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  1. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    Some dirty traits. Will clean up later.
  2. KoolHndLuke

    Looking for female modders to interview

    @Lady Horus is interesting. Second A.J. since she is a friend and is very funny some times. @darkconsole would be another good choice I think.
  3. KoolHndLuke

    Netflix's 'The Witcher' Cast

    Very well said. I think it means when you want shit done right, you stop pussy- footing around other's delicate sensibilities or some stupid set of rules and shit. That's Yen seeing the big picture and fighting with everything she has to ensure her's and those she cares about survival- while also furthering her own ambitions to some degree. Just a beautiful character imo. Though, I might argue that she seems to have been born that way or whatever more than being "hardened" with age. Still not a role that many young actresses could pull off convincingly.
  4. KoolHndLuke

    Netflix's 'The Witcher' Cast

    He will if they keep him snot-slinging drunk! Not sure what they could do about the voice though. And the pick for Yen is wrong....like several have said.
  5. KoolHndLuke

    Netflix's 'The Witcher' Cast

    I hope they get Orlando Bloom to play the leader of the scoia'tael- assuming they will be in it. What books is this supposed to cover? If it's the same story as in the games- then I doubt they will do any of it as well.
  6. KoolHndLuke

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    Since when do people only feel one strong emotion for another? It is always a mix of several or more with one just being stronger at any given time. I've seen people try to kill each other in relationships and turn around hours later and apologize and tell each other "I love you". More battered women than I care to try and count can attest to this type of love/hate.
  7. KoolHndLuke

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    How do you mean? Like protecting your self image or something? So you will fight to preserve it? Then two people keep upping the ante to win.....what and at what cost? Like I said, love- and hate in particular- seem more like insanity. Have you ever heard two people saying over and over to each other "I love you more!"?
  8. KoolHndLuke

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    So, you would say that venting your frustrations on loved ones is maybe part of a "healthy" relationship? I mean when you think they are at fault. I can sorta see that.
  9. KoolHndLuke

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    Not really buying that since every single person in a relationship or otherwise can point to reasons for why they feel they way they do about others. You don't just wake up one day hating or loving someone because of a "brain fart"- it has everything to do with causality, don't you think? Where do the strong emotions come from in the first place? Some people seem to hate each other much more than they ever loved- like my grandparents and parents. When the hate sets in, It seems like a constant, perpetual game of one upping the other until there is nothing else left. So consumed by their hatred for each other, that I've seen people influence and use their friends, family, kids against each other over and over dragging everyone down with them. I've seen whole families destroyed over two former (married) lover's hatred for each other- including my own. Is this human nature or something else?
  10. KoolHndLuke

    Love and Hate- Why do so Many People feel BOTH for Each Other?

    Could you explain what you think all that means?
  11. I can't count how many people- including myself- have felt both love and hate for another person in a relationship. How is this fuckin' possible? It doesn't make any fucking sense at all! It always starts with one "hurting" the other's feelings about something and then builds up from there like it's some battle in the war that you are storing ammunition for. Then it all comes pouring out at some point- every damn thing they and you have ever done to each other. You can take the coolest, most professional person or whatever and think nothing can affect this person....until you start digging into their past relationships. I just started thinking about this a couple days ago when I was in court with a friend about a custody case he had. They were ALL custody cases that day, and man let me tell you that I don't think anything brings people's blood to a fucking boil quite like fighting over custody of their kids. The things that I heard in and out of that court room would make most people want to crawl deep into a dark hole somewhere and never come out again. On and on, case after case, I kept thinking "Did these people ever care about each other?". The stupid thing is.........that I think some of them still do even while they are yelling the loudest, ugliest insults at each other. But how do so many people who are supposed to be in love end up fucking hating each other? Not just that, but, the very things that they used to love about the other person....Now, are exactly what they hate!!!!!! MADNESS!!!! At what point should we be able to say that shit just didn't work out and leave it at that?
  12. KoolHndLuke

    Adapting X-Edit for Use With Other Games?

    How hard do you think it is to make something like X-Edit in the first place? I mean if it uses the same functions, just with a different format like you say. Do all games load the same way and stuff?
  13. Wryebash is designed to patch leveled lists- like for weapons and stuff. The merged patch is generally used for everything else. Can you take a screenshot so I can look at it?
  14. Can it be done for other games using the Gamebryo engine? What are the limitations? I mean, I love this program. But, I have no idea how most of it works. It would be awesome as a sort of universal game editor!
  15. FNVEdit will have all your active plug-ins selected by default. Just let it load the game and then look for record edits in red- these are conflicts. Some times you can fix things by adjusting your load order to let one mod's changes "win". It is a good idea to build a merged patch and then go back and make your edits in that patch. You can find tutorials for this on Skyrim or FO4 since they work the same.