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  1. I think I want to live somewhere off the beaten path in a more laid back atmosphere. I don't mind roughin it a little since I'm basically from the sticks anyway. I'd like to go somewhere that my us currency is at a favorable exchange so I can make the most of my meager savings and figure I can scrape together about $20,000- $30,000 with some luck. Don't plan on taking a lot of things with me since I don't own much.
  2. Good advice. Citizenship is another thing I'm wondering about. I know it's different for each country and I kinda want to hang on to mine for awhile I think.
  3. I have an old friend living there so maybe. Japan is fucking crazy according to my cousin who's lived there for years and they tend to have a low opinion of westerners. Not sure I like the idea of being that close to China. Thought about Brazil one time, but they're hit hard right now.
  4. I've lived in the U.S. most of my life with just a few stays in other countries that were not more than vacations really. But for more reasons than I care to go in to, I feel like moving and think I'd prefer a non-English speaking country so I can brush up on my language skills and just see/experience something very different. I know some of you might have experience moving to a new country to stay and I thought I might ask for some insight into the subject. Since I really have no idea where to move at this point, I can't give any specific details. So maybe just some general advice please. And thank you in advance.
  5. Playing some other games, I kinda like being able to climb things in the environment like walls and trees. Has anybody ever seen a mod like this for a Beth game? I'm thinking of being able to use the environment for stealth and death from above kills. Is it even possible to do?
  6. Different style for a vastly different era. Music changed along with everything else. I still remember taking square dancing lessons in grade school. Seems to be a thing in China now. Not exactly what I was learning, but it works for me.
  7. Some people think guys play women in games for deep psychological reasons. It's really just as simple as we say. Gotta love that despite their best efforts to lock assets, modders find a way.
  8. The reason I side with Ashur is because I trust him and his wife to better be able to find a cure than Wernher who looked like he was set up to create Frankenstein again. Think he had a few bottles of whisky mixed in with the baby formula for crying out loud. Why squander the best chance for everyone by giving the kid to him? Leave it in the hands of people who might actually know what they're doing and bonus points for them being the loving parents. Cure first. Human rights second. 101 walks away feeling quite satisfied with her decisions. Thinking about it this much almost makes me want to go back and mod a happy ending. Playing TR 2013 again right now and having a blast. Just got the whole trilogy with all dlc. Just wish she looked this good in game - more modding to be done.
  9. I agree. But, what do you think working for minimum wage is if not slavery in another form? Sure a worker can choose to quit their job and then immediately have to look for another means to support themselves and family and maybe a few vices (hence the liquor store on every corner in poorer neighborhoods). Societies haven't changed in the fact that many work to get by and to build and maintain things while their masters get richer. Traditional slavery just strips away any illusions of rights or freedom. Let's say for the sake of argument that Ashur grants those people their freedom. Now he has to pay them to do the same job, so he no longer sees to their basic needs like shelter, food, medicine, and other things and sells it to them instead. The workers are now being paid for their work, but since they now have to buy all these things with their wages, they can't afford to ever quit working. Ashur and company are grinning ear to ear since not only did they keep the slav....*ahem* I mean workers, now they get to exploit them commercially as well- taking every cent they gave them back and leaving them in debt. What has changed? The guards go back to cracking the whip with just a little less force this time around. Wealth and power always flow up, not down and the only way to beat "the man" is to become the new one.
  10. My favorite part in all this is that the govnt may grant immunity to the companies that are rushing a vaccine and skipping important testing procedures. We'll get a vaccine that may partially prevent covid 19 with the side effect of causing cancer or a zombie apocalypse. And if many people included in the overall case count are those with covid antibodies, then that means that a large percentage of the numbers are recovered and no longer contagious. My guess is that many people have already been mildly sick or asymptomatic with covid and didn't know it and were not accounted for- meaning that the virus is really no more deadly than the common flu. The number of overall covid cases is higher and the actual covid related death count is much lower than what is being shown. Meanwhile every news outlet is doing their best to intentionally mislead and scare the shit outta everyone, just like they always do. They want things to fall apart because it will be the story of the century. They're not human. Politicians are too busy covering their asses to worry about actually setting guidelines that make sense based on all information available.
  11. Yup. It's just that easy. Nifskope has filters enabled by default that will clean the nif- or something like that- when you save it. All I know is it worked for me many times. The nifs from your game folder- the ones you built through BS.
  12. Well, this seems to be a an ongoing problem as infection rates have started surging again. The govt has sent more military medical personal to help in some "hot spots" I've read. But, yeah it was never about stopping the spread and they knew most people might be infected eventually- that's what "flattening the curve" was all about. When those makeshift hospitals they've been setting up everywhere start to fill, then I think we can safely assume things are getting much worse. All I know is that I am doing everything I can to not end up a patient anytime soon- which is relatively easy since I don't need to go out for anything at all. I feel sorry for those that have no choice. If this is and has just all been lies in the most elaborate ruse ever conceived, then I'd like to compliment all the players for a very convincing acting performance.
  13. Depends on whom those "experts" are actually working for and whether you like their story better. Personally, I love a doctor that keeps telling me I'm in good physical condition and have nothing to worry about.
  14. To further support you're views on this, I read a report from some supposed "experts"- it stated that one group of people at higher risk for complications with covid are those that have chronic, untreated hypertension. To which I say "duh" as those people are at higher risk for complications from ANY illness.
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