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About This File

Dark Bloodlines Fix

V 1.2

 by LongDukDong

thanks to Odema, Vorpal and Galgat for the initial mod





This mod is an add-on  to Dark Bloodlines originally by Odema  (translated by Vorpal, and tweaked by Galgat if you're lucky).   The purpose for this mod is to take care of a few issues, including some that relates to its use with the current version of the LAPF package.



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  • Fixes issue that occurs if/when the player chooses two hookers
  • Ports all sex animation poses into an INI file
  • Adaptive Token for use with LAPF Extended Patch 


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Mod Order:
This mod must be placed after DarkBloodline...  duh. :tongue: 




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As this is a patch for DarkBloodline, , it would not do any good to use this mod without the mod.  You can find this entertaining mod  at the link:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/423-darkbloodline-galgattweaked/

(which is the original link requiring a link to outside graphics)



(A re-uploaded download pack that has all the necessary resources)



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Version History:


Version 1.0   - Original Version

Version 1.1   - Fixed Issues with Dryad actions

Version 1.2   - Corrects dialog mis-naming a character.  Applies flag application to certain rapes.  Permits an already existing topic to function.






  • OBSE 20 better
  • Oblivion.esm
  • Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better
  • Dark Bloodline




  • LAPF Extended Patch (if LAPF Extended is used)


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