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  1. Project AOH!!!

    Yes, you are correct I suppose. My point was more their attention to detail in the ruins and the whole mod I guess. Everywhere I go in this mod has been carefully made and well thought out.
  2. Project AOH!!!

    Oh, I already picked up a bunch of it. What I love is that they actually look like ancient dwemer ruins instead of the clean vanilla stuff. The colors just pop and the detail is great- not to mention the unique music and sounds. As far as the enemies go, I love big battles with many tough enemies. Just gives me more stuff to fling spells at!
  3. Project AOH!!!

    Wow! I haven't seen some of that yet. Looks like fun and I can't wait to see. Took a detour to wrap up some things elsewhere in Skyrim and then I'm heading back.
  4. Project AOH!!!

    This mod is very, very good! I would say it ranks right up there with The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal in every aspect. It is beautiful, the quests are imaginative, the characters are believable and well voiced, some unique enemies, weapons, armor, trinkets, magic and some secrets that you can only discover through various clues. It is so beautiful and interesting that you can't help but want to explore every little corner. Runs extremely smooth on my pos pc with almost no glitches (picked up a trespassing bounty for no reason and one load screen ctd). If you haven't tried it, then you definitely should! You most likely won't be disappointed. Here are some slightly NSFW screenshots.
  5. Spanking Mod

    I'm studying how to do animations at a pace. Pretty much so I can make this and a "slapping" mod- one with good animations. It is much more involved than I anticipated, but, I hope to produce something in a few months or so.
  6. May be right. Though, I do have several hair mods installed myself and the count is close to that. Yeah, I don't use hdt hair for that reason.
  7. Saw it right before you posted that. Do you notice a slowdown in fps or anything before a crash? Maybe try allocating a little more memory like 1024.
  8. World of Rudra

    Played two chapters and barely explored anything. This mod is HUGE! But, sparsely populated with npcs and enemies it seems. I added a mod that spawns more enemies and that helped. Someone was doing an npc overhaul for it. But, I haven't seen anything as of yet.
  9. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I was having trouble breathing a few days ago it was so hot and humid. 80-90% humidity with a temp of 92-98F with no wind. Heat strokes are no joke here.
  10. What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

    Bards Tale 2 on an old C64. I remember one level of a dungeon that was pitch black and you couldn't use magic or torches with no compass. Too many random encounters and you would start losing some of your party due to injuries. Would spin you in different directions with each step- kept getting lost or going around in circles. It was frustrating to say the least. Oh, and Gunship plus some axis and allies type stuff.
  11. Essential Modpack

    Look at what mods you are interested in here and then see the requirements for them. Too many to choose from for someone to say "get these".
  12. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    I've been seeing more and more of this when I go looking for mods. Fucking traitors are jumping over the fence to make a little coin with Beth. They might eventually regret that decision.....
  13. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I just installed the spring update and my OS seems to be lagging a bit. What did it "break" for you?
  14. Time modding vs Actually Playing?

    You could always gamble it away in a casino. Oh wait, this isn't FNV!