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  1. I use pip pad myself now. Never liked the pipboy on my chars arm anyway. But, couldn't the mesh be conformed to the body like any other outfit and then built?
  2. Uh...Camera bug???

    System specs and your mod list/load order would help in trying to solve your problem. From just looking at the vid I can't say that I have ever seen that before. Did you add any new animations or something lately?
  3. No. Open the project and right click on the body in the top right window and go to properties. In the menu find and type in the file path for the appropriate textures for the body and save in the project or export to the nif in your game folder.
  4. Fallout New Vegas = fun/good modding time?

    TTW is what I play with about 200 mods installed(some merged) and I have about 200 hrs on my current character with barely 10% of the game "finished". Two fallout games and all dlc! Almost any mod for FNV will work without changes. All of the better mods for FO3 have been converted. Not to mention that a huge expansion mod is due for release in the next few months called New California. Do yourself a favor and just use TTW!!! One thing you WILL want to do is decrease the amount of experience you gain or just increase the amount needed to level or you'll be level 50 in no time.
  5. Show us your character!

    My new girlfriend. Installing the pip-pad now to get rid of that junk on her arm!
  6. Good news people!! You can convert any body type as an "outfit" on the CBBE-NV sliders and then use that body type as a reference for building both your naked body and any clothing/armor for it!! You only need to correct the textures for the body and save in the project. Here is a T3f body that I have to build and use as a reference for any outfits I want from the game! I had to zero the sliders and then save the preset to keep the original shape. Here is a BnB mesh with BaB textures from FO3- So, in Outfit Studio you can use the CBBE-NV body as a reference to convert any Type3 body to build outfits with and build a Type3 naked body to your liking through the sliders!!
  7. Some Kozz clothing I did last night. It was not easy. I needed to go back and forth about 10 times on each part! What you see in BodySlide does not always appear that way in game. I like to break things up so that I can change the jacket or the top or the skirt whenever I want. What I'm trying to figure out now is how to use clothing from a mod for Skyrim in FNV. Noo, I don't intend to use them for anything but my game.
  8. Cool! I didn't know about that.
  9. You have to replace the upperbodyfemale.nif that BodySlide built with the T6M again. Copy the T6M nif in the mod and then navigate to the file in Data/meshes/characters/male and paste it- overwriting when asked or just reinstall the mod that puts in the T6M body. If you don't want the CBBE-NV body to overwrite anything then open the project in Outfit Studio and change the folder where BS puts the nif into a new folder under the same file path. Now create a new race by copying another and changing the body in FNVEdit or the GECK and point it to the CBBE-NV body in that new file. Creating new races is how I have about 16 different body types. You only need to point a character to the new race for ONLY them to use the body type- like a custom player body. It sounds confusing, but, after you do it successfully a few times it gets easier.
  10. Still Worth Playing?

    FNV will be picking up speed here in a few months with the release of New California. Other big expansions are still in the works and due for release in the next year or so. One of these is the highly anticipated Frontier mod. TTW is the way to go. It is easier than ever to install with one click. The team has said they will try to include both New California and The Frontier as not just destinations- but in the story line as well. This way you can play two Fallout games with all dlc and 2 huge expansions!! Also, nearly all FNV mods work in TTW. Most of the popular mods from FO3 have been converted already here and elsewhere- might need to do some digging. Also, if you didn't already notice- CBBE-NV for BodySlide 64 is now available here!
  11. Okay. You installed everything, then you used the sliders and built your body and the CBBE-NV is showing up, but, with the wrong textures. Is your character a custom race? If not, then toggle archive invalidation on and off a few times. Opening the body in Outfit Studio and clicking properties on the CBBE part of the body will open a box at the bottom- open textures to see what is being used-
  12. BnB from FNV or BaB from FO3 work fine with the CBBE-NV body. When you install them, DO NOT overwrite the skeleton from here! Also all animations work fine including Sexout. The only thing I have noticed is that the body looks kind of weird during some - mainly around the arms and legs.
  13. Guess This Location.

    @ Slorm- Could take a good guess with a better map. All those dungeons look mostly the same. Ahh! I'll take a pint, thanks. This one should be really easy-
  14. Guess This Location.

    Interesting NPCs puts someone in there with a quest. Haven't done it yet because you have to agree to some terms.
  15. Guess This Location.

    Don't remember the name of that little house. I built a whole town by the stream to the right with Tundra Defense. You can just make out Whiterun in the distance.