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  1. Not exactly LoversLab type of question but I'd like to know which child is worth my attention as soon as they're born and people here seem to be much more helpful than on Reddit. Can I make it so babies are born with all three personality traits?
  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm making changes to this tutorial all the time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Step 1: Install UE 4.22 with Epic Games Launcher Step 2: Extract Assets Step 3: Import to 3D modelling application Step 3a: Import the base mesh to Blender Step 3b: Rename everything Step 3c: Apply the morph targets This is a good time to save your .blend file! Step 4: Edit the mesh. Step 4a: Get artsy! Step 4b: Split the face from the rest Step 5: Export FBX file. Step 6: Import FBX to Unreal Engine 4.22 Step 7: Create new assets. Step 7a: Make a list of required files Step 7b: Common Skeleton Step 7c: Animation Blueprint and Shadow Physics Asset Step 8: “Package” Project files Step 9: “Pak” Project files Step 10: Textures Step 11: Further reading / Advanced modding
  3. So I'm adding a new character but I cannot place DNA properly. Any help? newchaII.rar
  4. Hi all, I'm making a simple spell mod for myself, but I'm a little stuck on a weapons speed spell. The effect itself is working, but I cant figure out how to make the spell affect both main and offhand weapons. I think I need to use the conditions, but I'm, not sure how. Does anyone know how to do this?
  5. I want to make a Nude mod for BlazBlue Central Fiction (http://store.steampowered.com/app/586140/BlazBlue_Centralfiction/). I wouldn't ask anyone else to do the work because sprite modding in a fighting game is a huge undertaking Using a program called Hipster I managed to extract the sprites and I know how to edit them, but I can't find a way to reinsert them successfully (despite the program having a function to reinsert images). Can someone Help me find a way to insert sprites into this game? The characters I'm looking at modding are: nu 13/ lambda 11 Makoto Nanaya Mu 12 Mai and Taokaka and maybe more
  6. Moving this topic here since I wrongly posted to LE TechSupport before: I've been trying to fix some armors from a mod showing up invisible or translucent/refracting in-game, so I popped open nifskope to check if the texture paths are set correctly. Long story short: it looks like everything is set up correctly, but the object in question has a rainbow-y (not missing-texture-purple) texture in nifskope. Yes, texture paths are set correctly for nifskope itself, other armors show up just fine with texture. I'm a total noob at modding so I apologize if this is completely obvious and redundant, but google came up empty on the issue. If you read this far: thanks for reading this far. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Things in the Dark could have been one of the greatest LL quest mods ever. Unfortunately, it has a lot of bugs. The "modified" version fixes some of them, making it sort of playable. Almost every quest in TitD is a broken progression blocker. Why does TitD have so many bugs? Why does Delzaron consistently make mods that have so many faulty quests? To be fair to Delzaron, he's not the only modder with this problem, he's just the most prolific. I could name a few other authors, with buggy mods, who script their quests in exactly the same way. When trying to patch up my TitD so I could play through it some more, I started to see various common recurring problems, with how the quests were set up. I think TitD serves as a "how not to" guide on writing quests, and there are some cautionary lessons to be learned from it. Most broken quests involved a simple mistake or typo, or some non-updated value, but those mistakes all have a common root cause: unnecessary complexity. The quests are not cookies, they are snowflakes, and this massively expands the effort required to write and test them, to the point where it is impossible. Because it was effectively impossible, Delzaron failed. How can we ensure that quest development remains in the realm of possible, or better still easy? Rather than hard, or impossible? As mentioned above, the complexity and hardness comes from a few oft-repeated mistakes. As these common mistakes are so well established, and known to be flaws in so many mods, you'd think that we'd stop seeing them. Skyrim quests aren't written in a world of automated testing and extensive QA, and they can not easily be continuously updated without upsetting players with running games. Mods get periodic releases, and those releases should be as robust as possible to avoid player angst; quest logic should be as defensive as possible. If it allows the player to cheat, it's better than a quest that easily becomes blocked. When you do multiple bad things, you compound the player's pain. When you do multiple good things, you reduce the risk of your mod breaking, even if you make a mistake somewhere else. The following practices combine together to help stop the root cause of numerous quest bugs that have a common form. 1) Quest stages should be self contained What I mean by this, is if you do "setstage" on a quest, the quest should be set completely in the correct state. It shouldn't be possible to run setstage and have the quest go into an inconsistent or broken state. For example, some player dialog becomes available at stage 50, if you have collected 10 mushrooms. Choosing that dialog runs a fragment that sets another NPC's faction, sets that NPC's location, and puts a key in their inventory. Then it sets quest stage to 60. What's wrong with this? The problem is that if you want to test this quest, you cannot simply set the stage to 60, because the NPC won't be set up properly. If this quest breaks, you cannot simply set the stage to 60, because, again, the NPC won't be set up properly. How it should have worked is quite simple: the dialog fragment should have done ONE thing, set the quest stage to 60. Then, the trigger script for stage 60 should have set up the NPC's faction, location and inventory. In this case, you can test stage 60 of the quest without any additional preparation, the stage is "self contained". Following this rule avoids so many problems. The bad pattern occurs when the logic to set up the quest stage is hidden away somewhere in a different stage. This is not good modularity or encapsulation. Quest stages are a developer tool to help organize work, but many modders use them with no clear objective in mind, just because they think they should 2) Quest stages should serve a clear purpose If you have quest stages that exist without objectives, alarm bells should probably go off. Why does that stage exist? What state is it representing? In most cases, a quest stage should have a matching quest objective that the player can see, and the stage advances when that objective is met. Such quests are easy to understand as a player, or developer, and are easy to test. The worst example of this is ping-pong quests that bounce quest stage updates between multiple quests, where none of the stages were strictly necessary, and served only to update a stage on a foreign quest that itself serves no purpose at all but to update back to the previous quest. Multiple quests become entangled for no reason. However, there are legitimate reasons to have a stage with no objectives, particularly if the goal is to sequence events in a simple way. A classic example of event sequencing is the multi-step dialog. The modder uses quest stages (without objectives) to make the player have a conversation with an NPC in a certain order. Each time the player addresses the correct topic, and gets down to the right branch, the quest steps forward, unlocking the next topic and disabling the old one. This is a reasonable way to turn the dialogs on and off, because it's easy to set the quest stage to test the dialogs, and the fragments that advance the dialog stages are simple owning-quest setstage calls. Additionally, testing a quest stage in a condition is quite efficient. This pattern is broken when the modder does strange, random things: The progression of stages is erratically numbered, or jumps back and forth between dialog on different quests in a way that makes following it in the CK extremely tiresome. The stages actually go down as well as up. Very confusing. The stages intermix variant ways to control the quest, sometimes stage number, sometimes a variable. 3) Dialog conditions that involve == on anything but a quest stage are fragile The rider to this is: counter values can advance unpredictably. The corollary of this is that dialog conditions that use == on a quest stage are a good thing, but on counters that go up, probably bad, and on values that take on non-integral values, disastrous. How many mods have you played where you collected one flower too many and the quest become impossible to finish? Jobs of Skyrim, I'm looking at you! Things in the Dark has the same problem. Press the button that advances your slave ranking, and you'll skip past ranking 8, never hit the magic slave-ranking value in the dialog conditions and never be able to transition from Daithe to Hashep. Worse, you can't just setstage to start the Hashep quest-line because this quest violates rule (1) above. The solution to most of these counter bugs is to test >= instead of ==, then if something unexpected happens, your quest can still progress. And by always using a dialog condition with a stage check that asserts the correct stage, the game won't end up polluted with dialogs that should have gone away because they'd done their job. Counter values are particularly unreliable in Skyrim, due to threading, and slow Papyrus, and the player's ability to mess things around, you are asking for trouble when you expect counters to take on exact values. You never know whether you will see every counter value that is set, sometimes you might miss several. If you test for 20 petals, the odds of the player being able to get 22 before your check runs are decent. Just because you never see that case in testing doesn't mean it can't happen. But if the player has to go through a certain dialog to advance the quest, and that dialog only shows up for the exact stage that needs it, that's a good thing, stick to that pattern. 4) Use a coherent numbering scheme and keep stages ordered When quest stages are numbered 0, 10, 20, 50, 53, 54, 55, 67, 90, 100, and three of those stages are not even used, it's harder to work on that quest and keep it aligned with other quests and dialog conditions than if it used sensible numbering. It's even worse if a quest's stage numbers differ wildly from its objective numbers. In the cleanest case, objectives and stages have the same numbering, so you don't have to flip back and forth between stages and objectives to figure out what is being done. There is no reason not to start with quest stages rising in 100s. This allows you to use a pattern of steps of 5 for cases where you are doing simple dialog sequencing. Then, when you see a value other than a round hundred, you immediately know it's dialog sequencing. Of course, sometimes you need to add a stage to an established quest, but this really should be a last resort. Using steps of 100 makes this a lot less likely to run into a blockage though. In such cases, you should still strive to always keep objective numbers lined up with quest stages - there's no reason not to do that and not doing it can be enormously confusing. 5) NPCs can move - cope with it Things in the Dark, and Deadly Pleasures are frequently upset by an NPC being in the wrong place. NPCs walk off and start doing odd things, but the quest demands them to be in a certain room or near a certain marker. In some cases, TitD ports Frabbi out of the city, totally blocking your progression - it's not really what I'm talking about here though - the most obvious issue is NPCs that you have a talk objective with, who will not talk. That said, all kinds of misplaced NPC issue should be considered. Assumptions that NPCs will be where you expect are highly likely to be wrong - unless you have immediate (short term) measures to get them in place. If the PC needs to talk to a certain NPC, don't constrain that conversation to only taking place in a specific location. Constrain it by quest stage. That is enough. It will be easier to test, and work better for the player. Unless you have a really good reason, and proper mechanics around it, stopping the player from having a conversation just because they're in the wrong room is infuriating, and leads to player confusion again and again. They have no idea why they can't progress the quest, and why the dialog is missing. They have a quest objective to talk to NPC X, but NPC X has nothing to say! Avoid that pattern. It's a cause of woe. When dealing with mods like AI Overhaul, NPCs will walk off to all kinds of odd places. If an NPC must stay put, you need a special "priority 100" quest and AI package to lock them in place. Even that may not be enough. You may need a way for the PC to summon the NPC "in game". For example, if your quest requires Frabbi to be in the ruined dwemer pumping station, then port her there at the stage start. But if the player enters the station, check to see if Frabbi is there. If she is not there, port Frabbi outside the (only) exit of the pumping station, so when the frustrated player leaves, he bumps right into Frabbi and can have the conversation. Another thing that follows from this is quest markers - if the goal is an NPC, make sure the NPC is the target, not the location that they may not be at. In DP you can arrive at the quest location, but nine times out of ten, the NPC isn't there. As you don't know who you have to speak to, there's no easy workaround. 6) Scenes are your friend - don't make them an enemy Slaverun has a mechanism for using scenes that allowed Kenjoka to write massive amounts of story content without much in the way of bugs. In comparison, TitD has a small amount of story, and it fails to advance it correctly at almost every single step. Why did Kenjoka have no problems with this issue in Slaverun Reloaded, but Delzaron hits an iceberg on almost every single quest in Things in the Dark? It's not because one of them is simply a genius who keeps it all straight in his head, it's because Slaverun has a high-level system for triggering scenes, and that system is used over and over again to run the story content. This allows the story content to be tested simply by triggering those scenes at the high level. In contrast, every story segment in TitD and DP is a hand-crafted snowflake, built out of quest stages, gated dialog, forcegreets, and AI behaviors. Anything that uses Skyrim AI is inherently fragile. It's mostly fine when you have it working right, but only mostly, and it's hard to get right in the first place. AI sometimes fails for no obvious reason, and the CK mechanism for editing it is extremely fragile. Edit working AI, change nothing, and it suddenly stops and will never run again. At all. As for sharing AI ... it's hazardous. Scenes require no AI behaviors. All you have to do is ensure the participants are present, then start the scene. If the scene has the PC in it, you probably have to move the camera to a dummy and lock their controls while it's running. If you have a scene management system you only need to write that code once. Where scenes go wrong (and alas, Devious Followers is the archetype for this) is when they bind scripting into the scene stages, ad-hoc, possibly even advancing various quests as they go. This is terribly hard to maintain, because you have to know exactly which scene steps have script buried inside them. There are so many places you can hide a script away in a scene. For example, on the dialog lines instead of on the stage that fires them. There is too much freedom, and if you abuse it, you'll never untangle the mess that results. If you're going to run a script on a scene, stick to one script, run at the finish. At most two (one at the start, and one at the finish). You should need very special reasons to run scripting mid scene, and if you do, it shouldn't advance quests or make changes to internal state that advance quests, it should be purely to help the NPCs "act" during the scene. 7) SexLab can fail Don't assume that a SexLab scene will start and run to completion just because you try to start it. If your quest progression is controlled by an animation end handler for SexLab, one missing animation blocks your quest. This is a very simple mistake, and it's simple to fix. Never advance quests (directly) based on a SexLab animation end. If you want to run a pre-defined SexLab scene - create a high-level manager to ensure that shared logic for SexLab scenes is written once and tested many times, not different and unique for each use case. Design the high-level manager so it ensures all participants are present before trying to start the scene, starts the expected scene, and returns, or raises a mod event on animation end. If you know the animation failed to start, handle that immediately in the manager (spit out a Debug.Notify and act as if it ran). In the event of no animation end, use a timeout to catch it. No matter what goes wrong, when the manager determines the scene ended cleanly, or didn't start, or crashed, the caller can safely advance the quest. If there's a debug notification that the player can see in the event the scene doesn't run properly, all the better. If the manager crashes and takes down the control flow, you're still hosed. You can defend against this, but it adds complexity. A high-level scene manager that ensures participant presence solves a lot of problems. I'd rather have an NPC appear from nowhere for a scene, than the entire quest sequence block forever because they weren't in the right place at the magic moment. In most cases, a well written manager will not crash, even with missing animations - that should be a tested case. Deadly Pleasures requires the player to have a special "Patreon contributors only" animation pack. It says it works with the free version, but that's not true at all. Because it doesn't handle missing animations well, and because using the free animation pack leads to many missing animations, this results in broken quest progression on numerous occasions. I would suggest that this is not a good development pattern, unless you want players to start avoiding your mods due to a consistent expectation of nothing but broken quests. 8 ) Branching within Quests Skyrim quests, as designed by Bethesda, are not really intended to support branching within a quest. If you look at vanilla quests, they rarely introduce optional content. If they do it's usually a stage you can progress by either method (a), or method (b), or a stage with an optional step (c). Most quests progress with simple AND conditions. If you meet all the requirements, you go on to the next major stage. The flow of vanilla quests is typically sequential, (often) with no stages skipped, and stages only advancing. Some quests let you skip a stage here or there, or provide a basic OR in how you can progress. When they want to start a genuine branch, they usually launch a new quest to do it. The quest system is designed to support this model, and becomes awkward if used for other models. Quest stages can only get set to higher values. Stages have a concept of completion. Code is run on stage start, and on completion do nothing other than a SetStage(). Usually, new stages clean up the objectives of old ones. It's quite simplistic. While we have a function that is run on stage entry, there is no equivalent for stage exit (which is a serious flaw, and is probably why so many sloppily made quests don't clean-up objectives properly). There's an interesting bug/feature here ... if you SetStage to a LOWER stage number, the set will not change the stage, but the stage entry script will still execute! This can lead to modder confusion. You can definitely create more sophisticated logic, but Skyrim does nothing special to help you. Quests are designed to work the simple way I suggest above, and that's it. That is how the journal objective system is designed to work: do steps, in order, finish quest, success, get reward. There aren't many branches in Skyrim vanilla. There are some exclusive choices, but they're usually done by starting two quests and failing one of them when you finish the other. Civil War does this for Storm Cloaks vs Imperials vs Broker Peace. Using that model, it can launch a new quest any time, and have that quest shut-down competing branches. If you want to make vanilla-style quests, you should design like this. It's not a huge benefit, but it's a benefit. The alternative is that you have to write a quest system of your own in script. Misapprehension of this pattern leads to Delzaron coming unstuck sometimes, but most of his quests are linear and fit this model perfectly. Fish seems to "get" it, but still gets sloppy with objective clean-up. Sex Slaves permits branching, so it launches "competing" quests, but you can't complete them all successfully. While you can build multiple paths into a single quest, it's not really the intended pattern and it makes objective clean-up harder; there are ways to be rigorous about it, but Beth just don't bother; it's probably easier and cleaner to make a new quest. e.g. 10 Learn you must find the maguffin 20 Magguffin found - sets objectives "give maguffin to a Ulfric or Balgruuf" 30 Maguffin given to Balgruuf - start new quest Balgruuf's Maguffin 40 Maguffin given to Ulfric - start new quest Ulfric's Maguffin 50 Clean up objectives ... Completion vs 10 Learn you must find the maguffin 20 Magguffin found - sets objectives "give maguffin to a Ulfric or Balgruuf" 30 Maguffin given to Balgruuf - go to stage 100 40 Maguffin given to Ulfric - go to stage 200 100 Clean up common objectives from 10-40 110 Do stuff with Balguuf's maguffin... Go to stage 300 ... (various stages) 150 Complete Balgruff's maguffin quest-line 200 Clean up common objectives from 10-40 210 Do stuff with Ulfric's maguffin... ... (various stages) 260 Complete Ulfric's maguffin... Go to stage 300 300 Completion And if you want to unify clean-up ... 10 Learn you must find the maguffin 20 Magguffin found - sets objectives "give maguffin to a Ulfric or Balgruuf" 30 Maguffin given to Balgruuf - set Balgruuf flag - go to stage 50 40 Maguffin given to Ulfric - clear Balgruuf flag - go to stage 50 50 Clean up objectives from before (unified clean-up), branch on Balgruuf flag, go to stage if true 100 or 200 if false 100 Do stuff with Balguuf's maguffin... ... (various stages) 150 Complete Balgruff's maguffin quest-line... Clean up Balgruuf objectives ... Go to stage 300 200 Do stuff with Ulfric's maguffin... ... (various stages) 260 Complete Ulfric's maguffin... Clean up Ulfric objectives ... Go to stage 300 300 Clean up common objectives ... Completion See how much simpler it is if you don't do branches within the quest? Often, we'll see quest authors mush their stages together, performing multiple activities per stage to get around this. This muddy thinking often leads to them getting muddled about what a stage should do, or having poor stage planning and design. It also leads to "objective clean up in completion code" which then creates broken objectives when players SetStage from the console. Last Words A smart person learns from their mistakes. A really smart person learns from the mistakes of others. I know this seems like a hatchet job on poor Delzaron. I used his mods as an example, but he's not alone in doing this. I love what he's trying to do. I admire his persistence. His mods are consistently interesting, and raise all kinds of provoking possibilities. However, his scripting is a tail of tears, and I think it's worth examining why, so that others don't go down that same road and fall straight into the same potholes. There are other good/bad habits I didn't mention. Maybe you've come across some quest patterns you'd like to never see again?
  8. heya! long time lurker, figured i'd post here to see if anyone was interested in working with me on a romanceable follower/quest mod! the brief details are below, and i'm also available on nexus under the same handle if that's easier for you :3 the mod includes 2 followers, one female and one male, both of whom are Reachmen/Forsworn. the point of the mod is to add romanceable followers, so both followers have romance questlines that are suitable for both male and female dragonborns! their families/clans have been displaced by Ulfric's occupation of Markarth, and have subsequently lost their ancestral home, The Lost Valley. each follower will be custom voiced, and will both have personal quests for the player to do as well as full quest awareness, including dlcs! this looks to be anywhere from 1500 - 3000 unique lines of dialogue. the mod will hopefully include a handful of new locations, new npcs, maybe some new armor and weapons, a player home, full compatibility with hearthfire multiple adoptions and the like, and interactions with different follower mods already on the nexus such as inigo and lucien! the inspiration for this mod came from kaidan 2, but it seems that his author has put him on the backburner, and there's a few things i don't like about the mod. so i figured i would make my own :3 i'm currently in the writing stage of the mod, but i'd really appreciate any help writing, landscaping/location building, making custom items, scripting, etc. the mod isn't itself nsfw besides a few racy fade-to-black scenes but it is focused on the relationships between the ldb and the npcs, so i imagine it fits in okay here! if you're interested, i've got a few things started with the writing and such that i can share, and i'm happy to work with amateur modders or folks with the same skill level as me (which is uh, novice, lol). i'm excited to hear from you! ladytyrell
  9. A lot of mods that have soft-dependencies have all kinds of nasty cross-mod issues that cause a CTD at game start, or simply break other mods that are involved in the mess. Often, the problems only manifest when three or more mods are involved. The way to avoid these problems completely is quite simple. The problem is created by a handful of bad patterns, and there is nothing mysterious or magical about it. There is a solid reason for why it happens, and why it can sometimes be quite complex to reproduce, or for a player to fix when setting up a new LO. In most cases, the cause of problems is a mod that has code to call some foreign mod in a quest script that auto-starts, and it doesn't check whether the ESP is present, it simply calls Game.GetFormFromFile and if it gets a None, it assumes the mod is missing. USLEEP does this FFS! It is the root cause of all that stupid spam it spews on every single game start. This pattern is toxic. Do not ever do this: Form foo = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00123456, "Foreign Mod.esp") If foo != None TypeFromSomeOtherMod realFoo = foo As TypeFromSomeOtherMod ... do something with realFoo EndIf So what should you do? Follow the five rules to avoid ever referencing types that don't necessarily exist, and your mod should be much more stable with respect to soft-dependencies, even if you rely on a mod that is a confluence of trouble, such as SLIF. The Rules 1) Put all the mod interactions for a single foreign mod into a single global function. Do not (ever) mix mod interactions between different mods in the same file! 2) Do not interact with a type from a foreign mod in any function other than a global function. 3) Do not access a global function that performs an interaction with a foreign mod without first confirming that its ESP is present. 4) Do not access foreign mods during first start-up of the game. 5) Avoid access to foreign mods during OnLoad and equivalent events. You can see this pattern followed properly in Deviously Cursed Loot. SLD doesn't follow these patterns properly; there are several errors that need to be fixed. It seems to get away with it anyway, but it's better to be safe than sorry with Skyrim. But why? Quite simply, if you reference a type from a script file that doesn't exist, Skyrim doesn't know how to handle it. The type is garbage. It will either CTD, or - if you are lucky - the type will be incompatible with all objects and never take a value apart from None. To be sure we don't reference types that don't exist, we must make sure those types are not present anywhere in a script we might execute when that type's defining script doesn't exist. And if that defining type is bound to an ESP, it will also need that ESP, so we should check that exists first. The type only properly exists when its script files are present, and the best rule we have for determining the presence of the script files, is the presence of the ESP. This is important for other reasons too, because we need the ESP to populate pre-defined properties on foreign types. Clearly both ESP and script need to exist, but checking both creates an absurdly tight binding, and is busywork that requires special Papyrus extensions anyway. It's good enough to check for the ESP. It's not good enough to skip that check, because an object script without its ESP may be parsed but will still break your game because its an orphan: a class that has no possible instances. Only global scripts can operate properly without their parent ESP or ESM, because a global script cannot be instanced. By putting the interactions in a global function in a script that contains only global functions, we can be sure that our mod will never try to reference those types unless we explicitly call the global. The same is not the case for a script attached to a quest. If you attach a script to a quest, its papyrus instance will be created when the quest is started. If the quest is auto-start, that will be on first load of the game. So, if you reference a foreign type - even if due to control flow, you do not execute that reference - it is still processed by Skyrim when the potential calling script is loaded. Skyrim must know the type's signature, and to do that it instantiates the type, and to do that, requires an ESP. Using global scripts stops this, because they are not pre-instantiated, and they are only instantiated when executed, and executed when explicitly called. But we must be sure not to call those globals at sensitive times, of if the scripts (and types) they rely on do not exist, or cannot be instantiated. Thus, we check the ESP of the foreign mod exists before trying to call the globals, and we only call the globals from "safe" functions that will not run on first game startup. I'm simplifying a bit. It's really only an issue with scripts that are bound to objects, but those are the most common soft-dependency. Any other kind of script would be a global, and would have no persistent internal state and no properties. For such scripts the mere existence of the script object is enough. If it's missing, your game will not explode. Though the code that tries to call it won't work and will crash, merely having a reference to it in your own quest won't cause an issue at all, beyond the crashing of your script that is. Why must we avoid first game startup? This is important because the foreign types we want to reference may not even be loaded, even if the ESP exists. Skyrim loads the types when the ESP loads, and normally that happens in strict load order. But if we reference a type in our script, it will cause the script that defines that type to be loaded before the ESP that instances it. This is not well supported in Skyrim. Either way, we don't know the load order, and whether the other mods have loaded yet. This is why changing load order can sometimes fix issues. If your mod is not following the pattern cleanly, but loads really late, it might get away with it anyway. OnLoad is an edge case. OnLoad doesn't run on first load (strange, I know, but I believe this is on purpose so OnLoad can rely on initialization). So, mods that reference foreign mods in their OnLoad should be safe? They are. Mostly. In some cases, a player adds a mod during play. That mod may then get picked up by a "naughty" soft-depending mod that checks for soft-deps OnLoad, but the mod just added by the player might not have properly loaded. This is why checking in OnLoad is hazardous. If you don't add mods mid-play, it will be fine. And if you do, you may get away with it if the mod gets properly loaded before the OnLoad for the depending mod runs. SLD seems to get away with it in practice, but you shouldn't push your luck; I see the SLD behavior as a bug that needs to be fixed. Practical Examples So, where should we check for foreign mods? I believe the correct answer is in an OnUpdate handler. When OnLoad runs, it should set an int "checkSoftDeps" variable to 1. It should also set the presence of ALL soft-dep mods to false - keep a boolean flag for each one. When OnUpdate runs, it has a branch that runs if checkSoftDeps > 0 Inside that branch it increments checkSoftDeps If checkSoftDeps > 2, then run the handling code to check for soft deps, then reset checkSoftDeps to 0. This makes it impossible to run the checks prematurely, but only requires one variable. Inside the soft-dep check handler, we need to see if the ESPs are present. If the ESP index is not 255, then it is, and we can set the presence flag to true. e.g. In OnLoad: checkSoftDeps = 1 slifPresent = False aproposPresent = False In OnUpdate: If checkSoftDeps > 0 checkSoftDeps += 1 If checkSoftDeps > 2 slifPresent = 255 != Game.GetModByName("Sexlab Inflation Framework.esp") aproposPresent = 255 != Game.GetModByName("Apropos2.esp") checkSoftDeps = 0 EndIf EndIf In code that uses apropos: If aproposPresent && 255 != Game.GetModByName("Apropos2.esp") Actor aproposActor = MyModAproposShim.GetAproposActor() ... EndIf In the Global function file MyModAproposShim: Actor Function GetAproposActor() Global Apropos2Actors actorLibrary = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0002902C, "Apropos2.esp") .... Return foundActor EndFunction Note how at the point of use, the mod ESP is checked again, even though we have the boolean? That's because the boolean may not get reset fast enough via OnLoad, but it saves us checking GetModByName over and over if the mod is never present. Note how only the global function, safe in its own file contains an actual TYPE from Apropos2: Apropos2Actors. When I wrote SLD, I was under the misapprehension that simply not using a type was enough. That is wrong. If the type is not loaded, and you load a script that references it, you can break the game. Not necessarily though, and that is where the complex results that Monoman wrote about originate. See my comments in the spoiler on first and second consumers. This topic has actually been written about by engine experts, but the posts are hard to find. Essentially, if you reference the type, and the mod isn't loaded, you will cause the type to be loaded if it can be. If that goes ok, then your mod may not cause a problem, but you may have now caused a type to load outside of the normal order of load ordering ... consequences of this can result in the type itself breaking, but if it ends up trying to load references to ANOTHER type that is itself later in the LO, and that's where things can go bad. If you start this chain, and any type is missing, Skyrim fails to instantiate the type, and code - in some other mod - may then try to use it anyway, and CTD. Thus if you follow the pattern, you stop other mods that aren't well-behaved, from breaking the game. Some things to think about...
  10. A little info before I get into it--I'm not a modder, I just fell into a rabbit hole. I came across Female Creatures(I love it by the way), and ever since I've been adapting SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon to create a compatibility for the added races. I've been stubbing my toe through the process but I'm getting places(I can apply the UNP mesh manually through SOS). Here's the issue: Currently I'm trying put this adaptation mod on SOS so SOS can handle the UNP application automatically. I've gotten at least 5 of the 20-30 custom races to appear on the list so you can make the probability and size adjustments for them, but it stops after the 5th even though all races are set up. It's beginning to make me feel that I hit a page limit. If anyone understands my issue(maybe an mcm limitation but I know mcm has the capability for pages), please let me know. I feel like I'm on the verge of completing what wanted to do, it's just the rest of the races aren't showing up. Thanks for reading. -Cettle Additional info: -I'm using TES5Edit(should I be?) -I have no idea what I'm doing. -This alteration was only meant for personal use. -Hello this is my first post.
  11. How easy is it to do either of the following: 1. Create a new creature model that can be assigned to an original creature skeleton? 2. Create a new creature skeleton and model? I ask because after looking at a mod that adds the Tsaesci Race into skyrim, i noticed that included within the mod was a summonable "snake" which uses the skeleton of an ice wraith but a custom snake model. Unfortunatly, this made the snake bounce around similar to how a wraith would do. My original thought was whether it was possible to make a new skeleton for a snake, then whether it was even possible to add new skeletons at all. Sorry if some of the answers to this are obvious, i honestly don't know the first thing about creating mods of any kind or even what software is used, though if i could find this out i would love to attempt making my own creatures. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  12. so i made a custom model for the sims 4 and i want it to take the hair equip reigon. It is a mass effect quarian helmet and sims 4 studio is not working for some reason. Anyone who can help i can send you the file and convert it for me? I have hit a brick wall. But please do not try and take credit for my work.
  13. I'm going to be completely honest RN this is the only sims4 modding community I know of. So I am a mass effect fan and i am trying to make a Tali helmet I used sims4studio to get a nude mesh and used one of the free models from sketchfab and now I have it a brick wall. The helmet has textures and it is in a .blend file any assistance would be marvelous as I said I have seen a few things that were made around here and ya'll seem good at what you do. Anyone who wants to talk about the .blend file send me a message or something and i will try to get the mesh to you. :)
  14. Hello guys! does anyone know how to create poses on blender? i've tried these tutorial But the script is not working for me and the other tutorial has the instructions in russian. So i was wondering if anyone knows a tutorial to make poses in blender? because that's the only software i know how to use so far. I can't really use the browser cause the internet where i live is a mess right now and the browsers are taking ages to load so im asking here for help
  15. Help my modded Skyrim (newest version) is running at like 20fps with huge frame dips i understand that modded skyrim is unoptimized and demanding but i would like to reach a stable 30fps atleast. My gpu is being used about 50% and my cpu around 60% and my vram isn't maxing out either so i dont understand why it is running so poorly... Here is a video with fps, cpu+gpu usage, vram+ram usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUHwTiXJcvY&feature=youtu.be Some mods and settings i have: SSEengine fixes, TAA, ugrids=5, large refgridsize=13, imingrasssize=60, bethINI ultra with no vsync, 4k-2k textures, 2k shadows, custom optimized enb + amd cas reshade, rustic weathers, unbelivable grass 2 redux, smim, high poly project, hdt physics, unpb, skysight, fair skin, 3d trees, rw2, sselodgen, etc. (edit: i forgot i use skse 2017, mo2, loot to fix the load order + some manually, i use project optimization, tkdodge, elfx+ele, lanterns of skyrim 2, papyrus, uiextensions,skyui, animation mods + fnis. Game is located in g: drive (G:\SteamLibraryG\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition) and a lot of free space. (I can post modlist if needed!) PC specs: 1080p/1920x1080 144hz monitor I have an rtx 2060 super overclocked at 133% powerlimit, +70mhz core, +700mhz memory and an i7-4770k constantly running at 5ghz (i know it's old) with 16gb 2000mhz ram the game is being played on a samsung evo ssd. (Driver: 445.87 + newest enb binary, ultra performance windows + maximum performance in nvidia settings) My main suspicion is the old cpu is bottlenecking my gpu but if you know some performance tweaks for skyrim se or what the problem is please comment.
  16. Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great day. I love this game to death and finally worked up the courage and inspiration from all the amazing content you lot share to mod it. I'm on SSE but I have absolutely no modding knowledge. Can anyone offer me any kind of advice or guidance? The end goal is to turn the game into an absolute sex game filled with all kinds of delicious filth. BTW, is this like an all in one mod pack I can install or? https://github.com/erri120/lotus/releases/tag/v0.2.2 Thank you!
  17. so i wanted to make a mod devious device compatible, but i have copied the id forms and made the effect that makes it lock onto the PC, but like i said i am stalled in this mod because of the face settings i don't know how to get with minimum clipping and the other one is that i get the hood stuck on me and the gasmask that goes over it isn't doing the same thing. This is the mod i started modding seriously. And the esp file goes into the overwrite file. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/116292-latex-hoods-gasmask-by-carboncats/ CarbonCatsKinkyStuff_v1 Modded.7z
  18. Hi, i want to make slave milk food factory, how can I make custom job ONLY for slaves? Can someone help me?
  19. Hi! I've been trying to live with this problem for a while now, but it's getting to a point where it's just extremely aggravating. What's wrong is that Skyrim seems to crash straight to desktop everytime I enter the Reach region, which to me seems completely arbitrary. No mods I installed prior to the crashes happening changed anything about that area! My load order: I may be dumb, I certainly am really bad at this sort of thing, but I can't see anything that would cause a CTD upon entering the Reach. Can anyone here help? [I hope I'm posting this in the right place. If not, I'm sorry q.q]
  20. I'm back! With a huge thank you to those who helped me get the hair situation figured out, I've progressed quite a bit but ran into a problem and hopefully someone knows how to fix it. I have the custom body meshes and textures successfully uploaded to CK, though found some issues that I was able to correct, including CK crashing while viewing the body/face. This happened because I was using a head from ygNord, instead of the default male head when transferring the NiTriShapeData from one head to the other to make sure I have all the proper nodes. Unfortunately I had to re position the head in 3ds Max because said transfer caused the head to be way far from the bone nodes. Well, I think I have that figured out but now I'm left with a particular problem. The head is still not resting where it should be upon the body. It's actually too far back, leaving a large gap between the neck and chest, and causing the eyes and mouth to bug out. Kinda gross looking. Also, I can only view the head in full preview mode, as it's still rendering invisible in the Head preview. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution for this sort of problem? I'll upload the head .nif file if you need to take a look at it. It's possible somethings missing or didn't translate over. TrahearneHead1.nif
  21. Hey guys, i have encountered a weird issue where i grabbed a male only armor and decided to converted into a UUNP HDT outfit, to put it short, i kinda work, the outfit was built into the female shape and my preset and the HDT breasts and butt physics work, however, it's only using the "100" weight body, even in the "0" weight body, but on bodyslide preview and even in Nifskope the "Outfit_0.nif" looks on "0" weight (Cause the "0" of my slider preset has petite breasts, and the "100" has very big breasts) so what's the problem and how can i fix it?
  22. Hello guys! I've been making simple unanimated meshes for personal use for a while Furniture/Weapons, with custom textures and all, but one question i have, is how do you give models, Texture? I mean, how do you make, shiny metal, look like shiny metal? or leather look like leather? or clean shiny wood look like... shiny wood? Cause all the meshes with textures i've done and place on skyrim look flat, when adding normal maps they do have the normal map working but i still don't know ho to make things shiny and thing look opaque. especially having a prop that have both shiny and opaque parts, let's say a wood club with nails. How do i achive this? i haven't been able to find anything about it since i don't know how to call this proccess, any help would be apreciated!
  23. I need some help. I've been trying to add some custom event pictures to a mod I've been working on, but I've hit a bit of a snag. Whenever I try to have my event use the image I want to use, it instead uses the placeholder image that would appear if I didn't define which graphic I wanted. -I am using GIMP 2 (although I have next to no experience with image editing software) with the dds file plugin -my file directory looks like this "Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\MODNAME\gfx\event_pictures" the current image I trying to use is " test_image" -my image is the correct ratio of 450x150. -There is only one layer on my image and I am basically using a copy of a vanilla dds file as a base, and then copying my image over it (but Its still on the same layer) -the code in my event script looks like this: id = FTCY.23 desc = Training_marshal_description border = GFX_event_normal_frame_martial picture = test_image (I've also tried "GFX_evt_test_image")
  24. I just started working on this mod for Crusader Kings II. I have never made mods for any game before, but I have a bit of programming experience. I apologize if this is quite vague, but I need some help finding out why my mod is causing my game to crash to desktop. The output of the error.log file that I was provided with after the crash can be found here: https://github.com/Neonz27/Spiritual-Journey-CK2-Mod/issues/5 The mod's source code can be found here (under the dev branch NOT the master branch): https://github.com/Neonz27/Spiritual-Journey-CK2-Mod/tree/dev Any and all help is greatly appreciated! I am also adding the names of all the great people that help me debug this mod to the credits as a way of thanking you wonderful people for your assistance! mod.zip
  25. I want to preface that if this is the wrong place to post a request for modding support, I would be more than happy to have this thread moved or if directed, post in the right place. Hello, Count Ravioli here! I have been on-and-off modding TS3 and to a lesser extent, TS4. While TS4 has proven to be pretty easy to mod, it seems TS3 seeks to challenge me for some reason. Anyway, the issues I seem to be having are that AwesomeMod refuses to work, and despite the use of NRAAS or KinkyWorld, both my Sim making advances on a Male Teen Sim to enter a relationship despite being at 100 in relationship leads to awkwardness. This also happens when the Teen Sim makes advances towards my Adult Sim. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I have moved mods around, removed and installed mods, and looked around to no avail. I genuinely appreciate and and all help, but would like those who're versed to well-versed in modding The Sims 3. Thank you, and I look forward to meeting more of you soon! - Count Ravioli
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