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  1. There was. But I never got around to it, and I lost access to 3ds (also, I think I had trouble rigging bloodworms and crickets). Maybe in the future, but not too likely.
  2. Ah. Fixing this is beyond me. Something to do with the way animations for those creatures are coded (perhaps in the behavior subgraphs). BGS never really meant for people to add in more animations for most creatures, and there isn't a smooth/reliable way to do it for non-humans that seems to work for everyone. You can go in a mess around with it on your own though. It's in the CK under animations (which are under gameplay I think). Basically, you need to have the type set to dyn_xxxx or whatever the closest option is (otherwise it can't be called through AAF, seems like). There's usually a _loop and a normal option. The loop is smoother sometimes (won't cut back to standing idle every time the anim cycles), but some creatures will get stuck and fail to progress to the next anim or stop animating at the end of the scene. The normal (non-loop) usually has more reliable staging and ends more cleanly, but usually stutters back to standing idle through the animation. Which one works better seems to vary from user to user, but I have no clue why (like - even vanilla dog animations for me are crapped, but some of the creatures work for me but hang for other people, and which creatures is not consistent). I think one of the other animators came up with a solution for ghouls, but I couldn't get it to work for me. I think the other solution for deathclaws was just to make one really long animation, so it doesn't have to cycle, but I didn't go that road.
  3. I'm not familiar with those, but glancing through them, the creatures look like they probably use existing skeleton? If that is true, they should already work (the animations should, anyway). I'm pretty sure AAF detects race based on skeleton - anyone remember for sure?
  4. This is likely not the answer you want, but probably that means your AAF install is ****ed. Depends on what is wrong, but you may need a clean slate to get it working if you have a lot of weird work arounds like animation gun and four play.
  5. That guide looks like it should work. If it were me in your shoes, I'd get a clean install and test items as I installed them. Plan to spend a couple of days getting that whole set up good and running maybe. Being able to edit AAF xmls isn't normally required, but its something that is good to know about if you are going to run a whole bunch of AAF mods. Otherwise you just have to cross your fingers and hope it works. :)
  6. Something is wrong with your AAF XML files probably. AAF animation mods come with a set of xmls (can be read with any text reader) that tell the game about each animation. This is what people are usually talking about when they talk about themes. Sometimes, using one of the universal theme packs will work. Sometimes it won't. Depends on what you have installed and how the theme pack was put together. TBH, you should learn how the XML files work and customize them. It will help with a lot of these problems, and also give you easy control of how animations run in game (like, you can change the sequence in which animations play, what animations are called by a particular mod, all kind of good stuffs).
  7. Yes, you should be able to launch AAF using a keybinding (think it's normally Home, but check AAF docs). The device that's used depends on the tags on the device animations in the AAF xml files that you have. This is a thing I think more people should learn to edit - it's easy, and it lets you control a lot of the features of animation mods like what order animations play in. Then, you want to look at the script in violate that controls player rape, see what tags it is looking for in each situation, and then change the tags in the AAF xml files so that only the impale is called.
  8. I think that happens if you try to use it like furniture. As written, you need to start the animations within AAF (near the furnitures, so that AAF sees them). Manually starting through AAF should let you select a participant. Not sure about the capture aspect, but maybe there is a mod for that?
  9. Many thanks! Probably nothing coming soon though. I no longer have access to the software I would need....
  10. This is probably not helpful much, but - where does this esp fall in your load order? I don't see it on that list (and also, how are you running that many mods without blowing up the world?)
  11. This sounds like maybe the total duration of the animation sequence specified in the aaf file is longer than the duration of the scene created by violate? If that's the problem, you can go in and make your own sequence, it's in one of the aaf files that comes with the mod, you just need a text editor to remove the entries you don't want or replace them or whatever.
  12. Huh. Dunnno - I don't use a mod organizer. But as long as it preserved the correct file structure you should be ok. If it worked, everything will show up in AAF and can be launched from there.
  13. (Gallic Shrug) Longest pointiest thing I could animate? Tried to do an allthewaythrough at one point, but the jointing is wrong...
  14. So, I think this should already work - it's been a while since I looked at the nuts and bolts of fpv (and @EgoBallistic is always a better resource for this kind of thing) but I'm pretty sure you could look at what tags violate is using to pick a bad end animation, and add those tags to the bondage animations from 50 shades using whatever aaf tag set up you use. If you don't want the existing bad end anims to trigger, you could maybe either not install the pack to begin with or (there might be detection issues) install the pack, and then just strip out the tags for the animations you don't want. The main reason I'd be reluctant to release something like this is that I have a different set of tag files than any of the common 'all the AAF tags' sets that people use, and I'd probably make something that would break other people's setups.
  15. Yea...TBH, that was the original intent for the bondage animations in my 50 shades pack. I agree that probably just having it be timer based is best. I scripted a mini-game approach for my copy of skyrim: defeat where you had to struggle free without attracting your aggressors attention (or else, more defeat), but that was very buggy and did for sure not work as well as I wanted.
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