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  1. Creation Kit crashes and I can replicate the conditions with 100% consistency. If I open up a quest scene, open up a dialogue action, right click a piece of dialogue, click "Move to Topic", then scroll down; that causes a crash. If I just click "Move to Topic" but don't scroll it won't crash. Even though this crash happens under pretty specific circumstances, I am working with a quest that involves lots of scenes and many of the scenes are meant to have similar but slightly different dialogue. It is possible to copy a piece of dialogue, but it automatically pastes it inside the same action (typical awful Bethesda UI), so to get that dialogue in a different action I would have to move it, but I can't because opening that menu to move topics and scrolling down crashes CK every time. This is what I have to do instead without using the "Move to Topic" button: I open up the text part of the dialogue, copy the text. Create a new line of dialogue in a different scene/action past in the text, alter that text, go back to the original dialogue in the previous scene/action, copy all the conditions, go back to the new dialogue, paste the conditions, then change the speaker of the dialogue to match the original. This is what I could do if I was able to use the "Move to Topic" button: I copy the dialogue line, I right click and click "Move to Topic", I select the action I want the copy to go to, go the that action, and alter the text. My point is this specific bug is more than doubling the amount of time it is taking to complete this mod, and I'm still no where near complete. If someone knows a work-around or a patch, that would save me many days of my time. Since I could replicate the crash so easily, I want to know if anyone else is getting this crash? I know there is a chance that there is no solution and I will have to grind this out the hard way, but I would really hate to waste so much time just because Bethesda didn't implement a simple copy paste feature in their modding API.
  2. Hi all, so i've been following along with a follower tutorial on youtube and didn't realize until today that my dialogue scripts are compiled incorrectly. I have 2 followers i've been working on. One is for the tutorial video (so i can follow along) and the other is to learn more about creation kit in between videos. the dialogue scripts are written correctly but they show up as 05 (my old follower) instead of 07 (my current). I have tried deleting the scripts in creation kit, as well as the pex and psc script files. but it keeps popping back up after i hit compile again. I'm completely lost at what to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, this is my first post here so sorry if it's not in the correct place. I'm making a draugr follower mod and having issues with creation kit being creation kit. 🙃 (no surprise there) I've been following the custom follower tutorial videos for lucien and have already set up the custom framework, but i can't get the actual following part to work . I saw on another post that i should make a copy of the race and use that to check the talk to npc thing. I traveled to the location and now i see "talk to etc" but the follower is invisible...and i can't actually talk either. Any help would be appreciated with this. I've seen the "I heard you like draugr" mod as well, but i am fairly new to creation kit and have no clue how to use a custom race without making it a requirement....and since i intend to upload it once finished (and i have no clue if i would be able to get permission) i'm trying to make this myself. TLDR: Draugr follower is invisible in game and while i do see "talk to etc" i am unable to actually speak with it.
  4. Hello! I am making a custom race mod with custom head mesh and texture. I would like to fix the color in the head in such a way the player changes the skin color in racemenu but only the body skin changes, not the head. Someone knows how to do that? FYI: In my mod I charge the head mesh from a .nif file having the textures dir. In the head part, the texture is set to none. If I do a texture set and charge it that way, the head still changing colors when changing skin color, which is what I don't want. (I'm new in skyrim modding, sorry for my bad english)
  5. does anyone know how the game tells a bed from a mattress in survival ? please🙏
  6. Hello everyone! I discovered the amazing Shaydows Vampire lord overhaul for my char and so I thought it would be amazing if also Serana could transform as a vampire lord (and she can with Serana's secret mod or other mods) and keep that sexy appereance. The problem is that when she transform she uses the right body but the head and hair is completely messed up (she become ugly and bald). I also use Seranaholic which changes the look of Serana and would like to have that face and hair when she transforms. Is it possible to edit some things in creation kit to fix the thing? I just started using creation kit so I don't really know what I need to do to make that possible. I don't think Shaydows still provides support for his mod as it is a very old mod so I'm writing this here hoping it is the right section can someone help me figure out how to do this kind of thing? thank you!
  7. Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I'm trying to make my custom NPC follower initiate a dialogue and depending on the response, initiate sex. I still new to scripting and a lot of the material is still quite overwhelming. I am using a variety of tutorials and have been googling for answers on my own. But right now I'm trying to create the script where my character accept the response and initiate the animation at the end of dialogue. (which is where sexlab comes in) I've been following a tutorial called: Sexlab & Creation Kit tutorial for beginners, make actor, play animations. by trepleen but I'm stuck on step 6 where i need to compile the line "SexLabFramework property SexLab auto" in my edit source. it gave me this: Starting 1 compile threads for 1 files... Compiling "TIF__08000D7A"... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\temp\TIF__08000D7A.psc(17,13): script property SexLab already defined C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\temp\TIF__08000D7A.psc(17,13): script variable ::SexLab_var already defined C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\temp\TIF__08000D7A.psc(17,13): script property SexLab already has a get function defined C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\temp\TIF__08000D7A.psc(17,13): script property SexLab already has a set function defined No output generated for TIF__08000D7A, compilation failed. Batch compile of 1 files finished. 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Failed on TIF__08000D7A According to some of the solutions I've looked up, says I might have to reinstalled SKSE and restarted creation kit but it didn't work. I see that it says it's "already defined" and I assume it means that the script I'm trying to make already exist and has a certain purpose? I don't really understand what the issue is. Am I missing a step? What should I be doing here?
  8. Hello. I tried editing an armor from Bikini Armors CBBE to make it standalone (as well as editing some pieces) and give it to a custom follower. Everything seems fine with the armor; it works with the CBBE sliders and shows up as it should when I select the NIF in Creation kit. The problem is when I look at my follower wearing the armor in the follower window; then some pieces of the armor is missing. When I place her in a cell it shows up like it should, but then when I load the game and go there it shows up with missing pieces like in the follower window. You can see the issue in the image I provided.
  9. I was using the followers Norae and Vivada and noticed they weren't bretons despite forsworn associations. i need to change that if possible. if i do it ingame it permanently alters their faces changing them permanently and ugily. so can this be avoided with CK and if so, how do i get CK to recognize the ESP? is there a specific file or location? ScreenShot4.bmp
  10. Hey! I know this isn't the normal question that gets asked but I can't find any documentation on this and I need some help. I'm making a NSFW Skyrim mod (obviously) and want a sex animation play if the player makes a specific dialogue choice with an NPC. I want it to be a random animation, and not a pre-fixed one so it seems more natural, and have that animation be drawn from something like ZaZAnimations or Billy's animations. For example: NPC A: You wanna spend some time alone? Player: Let's find somewhere private... *Random sex animation plays* *Player can then interact with the NPC to resume the next stage of the quest/dialogue* And in a similar vein, how do I go about having that animation play with a different actor. So for example, the same dialogue as above would happen, except NPC A would tell me to go have sex with NPC B instead. And if the player agrees, the sex animation would instead take place between the player and NPC B. For reference, I'm using the Creation Kit and launching through MO2, so I have access to all the different animations I need. I'm also decently comfortable with CK, so you don't have to worry about getting too wordy or technical with me. If you guys can help guide me in how to do this or send me over to documentation that says what to do, I'd really appreciate it!
  11. Figure to add my own custom devices instead keep on replacing existed devices so first, i'd like know how things worked (the lock mechanism). An example i choose one of the collars from DDX which is the zadx_CollarPostureEboniteInventory with ZadCollarScript but everytime i hit the properties i got "Errors encountered while attempting to reload the script". Assume this was caused by missing source code but i can't figure which or what ? believe i've thrown down all necessary source code like SKYUI and SL Aroused. I can re-compile the script just fine but i just can't get the properties tab open to see how it set up since it always gave me an error. Some line from the EditorWarnings.txt Thanks.
  12. Hello. I want to create a mod using Sexlab and ZaZAnimationPack but when i try to load both of them into CK it show me an assertion error and crash. I try to add Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Heartfire to the SkyrimEditor.ini but it still crash. Is there anything that help to load those mods into CK or any other software to create mod would be helpful.
  13. Hi I created some navmesh for a tower cause all of the area had a navmesh (it's the south quarter of Ark in Enderal at the myrad warden/keeper) except the tower itself. Also I created a new actor with a simpel "follow player" package. With the created navmesh he doesn't want to enter the tower liek he doesn't see that there is a way to enter it. He looks for a way around it. Without the navmesh he is walking into the tower without any problem. Yes I clicked on "finalize navmesh". There is no collision in the way, a marker or anything. Also like I said without navmesh it's working. In an other worldspace the same tower is used with navmesh and it's working. I also tried to change the gameplay settings "fSandboxCylinderTop" and "fSandboxCylinderButtom" from 100 to 576 (for bottom of course the negative value). I really don't know what to do. All I want is to place a bed on top of the tower that the actor can sleep in it. Thats the whole reason Im doing it. But I have the same problem when I test it with a sleep package. "follow player" is just a quicker way to test all of the stuff. I made a short video about this issue and Im showcasing pretty much everything. https://www.youtube....h?v=AMUd0Cm_wqI I edited the cover edges now and the npc is following me but when he should go to bed he still cant pass the entrance of the tower.
  14. 6 years of playing Skyrim and the single one thing I detest most is the Creation Kit. ? But enough is enough and time has come for me to shift my attitude, to learn it and to love it. And I have a rather huge list of things, that I would like to see in Skyrim. So the CK is not my destination but just the rough path to it. Where do I start? Well, my idea is to start (again) by watching what some tutorials can have for me or by reading them - all with the intention to understand how I can tame the beast. Link collection The CK Wiki https://www.creationkit.com/ UESP ... basically for the correct settings https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Creation_Kit Bugthesda YT playlist for the CK (11 videos) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5AA9F15CAA68B07 (why the f*** do they consider that "adult2 material! Are they daft?) DarkFox127 YT playlists ( KUDOS, if you ever read this here ) CK The Basics (9 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfTsyOZnDSI&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8VhZDV9DzJRqwg_Y2qV9Sby CK Miscellaneous (41 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zKcB__hyOc&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8VjN8EZltd8oesJpymGriA6 CK NPC tutorials (21 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8db4k1vqlY&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8WfQPFGvPmhcbpbr44ZCr_b CK First Ever series (6 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyrCl3Ec6aA&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8WuhS2Q5ajSytuMJaJqfkoj CK magic tutorials (8 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrUzBgsI7y8&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8WXksdHxRI_yf6IOb1hfCs7 CK Skyrim scripting (17 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qz3WvPkchw&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8VSWRzuk3Eqffw1Y3Y6g0Xp CK the MCM (8 videos ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWcvv-De7Ms&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8U4dfNmVYqzbxvuU2QM92v2 CK and NifSkope tutorial (3 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktwHE8SX_JU&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8XA0h8Q5MS-8dnufJGrxeAZ CK How is it done (3 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46-FmIqfX2A&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8WdYH73bA47ek0y7PrHERgW CK Special Edition (4 videos) (but not my turf) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vts7qk4xDvQ&list=PLiPgFWIHsr8XqNHK68227pu_P9yJg5emw Doughamil YT playlist Skyrim CK Tutorials - quests (6 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfcet5hf5bs&list=PLACD7BBE7BB81BDC1 Elianora YT playlist for the CK (13 videos) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVhjhzAgX_fiDtxUV0xE2XBn9bCb2qy0f CK on the nexus https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/forum/3930-skyrim-creation-kit-and-modders/ CK Scripting YT playlist by Arron Dominion (21 videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX34OP0Jj7s&index=1&list=PLrN7sXqWQOBPVRNKPBBFl9aTjOtuL4uWK Papyrus Scripting for Beginners: http://www.cipscis.com/skyrim/tutorials/beginners.aspx Papyrus MCM Tutorial https://docs.google.com/document/d/1saRHFeYoFdkPUKI2Bgqk3mLoGNYBhm6DR0blr6-zVSs/pub ... ? more? ? I guess I have enough to watch, but I'm interested in more to read. If anybody has another URL for me, please leave it in here. Basically these are my FIRST steps into the world of the CK-Deadra Winter is coming!
  15. Hi there! I need help with creation of custom human race because don't have much experience with creating mods. all tutorials that I found is for Skyrim. Thats simmilar to FO4 but has some differense. my goal is to create multiple human custom races with path to custom meshes in one esp to easily set them in-game to desirable NPC for adding more diversity to Commonwealth's people. first I created new race by copy "HumanRace" [id13746] from Characters/Race to new record and named it "HumanTeenRace", saved to new plugin HumanTeenRace.esp: then created custom path for meshes and textures, copy to these folders necessary files (I think all of needed). created "HeadPartsHumanTeen" in Miscellaneous/FormList : created head parts for custom head's meshes which edited by nifscope to scale 1.2: added these faceparts to face data: now race works fine in-game - I can easily setrace by console to NPC or PC but head scale is 1 not 1.2 like I set in .nif first question is what I did wrong or how to correctly set this scaled headparts to my custom race!? second: do I need use custom skeleton or I may use default!? in attached files this .esp also I need help to understand how to clear this plugin from errors which has them a lot. type "setrace humanteenrace01" in console get this working. will be very appreciated for any suggestions. Thanks. HumanTeenRace.esp meshes.7z
  16. Hi folks, I'm currently trying to make some armors/clothes (for example the BOS Hood and Knight underarmor, but I could use this on other things) modifiable at the armor workbench. Specifically, I want to add both lining and ballistic weave options, but so far I found out only how to add ballistic weave, which btw I did. How do I add the lining option?
  17. Hello good people of loverslab! I'm not sure if this is the correct place of the forum to ask about my problem, because this is my first topic here, so I really apologize if I’m doing this wrong and please point me to the right place if so. Now about why I’m typing here. I want to learn the way of the modder, but not the hard one, I’m not planing getting further than making new small locations with already existing resources. Maybe Ill create my own resources in some future, but I’m not writing about that, I actually want to write about what I’m trying to do right now. Why here? Because when I said “small locations” I mean fill them with pervert things. Now, to the point, I know only the basics of SCK, I guess that's why I’m having troubles now. I want to create my own location, I was thinking of something like a prison in Dwemer style filled with ZAZ furniture, I actually figured out later that mods like that exist already, but I want to finish my thing anyway just to learn things and practice. I have not trouble with creating a location from zero, It seems to be working, except for the SCK itself because that thing shows so much warnings and loads slow like an overwhelmed dovahkiin. Btw, I read that those things are normal. Now, to the actual problem, I decided to slow down the work in my own location and learn how to add new things to an existing mod, and most important, save to an existing mod, because when I save my own project, I need to create a new BSA file, pack it to RAR and load it to MO replacing my own mod, and I think that's not the right way to do this. I guess that's my first question. About saving. So, now, for practice purposes, I want to take an existing location from a mod, and add some ZAZ resources to that location, and then, save the mod replacing the original, and for that, I chose Dread Prison mod. Again, its only for practice purposes and I’m not going to upload that anywhere. The location is just perfect, a Dwemer style prison with a lot of space inside. So that's when the problems start. In the process, my SCK crashes every 2-3 minutes without saying why. I’m gonna write what I was doing step by step, and I hope you guys can tell me what I’m doing wrong. So first, just to say, I own a Steam copy of Skyrim Legendary Edition (Russian language), with SKSE installed in the main directory, and all the mods working through MO. I launch SCK through MO too. Next, I load the master plugins. I tried many combinations, but it seems to crash with anything. In my last test I loaded Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, all the DLC’s, ZazResources, ZazExtensionPack, and DreadPrison. SCK is asking me to chose an active file, but it seems I cant select anything for that, so I click “yes” in the warning window, then “yes to all” to everything that comes next, a lot of times, then I get a warning about assertion where I click “Ignore”, and again “yes to all” after that, and after a long waiting, that thing load up. Next, I look for the right cell I try to modify, and open it in the render window. At this stage, I’m getting random crashes. Even If I can add some furniture, I don't know how to save that the right way, and crash in the process of “investigation”. I cant even save a ESP because SCK just stop working and I had to close it. I guess that’s all I want to say here. I hope you guys can help me or point me to right topic.
  18. I'm working on a mod I'm going to call Southside Raider Town. It's located south of Abernathy, by the river. The way I want it to work is this: Player finds the abandoned settlement, player activates the workbench, player has access to the area right behind the town to build whatever they chose. I tried copying Covenants workshop and it sorta works. I added a door across from the Sanctuary bridge for testing purposes. (I plan to add lore to the area and possibly a quest) Problems are that no settlers show up, the build area is way too big, and Workshop Plus flight mode doesn't always work. I would really love for someone to fix this for me or step me through how to fix it. I'm so close to being able to release it. I really want this part fixed before I put the finishing touches on it. I really need help. I've been pulling my hair out over this and at this rate, I'll run outta hair before I fix it. Thanks for anything you can do. Here is the esp. It's using only vanilla assets.
  19. Hello. I'd like to ask for some help to make a simple plugin for myself for my game. I'm not exactly proficient in the use of the CK and/or TES5Edit, all I have done in terms of modding is the simple user stuff. I want to make a plugin that does 3 things: 1. Completely disables health regeneration for the player 2. Completely disables magicka regeneration for the player 3. Increases the respawn time of all enemies without breaking radiant quests: in exterior cells, enemies don't need to respawn at all (this would be preferred), and in interior cells, they should be respawn just in time to not outright break radiant quests. I would use these settings for my own playthrough balanced around these mechanics (and a few others). I just want to make sure I do this without breaking anything and in a way that actually works. For the third thing, I know there are plugins which already do that (and there are plugins for the first two as well), but they are old, and I don't know how or if they would work if I just threw them into my load order. There is a plugin in the ERSO Overhaul that makes it so that exterior cells respawn only every 1000 days (which would be good), but it also makes it so that interior cells respawn only every 3000 days, and says "it may break radiant quests". Note 1. The methods by which these results are achieved are irrelevant, especially for the third: what matters is that there wouldn't be respawning enemies for a looong time. This is needed because I plan to play a game where EXP is a limited resource (a'la Gothic series). Note 2. Encounters shouldn't be disabled; I don't care for the vanilla ones, but I have encounter mods, those should work with all other respawns disabled / severely delayed. Note 3. I am using mods that add more enemies (ERSO's Populated Dungeons, Caves, Ruins + Populated Forts Towers Places (I don't insist on the latter, though)), which also shouldn't respawn. Note 4. If it is at all possible, wildlife spawns (deers, rabbits, foxes, etc.) shouldn't be disabled, only what we commonly understand as "enemies" (basically humanoids and the "monster" animals). This is not something that is super-important, I can live without this, but it would still be nice if it is possible to do. If it matters at all, the world is static and deleved through the use of Static PermaZONES, and SXP Redone is used as the EXP mod of choice (although this one is not final), with vanilla EXP gain disabled through the Uncapper. Any kind of help or tutorial would be appreciated. The most I've done in TES5Edit is cleaning dirty edits, the most I've done in the CK is opening and saving a plugin -- in other words, I'm a noob at this.
  20. Copy-Pasta from my Nexus Thread Hey folks. Newbie here. My goal is to make a small mod that unlocks each races warpaint and skin tints but I quickly discovered how... tedious this is going to be. I spent a few hours last night just on female orcs and I'm only about halfway done-ish. What I'm hoping to learn is whether it's possible to copy and paste the Tint Layer Presets across races or even just genders using the Creation Kit, SSEEdit or something else... or is this just going to be a mindless slog for the next few weeks when I have time? I've already... "streamlined" part of the process by figuring out the numerical values associated with each preset and just shoving them into a text file, but that's as far as I've managed to get in terms of making this less awful. To clarify, my current process is to go into the Orc Race, choose Female, tab over to Tinting and manually add each file path in Tint Layer as Paint before then individually adding the 24 color presets for non-beast races, 12 for Argonian and 7 for Kajiit, and that's before even touching the vampire variant races. Yeah. It's been a bit of a 'thing'. I got through about 20 of 50+ for one gender of one race after with Alien and Aliens playing in the background before nearly breaking down and crying from boredom. I'll still do it if I have to, it's just... daunting and soooo time consuming for such a small thing I'm just doing for RP purposes.
  21. Hi dear modders comrades ! Since the last update of Fallout 4 ( with the creation club thing ), my CK crashes everytime i launch it. I reinstalled it 2 times, with the Bethesda Launcher too and still doesn't work . Does someone has an idea, please ? Thank you !
  22. Like the title says, I've been familiarizing myself with the above tools in order to build an adventuring party that works with the theme I'm going for, but ran into a bit of a problem that I can't figure out how to fix when it comes to the facegen of custom followers. To demonstrate, let's use Jenassa as our guinea pig, and make her look like Lamae. For reference, Lamae is supposed to look like this: However, when I transfer her look to Jenassa, I get this: That's...not right. That's not right at all. I mean, the body looks like it got transferred correctly, but something went very wrong with the head. Okay, so maybe something's wrong with the tool itself. Let's try a vanilla NPC's assets and see what happens. Hey there, Ulfric. Nice to know you can be bought so cheaply. Okay, so the tool's working. Maybe it's custom mod textures that are the problem- Jesus fuck! Okay, no. Custom textures are NOT the problem. Also, I did try to manually move all the facegen data to the appropriate VNPC folders during transfer. No dice. All right, let's try a workaround. Like, say, loading up the "Make Babette look like Lamae" optional plugin into TES5Edit and changing it so it affects Jenassa instead... Nope. Same problem as before, except now she sounds like Babette instead of looking like Lamae. All right, something is screwy here. Let's load Lamae up into the Creation Kit and take a look at how she looks in the render. Wait a minute... That's...definitely not right. I mean, she looks fine in-game, but not in any of the modding tools. Hey, hold on... What's with all that default Nord bullshit? Okay, let's try a different custom follower. Like, say, Recorder. Okay, Recorder looks fine. What about her facegen parts? Huh. Okay, let's hop over to Lamae's modpage and see what we can find. Huh. Well then. Okay, so best I can figure, this problem happens when I try to work with NPC's that are Frankensteined from various character creation mod options instead of bringing their own exclusive textures. I've already tried installing all of the above mods to see if the textures would transfer over but no dice. So basically what I'm asking is, how do I work with Frankenstein customs and move their look around without having to deal with this default Nord stuff?
  23. Hello guys and gals! I'm making a mod right now. It's a new world space with "The Castle"-based fortress-settlement area. I've managed to use CastleArmoryDoor01 and DExtMainGateDoorAnim01 for castle walls. video: It works but partially. First CastleArmoryDoor01 Big thanks to Trosski for his tutorial how to make a craftable Castle Armory Door that can opened/closed without activator (Last door in the attached video is done by his guide). It's stuck after several times of interacting with it (maybe need to wait more time between opening/closing cycles or it's just by my side) but it works. In my case that door needs to open by activator (button for example) like shown in the first minutes of the video - it works only for first time when you open/close door. This is first problem that need to be solved. Activator (button) has Default1StateActivator and door has TwoStateWIthGlobalActivator with values that copied from vanila armory door. Second is DExtMainGateDoorAnim01 It's Diamond City's main gate door and it has only openning animation. Of course will be great to invert opening animation and add it to object but for the begining it's enought to has just two states OPENED and CLOSED (and animation for opening) because once you opened the gate you need to leave area for gate to be closed. This is second problem. For this door I used standart Default2StateActivator like used by developers in Red Rocket garage door or DoorGarageDecoActivator01. It works fine and didn't never stuck when I tested it. Default2StateActivator with default values don't work with CastleArmoryDoor for me. I'm very bad at the scripting and know nothing about scripts in Creation Kit and hope this thread will hint with help of other good people how to figure out what values for activator needs to get this doors work correctly. I'll try to find more information and keep my testing vith values but if someone has solution or advice and thoughts - it will be great!
  24. Hello I'm trying to mod apply devious devices scripts to a few items, and so far I'm not having any luck doing so. I select the item, and hit add script, and add the script from a similar DD item (such as zadequipitem) and then get told that there was an error loading the script and it won't be added. I've made sure each of the scripts I'm trying to use are in the scripts in my Script folder in Data, so I'm not sure what else I need to do. Thanks for any help you can provide
  25. So im a numb modder, Made a few cells, Completed one cell basic layout and im jumping to my end cell in an interior cell that i made into an arena, So what im tying to do is make a dragon not fly through the walls, Ceiling or floor, As well as keep different dragons from flying, So they just walk around after you and such. I've posted this in 5 different discords but either no one replies or doesn't give any viable info, So im hitting the forums in hope that someone could help me figure this process out! Thank you very much in advance and hopefully i can continue learning to become a great mod author! Im also looking at the dragon in Labyrinthian01 Im wondering if i could copy and paste that and then change the skin from skeletal to Skined
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