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  1. KoolHndLuke

    Cheating. What are the Virtues You Live By?

    I never doubted that you did and I hope you took some really hot pics. I guess you're saying all is fair in love in war, huh? But, when do you not cross that line? When it's your friends husband/wife or just someone you hardly know or not at all? I mean let's face it - most of us are fucking around on our significant others at one point or another. I'm curious as to who will admit to being a real scoundrel. To me it's a given with a guy or an attractive woman that they will have other lovers when you're not around. So my question is when do people say no.
  2. What? I need to explain this shit?!! Do you fuck your neighbor's husband/wife when you can get away with it or don't you?- that kind of stuff. Maybe I'm looking for a reason to NOT do that very thing. It's hard because she looks sooo damn sweet!! And "Rivers always reach the sea".
  3. KoolHndLuke

    BodyMorph 1.x [Fallout NV]

    I just load the BnB body as a reference into the xml of whatever body I want to have BnB animations and just copy the bone weights for JUST the breasts and then save the project without reference. Takes about a min once you do it a couple times. Also, BaB animations work in FNV as well even though they were made for FO3.
  4. KoolHndLuke


    So is PS if you know how. Or at least I've read that you can.
  5. KoolHndLuke

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I remember playing a male just so I could romance them. Jeez I'm a fucking geek. The Handmaiden was such a badass as a Sith marauder with a fully customized double bladed lightsaber. I would usually have both her and Mira like that since I saved the best crystals for myself. If the game wasn't so old, I would consider going back and modding the hell outta it 'cause I loved playing it.
  6. Then maybe you should contribute some time and help do some conversions or something. It's not like you're entitled or anything. Read some of the earlier posts and figure things out.
  7. KoolHndLuke

    Breezes New Vegas Males for BodySlide

    Sure. I didn't think of doing that and it sounds like a better idea. But, how is that going to work with the male genitals mesh? I would think that might be a problem.
  8. KoolHndLuke

    Men who play women and get them raped

    Same. I tend to get hot watching others go at it- especially in a violent dom/sub scenario(rape). Weird I know, but, it's not like I chose my quirks and perversions after all. Besides, this community is all about encouraging people to live out their perverse fantasies in a safe gaming world and indulging their otherwise reprehensible fetishes if you will. Better than having all that pent-up energy unleashed in RL- a kind of therapy maybe.
  9. KoolHndLuke

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Error. Could not parse this line. Redirecting to ad while reporting to MS.
  10. KoolHndLuke

    Breezes New Vegas Males for BodySlide

    I'm going to work on a regular conversion of the body (i.e. not bulked up) later and upload it. Hopefully I can iron out some of the kinks in the process.
  11. This was my conversion of the Breezes male body for FNV in BodySlide. I was going to make a new follower with this, but, ran into some troubles/lost interest in it and stopped working on it. So I decided I would put the conversion files out there if anyone is interested. I don't remember exactly how I did this and I'll need to start messing with it again to see how it works. Here is a screenie or two of what I was working on- Note that I did not experiment with this much at all and could not get the penis mesh to look right. If anyone is interested in this, then I might look at working on it some more. BTW, any textures should work for the Breeze Male Body- which you obviously will need for this to work. You will also need A.J.'s wonderful CBBE-NV BodySlide conversion mod found right here is this forum. If you have any problems, I will try to help. Here are the conversion and preset files.
  12. Probably need someone with scripting/animations exp. If you are really interested in implementing some of your ideas/experiences into the game, I would look for someone in particular to ask questions while you learn how to work with the tools available and try and do some things yourself- I have found that mod authors are much more willing to help you when you already have an idea of how things work in the game. Oh, and thank you for your services to the community.
  13. KoolHndLuke

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    What really pisses me off is all these fucking milk drinkers who are offended by big breasted, voluptuous women- either in life or especially in games!! I mean fuck you already. I don't look at a women like that and automatically label them a whore. But, they do. I suppose they are "offended" due to some deep seated mommy issues or something- can't handle their own secret desires. I can only imagine what they think of people with weight problems...... most people are not going to fit any kind of image of perfection and they shouldn't have to!! SO STOP FUCKING JUDGING !!!!! Your tastes are not everyone's- like I don't dream of flat chested little girls.
  14. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    Look for it in a week or so here on LL. I just need a few more and then to clean them up a bit. Another one-
  15. KoolHndLuke

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Ahsoka Tano has developed into a very interesting character imo. I didn't care for her in the Clone Wars. But, now that she's older and more mature - I really like her. The writers in Star Wars Rebels are actually doing a pretty good job with the story and characters mostly. The should hire them to write and direct the next movie.