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  1. Many thanks! Probably nothing coming soon though. I no longer have access to the software I would need....
  2. This is probably not helpful much, but - where does this esp fall in your load order? I don't see it on that list (and also, how are you running that many mods without blowing up the world?)
  3. This sounds like maybe the total duration of the animation sequence specified in the aaf file is longer than the duration of the scene created by violate? If that's the problem, you can go in and make your own sequence, it's in one of the aaf files that comes with the mod, you just need a text editor to remove the entries you don't want or replace them or whatever.
  4. Huh. Dunnno - I don't use a mod organizer. But as long as it preserved the correct file structure you should be ok. If it worked, everything will show up in AAF and can be launched from there.
  5. (Gallic Shrug) Longest pointiest thing I could animate? Tried to do an allthewaythrough at one point, but the jointing is wrong...
  6. So, I think this should already work - it's been a while since I looked at the nuts and bolts of fpv (and @EgoBallistic is always a better resource for this kind of thing) but I'm pretty sure you could look at what tags violate is using to pick a bad end animation, and add those tags to the bondage animations from 50 shades using whatever aaf tag set up you use. If you don't want the existing bad end anims to trigger, you could maybe either not install the pack to begin with or (there might be detection issues) install the pack, and then just strip out the tags for the animations you don't wan
  7. Yea...TBH, that was the original intent for the bondage animations in my 50 shades pack. I agree that probably just having it be timer based is best. I scripted a mini-game approach for my copy of skyrim: defeat where you had to struggle free without attracting your aggressors attention (or else, more defeat), but that was very buggy and did for sure not work as well as I wanted.
  8. Just noticed this, because I was looking for exactly what you're describing. Probably, yes, it would require some light scripting. It would be a relatively easy thing to work into a personal copy of, say, defeat though. If you're still working on this and/or have a set of nifs, PM me and I might be able to give you some pointers. (disclaimer: integrating it into any existing mod may require you to define new script properties, which doesn't work well unless the mod can be uninstalled/reinstalled).
  9. Maybe, but that's waaaay beyond my abilities. Someone who actually knows what they are doing and isn't just kludging stuff together and hoping it works might know of an elegent way to do that.
  10. It could - actually, a bunch of the sounds are originally ported in from SKLE Sexlab (with permission). The animations there work a little different, so you'd be using these to replace the sound files the Sexlab calls, rather than sound files that are baked into the animations. Not too hard, just gotta load SL up and figure out what sound files it calls, then replace the ones you want to replace.
  11. Fixed. I can no longer test these (I'm running a slightly different version than the release). I've left 3 up just in case the changes cause breaking.
  12. Yea, I should fix that here. As for FG...it's complicated. I love the idea, but (1) it would be a long work to go back and revise all the anims to take advantage of FG, and (2) my older computers lags really hard when working on the FG rig in 3ds. So, maybe some day, but probably not soon.
  13. Good to know. I haven't seen that on my end, but I'll keep an eye out for it. Do you remember which test records it was? There are definitely some test animations, which shouldn't cause a problem, but I was also trying out some changes in the behavior tree at one point, and if I forget to remove those there can be problems. (I'll upload a fix in the next couple of weeks - got to test any changes before upload, too many times breaking the whole mod.
  14. Maybe not the issue your having, but I've found creature/robot animations to be very finicky. Don't remember what animtype the robot ones are set to, but some types (I think dyn_Anim_loop and other looping ones) don't want to cycle within the AAF interface sometimes. You may need to Close/Open AAF UI to try each new anim. Maybe check the details of your AAF xml files and make sure that your mod manager didn't do anything strange? Easy way would be to copy the AAF files in from the robot anim esp (Savage or Leito?) or to move that to the highest overwrite priority in your mod manag
  15. For whatever it's worth, I've had too problems sort of like that. One was a reliable CTD in Diamond City that turned out to be because FO4 didn't like a cosmetic change to an npc there (don't know who, or which NPC, but I traced the problem back to a face/hair replacement mod I'd made and after removing all the DC entries, no more problem). The other, which have had some different versions of, is weapon mods. Seems to me like FO4 is prone to CTD when it tries to generate weapons from mods if everything isn't just so. I don't know about the ones on your list, but I've h
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