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  1. These are new. Still need to work on them, but I think they're not bad at all.
  2. Game is marked way down right now, so I'mma gonna grab it! Still a novice modder, but I always try to check the tools to see what I might be able to figure out.
  3. If you do reinstall, I would recommend just adding the mods you need for Sexlab with creature support so you can narrow things down. When everything looks good after testing thoroughly, then start rebuilding your game over it. Oh, and when asking for help, please include your MM, mod list and load order along with things like FNIS logs- because the logs don't tell much by themselves.
  4. One in every ten. Sounds about right.
  5. So males aren't supposed to dish it out, but they're supposed to take it. I touch a woman in public and get arrested, they can hit and call me every name they can think of and I should "just be a man". I'd just love to see the police's reaction if this guy called them. They'd probably arrest him for wasting their time. Anybody else see the blatant hypocrisy here? How about seeing a child with a woman in public? You think nothing of it. A man with a child? Depending on the child's look, you might be very suspicious. It is too damned easy to bring down a man in any position of power with any amount of money simply by allegations from several women of sexual abuse or almost anything involving children. It's no wonder the prisons fill with men that "went too far" and children grow up hearing only the mother's side of things. It was never about fairness. It was about control.
  6. I'm just surprised nobody has quoted Conan yet. It's a simple philosophy, and it has always worked. People just get real sore about losing anymore. So much for this thread.
  7. What inherent traits does a male possess that females don't? We share virtually every trait save for our genitalia and a few other physical/biological features. So why would one be any less or more than the other? These are all just products of our learned perceptions. What it basically comes down to are doms and subs. The group (or gender) that has traditionally been viewed as subs first wanted parity, then decided they want to be doms instead. What was wrong with parity? Or did they actually ever achieve that? Maybe parity just doesn't work. For instance, a pecking order or hierarchy is firmly established in every group of living organisms. Why do you think that is?
  8. If people aren't defined by their gender, then WTF is this supposed to mean?
  9. How many mods are a maybe and a nod away from obscurity? Rhetorical question. I'm going to start grabbing everything I need. You know them winds is a blowin. Not too long ago I went to bed sure of the outcome of something.... and ended up being very shocked. Oh, and I'm finding a lot of *deleted* mods from my download history on Nexus. Some of those mods had been there since Oblivion days.
  10. Yep, grab the mods while you can people. The castle is under siege. We also have sympathizers in our midst. Good thing I just expanded my storage capacity.
  11. What? That they don't do enough? And you say....?
  12. Snakes. I fucking hate snakes. My Grandparents and mom and aunt used to live in an old house where finding rattle snakes was actually quite common. I can't even imagine.
  13. I'll add Prideslayer. His posts still crack me up when I find them. Was already gone when I came here. In fact a great many long time contributors and members stopped checking in this year. I hope they all just moved on to greener pasture. Even in '16 when I first started posting here, it was pretty wild and just like Kendo said. You didn't fuck with those people because they knew how to rip yo bitch ass to shreds.
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