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  1. Not the first band that comes to mind when thinking back on the 80's/late 70's, but iconic all the same. Lead singer reminded me of my also deceased cousin from just a few years before '19 when Ric Ocasek passed. So not recent- I just never heard.
  2. Some people don't get Bob, and I used to be one of them. The power is in the lyrics and melody. Just love watching her cover this song. She doesn't conflict with the music like I hear some drummers do. She meshes with it. Groove is in the Heart...
  3. Hmm... just saw previews of "The Nevers" and I will definitely have to see what it's about. Anybody watched it?
  4. Car has been in the shop for three weeks now. I'm missing it so much....
  5. People still standing down from DEFCON 1.... give it time.
  6. Answering really late here, lol. But when I scoured through mods for both Skyrim or FO4, I found next to nothing in mods that featured new hairs with hats added as a feature. As Vioxsis mentioned, anyone going to all the trouble to make the hair meshes, textures, then rig them and port them into the game is probably not thinking about further work with hats and helmets. But it's not that hard to edit hair meshes yourself in Outfit studio and X-edit. I left a tutorial under the X-edit applications thread.
  7. I always put together esps for clothing/armor using X-edit. Just seems easier to me to do it that way than in the Geck. Now for placing the clothing/armor in the worldspace somewhere not in a leveled list or container, for instance, you will need to use it. I just use an existing container that doesn't reset to place items in.
  8. Are you choosing the reference from the drop down list or manually pointing to it in the slider sets folder? That's the way I have to do it. I have to browse to the reference slider set. Note that if you are using breast animations, you only copy those specific bones or you will have areas on some outfits that aren't weighted and it won't work that way. It'll give you a warning not to save, but it won't stop you from trying, lol.
  9. Consider the source. Kong don't serf
  10. Mod list right around the limit- and I don't mean armor/clothing mods- these are script-heavy, new asset mods that change so many things that I don't even notice anymore. With that said there are limits for my system/setup. Still can play almost as long as I want in every part of Skyrim and beyond with Whiterun plains being the only exception. Could find it/fix it, but why bother when it's stable 95% of the time? One reason I can think of why it is harder for new players to get LE stable is the sheer amount of mods stating to do so. I know I spent years sorting through outdated mod
  11. Is there some reward for getting hoochies to show their skin here? Cause I'm down for that shit and stuff!
  12. STOP THAT GODDAMIT! I nearly had a seizure from laughing so hard!
  13. Logging off of LL to go do something else. Realizing I have nothing else I need/want to do and logging right back in. Repeating 20 times a day, twice as much if I'm drunk.
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