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  1. finding npc replacer

    Just hair? Or are you wanting makeup, scars, tatoos, ect?
  2. Are you a "like" whore?

    So "likes" are overrated or unnecessary according to some. Since they meant to do or type whatever regardless of how anyone reacts to it. Still others contend that someone liking their statement or opinion is a way to feel appreciated without the party giving the endorsement having to actually respond with a post. Do you think it should be anonymous? Would it be better as a mystery of whom agrees with or favors you or someone else with the "like"? Another popular association with the "like" button seems to be reputation. Does anyone feel that the more endorsements given to them, the more their status in a community grows? Or is this overshadowed by a person's post tally? I have read some people's statement in another forum or two that they will not respond to anyone with less than x amount posts- which seems kinda silly to me. Now both these questions are geared more for casual browsers that have not contributed any work or mods to the community because those that do develop and share their work- I would assume- would rather their work/mod get the attention. So, anonymous or no? And, are "likes" a measure of reputation within a community?
  3. Are you a "like" whore?

    I get that. But what do you do when it goes the other way from like? Does that bother you?
  4. Are you a "like" whore?

    Well, I already kinda knew that about you. You seem to be answering to a higher power and I salute that. But to say that you do not want more recognition for your work as a nurse or for your mods is a little unbelievable. You want it, just to a lesser degree than most perhaps. Or is it just the joy of knowing others are benefiting from your benevolence? If so, that is very kind of you. There is one or two(actually many more) on the other site that I KNOW do what they do only for endorsements, ect. It's ridiculous how they churn out the same exact shit over and over. Their fans just lap it up.
  5. Are you a "like" whore?

    I suppose for some that, appreciation may not be enough. Believe me when I say that I could use every dime someone might contribute. But, I will never ask. I'm not sure if that is pride or just a strong sense of independence. I do, however, want to be appreciated a little when I put some work into something and share. I can only imagine the work put into some mods I use. I actually introduced a thread some time back to encourage people to stop whining about mods and try to endorse/support mod authors more. Got about 5 responses.
  6. Are you a "like" whore?

    But, your sharing it in the hopes that some people will like it, right?
  7. Are you a "like" whore?

    LOL! You almost made me choke on my drink!:)
  8. Are you a "like" whore?

    So..it's attention that people crave or money? I can see that. But, don't we all covet a like or two on something- especially when we put time and effort into something? I upload images and do get a little pissed when fewer ppl endorse it than I expected. But, through this I also learn what to expect more or less for anything else I do. I have heard mod authors complain about endorsements- as you say. I guess it boils down to a show of appreciation. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the person saying or doing something is being endorsed more than what they actually did or said. Is it a vote for you? Or your hard work? And if it is not for praise or money, then why do it? True humanitarians are all but extinct in this day and age. BTW- had to endorse your statement regardless of your position on the subject because it was intuitive.
  9. Are you a "like" whore?

    I understand your point. I usually give an "E" for effort. Especially if a mod or other is somewhat original. I'm not sure that accusing someone of plagiarism is relevant, though. That seems to be a subject for another thread.:)
  10. Are you a "like" whore?

    Agreed. But, I am searching for a more psychological meaning to why a person might become "addicted" to the like button- for lack of a better description. Do we want to be remembered? For posterity's sake? Or just seek equal footing among our contemporaries?
  11. Are you a "like" whore?

    Good on you! What would you say the real appeal is though? Is it acceptance? Recognition from same minded individuals? Simple appreciation? Whom would you consider your peers? My 500th post btw. Not sure why that is such a big deal.
  12. Your Favorite guitarist?

    This is my favorite album of all time. The apex for this band where the fruition of their work and talent is displayed before any compromise. Hope someone appreciates it the way I do. Chris DeGarmo ladies and gentlemen -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1dy191coNk
  13. Are you a "like" whore?

    How much do you really care what people on the internet think of you? Will you change your opinion or change something at the drop of a bad review or disagreement? Do you constantly check your profile to see who might have agreed with you on something? Is the Internet a popularity contest that you think you might "win"? I, myself, like to think I am unaffected. But being honest, it does matter to me some. Does it to you? I usually favor substance over form or style, but, I do find that being agreed with- or not- is enlightening and a good way to gauge people out there....in the dark recesses of the net, from the far corners of the world or from those that live a short distance from you. Finding your place or where you fit in is very much on ppl's minds at least some of the time. Does someone "liking" your opinion or info on something- or mod for that matter- mean that much where fame or fortune is not (usually) supposed to be involved......like on this site? And which part of what you "say" or make do ppl like? Most posts contain several points at least. So is it just a general "Hey, I like every damn thing you say"? Or is it more like "Wow, I'm glad you mentioned that!" kind of thing? And mods, well endorsements are always nice- so the why is a moot point. In other words, dear readers, does the "like" button serve any useful purpose for you? Are you afraid to be wrong or not liked?
  14. Your Favorite guitarist?

    I like Prince, but I never knew he was an accomplished guitarist. I like Neil as well. How bout' some Jeff Beck- the other Yardbirds axe slinger- https://youtu.be/blp7hPFaIfU
  15. is TTW worth it?

    You will need to make a merged patch for some of those mods to work properly. MMM is one for sure- leveled lists- or you won't see some of the new monsters. As for an enb, I don't use one because of problems. I use the Groovatron instead and come up with satisfactory visual settings- more blues and reds or warmer settings and a little more contrast to make the darks much darker. A couple more tips; Use a vanilla preset to start the game and then change to a custom race when leaving the vault. Also do NOT coc back and forth between NV and DC- it will screw your game up. One more thing is to disable auto-saves on cell change or fast travel. Sleeping auto saves seem to be ok. I have one mod that allows for console commands and keeping achievements. I think it is the Groovatron, but I'm not sure. You can have all the animations you want in TTW, but don't expect them to always work. Good luck! One more thing- if you do work on a mod in the GECK, you need to load it in FNVEdit after and clean masters for that mod because the GECK will make the add-ons(Caravan pack, Classic pack, ect) masters by mistake.