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    Games. Fast Cars and Nude beautiful women. Learning modding at a snail's pace.
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    Fed-up, underpaid, and unappreciated blue collar worker. I dream of more.

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  1. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude

    Redid strength and finished a couple more-
  2. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude

    I got em'. Had to turn of AVG for a minute. Not sure why it fights me so much on this site. Thank you again.
  3. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude

    Shit, I can't download those files for some reason. Keeps tripping my Antivirus. Where are those links from?
  4. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude

    Thank you very much! That will help quite a bit. I'm trying to stay true to the original style as much as possible.
  5. Give me several days and I'll have one or two for you.
  6. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude

    I got permission from bigCman123 to take over this mod and redo it for FNV/FO3. Since I never got the "nudie" version of this mod- I am having to do it all over again. That is unless someone has a link to those files some where and would like to share. I plan on replacing ALL vault boy icons with vault girl- both the suit version that haven't been done and the nude versions of them as well. This is what I have so far- The quality of the first could be better- I know. As I learn more about what I want to do...things should improve. Wherever I deem appropriate, I will make brand new icons to replace the old and new icons where there were none of course. Suggestions, comments, got the nude files I'm looking for- feel free to comment.
  7. I do faces and bodies all the time. Show me some pics and I'll take a shot a them. I did a pretty good likeness of B-
  8. KoolHndLuke

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Thanks A.J. I tried what you suggested and it didn't change anything. For some reason NVAC still works for me so I leave it in my game. What I have noticed while trying out different poses with my character is that sometimes poses and animations for her will not play. Like if I try to play an idle sometimes she gets "stuck" is the best way I can describe it. Then I have to draw her weapon and holster it again to get her un-stuck and then things work again. It makes no difference whether I have Behaviors active or not. This is what seems to happen when I have this installed- she gets "stuck". I'm thinking it is a problem with my game that this mod makes worse somehow but is not really the cause.
  9. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl for New Vegas

    I'm looking into getting permissions and either finding and re-uploading the suitless version of Vault Girl or make them over again. I also plan to include Vault Girl icons to replace all vault boy ones.
  10. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Mod for Fallout 3/New Vegas

    Can't download the files. The link is dead. Does anyone have these files?
  11. KoolHndLuke

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    The Sexout 98' Beta was just me writing in where I usually put this mod in my load order. The reason I was using this is because I thought it contained more/different animations than Sexout stable release. Doesn't it? That was my understanding anyway.
  12. KoolHndLuke

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I just tried reinstalling this and tried cycling thru the animations again and my playr character just stands up and I get a message saying 'no other valid positions found' or something like that. Sexout stable release works just fine on it's own. Here is my load order- I just wrote in where I would put Sexout 98' Beta since every time I install it- Sexout ESM gets moved to the top of my list for some reason. Also I merged several mods so they might not make sense- it's a mess.
  13. KoolHndLuke

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Trying this out with A.J.'s AppleJam skelly that she made for CBBE- NV and everything seems to work fine. The only problem I have is when cycling through animations, I can cycle through about 2 or 3 and then one of the actors- usually the pc- just stands in one place not being repositioned or animated. It's sort of like the animation loop hangs or something and cannot finish no matter how long I let it play. Anyone know what the problem might be?
  14. KoolHndLuke


    Are we talking about that invisible glass ceiling that we have all bumped into time and again? The same one our bosses, teachers and parents liked to impose on us by saying that we weren't ready for something......you know....because reasons? How can anyone know if they are ready until they are given a chance to show how they handle things? Kids today deal with much more pressure from the world than older generations did imo because the pace of the world is increasing all the time and people expect more and more from everything and everyone. The average age for most professions in life is becoming younger all the time. I have personally seen what I consider to be very young men and women take on tremendous amounts of responsibility that most older people would want no part of. Young people are more capable because of their age, not in spite of it.