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  1. This Guide is for Installing 3BBB with Body and belly Physics etz for Skyrim Spezialedition (Skyrim SE) not for Legendary Edition (Skyrim LE (has32bit archytecture and is very unstable at times but has a lot of mods that did not get transfered to Skyrim SE)) so make sure you use the right version of skyrim and the right version of mods aswell as Skyrim Scrip Extender (SKSE) for Spezialedition (SE) First of all i will list EVER mod you need for the body and bodyphysics, creatures and creature-schlongs aswell as the stuff to build a bodypreset (the slider-Options for the CBBE Body (how thicc your charakter will be) and the 3BBB Pussy and Belly-Node) aswell as the frameworks to generate animations and a nice Armore-Collection and Bodypreset so you have some stuff that is better than the vanilla-one. You can go from there. This Guide looks long but only because its detailed. If you already know how to install and set up SKSE FNIS and Bodyslide and how to run it feel free to skip the parts. I will go over many bugs and typical reasons for them too so you can use this step by step guide to debug your Problems with 3BBB. You will need to install every mod in the order that there are listed so the loadingorder is right from the start but it will tell you what has to go where at the end too aswell as a coppy of my loading-order that you can use to find the right version or Nexus ID of different mods. I use MO2 and Seperators that i colored so every mod-section is sorted nice and clean. I can make a quick guide on how to use MO2 if you want me to. If you follow this step by step guide it will work just fine but feel free to tell me if my links are out of date or if you run into problems. This still works and is up to date at the 20.11.2020 Modding Skyrim can be frustrating we all have been there i hope i can make some people enjoi 3BBB aswell it is just to good to pass on. And finaly i am from germany so sorry for the bad english at times. (if you wannt a translation of the guide in german let me know i can hook you up) : Wenn ihr die Anleitung nicht ganz versteht oder noch mal auf deutsch wollt lasst es mich wissen ich mache eine deutsche Version es falls es genug Nachfrage gibt . Falls ihr andere Probleme habt helfe ich auch gerne aus so gut ich kann. MOD-LIST: First install the following mods. I will tell you why you need them and what to do with them behind the mod. How to set up the mods ingame and how to build the bodyslide, animations and so on will be at the end. So don´t worry if you don´t understand what the mods are needed for. Just follow step for step: Install: SKSE https://skse.silverlock.org (Its the Skyrim Script Extender: make sure you select the Skyrim SE Version. Its what makes PC-Skyrim better than consols-Skyrim... it lets you add more content to the game and new assets. Its required for almost every mod. It has to be installed differently than other mods) SkyUI https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604 (Is used for User Interface and many Mod-menus.You need it as a requirement for other mods and it will change the Skyrim Menus to be cleaner and smaler) Alternate Start https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/272 (Lets you spawn in a room to create your charakter aswell as leting you chose your starting szenario etz. IMPORTANT: we need this to skip the long vanilla start and to test our Physiks/animation/mods etz before starting a playthrough) AddItemMenu https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17563 (Adds a item at the start to add armores items etz from mods per search menu. Needed so you can test the physik in different sexy-outfits. Just super awsome in general to spawn armore or key, books etz) Racemenu https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080 (For other Mods and charakter creation required. Needed for Racemenu-Higheels and this is used for MANY MANY armoresets. Its important to select it when installing CBBE and 3BBB later so the Sliders Ingame work when making your charakter.) RacemenuHighHeel https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18045 (Allowes many Armores to play a heelsound when moving. Needed for many armores.) KSHairDos https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6817 (Adds new hair. Just so you don´t need vanilla hair so you can actually enjoi the animations when testing if physics etz work. I can make a guide on Charakter Assets with links aswell if you wannt to but it comes down to personal preferences.) Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/198 (IMPORTANT: There are 2 big main Bodyreplacers this is important for Armoresets!!! One is CBBE(this link) the other is UNP and UUNP etz. When Downloading armores select the CBBE or 3BBB Version NOT the UNP Version or the Armore will have vanilla-unp-body with no bellynode and no 3BBB-smp physics!!! Just use CBBE it is only the reqirement for 3BBB anyway) Demoniac 2-4-8k Skin https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19355 (Adds new Skin so you don´t use vanilla Skin. Ulta high quality with gloss or wet skin-option aswell. Its so good. You will never need different skin EVER. Needs to be below CBBE to overwrite the SkinTexture.) FNIS (IMPORTANT DESCRIPTION after link) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038?tab=files (Force new idels into skyrim: Needed to add Animations . Install the Versions FNIS-Spells, FNIS-Creature-pack and FNIS-Behaviour XXL under fiels. XXL just lets you have 25000 animations and oh boi are you going to install a lot of them. Spells and Creatures are used for Creatureanimations etz and Modrequirements for other mods.) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988 (Is the Skeleton used to animate your charakter. Imagine it like this: Your Charakter is a hollow shell. This gives your Charakter Bones that this shell is attached to so animating the bones will animate the mesh/shell aswell. Aslo used for other Bone-physic-mods... to let you jiggle etz bone-waight-system is just the name of the physicsystem used for physic it has basicly nothing to do with real bones. IMPORTANT: This Skeleton needs to be below the More-nasty-critters, Beast-cocks and SOS or it will overwrite the skeleton of the dick and its colision box) CBPC https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21224 (Physics-Engine of sorts. Used for lower CPU-Intensiv physic. Used for the awsome bellyphysic of the 3BBB Body aswell as most NPC-bodys. The Rest will be SMP (different physic-engine that is highter cpu-intensiv ) you need bothe) SMP (skin-mesh-physic) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30872 (Used for Physic simulation of 3BBB-Body aswell as many armoresets with smp-support and smp-hair, wings or tails. THIS CAN BE TROUBLE WITH SMP HAIR!!! When your boobs fall through the ground you will have a smp problem like smp-hair and smp-breast clipping (glitshes physic out)) CBBE SMP (3BBB) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29023 (Yes this is needed for 3BBB too. Its like normal SMP but way better and more realistic... aswell as a cpu killer but you pc will survive it im sure. So you need CBBE(Bodyreplacer) XPMSSE(Skeleton) CBPC,SMP,CBBE SMP(3BBB)(for Physic)) CBBE 3BBB https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174 (This will add a Anus,Pussy and Belly-node so you have bellyphysic etz when penetrated by a schlong-colisiongroup. You need to build the objective for the player and npc´s aswell as building a batchbuild so the armores and bodys use 3BBB-body. I will explain how step by step at the end per screenshots) Bodyslide and Outfitstudio https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/201 (This is used to generate the body for 3BBB and Armores. You don´t need the Outfitstudio... its just for fixing clipping on armore. I will explain how to set it up and use it at the end per screenshots) BD's Armor and Clothes Replacer - CBBE 3BBB https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32518 (Replaces all the vanilla Armores with some S-Tier Armorereplacer for a 3BBB Body. Just so you can test if the physiks work alright) SunJeong Ninirim Collection https://sunkeumjeong.wixsite.com/mysite/post/sunjeong-ninirim-collection-6-0 (Awsome GIGANTIC Armorecollection that you can spawn with the add item menu. This armores are made with misk armore like capes so you can mix them realy well or just use the slips dresses miniskirts in addition to your normal armore. This is super high quality and free. Realy talented modder! Here is his side its flutted with super sexy armoresets https://sunkeumjeong.wixsite.com/mysite ) A Body-Preset https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/26464 (Just a Preset for how your body will looklike after building the armores. Needed for testing if your Outfitstuidio did generate the right batchbuild and armore-bodyslide-data. You can use any Bodypreset this is just a quick one that works with modorgeniser and vortex so you don´t need to drag it manualy into the bodyshape-data folders of bodyslide ...like many other presets) LOVERSLAB-MODS and Requirements: SexLab Framework SE (Needed for LoverslabMods in general. IMPORTANT you need to check creatureanimations in the MCM (mod-configuration-menu)i will explain it at the end when setting up the mods) JContainers SE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16495 (Its a Framework that runs scrips for mods in the backgrount. You need it for Sexlab-Animationloader to run animations. Many other mods use this tool too like SexlabarrousedCreatures (Mod that lets you lie down to let creatures breed with you and creatures will try and start raping people if they get horny) realy good mod with tons of utility) Sexlab Animation Loader (Used to generate animations in the game per menu. Than it will add to your Sexlab-animations. Its hard to generate them if your new but i will explain it at the end) Sexlabarrouse Redux (Needed if you wanna use dynamic replacers. You will be able to see if a NPC is horny etz) Sexlab Creatureframework SE (THIS IS NOT FNIS Creatures!!! THIS IS NOT in the Sexlabframework!!! Dick-Replacers from SOS,MoreNastycritters will overwrite the vanilla Sexlabframework-dick. You can use Sexlab Creatureframework in the game to select the dick you wanna use for a race. For example your Troll has the wrong one change it in the mcm. You need it for more-nasty-critters and many creature animations etz. if the Schlong does not load in or has no colision... some don´t have collisionboxes so chose the right one for the sweet sweet belly-bulg of 3BBB) SOS or Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Replaces the Vanilla male body aswell as adding dicks. You can download a smp patch to get a better collisionbox just install the patch in addition to the SOS for SE. PATCHES ALWAYS after the main mod) More Nasty Critters Special Edition AND Hentaicreatures SE (MNC is a replacer for the animal schlongs and some animal textures. Hentai-Creatures CAN BE DOWNLOADE AT THE SAME SIDE under "show files"!!! It will add spells to your game to summon creatures so you need it to test the animations.The spells cost 88 mana so you can cast them anyways. You need to add them per mcm i tell you how all the way bellow.) ABC Animated Beast Cock (This will have a patch for hdt smp colision too on the side. It lets modders animate schlongs better and adds collision if i did understand it right. Needed for many super awsome Sexlab-Animations with animated cocks. Loverslab realy has a lot of tallented modders you will love this!) Babo Animations for Creatures and Humans (This will add some ABC-Animations that are REALY REALY good. The Artist is called Baka-Factory. He has many fifferent mods and is super talented when it comes to animations and many others. Check him out. He has a Discord and Patreon aswell. The Discord is a place to chat view the modprogress or get help. Check it out for sure. ) Billys Animations (YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD the version for Creatures and one for Human-animations! Make sure you have both and the Skyrim SE-version. Oh billy you realy did it! This are a TON of animationpacks for everyones Taste. Super tallented mod-autor aswell. Has Clutter so basicly cages and Restrains for some animations. Just wow this is what you modding the3BBB Body to begin with ) If you installed it in this order you should be fine. Just install it and whenever you have to chose physic-preferences or mods you use already select: SMP-Physic for every part of the body other than the belly(this will use CBPC). You use Racemenu CBBE and SOS aswell as more nasty critters. If you have problems selecting or you fucked up the instalation of the linked mods let me know. I will make a video on it if there is enoth demand or just ask in this post. After installing every mod with MO2 (or Vortex) you will need to have less than 255 Plugins. Skyrim SE can not load more than that even if it counts them but you can get the plugins down by merging mods just look it up its easy af with the ZMerge Tool if you even get over the 255 plugin limit. To set up Bodyslide and FNIS XXL: IMPORTANT!!! DONT INSTALL MO2 in Programme(x86)!!! This Part of your PC is protected by windows and will not let you overwrite Data. This stops you from generating Armor-bodyslides with Bodyslide for example. When installing MO2 install it on a SSD so it is fast as fuck and not on Programme(x86). If you fucked up don´t worry you can still move it like this https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129&l= AND INSTALL SKYRIM in a different Steamlibery on the SSD or move it like i did. My Skyrim was in the deafault C:Programme(x86)steam>common>Skyrim SE and i moved the libery from C:Programme to just C. It can still be on C just not in Programme(x86) or the default steam location. We will add Bodyslide and FNIS now. Just look up a video how to or do this: FNIS Guide: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Guide: Go to your Modorgeniser.Click on aplications on MO2 where you use SKSE add a new one. Set "Binary" to C:\MO2\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.0.7-201-5-0-7-1591033882\CalienteTools\BodySlide\BodySlide x64.exe Set "Start in" to C:\MO2\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.0.7-201-5-0-7-1591033882\CalienteTools\BodySlide klick applie and now you have it as a new tool in your selection. The same for FNIS XXL Binary C:\MO2\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.0.7-201-5-0-7-1591033882\CalienteTools\BodySlide Start in C:\MO2\mods\FNIS Behavior SE 7_6 XXL-3038-7-6-1582110624\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users apply and finished. Now we will run bodyslide and generate the Bodyslide and Belly-Node. Run it this window will pop up. Select ZincTO´s Preset top left in Presets. Select 3BBB Amazing Body SMP On Object NPC A-D cup and the Cup version you want so probably C or D-Cup all the way on the Top of the slider. Click on build down in the middle. Do the same for 3BBB Amazing Body SMP On Object Player. Now you have created the Pussy,Belly and But Component of the 3BBB-Body-colision. We still need this body to apply on every armore and we need to select the physics option. Click Batchbuild all the way on the left down in the corner. To generate them click on BatchBuild down on the left. Select all or use rightclick > select all. Or use Strg+A. Click Build on the window down right. Now you can chose every armore and body to be generadted with the physics of your choice. Go to SE 3BBB Body Amazing. It will be very hight up. You can check all the different armores aswell but the divault will already have selected a 3BBB or SMP-Physic option...normaly when using nice amoresets. Click OK. Now your CPU will generate all the armores and my CPU (Ryzen5 2600) gets up to 60+ Grad Celsius with air-coling so chill it will get kinda hot and take a while if your pc is bad. IF YOUR SKYRIM IS IN THE PROTECTED Programms folder on C you will get a error. Guide on how to fix it is above. After you done go to FNIS XXL and start it. Check the boxes calles SKELETON Arm Fix or your arms might have a gap this is a fix for a common bug. Click on Update FNIS Behavior. Wait while it generates the animation-behavior-data this will take a bit. At the end you should have less than 25000 registered animations and no errors. If you get errors look them up in the feat above. Most of the time it will say: "ERROR Animationbehaviour not compatible" or Animation behaviour from Skyrim LE or Oldrim etz. This means your mod or animation is for Skyrim Legendary Edition and not Spezial edition. Just remove the mod that is marked and generate FNIS XXL again. You don´t need to do this for FNIS-Spells or FNIS-Creature Framework. Finaly look up the errors in your Modorgeniser. This will be different for Vortex i guess. For MO2 click the Warning Triangle on the top right corner. Overwrite-Error is fine. Overwrite is the Foldermod ontop called overwrite. It will store all your generated Data from Bodyslide and FNIS and overwrites every other mod. Its fine we want this body and animations to overwrite vanilla body and animations and add newonce anyway so ignore the "You have Data in your Overwritefolder" warning. If you still miss a plugin you will find a error that tells you what mod to install (you missed a required mod when installing). If you use a Skyrim Legendary mod it will say "From NUMBER plugin detected". WARNING many Loverslab mods are for the older Skyrim LE (Oldrim) version but work fine with Skyrim SE too so you need to find out what causes problems in case your skyrim has a crash to desktop (ctd). To make it easy write down what mods work finde and when adding a new mod if it is listed as Oldrim Plugin keep a eye on it so you can uninstall it if your skyrim stops working fine. Its mostly animationmods but they still work most of the time. If you know how to set up sexlab-framework and sexlabanimationloader aswell as how to add the hentai-creaturespells to test if the 3bbb body works you can skip until you see this again: ########################################################################################################################################################################################## Now just start SKSE SE. If it works start a new game and you will start at the Alternate Start Location. Create your Charakter and save. You can save the charakterpreset on the top right of the racemenu so you dont need to do this over and over again (save the preset aswell as the sculp by exporting). Exit to the main menu. Load the Savefile. Wait until every mod is finished installing by just standing and don´t be in the menus.In the top-corner you will see whats installing. After its done save and reloade it again. Now press Escape and go to the side with Setting for difficulty. You will see a new menu called MCMs or Modmenus click it. It will show every installed and registered mod that has a menu so not armores. If your Physics are buggy or the Amores do not change do not panic we will fix it. Go into the Sexlabframework or Sexlab MCM and install it if it did not auto install. Activate creature animations and exit the menu you will not be able to click stuff after clicking enable creature animations. Wait until it is installed by standing while not being in a menu or the console. You can tweak the Sexlab MCM to your liking. It contains facialexpressions, undress editor moaning intervall and voices etz. Important: Change the Buttonselection for Changeszene to 0-Key Exit Szene to Enter-Key and move actor top front left to arrowkeys. Shift while top will be down. Shift whil left will be right. Shift will be the so called modyfier key.This is just personal preferenze. Now go to SLAL MCM and click on check new animations and load animations until it starts working. It needs some time and will not start the first time you klick it. Do this until it starts registering new animations. Wait until its finished this will take a long time and this time do not exit the MCM of SLAL!!! After it registered all the animations activate them on the same page. Now Your creatures have new animations and the creatureframework is active. Go into the HentaiCreature MCM and click "Dumb spells on me". This will add the new spells to your charakter. Select Hentaitroll as spell in your right hand and summon him. Search your spells for Sexlab Target Spell. This got added by the Sexlabframework and you do not need to add it per mcm like the hentai creature spells. Put it in your left hand. Shoot it at the troll 2 times and than hold it charged. This will make the Troll target you making the Sexlab Target Self spell useless because now you can select and target yourself with just this one spell. A Animation will start playing. press leer to go a stage forth. 0 to select a different one o to get to the next animation in the list of animations. And Enter to leave. You can move the Szene and the shlong with the arrowkeys. This is just my prefered controll-layout if you did not change the buttonloadout go to the sexlab MCM and Controlls and set it to your liking. ####################################################################################################################################################### You will have a 3BBB MCM with a hotkey to change CBPC Physics to SMP-Physics for your charakter by pressing + on the numpad. This will fix your boops if you have physic-problems. If the bodycolision is not working with the creature cock check if: -you installed all the mods -you activated the creature animations in the Sexlab MCM (or the animation will not have started at all) -you chose the right physic options when installing 3BBB-mod (just reinstall to check) -you have the Maximum Skeleton at priority low like 5 and the rest of the mod overwrite it so they have a priority of 11+ -you chose the right cock in the creatureframework MCM in the game you can still change it in the game -you use a CBBE Body and not a UNP/UUNP Body... -you build the 3BBB Body on Objekts Player aswell as the Batchbuild and chose 3BBB Body Amazing at the batchbuild when you were using Bodyslide - you have SMP,CBPC,3bbb-SMP, Maximum-skeleton installed aswell as the creature stuff (You can just start the game and check if the collision is working for human NPCs in a town so you can tell if only the creature collision is not working. Also: some creatures do not use very big collision boxes so you might not see the bellybulg working depanding on the race and the animation) I know most common bugs so tell me if you run into trouble. I will make a FaQ to fixing bugs below later. If your happy with the result just keep modding and make a backup of the working configuration so you can go back if shit stops working.You need to do the MCM configuration and the waiting at the start of every new charakter unless you save this charakter as a backup. Some mods will need a new savefile so this routine will always be the same you will get quick at it. You can just loade this charakter now and press ^ to get into the console tipe " showracemenu " and enter. You can remoddel your charakter now for a different playthrough without to much MCM work. Then select the start you want from the marastartue and start your playthrough. If you have a better idear how to do it let me know i will change this tutorial acordingly. IMOPTANT: This is just to get the 3BBB Body and Physics aswell as some animations and creatures to work! You still need more Mods to make your game enjoiable. Just some recommendation when it comes to "how do i trigger sexszenes in a immersiv way" and Fill her up to see if your bellynode is working or if you use a UNP-Body. Sexlabaroused creatures (Already explaint above. Awsome to get a natural way to submit to a creature or have randome creature sex) Sexlab Defeat (Lets you get knock down and raped by NPCs aswell as letting you capture them. Sneak knockouts. Put people in a bag and capture them etz ) Sexlab Fill her up Baka Edition (We use it to check the bellynode. Check the right box in the MCM to change to the 3BBB Bellynode if it is not enabled on default) I will keep a eye on this post and try to help as much as i can. For more animations just go to: Downloads>Skyrim-Spezialedition>Frameworks and Rezources> here you will find most animation-packs for Skyrim SE. Good luck and if you ask in this post use screenshots to report bugs it makes it way easyer to see what settings you use in the mcm´s or what physiks-bug is going on. I will add more Screenshots later if someone still has trouble with this guide but for now it will only be the FNIS XXL and the Bodyslide-part. And i also might make a video on it and keep it up to date but i don´t realy know where to publish it and youtube is kinda shit... so plz let me know if you already know of a alternativ videoplatform. Its always faster to just show the entire process in a video.
  2. How to create your own animations for KW or Passion:- Hello guys & girls, I know a lot of you out there want create your own animations for TS3. I know it maybe too late and there maybe lot of tutorial out there. But still... who knows if anyone finds this useful. Many thanks to all people who made these mods possible❤️. To visit my Sims 3 animations page Click Here. Contents in or will be there in this tutorial are:- The rigs I use for animations and a tutorial on creating a basic loop animations with it. Supported objects/props list. Adding sounds to your animations. How to make Kinky*******Animations.package and OKW_Kinky*******Animations.package. Creating .xml and .stbl files in OKW_Kinky*******Animations.package. Note:- 1.Pets animation will not be covered. 2.Not all objects are supported by both mods. Requirements:- s3pe:-http://www.simlogical.com/s3pe.htm s3oc:-http://www.simlogical.com/ContentUploadsRemote/uploads/190/index.htm or TSRW:-https://www.thesimsresource.com/workshop/ STBL editor:-https://modthesims.info/d/350777/ts3-stbl-editor.html Blender 2.67:-https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.67/ The Sims Clip Tool(Blender Plugin):-https://sims3cliptool.wordpress.com/download/ Modified Sims Rigs:- basicrigs.zip Woohooable Object List:- Step 1 - Setting up Blender: 1. Once you have installed blender, open it. Go to Files ===> User Preferences. Click on Add-ons tab, then click on Install Add-on from file button. Navigate to the folder where you have kept that plugin file, ie, io_s3py_animation-1.xx.zip. 2.Select io_s3py_animation-1.xx.zip. and click Install Add-on from file button. Click on checkbox in front of Import-Export: S3PY Animations Tools and click on save User Settings and close the window. Step 2 - Creating your animation in Blender 1. Extract rig.zip file and open the blend file in Blender. 2. As shown in the image below, make sure and LocRot is selected in Active keyset box and record , keyframe button is active. 3.There are 5 major bones are used for animating which are highlighted in image below. One for torso, two for hand and two for legs. b_ROOT_bind_ - for torso lh.ik - for left hand rh.ik - for right hand lf.ik - for left leg rf.ik - for right.leg 4.There are four bones which can be use to rotate your actors limbs. They are marked in the image below. Each bone to use to rotate the limb it is connected to. 5.There are few bones that are used to rotate your actors palm or foot. lhconst - for left palm rhconst - for right palm b__L_Foot_ - for left foot b__R_Foot_ - for right foot 6.You can follow a little video tutorial here for better understanding the use. Note:- 1.I'm really sorry for video quality. I'll upload a better video whenever it is possible for me. 2.Before baking animation, while pos mode press 'Alt+H' to unhide all bones. Then select the entire skeleton, then go to Pose ----> Animations ------> Bake Action... and press ok.(Make sure all options shown in the video are selected.) animationmaking.zip Step 3 - Exporting animations, creating package file, creating .xml,.stbl and adding sounds. Exporting Animations : - 1.To export your finish animation, go to File ----> Export ------> select Sims 3 Animations(.animation). 2.In the name window, make sure you name the file in similar fashion to keep your animation name unique and avoid any error. for Actor 1 - a_authorname_propname_positionA_01, for eg, a_luc_floor_doggystyleA_01. for Actor 1 - a_authorname_propname_positionB_01, for eg, a_luc_floor_doggystyleB_01. Creating Package Files : - 1. Open s3pe, select File----> New. 2. Click on Resources -----> Import -------> From file. Navigate to your animation folder and add those animations you exported from blender. 3. Save file as 'kinky********animations'. For eg, for this tutorial I have save this package file as 'kinkytutorialanimations'. You should see kinkytutorialanimations.package, this file has all your animations. 4. Now we will create another package file, with which we can play those animations in game. Create new package file. Right click on the left side and select Add from the menu. 5. In the details tab, select _XML 0x0333406C from drop down menu. Type 0x0 in group section. For name, simply type your animations name without '.package' (in my case 'kinkytutorialanimations') and click FNV64 so that instance value is automatically created. Press Ok and now you should have a xml file with the name of your animation file. 6.Right click on that xml file and select Notepad. Copy paste the code from text file below to your XML file and make necessary changes, then save. Save your package file as okw_kinky********animations, ie, okw_kinkytutorialanimations for this tutorial. Before closing s3pe, copy your xml file name, ie, kinkytutorialanimations (it will be use as unique name for STBL files) and your animations key name, ie, kinkytutorialanimations.a_author_pos_01 (this string is used by STBL files). Close s3pe. inc.txt 7.STBL file handles display name of your animations. To create STBL file open Easy STBL Manager software. Open your okw_kinky********animations file. Click on Add STBL. Use your XML file name (kinkytutorialanimation) as Unique Name for STBL ID then click on Add STBL. 8.Now to add display name of your animation, go to Add String tab. Paste the key (kinkytutorialanimations.a_author_pos_01) in Key Text to Hash box. In Displayed Text list, type your animations name as shown in the image. Click on Copy English to empty translations and click Add string. Now save the package. Note:- You have to do step 8 for all animations or you will get wierd display name such as kinky******animations.a_author_xxxxx_01. Adding Sounds : - 1.Open your animation package in s3pe. Select your animation and click on Grid. 2.In Data Grid window, click on the arrow near Event Section to Expand. Click on Events and then the three dots in front of it. 3.In another window, click and add and select Sound Event. Make changes as explained in the image below. Once you are happy with your change click Ok and press on Commit. Repeat the process for all animations then save your package file. Note:- You can refer other animator packages for event/sound names. THAT'S IT! All that is left, is to test your animations in-game.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm making changes to this tutorial all the time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Step 1: Install UE 4.22 with Epic Games Launcher Step 2: Extract Assets Step 3: Import to 3D modelling application Step 3a: Import the base mesh to Blender Step 3b: Rename everything Step 3c: Apply the morph targets This is a good time to save your .blend file! Step 4: Edit the mesh. Step 4a: Get artsy! Step 4b: Split the face from the rest Step 5: Export FBX file. Step 6: Import FBX to Unreal Engine 4.22 Step 7: Create new assets. Step 7a: Make a list of required files Step 7b: Common Skeleton Step 7c: Animation Blueprint and Shadow Physics Asset Step 8: “Package” Project files Step 9: “Pak” Project files Step 10: Textures Step 11: Further reading / Advanced modding
  4. How To Dick with NifSkope + Creature Framework Integration Guide View File a howto on my way of adding dicks (or any mesh) to nif files, only using NifSkope. (click by click screenshots with text) Warning: some nif files are harder to mod than others using this method. now with a Creature Framework Integration Guide. WARNING, THE NIFSKOPE PART IS BADLY OUTDATED: 1. how things are now you don't rename any nodes, the newer NifSkope is not as stupid with the root node's name. 2. with ABC based stuff all of the new nodes for the penis need to be coped over first before the penis mesh is. 3. the receiving creature need to be using the same skeleton that the ABC penis is made for, cross race penis transplants are a no go without a 3d editing program. 4. you can't adjust/move the penis with NifSkope due to the ABC weight painting, a 3d editing program (max or blender....or maybe even outfit studio but i'm not sure about that one) will need to be used to do that. 5. make sure any meshes in the nif are NOT sharing the same string names as the nodes, nifskope may "auto sanitize" the node's name to something else instead of the meshes to "fix" it, if this happens parts of your mesh will "T pose" (part of the mesh will be stuck in the air and wont move with the rest of the mesh) Submitter MadMansGun Submitted 10/24/2015 Category Other Requires NifSkope and 15 years of game moding knowhow Special Edition Compatible Not Applicable  
  5. SexLab & More Nasty Critters Install Guide View File a guide for installing SexLab & MoreNastyCritters with screenshots. click on the [DOWNLOAD THIS FILE] button on the right hand side of the screen for the guide. note1: nude player/npc body mods and there skeletons are not covered in this guide because there are too many to choose from, but however XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XP32SE), UNP Blessed Body (UNPB) and Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS) are a good starting point. note2: this guide is made for people that manually install mods, so if your using a mod manager you should be installing the mods through it instead. note3: if your loading XPMSE after MNC please make sure that it's the newest version that has the ABC nodes. My helpful list of available free to use SLAL Packs: Warning to new users/members: there is a limit to how many animation sets SexLab can load, so only install the packs that you truly want to use. SLAL Pack Collection (note: the download files are mostly redundant because updated animations are already found in the SLAL Packs listed below) 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2856-sl-animation-loader-pack-collection-and-installation-guide/ 64Bit SSE ? Anhedonla_ 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations-creature-on-creature/?p=2005833 64Bit SSE ? AnubiSs2167 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2376-anubs-animation-dump-reborn-updated-10052019/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5623-anubs-animations-for-se/ Ayasato 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6249-slal-ayasato-animations-28022018/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6249-slal-ayasato-animations-28022018/ Billyy 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations/ DogmaMods 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11308-dogmas-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? Evacuation!!! 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56684-animation-by-evacuation/?p=1836543 64Bit SSE ? FunnyBizness 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2702-funnybizness-v246-slal-pack-by-shashankie/ 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4471-funnybizness-armbinder-creatures-slal-pack/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5716-funnybizness-slal-packs-se/ KisakiChika 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/95813-milky-anims-now-with-slal-pack-by-wolfbread/?do=findComment&comment=2197672 64Bit SSE ? Kurg4n 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3426-k4-animations-slal-package/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5732-k4-anim-pack-for-se/ Leito86 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2615-slal-animations-by-leito-91216/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6357-slal-animation-pack-by-leito-se/ MadMansGun 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5465-horny-creatures-of-skyrim-special-edition/ mastermike8800 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2979-slmastermike-testpack-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5738-sl-mastemike-animation-testpack-se/ Mike24 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3771-slal-mike24-animations-classics/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7733-mike24-skyrim-se-sexlab-animations-unofficial-conversion/ MilkyTabboo 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5844-milkyslal-may-update/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6019-milkyslal-for-se/ mojito817 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2725-feet-lovers-slal-anims-idles-cum-textures-sam-feet-replacer/ 64Bit SSE ? nazonootoko 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3765-nazonootokos-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? NCK30 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6878-nck30-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6878-nck30-animations/ Proxy86 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4369-proxys-animations/ 64Bit SSE ? PsycheHHH 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11477-psyche-animation/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11477-psyche-animation/ Rydin 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1972-rydins-animations-resource-pack/ 64Bit SSE ? Sailing Rebel 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3020-slal-animations-by-sailing-rebel-srb-2016-06-29/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6024-slal-se-animations-by-sailing-rebel-srb/ SirNibbles 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2585-nibbles-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5710-sir-nibbles-anim-pack-se/ SpaceHamst3r 32Bit https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6105-shs-bound-animations-slal-pack/ 64Bit https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6111-slal-sh-furniture-anims-v1-se/ Suke 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/62530-sukes-animations-slal-692016/ 64Bit SSE ? znaroks 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3975-znaroks-animations-with-slal-pack/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5748-znaroks-slal-animations-for-se/ 3jiou 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4260-3jious-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? some other SLAL Packs can be found here (but mostly redundant because most animations are already in other SLAL Packs) 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/55268-sexlab-animation-loader-guide/page-6?do=findComment&comment=1422937 64Bit SSE ? other animation packs (not SLAL): 3jiou 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3097-sap-sexlab-animation-pack/ 64Bit SSE ? tweens 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2625-m2m-gay-animations/ 64Bit SSE ? Zaz Animation Pack 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5211-zaz-animation-pack-v80-plus/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5957-zaz-animation-packs-for-se/ Submitter MadMansGun Submitted 12/19/2016 Category Other Requires http://www.7-zip.org/ Special Edition Compatible Yes  
  6. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of custom species in the Starbound universe, and it will be impossible for any one person to provide support for all of them. Players and creators may choose to take it upon themselves to provide support for their favorite custom species. This modding guide will serve as a walk-through for adding support for most custom species. 1 ) Download the Template 1.1 ) You will need to download the following mod template before you get started: Important: The template files have been updated for Sexbound API v2.6 and up. ☑ Download: Custom Species Template 1.2 ) Download the artwork for all vanilla species (Optional): ☑ Download: All Artwork (Actor 1 and Actor 2) 1.3) Download the Sexbound Dialog Tools (Optional): ☑ Download: Sexbound Dialog Tools 2 ) Extract the Template Files into an Appropriately Named Folder. 2.1 ) Rename the template folder. ☑ You may choose to use the following naming convention for the root folder name: SexboundAPI_<SpeciesName> For example, SexboundAPI_Human is good name to use for the Human species. The folder should contain the following files and folders: artwork (Folder), dialog (Folder), positions (folder), sexbound.config.patch (File), _metadata (File), and changelog.txt (File). 3 ) Unpack the Custom Species .Pak File. ☑ For the species that you want to provide support. If the original custom species is provided as a .pak file then you must use the Starbound modding tools to unpack it. The Starbound modding tools are automatically installed with the 32-bit version of Starbound, and you may find them located in the 'win32' folder which is located in the same folder as 'mods'. In the 'win32' folder, you must use the asset_unpacker.exe file to unpack the contents of your chosen species' .pak file. Furthermore, this step requires that you have knowledge of using the Windows command prompt. 4 ) Determine the Correct Species Kind. 4.1 ) Locate the custom species' .species file. ☑ Navigate the unpacked files of the custom species, and you will navigate into the 'species' folder. You should see a .species file in this folder. 4.2 ) Open the .species file, in notepad or another text editor program. 4.3 ) Note the value of "kind". ☑ Read the JSON configuration, you must find the correct value of 'kind'. You must note the value for kind, and you must ensure to preserve any capitalization. For example, the Human species has a kind value of "human". Please, notice that the kind value is in all lower-case letters. 5 ) Use the Kind Value (Aka. Species Name) to Replace the Text in all of the Following Template Locations. 5.1 ) In the _metadata file: ☑ Replace all [replace with species name] tags with the value of kind. ☑ Replace the [author_name] tag with your name too. 5.2 ) In the /sexbound.config.patch file: ☑ Replace all [replace_me_with_species_name] placeholder tags with the value of kind. 5.3 ) In the following folder location - /artwork/humanoid/actor1: ☑ Rename the '[replace_me_with_species_name]' folder to be the value of kind. 5.4 ) In the following folder location - /artwork/humanoid/actor2: ☑ Rename the '[replace_me_with_species_name]' folder to be the value of kind. 5.5) In the following folder location - /dialog/sexbound/en: ☑ Navigate inside of each position name folder (I.e. butterfly, cowgirl, etc..) ☑ Rename each file by replacing [replace_me_with_species_name] placeholder tag with the value of kind. 5.6) In the following folder location - /positions ☑ Open each patch file. ☑ Replace all [replace_me_with_species_name] placeholder tags with the value of kind. 6 ) Edit All Sprite Sheets to Resemble the Custom Species. There are two different sets of sprite sheets, actor1 and actor2: 6.1 ) Edit the sprite sheets for both actor 1 and actor 2. ☑ You must use a sprite editor program to edit all of the sprite sheets to match the design of the custom species. You may simply choose to use Microsoft Paint. Actor1 sprite sheets are in the following location: /artwork/humanoid/actor1/<kind> Actor2 sprite sheets are in the following location: /artwork/humanoid/actor2/<kind> Note: In the unpacked custom species files, you may find the original sprite sheets stored somewhere in the humanoid directory. You must use the exact same color palette used in the original custom species sprites. 7 ) Patch each unique NPC Type and Tenant to be Sex Enabled. This step is may be difficult to write a explanation, but I will give it a try. 7.1 ) Create a patch file for each unique NPC and tenant in the 'npcs' folder. ☑ You'll have to research which NPCs need to be patched because some will already be patched by SexboundAPI. Sometimes the configuration in the NPCType file may have a baseType, so you may choose to only patch that specified file that matches the baseType value. You'll have to hunt for that baseType file in the custom species 'npcs' folder, and if it is not in there then be sure to check the below list of default NPCTypes (aka baseType). Note: SexboundAPI already patches any NPC that has a baseType of 'base', or 'merchant'. So, you shouldn't have to worry about creating a patch file for an NPC that inherits one of those two baseTypes. Always research a baseType before patching it because many baseType actually inherit from 'base'. For example, baseType 'guard' already inherits from the 'base' npctype, so you don't need to create a patch for an .npctype with baseType 'guard'. Please see the below list of NPCType (aka. baseType) that you should not need to create a patch: NPCTypes / BaseTypes (Defaults) If you need to create a patch for a unique .npctype in your custom species support mod, then the filename must match the file name of the file which you are patching. Furthermore, the filename must end in .npctype.patch. Example: File Name: comfortertenant.npctype.patch You must ensure that the patch file is stored in the exact same folder location. So, if you are patching an .npctype file in the following location: /npcs/tenants then you must place the .npctype.patch file in the exact same folder location in your support mod. 7.2 ) You must put this exact code in each of your NPCType patch files. [ { "op" : "add", "path" : "/scripts/-", "value" : "/scripts/sexbound/override/npc.lua" } ] 8 ) Create Dialog Files (Optional) 8.1 ) Choose whether to create custom dialog or not. ☑ If you don't want to create custom dialog for your species support mod, then delete both the dialog and positions folder out of your template. 8.2 ) Choose between editing the dialog config files directly, or choose to use Microsoft Excel. ☑ Choose to use Microsoft Excel. ☑ Open the sexbound-dialog-template.xlsx ☑ Switch to the Species List spreadsheet. ☑ Change Column A - Line 11 "custom" to be the species name. ☑ Switch back the Dialog Editor spreadsheet. 8.3 ) Create a new line of dialog. ☑ Click each cell to receive an options dropdown menu, then choose your preferred option. In each row, every cell must have a value. 8.3.a ) Role (A.K.A. Actor's Role) The role of the actor who speaks this dialog entry. Valid options: 1 or 2 8.3.b ) Status The status that corresponds with the actor in the chose role. Valid options: default, climaxing, or pregnant 8.3.c ) Other Species If you set the Actor Role to 1, then this is species of Actor 2. Otherwise, this is the species of Actor 1. 'default' is actually recognized as any species. Valid options: default, apex, avian, fenerox, floran, glitch, human, hylotl, novakid, or (custom) 8.3.d ) Other Gender If you set the Actor Role to 1, then this is gender of Actor 2. Otherwise, this is the gender of Actor 1. 'default' is actually recognized as any gender. Valid options: default, male, or female 8.3.e ) Other Status If you set the Actor Role to 1, then this is status of Actor 2. Otherwise, this is the status of Actor 1. 'default' is actually recognized as any status. Valid options: default, climaxing, or pregnant 8.3.f ) Dialog Text The dialog string that is spoken by the actor in the chosen role. Valid entry: A string of text. 8.4 ) Export the spreadsheet as a .csv file. ☑ Exported spreadsheet as a CSV file. 8.5 ) Convert the exported CSV file into a dialog config file ☑ Drag 'n' drop the exported .csv file on to the included DialogCSVToConfigConvertor.exe tool, then a .config file will be outputted into the same folder as the exe. 8.6 ) Copy the contents of this file into your chosen position dialog file. ☑ You may choose to overwrite the already existing .config file in the /dialog/sexbound/en/<position> folder. Ensure that your file uses the proper naming convention too. Or ☑ you may choose to open the converted .config file in notepad and copy-paste its contents into the corresponding dialog template file. 9) Test Your New Species Support Mod. 9.1 ) Ensure that Sexbound API can correctly display the correct animations for your custom species. ☑ Tested successfully. 10 ) Distribute Your Custom Species Support Mod. 10.1 ) Pack your mod for distribution (Optional). ☑ In the 'win32' folder, you must use the asset_packer.exe file to pack the contents of your custom species support mod. 10.2 ) Archive the file and make it available for download.
  7. Before explaining the tutorial on how to edit the skin of the girls, I want to thank the users HI-METAL, string072, avenger54, Knight77 and KuroKaze78 for the attention and help me with my doubts and creating greats mods. Unfortunately I do not know much programming and I do not know how to extract the image files directly from the game. I'm editing the skin files that people create for the mods. But the tutorial will work for everyone. Installing image editor: 1 - Install Photoshop CC 2017. I think it is better and easier to use to edit the images. 2 - Install the IntelTextureWorks_1.0.4 plugin. It is for Photoshop to open the .dds files. Links: Facial Expressions mod v3.3 by avenger54: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/115798-facial-expressions-mod-v33-yukata-and-doax3-swimsuits-mods-updated/ Intel Texture Plugin site: http://gametechdev.github.io/Intel-Texture-Works-Plugin/ 3 - When downloading a mod, open the files folder and see if you have the .dds file (remembering that it is for the skins). I will use as example the facial_expression created by avenger54. 4 - Right click and select "open with ..." and choose photoshop. 5 - When opening the program, check the "Load Transparency as Alpha Channel" box. Click Ok. On the next screen, check the option: leave as is. 6 - The image has opened and you now have the skin file. Editing skins: 1 - Above the image, create a new layer. This is not to damage the original skin, if you want to undo after something you did. 1.1 - To add images like tattoo, look for png files on the internet, they have no white background. Beware of images that have copyright, if you make the changes for your own use no problem, but if you put on the internet your work be careful. 1.2 - To use makeup, use the brush tool, choose the color you want and draw over the skin in the desired place. I'm going to do a battom for example. After, put the opacity to 50%, to mix with the actual colors of the skin. 2 - Add whatever you want on girls' skin. Remembering one detail: the images of the body and face are divided in the middle. Whatever you add on one side will appear on the other. Unfortunately I still do not know how to add only one side. (who knows, comment to help us). 3 - After the changes, save your file as PSD (photoshop file) to be able to move when you want, add or take the images. 4 - Now let's save to .dds. Click file, save as ... and enter the same skin image name. If you enter another name, the mod files will not be able to read it. Select the option "Intel Texture Works (* .DDS, * .DDS)". Click save. 5 - Some settings will appear. In the Texture Type option, select "Color + Alpha". And in compression choose "BC7 8bpp Fine (sRGB, DX11 +)". Click in Ok. 6 - While you make the modifications and save the .dds file, simply press F10 in the game to update the modifications. Ready, your texture is already in your game with the mod you prefer. If you use some mod to do your work and post here in the forum, include the post and the author of the mod. Change color eyes: To change eye color is the same plugin installation procedure. Some files on the face have eyes and some do not. Like I said, I do not know programming to extract the textures. But I'll teach it to anyone who knows. Note: You have to tinker with the texture files and test with F10 in the game to see if you've moved the right file. In the example I will use Kasumi, the file to use by pressing the Q key is the "blush2.dds". In other girls can be the blush1 or 2 or 3 ... 1 – Open the .dds file by following the top tutorial. (remember new layer). 2 – Use the polygonal loop tool (shortcut key L). 3 - Circle the desired area. Be careful not to pick up other parts of the skin, otherwise the color will change too. 4 - Click on images / settings / matrix and saturation. Keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + U". 5 - Move the first color bar. Adjust to the desired color. After saving the file as described above. Adding painted nails: I'll leave the PSD file (photoshop) for anyone who wants to get the painted nail tip model. Just copy and paste over the skin of the mod you are using. But I'll teach you how to paint it all. Nails Hand and Feet.rar Create a new layer (make a layer for the hand and foot). 1 - In the layer of the foot, contour the nails, being careful not to escape the limit of them, not to paint another part of the body. 2 - After marking the area, select the paint bucket option, or shortcut on the G keyboard. 3 - Choose the color you want in the ink palette. Apply the paint bucket inside the selected area to paint it. 4 - Choose the layer of the hand and select the area of the nails and paint. 5 - Save the file as it was already taught. Remember to save the .dds file with the same name as the original file, otherwise the mod will not recognize the file. I used the mods for the model: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87780-dead-or-alive-xtreme-venus-vacation-modding-thread-and-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=2526936 https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87780-dead-or-alive-xtreme-venus-vacation-modding-thread-and-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=2356343
  8. Hi, after reading some questions in discord about the creation of Strip Club i just will try to resume here what i know and how i have fun running this business. So, this is what i know, if you have any tips please share them!! To start we know TURBODRIVER, NiSaK, LittleMsSam, Noir and so many others are still working in a bunch of features that we are just trying to assemble to make it look cool in our playstyle. Kudos to to all the animators that have been doing amazing job all these years. :: At the moment i have 1 main club, in my world i control only one character so you can try to balance this to the way you play. TIP: Since my pc is not super powerful i find my game being a bit slow to respond some times, specially when costumers spawn in the lot, they tend to stay at the entrance for a long time and that is super annoying! Knowing this i tend to do super simple building, without many rooms or floors that will require npc's to make decisions or do long walks between spots. So, most of my buildings that i want to play for long sessions are super clean one floor with minimal movement (please feel free to criticize). So when i build this Club wanted customers to go inside the building and be really close to the dancers and the bar. TIP: There is some incode (i believe) behavior that makes costumers and dancers to sit nearby when they have nothing to do! So i only have chairs/sofas close by, this way my dancers can talk with costumers faster. Another goal was to have a lot of sex going in some rooms, i will explain bellow how to transform your dancers into hookers, so sex rooms were close enough specially because i want my dancers to get back into talking to another costumer soon. I used to test this with 2/3 floor building and some times they just stayed in the rooms... no profit there. I only have 1 bar stand because in my game for some reason they don't drink that much, so many action are canceled, it is annoying, meaning i don't really see advantages in providing this service. Tip: atm try to have above 60 supplies and almost no one will complain about prices. I normally like to have some restrict zones were only employees can go, in this place i will have a bed so my sim can sleep, a computer, some kind of kitchen and whatever i feel for some role play. Try to have Dishwasher's and Trash can's nearby so your Janitor can keep the place clean. I only use 1, since i can have 50 sims at same time i dont see the need of 2. About the clientele: if you want to have a mix just hire whatever, even if you hire only females you will have female clients coming. But if you want only a certain gender to come to your club you need to make sure your dancers only like one gender! For example, if you want only males you must make sure your dancers have 100 male and 0 female preference. Try it our with a few dancers to see whats happen. So, the main question was how to start have autonomous sex? There is this mod from NiSaK that has a really well done Prostitution System. With this mod the sim will be available to take sex requests, and when the sim is around other sims can become their client and request for something. Cool thing is that this does not override the Dancer but instead gives them more options. Only the client will behave a bit diferent since after sex he/she will leave (after pay ofc) but your dancer will be back to business. So i advise to do this way, since i only want to control my main sim: get into the club with your dancers around, pause the game and do CRTL+SHIFT+C to bring the console and there you put: nisa.slutify FirstName LastName if everything is correct you will see this done, if not it means you probably type the name wrongly. After this what i normally do is changing that sim settings to change the style for starting sex to ALL, this is because if you have like privacy they will try to find empty rooms but i want live orgies in my club. Whit this is done, you need to do this to all the dancers you want to offer sex. By default you have 6 Dancers, but you can extend that with some console commands. I normally have 12 spots even if i don't use them all, to do this: ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit <amount> if you feel the list that is presented is short, like if you want that specific girl, remember that she must be unemployed to be listed, you can use: ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size <amount> Since the engine is not perfect sometimes it compensates and it becomes glorious. If there is a minor error, meaning that the interaction could not occur at that moment, the system will keep on waiting for the next opportunity, resulting in some three or foursomes. So, for example, if you have items that does not have handjob animations and randomly the game tried to do that and it failed, then the dancer or costumer will try to talk to someone else and if that new one succeed when they try to have sex they will bring the old partner too since they are all flagged to sex. Is glorious. About profits, remember that this game is not very good for it even the mods are balanced to give low profits. Without making them hookers i was making it even, most of the money i was making i was spending later with bar drinks. With the mod i make profits of 3k! To make even more you can make the hookers to be in debt with you, meaning that 90% of what they make is yours. If you have basemental you can sell drugs to your clients, is not big profit if you do it slowly but you will have a big amount of costumers by the night. My opening hours usually are from 18h till 7am this is because action will take time to start kicking and by that time i can just put my sim to sleep then later clean the place, invite some friends over if i want and then i am ready to business again. I like to have those gathering clubs with all my employees to do some extra activities, like if i want them to go to the gym or just hang out in my house or parties. I dunno if it is worthed to share my club since it is super simple and most of the CC you can get around here. But i hope my tips can improve your fun ingame. Must have mods imo: https://www.loverslab.com/forum/143-downloads-wickedwhims/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5002-nisa’s-wicked-perversions/ https://www.patreon.com/noiranddark https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175410999028/auto-employees-custom-lot-trait-this-lot-trait (and many many others from this site) there is so many more that you can get around here in loverlab, and don't forget animations! get the freeones and if you can get the patreon versions!
  9. Conglomerate 02 Basic creation of a devious Setup: Installation of SLF, DD, ZAZ, MNC SLAL and their Requirements and Patches, and Optionals-a-lot. Last Updated: 29.07.2020 An Overview how to create a Basic Setup before adding more mods to a Load Order. I just copied step by step what mods I install first before even thinking about adding anything else from LL, especially if it's devious. This was created with NMM in mind (that's why I talk about "Overwrites"), but can also be used with any other Mod Manager as Link List or to get a feeling what should win conflicts or overwrite mod files in LO. ⚠️The sequence the mods are listed here also give a clue about overwrites. If no additional information is given overwrite the early listed mods with the ones lower on this page. Guess I need to and an LO example too 😬 The Tools (at least the ones I used to install, if I can do it with NMM then you can do it too with any Mod Manager 😉😞 Installation via NMM v0.71.2 Plugin Sorting with Wrye Bash Bodyslide for UUNP special AIO-AP for 3D Pussy, body physics, for Pregnancy and Inflation support via UUNP special Bazinga's Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT 3.68 overwriting AIO-P FNIS (duh!) Goal of this Blog page: To have all main requirements installed, so mods can be added as I wish without to worry about missing requirements. The Base mods always stay in LO and only single dependent LL mods get exchanged. Having always the same Base mods in the right sequence installed and have them in-game confirmed to work makes troubleshooting easier. Some of the main base mods and their abbreviations: SLF or SL = Sexlab Framework ( @Ashal started all the debauchery) DDa, DDi, DDx = Devious Devices assets, integration, expansion ( @Kimy is in charge) ZAP (ZAZ, better use ZAP) = Zaz Animation Pack 7 or 8 or 8+ (made by @ZaZ (zaz 7) and further developed by @t.ara (zaz 8 and 8+) MNC SLAL = More Nasty Critters Sexlab Animation Loader Version ( @MadMansGun never gets tired to add a Schlong to any creature imaginable) BS = Bodyslide & Outfit Studio ( by @Caliente, no fitting armors without) AIO-AP = All In One - Animated Pussy v 3.3 or v 4.0 ( @HeroedeLeyenda made me able to install my first Character with minimal background knowledge) UUNP = Unified UNP Project (saved me from the pain to decide what kind of UNP body I would like to use) FNIS = Fores New Idle in Skyrim ( by @fore, no custom animations in your Skyrim without it) Phase I Installing the base mods. Preparation for AIO-AP Preparation for DD Series and ZAZ Preparation for MNC SLAL Installing SLF Optional Mods Mods to install: Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) Optional: Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch (USMP) adds various fixes to Skyrim overwrite USMP with newer mods or mods that modify certain scripts includes among others (v2.0): Fix to Drain Health magic effects for Dwarven Constructs, Undead and Ghosts better vanilla Freckles (also included in AIO-AP, just overwrite) Modern Brawl Bug Fix Modern Brawl Bug Fix ⚠️if you don't install it with USMP Critter - Simply script fixes ReDragon2013: "It's my way to make vanilla critter family scripts more powerful and reliable." "reliable" since version 6.03 that is even true for my setup Vanilla Skyrim spawns critters like hell, they all add active scripts to the game. One wilderness cell can easily add 10+ active script, changing quickly wilderness cell rises the amount sometimes to over 40 active scripts just for those buggers. Now imagine what happens if you have other mods that add a lot of active scripts too. I just hope that the simply critter fix reduces the impact on the game, thus makes traveling wilderness cells more stable. Fuz Ro D-oh SKSE plugin Support for unvoiced in-game dialog Needed for many mods without voiced dialog Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS) (by @b3lisario) SOS optional Plugin during installation: SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon mainly for the Werewolf schlong External optional Plugin: SOS - Leito Addon (by @Leito86) SOS Variation for Argonians and Khajiit AIO-AP supported RECOMMED for more realistic schlong variations! External optional Plugin: SOS Equipable Horse Cocks (by @Etheri) SOS Variation for Futa AIO-AP supported Horse Cocks as Strapon Replacer Patch made by @shakrum: SOS_Ho_StraponPatch.zip Patch works great, must have! SexLab (SLF) ( by @Ashal) Patch: SexLab 1.62 Fixes (by @Ed86), includes: Sexlab 1.62 sslActorAliasFIX v2.7z fix for sexlab 1.62 thread setup bug in sslActorAlias script. has something to do with werewolfs! FNIS_&_SL_Spider_Behavior_Patch.7z fix for stuck creatures animations (in SL scripts) ⚠️ MadMansGun: "if you have the "ExperimentalSexLabCreaturesV1-62ToSLALConversion.7z" installed you should avoid the spider fix." Patch: SexLab Compatible Noble Bed Double 02 1.1 (by @Sailing Rebel) Removes collision of the upper beam on noble beds only install one version of the mod (has 2 choices) Patch: Common and UpperClass beds meshes replacer LE (by @fifty2pickup) Fixes positions of SL animations on Common and UpperClass beds Optional: No Overpenetration (by @Holzfrau) Shortens excessive long Schlongs Optional: @Nymra's SexLab Extra Voices Expanded + Voice Packs 2.2 Adds new Voices to Sexlab @Corsayr extra rapey Voices (not for the faint at heart): Sexlab extra Voices for Slot 10 Experimental: @WaxenFigure's Manakins Patch: Manakins.esp should prevent SL events with Mannequins (at least the sex, not the approach... wait, why would I want that?) just leave it here so it doesn't get forgotten! Sexlab Animation Loader (SLAL) (by @orxx) Adds custom SL animation Packs to SLF Sexlab Tools (by @Goubo) SL animations can be chosen from a list during SL scene very useful mod if all Sexlab related filters are deactivated Optional: Immersive First Person View (IFPV) (by @h38fh2mf) SKSE plugin works well with Sexlab Scenes for all players that dare to take a closer look don't forget to toggle to helmet camera if the view clips too much or if everything is too far away (NUM4 by default) Sexlab Aroused Redux 28b (SLAR) (by @fishburger67) Requirement for multiple mods There are alternative variations on LL: Alternative: Sexlab Aroused extended (SLAX) by @Lupine00 Alternative: Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version by @factoryclose SkyUI Optional: SkyUI Rearranger (by @CPU) For sorting registered MCM menus helps to considerably elongate the lifetime of your mouse wheel can only rename 64 MCMs in one go, so best to start renaming MCM entries early and save the changes might be unable to read MCM files later in game again to manipulate them ⚠️might not work with newer mods unkown to Rearranger UIExtensions needed for AddItemMenu and various mods AddItemMenuLE very handy tool to see and grab items in esp & esm, without the use of console great to quickly test installed mods in AS-LAL and to get non-craftable items from mods RaceMenu includes NiOverride (NetImmerse Override) FNIS Behavior XXL (by @fore) Alternative: FNIS Behavior Optional: Animation Limit Crash Fix (SrtCrashFix) by @mrsrt The patch fixes the crash on game loading when you install too many animations with FNIS. Optional: Animation Loading Fix don't use it to go over the FNIS animation limit ⚠️useful to stabilize the process of loading a game with FNIS XXL installed => I use it to prevent endless loading screens with FINS XXL ⚠️ don't use SrtCrashFix and Animation Loading Fix together, use only one. I got CTD if used both (needs confirmation) FNIS Creature Pack (by @fore) Optional for SL creature animations Requirement for MNC ⚠️ FNIS Creature Pack v7.6 will show an "?" in SLF, this can be ignored or use this fix FNIS Creature Pack v7.6(FIX).7z Body Slide and Outfit Studio UUNP for this example Setup (I love UUNP special, sexy belly if pregnant) Alternate Start - Live Another Life prevents the vanilla Helgen Intro and to start in a save cell to give all mods time to load Alternative: Realm of Lorkhan - Freeform Alternate Start gives also enough time to load all mods before moving on to Skyrim also useful to teleport around Skyrim via Crystalls that are distributed all over Skyrim it is always possible to return to the Realm Optional: XP32 New Animation Package - Nexus Exclusive XP32 New Animation pack includes multiple vanilla animation replacers and is a great alternative to FNIS sexy move. no esp, just animations Install after FNIS and let it overwite FNIS files Don't install the Skeleton, XPMSE takes over that part It will produce one FNIS warning during generation that can be ignored (momo jump) Animation Package FOMOD choices for this example setup, configuration for females only: Optional Mods to install: Activate Button Away moves the activate text away from the center of the screen no more annoying activate texts during the SL scenes while switching to free-camera Highly Recommended Better Dialogue Controls Highly recommended helps with bloated dialog boxes after adding multiple NPC interaction mods Highly recommended for SLdialoges Better Message Box Controls makes life better if in fight with lots of pop up message boxes control messageboxes via keyboard Immersive HUD - iHUD Highly recommended deactivate all those HUD elements if not needed or just make them very opaque also great to get rid of the sneaking crosshair in the middle of the screen Race Menu - Overlays Plugin more make-up options in race menu Remove Recurring Messages removes the annoying reminder messages Highly Recommended Rock Trap De-Lameifier by @Monoman1 Highly Recommended safer travels for your followers and slaves thru triggered rock traps check out the other MonoMan1 tweaks! Auto Unequip Ammo Works on PC and Followers no more constant Ammo container on your back Alternative: Ammo Unequip on Sexlab Animations 1.02 (by @Bazinga) don't use Bazinga's Version and the Nexus Version at the same time will also remove ammo from any Actor that removes ranged weapons Drawback: no MCM to add custom weapons and ammo Option to add custom ammo via TESVedit: Also sprach Bazinga End of Phase I Phase II Installation of AIO-AP (3.3 or 4.0) Alternative Skin Texture for AIO-AP XPMSE Mods to install: All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy 4.0 by @HeroedeLeyenda at this stage of the Setup creation all files of all mods installed so far can be overwritten by AIO-AP ⚠️ AIO is optional, you can get all the mods it includes standalone. Main reason for using AIO-P is to create a Sexlab compatible body without knowing all the nessary details. The Mod name isn't kidding, it's really AIO ⚠️includes HDT Physics Extension includes a non nude body with physics and 3D pussy includes includes bodyslide presets => remember to build your body in bodyslide if you want to use another preset includes skin textures includes NPC replacers includes followers includes SOS support and collision includes alternative skin textures for Argonians and Khajiit includes even more, check the FOMOD pics for a detailed view of what gets installed includes Custom Race compatibility files ⚠️ If you install a custom race later, don't forget to reinstall AIO-AP and overwrite the Custom Race files. ⚠️ Overwrite all files of your Custom Race includes HDT body physics Alternative: for HDT body physics: Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT 3.68 (by @Bazinga) can also be used to overwrite a basic install of AIO-AP 👍HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! to give a better overview what AIO-AP actually installs and what the requirements are I made pics of the full FOMOD installation process for use as reverence the FOMOD is great! files installed on every single step can also be overwritten later by any other standalone mod you want meshes/textures/physics from you can also learn from the FOMOD how to setup a PC body for use with LL mods by observing what files get installed ⚠️DO NOT INSTALL ANY CREATURE RELATED OPTIONS OF AIO-P IF YOU PLAN TO USE MNC SLAL ⚠️ Alternative: for AIO-AP skin texture: Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K overwrite any files from AIO-AP in this example I will install this as alternative skin texture you can either not install any skin texture during the AIO-AP installation process, or just overwrite any files installed by AIO-AP later on Demoniac FOMOD pic for additional informations: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE (by @Groovtama) overwrite ALL other mods ⚠️ only overwrite XPMSE if a mod author asks for it in his mod description. includes already Realistic Ragdoll and Force XPMSE v4.60 supports now the 3BBB body XPMSE v4.60 will show more than 115 bones in FNIS now: < Skeleton(hkx) female: Unknown (126 bones) male: Unknown (126 bones) > ⚠️if you don't install AIO-AP you need to add HDT Physics Extension for XPMSE now. End of Phase II Phase III Installing DDa,i,x Installing ZAZ Installing Optional Mods to install: GagSFX 1.04 (by @volfin) Gagged Moaning Sounds for Sexlab Supports DD and ZAZ Core file needed: GagSFX 1.04.rar optional GagSFX files are only needed if you gag any of the actors the patches are for. the GagSFX patches can be merged together with GagSFX main file. Zaz Animation Pack V8.0 plus (ZAZ 8+) (by @t.ara) UUNP HDT file for this example ⚠️LL download is only a txt file. In the txt file you find the link to the real mod. some devices need to be build in bodyslide (more sliders in the Bodyslide "unassigned" group) ⚠️If NPC don't use whips activate the "GENDER Specific Animations" Patch in FNIS alternative versions: ZAZ 7 and ZAZ 8, only use one! Optional: Immersive Torture Sounds 0.1 (by @Kircheis-) ZAP Whipsound replacer Whenever a whip hit noise plays, it should be accompanied by a female grunt/scream. Male characters should rethink installing this Alternative: @Nymra's ZAP- Whipping Sound Expanded ZAP Whipsound replacer even better than Immersive Torture Sounds only use one whipsound replacer Devious Devices Series: Devious Devices (Assets) 3.0e (by @Zadil and the DD Team) devices need to be build in bodyslide basic devices Devious Devices - Expansion V4.3a (by @Kimy and the DD Team) devices need to be build in bodyslide many new devices big file size, here an alternative download link for smaller file sizes made by @piotsze: piotsze was here The Posture Collar always missed a visual Padlock. Not anymore thanks to: Devious Posture Collar With Padlock by @Black714 Devious Devices - Integration V4.3a (by @Kimy and the DD Team) the DD brain, let it overwrite all adds animations and MCM ⚠️DDi v4.3 has some bugs, check the DDi topic regularly: here is the "facial expression while gagged" fix made by various autors posted at the DDi topic: DD 4.3a gag fix.zip here is the "hobble skirt" speed debuff fix by @LazyBoot DDx-hobbleskirt.7z Optional Patch: DDi sandbox patch by @asdfasdf883 Devious Devices - Integration NPC Sandbox Patch.esp. Allows NPCs in heavy bondage to idle or follow other NPCs. Drawback: heavy bondage idle failes to work on some NPC on cell load. Most useful in combination with Hydragons Slavegirls & Device Replacer. compensate the drawback with Better NPC Support for Devious Devices 0.1 RC 3 ⚠️DDi Sexlab filters can cause bugs with NPC-NPC sex (stuck SL animations) Optional: @MaikCG's Falling after shock for Devious Devices Integration 4.0 1.0.0 adds falling animation if schock event from DDi triggers Must have! Works with DDi v 4.3a. Optional: @MaikCG's Devious Devices Expansion 4.1 Rubber sound FX replacer 1.0.0 Changes El_Duderino's rubbersound to leathersound Optinal: @Kharos's Better NPC Support for Devious Devices 0.1 RC 3 Restores DDi effects on NPC (no more broken DDi idles on NPC) adds to script load after cell change to a cell with NPC in DDs, but it looks very promising on my setup already. DD Series Optionals: racemenu adjustable ball gags 0.4.1 (by @incrediblysecure) ballgags can be changed in size and position with RaceMenu sliders ⚠️ esp and DCL patch esp need to be below all other mods that modify Devious Devices in LO or won't work. Drawback: RaceMenu settings for gag size might have to be newly applied after every gag exchange DCL support Magic allowing Bondage Mittens patch for Devious Devices - Expansion (Versions 3.0 and 4.0) 1.2 (by @MrEsturk) allows the use of spells while wearing bondage mittens still compatible to DDi 4.3 Devious Lore (by @Code Serpent) adds alternative escape options and adds struggle animations ⚠️Code Serpent likes to confuse ppl, so I guess this is the recommed patch for use with DL: Devious Devices - Lore Patch 1.0.rar highly recommend for devious Setups with lots of mods that add devices regularly Bwitch (by @simplefries) allows to cast even in heavy bondage also great for casting without equipping spells to hands highly recommend to use in combo with mods that keep the player for a long time in bondage ⚠️careful with the MCM settings, some features might make the game instable I can confirm that the casting function via hotkey, the gagged shout function and the escape from bondage options work without issues. End of Phase III Phase IV Installing Script Addons: PapyrusUtil 3.3 JContainers ConsoleUtil Mods to install: PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions overwrite all ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it ⚠️some mods come with older versions, don't let them overwrite the newer version! SLF Simply Knock Campfire JContainers overwrite all ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it Requirement for MNC SLAL and the included Creature Framework ConsoleUtil overwrite all ⚠️never let any mod overwrite it Needed for: Inte's SUM (Skyrim Utility Mod) DDi black fog blindfold effect (activatable in DDi MCM) NFF (Nether's Follower Framework) End of Phase IV Phase V Installing MNC Patches Optional Installing Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users Extra: SIC & BADDOG MNC SLAL Integration Mods to install: More Nasty Critters SLAL Version (by @MadMansGun) ⚠️Since Version 12 MNC SLAL includes a modified version of Creature Framework. No need to install CF separately anymore. ⚠️Allow to overwrite: FNIS XPMSE AIO-AP Patches: More Nasty Critter SLAL Patches Optional: End All Be All - Rieklings MNC Edition Version (by @Rico Suave) ⚠️Allow to overwrite MNC SLAL makes those Rieklings just look a lot more detailed (also makes them look glossy). Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users LE (by @factoryclose) ⚠️Allow to overwrite: EVERYTHING! MNC AIO-AP End All Be All - Rieklings XPMSE Extra: SIC & Baddog Installation Skyrim Immersive Creatures Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Unoffical Patch Skyrim Immersive Creature Stormcloak Wolfes Faction Fix No more Stormcloak Wolfes that attack you for no reason and create a clusterfuck SIC Spawn Fix Some Riekling Riders refused to spawn. No more! @Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures - SIC Addon V3.0 Baddog's SIC Addon needs a patch for MNC SLAL to prevent some canines have pink dicks: From the BDIC topic: BDICV3.0 MNC patch.7z End of Phase V
  10. This post tries to be a guide on the most important concepts and methods for the creation of Skyrim screenshot stories. This is a very niche thing of the Skyrim modding community and only a hand full of people if participating in this. This guide tries to help newcomers and share some knowledge about Skyrim screenshot stories. The following is for the most part based on my personal experiences and personal style of doing stories that you can find on my Blog Of Blood and Pleasure. This is in no guide on screenarchery and general, but instead focuses on the specific needs of skyrim screenshot stories. In the first part I will give a basic overview on how to approach skyrim stories that should be sufficient enough to get started and in a second part I will go deeper into more advanced topics and common problems you will encounter. Basics In order to get started with Skyrim stories you need 1. A way to capture screenshots 2. Some kind of poser mod 3. Basic knowledge how to use skyrim Console commands 1. Screenshots The easiest way to capture screenshots is just using steam, (default F12). You can access the screenshot folder of a specific game in the steam client by right-clicking Skyrim->View screenshot folder. Other ways are using your ENB, Skyrim itself (print key) or an external software such as Fraps. 2. A Poser Mod The default animations of Skyrim allow for little more then standing and fighting, you will need some kind of poser mod that lets you arrange NPCs and your player character in certain poses as gestures. There are a couple of options available, but the most straight forward and easy to use one is Pinup Poser by Halofarm. It provides a lot of different poses in various positions and unlike most others the poses are ordered ingame, meaning you have subcategories for standing, sitting lying poses etc. This is really handy when starting out. There are larger posers with many more poses such as Halo Poser, but Pinup Poser is a simple and straight forward. There is an image gallery reference that gives you an overview over all poses available, so you don't have to cycle through them ingame. Almost all posers come with rings and spells. The rings are equipped and let you choose a certain pose. Using the second ring lets your player character perform the selected pose. Using the spell on an NPC lets them perform the selected pose. While an NPC performs a pose, their default AI-Package is overwritten. This means they won't go back to the place they are normally found ingame or walk through the room in order to sit down somewhere. The Mod Poser Hotkeys allows you to flip through several posers quickly without having to mess around with a menu. 3. Console Commands You have to get good at using console commands in Skyrim. Have a look here in case you don't know how to use console commands. The most important ones are: tfc 1 - (toggle free camera) let's you move the camera independently from your character while the game is frozen. tfc - (toggle free camera) let's you move the camera but the game is not frozen tm - (toggle menu) disables HUD. You enable the interface again by writing tm again. Note that everything is hidden, even the console. sucsm [number (float)] - sets the speed of camera movement. The default value is sucsm 4. For me typically a good value is 0.5 and 1. Note that the camera speed depends on your framerate so sucsm 1 is much slower on 20 fps than it is on 60 fps. getpos [x,y,z] - Gives you the position of an object or an actor on a specific axis e.g: "getpos x" gives you the x position of the actor. Make sure you have an actor selected with your mouse button. setpos [x,y,z] [float] - let's you set the position of an actor on a specific axis e.g. "setpos x 1000" sets the actor to position x=1000 this can be used for arranging Npcs and objects, even though "moveto" is typically better suited for this. getangle z - Gives you the z angle for an actor. Since Actors can not have a x or y angle the z axis is the only relevant here. setangle - Sets the angle of a specifc actor. Note that while in tfc 1 mode or the you have to type another command such as setscale or setpos afterwards in order for the 3D Model to update. moveto player - Sets the x,y,z position and the z-angle of the selected NPC to your Players current coordinates. Really handy for a rough positioning of a scene. tai - (toggle AI) Disables the AI of an actor so he/she becomes frozen. This is super important to use after you have posed and moved an actor into position so they don't move afterwards and ruin your hard work. Only move one actor at the time and use tai on the other. Move the player last. fov [float] - This command lets you change the field of view of the camera, which is really useful when shooting details in scenes or setting the focus of the camera on specific actors. tcl - (toggle collision) Turns of all collisions in the game, which let's you move the player character freely. It's important that no object in the skyrim console is selected in order for this to work. coc ID - (center on cell) Teleports your character to the cell specified afterwards. E.g. "coc DragonbridgeFourShieldsTavern" teleports you to the "Four Shields Tavern" in Dragonbridge. Use "help" in order to get information about certain places/items/NPCs. The names listed with "cell" are IDs that you can coc to help +any word - Prints a list of NPCs, Items, locations etc. that contain the name after help. This is helpful for spawning NPCs or moving to certain locations via coc. With "" you can search for specific expressions like -> help "healing potion", that will print a list of all objects that contain the expression "healing potion" Basic Workflow In case you have never done something like this, the following provides you an idea of the basic workflow that is commonly repeated for every scene your going to shoot. Go into tcl mode (collisions off) Choose a pose for the NPC and cast the poser spell on them Move your character to the position you want them to be Select the NPC in the console and type "moveto player". The NPC should now be teleported to the exact position as your character, while still performing the selected pose. You should be clipping into each other. If the NPC bounces of you're not in tcl mode. If the NPC is not moving his/her AI is still disabled (console command tai to unfreeze them). [Optional] Adjust the facial expression of the NPC if necessary [Optional] Adjust the lightning for the given NPC if necessary Move your character to the position the NPC is supposed to be looking at (such as your character or another NPC etc.) in order to change their look direction. The head of the NPC should follow your character, if not you can talk to them and exit dialogue mode again. Hit "tai" in the console in order to freeze the NPC. You're now done with this guy. Repeat the steps above for every NPC in the scene Position your player character, select a pose etc. Console Command "tcl 1" and take screenshots. [Optional] You can always use getpos x,y,z and setpos x,y,z and getangle z/setangle z in order to change the NPCs position via console, even while their AI is disabled. This is especially useful for scenes with paired positions (like combat or sex) General ideas: Don't play the game! Never! I recommend creating extra saves/extra characters for your stories. Use the console in order to change locations, outfits, add objects etc. Don't craft an outfit, or travel to a location via the normal rules of the game. Using the console or special mods such as the "additem menu" mod. This will be much faster once you've gotten used to it. Always disable the NPC AIs when done setting them up (select in console, type "tai") Always only work on one NPC at the time, the rest is tai-ed up. Always position your player character last Changing facial expressions In order to change the facial expression for NPCs I recommend using the MFG console. I also recommend using the Facial Expressions Project for using premade expression presents. The basic function of the mods are explained on their respective download page: Advanced Tips Other helpful console commands sgtm [float] - sets the speed of the game to certain value, default is 1. For example if you write "sgtm 2" the game runs at double the speed. sgtm "0.25" quarter of the normal game speed. There are a number of possible applications for this in the game. For example it can be used to stop the game at just the right moment in a quick moving scene such as combat. You can use "sgtm 0.00000001" or something other, really small, to basically stop the game and achieve the effect of tfc 1. Except the game is still running and not frozen. This is for example handy when you want do some changes that require the AI to run without messing up the whole alignment of the scene because you know that a specific actor is going to bounce of as soon as you enable the AI again. For example change the facelight (see below) or the facial expression. This is also a useful way to fix the alignment of sexlab scenes, using the default sexlab hotkeys. Moreover it's a great way to have rain and snow show up on screenshots. When you use tfc 1 with these particle effects they are only going to show up in the direction you are looking at when you went into tfc 1 mode. With sgtm 0.00001 the game still runs so you have particles in every direction. disable - Disables (removes) the selected object or NPC. This is for example useful to remove certain items or objects that might not fit the scene or location. As look as you have the disabled object selected you can enable them with "enable". enableplayercontrols - In case you can no longer access menus or cast spells or something is bugged try using the command before restarting the game. 80 % of the menu bugs that can appear by using tfc 1, tfc, tai etc. can be fixed by this. kill - Kills the selected actor killall - Kills all actors in the loaded area or current cell, including followers etc. setfactionrank ID Rank - Adds the selected actor to a faction. A faction in skyrim is a group of people that share a certain aggression level towards each other. This is useful when you're trying to shoot scenes with NPCs that would attack you typically, such as bandits. By adding yourself to the bandit faction they no longer see you as an enemy. A complete list of all factions can be found here at the bottom of the page. setalert 1 - lets you have the NPC draw their weapon set timescale to [float] - This command lets you set the timescale of the game. "set timescale to 1" means one minute of real times equals 1 minute of ingame time. The default value here is 20. Using really small value lets you freeze the time of day. For instance this is really useful when working during dusk or dawn, when small changes in ingame time mean large changes in the lightning. By "freezing" the time you'll have all the time you need to work in the given light and shoot your scene. If you change the timescale this way, the change will be saved in your savegame. NPC management If you don't know how to deal with NPCs properly, they can take a huge chunk of your work, so here are some tips how to work with them. First, and I can't emphasis this enough, you don't need any special mod such as "puppeteer master" in order to make NPCs do exactly what you want. All you need is a simple poser mod such as halo or pinup poser and the skyrim console. The current NPC AI package is going to be overwritten by the having them perform a certain pose. Spawning of NPCs and Objects In order to use any NPC Type "help +NPCNAME" in the skyrim console with +NPCNAME being the name of the npc you want to use. This command should provide you with an ID of the NPC. Use "player.placeatme +NPCID 1" in order to spawn in a copy of the NPC next to your character. Don't bother with recruiting Followers or NPCs the proper way, that's just a waste of time. Cast one of the poser spells on the newly spawned NPC in order to overwrite their normal AI (AIpackage). You can do the same for non items and objects if necessary. Use the additem menu mod to get Items/Clothes etc. for your character. Besides the nexus search function, a very good, but of course uncompleted overview over available clothes mods can be found here. Changing the Outfit of a NPC Use the "unequipall" command on the NPC. Type "help [NAMEOFCLOTHES]" to get the IDs of the clothes you want the NPC to wear. Type "equipitem [CLOTHESID]" in order to equip the NPC with the chosen Clothes ("unequip +ID" to unequip). Most NPCs switch back to their default outfit when you do this, simply use the uparrow key to select the old used commands and quickly repete steps 2 and 3. They should never to this more then once. When you change the cell of the NPC they revert back to their old outfit. You can type "showinventory" with the NPC selected in order to quickly get the IDs of the clothes. This may seem a bit more complicated then using a mod in order to do the NPC outfit management, but for me this is much faster. You can even unequip part while the NPC is in "tai mode". How to efficiently move an NPC to a new cell (location) Select the NPC in the console, Move your character to the new cell via the "coc" command Use "moveto player" in order to move the NPC to the player. Other helpful tips and mods for working with NPCs If you are working with NPCs/enemies that are typically your enemies in the game such as bandits or falmers I recommend adding your character and all used Followers to the faction of the enemy. That way they won't attack you and you can work normally. See http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Factions Complete Factions List below. Type player.setfactionrank ID 0 in order to add your player to a faction. The mod Puppeteer Master is also useful for getting NPC's to do the vanilla animations, if you combine that with "tai" then you get them stopped in a particular pose you may want. Directors Tools is another mod in order to have NPCs perform vanilla animations and even kill moves (including ki llmoves and such). Manipulating Objects The easiest way to manipulate objects is Jaxonz Positioner. You can move selectable objects around. Via the creation kit you can turn ANY Object into a selectable object. You can move objects into NPCs etc. but if you are not working in tcl mode, they are changing their position when you enable their AI again (exit "tai" mode). Moreover, you can also move NPCs using this mod. Lightning Getting the right lightning for your scene can be a bit tricky at times. Some ENBs are a bit more forgiving then others, but here are some general tips and ideas how to adjust the lightning in your scene. The mod facelight allows you to add a light to a character via a spell. I recommend using the console and setting up .bat files in order to do this quickly (see below) The mod SSAssits allows you to drop gems that emit light of a certain color. They can then be moved via getpos/setpos. With Jaxonz Positioner you can make existing lights visible and move them around via console. The Creation Kit: If you want to have the lightning in a scene exactly as you imagine it you won't get around using the creation kit and changing the light of the location and place new lights. This is by far the most powerful tool when it comes to lightning or setting up very specific scenes. Of course you need some basic knowledge of the program and it's controls. Bethesda even made a short tutorial on working with light in the creation kit. Getting good lightning in a scene is not always easy, but it's well spend time as I feel this has a huge impact on the quality of the final. Sex Scenes Using Sexlab Sex scenes can be a bit annoying to deal with, especially when you are using Sexlab. For starters you use Sexlab, SLAL and some way to start sex scenes such as "Sexlab match maker". Make sure you turn off the auto progression of the Sexlab scenes in order to have complete control over what animation is playing. If you made it so far into this guide and this form you probably know the basics of Sexlab. It comes with a number of problems tough. - It can be very annoying to position actors correctly. When the scene starts you only have a rough idea on where the scene is going to play. Depending on the animations the scene might even rotate by 90 or 180 degrees. Fixing this with the adjustment keys of Sexlab is a nightmare. - It is very hart to control facial expressions of the actors, as they reset on every moan, even if you are in tfc 1 mode - Using tfc, tfc 1 in combination with Sexlab often leads to camera bugs, such as not being able to go back into First person mode or not being able to cast spells. How do we fix this? How to not use Sexlab (Advanced) Another way of playing sex animations is 0sex. Even though the mod itself is outstandingly well done it comes with very little animation variety and you won't be able to use most of the animations of Loverslab animators without including them into 0sex yourself. There is another method in order to fix the problems mentioned above. It's a bit more time consuming then just using Sexlab, but it gets rid of all the problems mentioned above. Still, this is a 20 80 thing, you can get 80 % of the result by just using Sexlab in 20 % of the time, so keep this in mind. Instead of using Sexlab you only use the animations of sexlab and of the slal packages of modders and play them via the poser mod of your choice. Find the .hkx files of the animation you want to play in meshes\actors\character\animations\ and rename them overwrite existing .hkx files of the poser mod. Since I never use the threesome files of halos poser mod I replaced those .hkx files with the ones from Sexlab and SLAL packages. That way you can access them via the normal spells and rings. You see the animation beforehand, can adjust facial expression etc. and work with them like normal poses. The renaming part can be a bit tedious, but something like a python script for renaming helps a lot. This might seem a lot more work and unnecessary complicated, but for me this is the way to go. Sexlab can be a total a nightmare when it comes to details of a scene. Might not work for creatures though, never tested it. Adjusting poses I highly encourage you to try out the Nioverride-pose-adjustments. This mod allows you to access individual bones of your characters skeleton and move and rotate them around. This is one of the most powerful tools available for these kind of screenshots stories. You can fix clipping in sexlab scenes, modify some poses in order to perfectly change them to what you want. It requires a bit of practice to get natural looking changes, but this tool is incredibly powerful. This works in tfc 1 mode as well! Shooting combat scenes I'm far away from an expert on this, but I personally have the best results when letting the NPC actually attack me and freezing their AI in an animation I like (tai). The sgtm command really helps here. Afterwards I place my character or other characters accordingly, often times using vanilla attack animations. I my personal experience, the vanilla combat animations are quite good compared to the poser combat ones since they are based on motion capturing instead of posing NPCs in an Editor which is apparently hard to do when the hole body is moving in a fast animation. Moreover there is a full tutorial on the creation of combat scenes by ther1pper. ENBs Use whichever ENB you want. There are a couple of interesting features of ENBs. They can be used for taking screenshots The depth of field setting in your ENB can also be used to set the focus of a scene on specific actors or objects. I personally advice towards low depth of field settings for stories, since you blur out a lot of the scenery and the background which is always part of the story. But in the end this comes down to personal preference. There is also the FreeFlyCam plugin, that allows you to rotate the camera for more dynamic shots. This is especially useful for combat scenes. Rotating the camera by 90 degrees allows you to change the format of your screenshots to an upright position. Tips on how to work faster Use .bat commands for your often used console commands. For example instead of typing "moveto player" every time, you can just add a bat file to your skyrim directory with "moveto player" in it, that you name mp. Now you can just type "bat mp" in order to move the NPC. Only ever work on one NPC at the time and stay in tcl mode. That way NPCs won't do stupid stuff. Save Regularly in case you need to reshoot something Don't take too many screenshots, you have to look through all of them again and choose the ones you want. If you take less but good ones, you'll save time. Practice and get used to the workflow (by far the biggest timesaver) Use the console, don't waste time playing the game I hope this helps some of you, if you have any other good tips let me know so I can include them into this post.
  11. Version (Edition 2)


    a howto on my way of adding dicks (or any mesh) to nif files, only using NifSkope. (click by click screenshots with text) Warning: some nif files are harder to mod than others using this method. now with a Creature Framework Integration Guide. WARNING, THE NIFSKOPE PART IS BADLY OUTDATED: 1. how things are now you don't rename any nodes, the newer NifSkope is not as stupid with the root node's name. 2. with ABC based stuff all of the new nodes for the penis need to be coped over first before the penis mesh is. 3. the receiving creature need to be using the same skeleton that the ABC penis is made for, cross race penis transplants are a no go without a 3d editing program. 4. you can't adjust/move the penis with NifSkope due to the ABC weight painting, a 3d editing program (max or blender....or maybe even outfit studio but i'm not sure about that one) will need to be used to do that. 5. make sure any meshes in the nif are NOT sharing the same string names as the nodes, nifskope may "auto sanitize" the node's name to something else instead of the meshes to "fix" it, if this happens parts of your mesh will "T pose" (part of the mesh will be stuck in the air and wont move with the rest of the mesh)
  12. Asian Race in Skyrim View File YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY WORK IN PAID MODS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to make an Asian-looking character in Skyrim (and some other things). It comes with RaceMenu presets, list of slider values and a lot of info about Asians as a race. As a bonus I'm explaining what is Akavir and why there are no Asians there (and why there have never been any). Also I provide some extra information about the Elder Scrolls lore with tips on how to fit Asian-looking people into it. The actual meat of this mod is the tutorial. It used to be in the description just below, but I can't find an image hosting provider that would keep the pics longer than a few months, so... Please download the PDF or DOCX files I provided to read up on it. Submitter Erundil Submitted 02/20/2015 Category Races Requires Special Edition Compatible Yes  
  13. Some people have asked about how I get the glossy body in some of my screenshots and here you'll find how to do it yourself. NifSkope Your current femalebody_0 and femalebody_1 (located in Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/Character Assets/) STEP 1 Open the first femalebody_0 with NifSkope and search for the main NiTriShape. I use UUNP but it doesn't matter whatever body you use, the process is always the same. STEP 2 Open the tab until you find the BSLightingShaderProperty and then look for the Glossiness and Specular Strenght values. Change their values to higher ones. I usually use 600 for glossiness and 100 for specular. Save the changes. STEP 3 Now any NPC with weight 0 will have the glossy body, but as the weight value increases, your glossiness will be dissappearing. That's why you'll need to edit the femalebody_1. Repeat the whole process with the femalebody_1 with the same values and save it. And you're all set. Any NPC with a body weight value between 0 and 100 will have the same glossiness. Here you can see the values I use:
  14. v 1.2 (08-2018/11-2020) Storytellers Image Management Greetings, fellow story tellers ! In this guide we're gonna review the basics and tips about image management in stories. Images are the core media for most of our stories, if not the only one for comic writers. Managing them correctly or incorrectly will thus affect quite a bit the readability, accessibility or even the durability of your blogs. Thus, if the most seasoned of us will only find a handful of details unknown to them, those of us which are beginning to write or only getting the hang of it might benefit even from the basics. So, let's start from the beginning... I - Image format & compression A - Compressing images B - Choosing a resolution and a software II - Image hosts III - Posting on the forum/Blog This guide should have answered at least some of the hardships a LL graphic storyteller may encounter. However, if you have still some questions regarding image management, or just want to comment or feedback, you're welcome.
  15. Version V4.5


    a guide for installing SexLab & MoreNastyCritters with screenshots. click on the [DOWNLOAD THIS FILE] button on the right hand side of the screen for the guide. note1: nude player/npc body mods and there skeletons are not covered in this guide because there are too many to choose from, but however XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XP32SE), UNP Blessed Body (UNPB) and Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS) are a good starting point. note2: this guide is made for people that manually install mods, so if your using a mod manager you should be installing the mods through it instead. note3: if your loading XPMSE after MNC please make sure that it's the newest version that has the ABC nodes. My helpful list of available free to use SLAL Packs: Warning to new users/members: there is a limit to how many animation sets SexLab can load, so only install the packs that you truly want to use. SLAL Pack Collection (note: the download files are mostly redundant because updated animations are already found in the SLAL Packs listed below) 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2856-sl-animation-loader-pack-collection-and-installation-guide/ 64Bit SSE ? Anhedonla_ 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60847-dragon-animations-creature-on-creature/?p=2005833 64Bit SSE ? AnubiSs2167 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2376-anubs-animation-dump-reborn-updated-10052019/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5623-anubs-animations-for-se/ Ayasato 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6249-slal-ayasato-animations-28022018/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6249-slal-ayasato-animations-28022018/ Billyy 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations/ DogmaMods 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11308-dogmas-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? Evacuation!!! 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/56684-animation-by-evacuation/?p=1836543 64Bit SSE ? FunnyBizness 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2702-funnybizness-v246-slal-pack-by-shashankie/ 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4471-funnybizness-armbinder-creatures-slal-pack/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5716-funnybizness-slal-packs-se/ KisakiChika 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/95813-milky-anims-now-with-slal-pack-by-wolfbread/?do=findComment&comment=2197672 64Bit SSE ? Kurg4n 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3426-k4-animations-slal-package/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5732-k4-anim-pack-for-se/ Leito86 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2615-slal-animations-by-leito-91216/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6357-slal-animation-pack-by-leito-se/ MadMansGun 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-creatures-of-skyrim/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5465-horny-creatures-of-skyrim-special-edition/ mastermike8800 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2979-slmastermike-testpack-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5738-sl-mastemike-animation-testpack-se/ Mike24 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3771-slal-mike24-animations-classics/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7733-mike24-skyrim-se-sexlab-animations-unofficial-conversion/ MilkyTabboo 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5844-milkyslal-may-update/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6019-milkyslal-for-se/ mojito817 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2725-feet-lovers-slal-anims-idles-cum-textures-sam-feet-replacer/ 64Bit SSE ? nazonootoko 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3765-nazonootokos-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? NCK30 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6878-nck30-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6878-nck30-animations/ Proxy86 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4369-proxys-animations/ 64Bit SSE ? PsycheHHH 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11477-psyche-animation/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11477-psyche-animation/ Rydin 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1972-rydins-animations-resource-pack/ 64Bit SSE ? Sailing Rebel 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3020-slal-animations-by-sailing-rebel-srb-2016-06-29/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6024-slal-se-animations-by-sailing-rebel-srb/ SirNibbles 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2585-nibbles-animations/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5710-sir-nibbles-anim-pack-se/ SpaceHamst3r 32Bit https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6105-shs-bound-animations-slal-pack/ 64Bit https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6111-slal-sh-furniture-anims-v1-se/ Suke 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/62530-sukes-animations-slal-692016/ 64Bit SSE ? znaroks 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3975-znaroks-animations-with-slal-pack/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5748-znaroks-slal-animations-for-se/ 3jiou 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4260-3jious-animations-for-slal/ 64Bit SSE ? some other SLAL Packs can be found here (but mostly redundant because most animations are already in other SLAL Packs) 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/55268-sexlab-animation-loader-guide/page-6?do=findComment&comment=1422937 64Bit SSE ? other animation packs (not SLAL): 3jiou 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3097-sap-sexlab-animation-pack/ 64Bit SSE ? tweens 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2625-m2m-gay-animations/ 64Bit SSE ? Zaz Animation Pack 32Bit SLE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5211-zaz-animation-pack-v80-plus/ 64Bit SSE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5957-zaz-animation-packs-for-se/
  16. Smol Warning; Alright, these tutorials are not quite up for magical all-in-one solutions yet. They will more than suffice for making species and monster supports, beds, etc, but you will have some errors due to newer versions changing a few things. Once the next big update is here, i'll be able to update these and point everyone in the right direction towards updating/fixing/making supports. For now though, have some patience, as even i am learning this process again. It is time, we've had no documentation for how to things for a solid while, so time for me to use my holiday to just push out several tutorials at once! Now now, what can we do... Lets see here: Species Supports Dialog Files Bed supports and Sexbound-only beds Monster Supports Clothing Supports Config Fiddling Custom Positions Custom Artworks & Replacements Just a key point i wanted to share though: I don't and won't promote people making mods without consent from original authors, their permission, and such. We at the Sexbound community Discord and project would like to harbor better relations with modders and wouldn't want to give them unwanted attentions by making mods with their content under their nose, with adult content. Remember to request permission when working with mods that don't belong to you. Also, i want to preface this real quick; These tutorials will require a minimum savvy-ness and probably the following: A Packing and Unpacking tool to allow you to view mod's files and data/folders and names is very handy, like Pakit! A image editing program, among options are Photoshoop($), GIMP, Aseprite($?), Paint.NET, PAIN tool SAI (I think this one is for drawing tablets?) or any program of your prefence with layers and transparency. (This excludes MS-Paint) A program for viewing and editing codes and text files in general, i recommend Notepad++, but Window's default notepad works aswell, along with any of your preference! Should anything in particular be unlisted here, or just general questions, i can give a heads up for it, for any users looking for basic info on how to approach these things. This is the Index post, as it will refer you to the right following post for how to do these things later. I'll have to write every single one individually and with lots of example images folks, so be ready for lots of spam in this topic.
  17. Hey guys, i was wondering how to properly create a bodypart for a race, I want to make some custom feet for the argonian and the khajiit races, i'm using the meshes from the "Better Claws and Gauntlets" (the mod will remain personal until i get the approval of the creator) to make the feet, i use bodyslide to move the nail meshes and fit them into the feet, i change the weights of the nails from all the fingers to the feet bone known as "Toe1" i open CK i create the "Armoraddon" with the new feets _0 and _1 for the "khajiitfeetnude" and "Argonianfeetnude", i save the .esp and open the game, but both races are still using the "femalefeet" mesh, no nails to be seen. i haven't found any tutorial that helps me out on this issue, since i can't find any tutorial that talks about modyfing or creating a race, so i woulnd't know...
  18. There are probably other guides out there that cover this same thing, but I decided to put together a simple guide to making compatibility patches, so here it is. It's a guide for beginners by a beginner at modding. Jharise’s Basic Guide to DIY Skyrim Compatibility Patches (It’s easier than you think!) Ever picked up a mod that looked really neat only to find out that it’s got some major incompatibilities with your other mods? Are you struggling with invisible armor on your custom race? Well, despair no more! By following this simple and concise guide, you can kiss those compatibility issues goodbye forever without having to beg for patches, because you’ll be able to make your own. What this guide covers: *Making a basic compatibility patch between mods *Making a basic mod-added equipment compatibility patch for custom races What this guide does not cover: *Scripting. If your mods involve scripting that is race-dependent, then I can’t help you. That’s not what this tutorial’s for. This guide is only for basic conflict resolution. *BodySlide for races with custom body types. The custom races section of this guide is only for equipment that does not require additional fitting for nonstandard body shapes (helmets, tails, accessories, etc). If your custom race uses the standard male/female body as the rest of the races in the game, then this guide will work for body armor as well. If not, expect some weirdness. *The Creation Kit. The Creation kit has its place, but I don’t recommend using it for basic patching for a number of reasons. 1; You can’t set .esp files as masters, which you’ll be needing to do for pretty much every patch you make. 2; the UI is pretty intimidating for people new to modding, which I assume anyone who needs this guide probably is. 3; Put simply, it’s unnecessary for basic patching. The only thing I would recommend using the Creation Kit for when it comes to basic patches is removing superfluous masters if they were added by accident and fixing the dark face bug (which I will also not be covering here). That said, let’s get on with it! 1. 1. WHAT YOU’LL NEED TESEdit/SSEEdit TESEdit/SSEEdit is a powerful tool that lets you see exactly where your mod conflicts lie. You can download this program for free on the Nexus, and it’s where you’ll be doing most of your patching work. Definitely pick this up. I’ll be using screenshots from SSEEdit since it’s the one I have, but the two should be functionally identical. 2. 2. LOADING THE CONFLICTING MODS When you open up TESEdit/SSEEdit, you’ll be greeted with a list of all of your currently-enabled mods. To make a simple compatibility patch, you’ll want to right-click and choose “Select None” to uncheck everything. Then use the Filter field at the top to choose only the mods you’re wanting to work with during this session. Usually, this is just the two mods you want to make a patch for, so for this guide, I’m going to use the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) and RaceCompatibility. After selecting the mods you want to work with and clicking “Okay”, this is what you should see: Click the plus arrow next to the mod name to get a categorized list of all the objects that mod affects. What we’re interested in right now is the “Armor Addon” category, so we’ll expand that now. Armor Addons are the visual part of any piece of equipment. These are what actually applies the 3D mesh to the item when it’s worn, and any item can have any number of addons associated with it, allowing for different meshes to display depending on race or sex. For example, circlets look different on Khajiit and Argonians than they do on humanoid races. This is because the circlet has different armor addons for each. This also means that custom races will, by default, have all of their equipment invisible because the system can’t find a valid armor addon for that race, as the basic addons won’t have them in their list of allowed races. In the image above, the items marked in red indicate there is a conflict present. In the case of the RingGoldAA (the AA indicates this is an Armor Addon), the original game didn’t have Khajiit Vampires included in their valid races, probably due to oversight. USSEP adds them to the list, but RaceCompatibility, being based on the vanilla game, overrides USSEP and removes them again. So, what we’ll want to do here is make a COMPATIBILITY PATCH. 3. 3. ACTUALLY MAKING THE PATCH Let’s go ahead and right-click on the RingGoldAA object in the left panel. Near the bottom of the context menu you’ll see the “Copy as override into…” option. Click this. You’ll get this warning. Don’t worry about it and just click “Yes, I’m absolutely sure”. We won’t actually be changing any existing mods, so there’s no need to worry about messing anything up here. To make our patch, we’ll want to check “new file” .esp and click OK. Name it whatever you like, but I recommend using something easily distinguishable. I’m going to call this one “USSEP_RaceCompatibilityPatch”. Click OK to create it. This will add our new patch to the mod list. Right now it only has the one Armor Addon we copied over, but you can do this with as many records as you like by highlighting more than one (hold CTRL while clicking nonadjacent records to select multiple objects) before choosing “copy as override”. You can also add additional items by doing the same thing as above and selecting your new patch instead of “new file”. I’ll do this now. Copying the records into a patch won’t fix the conflicts by itself (as indicated by the red highlight still on the items). What you’ll need to do now is edit your patch’s version of the record. In the right panel, the lines in red indicate our conflicts. For our patch, we’ll want to select which parts we want to use. You can do this easily by clicking and dragging the desired option over to the far right. Now just do this with the rest of the red lines, selecting which parts you want to keep from each. Once you eliminate all of the conflicts, the record on the left will turn yellow and the text green, indicating that while the record has been altered (yellow), there are no remaining conflicts (green text). This is what you want. This gold ring Armor Addon is now fully compatible with both of the selected mods. The same method can be used to resolve most mod conflicts, not just with Armor Addons. Save your changes and you’re good to go! You can also right-click on something to remove it if you need to. And there’s your basic compatibility patch done. But I know what you’re saying—what about custom races? Custom races will (usually) come with all of the vanilla assets already assigned, so this is mostly so you can make your other mod-added equipment compatible with these custom races. This is also very simple. 4. 4. CUSTOM RACE COMPATIBILITY For this example, I made an example throwaway race I can use, but the steps will be the same no matter which custom race you use. Select the custom race mod and the other mod you want compatibility for when you load up TESEdit/SSEEdit and do the above steps to copy the item you want compatibility for into a new .esp. I’m using Farm01Hat01AA for this demonstration, but you’ll presumably want to use whatever mod-added equipment you’re wanting compatibility for. What you’ll want to do next is copy anything from your custom race mod (it doesn’t matter what it is) into your patch in order to set it as a master. Once the master is set, you can remove this copied item from your patch as it's no longer needed. Click Yes, then continue to the next step. Scroll down to the “Additional Races” section of the item you want compatibility for and right-click in the empty field I have highlighted here and select “Add”. It should create a new slot that says “Null Reference.” Double-click or right-click/Edit this to access the drop-down menu listing all of the available races (including the custom race ONLY IF it’s set as a master for your patch, which is why we did the above step). After the custom race is added to the list of available races, save your changes and quit. Congratulations! You’ve just made a custom race equipment compatibility patch! TIP: If you're converting multiple items, you can also highlight several references and drag the additional races to each one to make things much faster. And the best part is that most of the time, the file sizes for these will be so low that you can mark them as Lite so they don’t take up .esp slots. To do this, simply click on File Header in your custom patch and change the Record Flag to ESL. And there you go. Your patch won’t take up any .esp slots. If TESEdit/SSEEdit gives you an error when you attempt to save after changing this flag, it probably means that the file size is too large and it doesn’t qualify as Lite, in which case uncheck the ESL flag you just added and deal with it taking up a .esp slot.
  19. Hi! I've been using WW for awhile now, but none of my CC skins (default replacements) are compatible. I know my way around S4S a little bit, and I'm looking for some kind of tutorial to update my skins to work with WW. The only thing I found was from 2018 but it doesn't work anymore and I'm hoping someone around here knows the way to get this sorted. Thanks!
  20. [TUTORIAL & GUIDE] OBJECT TOOL : How to use and understand it. Doutoku Tool. This thread is under construction. Over years using this tool I will provide all what I know and discovered about this tool. How to use it, how to understand it, what is the capacity of this tool, how to optimize your mods using materials, environnement, shiny effects and else. There are a lot to say and explain about this tool. UNDERSTAND INTERFACE : On this guide I will use the version 0.26.2. Be careful if you use lower versions there are some property that don't exist with some issues and crash, I found this version stable that's why I'm using this one. WGT_all_body : Show mesh name and amount of meshes inside a TMC. VGrp : Show the group assigned per meshes. VtxCt & IdxCt : Show the amount of vertices & index count per meshes slots. Tex1-2-3-4-5 : Show the textures orders. TexType : Show how the textures are read. Trnsp : Transparency level. Dsid : Double Sided level. Mcol / mtcp / Mtrl : Material property. Z1 / Z2 / Cast / Recv / Culling : Advanced parameters. Z1 & Z2 need to be combined with Trnsp, Cast - Recv & Culling are for shadows & lightning. UNWRAPPING ALL OF THIS : WGT_all_body : RIGHT CLICK OVER A MESH SLOT ADD SUB OBJECT : .You can add as many meshes slots as you need, until now I didn't found a maximum but I also didn't tried to add more than 15 meshes slots in 1 TMC. DELETE SUB OBJECT : . You can also delete usless slots that don't include meshes, this is HIGHLY recommended to delete them to fix the blinking shadows issues. DELETE ALL VERTICES AND INDICES : . Remove the mesh inside this slots but DO NOT delete the slot itself. GET MATERIAL : . Import and inject a new material for the targeted mesh (this part will be developped separately). VGrp : . This tab show the number of UV (textures) that the mesh slot can hold. As show on the screenshot it have to be combined with the lower part. . You CAN'T change the number of UV count if a mesh is already added, you have to create a new WGT_all_body group and change the number before inject a mesh inside. . Usefull if you have a mesh that have only diffuse or don't wan't to use Normal Map and others textures for x reasons. But keep in mind a mesh group that have only 1 UV could be less detailed due to lack of Normal Map & Specular. . Also usefull for certain material injection. => On the screenshot you can notice some of my meshes actually use 1 UV (VGrp 2), this is a mesh that have shiny material with only diffuse. VtxCt & IdxCt : . Vertex Count & Index Count are just showing the amount of vertices & their index per meshes inside each slots. . I already added a mesh that have 100k vertices and was working, so I guess there are no limit but you could get some lag in game, specially if the mesh is big. Tex1-2-3-4-5 : . This is where you will swap your textures for each meshes. . A TMC can hold 5 textures per mesh slot, but until now the 5th slot is useless or I didn't found an utility despite some test. . This tab have to be combined with TexType tab to know how to swap and place your textures. . By default the order is usually 0012 (Diffuse - Diffuse / Wet - Normal Map - Specular). TexType : . 0 = Diffuse / Wet, 1 = Normal Map, 2 = Specular & 3 = Environnement. . Unless you are using a Skin Slot you can duplicate the diffuse texture when you use TexType 0012. . To enable the Environnement property you have to choose a TexType that include 3 (example 0123) then check the option. Example to understand better : 0012 : Diffuse - Diffuse - Normal Map - Specular 0123 : Diffuse - Normal Map - Specular - Environement 03 : Diffuse - Environnement . When you decided of your TexType you can swap your textures in the proper order in Tex1-2-3-4-5 tab. Trnsp : . Enable transparency for meshes that have textures with alpha channel. => Level 0 no transparency => Level 1 soft transparency => Level 2 hard transparency . If your mesh don't need alpha channel textures you can leave the setting on 0, but if you set it to 1 or 2 anyway you'll get a lighter mesh. . If your mesh have alpha channel you will have to find the proper setting (to combine with Z1 tab) : => Level 1 need to be combined with 08 setting on Z1 tab. => Level 2 need to be combined with 02 setting on Z1 tab. Others mix will give differents results but are mostly uncompatible and could give bugs. Dsid : . Give to the mesh the double sided property, useful when you have a mesh that is not "closed", good example with skirt then you won't have a kind of see through issue. . If your mesh don't need to be double sided and you activate it anyway you'll get a lighter mesh. => Combined to Level 2 Trsnp where a mesh don't need alpha channel it will give an even more lighter mesh. Mcol / mtcp / Mtrl : . Mcol is the main property where you'll inject or change your material setting. . Try to change the number and see the result by yourself, your mesh will become more or less light / dark, combined to mtcp & Mtrl it will give different result. . If you are using a Skin Slot and want to remove this property you will have to change the mtcp parameter, usually decreasing by 1 is enough to remove it (but will still have other property anyway, this is just to avoid the Wet property mostly). . This part will need a separated tutorial where you'll understand how inject and change your material property (shiny effect, animated textures and others) for each meshes via advanced tab. Z1 / Z2 / Cast / Recv / Culling : . Z1 have to be combined with Trsnp setting to enable and optimize your transparency level (reference said before). . Z2 is how the transparency meshes are read to avoid overlapped problems, 0 - 1 - 2 is the proper order, this is mostly used for hair.TMC. . Cast, Recv & Culling are 3 property where I didn't spend a lot of time but look to be related to lights & shadows, changes are almost not visible in game where I recommend to don't change these settings, whatever the original. => Set the Cast option to 2 if you have a mesh slot empty to avoid flickering shadows issue. __________________________ UNDERSTAND & EDITING MTCOL PROPERTY : This part is an advanced parameters to control and edit the material property (but I'm not talking about injecting material yet). Click on the desired mesh you want to edit then click on the top on MtrCol option. In this example I will show the first mesh slot parameters "WGT_all_body_0 (this is a body mesh without Body Skin Parameter). As show on the screenshot a new window will be opened, revealing all advanced parameters where you'll control the material in detail. INDEX : Show the material index, all meshes who have the same index will be grouped together (in this example, the mesh index 12 is lonely), editing a parameter with many meshes inside the same index will change this parameters for all these meshes. USE : Show the amount of meshes for the same material. RGB - B/W column : R = Red Color G = Green Color B = Blue Color B/W = Black & White Colors . You an add from 0 to 255 numbers for RGB setting but I don't recommend it since low number is enought to change colors too. -> This is where you can control the colors per parameters, as example you can give to a specular a red reflection without recoloring the texture itself. AMBIANT : Control the ambiant, this is what the object reflects when illuminated by ambient light rather than direct light. => Here is an example by increasing the ambiant & diffuse RGB parameters : (Left MtCol edit / Right no MtCol edit) DIFFUSE : Control the diffuse parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself. SPECULAR : Control the specular parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself (but keep in mind you'll always be more accurate by editing the texture than the MtrCol parameter, this parameter globalize all where editing a texture can let you create colors reflection on the desired spots). ENVIRONNEMENT : Control the environnement parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself, even increasing or decreasing the power with B/W tab. GLOW : Control the shiny effect but CAN NOT work without the material injection before (will be developped separately). SPECULAR2 / DIFFUSE2 / SPECULAR3 : Advanced parameters to dig deeper with them. RIM LIGHT : This is a light that highlights only the contours of the subject (will be developped separately). SPECULAR(Wet) : Property only applied to Skin Mesh, control the wet effect. UNKNOWS Parameters : From few test I didn't saw a change with these parameters so I don't know their utility for the moment. IMPORTANT NOTE : . Except Diffuse & Speculars parameters I HIGHLY not recommend to put high number on others settings or your mods could crash in game. . Don't abuse and don't go over 50 maximum per column. If your mod keep crashing after edited a parameter just low the numbers. . More you edit all parameters and more you take the risk to have an unstable mod, be careful and don't be greedy. ________________ GLOW & RIM LIGHT EFFECTS : GLOW : Now let's talk about how to make a mesh shiny with Glow parameter and material injection. First you will have to inject the shiny material from another TMC that include it, on this example I will take Raidou COS01 model and his WGT_All_Body_8 material. Once you located the mesh that have a shiny property in a TMC, open your mod that need to have the shiny material in Object Tool and choose the WGT_all_body slot that need this effect. On this example I will inject it in the WGT_all_body_9 slot. Right click on the mesh slot and choose "Get Material", a new window will appear. Drag Raidou COS01 into "Referenced TMC File", choose the shiny material in "Referenced Object", click on MtrlCol - Add in "Material Type" and then click OK. If your mod never had shiny material it will automatically add a new number in the MCol parameter (here it's number 13). If your mod already had this material it will ask you if you want to add it anyway since it already exist, just click yes. Your mesh is now shiny. You can increase or decrease the power of the shiny effect & their colors via Advanced MtrlCol tab as show before with RGB column. IMPORTANT NOTE : The shiny effect is sometime not visible via Neosis and LR Studio, you have to check in game to be sure it's well injected. --- RIM LIGHT : Now let's talk about how to make a mesh having highlight around the border of your mesh. Difference with Shiny material is Rim Light don't need to have a material injected and can be changed anytime on a mod. You just have to play with the advanced parameter and RGB column to choose the intensity and colors that you want to give on your mod. Here is an example with Durga Mecha HLOD mod, she have custom blue Rim Light : And here the property inside MtrlCol advanced parameters : IMPORTANT NOTE : Rim Light IS NOT Cel Shading. You can't add black Rim Light. _________________ More to explain later. Please keep in mind all of this are explained ONLY by experiments over years using the tool.
  21. This guide assumes no previous knowledge of modding to make it accessible to everyone, so some details may appear trivial to you. Some of the steps are 'to be on a safe side'/ 'just in case' and might not be entirely necessary. Last updated: 28 Oct 2017 Step 1 - Buy and Install Fallout 4 There is no need to install any DLCs for Four-Play to work. Make sure you have the latest version of the game (1.9 - released 6 Feb 17). Steam should automatically keep your game up-to-date. Run the game at least once to generate the ini's needed for Step 2 Step 2 - Enable Modding and Papyrus Logging Navigate to Documents/My Games/Fallout 4 Right click on Fallout4Prefs.ini, select Properties, untick Read-only if it's currently ticked and click OK. Repeat for Fallout4Custom.ini. Open Fallout4Prefs.ini Find [Launcher] section, under it, make sure that bEnableFileSelection=1 If [Launcher] or bEnableFileSelection doesn't exist, add them It should look like this: Save Fallout4Prefs.ini Still in the same folder, open Fallout4Custom.ini If Fallout4Custom.ini doesn't exist, create a new text document and name it Fallout4Custom.ini Find/ Create [Archive] section and make sure it looks like this: (Optional but Recommended) Still in Fallout4Custom.ini, find/ Create [Papyrus] section and make sure it looks like this: (Optional but Recommended) Still in Fallout4Custom.ini, navigate to the [General] section (or create one) and add the following: Save Fallout4Custom.ini Right click on Fallout4Prefs.ini, select Properties, tick Read-only and click OK. Repeat for Fallout4Custom.ini. Step 3 - Download and Install the latest F4SE Download the latest F4SE here. Double-click the file you just downloaded, follow the installation wizard, remember to double-check whether it finds the correct installation directory for your FO4. Let the installation wizard install F4SE for you. Step 4 - Pick a mod manager: NMM, MO or Manual I don't recommend manual installation at all. Things will get hectic very quickly. Nexus Mod Manager is more stable but wastes a bit more HDD space, Mod Organizer causes CTDs at game startups occasionally. Download a mod manager and use its respective installation wizard to install it. Step 5 to 12 are tailored to which mod manager you use. They are very similar in principal though. Mod Organizer Nexus Mod Manager The final two steps are universal for MO and NMM. Step 13 - Load a Clean Save, Initialize Four-Play Framework and Leito's Animation Pack Load any save without Four-Play installed on before. All the better if it's an unmodded save (without the [M]). While in game, wait a few seconds. You should now get a popup asking which animation packs to load, select the appropriate option depending on which animation packs you have installed (I recommend installing all). On the top left corner of your screen, you should see the notification ""Vinfamy: Registered Leito's animations and intialized Four-Play with Supermutant support.". Followed by a bunch of "Vinfamy: Thanks for installing xyz" if you use my plugins. These indicate that both Four-Play and Leito's animation pack has been installed correctly. If they don't show up or if you get "Four-Play Framework has not been installed correctly. Animations won't start.", something went wrong and please double-check that you haven't missed any of the steps above. Step 14 - Enjoy! All your Four-Play plugins should now work as described. Leito's animations should now play, with sounds. Actors involved in sex scenes should strip and redress (redressing may fail sometimes for leveled actors - known issue) correctly. Read the plugins' respective download pages to know how each plug-in works. In attachments are what the two tabs of NMM look like in my very light set-up. Don't worry too much if your set-up doesn't match: load order of the Four-Play mods don't really matter and you don't have to install all the plugins or the control panel.
  22. View File Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR): Questions related to use of this tutorial: This tutorial covers the how to create the Resource folder and install it. Support will only cover any issues related to these two issues. Any questions related to issues downloading, extracting or obtaining these files should be directed to the threads host the resources. Please refrain to posting missing requirements here unless they have been added to Halstroms SCR thread. This tutorial is based off of his thread and any new or missing requirements need to be posted there first before being added to this tutorial. FYI: This is the brief tutorial, general instructions and such. For the full step by step instructions download the PDF. It is very large and complete with pictures. Do not PM me with questions on the tutorial. These PMs will be ignored. If it is valuable enough for you to take time to send a PM then it is valuable enough to actually post in the forum. There are others here that can answer many of the common questions I get in PMs. Anybody that wishes to make translations of my tutorial is welcome to do so. Please cite your source (this tutorial) appropriately. However keep in mind if you translate you will be expected to provide support for that language. Please also let me know you have done this. I will be happy to post a link for your language version to help those people with a native language speaker support for SCR Resources. Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR): This tutorial is for those individuals that can use tools such as FOMM and 7zip. A Downloadable PDF for convenience. Step 1: Prerequirements Make sure you have all the SCR pre-requirements installed and setup properly. 7zip installed and configured. Required for this tutorial and useful for modding in general. FOMM installed. Preferably the version hosted here on LL. Fallout New Vegas Astymma’s BnB Body Extender FAFF NVG compatibility skeleton. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) Most current version available. NVSE Extender (Most current available) SexoutNG Sexout Common Resources (SCR) by Halstrom An Account with both Loverslab.com and Nexus.com to access the mods needed. Create a SCR Resources folder on the desktop or where you want to work. Create an SCR Archive folder to keep you from having to re-download the requirements again. There is an excellent tutorial by BruceWayne on Sexout installation and its requirements found here. Still have problems go here, here and here. Step 2: Installation Prep These requirements installed in this step aren't available in game without some mod accessing them. If you desire to access these outside of mods and gameplay my advice is to install SexoutStore so that you can access these armors and other items when you desire. Provided you have the caps. Keep in mind in order for SexoutStore or Halstrom’s Pregnancy mod to work properly you need all the resources installed. General Concept: Download all the requirements to the SCR Archive folder. Extract the requirements to a convenient location then drag the textures, meshes and sound to the SCR Resources folder. Finally delete the extracted folder and move on to the next requirement. It is advised to follow the list of requirements in order. Remove all esp's from these resources. There will be special instructions to rename files. This must be done in order to get a functional SCR Resource. If you do not follow the instructions properly many issues may occur. In some cases there will be two sets of records (clothes, toys etc) in the game which only one is controlled by SCR. Other cases the items won’t be available and giant red exclamation marks, pink skin, or floating head and hands will be the result. The worst effect of not following the instructions would be your game will crash when you start it. You have been warned! Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements: [SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack by Spectrum Warrior. Refugee Outfits for Type 3 by Exter (Delete the esp(s) T6 M CH Raider Armor by Izumiko (Delete the esps) Raider Chains Armor T6m – T6BB – TN – BerryK2 .2 by nagothm (Delete the esp(s) Sexout Clothing System by Evilrunner (Sexout Clothing Damage Updated with Combat Armour! Only) (Delete the esp(s) Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs by Norland GSB’s BDSM Files 20130227 by GSBmodder You now have all the base and specific resources installed. If you desire to have SexoutStore, or Halstrom’s Pregnancy installed continue with the tutorial. If not you can skip to Step 3. The Following are required if using SexoutStore, Halstrom’s Pregnancy, and/or Tryouts mod. The following are mod specific resources and are only required if using specific mods, SexoutStore, or Pregnancy. Tryout's Meshes, Textures and TryoutAudio by Loogie: Sexout Maternity Clothes – Old by Evilrunner Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV by Primantis. (Delete the esp(s) Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture by static07 and Primantis (Delete the esp(s) Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 by Backsteppo (Delete the esp(s) Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp by Ken1945 - Bunsaki – Rikai (Delete the esp(s) Vegas Chokers by adriant1978 (Delete the esp(s) You have to rename the BSA to SexoutCommonResources – VegasChokers Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors by revang. (Delete the esp(s) Requires Pack 1, 2, and BB Sexy Sleepwear. The Dragon Girl Dresses Do not use the one on this page. Use this one instead. Julia Chang Set by GSBmodder (Delete the esp(s) Ghost Variants by Brokencrash. (Delete the esp(s) Extravagant Half Masks FNV by t3589. T6M Competition Swimsuit NV by Shimaneko (Delete the esp(s) The following are mods that have been removed by the author. They are no longer publicly available for download. A Collection of Sexy Attire by Shadowtroop (Delete the esp) Step 3: Verification of Installation Check the SCR Resources folder and you should only have the following: Meshes Textures Sound SexoutCommonResources - VegasChokers If you have anything else you did something wrong go back and figure out where you went wrong. If your folder has only the files I mention above and you are completely satisfied that you have everything ready move to Step 4. If you think you made mistake go back and repeat any or all the individual steps for the requirements. Step 4: Installation Instructions Create an FMOD that can be used when installing SCR. Open FOMM and select Fallout New Vegas. Click on Package manager. Click on the arrow pointing down on the “Add FOMod” button. Select Create from Folder. A window opens up select the SCR Resources Folder and click OK. Wait until done. This will take quite some time. When done you will see SCR Resources entry in the Package Manager. Select that and click the Activate button and wait some more. When done you can close the package manager and move on to Step 5 if you desire to add some of the available options from the mods mentioned above, if not move to Step 6. Step 5: Optional Patches (Optional) SCR Resources Patch Used in case there are some options that are desired from the SCR Resources Tutorial above or files added in the future to SCR and SCR’s family of mods. You can also create a patch if you are concerned there might be a mistake or problem with your SCR Resources folder. Patches can be installed separately ( after the base SCR Resources folder of course) and the installation will prompt you for overwrite. After verification that it is what you desire you can later merge this into the SCR Resources folder and overwrite those files. Benefits to creating a patch: Flexibility and expandability without risking the core base folder created by the above instructions. Ability to make multiple patches and numbering them or giving them a brief name at the end. For example SCR Resources Patch – Ghost Armor. This can make it easier to figure out which patch is which in the future. This also allows you to make smaller changes. My suggestion is make a patch for each mod or resource used or added. Patches can be added, removed, altered, and tested until just right. When finalized and determined as “perfect” the folder then can be merged with the SCR Resources folder created in the tutorial above. More info further down under “Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder”. How to create the SCR Resources Patch: Create a folder named SCR Resources Patch Open up the mod desired and look for the Textures, Meshes, or Sounds desired. Might have to dig down onto the folders and move specific files over. Make sure you follow the instructions of the author on how to place these extra folders as some options means manually creating a file, placing a single file into a folder in a specific location etc. When finished return to Step 5 and import the new patch into the game and test. When reinstalling your mods remember that the SCR Resources folder needs to be installed before an SCR Resources Patches. Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder You have determined that the patches you have created are perfect and what you want to use going forward. You would desire to merge these together to easy the management of your mods in your manager. Grab the SCR Resources folder you created earlier. Make a copy. Might take a bit of time. Rename the old copy “SCR Resources Original” This is to designate it is what was started with. You might change your mind later and decide to go back and rework the files. It is always a good idea to have the same base files to start from that everybody else will have. Grab the files out of the SCR Resources Patch Submitter RitualClarity Submitted 10/21/2013 Category Other Requires FNV, FOMM, Sexout, SCR, NVSE Extender, NVSE View File
  23. Overview: This is a video tutorial meant to serve as a complement to the skeleton controller rig. I start an animation from scratch and walk you through the entire process until the end. Everything in the video was done in 8 minutes at moderate speed, real time. Those familiar with 3ds Max could finish in 15 minutes. I don't imagine noobs taking more than 30. The video and the rest of this guide concentrates on the technical side rather than the aesthetic. Which is to show you a workflow that by the end, you have something to show for. I also recommend OS_Ceo's guides, which delve more into aesthetics and theory. Requirements: You need to have the following set up and have some basic understanding of 3ds Max: Niftools (To import meshes) Max 2010 - Havok Content Tools 2010.2* or Max 2012 - Havok Content Tools 2011.3* + hktcnv.exe (To conver xml to hkx) *Since Microsoft has bought Havok, HCT is no longer publicly availabe. Links kept for reference. However, try looking around. A download manager might help, like jdownloader2. Skeleton Controller Rig (You can use another rig, if you're so inclined. The video is general in nature, but there will be differences) PEN Attribute Holder 2 (The above rig needs this for full functionality) I'm using Dream Girl if you want to replicate the tutorial. Recommended. Use Better Males if you need a male mesh. Usage: My rigs come configured with Havok filters ready for export. If you save the rig scene before HCT is installed, you'll lose the Havok settings. Ensure HCT is properly installed prior to working with the rig to avoid complications. Restarting from a clean rig scene with HCT installed should also resolve this. The Havok filters from the rig scene should look like this when HCT is installed: This is the basic outline the video goes through: Import a body mesh. What mesh you use is unimportant. It's only used as a visual aid in animating. Freeze body meshes. Hide all layers except body mesh and Controllers to reduce clutter. Make your animation. Unhide/unfreeze all layers. Set up proper annotations. Ctrl+A to select everything in the scene. Save your animation. Animation menu --> Save Animation. Tick segment & Key Per Frame. Specify time frame. Save motion. Load your animation back in. Animation menu --> Load Animation --> Load Motion. Export using Havok Content Tools. Test your animation in game. Here are the finished work files. Everything except the Dream Girl meshes and hktcnv.exe are included: Animation Tutorial Work Files.7z Afterwards: Now that you've got your first animation under your belt and know how the process works, you'll no doubt want to start making real animations. Here are some resources to help you on your way: Animators: Export final animations using FRAMES:TICKS. Exporting a 30 fps animation using Frames actually results in a 29.7 fps animation. Using FRAMES:TICKS apparently fixes this. I remember reading about this but can't find the source. Hand positions not aligned in game but look alright in 3ds Max? Leito's source animation files: Look under Resources section. To improve 3ds Max rendering performance: Adding objects and using furniture. Making animations for SexLab. How to quickly reskin a custom body mesh for use with the Controller Rig. Max 2012 users can save some extra steps. by Leito Optimize your final hkx files and batch convert multiple files. by Arocide 2 Actors animation. by Arrok How do I create animations with a nice flow and smooth transitions? by Leito
  24. Combat Tutorial: I'm no teacher and my thought process is weird but i'll give it by best shot. update 4/3/2019 i'm updating it because this is looking a little lackluster compared to before with no links and such so i'm adding in everything i use and have learned since i last did this. Feel free to ask questions or ask for me to add more detail. 1. Mods: The mods i recommend are Collygons, Halos, Wulfsposer, Gomapero, and Lamir poser for action shots. Poser Hotkeys i recommend for quickly switching between poses at the literal press of a button, it is smart to have a reference folder in front of you before doing them though. Screenshot pad is exceptionally useful when you want NPC's close to each other in a pose but they move away, well this mod allows you to move the character without moving the hitbox so you can have two NPCs or an NPC closet to you easily, works on yourself as well. Jaxons positioner is great for moving NPC's as well as objects in certain positions and even allows you to scale them too. NiOverride Pose Adjustments is a literal gift as it allows you to individually move the bones of your character allowing you to modify existing poses a little, however it does not work on the fingers but its fine, the thing is great anyways. Also can allow you to even tilt yourself or an NPC upside down if you wish, just remember to reset after otherwise it will look like your character has had their bones violently dislocated. I also use this mod, Puppeteer master to make NPC's and even the player stay in specific areas and do certain idel animations if need be. This mod is useful for keeping spawned NPC's from disappearing. Ponzo Fx rings and FX rings are also very useful for different effects, particularly if you want your character to appear powered up. Mod list that i use:(Could not find the links for all of them.) -Collygons Poser -Gomapero Poser -Halos Poser -Kinoko Poser -Lamir Poser -Public Poser -Render Poser -Wulfs Poser -Screenshot pad -Poser Hotkeys -NiOverride Pose Adjustments -Jaxons positioner -Puppeteer master -Ponzo Fx rings -FX rings. 2. Planning: Pick the location, make sure you are totally aware of what NPC's, followers, how many people, and weapons you are gonna use and what weapons the enemies are gonna use. Typically because my spawned NPC's always disappear, i use Puppeteer master to lock them in place using the stay here feature after taking control of them, it keep them from disappearing when i need to re-load that save however there seems to be a either 10-12 person limit for this mod. Be aware of if you are gonna use magic, if you are just gonna have the NPC's fight at random be aware of how frail NPC's can be so you can increase their health via clicking them and typing "setav health #", just be sure to reset it later unless its an NPC you plan on killing, otherwise who cares. Also adjusting the timescale makes it so that the day isn't going by so quick, using "set timescale to #" 20 is the vanilla number, 1 makes it so it moves at the same time as the real world, anything higher than 20 makes the time go quicker, also helps if you don't want to wait. DO NOT SAVE IF YOUR TIMESCALE IS ANY NUMBER BUT 20, BE SURE TO RESET IT. 3. NPC's: NPC's now only npc's with human skeletons can be posed meaning if you want to do a fight with a wolf or troll you have to work around their combat animations. This is truely where Tai comes in handy, you wait till the NPC is about to attack then you open the console either before or after their swing depending on what you need and tai them freezing them in place and can use Jaxons to move them, then you can pose yourself in a way you need in front of them before screenshotting. Do remember to use tgm aka god mode during this as my dumbass has died quite a few times on sheer accident. 4. Weapon Posing: To pose with weapons you obviously have to have the weapon equipped so equip it before going into a pose, however when you exit the pose they will be in a standard standing position with the weapon equipped still, to remove this you gotta unequip and re-equip the weapon, same applies for npcs. To make NPC's draw their weapon or magic use "setalert 1". You can also force NPC's to equip certain weapons via the console by either adding in the weapon then typing in "equipitem #######(item code) #(item number)" for duel welding, do the same thing but add "left" at the end. 5. Magic Combat: So this for the most part does not work well, though some people have found a way around it. You can't really pose an NPC while they are doing a spell. I added a mod down below that adds magic projectiles so you don't have to have NPC's do this, you can thank Blazingsai for the existance of that mod. The player character can cast spells while posed but there is a trick to it. You cannot past a spell in third person but you can in first. So cast the spell in 1st person then switch into third and open up the console and use tfc1 to use the freeze camera. DO NOT pose NPC's with active spells, they will have their spells locked into their hands possibly forever...i'm not sure. If you are not using your player character for the fight, you can also cast the spell then TFC1 in first person mode to make it appear as though an NPC is casting it. I also added in different effects as well. Examples of magic projectiles being used. 6. Bow Combat: Bows/Crossbows, just as difficult and for the most part you do the same thing, a method to get npc's to aim in the direction you want is to use a skeever, give it 10000 health via "Setav health 10000" and have everyone attack it then tai the archer when they pull the bow back or if you need a shot of the bow firing and are not showing the direction the archer is shooting then use tfc 1 to show the bow flying mid-flight. HOWEVER because of Blazingsai there is now a new method as of 9/28/2018 that i just never added in. This involves using that FX mod down below, this will allow you to spawn in arrows typing in the words "Projectile" and allow you to grab them with Jaxons and you have arrows with streaks behind them allowing you to create scenes with multiple arrows raining down on foes without you having to shoot a single one. 7. Making the fight: o I'm not gonna lie, planning these fights isn't exactly a specialty of mine. See when i come up with a fight i pick the location, how i want a fight to start and how i want it to end. I don't actually plan out all the movements for the most part, i try to let that flow naturally as i'm making the fight based on. I have the characters poses fit the best next action they would take, if someone punches, you dodge or you block, if you choose to dodge you can then come at them from the side, if you chose to block, you can either keep blocking or counter during their next strike. Making the action for me is......time consuming.....like 4hr time consuming. When screenshotting these fights it is best to imagine like you are making a comic or manga, for the first shot have 2 characters strike, then the next shot have someone dodge, now based on the dodge it is best to find a pose that the person dodging would do next, for example if they dodge left and they have their arm up with the foe just missing them, it would be best for the next to try to find a pose where they are swiping down where they are swiping down at where they foe is or previously was if you are having them dodge. Try to make each shot flow into each other as well as you can. When doing this and wanting certain characters to be close, flying or floating you can either use Screenshot pad or NiOverride Pose Adjustments to move them up and down along with Jaxons, however for Jaxons to keep an NPC in the air you must click on them in the console and tcl to turn off their collision only, just remember to turn it back on later. Its best i just show you. Examples of what i do, this is Satsuki from chapter 43(images in chapter not working so i did something here) 8. War scenes: Jesus fuck if you want to do a scene with over 20 people like for a battle of whiterun or something you can try, but i'd just recommend just not doing it, i'm in the middle of trying that right now, its hell, its literal hell but apparently i'm a masochist so fuck it. For those just let NPC's attack each other, add health onto them if you don't want them to just die especially of you have particular npc's you want to live during this fight. Be sure to remove all npc's from the area that you want to live as well. 9. Killing enemies: You will not be using puppeteer very much for these fights but it has some useful features, 1 is if you have an npc with a bow out you can use the mod to have them ready the bow so it looks like they are about to fire, this is very useful. The second method, and i love this because i'm a sadistic fuck sometimes is my personal favorite, in the mod in the animation category i believe i need to double check, there is an option called "Watch your head" first let me say NEVER EVER use this on the player puppeteer one, you will regret it instantly, just it on an NPC. What this does when used is it causes an npc do do the decaptitation animation, this will cause the npc to lose their head, literally, this is how i get all my decapitation shots. When going for a decaptiation shot you want to first click on the npc using the console, then when their head comes off quickly open the console and pause them via Tai this will pause them mid fall and their head mid-flight. For other methods of killing npc's you might have to just play around, like if you have a pose of a person holding up a sword with both hands you can put an enemy in a falling pose, tai them, tcl them, then move them above you or the npc in the sword holding pose like they are holding up the enemy with their sword. Also if you do have a small amount of NPC's that you plan on killing and its less than 10 that you spawned in, use puppeteer master, keeps the corpses in the same place when you reload a save. 10: Extra flare: You and add in motion blurr or other things if you like, but for that you need to see Wanobi12's Motion Blur Tutorial, gives the shots an extra kick. I'm uploading a mod, this mod is REQUIRED to be used with Jaxons, it will not work without it because these are not grabbable objects. This esp has a bunch of armors that have the nifs of spells. Type projectile into the console and you will see objects like "steel arrow projectile, ice spike projectile, fireball projectile" if you spawn them the a still but moving projectile of a fireball will spawn, only the arrow and bolt ones are grabbable, you must click the spell projectiles in the console then use Jaxons to move them around. This mod would not exist if it weren't for the Sai's smart ass who keeps finding out crazy things to make his stories even better so thank him for the creation of this. Requires DLC's obviously, also remember you need Jaxons to move most of these around. FXprojectiles 1.4.zip
  25. Hello everyone! I wonder if you could please suggest me any tutorial/guide to learn how to make tattoos and scars for Skyrim. There are a lot of them on the web I know, but sometimes I want a specific one and it doesn't exist or I'm unable to find it. So I want to learn to do it by myself cause I really would like to have a scar from cheek to cheek on the nose of my character, and other stuffs that are in my mind and I would make it real xD. Any suggestion?
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