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  1. In the UK? I always thought the UK had a pretty liberal attitude towards sex and porn. God forbid that kids ever see people fucking! But authorities don't seem to mind much all the blood and violence kids are watching in a movie or seeing in a video game. This is bullshit and has much less to do with "protecting" minors and much more to do with trying to find ways to both milk another "luxury" tax or keep tabs on who watches porn. "Do you have your id # citizen?" asks the cold, soulless machine.
  2. Note to self. Fuck more, speak less. Chivalry will take care of itself.
  3. I've looked at modding it, but lost interest. I haven't figured out how to import meshes into the game and don't know if it's possible. It uses nif format for meshes and it should be possible to edit and import them, but the file structure is strange for me.
  4. Acting chivalrous is the embodiment of class and nobility. "Class and Nobility"- when I write of such ideals, surely people will groan and imagine some powder-puffed, arrogant, self-righteous and thoroughly spoiled aristocrat from a bygone era. But......Class, I speak of not in the sense of one's position in the social hierarchy or in royalty, but in the sense that one acts with grace and conscientiousness towards friends and enemies alike without regard to status. Nobility, I speak of not in the sense of belonging inherently to a royal lineage or aristocracy, but in the sense that one is inherently honest, accountable for their actions, and honorable in their pledges. But, something happens when you fucking want something or someone. "The grass is always greener" to quote an old saying. It means that no matter how things are going in your life- you always want more or what you perceive as better. Me- with all my supposed adherence to this code of morals- am a fucking hypocrite! Some strange twist of fate sent my sexy neighbor to my house tonight with her telling me that she and her husband have split. I did some work on her lawn for her and she told me while trimming her trees and stuff. She offered to have a few drinks with me and I happily invited her over to my house. I want her- I don't care about honor or nobility. It's a quaint little notion until it collides with passion. Under the crushing weight of desire, ideals like honor and nobility don't stand a fucking chance! Chivalry is dead or dying? Who fuckin' cares! I'm gonna so get laid tonight!
  5. Yeah, hearing this more and more. A guy I met yesterday was telling me about his job. He makes decent money for this area and has investments in real estate. 30 years old, tall, fairly good looking. We got around to talking about women and he said straight up "Don't need the added expense, the headaches, or to get fucked outta what I have worked hard for." "Nope. No girlfriend. Don't need them or want them." I was a bit shocked to hear him say exactly what I have been thinking for a very long time. Most other guys I know or meet think you're strange if you don't have a girlfriend or wife. Like I said in the op, I adore most things about women. But I don't really want a girlfriend and sure as hell don't want a wife. I agree with you about the system being to blame for some of this at least. When an accusation from a woman (or a child for that matter) is enough to destroy a man's reputation and life, it's little wonder that more and more of us are feeling a bit confused, angry and ultimately cheated. They turned society against us. We're either blundering idiots, warmongers/murderers, pedophiles, or rapist. Not sure how it happened, but you're right. Judged guilty until proven innocent. So how do we fix it?
  6. Customer a few days ago. Was going to make some easy money off that one, but he figured it out after awhile. Too bad since he is a banker.
  7. People calling a pc repair shop and wanting free help. It's a business Sweety, not a public service or charity. And she was a fucking accountant!
  8. Hmmmm......How many women have greatly influenced politics and events by whispering in the King's ear in bed at night? A great many I suspect. They effectively helped shape society not just by having the children and taking care of the family, but by using their subtle ways to steer the husband ruler. You just won't read about it in any history books. The most formidable rulers in history most likely had an equally formidable wife at their side advising them. It's whom men confide in with everything they would not tell anyone else- especially another man. It is the woman that listens patiently, gives comfort, and offers advice if she can when the man is at a loss about what to do in a situation. At least "good" women do I think. Now it's more like women have gotten tired of helping prop up men's egos. So they do all the same things they used to, but more often without the man around to consider. Is it easier? I don't know. Is it better for the single mother of three? Perhaps. Is it better for men and women overall? I don't think so. I still believe that men and women compliment each other and can achieve so much more cooperating than in constant competition.
  9. Of course not. We just want someone or something new to fight against. "Ooohhh, a planet full of beautiful, blue vixens? Let's have at it then!!" I wonder how fast they would colonize planets if they knew something like that was out there? Fast I'll bet- with mandatory overtime!
  10. I just thought that was a given. But women have learned and caught up. They're just much prettier assholes. Plus there is sort of an art to how women approach being one. With men it's pretty straight forward. With women it's more of a mind fuck. My friend is in a relationship with a woman that he freely admits he would like to kill if he could get away with it. She fucks him and fucks him over all the time and he just goes right back for more abuse thinking that he will eventually get the upper hand. He never will because she is smarter. She figured him out a long time ago. He still doesn't know what makes her tick.
  11. Yup. Damaged goods. Can't count how many of those I have dealt with over the years. I avoid them like the fucking plague. As soon as I feel like a girl has me pegged as a chump, I ignore them. My neighbor with her pretty face and big tits doesn't like that I ignore her shit because I knew right away she was an "attention whore". But I did manage to sell her some stuff and get her money. I usually just laugh at anyone that gets offended by someone just trying to be nice. This past week I talked to several people from older generations and they don't have a clue why things are so fucked up between men and women anymore. Of course their generation was more clearly defined by the men going off to fight in wars while the women stayed home and took care of the family. I mean if we are redefining the roles of men and women and especially their relationships, it would be nice to know what the new rules are and who is deciding them and for what reasons.
  12. Fits my mood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvgLj8pawGI When the fuck will we be able to display vids like before?
  13. Maybe the Russians have it right? An article I found gives some insight on chivalry in Russia. A few quotes; "Russians do not refer to women as “the weaker sex”—nor do they think women are weak at all—but instead women are “the prettier sex.”- that sounds reasonable to me. "Men generally act in a way that Americans would describe as “gentleman-like.” They give up their seats on the metro, hold out a hand to help you off a bus, and hold doors open for women, even if they are strangers."- seems it depends greatly on where you are in the world. "The gender roles of men in Russia have nothing to do with the idea of women needing their help. On the contrary, men help women because they are women, i.e. “the prettier sex.”"- a simple difference in philosophical approach. But seems to be significant enough that it was still widely accepted not to long ago and maybe still is today. Interestingly enough, Bushido- the Japanese equivalent of Chivalry has all but disappeared in their culture except in sports from what I understand. The principals of the code did "evolve" several times in response to changing times. At first it was loyalty to the country, then loyalty to the emperor, and finally loyalty to the company which died out in economic troubles in the 90's. My impression is that Bushido or "way of the warrior" was more of a way of rallying the nation to cooperate in order to excel- mostly in war, but also in business. But it is suggested that Bushido was a cornerstone in the forming of modern Japanese society. I would think this to be true of every other society as well. Chivalry- in my mind- is to live by a set of virtues that you determine and no one else, rather than to live by a rigid set of ideals in accordance with a singular, dominating belief. It can be influenced by politics, religion, the teachings of your parents and family, the virtues of others such as your friends and your enemies. And virtues are the value(s) that we place upon our core beliefs of right and wrong. I would say they are our core beliefs, but that can't be true because we sometimes compromise them in different situations. The key virtue of Chivalry is honor I think. Not honor to your lord, or honor to your company, or honor on a battlefield, but honor to yourself in that you are true to yourself above all and will not compromise that for anything. "To thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man/Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”- William Shakespeare
  14. So what happens in a society that does not follow the Code of Chivalry or something like it? Unchivalrous is defined as being impolite, ill mannered, disrespectful, dishonorable, selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate, unsympathetic, cowardly, etc. Instead of opening a door for you, people will slam it in your face because you're not worthy of respect or consideration any more as a fellow human being. You are a potential mark. But, almost all heroes or heroines from every book or movie I have ever read or viewed follows the chivalric code. They protect the old and the weak and children. Of course they get fucked sometimes by unscrupulous villains because of this code, but they keep their dignity. Now maybe girls don't want to be princesses any more and boys don't want to be heroes. Maybe boys want to be princesses and girls want to be heroes. Maybe they want to be each other or neither. Maybe they want to be everyone or no one at all. It doesn't matter because there will always be some code of conduct. It just won't be as idealistic and naive as chivalry perhaps is. But it will be much colder and less humanitarian I think.
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