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  1. Finally the CCO set is complete! Sadly I am on week 3 with no GPU and therefore no FO4...fuck crypto people and fuck Nvidia 😕😔 Also, I will not be promoting the Zex skelly patcher unless @TheBottomhoodofSteel blesses it. I know there was a dust up with this mod and my loyalties are always with the Zex crew.
  2. When you do this, do you get all of the features for all of the mods or does this overwrite some stuff from the others?
  3. Interested in the cum inflation aspect of this mod as I have been eagerly awaiting the Skyrim "Fill her up" FO4 counterpart. Will the MCM allow me to disable everything BUT Inflation events and associated buffs/debuffs?
  4. Lists updated! While I have your attention, I'd like to invite people to feel free to post a screen shot of their character in some of these outfits not only as a humble showing of appreciation for the converter's work but also so we can see some of these outfits and brighten up the thread with some eye candy! I only ask that you use spoilers if you are posting more than one image
  5. As far as I know, FG does come with a "Uniboob" reference in the main package but as I have yet to implement that into my playthrough I can't answer about the conversions that use it. There might be a "uni-butt" of some kind available or in the works but I didn't see one included in the FG install package. What I can say is that FG development is far from stagnant and whatever features are not available yet but are highly requested will most likely get some love in the future if not already. As an example, FG users were asking for dismemberment support so GrafPanzer created a slightly lower po
  6. Think of FG as the equivalent of CBBE 3BBB in Skyrim. Basically it means better and/or more natural physics and collisions depending on your taste. Obviously this shines in the lewd/skimpy arena but with more and more mods being ported every day, it is only a matter of time before some of the more tactical outfits are ported. Additionally, iirc the breast physics can be fine-tuned to be present, absent, or lowered according to the presence of chest armor. In short, it gives lots of options and whether I play "lewd-out" or not, I like having options! Feel free to drop into the thre
  7. Lists updated....and might I add a huge kudos to our resident and reigning conversion champion for making the Nexus Hot Files! Make sure to send @kharneth1 some well deserved likes and kudos on his conversion on the Nexus!
  8. As someone that is managing a similar thread in the Fallout 4 Community, I appreciate the work you and @tiress have put into this list! This was after all my inspiration for creating and managing my Fusion Girl outfit conversion thread! Thanks for compiling and managing this list so well and most of all, thanks to you and @tiress for the huge update! Also, a shameless plug for my list in case there are any Fallout 4 players here that are interested in discovering the greatness of the newer 3bbb Fusion Girl model!
  9. Much appreciated! I will do everything in my limited power to spread FG/BT3 greatness to the masses!
  10. Is this conversion completed with the exception of the long coat or is the closed/cutoff variant the only one that is completed? I ask because I am hesitant to post an incomplete conversion on the main post. If it is just the long coat that is buggy then that is ok...otherwise I'll post it in the requests section and maybe someone can pick it up and continue.
  11. Frankly, I've never seen a good version of the long coat for this outfit. Back in my CHCBBE days I would just run the cutoff version (opened). I think long coats will just always suck until SMP is a thing the way it is in Skyrim SE. I would say post it as is but that would be self serving as I am missing it as my Silver Shroud replacer.
  12. Wow! Lot's of outfits to post. Excellent work! I'll get around to updating the request and completed lists....just getting over a really tragic loss.. . . . My 2080 Fried....out of warranty....I'm getting money from square trade but alot of good that'll do since dirty miners are taking all the cards. 😞 Lists Updated and looking great if I may say so!
  13. If I remember correctly, TheKite is completely out of modding but that being said; Does one need permission to create FG Bodyslides if you are only providing the associated files? I mean, it's not like you are editing his "art" in any way and you are linking to their mod as it is still required. Im no mod lawyer but it seems like a gray area to me. Maybe ask one of the LL moderators and see what they think? Maybe you can release here?
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