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  1. KoolHndLuke

    Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    An easy way to know when you have had too much to drink? You can't remember how many you've had- and much else for that matter.....
  2. Mod Manager; People often say that Mod Organizer is the best since it does many things and does not put mods directly into your game folder. However, if you are just looking to jump into things then Vortex could be good for now. Body mods; You're probably going to need to choose from CBBE or UNP or UUNP. There are plenty of armor/clothing mods for both. Download and install BodySlide and Outfit Studio so that you can shape your body (ies) to your little hearts content. Big boobs- no problem. Tiny waist and butt- you get the idea. If you want to install physics for your body- and you will- read the instructions on the mod page carefully and be sure to install mods correctly along with any other required mods!!! You will find that a great many mods require other mods in order to work and this can be extensive. FNIS comes to mind. There are several NPC overhauls if you just google. Same with custom houses. Same with weapon overhauls. Same with maps. The key word to use in your searches is overhaul such as "Skyrim map overhaul" or "Skyrim weapon/armor overhaul". Just "Skyrim" and specifically what you are looking for should give you several results in any case. Any clothing/armor overhauls you are looking for should correspond with the body type you want to use like "Skyrim CBBE armor overhaul". An overhaul is the base that you build on top of so that later on if you find a cool replacement for something you can just put it lower (meaning higher in priority) in your mod load order. BTW- if you're not using LOOT, then you should start about the time you reach 30 mods or so. Also FYI, Skyrim only will allow 256 mods in total!! You can get around this by "merging" mods. I know 256 seems like a lot of room, but believe me that you will reach that limit quick with all the cool mods you have to choose from. As far as making the game prettier, first you will need to consider how good your system is and how much you can push it. My game looks pretty decent with a I3 processor and a $50 graphics card and I average 20-25 fps in most places on the highest setting. For HD graphics at 60 fps, you need a pretty good setup. Look for ENB to help with this or specifically ENBoost. Look for the best quests in the top 100 quest mods for Skyrim on the Nexus. The only one I'll tell you to skip is Vigilant or any other mods that make extensive changes in the vanilla world-space or cells because they will cause you nightmares due to compatibility issues. I always look for new world-space mods or mods that give you a new place to go outside of Skyrim because it will conflict with much less or nothing at all. This is good practice for modding any game in my experience.
  3. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    I think I'm getting a little better! Working on the next update at a slow pace due to being busy, but I am still working on it. PS- Some exciting news is that I might make some brand new perks for such things as increasing usefulness of items and stuff as related to SexoutNV. Not sure exactly how I am going to do it, but figuring things out is the fun part! If anyone can think of a perk they would like to have, let me know and I'll see if I can do it.
  4. KoolHndLuke

    Show us your character!

    A close-up of one of the tats I did and a few more randoms.
  5. KoolHndLuke

    Show us your character!

    Three bodies I have done and some random characters I did. Bodies used are BnB, BnB Gifted half, and Type 3f all customized in BodySlide.
  6. KoolHndLuke

    Quitting a Habit- How do You do It?

    Or sex......
  7. KoolHndLuke


    Oh, I got a job!! I'm going to be working on a fishing boat. All I have to do is put bait on the line. The captain tells me that If I get good enough, that I will become a master-baiter!! Dingleberries are small clumps of shit that cling to the hairs around your asshole according to the urban dictionary.
  8. KoolHndLuke

    Show us your character!

    My mad experiments continue! Mixing and matching models and textures. Still need to tweak this one more, but I'm liking it so far.
  9. KoolHndLuke

    Strategy games

    If your going the Civ 4 route, then you should love Realism Invictus. It greatly expands on the original game and adds so much it is impossible to list it all.
  10. KoolHndLuke

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    Here I go again.
  11. KoolHndLuke

    Quitting a Habit- How do You do It?

    Wish my bro had done the same. He was in for about five years and just got worse (meth head). Talked to him once when he got out and haven't seen or heard from him again in about six years now. I figure he's either dead or back in lock-up somewhere. It wasn't just the drug(s) though. He liked the life even though he couldn't stay outta trouble. Burned his family and friends time and again until everyone just gave up on him. I actually learned to never "burn all your bridges" by watching him loose any help or support ppl that cared about him once might have given him.
  12. KoolHndLuke

    Quitting a Habit- How do You do It?

    Wow! I HAVE to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep a night or I am a fucking wreck the next day!! Better if I get more like 7-8. Been that way my whole life so I'm not sure how you even managed with the coffee and stuff. When I was in my twenties, I could pull some all-nighters once in awhile. But not anymore.
  13. KoolHndLuke

    Quitting a Habit- How do You do It?

    One of the reasons I don't overuse or abuse any drug now is because of the diminishing returns from them. The quality of the high becomes less and less, but requires more and more of it to get "high" again. People that just chase that high round the clock kinda baffle me in this because they have to buy more and more all the time to reach almost the same "high" again. I wonder do people sort of "plateau" after a while and find that perfect amount that they are comfortable using in a time like in a day or a week? Or would they always want more if they could get it? Maybe this is why so many people relapse? Because the high after quitting for a period is so much more intense- almost like their first time. Long time H addicts that I have talked to told me that they don't even get a high from the drug anymore. They say that they use it just to stay "even" and be able to function day to day. This sounded about right to me. It becomes a crutch that you depend on. I wonder how many other things we think we need in life that we could live without? Like how many times would it better for me to just walk somewhere instead of jumping in my car for instance? Or wouldn't it be better for me to talk to someone in person about something halfway serious instead of just shooting them a message or tweet? Jeez, that reminds me of how many ppl are addicted to their fucking phone! They literally wouldn't know what to do with themselves without them. Maybe they would start another habit to compensate? Which leads me to wonder what we are doing with all these addictions or "crutches" in the first place? Thinking about it just helps me realize that some people overdo, overreact, overuse, overcompensate, and occasionally overdose on something all the time. Addictive personalities. Or is it? Isn't everyone "addicted" to something? That something or someone that you simply have to spend time with every day? That would mean that being addicted to some things could be good. Like being addicted to exercising, or spending time with your family. Perhaps the best way to quit one habit is to simply trade it for another- like a few ppl here have suggested. In my conclusion, I would say that all we are doing in the end is trading one addiction or habit for another in life anyway and that hopefully it will be for our individual and collective benefit.
  14. KoolHndLuke

    How to change ingame position of hairs/armors

    Sure, but doesn't that give them all a complex for not having a specific hair?
  15. KoolHndLuke

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Guilty as charged. The front of my car looks better than the back! Though I only do it when things are slow like in the middle of the day. Interestingly, I notice that when I park backwards, then everyone else starts doing the same that day.