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  1. Watching someone you care about more than anything in this shitty world die is just the worst. I usually try to look for the silver lining in things, but that one's a lose/lose situation no matter what. Either they live a little longer and they suffer more or they finally get tired of fighting and are gone leaving you to miss them like crazy and wonder what the point of carrying on is. She gave me everything I needed and fuck she was so strong. Goodbye my Love. This world is a lesser place without you.
  2. I'm sure someone else already posted this, but here it is again.
  3. Man I just ignore that bs anymore. Not worth getting my blood up about.
  4. I miss my girlfriend so much because we used to be so very open about everything. She was dying, you see, from her third cancer and I couldn't have lied to her if I'd wanted to. I feel kind of bad that I did tell a few little lies at the beginning of our relationship while getting to know her, but after I did I never lied again. The lying comes from insecurity I'm pretty sure from most people and then there are those that just lie to get what they want. I usually can spot them right off since I used to be the biggest liar. Why did I change? Because I didn't like the person in the mirror simple as... in fact I came to loathe that person and vowed to be as truthful as possible from that point on. The lies don't just hurt others, they degrade you as a human being and it's an awful label to try and live down when people know that about you.
  5. Literally have played games my entire adult life. The thing is I can stop completely if there is something else to keep my attention so I just think of it as watching television or something like that. The knock I guess is that it's not productive in any real way outside of modding or something- which is still considered a hobby by most. No. Video games are the best thing (and maybe worst at the same time) that I have experienced in life on the whole. Addicted?
  6. Hmm... how to explain? I have lived alone for most of my life mostly by choice. This is not to say that I'm not very attracted to women in particular, but I've just never had much luck with them in relationships (mainly because I'm very selfish with my time). I do try to judge each person on an individual basis because that's how I want to be treated. The thing is that after seeing my friends and others find their life partners and I'm still the lonely hermit, I have to fight feelings of bitterness for "why them and not me?" kind of thing and I feel some hate towards men and women alike- society really. I dislike generalizations, but they always seem to creep up when dealing with people because after five minutes of talking to them my mind is putting them in one category or another. And while that's not fair to anyone really, it also isn't often wrong. Does that make any sense? With that said I do keep the lines of communication open because I do believe people can (and often do) change.
  7. Don't know, don't care so long as I get more Witcher and Ciri. Plenty of material to work with for many more games in the series and they'd really have to try to fuck things up it was so good imo. Kind of looking forward to the games you mentioned. Forza is one of the best racing sims out there and Saints Row has always been fun.
  8. The Witcher 4 without a doubt. Hope Ciri and her abilities is the focus with at least cameos from most of the cast of TW3. Oh... and they release full mod support tools this time. Long ways off and it hasn't been announced, I know. But I'm sure CDPR will continue with the successful ip.
  9. I cooked breakfast yesterday and all of it tasted funny or "off" to me. Checked the date on everything used for freshness and double checked my taste buds by eating other food and sure enough it was me. Like I said, this problem seems to run in my family and I smoke. Bad eyes, bad hearing and now bad smell and taste- *yay*. reminds me of this old country tune;
  10. Wuddubout smella videa games? You know they're coming with VR right? https://feelreal.com/ Which also begs the question of how the fuck did they do that? 🤔
  11. Well, looking at this purely from a survival perspective I would totally agree with you. However, when's the last time your survival was at stake? Not recently and a rare occurrence I'd wager. With that in mind it's more about what you want than what you need. After smell it's a toss-up between sight and hearing for me I think. Was sure it would be sight, but no video games after that? No. Also I'd miss seeing my little cat crashed out while listening to music instead of tearing up my house- the little shit!
  12. Games as a service = BAD, as in not moddable, right?
  13. Sure. But doesn't the loss of one sense heighten your remaining senses? Lose any one and your body adjusts as much as it can. Sight would be the most crippling with regards to awareness of your surroundings obviously, but more acute hearing and smell could (and does) compensate. Not speaking from experience of course (thankfully), so I don't know.
  14. Oh no.... my mom was an excellent cook. Still get hungry thinking about it.
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