had no too nasty wishes. Maybe this job is not as bad as I imagined. Maybe I should stay on this job for some time... The evening of the next day, a young woman with a fancy hair color stood in front of Becci's house. Uh, my first female costumer. I'm curious what her wishes might be. “Hi Becci, I am Mora. Joseph sent me over.” “Hi Mora, please follow me inside. What can I do for you?” “What? Oh... I am not your customer, I was sent here to help you with your next one. He has booked a threesome. He heard about you and wants to try you out and also likes me, so here I am...” “Oh, I see.” “We have some hours left until he shows up. Let's go inside talk a bit.” “So, tell me about this customer.” “He is no nice guy. If he wants you to do something, you should better do it.” “And if not?” “Just do it, trust me...” “But I thought Joseph doesn't want us to be hurt?” “There are always exceptions. And this thug is such an exception.” “That sounds bad...” “Yeah... He is a high value business partner for Joseph. I think he is importing the drugs for him.” “I thought there is already a dealer in this town?” “You are talking about James? Who do you think he works for...” “Wow, Joseph seem to have a lot of businesses here...” “This town belongs to Joseph...” “But, I heard the military is in the town.” “Hahaha, they are only interested in their paranormal activity bullshit. They absolutely do not interfere in local business.” “Paranormal activity?” “Yes, they are looking for aliens here, hahahaha. But listen, we should better talk about our customer. He will be here soon.” “Ok, what else should I know about him?” “You are new in business so, I will take him over. You just join us and look sexy. I don't want you to get hurt.” “Oh, thanks... I think, I need a line now. Wanna share it with me?” “Nice of you, thank you.” So, they shared some cocaine and waited for the customer. Becci welcomed him. He wanted to start immediately. After he left... Wha, that's so disgusting. My hair is still sticky... Why did he do that, asshole... I cannot do that anymore, I need to find a way out of it...
  12. ALL of my pose packs are free you can find them here on all of the links listed! https://linktr.ee/sensualdesires
  13. Hey guys I recently came across a mod on the loverslab for the sims 4 Which I think is a funny and great mod it brings alot of fetishes such as boob penis etc. It has puffed nipple boobs too which got me thinking that there is a possibility that nipple penetration can actually come into sims 4. I would have done it but I am not an animator so I cannot make such animations but if you know of a mod that has nipple fuck animations do let me know or maybe you can create one. Also I understand everyone has different or no fetishes at all so if you are disgusted by this post I am sorry in advance buddy. I myself am also trying to learn how to make animations so if I can figure it out I might make it myself but help will be appreciated
  14. Why did this asshole kicked me out the bus? Where am I? Never been here before. Red sand everywhere, some tiny houses, and a burning heat. Speaking of heat, my head feels like it'll explode any moment and my whole body is shaking. I need a shot, that'll make me feel better. Need to find the local dealer. There must be one... Becci is experienced enough to know what to look for if she wants to find the local drug scene. So, even in her bad condition it was easy to find the dealer near an old, crashed airplane. “I need a shot, please give me something, only a small line, that's all I need.” “Yeah, and who are you?” “Only a small line, please, I need it.” “I don't know what you are talking about. Shove off.” “Common, we both know, what you are doing out here. So, please...” “How much money do you have?” “I... I don't have money with me. I can pay later, I promise.” “Yeah, do I look like a fool?” “Please, I need it.” “Yeah, and I need you to get your ass back where it came from. Shove off!” “You... you can have me if you give me something.” “Crazy bitch, I am married. Now shove off or I will get really mad. And you don't want to see me really mad.” Becci had no other choice then leaving the dealer alone. It's so hot in this red sand hell. I need to find a cool place. Maybe I will feel better after a nap. On her way back to the village, a man stood in front of her as if he were waiting for her. “Hey, you there. You tried buying drugs from James.” No question, he knows. That fucking idiot has told someone to come after me. But why? Better say nothing. “Look, there is no reason for you to deny. I have an offer for you.” “My name is Joseph Turner, I am a local business man and I want you to work for me.” “Why should someone offer work to a stranger he just met? What's the catch?” “Look, I heard you asked for drugs without being able to afford them. You must be in trouble and I want to help. Take it or leave.” Ah, fuck, he has a point there. “Ok, what's your offer?” “I will give you a home and everything you need including the drugs you want so bad. In exchange you will welcome some of my clients and be kind to them.” “You are asking me to be your whore!” Do I have another choice? I need that drugs so badly. “Call it what you like. The most important part is that I said you will have everything you need if you would work for me.” “Fuck, ok. What exactly I am supposed to do with your “clients”?” “Everything they ask for, that's the deal. But be assured, they'll not damage my property.” I did not say “yes” finally, but I am already his “property”... “Ok, show me that room you have for me.” “It's not exactly a room, it's a house. Small, old and fucked-up, but still livable. By the way, what's your name?” “Becci” “Becci...” “Becci Evans” “Nice to meet you, Becci Evans. Let's go.” They way to the house was short. James offered Becci a cigarette and as she said “yes”, he gave her the whole pack and a lighter. “Here we are, that's your new home.” “What... about the... drugs?” “I heard you ask for cocaine. That's hard stuff, be patient. I don't want the police to find a girl with an overdose in this house. Here you have a pack. But, seriously, take only one little dose at once.” “Thanks. Is that all?” “I have some loyal clients, who are always burning for new ware. I will send one over in a couple of hours. Be ready for him, get a shower and do not take too much of the stuff.” With that words, he left, not waiting for an answer. “No” seemed not to be an option for him. Ok, first have a look inside and then take one line. Lovely place, but at least a place for me to stay for some days. But not for longer. After I made my first money, I will return to the city and try my luck there again. So, now, get prepared for this “client”. And there he is. I hope his wishes are not too crazy... “Hi Becci, Joseph sent me over. Let's go inside.” “Ok, what do you like?” “First, I would like to taste some Becci. And then let's see what comes to our minds.” “Ok, let's go to this couch here.” “No, I want you to lie down on this desk. Help me getting rid of this TV.” Ha, a freak, who saw this coming... Some moments later... “What about my money?” “Money? Haha, didn't Joseph tell you? You belong to him now, that means, your money also belongs to him. Haha, she thought, she will get some money here, hahahaha.” He left after that words, still laughing. I was really naive thinking I will get some profit out of this, wasn't I? Fuck, I should have known better... I need a shower now. I need to find a way out of this... I could run away... But I still don't know were I am... I think, for the moment it's better to stay and learn more about this place. Then I can plan for returning to the city. Joseph does not seem to be a man that does simply let you go. I think if I can't offer anything in return, he won't accept me leaving his “services”. So, what would that be...
  15. It's Sunday and I finally arrived at my new house. What I have seen of Brindleton Bay so far tells me I could get homegrown here. I started my Sunday with a little run in the direct neighborhood. On my way back to my house I passed a park mostly made for dogs (there are a lot of dogs and cats around here). I normally concentrate on myself when I jog, but what I saw there standing outside the park immediately got my attention. That girl... How can someone be so attractive? Of course I did not stop to start a conversation... Later that day, after having a quick, cold shower, I went to Crabby's Pub, a small, lovely pub on the harbor. I was sitting there a couple of minutes, chatting with the locals, when she entered the pub. And not just that, she took the chair next to me! As I saw her so close for the first time, my stomach cramped and my throat got dry. It took all my courage to speak to her. After an akward introduction, she made it much easier for me by saying that she already have seen me around a couple of times as I helped building my house. That broke the ice. Her name is Christina Murdoch. She was raised here, then left to find her own way in San Mayshuno and recently came back to Brindleton Bay. She returned two months ago to take care of her parents. Her father broke his hip back then and her mother was overburdened with the situation (they also have two pets, one dog, one cat). So, she came back to help her mother. At least her father can walk again now, but she still is staying to help them for a while. Fortunately, she talked the most time, so I didn't have to tell my story. I wouldn't have been able to talk about my last months... After a wonderful afternoon at Grabby's, we went home. As she is living next to me, we had this walk together. A wonderful walk, my heart was jumping around in my chest. In front of my house, we said goodbye. My heart felt heavy at that moment. It seems that Cupid's Arrow hit the bull's-eye. Could she be able to let me forget my past years? Anyway, I had a weird, wicked dream about her this night.
  16. Version 1.0


    Welcome! This is a little mod i made because i thought some framed dickpics could be funny in the game. There are 3 versions, a standing frame, a normal frame and a wooden frame. You can download the pack you like or all of them. Every pack has 18 Framed Dickpics in it. 1. Download: Standing Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 1 2.Download: Normal Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 2 3. Download: Wooden Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 3
  17. Framed Dickpics -By Sincerly View File Welcome! This is a little mod i made because i thought some framed dickpics could be funny in the game. There are 3 versions, a standing frame, a normal frame and a wooden frame. You can download the pack you like or all of them. Every pack has 18 Framed Dickpics in it. 1. Download: Standing Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 1 2.Download: Normal Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 2 3. Download: Wooden Framed Dickpics - DOWNLOAD 3 Submitter Sincerly Submitted 05/05/2020 Category Objects Requires Base Game  
  18. Slutty Christmas Elf View File Hey Guys! A little extra for Christmas! It isn't perfect...i will update it later. For the hat and boots, you need "Spooky Stuff" Enjoy, and Marry Chritmas. If you like my work....you know https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5913875 Submitter Podyssey Submitted 12/23/2019 Category Clothing Requires Spooky Stuff  
  19. Podyssey


    Version 1.0.0


    Hey! Just a little accident...nothing special If you like my work: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5913875
  20. Version 1.1.0


    - File One Dirty Saints Row Hot fanarts for your sims world. ---- - File Two Dirty Furry Kinky furrys are pose for you.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    The beauty in black and white. A dream for every modern Sim man. Photo studios for sensual pictures, look particularly good with these pieces of jewelry;) (This is part Two) 💋 ---- 💋 This is my second try. Thanks for downloading. ❤️ Can I do something better?
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Die Schönheit in Schwarz und Weiß. Ein Traum für jeden modernen Sim-Mann. Fotostudios für sinnliche Bilder, sehen mit diesen Schmuckstücken besonders gut aus;) 💋 ---- 💋 Dies ist mein zweiter Versuch. Vielen Dank für das Herunterladen. ❤️ Kann ich etwas besser machen?
  23. AktWomen.package View File Die Schönheit in Schwarz und Weiß. Ein Traum für jeden modernen Sim-Mann. Fotostudios für sinnliche Bilder, sehen mit diesen Schmuckstücken besonders gut aus;) 💋 ---- 💋 Dies ist mein zweiter Versuch. Vielen Dank für das Herunterladen. ❤️ Kann ich etwas besser machen? Submitter Tiadoma12 Submitted 01/30/2020 Category Objects Requires Base Game  
  24. Dirty Saints Row / Dirty Furry View File - File One Dirty Saints Row Hot fanarts for your sims world. ---- - File Two Dirty Furry Kinky furrys are pose for you. Submitter Tiadoma12 Submitted 01/31/2020 Category Objects Requires Base Game  
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Hey! A little pack with Christmas gifts. Nothing special...just kinky gifts. Enjoy Merry Christmas! If you like my work: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5913875
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