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  1. That the truth and what people believe sometimes have very little to do with each other. It's all about perception and people are so easily deceived because they much prefer the illusion over the truth.
  2. Wait.... You get paid to play games? Where the fuck do I sign up? Right now I'm enjoying RE2 with some cheat mods (playing with Leon's weapons for one) on the highest difficulty. Doing a sloppy 2cd run with Katherine W. as Claire. What keeps me going when I lose an hour or two because of the hidden Licker that kills me and erases progress? Walking around nude with lots of fire-power killing zombies is all the reward I need. I'm smelling the roses baby!
  3. It's a balance between challenge and frustration for me. Satisfaction of getting things right is directly proportional to the higher stakes and sometimes dying over and over is par for the course. I never strive for excellence in a game since it's kinda pointless to me anymore, so I'm a little more inclined to play at harder difficulties the first run. Proficient is good enough to ensure I played and saw most everything the game had to offer. Rinse and repeat with new game.
  4. You know I just realized "orgasm" isn't a word you can say without cracking a bit of a smile- assuming you've ever had one of course.
  5. Where the hell is Dr. Ruth when you need her? Ninety one and the woman still has sex on the brain.
  6. While I do think there is some legitimacy to what he's saying, I seriously doubt it's as bad as he's saying. These people aren't cold blooded killas- they're bored, whiney shitbirds that love to make other people miserable and no more. The violence that you hear about in the news is instigated by a very tiny fraction of the agitators that we have now roaming the streets- and they were going to be that way no matter what. No one's coming to get anyone in the night cause most of this country is still very heavily armed and pretty trigger happy when we get nervous. That's a fact.
  7. Even if the drive seems bad/damaged, you may still be able to salvage data from it. It will cost you a bit, though.
  8. Was your storage destroyed, or just the computer? If the drive is still good, you can still use it. Did you have anything backed up in the cloud?
  9. I suppose you're right. The only thing I'll say in our defense is that we didn't expect it to be this cold for this long. We're used to sweltering heat for at least half the year and usually very mild the rest with some violent storms every so often. And we DID NOT expect politics to play any role in something that it should have absolutely nothing to do with. Politicizing something like this to any degree is reaching an all time low imo.
  10. I meant the everyday mofo on the ground just trying to make a living to feed their family or whatever. We stick together, comfort and help each other in hard times- the way it should be- 'cause it sure looks like more hard times ahead. This little community is something that I used to despise and wanted to get away from. But life/circumstances kept me here and what I've learned to appreciate is these people's resilience and simple good nature that has seen them through many hard times. You know I can leave my car unlocked most places here and not worry about it? Used to be like that in San Ant
  11. The snow was actually kinda neat for awhile. Wasn't so much when the pipes busted and the power went out for two days. Have a feeling there will be a slight baby-boom from this as a consequence of needing to stay warm/occupied. Nothing dissolves differences faster than common, immediate necessity, lol. ❀️
  12. It'll collapse from infighting as everyone tries to be the bigger victim. The "movement" never had any clear focus or direction to begin with other than orange man bad. Now that it's done, they'll turn on each other. What I was pointing out were some of the first signs of this. On top of that, the party that they supported is turning their back on them because they were just a means to an end- a tool to be discarded once it's usefulness was spent. They played right into the hands of the people they should have been against all along and some of them are slowly starting to realize that.
  13. What I meant was in traditional gender roles. Now that those roles are redefined and not gender specific at all, their position as the "most" victimized and holding the moral high ground is gone. Don't like how you're treated as a woman? Become a fucking man and reap the benefits of male privilege! Then they'll walk in our shoes and see for themselves just how much "privilege" they gain. Of course they already know this, so they're stuck where they are.
  14. Didn't any of those women stop to think that trumpeting the cause of trans people was at odds with their stance on traditional gender roles as being the eternal victim? They were in the wrong camp the whole time and only now realize it.
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