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  1. Well, yeah. Only would be dick(tator)s would want to surround themselves with yes men/women. Not a way to gain perspective at all (or have free speech). Little clique groups that say you can't play with us and shit- I've dealt with it my whole life and I hate it. I enjoy gate crashing "exclusive" parties! Like I talk to some of the more snobby modders in their little circle jerk places and they're like "Who the fuck are you?". I don't bow to them like other idiots.
  2. I thought you just fed at a trough. You know....and take a nice relaxing mud bath after.
  3. Blocking is for babies. When you dodge someone because what they say "hurts", it just encourages them to keep at it. Stand your ground and tell those fuckers off. The mods aren't here to hold anyone's hand.
  4. Well, good news for anyone hoping some more of this comes to LE. One of the team members said this in response to someone when they said they just have Oldrim on nexus; "Do keep in mind that Atmora and Roscrea will be releasing on Oldrim! You still have a couple more adventures in store from Beyond Skyrim." Which makes me wonder why some and not all? I'm guessing one of them could probably be released before year's end and the other early next year.
  5. Economics is certainly interesting, but it's something I've never really studied much. I do like the idea of investing and making money that way, though. Not investing to turn around and sell so much as investing in ventures I feel are somehow important even though they are higher risk. But I do understand to have a strong portfolio, one must diversify. Psychotherapy also sounds interesting. The only qualm I have about it is that it's not a "hard" science and often seems subject to individual perception/interpretation.
  6. I read an article sometime where a group of monks that all smoked were interviewed and given physicals. Their ages ranged from about fifty and up and all admitted they had smoked most of their lives. None of them showed any signs of smoking related illnesses and all were in good physical shape according to the study. I was just telling my uncle the other day that it's the side-smoke that fucks you up. That's why I smoke pipe tobacco- because it goes out after a minute instead of continuing to burn and fill the room with smoke. That and it's much cheaper than buying a pack every day or two. I tried smoking a marlboro a few weeks ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. They put a lot of shit in those things.
  7. Short and sweet, huh? Care to elaborate a little? Like what games might I have played that you had a hand in? I feel like I'm the only one here that doesn't know.
  8. I imagine that was probably a pretty stressful job if you couldn't stay emotionally disconnected. Are there any common characteristics or backgrounds in people with suicidal tendencies you think? Just curious since I have dealt with some suicidal people before.
  9. That is quote worthy......and a truth about life I should have cared more for. To this day, I still ignore most trends and stick to what I like/know well. I reject trends on the basis of I don't have enough money to be posh or "trendy".
  10. All I would add to what rafael666 said is that don't forget that some of the look is in the shading/coloring as well. People look very different with make-up than without. So, what you are looking for is to try and match each part as much as you can. For instance, her inner eyebrows need to go up a little I think. Agree that what you have so far looks very good.
  11. I loaded a new hair nif into the CK and got two warnings: The first warned it didn't have a normal map and the second said it had a missing/empty tri file. How do I fix this, please? Here is the nif- luluhair.7z
  12. IT tech I guess. I like fixing things......and getting paid well for it. You?
  13. Sounds like a cool job making what you do. I've done some welding myself, but it was always to repair a part I was working on or something. I'd like to find a welder to have at home, but they tend to be expensive.
  14. That one question has sparked off some hours long dialogue (monologue) at times. Probably because people like to talk about what they do for a living. With this I'll add in that it is also of interest to me that you are all perverted gamers as well- like me! I'm not asking for any personal info here at all. Just what you would like to tell about your work. I'll start...... Let's see... First, I worked in the oilfield for for about fifteen years. I started on an offshore drilling rig, didn't like it and started training to run machines instead. Eventually I ended up being a machinist. I did that for about ten years or so until the industry started drying up around where I live. Well that and I got tired of the oilfield and have been looking for something more the last decade. About three years ago I decided to finally attend college and that is where I'm at now.
  15. The more I think about this, the more I think that games are a medium like television, or radio, or movies. And with the latter three, companies pay for air time or for showing their product. Television is dying. Movies and radio are in decline. The internet is where it's at now and games have become big, big business! Yet, of the four I mention, games are the only ones where companies don't have to pay a dime for advertising. It's because they have kept games in the "it's for kids" mindset of those stupid company execs that don't know shit about the changing market demographics. And why wouldn't they think that? The longer they can maintain this fallacy; the longer they can treat games and gamers like some kind of red headed step child- a minority to be slightly ridiculed for being immature slackers that don't get the "real" world or something. It works for them beautifully, so they will never change it. Meanwhile, we gamers and modders have to worry all the time about whether something we do might be in violation of something. Does anyone else see what's going on here? Why aren't games and gamers getting any respect in the corporate world? Why aren't they paying for advertising in games like every other medium like they do for Youtube, or other places? Because no one in the gaming industry HAS CALLED THEM ON THEIR BULLSHIT!!!!
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