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ADULT MOD***********************************ADULT MOD



Author; Galgat

 OK, This was my test area, for trying new Idea's

   I have not modded or released a mod some time. I had this

laying around, and though maybe some of you might get a kick

out of it.( My testing area mostly, and a place to relax and

dance )

  There is a spell that lets you do some various sex act's, but

it is far from finished. right now it has a long range, that

will change latter, also be careful with it, if the NPC is

talking it will act funny ( i know how to fix this, but for

testing reasons, it is not fixed yet). it does not position the

Player in the right place, you have to spin around and move

your player into position, it was a crazy Idea I had, and never


   but it does work sort of.

You will receive a One time teleport item ( Ring I think ) in

your inventory, use it, and you will be teleported to Tags Yin

Yang the first time Only.

 It is as of this version a one time use only item.

from there just explore, see what you think.

I think I posted it once on old wolflore sight, but back then

the size was a problem, and I used some sort of temp upload are

only allowed like 10 down loads, and then dropped the file.

RECOMMENDED:77_Umpa_Animation.... for dancing in the club

INSTALLATION : just drop the data folder into your Oblivion

folder, and let it copy it's self into place. Or create and


Put a check in tagsyinyang.esp and fire up the game.

MUST HAVE:BE sure you have these Mods installed.

1. OBSE 16 or higher, but I have been using 17. anyway must

have this installed.
2. Female Eye Candy - Body Re-placer 1.0,
 and Full_Omod_Fixed-15802
3.Shivering isles, knights of the nine expansions ( afraid I

let a few items from them slip into my mod)

4. LoverPK

Problems: it would not be Beta if it were perfect, but I have

tried to optimize all the nif files, and spent much time

testing, other than the sex spell not being totally finished, I

think it is all okay.

Mainly I was always testing things I could do with .nif files

here, everything from re texturing wall, sand floors to making

video's play on picture frames, and a flashing dance floor, and

animated Speakers. Just stupid stuff.

But you all might find something of use in there. Maybe some

credit if you use any of it.

    Colourwheel Gifted me with 3 nif files which I modified

extensively with My own textures.and moved, copied, and deleted

Branches from till they may not look it, but are quite

different now.She does a really great job, and I was very proud

to get to use some of her nif files, it saved me a lot of time.

a couple of her panties have managed to sneak into my mod, they

are not worn or sold anywhere, but one of her mods seems to

replace something in my textures, and they have managed to get

into this version. I will try to weed them out in latter


    Much, Much credit to all those wonderful animators, that

have contributed to the Oblivion community, with out those I

would have never tried to mod in OB again.

NIFSKOPE....Nothing better, such a wonderfully amazing Program.

OBLIVION MOD Manager: super, super helpful tool, I know now

there are better, but I still find it handy.

OBSE: making Oblivion almost easy to Mod.

and as much as I hate it, I have to give Credit to the Oblivion

Wiki..it is helpful, though rather confusing as well.

Slof: makes all this worth it, her wonderful mods Fill a nitch

that no one else can, or I think could do as well. I just love

her stuff.

Thanks to whom ever Strap-on I have used, downloaded so many from

so many mods, I'm not exactly sure which one this on came

from, I have re-textured it, and Nifskoped it a little, but I

did not make it.
I do not want Those that are under age to have this. I made it

for myself, and for learning reasons.

:::ANOTHER WARNING:::   if sexually explicit digital

characters, nude-ness, or having them copulate in front of you

is troubling, get rid of this mod...delete it, and forget that

it exists. :::warning:::

   I left the tesfile packer log in here for any that want to

know what went where. Another wonderful tool made By mental

elf...much credit to Him and others that make the unsung hero

Mods, like OBMM, Tes File Packer, OBSM, NifSkope. they are what

make the mods possible.

    I( have done a lot of texturing, and some of the clothing I

am sort of proud of, But some...well they filled the gap's.

Please if you use any of this stuff, give a little credit, and

always remember the others that made stuff like this Possible.

   Remember all the mods you Download, many have slaved over

some part of for untold hours.

  I just hope it is all there. I know is all there in my game

as I keep it in there all the time. For me it is rather

unobtrusive, and I find some times fun to go there and dance.


Not planing on adding to or supporting much

was just something I had laying around, and thought some of you

might have a use for it or get ideas from.


May not even be worth your time to look at

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