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  1. Prowler (Lovers Biko tweak)

    Warning: this file is provided "as-is", with no guarantee of support or update. I don't know enough about Oblivion modding to really help with any issues, and I only made this alteration for my own personal use in a current Oblivion playthrough (for role-playing).
    Version 1.1, the most recent file, hasn't been thoroughly tested and should be considered "alpha" at best :-)
    A simple modified version of Lovers Biko 1.0 (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/96-lovers-biko/). Expands the script to choose one of ten random animations, instead of using the same animation each time. Also adds a check to see if the character is paralysed or knocked down, and if so uses two alternate animations that reflect that altered state better.
    V1.1 also includes a very basic detection check (read "Known Bugs" below, this feature may cause issues), meaning you can be caught attacking your victim and reported to the guards. Previously, as long as you weren't detected making the attack, people and guards would just walk by you in the middle of the street and not bat an eye. Make sure you follow them somewhere you won't be disturbed! May not always work 100% of the time, due to the way Lovers sometimes brings voyeur NPC's in.
    Additionally, victims will 'flee' once you have had your way with them, although this isn't currently working as intended and characters don't currently run away :/
    There are two versions of the V1.0 plugin, "Essential" and "Full". "Essential" uses only the five animations I felt best fit. "Full" uses all ten, including five that fit but weren't as rough/forceful as the others.
    There is only one version of V1.1 currently, "Full". Until it is air-tight and working properly, it'll just be "Full" for now (although Creation Kit savvy folk can simply tweak the scripts to only use the "Essential" animation list)
    I made this alteration for my own personal use whilst replaying Oblivion, but I figured why not share it!
    Known Bugs
    - Any companion/followers that can "detect" the player will most likely be picked up by the detection script and will most likely report the crime. Trying to find a more elegant way of doing this, but my knowledge is very basic. For now, if you plan to go around stalking women at night, leave your pal at home
    - Once or twice during testing a voyeuristic guard came to spy, but didn't report/acknowledge a crime happening. Might be due to how Lovers does this, not something I want to mess around with as it'll affect other plug-ins.
    LAPF version 1.6a1 is essential.
    OBSE v20 or higher needed for LAPF (http://obse.silverlock.org/)
    No DLC required.
    How to Install
    Place EITHER "Lovers_Prowler_Full" OR "Lovers_Prowler_Essential" in your Oblivion\Data folder, then enable the plugin using either the Oblivion launcher or your mod manager of choice.
    Functionally identical to "Lovers Biko" -- so only works against a female NPC (I may try to remove this check in future versions). Approach an NPC and press "L" -- you should get a message informing you that the character is your mark. Follow your mark until they're somewhere out of sight and press "L" again to strike, but be warned if you are spotted you will face a hefty fine and even time in jail. You must be undetected to initiate this; and you can be caught mid-act!
    All credit goes to the original 2ch author (unknown?), the Lovers Lab community, and gregathit for the original upload.



  2. Loading Screens (hardcore sex)

    Loading Screens replacer, most of frames are harcore sex fantasy pictures.
    Some of them are photoshopped (cropped or panned to achieve optimal aspect** and resolution), some are "shadered" with color\atmosphere effects.
    **optimal for me is 1.6, i'm playing with resolution 1440x900.
    I use them with tweaked version (included) of LoadingScreensNoText.esp (nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5663), in which i expanded loading screens number and re-arranged them to get more variants for some conditions - for example, now it's three variants of Arena theme.
    Credits for pictures are (or should be) with their original authors - alas, not all names of them i know:
    Plaatsen (i'm not sure it's person, not just compilation title)



  3. Animal compilation

    If you use the SlofsAnimals mod I uploaded, this will replace it.
    Copy Meshes, Textures and NameThatHorse.ini to data folder, then choose 1 esp.
    Kurama - Ninetails "fox" from Naruto. Can be found at IC Waterfront, near the player home
    - There is a food dish and bone near his location.
    LBGW - No special pet, but you can play fetch with any of the dogs you get from the store.
    - no food dishes, but when you activate a dog from Rena dog shop, you will get a bone whistle and the bone will appear under your dog. If the bone gets lost, use the whistle. Be patient, it takes a little bit sometimes.
    harisonzamperla for the scripting to play fetch
    Skingrad24 and idkrrr for the naruto mod I got the ninetails from
    MofoMojo for Stolen Horse Ownership
    misterMcCoonie for Name That Horse
    AlienSlof for the dog and horse meshes/textures (dogs compatible with LC3 animations)



  4. Outlaw Life

    Outlaw Life
    Requires Alternative Beginnings by Arthmoor and choosing the Outlaw start
    Choosing Outlaw in the wilds option in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings will now start you in the Highwayman Hideaway cave instead of
    outside Fort Ash. It will start the Highwayman Rob Anybody quest that adds the dialogue allowing you to be a highwayman
    If you want to know how a particular piece of this works or what it does, all original readmes are included.
    ======= Thanks to =======
    David Brasher for Highwayman - Rob Anybody
    Kimosabe04 for Highwayman Hideaway
    DuggeDank & Haldar1248 & pkkjp for all the work on Jail Shackles
    directorrick7 for Jail Break Escape Routes
    Syclonix for Hear No Evil
    kuertee & Povuholo for Crime Has Witnesses with Responsibility Tweak
    Seldalore for Stolen Item Ownership
    Removed the menu option, I couldn't get the shackle adding to fire properly. So, if you want the shackles, get arrested.
    You start in your very own little cave with a bounty of 500 and 5 infamy ( from Alt Begin) nice place
    Pics from original hideaway mod. This one is a bit darker (it is a cave) but my version is player owned
    Edit: 2-11-17
    Added a new esp that doesn't require Alternative Beginnings to have compatibility with other alt start mods. It still requires the resources from the original version.



  5. LoversFutaSperm

    Tired of remembering that Koko-whatever command into the screen so your female NPCs can actually shoot sperm and potentially knock up another woman with the Tamago Hiyoko system?

    If so... this is for you. And all you have to do is make sure your attacking women are futa (have dicks).

    This mod performs tiny alterations to two scripts within Lovers with PK.esp but but alters a value within the TamagoClub.esp.



  6. Open Cities Reborn Lovers

    Just 2 replacer esp's for now that give compatibility with OCR.
    What does it do precious?
    These will replace the esp of the same name. They require all the resources of the original.
    Lovers Bitch
    Rena's dog shop is moved to outside Chorrol, across the street from the stables.
    Dogs are moved to the open world spaces
    Did nothing with the IC, this and the original will conflict with BC
    Just removed the temporary city dogs from city worlds spcace, IC dogs still there
    ADDED 1-25-17
    Moved Ghanredels Basement door to behind her house in the OCR space
    Moved the cave exit door to just outside OCR Bravil, tucked in a rock face
    Added markers in OCR spaces for the Imperial Justicar in Rough Justice
    Did not move any bedrolls.
    Tested DogDays and Rough Justice, both working, think these were really the only
    things that actually needed to be moved.
    ADDED 1-28-17
    GG Blackmail
    Moved all the stuff from the city spaces into the world spaces
    Versions for people who use OCR without the New Sheoth add on and for with it.
    Not tested, if any issues arise, please let me know.
    Crowning Isles 1.03.06K
    Moved the porter and related things to OCR Anvil. Will still work with fejeenas no MBP replacer
    as that made no world edits.
    -Why not patches?
    I keep all lovers mods below the bashed patch, so any kind of patch would just add another esp.



  7. Alternative injector for Darigaz' DMZ armors

    Quick-made mod for better demonstration of DMZ Armors
    0) armors are added to merchant (Morwain, Anvil; repeatedly, if already bought) chest via script, not by direct edit (less conflict chance);
    1) placeholder male vanila models added:
    a) DarkBrotherhood Male armor for Shrouded;
    b order armor for Brusef Amelion, Mithril, Iron, and Ebony;
    c) arena light blue male armor for Glass and Chainmail;
    2) some armorsuit weights are edited to my preferences: for example, 160 seems too much even for Ebony set;
    3) six(iirc) girls (some vanila races i like), who could wear some variants of DMZ armor are added by script to vanila "Orc Adventurer" actor list; so they can arrive instead of vanila orc at corresponding locations;
    all gals have additional ai-packs for sleep, and search for weapons when disarmed (for any weapon when in combat, or their specific - if not);
    their armor "preferences" are also groupped by their classes: DMZ-heavy, DMZ-light and "lightest"(thief-style);
    JFYI: vanila Orc-adventurer random-chance locations are: Dzonot cave, Talwinque, HrotandaVale, FortNomore, Niryastare02, ArrowshaftCavern03, GrayrockCave02, KingscrestCavern03, KindredCavern02, FortUrasek02, Rielle, DoomedMine, FortBlackBoot, FortDoubleCross, Nornal03, FortChalman.
    This mod should be used instead of original Darigaz's .esp, all other resources from original mod are neccessary.
    All questions about this mod [mal]function should be addressed to me, emo877 (please do not bother the author of original mod).
    Big thanks to Darigaz17 for beautiful armors.
    UPD: look into "support thread", there could be (+1 now) newer versions.



  8. CM partner nightelves (updated for Xenius' compilation pack)

    Hey guys. I found some mods made by Abriael that haven't been updated in a while. At the moment if you try to use it in your current Oblivion installation, it will simply crash because it still works with the old nightelves mod made by Xenius. I thought this was a shame and since Abriael didn't seem to plan on updating any time soon, i took it on myself to update it to the current version (aka compilation pack).
    Since i could not find the Original hairs that came with the Original mod. I had to assign them myself from the compilation pack. So they might look a little bit different from what they used to look like. (you can change this yourself if you really don't like it with the construction kit). Faces and other stuff should still be the same as the Original. The only things i updated was the race usage and the hairstyle.
    Therefore i give all credits to Abriael since i simply fixed what could be fixed. So feel free to go to the Original file and give credit to him/her. (but don't download the mod unless you still have the old version, but then this mod shouldn't be of any use to you anyway).
    Note: there is still the strange "fake smile" bug where the npc's show their teeth. This bug was also apparent in the Original mod so it will still be here to. This is simply something i can't do anything about.
    If Abriael ever plans on updating the mod by him/herself, i would gladly remove this mod.
    Also i'm planning on doing the moonelves too so look forward to the release of the moonelves too.
    Anyway have fun!



  9. LoversJoystick Strapon Addon

    This is a WIP (Dibella knows if and when it will be completed). With so many bodies available is not easy to cover the entire set. This should be a good start, though. I've been randomly working at it for months before deciding to release the first version. I don't guarantee it's perfect; on the contrary, I welcome any suggestions or help aimed at improving it. I might also take requests if you want a specific body that is currently missing added to the collection.
    - LAPF
    - Setbody Reloaded
    - LoversJoystick plugin
    - LoversSpermSplashEx
    - LoversHideMenus
    Simply replaces the futa meshes present in LoversJoystick's Data folder (hermaphrodites) with analogue female lowerbodies with strapon. Recommended for people who lack imagination, like me. Just kidding... I have nothing against the default assets, but it's always good to have an alternative choice.
    Bodies included so far:
    - HGEC M,L,LL and Original
    - DMRA Original
    Additional resources:
    - DMRA GUTS Classic and SE
    these must be added through a custom menu in Setbody.ini,
    and are located in the CUST(om)\LowerBody subfolder.
    As such they don't need a backup.
    Just extract the main archive (LJ Strapon Addon vx.x.7z) in your data folder and you're set.
    Included in the dowload section is a quick-restore archive with a backup of the replaced meshes. It's not necessary, but useful in case you want to restore the original futanari females (it's something I do myself from time to time).
    I understand this mod is not for everyone. As always, it's all a matter of personal taste. You need to have futanari enabled for this to work. This is the only thing that is really required.
    In Lovers with PK.ini, set xLoversPkrIni.Futa to 1
    To increase realism and immersion, however, you can also follow these tips:
    1. If you use a rape/combat sex mod, you may want to reverse roles in animations when offender is female. In LoversRapers ini file, for instance, this is controlled by the following line:
    set xLoversRaperSQuest.femaleReverse to 1
    2. LoversSpermSplashEx is another mod that can come in handy, as you can disable the sperm effect for females.
    3. Hiding the dialogues with LoversHideMenus also makes sense, to prevent mismatching between the dialogues and the animation currently playing (although the menus reappear as soon as you open/close the console, or switch to menumode).
    That's all, I hope you enjoy this little nothing I created in my spare time.
    Addition of new bodies. Probably a better model for the strapon mesh, with better rigging (in some animations there's a good amount of clipping). Optional textures, perhaps. I'm open to suggestions.
    The creators of HGEC and the countless bodies available for Oblivion
    movomo ----> for SetBody Reloaded and LoversJoystick plugin (among other things).
    fejeena ----> for the strapon meshes used as base material.
    Vaelorian ----> for providing me assistance and valuable hints when requested. I appreciate the patience.
    LoverLab people ----> You know why, don't be silly.
    < NEW>
    I've decided to upload future small updates as attachment in the support page, rather than reuploading the main file. Remember, this is definitely a WIP and I'm all but satisfied with the results at the moment. My tecniques are improving slowly but the final version I have in mind will be definitely different from these "prototypes".



  10. A CM female daedra based on Divine Avengers mod and Nuska's OCO dremora

    As the title suggests this mod provides a .esp that only changes the face of the Original mod Divine Avenger made. I own nothing of this content but the changes i made. As such all credits go to Divine Avengers mod on the nexus called "A CM partner companion female dremora Aanila" and nuska from OCO2 for making the textures.
    Note: Both of these mods are NOT included in this download. Therefore you have to download BOTH these mods first before you download my changes. I am aware that the perms on the nexus state that i can't make changes to Divine Avengers mod without his permission but since he hasn't responded to that page for two years i hope the coast is clear. If the administrators of this site feel the need to remove this upload so be it.
    Install instructions:
    Just download the two before mentioned files and then let my .esp overwrite DA's.
    Note2: the reason why i didn't put any links is because for some reason the links don't seem to work very well when they are aimed straight at oblivion Nexus fr some reason. You are better off using google to find the required mods. (hence why DA's mod is rephrased word by word to make it easier to find)



  11. SI noble clothes for DMRA GUTS

    Here is a DMRA GUTS conversion of some Shivering Isles noble clothes:
    - Sheogorath's Regalia
    - Syl's Dress
    - Thadon's Robe (for female)
    I only provide the meshes, how do you actually get these to show up in game is your business
    This petty work of mine is entirely based on Nephenee13's DMRA conversion, I only adjusted the UV a bit in Nifskope. This is the result, good or bad, I leave it to your judgment.
    The clothes all share the same model, originally used only by Syl's dress.
    Optionally, inside the SEDuchess folder there is an additional dress2.nif which I usually link to the Rainment of Arden-Sul. To get it working some TES4 editing is required (being a leveled item, you can edit all the versions, or just the version of the item you currently use, your choice).
    Special thanks to samhain6 for providing me a sample Archmage robe, which I used as template in Mesh Rigger to effectively eliminate the clipping I had while sneaking (and for the DMRA GUTS body, of corse).
    Message to long-time-no-see Annafly:
    if you happen to find a better replacement for boots (you said these were ugly, I remember) send them my way, I'll be glad to include them.
    Free to use, mod and share, as long as you credit the original authors like I did.



  12. Expanded Greetings

    This mod will allow NPCs to recognize all of the player character's talents and make the skill-based dialogue greetings (such as "you're a sneaky looking sort" and "look at the muscles on you!") less redundant once the player has reached high levels.
    The reason these dialogue lines may have never been spoken depends on what order the playable character's skills increased throughout the game. Eventually, once most/all skills have been maxed, the dialogue gets "stuck" at the top of the dialogue tree.
    The only modifications are the conditions that regulate how an NPC greets the playable character. Not only does this expand talent-based greetings, but also recover the generic "hello" greetings that are lost as the character becomes more powerful and famous/infamous.

    Testing the Mod

    Make sure the playable character has at least two attributes that are 70+ or two skills that are 70+. Otherwise, effects will not be experienced until later. Go up to NPCs (Imperial City Market will have the most during the day). They will usually greet the player with a generic "hello" dialogue line but other times they will comment on the player's skills.


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance



  13. Daedric Museum of Artifacts

    These mods are required to play Daedric Museum of Artifacts.

    Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

    Some content is only accessible when the following DLC expansions have been installed.

    Knights of the Nine Mehrunes' Razor Shivering Isles

    This adds a museum to safely store & display all of the Daedric artifacts you've acquired throughout the game. The museum is south of Bruma along the Orange Road.
    Additionally, each Daedric Lord's statue doubles as a teleporter to that Lord's shrine in Cyrodiil. Some of the statues have additional locations. Sheogorath's statue, for example, acts as an alternative gateway to the Shivering Isles after you complete the Shivering Isles main quest.
    The museum also contains other Daedra related exhibits for the player to view.

    Museum Rooms
    Serves as a gateway to the rest of the museum
    Museum of Artifacts
    Display/storage area for all unique Daedric artifacts Daedric shrines that can be activated to teleport the player to the Daedric shrine or related location Shivering Isles: Pedestals for Sheogorath artifacts from the Shivering Isles Mehrunes' Razor: Pedestal for Mehrunes' Razor
    Museum of Lords
    Mannequin displays of the live Daedric Lords featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Sheogroath & Jyggalag displays
    Museum of Daedra
    Mannequin displays of the live Daedra featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Daedra from the Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine: Auroran display
    Museum of Relics
    Preset displays of miscellaneous Daedric items seen and acquired throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, and Order equipment


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance

    Versions for Other The Elder Scrolls Games
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition



  14. oblivion mod tutorial

    a tutorial for my mod setup on naughty machinama



  15. Oblivion Combat Extender (OBCE) Beta

    Oblivion Combat Extender (OBCE) Beta v1.0

    aka LoversDeathDenied


    This mod is a optimized plugin that aims to provide additional gameplay elements in Oblivion combat situation. But first of all let me tell you that the Oblivion Combat Engine does not want to be messed around with, like with this mod. This is why it is a Beta for now. Though this mod is stable and will rarely or ever crash your game certain randomness might happen, so preferable don't use it on your main characters. I however managed multiple character play-throughs with rarely any weird situations.
    - Death Replacer
    - Defeat Scenarios
    - Guard Scenario
    - Duels and Brawl
    - Future Quest Extensions
    - Hit NPCs unconscious instead of killing (Sorry not working)
    - Settings Spell (Sorry not working)
    Death Replacer:
    Whenever the player health hits zero (or a value defined in the ini), the player gets unconscious and hits the ground and stays there for a time defined in the ini. Theoretically multiple scenarios could then happen. If the so called easyMode is active nothing much will happen and when the player gets up combat continues.
    However if that is not the case then after the player is able to get up a villain from all surrounding hostile NPCs is chosen. Usually that is the last attacking NPC (can be defined in the ini). This NPC can then choose to ignore the player and go about his day, but if the NPC is evil then he might want to use the now weakened player. He might ask for money or decide to rape the player.
    For creatures there is no dialogue and immediate rape.
    After any scene there is a peace time where the NPCs surrounding the player stay peaceful for some time (see the ini), before giving off a warning and then attacking again (Theoretically for as long as you want, enables more roleplay).
    Followers depending on the settings in the ini will continue to fight or fall with the player.
    The rape part can be disabled in the ini.
    All in all this creates interesting scenarios and a narrative for role-playing in combat.
    I however suggest you to lower your LoversRapers rape chances otherwise there is way too much rape going on but yeah.
    The player can still drown in water/lava or fall to his death, also creatures or NPC that will always want to kill the player can be defined in the ini with their names.
    Compatible with Unnecessary Violence III (afaik, please give feedback), Deadly Reflex 5+6 (DR6 confirmed by me), Duke Patricks Melee Combat (via a patch, confirmed by me).
    Guard Scenario:
    When resisting an arrest guards will not kill you anymore instead they will beat you into submission and then decide whether your crimes have been punished enough or not and send you to jail. Either way this provides more room for roleplay. Rape content can be found here as well.
    Duels and Brawls:
    Any NPC can now be approached via Dialog and challenged to a duel or a brawl.
    A duel is a fight with weapons whereas a Brawl is without weapons. The duration can be defined in the ini. When the player looses or wins the NPC can loose or win disposition towards the player. So it is possible to make NPCs hate you by winning or love you by loosing against them. H2H damage can be increased in the ini.
    Future Quest Extensions:
    Other modders (not me though, I'm burned out ) can now develop quests, where f.ex. the player has to be defeated for certain things to happen or something like that.
    Settings Spell:
    The spell is not fully working but as far as I remember you should be able to turn off the mod via the spell ingame, should you encounter any situations (aka quests) where the mod makes no sense.
    Hit NPCs unconscious instead of killing:
    Not fully working. Off by default. Turn on if you want some variety but it makes the game glitchy as NPCs won't die on a percentage chance.
    Other Death Replacers, you can run them with this but which Replacer gets executed can then be random.
    Known Issues:
    -The ini file contains some settings that are still in development, if there is no coherent commentary on a setting, expect it to not be functional and don't change it
    -Magic Effects or Spells on the player that modify the player health can result in the actual player death
    -Quest scripted deaths or quests where the player should be killed by NPCs might be broken (you will have to add the NPCs name into the ini)
    -Do not initiate Duels or Brawls when Guards are around! They will attack you and/or the duelist and perform good old fashioned Oblivion massacre on citizens.
    -Dialog and the whole mod in general has been written with a female player in mind
    OBSE v0021
    Lovers with PK if you want rape etc to happen
    Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten.
    Mod Organizer: Install and activate
    Load order does not matter, but being latter is preferred
    Modify the ini to your preferences
    Version History:
    1.0 - Beta Release
    Sleepypanda for the initial idea of a combat defeat mod
    Myst42 for the alpha testing and valuable input
    Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal
    You for still playing my favorite game
    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file.



  16. Mod Organizer Profiles Manager

    Download from here to maintain only one copy.



    An application that synchronizes mod order between profiles for Mod Organizer. So for example if you makes changes in one profile, the order is copied to other profiles within the same profile group.


    Right click to get context menu.
    [1] Contains path for all Mod Organizer installations whose profile you wish to monitor. You add a new path using the textbox below it and pressing [Add] button.
    [2] List of profile for selected Mod Organizer from pane [1]. Profiles are grouped so if you make changes to profile "Alpha 1" the order will only be copied to "Alpha 2" which belongs to the same profile group (Cyan - hotkey 2). You change the group profile by selecting it and just pressing the hokey using the legend for reference. Grayed out profiles are not monitored. The copy button below is for manual copy of selected profile in listbox to the one in the combobox. All function can be accessed through the context menu shown in the image. Right click to access it.
    [3] Output log, listing all copies being made.
    [4] The rest of the buttons are pretty obvious: Clear log, Toggle MOPM Monitoring...



  17. Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (expanded)

    File Name: Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (non-EVE, skimpy)
    File Submitter: minaemm
    File Submitted: 22 Jul 2016 (update 10 Oct 2016)
    File Category: Armor & Clothing

    This whole project resulted out of a discussion with movomo, i have been working on this for the past few weeks, and most i inspected looked good in NifSkope. Some have some minor tearing, which i just think happens because the fabrics can't take the bigger bellies
    I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
    I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body.
    I will upload my conversions here so people can TEST! it. Still very much BETA, so be forewarned. Sadly i could get no answer from Yuravica, so i am just going to go ahead and post it. If anybody has objections, please tell me, i will immediately pull it down then.
    So i restructured the uploads, made available conversions of the bases to the HFB body, and changed all to the HFBPregnant stages. All are converted to E-Cup HFB (but you can still use the HGEC base, so no need for these conversions), then BBB'd if needed, then HFB preg1-3. Those may be a bit small for some of you, but all others seemed excessive to my eyes. I may do other conversions if demanded.
    This should be much more intuitive now. If you have installed any of the basics, just overwrite the meshes with mine (the Pregnant ones don't need to overwrite, unless you have others installed beforehand). I suggest Wrye Bash to check any conflicts and overwrite as needed/wanted.
    I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
    I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body. And of course you need the base mod, before the pregnant version makes sense.
    BAIN ready. Use WryeBash, or unzip the meshes folder manually. It will only add or overwrite files that are named "_prg#", so do not worry about screwing anything up. If you want to use the HFB basic conversions, then just let it overwrite. You still need all the originals first though.
    Note on the Mass Outfit Redesign alternate (unreasonable) versions. I kept the original file paths, as they came from Myst42's version, so you will need to still rename/overwrite them as you please yourself. Please follow Myst42's instructions in their readme on how to do that. (I suggest extraction of Myst's files someplace safe, then just extract mine over that, then rename and install into Oblvion.)
    7zip archive. Should open with pretty much any modern unrar/unzip program though.

    UPDATE log:
    Update 06-08:
    -Added conversions for MassOutfitRedesign by Myst42 to HFBE (original available here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/download/1147-mass-outfit-redesign/ or here), as well as kingkongs overhaul from here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1738-replaceroverhaul-clothesarmor-hgec-e-ll/
    -In addition to that, pregnant variants of the above, as well as AveBrave's collection, originals here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/212-aves-mod-selection/
    You WILL need the originals, for the textures at least (and replacer .esp's). Give them credit, i just converted as i could.
    Update 05:
    -Added Derida collection (which includes Sword Dancer, Gloria & Trish, and Kirin)
    -Added R18PN collection (which includes Complete Lingerie collection, Iruma, Mina, and Romaje)
    Update 04b.: Seperated into individual mods. If i missed anything, please just PM me, and i will make the changes. More armors/clorthes to come soon. I also take requests. You do NOT need to download the files called "MyPreg".
    TamagoSetBody (to actually see the pregnant bodies automatically)
    *SetBody Blockhead edition (recommended, not strictly needed)
    *HFB Replacers for the textures and esp, if you use the pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    *Mass Outfit Redesign for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    *LoversLabHGECLL for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    (won't make sense without the above four, even though strictly they are not needed.)
    Any maximum compatibility skeleton, like the one from LAPF, or Growlf's Universal Skeleton. (the only one you really need, so you won't get tearing and stretching)
    (personal note)
    This is my first ever upload, so bear with me. Constructive criticism welcome Also, if anybody can do in-game screen-shots of the various armors, i would be thankful. I barely change mine and collecting them all seems insane for just a photo op So please share!
    (plans going forward)
    I am looking into making seamless versions of it all. After i convert all of the mods i have/want, i will update everything to seamless versions, fitting the heads from here http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44360/?. I realise that will take some texture modifications too, but i am reading up on that, so bear with me And no, it will NOT need OCO v2 or anything, it will be standalone.
    Description Update:
    So included in this pack is already, apart from the replacer variants:
    Ozmo's Ivy armor.
    Black Legion's Dark Illusion
    Cenobite's Full Metal Bikini II or III
    Growlf's Chainspike
    Hiromacu's Taki armor
    Jimsonzugl's Moon Love
    Tona's Airy Lily
    Wulf's Glass Armor (non-replacer)
    Fallen20's Lingerie set (converted to E-cup, LL-bottom and BBB)
    ANB's Drape Top
    Zotman12's Armor of Para
    Hentai's Collection
    Kogane's Mage Leather
    Sinblood's Lethal Majesty, Ravenous Elegance, and VelvetRose
    ... and probably some others i can't remember right now. In the future i will seperate these mods into their own branches, so you only have to install what you actually want.
    also an unknown armor by "mengmo?"
    Many Thanks to the mesh/texture creators: Avebrave, KingKong, Zotman12/Hentai, R18PN, ANB, Kogane, Sinblood, Wulf, Tona, Ozmo, Cenobite, Hiromacu, Jimsonzugl, Growlf, Black Legion, Myst42, Yuravica, and everybody i forgot right now.
    Thanks to Bethesda for the great game, the modding community, and most important of all the great folks at LoversLabs.
    Special thanks to Movomo who inspired me take on this little project, as well as Iamnoone.

    Click here to download this file



  18. WalkAnimSwitcher

    WalkAnimSwitcher v1.0


    This mod is a lightweight and optimized plugin that allows you to switch between different bundled Forward Walking Animations ingame via a hotkey. The default hotkeys are Page Up and Page Down.
    Of course all hotkeys can be changed via an ini configuration file. Additionally there is another hotkey that allows you to add more or less bounce to the BBB enabled animation.
    This mod also bundles most of the Forward Walking Animations I could find. All Female Animations are BBB enabled.
    Additionally there is a spell that allows you to modify NPC walking animations on the fly. By default only female anims are applied to female NPCs and vice versa. This can be disabled in the ini.
    When the game is loaded the last picked walking anim is applied to the player, this however does not apply to NPC anims, you will have to use the spell on them again.
    To be compatible to your existing Animations only the Forward Walking Animation is replaced. (With tbsk Improved Walk as the only exception)
    Here are all the Walking Animations:
    ; WalkAnim17 - sinkpoint Manly Stride; WalkAnim16 - tbsk Improved Walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik normal speed real walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik 25% slower real walk; WalkAnim14 - Mur_Zik 50% slower real walk; WalkAnim13 - Mur_Zik 50% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim12 - Mur_Zik 25% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim11 - Mur_Zik original slow sexy walk; WalkAnim10 - Mur_Zik slow sexy walk BBB tweaked no expression; WalkAnim9 - Umpa sexy walk with hand on hip; WalkAnim8 - Womans Move more feminine; WalkAnim7 - Womans Move more feminine slower walk; WalkAnim6 - Womans Move; WalkAnim5 - Womans Move slower walk; WalkAnim4 - Pretty Woman Walk; WalkAnim3 - Pretty Woman Slower Walk; WalkAnim2 - Pretty Woman Slowest Walk; WalkAnim1 - Default Oblivion walk with BBB; WalkAnim - No animations (Useful to return to your pre-installed anims)
    Known Issues:
    I feel obligated to tell you that this mod relies on the Update3d function used on the player, which creates a backgound thread that reloads facedata, hair, etc of the player. As Oblivion is horribly coded for multithreading this in some cases results in a game crash. There is no way around this atm. However this is usually only the case in heavily modded games, so I suggest to keep your mod count below 150.
    So in general to see if this mod works on your character you can try this:
    Load your game
    Open console and type showracemenu, press enter
    Game crash? Then this mod will crash your game with a high possibility on startup or when you switch anims.
    No game crash? Enjoy!
    OBSE v0020
    Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten.
    Mod Organizer: Install and activate
    Version History:
    1.0 - Release
    Mur_Zik and Surazal for Real Walk and famous Sexy Walk
    beni and amsterdam2019 for Pretty Woman
    nao4288 for Womans Move
    Umpa for sexy walk with hand on hip
    tbsk for Improved Posture and Walk
    sinkpoint for Manly Stride
    Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal
    You for still playing my favorite game
    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file.



  19. ASX - Repository

    A collection of resources for use with several ASX mods.
    Major Highlights
    Clean Ayleid Tileset - For those non-ruined Ayleids hiding somewhere... (Nessa) Obsidian Ayleid Tileset - A nice burned look for Ayleid ruins. (Nessa) Furniture of all kinds - (Various authors) Rugs of all kinds - (Various authors) Ayleid themed weapons, rings, and other trinkets - (Various authors) General flavor resources - (Various authors but mostly Strotis often retextured by.... yep... Nessa ) Optional RAEVWD meshes - Only needed if you use RAEVWD!


    To Download:
    Two options, pick one or the other:
    Mega Mirror - The entire file is hosted at Mega for one simple download. Parts 1 & 2 - Same thing, just split into 2 downloads. (I have to split the archive to host it at LL.)


    Player FAQ
    We needed a central repository for various resources that were being used in multiple mods. Rather than have everybody download the same thing 20 times, one main download was preferred. What's ASX?
    Something that hasn't been released yet. But you can read about some of it here. What mods use this?
    Several... that haven't been released as of yet.

    Modder FAQ

    Can I use this for my (ASX or non-ASX) mods?
    Absolutely! The resources are chiefly designed for quest mods so feel free if you like some of the additions. The resources are.. pretty well organized. (As good as I can get them anyway! ) Just type in ASX to the filter to see what's added to whatever section. Great, so I'm supposed to just hunt around in the already terribly organized Oblivion vanilla resources just to find ASX stuff!?
    OK, OK. The following categories have ASX additions:
    Activators - Lots of switches and more.
    Books - All kinds of new covers.
    Clothing - Rings and amulets only. No other types of clothes!!
    Containers - Tons of these. Also some non-traditional sort of containers.
    Doors - Some things here aren't "doors" but contain a door you can open. Dressers, cabinets, etc.
    Furniture - Also includes baths with sitting anims.
    Keys - A series of Ayleid type keys.
    Lights - With meshes! Some unique lighting options found here.
    Miscellaneous Items - 3 million items here. Lot of clutter items using various welkynd colors also.
    Static - Where the tilesets and everything else live.
    Weapons - Weapons with welkynd stone highlights. And yes, they glow. Why all these Welkynd stone colors?
    Got the idea from Ayleid Steps. In terms of value (or power if you like) they are organized as follows from least to greatest: Blue --> Green --> Yellow --> Pink --> White --> Red --> Purple. Purples are supposed to be super rare. So anything made out of purple is supposed to be extra powerful.
    Now of course you don't have to follow that if you don't like it, but any ASX mods by myself, as well as ASXRepo use that hierarchy. Hey, the new colored Varla/Welkynd stones don't do anything!
    Right, that's going to depend on your mod. Blue varlas work like we all expect. The other colors are supposed to power -other- things. What those things are depends on your mod. Hey, the jewelry and weapons don't have any effects and are named stupid!
    Yeah, you'll want to make copies of these (with new different ID's!!!) so you can rename them and add whatever effects you want. Certainly a sword using red welkynd stone shouldn't have a stupid name like "Red Welkynd Sword". BLECH! There's already a clean Ayleid tileset! Why make a new one!?
    I wanted a tileset that was a little fancier and using higher resolution textures. My clean Ayleid set isn't technically only a retexture. I've altered the meshes and most of the texture mapping for just about every tile. I put more emphasis on the cute carvings and such to make the tiles match the one example of un-ruined Ayleid interiors we got in vanilla Oblivion






  20. Move-In on Her or Him Mod - Berry Flavored Beta

    NEVER use a beta mod with an existing or current save game that you cherish. PLEASE use an old save to test this mod until it is OUT of beta. I've already realized that even using a CLEAN save will NOT remove ALL the faction and ownership changes that the dialogue and setstage scripts make which would make FULL uninstall impossible without an uninstall script to remove ALL the changes. Working on that now while I change the mod to minimize the need for it. See the Imperial City Office of Commerce to test that script for me soon. The dialogue should be there now but it doesn't do anything special just yet.
    (This MOD WILL let you own ALL vanilla houses - eventually. Nuff said?)
    "Move-in On Her or Him Mod" - With Optional Lovers AdultPlayForSSP Plus Dialogue Patch - To remove "married" tags when a husband dies, was dead already, or is KILLED by the player.
    Have you ever slept in Romana Faleria & Tertius Favonius' bed? I do.
    Would you like to have an occassional threesome with them IN their Imperial City love nest OR maybe kill HER and take HIM for yourself, OR plot to kill HIM to have HER all to yourself instead?
    Have you been around to kick any one of Praxedes Afranius's brother's out of her bed yet?
    Or even decided to join in?
    Ever thought of getting gang-banged by the Sintav Brothers in their living room without having to kill them all or get arrested afterward?
    Ever wanted to avoid sneaking while watching what Rohssan and her dog get up to late, late at night?
    Would you like to be able to come and go to Rohssan's or Jensine's or Maro Rufus's bed anytime day or night without having to pick the lock OR use the immersion breaking console?
    Tired of constantly getting hassled for trespassing at your favorite vanilla Hotties' or Hunks' hovel?
    What if you just happen to get Irene Metrick pregnant?
    You won't be able to witness the birth without getting arrested for trespassing!
    Visitation of your progeny is a biatch if you don't own the home they are born in.
    (Have I made my ponderous point yet?)
    Oh, and finally, WHY add a myriad number of player-house mods when you can actually OWN all the apartments in the Imperial City?
    This mod is just the very tiny TIP of an imposing iceburg lettus Get head which may end up having myriad layers added with the help of Lover's PK mods. (Crosses fingers.)
    Eventually, this emerging endeavor may allow the player to "aquire" the right titles (read FACTIONS & KEYS) to LIVE in every "ownable" cell in Tamriel.
    (YES, you COULD just use the console to give yourself every faction and key in the game, but where is the furry FUN in that?
    OH, btw, if someone has already done this or there's a simple spell that does it please just keep it to yourself.
    I really don't want to know how much time I've wasted on this already.
    Mod Progress & Distribution
    I'll keep track of things by updating this progress chart:
    Aleswell - 100% (Sakeepa & the orc.)
    Anvil - 31% Hasathil/Heinrich partner choice. Someone must die or already be dead. Arvena Thelas done. Astia Inventius done. Horse Whisperer Stables.
    Bleakers Way - 0% (Sounds uninspired don't it?)
    Borderwatch - .05% (IF anyone thinks of how to make owning this town more fun and wants to do it, I'll gladly bow out.)
    Bravil - 20% (Blood & Mud patch? Bravil Underground compatibility issues? Galena is done and it's pleasure, not business with her in her home.) Mrs Aleron Loche (Ursanne) added. Trying a "GameDaysPassed" script here so that "grieving" can happen. Regulus Terentius added.
    Bruma - 50% (Countess is available for her comeuppance now. I always resurrect Arnora, own her home and return to humorously humiliate her often.) Lyra Rosentia, Erline Lirrian (this is a GETGAMEDAYSPASSED timed response that needs verified.) Olfhand/Skjorta added, Suurootan/Karinnarre added. Created a COBL patch to ensure those items are still available should Suurootan get killed. Karinnarre does not normally have a working services pkg so I created dialogue that will allow you to give her a services pkg. It is a travel pkg and she will stay put for 24 hours at least. Helvius Cecia done, Istirus/Jantus Brolus done, Jearls House done, Brotch Calus done, Honmund/Alga done.
    Cheydinhall - 50% (Dark deeds and portrait pains.) Rythe/Tivela done, The March Rider/Tertia Viducia done, Aldos Othran's house can be bought from the steward, Llervana done, Riverview can be bought if Voranil meets with an accident.
    Chorral - 50% (Countess is waiting for a consort. Saw an intensely artistic canine lover's mod on LL for download that may need looked at to ensure crafty compatibility. Seed-Neeus done, Estelle Renoit done, Castia Scribonia done, Ariela Doran done, Carmen Litte done, Honditar, Eugal Belette, Rasheeda, Vilena Donton, Rimalus/Rena Bruiant)
    Cropsford - 100% - Bincal & Callia's father's homes done.
    Hackdirt - 50% - Marlena and Elisa are done. (Consistently LOVE to pwn this village.)
    Imperial City - 66% - (Each district has 20 livable houses and there are 4 livable districts (Elven Gardens -Competed 05062016, Talos Plaza - 45% - Thamriel done and tested, Temple District - 40%, Market District - 99.9% Completed. Left out the warehouse for now. IC Green Emperor Way - Imperial Palace done.).
    So that's at least 80 linking small quests possible, to acquire an additional ITEM or even complete other required vanilla quests. (Jensine's quest just came to mind. Did I already add that as a condition? Checking and adding. Play-testers needed!)
    Harlun's Watch - 100%. (Might decide to decorate the DE ladies house. Not sure why it is basically empty.)
    Kvatch Rebuilt - 0% (Muy Patches. Mi Pat Chest. My Precious.)
    Leyawiin - 25% (Countess Caro & her Husband like noble company. Angst driven Argonian Agonies? A bevy of Blackwood babes give better blow-jobs? Resurrection is the key.) Eitar &/or Margarte, Betto &/or Julitta Plotius, Rosentia Gallenus, and Cingor (Buy his house after he's dead.)
    Lord Drad's Estate Farm - 100% (Damn, my Ogre sense just kicked in and it might be best to combine all "Tamriel" exposed "ownable" inhabited residences into a Tamriel Exterior quantum thicket trick.)
    Shivering Islez - 0% (Even thinking about all this is just crazy. Or is it? There WILL be cheese! And pie.) (Sub-categories might need some silly scattergoring. Or not.)
    Skingrad - 25% (Counting crows? What's a murder or two or three? IF Lazare Milvan happens to die, his back taxes might be paid. Agnete The Pickled done, Bernadette Penelles done, Falanu Hlaalu, Reman Broder, added a Nesteral's House quest)
    Others I forgot - 0% (Please throw a rock at me with a reply if there's a fav VANILLA home you desperately want to own. Castles are of course included. I always assassinate Count Umbranox after the Thieves Guild quest-line as part of a very PERSONAL Dark Brotherhood ritual which I perform myself. Me and the Night Mother are tight like that. She's pretty tight also, and deadly dry, but that's what Skooma is for, right?)
    Future plans
    BORDERWATCH & the Imperial City have been started already with VERY generic dialogue (Male oriented initially of course) but just the very thought of this wide width & breadth of lonely, lovely, and livin-able LOVERS across the land gives me shivers.
    I've been away from Oblivion modding for some time now thanks to Skyrim and personally shied away from the non-RPG FPShitter elements of Fallout 4.
    So, while I wait for a new gaming PC to arrive I started playing my old favs and dropped into Loverslab to see what was new in the adult arena.
    Fajeena has been SEXTREMELY helpful in keeping me on track with Lovers and the birthing "club" mods.
    Before the "club" came along I'd used mods that populated cities with kids that could be "adopted" in one fashion or another, but NOW, with this mod, IF you really don't want to get involved in PROCREATION, an NPC who is housing kids could just as efectually be "married" by you this way to be able to live with the little crumb snatchers. (Snap! I just realized I could hook the "Lovers" tag to a dialogue condition. But to be honest, without voice/lip sinc files, those well thought out MANDATORY greetings leave me a bit limp. Just saying.)
    As I've been testing my mod, I'm also finding that some places are NOT couple or family compatible at all and IF I find it necessary, I'll sparingly add the proper furniture and dialogue to ENABLE/DISABLE whatever may be desirable.
    Since I play with the aforementioned Kids are everywhere mods I'll be sure not to break what they have added if I can help it. (ie. beds for the kids)
    Navmesh is the main issue of course but even that can be delt with......carefully. ;-P
    Oh, and to try and understand my manic mindset and why I'm owning homes even with "Old" people in them. Take a deep breath and please try to realize that there is NO spoon. (i.e., there ARE no ugly old women in my game. Even the "Harrier" gets a tiny face lift, but BEAUTY is always in the eyes of the BEHOLDER anyway. Don't much pay attention to the male NPC's and mostly I just kill 'em all and let the God's sort 'em out.)
    In Skyrim I merrily married EVERY SINGLE and many recently WIDOWED female NPC's at least once or twice or thrice. Would love to port those loving voices which greeted me often after a hard day of dragon slaying. <Sigh>
    Oh, btw, My FNV also had NO male prostitutes. But I actually modded things to make getting familiar with female NPC's other than prostitutes an immersive, fun, seductive dance of conditional dialogue which took percieved sexual orientation into account before any adult animations were ever available.
    One of my thoughts on the "lovers" dialogue right now is that certain "conditions" besides DISPOSITION be included for particular NPC's the player chats up to add MORE fling worthy flavor and anti-chauvinistic cunning-lingual courtship challenge.
    You see, Ida Vlinorman SHOULD require you to have at least the same acrobatics skill as she does, for instance. Think about it for a minute and you will kNOW that I'm right and that is an idea worth pursuing.
    I'm pretty sure that Kenny Rogers, of all people, said it best: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULOC--qUOI"
    Nuff said?
    How Simple the mod works - Gameplay options
    The dialogue topic which will allow you to ask an NPC who OWNS a home or who is related to one who does; who might be DEAD or otherwise unable to agree to any change in living arrangements; IF you can move-in with them is primarily conditioned by MAX disposition.
    Queasily obtained using my favorite speech Mini-Game to begin with, then maybe a small quest possibly OR cheating quickly with the console to max it OR using my favorite; because you actually have to DO something IN game; like cast the Mad Companionship Spell! WOOT! Total immersion achieved! (Can you rape to max disposition yet? If so, that is just a very evil spoon or fork.)
    Now, IF the person who actually owns the home is spoken to, (OR their widow or Next of Kin) the topic shows up and ONLY IF the information isn't still privileged because of other DEVIOUS conditions I set, you will be welcomed to their HEARTH and get the proper faction (they do also in fact, because often the cells aren't owned by a faction per se.) AND the KEYS to the Kingdom! What more could you ask for? Please don't.
    Now, here is where the possibilities open up for very interesting twists and turns of gameplay because actual "ownership" is something that not everyone is immediately privy to in every case. (Romana Faleria might just NOT be in the will, ya know? Right now she is....or was....till I just had that thought.)
    Trying to use the actual NPC dialogue when you speak to them to condition the winning combination that gets you what you want. There will be NO quest targets like the Blood & Mud quests. You are gonna have to read the text and get to know what the NPC's are INTERESTED in to determine their achilles heel.
    Viewing an NPC's inventory when the dialogue shows up but they refuse to talk about it may be helpfull. (HINT, HINT)
    Thief player characters are going to lament the loss of "theftable" property to achieve Thieves guild objectives, but hey, HUMP Hungry Hoe's & Horse Hung Hunks before a cross-eyed, nasty tempered, demanding Guild Leader suffering from a Daedric curse he went out and got for himself because his sneak skill was low.
    Feel me yet?
    Cleaned with TES4Edit often.
    Any mod that changes the key an NPC uses to enter their home.
    Any mod that changes ONE bed in the Market Sewers to a persistent ref.
    Current Patched Oblivion Game
    OBSE - For Elys Universal Silent Voice
    Elys Universal Silent Voice - So dialogue doesn't fly by too quickly to read.
    LoversPK of course.
    .008 - Changed some dialogue conditions and quest stage scripting for Countess Carvain. She should get "unmarried" now quite nicely.
    .009 - Rearranged Dialgoue to wives can stimulate PC actions. Added Ariela Doran to Widow quest.
    .010 - Reworked some dialogue. Tested all of the wives at least once.
    .011 - Reworked more dialogue. Added a 50% chance of the "eyes" variable not having any effect on a married woman. Prolly should have been 25% but I get tired of trying to get that variable to reset. I've spent more coin than I can count on SECLUDED and unoccupied Inn rooms and the married lady will still say there are people watching her.
    .012 - Added Skjorta dialogue to rid her of being "married" if Olfand is DEAD, based upon user input.
    .013 - Fixed some incorrect StageDone dialogue conditions for Skjorta.
    .014 - Reworked Token Script Conditions to check for quest Variable set during dialogue FIRST, before checking player inventory for Generic Book (Last Will And Testament).
    .015 - Added Carmen Litte to "Death Us Do Part" quest. Fixed many more dialogue topics to not be hard coded but to look for the married faction. Made some of the "generic" ones apply to any female instead of just married women.
    .016 - Fixed some "generic" ones to not show up on "virgins." Prolly still need to fix more. Added some more race oriented dialogue before, forgot to mention it.
    .017 - Fixed Countess Carvain's dialogue conditions. Hopefully.
    .018 - Fixed the "Will you be my lover" dialogue to look for Married faction instead of being hard coded.
    .019 - Added Alessia Ottus & Rochelle Bantien.
    .020 - Fixed turn-in token script to also check for quest stage done instead of just a variable which also gets set upon killing a husband.
    .021 - Getstagedone didn't work so I'm reverting back to the variable that will get set in the quest stage. Using a generic scripted misc item to advance the stages and have to ensure the right stage gets advanced.
    .022 - Added some conditions to remove unrelated edited dialogue that was showing up on virgins.
    .023 - Added Karinnarre.
    .024 - Added Renee Geonette and fixed several dialogue result scripts so they will actually do what they are supposed to.
    .025 - Fixed Renee Geonette's Quest Stage Script.
    .026 - Added Margarte, Julitta Plotius, Janonia Aurunciea and fixed a bunch of dialogue conditions.
    .027 - Added Callia Bincal. Fixed Alessia Caro's dialogue script so that she gives the correct item to player.
    .028 - Added Caula Allectus and hopefully fixed a virgin topic that kept popping up out of sync.
    .029 - Added Erissare Arenim and Ralsa Norvalo.
    .030 - Added Tivela Lythandas & Rogmesh gra-Coblug.
    .031 - Added Eilonwy.
    .032 - Added Alga and fixed missing script for dueling Honmund.
    .033 - Fixed missing quest stage scripting for Alga.
    .034 - Added Clesa and Rena Bruiant.
    Installation: Recommend Wrye Bash Installer or Manual Install. It's just one ESP for now. May toy around with sound files later but for now, the nuts and bolts are in play.
    credits: Ashal who translated the Japanese LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP and LoversVoiceSSPplus, Bethesda, Creator of Mad Companionship Spells & MCS Extension which gave me the idea to base dialogue upon MAX disposiiton, Fajeena for inspiring me with an unselfish, uncompromising, understanding attitude. (Yes, that's just a little shamooze, shamozzle, how 'bout now we gets intimately incorporated?)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is "Adult" about this mod?
    A: The modder - In theory.



  21. Ivy Soul Calibur IV armor for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl

    Ivy Valentine Soul Calibur IV Armor for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl
    Location: Testing hall wilderness in Hawkhaven near the opposite shoreline of the lake with the statue.
    Vipcxj's Real High Heels System:
    (optional Lover's compatible version)
    Extract / examine folder structure and merge with your Oblivion Data directory.
    Enable the included ESP.
    Recommended skeleton (if not using the Lover's skeleton):
    BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
    Recommended animations:
    NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore
    XiNavro for the Skyrim conversion
    Mktsang, Alexscorpion, Hellknight, Coronerra
    and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies and BBB / BB systems.
    Gerra6 for the great blender scripts.
    Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.
    SHA-256: 91d2fb913d42ce6e66974fa9d2a037b4f932b2c8a2e69f10065e1f9c62b871b2



  22. BaronB aka BayouBilly : Armors and clothes

    MODs of BaronB
    Author: BaronB aka BayouBilly
    HGEC body, BBB compatible skeleton
    Some armors require the VIPCXJ high hells Mod
    Umpa, Radrok, Tsanm, Myjimson, Ran, both for testing and for advices
    -general credits:
    Raiar(various bodies),MKsang & Robert(feet),Yodomaru(body),Tsanm11(body), NPR and Tona (clothes), YangYang, Myjimson, Alecu, Aquaria, Fizz, Neovinci
    - Where are the clothes?
    the clothes will be added to your inventory.
    The BBthe Bayou.7z
    Name: Noel Cosplay (Blazblue)
    Name: 7 Sisters Uniform (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)
    Name: DarkMoon
    Name: Hanzo clothes (Yatagarasu)
    Name: D&D Shadow over Mystara Drow Elf
    Name: Yggdrasill
    Name: Ahri (League of Legends)
    The BBBlackDragon.7z
    Name: Black Dragon
    The BBBlackDragon small breast replacer.7z
    two nif replacers for Dlack Dragon , small breasts.
    The Black Dragon with claws replacer.7z
    nif replacer with claws.
    Both versions/nif files ( DragoNero.nif, DragoNero1.nif ) with big and small breasts.
    The BBYggdrasill.7z
    Name: Yggdrasill ( but with not animated butterflies. 2 versions. In the BBthe Bayou.7z are 3 versions with animated butterflies )
    The yggdrasill3.7z
    a mesh replacer : yggdrasill3.nif without animated butterflies for the BBthe Bayou.7z , if you don't want animated butterflies.
    The BBAnubis_beta.7z
    Name: Anubis
    The Miqo'te Undergarment.7z
    Addon by BaronB for the Miqo'te Undergarment Mod.
    Original Mod is in the 7z
    If anyone has other BaronB Mods that are not in the download please send me the files.
    credits for uploaded files:
    O_O for Miqo'te Undergarment and the Black dragon replacers



  23. LoversSexSense

    Do you want to know a character's most intimate secrets? Sure you can find out using the old-fashioned way (i.e. hokey magic spells).
    Well, with this mod your character gains a sexth sense, if you will. Just by glancing at someone, you'll know all their sexploits.

    Do you want to be the very best like no lover ever was? Is poking them your real quest? Is training them your cause?
    Well, while you travel across land, searching far and wide, this mod will instantly notify you of those you haven't "caught" yet.
    So you can, indeed, poke 'em all.

    HUD Status Bars Enhanced alternative.
    The HSBE ini has been moved from the main LoversSexSense download to the forum.
    (see post #26)

    -NPCs' Lovers "sense exploits" info is diplayed in your HUD.
    -Tags are shown for the various experiences a NPC has had.
    -Customizable INI file to only show the tags you're interested in seeing.
    -Slave mods support (LoversRapeSlave and LoversSlaveTrader)
    -TamagoClub and HiyokoClub support
    -LoversHiyokoShooterParentage support

    Approaching a NPC (target) close enough to display their name will "sense" their sexual diary.
    The diary includes sex, being raped, and having raped.

    The player related tags function as reminder (or log) of your encounters with the target.

    The general tags give a deeper "sense" of their past.

    In each of the three act types only one tag will be shown, whether it involved the player
    or any character in general. Tags relative to the player have higher precendence.

    Extra mod support

    Slave mods - identify enslaved NPCS.
    LoversRapeSlave - NPC is enslaved if broken through rape, which is permanent.
    LoversSlaveTrader - NPC is enslaved if LST's spell is successfully cast.
    If dismissed, the slave is no longer considered enslaved, even after having been broken through training.

    TamagoClub - displays Ovum, Sperm, Fertilized Ovum, or Fetus/Embryo in NPC's inventory. In case of multiple items,
    the item with furthest progression will be shown. Fetus->Ovum(Fertilized)->Ovum/Sperm
    Once NPC is recognized as actually being "pregnant", the pregnant tag will be displayed.

    HiyokoClub - identify if NPC is a Hiyoko child.

    LoversHiyokoShooterParentage - identify Player's descendants (hiyoko)

    Wrye Bash:
    Select 00 Core and your choice of UI

    Copy the core files to your data folder as well as a UI folder

    Known issues
    NPC will not show as having had sex (with player) if rape was previously attempted and interrupted. Rape must be completed to get
    an accurate sex and rape count. To remedy, player must engage in consensual sex with an NPC more times than rapes attempted.

    Version Log
    0.6 - 2016-09-03
    -Added support "LoversHiyokoShooterParentage.esp" (player's descendants have their own tag)
    -Added "pregnant" tag for TamagoClub
    -tweaked ini tags and enabled all options (except one)

    Feel free to use in anyway shape or form.

    LAPF modders



  24. My Save the Babes Mod WIP

    Here is another "console time" saver for those who take the time to "bring" back numerious in-game hotties from the dead.
    IN-game you are often unable to consummate any type of relationship with these NPC's and it's a shame because I and many other modder's spend a lot of time making them worth looking at in the first place.
    To be able to "save" any of the babes I've done so far you will need to find a priest who is NOT a follower. Or at least not currently following you or someone else.
    Everything is dialogue driven and if you want to change what factions they get when they come back or what factions I take away, you're gonna have to crack open the CS and change 'em.
    Most of the evil ones get the HORSEPC faction, because your horse LOVES you.
    IF it was an evil necro, I'll put them in the mages guild with the idea that your actions "REFORMED" them.
    I think the boat bandits get put into the Thieves Guild. Something that makes sense based upon their actions BEFORE you KILLED them. (or had them sent to jail, i.e., Myryna Arano, or is it spelled the other way? <shrugs>)
    Haven't gotten very far because usually I just console all this, but for those who LOATHE doing that, here's a more immersive way to "Save a Babe."
    IF you have a favorite, please let me know and I'll include them in the next update.
    Done so far:
    Capt Renault
    Yellow Team Arena Champion
    Chanel (Depends upon if you ratted her out of course. I always do, because the countess has a better greeting that way.)
    Arielle Jurard
    Signy Homewrecker
    Faustina Carta
    MaelonaGuard - YES, you will have TWO Maelona's to play with. (I always edit her GREETINGS to "say once" all that quest related guard crap.)
    Saveri Faram
    Biene Amelion
    Jolie Retiene
    Marie Alouette
    Camilla Lollia
    Jeanne Frasoric
    Selena Orania
    Hrota Cave Hotties - Thiirchel, Idrolian, Denilwen, & Githriian.
    Noveni Othram
    Three Fighter's guild hotties from Forsaken Mine.
    Rayelynn the Gravefinder.
    Mariette Rielle
    Margarette Diel
    Planned but not implemented:
    2. Roxy Aeric (spelling)
    3. Gogan's Cronnies
    4. Darma IF she's dead.
    5. Any female that gets DISABLED during a quest for no good reason.
    Special thanks to Gaebriel for his input.
    BUGS - Eletta won't enter into dialogue. Her script should allow it, because it only checks to see if her REF is dead, then sets the quest stage. Don't want to mess with her script so, she's mostly just eye-candy.
    IF you don't see the NPC suddenly appear when you ask the priest to resurrect them but you DO get a set stage notification that it was done, then SAVE your game right there and reload it. The NPC should suddenly show up then. Not sure why that happens but it does.
    My Save the Babes Mod UOP PATCH:
    USE ONLY AFTER SANGUINE QUEST IS COMPLETED. MAY BE MERGED IN TO BASHED PATCH. Changes script to allow the enabling of a Enable Parent Ref. UOP edits this same script which is only necessary during the quest and is irrelevant after quest completion.



  25. House of the Redguard OB - by DavideMitra

    House of the Redguard OB

    - by DavideMitra -





    "A beautiful, completely custom, Redguard Estate located inside of Anvil walls.

    A lovely piece of Hammerfell inspired by Alik'r Desert design and architecture."

    Despite the mod name, the building isn't strictly Redguard-themed: it can also be adapted to a Khajiit bornt in the Anequina Desert.

    No DLCs required :-)



    The building and a lot of related objects are hand-made: I only used vanilla assets and, as always, I refused to use modder's resources! Of course, I also had to use Nifskope to do some retextures and to create a static copy of some items.

    No annoying loading screens: the house is completely exterior!

    Don't worry, it will never rain through the roof! Inside of Anvil Worldspace I created a new sub-region that will force the weather to be only sunny/cloudy/foggy but not rainy!

    Immersive containers! No more boring containers like sacks and barrels: now groups of my objects act like a single container.

    Special furniture available: for instance, sit down on the carpet and "smoke" the Hookah!

    Lore-linked (but not lore-related) very powerful multi-enchanted cutlass that will bring you a more balanced combat experience: for instance, force spellcasters to a pure melee-fight!

    Other lore-linked (but not lore-related) artifacts: the Aegis of Sentinel and the Amulet of Satakal - the Redguard snake God of Everything.

    A lamp will automatically lit during nightime and eventually unlit during daytime: inside of the building it will never be dark!

    .esp file already cleaned with TES4Edit. Ready to use and safe to use!


    !!! HAVE FUN !!!



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