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  1. Exist a german translation for this interesting mod?
  2. Adrianne is searching for Ulfberth... 🤫
  3. Yeah thanks! I exported the head via Racemenu, loaded this nif in NifSkope and took the RGB values from there.
  4. Hello friends! I try to make wigs of my favorite hairstyles. I never worked with NifSkope or Creation Kit but I've finished my first wig and it's working ingame. I used this tutorial to make it happen. It was postet here on LL. 👍 Now the only problem I have is a color mismatch between NifSkope and Skyrim. At first I've taken a look into my Racemenu settings under hair and took the RGB values from there: After that I changed the hair tint color in NifSkope like shown in the tutorial (at min 5:46). Entering the RGB values this way gives me a much brighter color and another hex code like shown in Racemenu. For some reason it's not possible to enter the hex code directly or I don't know how to do it. Well... I'm convinced it must be possible to set the right color and I would appreciate it if you could show me how to solve this problem.
  5. Interesting. Thank you! If somebody has more recommenations for CBBE HDT BS clothes, please let me know! 🤩
  6. Hey guys, I'm seaching for complete outfits that have seperate pieces for the upper and lower body. I plan to do a photo story where my character strips her clothes and I don't want to undress a full body costume in one go. For example: blouse + skirt top + pants Heavy armor is interesting too but clothing is what I'm looking for. No bikinis or underwear. I already have a lot of them. 😛
  7. Questions: This guide tells me, I need Advanced Animation Framework v147b but on Nexus I can just download v154b from Nexus Super Mutant penises in Leito animations looks OK, but in SavageCabbages way too big and misaligned, what can I do? Is there a way to cycle the stages manually via hotkey? Any plans to add a toggle menu hotkey? Is it possible to align the animations via menu (x,y,z, schlong angle)? Is it possible to add .ini settings, where we can edit the values for the NUM-Pad actions. The steps to move in any directions are way too big. If do these movement corrections, player & NPC will are misaligned in many cases. Is there a realign (reset) hotkey like in Sexlab for Skyrim? Too sad, the knee fix for CBBE is not compatible (causes weird schlongs). I read here on LL this will never be combatible or get fixed. Is that true? Thanks for the guide, the mods and your help! It's a great community Ciao!
  8. Thanks guys! I just renamed teh .hkx and it's working.
  9. Hey, I loved this armor when using UNPB many years ago. Now I'd love to see that armor on my new character but I can't find a CBBE version + HDT + Bodyslide. I searched at Google, Nexus & LL. Can you help me?
  10. Thank u very much for these nice outfits. ❓ I have a question for the head gear: What do I need, to change the hair color? My char is a red head, so I'd love to see her hair color under the hood. 👩‍🦰
  11. Thank u very much! Do you have the latest version? v2.2.4
  12. Are you talking about the notifications in the upper left corner? 👇 $SLA_NotificationArousal20 My desires are satisfied $SLA_NotificationArousal20Rape My desires are gone $SLA_NotificationArousal90 My desires are driving me... $SLA_NotificationArousal70 I need to have sex $SLA_NotificationArousal50 I have difficulty focusing... If yes, you could open the following file (for english language): \Skyrim\Data\Interface\translations\SexLabAroused_ENGLISH.txt Then replace the notification text with a blank character (SPACE). Idk if it's enough to delete the messages. $SLA_NotificationArousal20 $SLA_NotificationArousal20Rape $SLA_NotificationArousal90 $SLA_NotificationArousal70 $SLA_NotificationArousal50
  13. Hey Lupine00, I posted in the SLAR thread and hoped they can add a feature, it makes the mod attracive to me. Is it possible you read #2705 - #2711 of this thread and tell me, if you can do this in your mod? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/37652-sexlab-aroused-redux-december-05-2016/page/109/?tab=comments#comment-2761427 Thanks in advance!
  14. There are just the pages I've screenshoted above. It's not possible to change "Time Rate". The desciption says: Changes how fast time effects arousal. If equals 15.0 then each game day ticks 15.0 arousal levels. Note that Time Rate is changing by it self overtime. Default: 10.0 And thats the problem. You change it, and it reverts back to a calculated value. When you cahnge "Decay" to 0 it says: Amount of days needed for Exposure and Time Rate to reduce by one third. If Time Rate is 12 with Decay Rate of 2, then after 2 days Time Rate would be 8. If set to 0 then Exposure and Time Rate do not change with time. Default 2.0 That would be great, but when you set it to 0, Time Rate will not set to a calculated value but it reverts to the default value of 10. It can not be set to a custom value, what is really annoying. 10 is to much. That's why I asked, how I set the default value for Time Rate to 4 (for example). The better way would be, to allow the user to set a custom value. It makes no sense to give the user a slider, when the custom values switch back to defalut every time. It could be such a cool mod for users, that want to have a mod that works like I have in mind. Optional of course. 😉 Btw: I updated to the latest version of SLAR but custom values still reverting to default. 🤯
  15. OK, what I have to do, to set the default value for "Time Rate" to 4 instead of 10. Because with TR=4 it could work: What files must be edited? The .esp or one of the scripts (.pex)? What software I need to do this. It's compiled.
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